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tv   Action News  ABC  November 23, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EST

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>> good afternoon, it is sunday, november 23, i'm in nyda han along with eva pilgrim. >> here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." two men break into an elderly couple's home overnight they are tied up and robbed. the latest on the search for the suspects. >> a major crash shut down a major road in south jersey for several hours. if you're looking to score holiday deals do not wait until black friday, today may be your best bet. >> those stories, but first meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. i can't believe we're going to reach 74 tomorrow. >> reporter: it's crazy, there
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was ice on the pond in my development. now we're going up to 74. it's a beautiful day around the delaware valley. temperatures are in the 50s, we're seeing mixed skies, combination of sun and clouds. 51 that's the number at the midday hour. 53 in the poconos. reading, 53. 52 in atlantic city and sea isle city 52, as well. just a few high, thin clouds overspreading the area southwest to northeast. we'll see holes in the cloud cover every now and then that will lead to sunshine, sunny patches from time to time. what will happen the clouds will overspread the area and lower and thickennen and give way to rain in the overnight hours and the first part of monday morning. today, 57 degrees, the normal is 56. we're going above average. it will be milder than the last several days. him as we look ahead there are big changes. the latest computer information coming in now on the coastal system that we're watching for
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wednesday. right now there are changes in the intensity and the track and the form of the precipitation, i'll run it down for you when i come back in ten minutes. eva. >> the big story this noon a couple in their 80s was tied up and robbed in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. david henry joins us on the search for the suspects. >> reporter: eva was a crime wave, the burglars were bold trying house after house along this block until finally breaking into this one on the end. the woman who lives next-door called the police. >> it was around 10:00 p.m., i hear like a knock at the door. >> reporter: the neighbor who doesn't want to be identified said she heard her door knob rattling, she looked out a side window. >> i saw the guy he was playing with the door and the door knob and trying to get the window open, i got the phone and called 911. >> reporter: by then the burglars had gotten into the house next-door and tied up the
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elderly couple inside and ransacked the house, taking jewelry, cash and the television. the police were out front after responding to the 911 call. i neighbor went outside saw the burglaries leading. >> he said how are you, i said i'm okay. i flew around the corner, will you hurry up they just came down the steps with the flat screen tv. >> reporter: police ran down the alley and caught the man with the television. police were back on the scene looking for more evidence. police say the burglars tried to get into hoot house on the block -- another house on the block. >> when you have children it makes you feel unsafe. you have to protect yourself and be wise and be cognizant of things that can happen. >> neighborhood on edge today,
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police continue their investigation trying to to find that second suspect, they have been tus dusting for from time to time and collecting -- finger prints and collecting video surveillance, i had nydia. >> two people are dead after separate accidents on roads overnight. we begin in south jersey when a man in his 40s was hit by a car and killed. the woman who was driving the car stopped and was taken to the hospital in willingboro for cuts to her face. traffic was cut off while police conducted their investigation. no word if charges will be filed. in delaware, a 22-year-old woman from heartly delaware was killed, a driver was speeding in bear an ran the red light. the 22-year-old was turning on to brook month drive.
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the 22 was killed, an 18-year-old who was driving is in critical condition. the driver of thepathfinder is in critical condition. two people are in the hospital after they were hit by a car. it happened as four women left dagwood's pup they were crossing lyndon street when the car approached the intersection. the driver began to swerve avoid hitting a women and was forced to stop from hitting another vehicle coming in the other direction. two women are in the hospital in stable condition. no charges have been filed. >> the eagles take on the tennessee titans, the eagles suffered a brutal loss last week, the question is will will we see a different team on the field? >> reporter: the eagles have a
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lot of things going in their favor, they won their last nine regular season games in the link, the tight damage rank next to the last in the nfl in stopping the run. on the flip side, the eagles were blown out in green bay, they lost by 33 poibilities. points, the birds tell us they need to clean up every aspect of their game. >> we have to come in with the right mindset and protect the ball and keep it off the turf and keep it away from the defensive backs and we'll clean that up and protect the ball we've been very successful. we need to keep that in mind. >> the confess we need to -- the questions we need to make we're excited to get better. we know we're a great team and we're looking forward to approve aring -- proving that.
