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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  November 23, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EST

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fairmont park and university city and manayunk before making their way back to the benjamin franklin parkway. thousands are along the route to cheer them on, thousands more are making this happen. our own jamie shore is running the marathon as parts of the students run philly style mentor program. they say running for the students who participate in the program. look for her as she runs along the trail. >> shoutout to you jamie shore, we hope you have a great great run today. 30,000 people, it's a lot milder than yesterday. >> reporter: on a normal november this would be a cold morning, temperatures are down in the mid to upper 30s. coming off yesterday's bone-chilling cold. temperatures in the mid to upper 30s, pottstown you were 15
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yesterday. quakertown 38. fleetwood 39. chester arena center city, 40 degrees. on the other side of the delaware river we go into south jersey, glass bore, 38 degrees, buena, 40. gandys beach 40. hammonton, you were down to 15 this time yesterday. you're close to 40. browns mills 38 and ewing 38 degrees. the numbers are improving you'll see a nice, comfortable afternoon with a combination of sun and clouds. temperatures in the mid 50s today. as you look father not south we have rain starting to build across south carolina and georgia. this is a two-piece system. this is associated with the warm front. some of it is on the steadier side. this will slide flue overnight tonight probably after 9:00 or 10:00 this evening, into the first part of monday morning. once this crosses, the warm front punches through and the numbers are off to the races. it will feel like may come tomorrow. here's the day planner, a lot of
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clouds, sunny breaks, 52 degrees by lunchtime. 55 by 3:00. 52 by 6:00 p.m. our forecasted high is 55 degrees coming off yesterday's 46 which is ten better than friday's 37. you can see how the numbers are improving. again, get ready for tomorrow. we're up to 74 degrees. if we should reach 74 degrees it will shatter 9 record high of 71 that was set 40-some years ago. looks like we have record temperatures on the way tomorrow, but only in this part of the country could you be talking about sunburn and frostbite in the same sentence. by the way it is going to get so cold by turkey day. 74 on monday, could see snow on the ground by thursday morning. i'll have the details in the seven-day forecast when i step back inside in just a bit.
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>> the southbound side of route 130 near federal street is shut down, one pedestrian was hit and killed at that location. you can see on the action cam they have the lanes blocked traffic is moving very slowly in that area, you if you can a void that area take a detour this morning. southbound side of route 130 near federal street there was a pedestrian hit and it is closed at this hour. we'll continue to update the story on air and online at developing news this morning, delaware state police are investigating a crash that killed one person and critically injured two others. the investigation shut down a stretch of route 40 in bear for several hours overnight. a nissan ultima pulled out in front of a nissan pat finding. the woman was killed instantly,
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the two men in the path finder were rushed to christian hospital in critical condition. two women were struck in the northeast after leaving a benefit at a public. they were trying to cross the street, a car swerving to avoid hitting another car head on, ran into the two women. the women are expected to survive. the driver stopped and is not under arrest. it is now, 7:04, let's go back to the benjamin franklin parkway where the philadelphia marathon and half marathon are now underway, this is the second wave now taking off. 30,000 runners are stepping off on the parkway. they represent all 50 states and 43 countries, security is very tight. you can't bring coolers if you're heading this way and runners have been screened. road closures and septa detours are in effect because of the marathon, a shoutout to our own 6:00 p.m. producer, jamie shore
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who is out there this morning. >> the healings are back home looking -- the eagles are back home looking to bounce back after their last week humiliating loss to green bay. the eagles have won nine straight games at home their best streak in 21 years, they have not had back-to-back losses in more than a year. our jeff skeverski asked about the the potential green bay hangover. >> reporter: have you guys completely let what happened in green bay go, or do you think you're using that anger to fuel you guys this week into going into this tennessee game. >> i really don't think that has an effect on what we have to do. we have to prepare for the tennessee titans that's where our focus is. we're not worried about green bay. >> passing the ball extremely well, still top in running, yeah, you have the betts running back in the league, when you led
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the league last year in rushing, things are not as easy the next year. it's our job to go out there and continue to fight. >> ducis will have a live report from the link on "action news" at noon. we'll hear from quarterback mark sanchez. it's a short turn around for the birds, the eagles and cowboys tussal in dallas on thanksgiving. first place will be on the line. you can stay connected with our sports teams on twitter, ducis rogers, spode spode and jeff skeverski -- jamie apody and jeff skeverski will be tweeting live as they do for every eagles game. they want to hear from you during and after the game. trump entertainment resorts has offered to reinstate health insureds coverage for two years, on if the union drops the court order canceling the pens
