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tv   Action News  ABC  November 24, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> right now on "action news," the week is off to a soggy start from the accuweather forecast to the latest on traffic. we have everything you need to know to get ready for today's rainy commute. >> a woman leaves work and seemingly disappears. it's been three full days since anybody has seen her. police are asking for your help to track her down. more demonstrations on the streets of ferguson as they await the grand jury decision. >> david, it's raining around here. >> reporter: the rain is clearing out, behind this rain we'll see sun return, but the big story behind a warm front is a surge of mild air that's going to be rushing in.
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many of us will see highs in the low 70s this afternoon. that means record high temperatures in some cases. 63 is the current temperature, already not feeling bad out there. 63 in allentown, 60 in millville. as we head outside to catch the school bus, we'll hold in the low 60s. cloudy and damp, but mild. it's a mild morning, so don't forget to do your homework after school kids, i know you'll want to go outside and enjoy this. 63 by 8:00. 69 by noon, 3:00 p.m., 71, again the high today is 72. we'll hit that around 2:00, but very nice conditions. karen, amazing what's coming next, given the fact we're look looking at record warmth. we might see snow later on in the week, details ahead. >> reporter: dave we have a number of accidents out there, this accident in delaware county has i-95 northbound shut down
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between 320 and the blue route. police on on the scene. we're told there's are a coroner on the scene. the roads are wet and there's debris on the roads. this is i-95 northbound shut down. the vine street ramp to the schuylkill expressway, we have a jacked knife tractor-trailer, the off ramp is blocked, everybody forced on to the schuylkill expressway westbound. schuylkill expressway westbound itself, look at how wet it looks like out there, when you see the cars and the rain drops on the camera lens. we have an accident on the schuylkill expressway westbound blocking the left lane, looked like the car was facing suicide suicide -- the facing sideways. all lanes have cleared. montgomery county on the turnpike westbound construction zone blocking the left lane. watch for that one. >> police in the lehigh valley
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are tracking down a missing woman. nobody has seen jessica padgett since she left for lunch friday afternoon. katherine scott has more on the search. >> reporter: that's right, matt, she went out for luncheon friday, and -- for lunch on friday and hadn't been seen since. she was seen leaving the north hampton day care on canal street where she works on friday. family members say she was going to drive to her mother's house which was five miles away to send a fax and return to duck, duck, good news child care a short time later. her car was found about a mile away from the job and hadn't been seen since. she is the mother of two children and one step child. her family said she would never leave without telling anyone. >> i know my daughter, there's
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no way she would leave her kids, they are her life. my heart is getting ripped out everyday, every minute i don't hear from her or hear something. >> reporter: the community is putting up flyers around the area, if you have any tips, state police want to hear from you. live from the satellite center, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> hopefully they will hear from her soon. happening today the former chairman of the montgomery county republican committee will go on charges on sex charges. he is accused of having sex with a woman from his law firm while she was passed out. kearns is charged with aggravated indecent assault. when the charges were announced last year, kearns resign his post as gop chairman and left the law firm, but maintains he is innocent. happening today, the grand jury will meet again in ferguson, missouri, the tension
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has been building for days as people are waiting on a final decision, will there will be charge for the shooting death of michael brown or not. erin o'hern is live at the big board, the city is on edge. >> reporter: the city has been on edge since the shooting happened back on august 9. nine votes are needed to indict this man, darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. brown was killed back on august august 9 and -- >> sorry about that, erin, we'll get your mic fixed. >> a resident who disment -- does not want to be identified saw men breaking into her neighbor's home, called 911 and the man managed to get into the window. ful the neighbor went outside and watched the robbers leaving.
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>> he said how you doing, i said i'm okay, how about you, i said i'm okay, i flew around the corner, because all the cops are out front. i said get out back, they have the flat screen tv. >> police caught the man, but the partner ran off. the robbers tried to break into one other house. >> something special is on tap for the 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. tap dancers are rehearsing for their big moment in front of the spotlight. they will put on a show for the 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. >> my friends will come see me there. >> tap dancers marching bands and special guests will be part of the 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade, the oldest thanksgiving day parade in america. you don't have to miss a minute it if you can't make it, watch
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it live with hosts rick williams and cesily tynan. you can see the floats and the music and the fun. what i want to know will i see any remains of snow on my lawn? >> no way today. it's 62 degrees. it's crazy we're talking about snow considering we could see record highs today. some of the areas could see a change from rain to snow. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows it's all rain and mainly moving out of here, philadelphia in the process of drying out of the. some of the northern and eastern suburbs could take a little while longer. there could sprinkles and showers over the next couple of hours, as we look outside, we have a mild morning, but it's blustery and you can see the camera dancerring a little bit in the strong winds -- dancing a little bit in the sponge winds. 62 degrees, the winds are out of the south, it's blustery, but mild as you head outside.