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>> we are one of the best teams in the envelope, the inconsistency has killed us this year. former eagles receiver, mike quick will join me for the game day final. the eagles have a short week after this game, thanksgiving day they will be in dallas to take on the cowboys, reporting live from the link, i'm ducis rogers, channel 6 "action news." >> a 30,000 runners hit the pavement this morning for the 21st annual philadelphia marathon, but it was 29-year-old dan vasallo from massachusetts won the run. >> it's a dream come true, it's the last thing on my running bucket list. >> reporter: and this woman had
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quite a story, she won the women's division, she finished in 2 hours, 39 minutes, she has done half marathons before, but this was her first full marathon. >> it was cool to win. i had a tough time. >> meanwhile, we congratulate everyone who toork part in the rails. >> we have breaking right now from the new jersey state police, a state police say the tabernacle new jersey mother who was suspected of shooting her children has died from her wounds. investigators believe jeaninne lepage shot three of her children killing two of them. police believe the shooting was likely an attempted murder suicide, lepage now dead. much more to come on "action news" sunday afternoon, the town of ferguson, missouri along with the rest of the nation braces for the decision
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on the shooting of michael brown. >> the university takes drastic action against it's fraternities in the wake of a disturbing magazine article. >> reporter: nydia, get ready for a warmup, some of us could see 70 degrees, but some of us may need a snow shovel later this week, i'll have to details from accuweather when we come right back. snorvel. >> former washington, d.c.
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mayor and civil rights activist marion barry has died. tremendous popular with voters, barry serve four terms as mayor. he was ring elected in 20 --
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re-elected in 2012. he was sent to jail for drug arrest for 6 months. the grand jury is off for the weekend as the city waits to hear if darren wilson who shot the unarmed teenager will be charged. karen travers is in clayton, missouri with the latest developments. >> reporter: overnight two people arrested after quiet piece peaceful protest. michael brown's mother marching and calling for calm. >> we've remained peaceful for the entire time, i don't think it will change because it's who we are. >> reporter: the anxious waiting in ferguson continues. >> it's a heavy heart all around saint louis. >> reporter: the grand jury took the weekend off, it will ravine on monday to continue its work of deciding whether officer darren wilson will stays charges in the shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown. nine votes are needed to indict. the grand jury has the same
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racial makeup as the county. nine white jurors, three black jurors, seven men five women. nervous residents are hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. >> i think you might have young people whole do some damage, you know. >> reporter: businesses have boarded up the windows along the stretch of the center of the violent protests last summer. >> i want people continued that we're ready to protect and act in the protection of business and life. >> reporter: the fbi and the national guard are here as backup. channel 6 "action news." >> community activists protested in brooklyn. a rookie officer accidently shot and killed an innocent man in the dark stairwell of the a dark
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housing project. the nypd faces scrutiny from the civil rights leaders. >> a lot of confess after a cleveland police officer shot and killed a 12-year-old boy who was carrying a realistic toy gun. when officers arrived they told the boy to raise his hands who reached for the gun, a rookie officer shot him twice, cleveland police released a statement saying that the orange mark to make the toy distinguishable from real firearms has been removed. the university of virginia has suspended all fraternities until january in direct response to a rolling stone article about detailed rape claims. one of the alleged victims said she reported to administrators
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and nothing was done. the university will take steps to take procedures on sexual assault. forecaster also say significant snow melt is starting, temperatures are expecting to hit 50 today and 60 tomorrow. some rain is in the forecast. meanwhile, heavy equipment is being used to help move the massive amounts of snow, just this morning we got an update on how much snow has been hauled out. >> over 7,200 truck loads of snow have been hauled out of south buffalo and kieser town that is now over 80,000 tons of snow that has been hauled out of that community. >> that's a lot of truck loads. a driving ban remains in effect. today's football game in buffalo has been moved because of the snow. the bills and jets will play tomorrow night in the detroit.