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benefits. the casino is expected to close next month. people in furring brace for a decision, the grand jury ravines -- ravines -- reconconvenience tomorrow. the demonstrations have been taking place daily in the region and have been since august shooting death of michael brown. the grand jury took the weekend off, you get this sense of heightened anxiety among local also about their immanent decision. overnight at least two people arrested after quiet, peaceful protests. michael brown's mother marching and calling for calm. >> we made it peaceful i don't think it's going to change, it's who we are, we're peaceful
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people. >> reporter: the anxious waiting in furgeson continues. >> it's a heavy heart around saint louis. >> reporter: the grand jury took the weekend off. it will ravine on monday to continue its work to decide if officer darren wilson will face charges in the shooting death of michael brown. nine votes are needed to indict. the grand jury has the same racial makeup as the county. nine white jurors, three black jurors, 7 men, five women. nervous residents are hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. businesses have boarded up their windows along the stretch of the main street the center of the violent protests last summer. >> police departments are ready to act to protect both business and life. >> reporter: that planning includes barricades set up at
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the courthouse where the grand jury is meeting. 1,000 extra officers on the ground and the fbi and national guard brought in as backup. reporting live from clayton, missouri, karen travers channel 6 "action news." >> george stephanopoulos spoke exclusively with president obama about the situation in ferguson and the potential impact the grand jury decision will have. you can see the president's comments at 10:30 on 6abc. >> there's still much more to come on "action news" sunday morning. rescuers, pull people out alive after an earthquake in japan. action cam was there as the people team up to feed the needy. >> reporter: buffalo digs out before possible flooding. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan showing the rain starting to build to the south, some of it is on the heavier side. this builds into the delaware valley later tonight and the
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colder forecast when we come right back.
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>> dump trucks are hauling away the mounds of snow in western new york. it's a race against the clock before temperatures warm up briefly and melt the snow causing severe flooding. an epic snowstorm did you find 7 feet of snow in buffalo. most of the snow removed was from residential streets. a cooperative effort from the national guard, city county and state has put a dent at least in the massive amount of snow. >> it's been a great combination of effort, it's been an intense storm, but it's been one that we've been able to manage through all the other resources that we've been able to provide. >> two thousand trucks of snow was removed yesterday. that's about 40,000 tons. >> reporter: temperatures will
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climb into the 60s, the snow acts as a sponge and absorbs everything, maybe the flooding won't be at bad as anticipated. let's get you outside to the benjamin franklin parkway, the action cam is live, you can see the runners for the philadelphia marathon starting to get on their journey, 26 miles and thanksgivingfully they were not running this race yesterday. temperatures down into the teens in several locations. you can see they are bundled up, but yesterday was bone-chilling cold. cesily ran the roth man 8k. she said her toes were frozen for an hour afterwards. we have numbers in the 0s. crystal clear, nothing going on out there. philadelphia, 41 degrees, 34 in allentown. yesterday 15. trenton, 39 degrees, poconos 40. millville, 24 degrees warmer,
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poconos 23, philadelphia, 17 and trenton 19 degrees. tomorrow morning we'll be milder and monday afternoon, wow, wait until you see some of the numbers that are being projected from accuweather. satellite and radar we'll see cloud cover out there, we have a system approaching from the west and another one approaching from the south. this has all the moisture with it. you can see darker shades of greens, yellows and oranges. le heavy rains will pull up the eastern seaboard. it will arrive after 9:00 p.m. or 10:00 p.m. the actual area of low pressure is across eastern porks of texas. this is called a great lakes cutter, in order to get a snowstorm this low would have to hit coast and then come up. the great lakes cutter pulls mild air into the area. that's why we're expecting rain and not snow. pushes the great lakes warm
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front punches through and puts us in the warm air. temperatures in the low to mid 70s. future tracker 6 we'll cloud up today, they will lower and thicken overnight tonight. the rain overspreads the area probably after 9:00, 10:00 southwest to northeast. it's a quick-moving system. by 6:00, 7:00 most of of it is long gone. monday, clouds give way to sun and soaring temperatures and highs in the low to mid 70s. rainfall total, not a huge event we're not looking at anything close to what we saw with last week's rain event. the model has close to an i do an -- has close to an inch in allentown and half inch in philadelphia. thanksgiving evening and
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thanksgiving morning, we have two tracks one could hug the coastline. that could bring rain to the delaware valley. how much cold air will be drawn into the system, more than likely a rain/snow line would set up, ocean temperatures are in the mid to upper 40s. the second track would keep it farther out so sea, rain at the coast and interior sections would see nothing more than clouds. it's something we're watching closely, we're leaning 60-40 where the does come hug the coast. clouds and sun the call from accuweather today, milder, 55 degrees, the -- 55 degrees, the forecasted high, cloudy and breezy, rain developing after 9:00, 10:00 p.m. 48 for center city, 45 the outlying suburbs.
