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tv   Inside Story  ABC  November 23, 2014 10:00am-10:31am EST

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>> the porngate scandal reaches a whole new level. inside story starts right now!>m matt matt. it is sunday, november 23, 2014, let's meet our insider of the week, nia meeks, communion expert. brian and, christine flowers and ed ed turzanski. kathleen kane, we put them
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out in a quote. i'll put it up as a graphic. >> now before then the e-mails were never described as child pornography and she didn't actually say that phrase. but after comments one of her lawyers went and said listen we have seen these i don't know if that's how you should dry -- describe them, and later on a spokesperson said there was no child pornography in any of the e-mails. we have kane's appearance from the grand jury investigation in montgomery county this week. brian due sense the give and -- do you sense the give and take going back and forth losing control in her sphz. >>
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sphz -- in her office. >> i think she is losing control of her personal life. i have never seen somebody at this level so erratic. there's the mysterious car accident that was not reported. she misses grand jury but it's not reported until the media reported it. i saw child pornography, it was shocking. when it comes down to showing it, we don't have that. this was not within she said it five years ago and did we misinterpret it, this is win days. for those around here, this has to be a moment of what is she going to say next. as citizens of the commonwealth you have to wonder if the attorney general up to this right now or is there something else going on in her life with her. >> i don't want to profess to speak to her mental state, i'm not a psychologist or anything of that later.
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here are my points of concern, if you have an issue, a story, stick with the facts of the story and tell the facts of the story. more than anything it seems kathleen kane is experiencing a baker's issue, too much yeast being added to things. stick to the story, you lose credibility each and every time. the fact that any kind of pornography or lewd images were being passed along on state time on state commuters on state employees is a to problem. clearly other people have seen the images and there are issues with it. to go and make it sound larger than it is, there indicates an larger issue that needs to be resolved. >> nia and brian are right, the image of our chief enforcement officer in the commonwealth of pennsylvania has been tarnished,
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because she has proven herself to be incapable of speaking for herself. there's this backtracking and saying something, and then saying i didn't mean that and covering herself with powerful men. richard sprague when there was the problem with the inquirer. she laundry -- lawyered up, she might be suing the inquirer because of defamation with the fema investigation. now she has second chair co-counsel helping with the grand jury investigation. she is covering herself with layers of protection and making it seeing as if she is incapable of addressing the issues. there's the whole thing about one of her attention, i don't know if she is responsible for this, but as a lawyer you're
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responsible to are the strategy of your attorney. she is saying she is not responsible for leaks that tombs place before she took the oath of office. it's ridiculous, it's the idea that our attorney general, the first female attorney general in the commonwealth of pennsylvania seems to be ducking for cover every five minutes. >> could you, ed, talk, about how this can turn out to be a problem for perhaps governor elect tom wolf who hadn't come out to say anything but porngate is bad. >> kathleen kane has politicalized her office that perceives attorney general have not. that's where wolf is going to have difficulty. he is the head of the democratic party, people will look to him as spokesman.
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anytime a democrat puts a foot wrong, what you heard from around the table is that kathleen kane has become a character. she is not reliable on what she says, she is self promoting and very political. she seems to like intimidate people like did with the inquirer. >> that visit was comical in its impact. you ask for a meeting come in and sit down and say i'm not going to speak. >> that was crazy. >> it was so ineffective for her. >> if she was an pointed attorney general as some states have, rather than elected. the governor who pointed her would be going to her saying maybe you should take some time off. >> some politicians have had it
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worse, you're the marketing guy here, she could come out of this, right. >> she could, but the season is extending there and there's a lot of parts to the act. it's not like a one-time thing and you have time to recover. you don't get the sense that she is turning the corner, going on to cnn give herself a national platform making irrational statements that her staff is backing off on. >> porn porngate thing came out, people are saying she is pursuing interesting avenues, i can get behind it you take the victory and snatch it away and throw it away and then you turn it upside down again it goes back to massaging, what you're saying and how you're saying and can we stick with the facts and present those in a compelling way consistently, that has not happened and that is causing her