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>> in our area we're going up and down and he could see some of the white stuff. >> reporter: it's funny, wait until you see the changes we're about to experience. you'll getaway with a short sleeved shirt and shorts tomorrow only to use the snow shovel by wednesday night. there's the view in penns landing, big changes on the way, nice, mild weather to start and turns significantly colder as we get closer to the holiday. 51 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 25. winds out of the south at 9 miles per hour. pressure reading 30.18. it's starting to fall. trenton, 52. allentown, 51. lancaster and wilmington, 50. yesterday we topped out at 46. so we're already above yesterday's highs and when all is said and done we'll climb above average for a change only to see the numbers skyrocket into the 70s. temperature change 8 to 18 degrees milder than yesterday at this time. sat light and radar showing a few spritzes and sprinkles over the buffalo area.
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again, as eva mentioned they will climb into 50s and low 60s. they will see melting not to mention all the rain down toward the bottom of the screen. that's heading north into their direction. for us we'll see the clouds lower and thicken. this moisture will swing through with the approaching warm front. it's the air beneath the front that you will enjoy tomorrow. they are sitting in the 70s in jacksonville. i believe it's 76 degrees right now in jacksonville. orlando sitting at 80. there's warm stuff down to the south. the area of low pressure that's sitting east of dallas. as that pulls north toward the great lakes, it moves that warm air with this. we have a coastline storm coming up the coast chill get into in a second. sun and clouds, for the rest of the afternoon. the clouds lower and thicken. 11:00, showers break out south
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and west, we'll see the rain coming down steady at times overnight tonight. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning you're heading into work and school, most of it is long gone. the roads could be damp with low-level visibility issues, the warm front punches through, during the late morning hours this will open the door to a lot of warm weather you saw to the south. we get into wednesday, thanksgiving eve, the same front that pulls through tuesday, that cold front stalls off the coast we'll see an area of low pressure develop off the coast of let's say charleston, south carolina. what will happen is, the modeling now where it was yesterday split, one bringing it up to the north, the other bringing it out to sea. most of the models are pushing it closer to the coast. of looks like track number one will happen. most of the modeling is hinting toward that at this time. that means a rain/snow mixture,
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rain south and east, a heavy, wet snow north and west. this is track number two, which is possible. most of the modeling is suggesting track number one is going to pan out. track number 2 is a much easier scenario for the delaware valley to handle. what we would see is a mainly rain as all the cold air would move into the area late. clouds and sun that's the call from accuweather for the remainder of the afternoon. it's a milder day, 5 degrees, winds out of the southwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. overnights tonight, cloudy and breezy, rain developing steady at times. 45 degrees, outlighting suburbs, 48 -- outlying suburbs. 48 for the center city. the record high is 71 looks like we'll have no problem shattering that. brie breezy and cooler tuesday,
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55. snow wednesday, 38 degrees, it will be accumulating snow north and west. breezy and chilly, 42 thanksgiving day, friday, sunny and cold high of 37 degrees. coming up in the next half-hour, i'll show you what the forecast modeling is suggesting for snow for thanksgiving eve. >> goodness. don't forget you can take with you. the new smart design fits any device you have, whether it's your tablet or smart phone, no matter how large or small that screen. check it out by visiting anytime any more. >> just ahead on "action news," a real heartbreaker, the impact a bad marriage can have on your health. >> a preview of the hottest ticket on tv, the american music awards skippy!!