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tomorrow, 74 degrees, record-warm temperatures. 55 tuesday, the coastal system, snow and rain, 39. breezy and chilly, thanksgiving 42. we have to watch the wind speeds to see if they can get the balloons up for the parade. friday, sunny and cold, 37 degrees. lots of stuff going on over the next several days. >> stay on top of the weather situation visit for storm tracker 6 live radar and the hourly and seven-day forecast, and our collection of weather related videos and photos. icy conditions caused a delta jetliner to slide to a stop in detroit. airport officials had to shut access as he is to several runways due to icy conditions.
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>> dramatic video shows a woman pulled alive after an earthquake rattled japan. more than a dozen homes collapsed at the site of the 1998 winter olympics. 39 people were injured, most with broken bones. because the quake was inland there was no possibility of tsunami. japan's nuclear plants are off line because of the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in 2011. >> university of virginia has suspended activities at all from fraternities, accidents ever students protested in front of the fraternity house, the crowd directed their anger at 7 men who assaulted the student inside the frat house. the university president requested a full police investigation. >> is your car safe to drive?
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wendy saltzman. him is showing you an important tool without taking any risks before you get behind the wheel. >> reporter: at a touch of a button, your cell phone could save your life. monday at 4:00 well tell drivers about recalls on their cars they didn't know about. bad air bags and faulty ignition switches and parts that could catch on fire, i'm wendy saltzman, i'll tell you how to check your car free from your phone monday at 4:00. >> it turns out a hospitalur might be a bad place to have a heart attack. a new study that shows that patients have heart attacks in hospitals have a lower survival rate than those who are outside the hospital. 20% of the patients get aggressive interventions like balloons an angioplasties.
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they were 3 times more likely to die in the hospital at the time of their heart attack.
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s.welcome back everyone, 7:24 sunday morning, a quick look at the day planner shows an improvement in the temperature. 55 degrees this afternoon expecting a combination of sun and clouds. back to the coastal corns -- concerns wednesday, how quickly does the storm intensify that will determine how much cold air is pulled into the storm. it is november, the temperatures
7:25 am
are on the mild side, more than likely we'll see a rain/notice rain/notice -- rain/snow line. a hit would bring the storm like this, a miss would take it farther out to see. let's assume it's a hit, you would want your cold source to be right here, it's easy to pull into. our cold source with this storm is back here across the western great lake states. how much cold air will that tap into as it runs up the eastern seaboard and the 4th question with the rain snow line the temperatures in the 40s and 50s, that rain/snow line advances to the west. how far west does it go with the storm coming up the coast, again we'll fine tune this over thethe next couple of days. >> sports, now, the flyers and sixers trying to snap losing streaks while the eagles focus
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on one game at a time. here's jeff skeverski. >> reporter: the eagles are trying to bounce back after that embarrassing loss in green bay today against the tennessee titans. eagles are thinking about that thanksgiving showdown with dallas in four days. >> if you get caught in the nfl thinking will trap games or opponents or stuff like that at this level anybody can win any given sunday. these guys we're playing this week are good enough time we're not folk focused on next week we're focused on this sunday. tennessee has great players and great coaches. we have our hands full this week. >> reporter: we'll get you set for the eagles titans with eagles game day kickoff at 11:30 and eagles game day final after "action news" at 11:00.