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turmoil. >> porngate came out of the jerry sandusky investigation. >> she drops an investigation that she then challenge also seth williams to pick up, which he does and he files charges. this is an investigation. you could have given her the benefit of the doubt if all the prosecutors that were involved including the fbi sailed there was no there there, but there it was a big there there and she dropped the ball. >> senior staff around here senior people are looking for the exit, this doesn't seem like a success. >> what do you think wolf will do? anything? >> he has to do something. >> there has to be a conversation, not a come to jesus meeting, but there has to be a conversation how are we going to operate and work? he'll be feeling her out to figure out again as being the head of the democratic party where we are right now. >> the details are getting
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baked in the cake so to speak. it's going to get more and more difficult to dispel this car -- character that is taking the place of the first elected democratic female attorney general. the longest this goes, the more it's allowed to sit there, it gets in the bones and public consciousness automatically when you hear your name you go to a certain image, it's not a good one. >> as a female attorney, thank you kathleen kane as being the trail blazer as being the chief law enforcement officer in pennsylvania, of doing a cracker jack job. >> we asked her to come and speak to us, but she did not come. lynn abraham no surprise when she made her formal
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announcement that she is going to run the democratic nomination, anthony williams who some were calling the frontrunner, normally announced his candidacy the same day, and alan dovich backed out of the race. dwight evans in a poll he conducted finished second to lynn abraham for the democratic nomination. anybody have any thoughts? >> we're not finishing should feeling the -- shuffling the deck. state republic evans, i'm thinking about it, i'm jump in. darrell clark has not told all
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his members of staff what's going to do. >> he has to resign to run. >> there's also the other point of possible entry that's being floated around democratic circles, should something happen to u.s. representative fattah, should mayor nutter be inserted in the position, his position is open and darrell clark would move into the mayor's position, we're not going to know until after king day. >> it's going to happen fast is the primary in april? >> april/may. >> if you have a handicap lynn abraham lots of name i.d. hardy williams a name and operation around and the ability to raise money. he'll have the cash, i'm not sure lynn will, you get into the mayor, rendell, governor rendell
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he knows how to raise money. >> what does that tell you he sports ken here. >> i guess because he thinks that ken would be a employ mayor, he has the brains and the ability. >> did he support evans when nutter ran? >> ken would bring in a national prospective, we've never had a latino mayor on the east coast. >> or a women. >> lynn abraham has name recognition from 20 years ago. a lot of people were not lynn abraham fans laurel among democrat also. anthony hardy williams, for good or bad how you feel about charter schools he is a known quantitiy, he has delivered.
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it's almost like people who is going to grab the millennial market. i don't see that being lynn abraham. who is going to grab the business corridor? whose going to grab women? >> you've done a lot of thinking about this. >> i defer to you on all of that. the only thing i would say with lynn abraham, let me disclose i have a personal relationship with her, lynn abraham is someone who could probably corral some of the gop votes, some of the more moderate democrats. >> law and order democrats. >> she is like a blue dog democrat. she also not the typical establishment liberal democrat. she was a judge. she was one of the few judges on the court of common pleas during the roofer scandal that wasn't touched by an hint of corruption. she was a tough cookie.
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cracker jack d.a. for four terms. i think we're underestimating her clout in the city. >> i've heard other people say that. >> to brian's point, if lynn abraham can get money for the mega phone she'll be able to trade on that hard-earned reputation. as for darrell clark i find it hard they would leave the council president for this. >> i think the uncertainty ask too difficult. it's good to be president of city council. the cash is the key, you need 200 to 250 a week in media to get your message out there. most likely raising the money the most. >> i see trjio. i he williams. >> you see tom wolf an unknown
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person and you need the money. >> should hardy williams buy a jeep of. >> remember hardy was a dad and son. >> front runners william also before we go, that's the guy leading the pack? >> i don't know i'm going with abraham. >> all right, inside story will be right back.
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>> more inside story, two more women have come forward claiming bill cosby sexually abused. model tv host january -- dickenson claimed he drugged and raped her. making the claims to 7. cosby's pointed a lot of fingersness life particularly in the black community. because he has done that and the tv dad and well respected comedian who didn't need profanity in his act doesn't that mean he offers people a response to this? >> it depends on who you talk with. there are crisis communications counselors who say keep quiet. >> in a moral sense.