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>> good afternoon, sky6 live hd taking a live look for us over wilmington. you can see the camera moving just a little bit, the flag is moving, as well. i'm guessing the winds is blowing, 12:22, 52 degrees outside. the internet has been buzzing that the form of dementia might have contributed to the death of robin williams. lisa thomas-laurey has more on keeping our brains healthy. ful. >> reporter: as we get older, many changes occur in our bodies, but few spark as much concern about our brains. dr. tomogram hears it from all the time that people might be losing their mental edge. he said not to worry that's not the case. >> what people lose is speed. >> reporter: just a computer our
12:24 pm
brains get overstuffed with information, so we have a hard time finding the right mental file in addition we're juggle more than we were at 18. >> you have a spouse, mortgage and three kids. , for someone who have memory problems, look at million conditions, b12 deficiency and chronic uncontrolled high pressure. not all dementia cause memory issues, it could have other affects causing people to get lost, it could cause had a hallucinations, that's louie body dementia. >> to keep a healthy brain. >> keep a healthy body. >> to keep an active brain try new things, whether it's a craft or music. problem solving skills get better as the years go on.
12:25 pm
for more on change as we age go to of aging, i'm lisa thomas-laurey channel 6 "action news." >> a bad marriage can be bad for your heart, literally. a study found that orderly couples in bad marriages have a higher risk for heart disease than those happily we wed. it's worse for the wife than the hulls. the study was funded by the national institute of aging. >> progress has been slowing down the push of sugary drinks to kids. beverage makers spend $1 billion a year advertising unhealthy drinks to children and teenagers. tv ads have dropped by a third and kid oranted website -- oriented website adds are down by 30%.
12:26 pm
the child friendly mobile app that plays game has subtle product pitches. youtube is another one, red bulls channel features 4200 different videos. >> if beverage companies want to help stop marketing high sugar products to children. it would be great to create new products that were low in sugar and did not have artificial ingredients. >> they target african-american and hispanic children. a spokesperson said the findings are misleading and markets to children in responsible ways. >> philly pops gets ready to unwrap one of our area's favorite presents
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>> christmas is a little more than a month away that means it's time for an exiting sound of the season, the philly pops holiday concert, karen rogers has a preview in 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: the christmas spectacular is one of the pops most popular concert of the year and it's become a staple of the holiday season in philadelphia. coming off the success of last year's show, conduct david charles is back by popular demand leading the ensemble of 300 mules -- musicians in this festive holiday performance. >> it's a perfect program for young and old alike. it's the best way to get into
12:30 pm
the mood of the season throughout this festive music. >> reporter: several choirs join the pops to sing these iconic tunes and santa plans to make an appearance as well. >> we'll be joined by a philadelphia native and hugh has been the star of phantom of the opera on broadway for the past several years. he can't wait to come home to philadelphia and sing some holiday selections for his hometown crowd. >> while you can expect to hear some of your classic favorites from years past music director said the musical selections have changed every year the pops put on a completely different show. >> we try to surprise people we try to to get the right mix having what people expect from year to year and every year introducing new music, swell. the concert runs from december 2
12:31 pm
to the 26th at the kimmel center. go to loves the arts. tonight on the 6abc, the american music awards, iggy azalea leads the nominations. john legend is up for five awards. disney frozen is nominated for the best sound track. disney is our parent company. the american music awards is at 11:00. one last roll of the dice, the management makes one last offer to its workers to keep the casino from closing for good. >> even charlie brown would be embarrassed to trach the christmas tree home.
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we'll tell you about the holiday tree that's needling the residents of pennsylvania. hey, you need 'em, you want 'em, and now there's no better time to get 'em. blinds to go. blinds for life.