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it all started when scott hartnell was here, since hartnell's return, he is back with the flyers again who are trying to end the painful stretch against columbus. flyers up 2-1 after 1. in the second on the power play, wayne simmons grabs the puck and puts it down and puts it in the net. flyers cling to a one-goal lead and put it away. flyers win 4-2. ending their 4 game losing streak, ronall when he chewed them out in new york is working. >> we had a good response, we played two strong games in a row. >> the guys took it to heart
7:28 am
and they took the opportunity to get sustainable momentum. >> reporter: the winless sixers have fallen to 0-13. they could not beat the new york knicks who are among the worst team in the nba. anthony showing love for michael carter williams. nerlens noel 17 points, 12 rebounds. sixers fall 0-13 they are two away from tieing the 1972 record for most losses at the start of the season. that's sports. inside a car designed to connect you
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>> we begin with breaking news in burlington county, the southbound lanes of route 130 in burlington city are closed as authorities investigate a fatal pedestrian accident. it happened on route 130 near federal street. one pedestrian was struck and killed by the red car you can see in the picture. we'll getting new details and update you as we get more information. the southbound lanes near
7:31 am
federal street and 130 are closed. moving to the philadelphia marathon. tens of thousands of runners from around the world are winding through the city streets. overnight two burglars invade an elderly couple's home and one of the bad guys was caught red handed. >> people open their hearts and help those in need. >> let's go outside to chris sowers. it's nicer out there this morning. >> reporter: the damage is done, my lips are chapped, that's the dry arid air. we've had temperatures in the 30s, and it's not winters yet. 39 in fleetwood, big improvement from the same time yesterday when you were down to 15. pilots, 35 degrees, yesterday at this time it was 16 there.
7:32 am
quakertown, 38. warrington, 39. saint davids 34, chester and center city, 39 degrees. glassboro, 37. buena, 40. cinnaminson, 41 degrees, we'll see clouds out here, but there will be sunny breaks, but we'll see mostly cloudy skies and patchy sunshine. the green you see toward the west or the left-hand side of the screen, that's rain pushing through buffalo this morning, all that will stay to the north. this will not, this is pushing in our direction there's a lot of rain across the carolinas and georgia this morning. that's coming down heavily. that slides in after 9:00 p.m. or 10:00 p.m. this evening. that's in advance of a warm front that's sitting back across the panhandle of florida. 52 degrees by lunchtime. 3:00 p.m., 355 under a mostly cloudy skies and record warmth on the way tomorrow, when we
7:33 am
come back in a few minutes we'll talk about the records that are in jeopardy and we'll have a look at the seven-day forecast. >> it's show time for 30,000 runners competing in the philadelphia marathon and half marathon, the race started a half-hour ago. a lot goes into making it happen. heavy security is in place, roads are closed, septa routes and detours. 22nd and the parkway that's the start/finish line. "action news" is there for 9 big event for the city and the runners, 30,000 people there today. >> runners from every state and dozens of countries. the route takes them along the schuylkill river and fair month park. andrea and darren came down from boston, massachusetts they have nothing but nice things to say about the runners in the race and the people cheering them on. >> they are awesome. you read the signs while we are
7:34 am
returning, it's a good laugh getting us going and giving us the extra finish. >> security is a lot tighter. >> last year we were nervous because of what happened in boston, but philly did a great job last year and this year, from our prospective, at least. >> you can go to to get the list of septa detours and road closures. police nabbed is one of the suspects who invaded a home in northeast philadelphia. the 4300 block of boulevard, investigators say two men climbed into an unlocked window on the first floor and went into the second floor of the seniors who were in their 80s. they tied up the homeowners and took a large screen tv and jewelry and crash.