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>> as a kid who grew up with cosby whether you're talking about fat albert or the cosby world, any iteration of bill cosby this is a painful period. you're looking at someone who was a revered character we like this guy and from philly, by the real token when we talk about sexual assault and violence against women we know today it's looked at in different terms than ten years ago, it twenty ys ago, 30 years ago. his attorney delayed response until a week or so ago. this thing has been buzzing, i don't think they got a strong handle on what was going on in social media. nobody heard of hannibal buress. >> he started this. >> it it went viral and it
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wasn't viral on social media. when it comes to sexual assault and violence there are no sacred cows, we have to investigate this. there are people who say i want to hold out hope. the interview with scott simon on npr where cosby refused to say anything and shook his head, is devastating. it's not helping those who want to support the person. >> i want to look at the issues with sobriety. everything had a nia has said rings true. the issue that i see in taking the andrea constand situation out of it. she was one you who made a claim within the statue of limb -- limitations. you have women that indicate there was some kind of abuse.
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they have been coming out for ten years, but for 20 years most of them were silent. i'm cognizant of what nia is saying now we have a different ethos and sensibility about sexual by us, we have statues of limitations for a reason. we have a an emotion invest in cosby, and these women who claim to be victims. we have a bedrock investment in due process and in our systems of laws, i'm outraged i'm having a hard time keeping my composure at what is being done in the name of compassion and in the name of clarity for sexual abuse victims to the rule of law and to the man who she would not be forced to respond to charges that were never presidented -- prosecuted, even though bruce cast tore is coming out saying i
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thought he was guilty, but didn't have the evidence to do it. tough, you thought he was guilty, you didn't prosecute. this man was never convicted. >> it's not about the rule of law, he is not under threat of legal issues right now. the question is he putting himself out there with his art collection going to the national museum, the tv show the this, the numbers pilot he put himself into play. if i had his baggage. national gallery in washington, d.c. a new potential tv show a series he saw this at 77 to have the final icing on the cake. if he was a client of mine i would say you got out of the restaurant safe i would put your hat in the pocket and walk to the car. >> there's a contrast with another bill who had accused of lots of sexual misconduct and that's bill clinton. now bill clinton did not talk because he had other people who would do it for him.
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bill cosby doesn't have that in large partly for reasons that have been discussed, especially delivering hard medicine about some of the pathologies he saw in the black community. if you meant to elevate yourself and put yourself up as the arbiter of what is proper and moral. and you have no one to defend you. >> clinton has jennifer flowers and with lewinsky he did say he had sex with that woman. >> we're going to a completelily different topic, -- completely different topic we're talking about pope francis. the politics of gay rights and women rights will that be an issue when the pope comes to philadelphia? >> those things are out there, but one of the things the pope
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has said, and archbishop said it will be about issues of jobs and employment and immigration and dealing with grand parents taking care of kids and addictions and other positive things. it's a global conference, as well. 153 countries. broadly ecumenical. i'm delighted that as co-chairman of the cabinet, five are jewish. sorry about the transition, inside story is is coming up afr the break.
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>> it as he is nia meeks owe it says here nia meeks is first with inside to story, the center for american progress reported if we were to close the economic and really academic racial gap we could see $110 billion in tax receipt state national and
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local. we need to do that. >> casinos there's an argument about where the can casino mighe placed. the original plan was that there would be this other casino, the third casino, some people are saying will it hurt the existing businesses, who cares. when you talk about opening another burger king near mcdonald's, nobody worries built mcdonald's, these are business people who went in with their eyes open. >> the recent midterm elections were a victory for republican also. it spurred president obama to announce immigration reform within his prosecutorial discretion. there's a lot of criticism of what he announced. i think he has done the right thing and taken action and hopefully this will allow both sides of the aisle to come to a compromise because it's time. >> friday night, the catholic historical society gave the
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prestigious barry award to the daughters of johnnelly. they are champions of catholic education and made life better for all us in the delaware valley. >> thanks for being here and thanks for watching. i'll see you next week on "action news." woo-hoo! as our gift to you, take 20% off the entire store. twenty percent! the entire store! hey, with savings like that, you could redo your entire house. just sayin'! blinds to go. blinds for life.
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>> announcer: starting right now on abc's "this week," city on edge, ferguson bracing for that grand jury decision at any moment. will officer darren wilson be charged for killing michael brown? more protesters arrested overnight as president obama calls for calm in our abc news exclusive. >> protest peacefully. immigration showdown. the president makes his move. his plan to grant legal status tore millions of undocumented immigrants. this morning answering our tough questions. >> the speaker says you're asking like an emperor. >> and the race to replace the president. >> i think the american people are going to want that new car smell. >> how he sees 2016 stwaking up and what he'll do to keep his party in power. from abc news,


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