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blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale continues! woo-hoo! as our gift to you, take 20% off the entire store. twenty percent! the entire store! hey, with savings like that, you could redo your entire house. just sayin'! blinds to go. blinds for life. we have breaking news at 12:30, a new jersey state police say a mother suspected of shooting her children has died from her wounds. investigators think 44-year-old extra noon lepage shot three of her children killing two last week. the other child is in critical condition. the police believe the shooting
12:34 pm
was likely an attempted murder suicide. >> let's get a check of the accuweather forecast with meteorologist chris sowers. >> reporter: good afternoon to you, it's not too bad out here, it feels good for a change, i'm hanging up the christmas lights outside later on today. i can handle this. yesterday's chilly breeze, the cooler temperatures was not to my liking. this is better, 51 degrees, allentown, 51. millville, 50. trenton, 52. sea isle city, 53 and dover, 52. every location seeing temperatures warmer than yesterday's high. winds out of the southwest at 6 miles per hour in trenton. dover, 8. lancaster, 3. there's a very light breeze this afternoon, you don't feel it it feels nice for a change. the satellite and radar showing a few high, thin clouds overhead. the thicker deeper cloud cover is well to our south. that's an advance of an approaching warm front that will slide through first thing
12:35 pm
tomorrow morning. look what it does to the temperature. 55 degrees, feels great right now, but imagine what 74 will feel like tomorrow. the record high was set back in 1979. doesn't look like we'll have any issues shattering that mark. it will become breezy during the afternoon, but, again, it should feel pretty nice. this is a look at the wind stream map. if you see the counter clockwise swirl off the carolinas. that area of low pressure slides up the coast. the latest computer information comings in. it keeps us in the cold sector of the storm. the temperatures are starting to lower, there's more moisture thrown back into the system. when i come back in, i'll show you what it may lead to snowfall wise in parts of the area thanksgiving morning. that's straight ahead. guys. >> now to a story we've been
12:36 pm
following all morning long, an elderly couple tied you mean inside their home, david henry joins us from frankford on the scene of the case. >> reporter: the thieves were caught red handed coming out of the back of the house, it started with a theft from a car at the far end of the block and a neighbor said she heard them trying trying to get into her house. >> it was around 10:00. i heard a knock at the door. >> reporter: the neighbor who doesn't want to be identified heard her door knob rattling. she looked out a side window. >> i saw the guy he was playing watt door and the door knob and trying to get the window opened. i got the phone and called 911. >> by then the burglars got in the house and tied up the couple inside and ransacked the house and taking jewelry and cash and television. the neighbor went out back and
12:37 pm
saw the burglars leaving. >> he said how you doing, i said okay, i said how about you okay, i gradually wait until they passed me, i flue around the corn -- i flew around the corner, i said hurry up, get out back, they have the flat scene tv. >> reporter: the police caught the man with the television, police were back on the scene today talking to the neighbors looking for more evidence. police say the burglars tried to get into another house on the block and broke into a car at the other end of the block. >> when you have children it makes you feel unsafe. you have to protect yourself and be wise and be cognizant of things that can happen. >> reporter: now they have been having a number of other burglaries in the neighborhood over the past few months. police are not sure if they are connected or not. they continue their
12:38 pm
investigation and dusting for fingerprints and looking for video from other homes nearby. live in frankford, david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> a philadelphia police officer hit by a car is recovering this noon. the officer was responding to a shooting on north fairhill street. when the officer tried to stop the suspect, the suspect allegedly hit the officer with his car and took off. he with as later arrested along west cam -- cambria street. the officer was taken to the hospital and checked out and released. the so-called mayfair tire slasher has been arrested again, david toledo was caught allegedly doing the same thing in his new neighborhood. the detectives started an investigation along the 1600 block of preston street in oxford circle after receiving a lot of complaints about vandalism. a septa worker saw a man place a
12:39 pm