7:35 am
k89 officer tracked down the man who was carrying the large screen tv. he was taken into custody. a victim from a fire in horsham, we hear from the family. >> reporter: friday night the victim was spending time with his family and friends and then he came home, but what happened after that. saturday night more questions than answers as people drove by and saw the aftermath of a fire that destroyed the horsham condominium. inside, firefighters found a man family believed is their loved one, kevinemminger. >> reporter: therejohn knoll ans girlfriend were in the apartment under northeast it. >> there was no fire in our
7:36 am
apartment, but when we looked out we could see the sky was orange. >> reporter: once they cleared the debris they discovered the badly burned body. the million examiner is trying to make a positive identification, but family members said they already know the outcome. his brothers including a twin say he had been renting the condo for less than a year. >> it's unfortunate because he is so young, i'm very sad for him and his family, it's unfortunate. >> reporter: we found other renters who were thankful and back in their homes and trying to salvage whatever they could. >> blessed and thankful that my son and i got out, it's tragic, i mean, it's scary. >> reporter: the red cross is helping four families. there was heavy smoke damage to several homes. the victim's family said he was the father of a five-year-old
7:37 am
boy he loved deeply. once again the cause is under investigation. reporting in horsham, kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." >> 7:37 now, the mayfair tire slasher has been arrested again. this after allegedly doing the same thing in his new neighborhood in oxford circle. detectives started an investigation after receiving number of complaints about vandalism in the neighborhood. early wednesday morning, a pair of set at that workers say they saw a man place a mousetrap with nails in front of a person's tire. he was identified and arrested. university of delaware can offering that you can pay off your parking tickets and do a good job. donate non-perishable food items
7:38 am
in return for parking tickets. whether it's time, money or food, so many people are showing their generous spirit. annie mccormick has the story. >> reporter: the spiritual of giving is alive in the delaware valley from turkeys in germantown to canned goods in king of prussia to south philadelphia. all organized with different groups, but with the same goal. >> we want to be a blessing in the community in germantown. >> reporter: pastor miller is giving away turkey dinners. this year there are 2 to 300 available along with trimmings, too. >> it makes us feel great, because the bible says it's more blessed than to receive. >> it's a good thing, because a lot of people can't afford a turkey. they want want one, especially
7:39 am
for the kids. >> >> reporter: and in king of prussia the girls of the patriots valley forge fast pitch softball league bundle up against blankets taking donations. they say if they don't fill up all the boxes they will have filled by december 1 and make the delivery themselves to "fyi philabundance. >> it warms my heart to think we thought up this-year-old and try to to support these families. >> reporter: in king of prussia, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> you can help those in need by donating to our annual holiday food drive, donate online to philabundance or bring your goods to thanksgiving parade on thursday, if you can't
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get it, the parade coverage starts 8:30, thanksgiving morning lots of our family and friends will be there. >> yeah, we have to be there, it's always fun. >> philly pops are warming up are to the concert, 6abc loves the arts has a preview. >> chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. as a toddler, i enjoy three activities. breaking things... spilling things...
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the weather department. >> reporter: we're loaded, everything from spring to fall, we've got it all this week. let's go live to atlantic city, the camera is shaking a little bit, we're seeing quite a bit of wind according to the camera. temperatures are on the milder side of things of we're down in the teens yesterday morning, right now we're in the 30s and 40s. storm tracker 6 live double scan, crystal clear nothing going on. philadelphia sitting at 41 degrees, dewpoint, 24. winds are light out of the south in the city, 8 miles per hour. you just saw the live shot. looks like it's winds in atlantic city. pressure reading, 30.24. allentown, 34. reading, 39. millville, 40 and a pair of 4s for sea isle city. anywhere from 15 to 20 degrees milder than yesterday at this time.
7:44 am
east of the mississippi river we have an area of low pressure pulling out of the dallas this will pull north into the great lake states. this batch of moisture is associated with the warm front that will slide through tomorrow. underneath that warm front we'll start to tap into the warm air buildings across the missouri valley. it's 60 in memphis, 63 in new orleans, all this will charge east and force everything up in the northeast and the great lake. minneapolis had 7 or 8 days of sub freezing temperatures they were the highs. and out here, 20 degrees to zero. surface maps though the warm front punching to the north. we get this tomorrow. there could rain overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, otherwise clouds break for sunshine and temperatures off to the races. combination of sun and clouds, not a bad looking day, it's going to be milder, highs in the
7:45 am
mid 50s, overnight tonight, clouding up, it becomes breezy. the rain overspreads the area late in the evening. after 9:00 p.m. or 10:00. after tomorrow morning, all this is long gone. maybe a leftover spritz on sprinkle. in the afternoon we'll see the temperatures start is to soar. records that are in jeopardy tomorrow, philadelphia, record high of 71, 1979. we're forecasting 74. this will fall. allentown, 69. trenton, 71. wilmington, 73 and atlantic city, at the airport, 72. each and every location we're forecasting a high tomorrow that's going to be greater than the numbers you see here. so it should be a nice enjoyable day, unfortunately little not going to last. clouds and sun, 55 degrees, a much milder afternoon, winds are light out of the southwest at 5 to 10.