mousetrap fitted with nails in front of a parked car tires. toledo was identified as the suspect and arrested $home. he is serving two years probation for slashing tires mayfair two years ago. >> the trump taj makes a last ditch appeal to employees in hopes of keeping it open. trump entertainment resorts has offered to reinstate health insurance coverage only if they drop an appeal of court order canceling the pension plan benefits, if the union drops the appeal, the taj will remain open according to the company's president. >> the university of delaware is offering students a way to make good on their parking tickets and help someone in need. starting tomorrow, drivers ticketed on campus can pay their fines with nonperishable food items. each item will count as five dollars toward the cost of a parking ticket. all donated items will be
12:40 pm
delivered to the food bank of delaware. the holiday spirit is alive and well in delaware valley. so many good people are revealing their generous spirits by giving to those lest fortunate. >> reporter: annie mccormick has the story. >> reporter: the spiritual of giving is alive in the delaware valley from turkeys in germantown to canned goods in king of prussia and south philadelphia all organized by different groups, but with the same goal. >> we want to be a blessing to the community in germantown. >> reporter: for 13 years, pastor louis miller of the greater free will baptist church has given away turkey dinners. thanks to philabundance there are 300 available. >> the bible said it's more blessed to give than receive. >> it's a good think, because a lot of people can't afford a turkey, they want one, it's for the kids. >> it's a blessing to have something like this happening on
12:41 pm
thanksgiving. >> reporter: in king of prussia the girls. patriots valley forge fast pitch softball league bundled up under blankets accepting donations. they are taking their spirit from the field to the holidays, they say if they don't fill up all the boxings today, they will have them filled by december 1 and make the delivers themselves to philabundance. >> our goal is to try to to fill 8 skids of food today we're about halfway there. >> warms my heart that we came up with these ideas and doing these events to help them and support their families. >> reporter: in king of prussia, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> and a reminder you can help those in need by donating to the annual holiday food drive, you can donate online to philabundance or bring the can goods to the thanksgiving day parade. our parade coverage starts at
12:42 pm
8:30, thanksgiving morning. a christmas tree is getting the boot after residents of one town said it was too ugly. i almost feel bad for the tree. it's a spindly introduce in reading, people said it was so hidious it was ruining their holiday spirit. the puney pine was a last minute stand in, they were not able to get the tree they wanted from a farmer who wouldn't let them on the property because the ground was so wet.
12:43 pm
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if you're considering an aarp medicare supplement plan, don't wait. call now! ♪ >> here's the purrrfect way to spend your sunday, the world championship cat show is going on at the expo spoa center in oaks. everybody's favorite cat garfield we'll see him in a
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second. not quite a cat fashion show, anchor man style, but close. >> reporter: first of all, who was garfield? >> he he was a standup garfield, but we missed him. >> reporter: let's talk weather. [laughter]. here's the view in philadelphia, here's the airport showing we have mostly cloudy conditions out there with a little bit of sunshine peeking through. big story today are the milder temperatures that moved into the delaware valley. friday's high, 37. yesterday we topped out at 46. today when all is said and done we'll top out at 55 to 57. tomorrow we're in the 70s. storm tracker 6 live double scan crystal clear, no other issues out there today. we're already at 51 degrees, dewpoint, 25. wind out of the south at 9 miles per hour. pressure reading 30.18. reading, 53. trenton, 52. yesterday morning, allentown bold down to 15 degrees, so it
12:46 pm
was very cold morning yesterday. this is a nice rebound. dover, 52. him sea isle city, 53. beach haven 53 degrees as well. storm tracker 6 live double scan, you can see what's happening here, this counter clockwise swirl that's the area of low pressure, here's the trailing cold front we've got a nice little squall line developing on the front end of the panhandle of florida. this is the warm front that will punching through during the late morning hours tomorrow, all this is pushing to the northeast, and temperatures are underneath the front are in the 70s and 80s. that's the air mass we'll be stopping into tomorrow. unfortunately it's only going to last a day or so, and then the numbers start to crash as the cold front slides through and we start to turn colder again. future tracker 6 shows a combination of and and clouds later on, showers getting in between the hours of 9 and 11:00 southwest to northeast. overnight tonight there will be a period of rain. some of this will come down steadily at times, maybe heavily
12:47 pm