7:46 am
clouding upjoarcht becoming -- overnight, becoming breezy, 45 outlying suburbs, 48 for center city. no issues for the eagles game, temperatures in the mid 50s, record warmth monday, 74 degrees is the forecasted high. breezy and cooler tuesday, 55. him coastal storm for wednesday, right now looks like it will come up the coast, 39 degrees we'll keep watching it. 42 thanksgiving, 37 black friday. as long as it's dry on thanksgiving day. >> reporter: then you look good. >> it's almost time for the thanksgiving feast that sets off a month where holiday goodies are a steady indict. erin o'hern shares tips the whole family can use in raising healthy kids. >> reporter: houses made of gingerbread rows of cookies and the pies. temptation is everywhere over the holidays. it would be so easy to let that
7:47 am
healthy eating fly. >> we have a little more structure and less celebration. >> reporter: simple strategies can keep everyone's diet in balance. put healthy foods front and center in the home. >> when they first open the fridge you want them to see the fruits and vegetables, all the things you might walk by and grab you want those to be the healthiest options first. >> reporter: second think small as in small plate. keeps portion sizes down. these three cookies are the same size. what you don't realize, the bigger the plate, the more you want to fill it. >> reporter: party punches has 43 grams of sugar. adds more seltzer, and make sure there's fresh fruit on the table. resist the urge to have seconds
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>> christmas is about a month away and it's time for another sound of the season, the philly pops holiday concert, karen rogers has a preview of 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: the christmas spectacular is one of the most popular pops concerts of the year. coming off the success of last year's show, it is back by popular demand leading the 300
7:51 am
musicians in this performance. >> this is a holiday music that everybody recognizes it's a perfect program for young and old alike. it's the best way to get into the mood of season throughout this festive music. >> reporter: several area choirs join the pops to sing the iconic tunes and santa claus plans to make an appearance as well to spread the holiday cheer. >> we'll be joined by a philadelphia native and hue has been the star of phantom of opera an brad way for the past several years, he can't wait to come home to philadelphia and sing some holiday selections for his hometown crowd. while you can expect to hear the classic favorites from years past music director said the musical selections have changed and every year the pops put on a completely different show. >> we try to surprise people and get the right mix between
7:52 am
having things what people expect from year to year and every year introducing some new music, as well. >> reporter: the concert runs september 5th through the 20th at the kimmel center. for tickets and concert time go to philly in the or go the arts. for 6abc loves the arts i'm karen rogers. the american music awards are live tonight on 6abc. john legend is up for five awards including favorite male artist. disney's frozen is nominated for for the sound track. disney is our parent company. the american music awards are followed by "action news" at 11:00
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>> action cam taking a live look at the start/finish line at the benjamin franklin parkway and 22nd. the runners took off at 7:00 a.m. this morning, we'll be there when the first ones cross the line, there are a lot of road closures and detours for septa this morning, go to the website for a list of those. >> nice weather for the runners. >> reporter: not bad at all, especially compared to yesterday's bone-chilling cold. if you're heading to lincoln field, the eagles take on the tight -- titans, 55 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, it may feel like may come tomorrow, we're up to 74 degrees that will more than likely make break a record.
7:56 am
tuesday, 55, wednesday, we could have a costal event that could snow and rain. thursday, turkey day, 42. >> 7:56 we're just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." >> reporter: hi, eva and nydia and good morning philadelphia. the nation is awaiting world from the grand jury in ferguson on weather officer wilson will be indicted in the shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown. how close are they to reaching a decision, we'll take you inside the case as preparations are being made this morning to keep the peace. digging out, residence -- residents of new york are bracing themselves for a major heatup and raising temperatures could cause serious flooding, rob marciano sean is on the ground this morning.
7:57 am
we have american music awards, it's it is big show for the fans to choose a winter. it's all coming up on "g.m.a." this sunday. >> paula, thank you. "good morning america" weekend is next on channel 6. "action news" continues later this morning. >> here's the stories we're working on for you. a home is badly damaged by a predawn fire. >> plus, why the city of reading is looking for a new christmas tree. chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, now, for eva pilgrim, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. have a great sunday! we'll see you at 9 am.
7:58 am
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good morning, america. major meltdown. the massive snowfall that's collapsing roofs now threatening to cause huge flooding, but there's still tons more digging to do. >> can you imagine living like this? >> our rob marciano pitching in to help as severe weather hits across america sending planes skidding on frozen runways. bracing for a decision. >> all: no justice, no peace. >> as we wait for word from the grand jury in ferguson, the mother of shooting victim michael brown hits the streets to call for calm. >> i don't want nobody to get hurt. >> barricades and boards going up around town and what we are learning now about that grand jury. season's thievings, caught on camera,


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