at times. it's a quick moving system, however. 5:30, 6:00 a.m. it's gone. 7:00 maybe a few leftover spritzes and sprinkles and tomorrow afternoon we'll see the sun peek through. some of the forecast models have us 74 and 75. these are the records in jeopardy. philadelphia, 71 set in 1979. trenton, 71. wilmington, 73 arena will also at the airport, 72. but, again only in this part of the country can we be talking about record highs one day and two days later a possible snowstorm. the area of low pressure that could develop would be here off the coast of south carolina. most of the forecast models this morning now have the low coming straight up the coast with just enough of a supply of cold air out to the west that will bleeding into the storm should be good enough to support snow. at least interior sections past philadelphia and past baltimore
12:48 pm
and washington, d.c., it will be the far western suburbs, this is what the forecast models are starting to show. this is the european model, could it happen? if the european model pans out, this is what it is project on the ground. 1 to 2 in the city, 2 to 4, north and west, 4 plus in allentown and scranton. i'm not saying it's going to happen, but we have to watch this closely, this is one of the busiest travel days of the year and now we're showing accumulating snow. that's not the accuweather call. i'm showing you what we're watching closely. clouds and sun, milder, 57 degrees, overnight tonight tonight, rain developing 45 degrees outlying suburbs. 48 center city. there's the record high 74 tomorrow. breezy and cooler tuesday, 55. snow and rain mix wednesday 38. breezy and cooler turkey day with a high of 42. we'll have much more "action news" coming up right after
12:49 pm
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>> welcome back on this sunday, 12:50, 52 degrees, sky6 live hd taking a live look at atlantic city, we're getting up to 74 degrees tomorrow, can you believe that? well better late than never that's what some people say about holiday shopping, but alicia vitarelli has been browsing for bargains and says the best deals might be right now. >> do you think black friday might be the best day to grab holiday deals, you might want to rethink that. you can already snag some of the best deals right now especially when it comes for toys. for the hottest ones in high demand you can get them at the best prices you'll see them all season at this very minute on website from retailers biggest price cuts came on the monday before thanksgiving. heads up for this monday coming
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up. as for online shopping, thanksgiving day i felt offers some of the best prices, but for apparel, cyber monday, that's the monday after thanksgiving, that's the day for that, there are often store wide discounts where you can take 30 or 40% off of everything. here's where you want to wait for black friday, electronics, gadgets, tablets and tv and video games, friday after thanksgiving offer the best prices on those items that's providing they are in stock. alicia vitarelli channel 6 "action news." >> now they say look for clues on the price tag, at tarring, the number in the right hand corner indicates the percentage off the original price. at cssments --
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bb look for the yellow tags, if you can wait you will save, by the way, red clearance tags do not necessarily indicate the lowest prices, don't be fooled. when "action news" continues an update of our top stories and a final look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast in just a moment.
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>> recapping our top stories on "action news," new jersey state police investigators say the
12:56 pm
tabernacle new jersey mother suspected of shooting her children and herself has died from her wounds. she shot three of her children killing two of them, the other is in screamly critical condition. police closed a major road from a deadly accident. a man in his 40s was killed while crossing route 130. the woman who hit him was taken to the hospital with cuts to her face. police caught a tv toting robber, who was trying to make a getaway. a couple in their 80s was tied up, bus stop not injured in the 4300 block of roosevelt boulevard. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> reporter: we're warping -- warming up. 57 degrees today, tomorrow, we could have a sprinkle or shower are and clouds give way to sunshine, 74 degrees, 55 breezy and cooler, tuesday, thanksgiving eve 38 degrees
12:57 pm
that's the day we're watching the coastal system. thanksgiving day breezy and chilly, 42. with the wind there could be an issue, they are predicting gusts as high as 15 to 20. saturday clouds and sun, 40 degrees, all right, thanks chris. >> you might not eat lunch after this. joey chestnut set are a new record in connecticut by wolfing down 9 1/2 pounds of turkey in ten minutes. it's not surprising that's ranked as the top competitive eater in the world. chestnut took home a check for five thousand dollars for this glutenous effort. >> outside adventures is next on channel 6. >> "action news" continues at 6:00 p.m. tonight. >> now for eva pilgrim, chris sowers, and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han.
12:58 pm
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