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there goes the rain behind it. you'll get warm air behind the warm front. we expect the sun to return as the day goes on. overall you can't argue with the numbers. 63 degrees by 8:00. 67 by 11. the record high is 72. all we have to do is hit 71 to tie the record, there's a chance we break it. record highs across the region may fall in several areas. 70 in trenton, 72 in wilmington, mid 60s down the shore, a gust with wind today. tomorrow is a little cooler we'll skip that it's not an issue. now, we moved on to wednesday, it's an enormous travel day the day before thanksgiving. we're watching an area of low pressure that will creep up the coast and bring us precipitation. i will expect it to start out as rain during the morning rush hour as colder air is drawn in we could see a change overto
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snow north and west of philadelphia. we'll have rain south and east and snow to the north and west arc change to light snow in philadelphia, as well. there's a second, less likely track, that will pull the storm off the coast where we get less precipitation and minimal impact. let's concentrate on the first scenario since it's a big travel day and we want you to be prepared for what could happen. we have rain changing to snow during the day. i could see that taking a while in philadelphia, mainly in the evening. in the northern and western suburbs it will change over sooner. you'll be looking at more snow there. northern new jersey rain. what well be looking at is mainly rain in south jersey and delaware. there will be the potential for
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1 to 3 inches of snow in philadelphia and 3 to 6 in the northern and western suburbs. places like northern bucks and montgomery county. in allentown and up in the poconos it could be all snow and and you could be looking at the potential of 6-inch or more out of this. what could change, the storm could stay farther east. it could be a situation where we are so warm now we have hard enough time getting enough cold air in place to manufacture that much snow, in both of these cases you'll have enough snow and bigger impact. very warm tomorrow, 72 degrees, tomorrow, partly sunny, 58. average for this time of year. wednesday we have the rain arriving in the morning, potentially i changing to snow, especially philadelphia north as we go through the afternoon and nighttime. high of 40. cooler in the suburbs where the higher potential for snow is located.
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the good news this is all out of here in time for thanksgiving. it is brisk and chilly for the parade. you want to bundle up with temperatures in the 30s most of the time and afternoon high of 42. looks like that snow will be over at the perceives night at some point. brisk -- previous night. brisk, 37 and back to the 40s this weekend. >> it doesn't make any sense. developing this morning, the walls come tumbling down at an apartment building in chicago trapping several people inside. >> police officers open fire fatally shooting a 12-year-old boy at a playground. why they say they were forced to pull their weapons. >> reporter: we have an accident involving a jackknifed tractor-trailer blocking the off ramp from the vine street expressway to the schuylkill expressway eastbound. we have an accident on the northeast extension, the garden state parkway, you name it it's out there. i'll have the details coming right up.
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>> 5:44, despite the rain looking good for flights at philadelphia international airport, if you happen to go going to charlotte they have haif rains and winds. >> let's go over to karen rogers, good morning. >> reporter: the winds are strong and the roads are wet. this is a serious accident closing i-95 northbound, we're hearing the accident involving a bread delivery truck, there's
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debris on the roadway. i-95 northbound shut down between 320 and the blue blue r, use 291 or 13. farther away use 295. it's shut down all morning and continues to be so. northbound and he thinks -- northeast extension approaching quakertown a tractor-trailer accident. power outage also in the area -- power outages in the area, in bethlehem. garden state parkway, an accident northbound past and it 36. watch out for emergency workers there, too. we've been watching the heavy rain moving through the area.
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it may be moving out, but there's so much water on the roads, and we have gusty winds, 36-mile an hour gusts in parts of the region. you can see it's gusty and mild, but wet and wet leaves, tam. >> thank you, karen. now we're waiting on the grand jury decision if ferguson, missouri, the town and nation on edge, erin o'hern back at the big board, we don't know if there will be charges or not in the shooting death of michael brown. >> reporter: we don't know, but the city has been on edge since august 9. nine votes are needed to indict darren wilson in the shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown who was killed on august 9. demonstrators took to the street last night and an lrntle a. times -- an an la times reporter was injured in the protest. he was struck with an object over the head. now the grand jury had a two daybreak over the weekend. barricades are set up around the same time louis county justice
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center where the grand jury has been meeting. the evidence they are looking at includes testimony from wilson himself back in september and from the forensic pathologist, the brown family requested to perform an independent autopsy. they are looking at testimony from witnesses who say brown had his arms up. some protesters say they will continue to demonstrate on the streets of ferguson. >> i don't think the protests are going to die, no matter what people are going to do here, people want to see a change and grand jury decision is not a charge. >> 99% of the time police officers are not charge when they kill young people of color the school district canceled classes today and tomorrow law enforce him are prepared and do not want peaceful demonstration to turn ugly. >> developing right now, a building has collapsed in
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chicago trapping two women inside. neighbors reporting hearing a large boom before the collapse at the apartment building, but investigators say they are not sure if there was an explosion. firefighters pulled the two women out of the rubble. they are in the hospital in serious and critical condition. crews say the women were the only people living in the building and wouldn't able to rescue -- and they able to rescue a dog. >> a lockdown was enforced in texas at for the sam houston. the spokesman said the lockdown because of a suspicious vehicle. the driver didn't stop at a checkpoint triggering a manhunt. a an explosive's team was brought in to inspect the vehicle and the driver was arrested. >> tens of thousands of runners hit the streets, find out who took home the trophy from philadelphia marathon.
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a 12-year-old boy was shot armed with a bb gun
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>> former washington, d.c. mayor marion barry has died. he was best known for his 1990 drug arrest after he was caught in an fbi sting in a hotel room smoking crack in a pipe with a prostitute. he died of natural causes related to a heart condition, he was 78 years old. >> lots of accidents, rots of problems, the roads are wet, thanks dave. >> reporter: don't shoot the messenger. >> reporter: 422 approaching oaks an accident blocking the lane eastbound, eastbound jammed
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from past 29 to approaching oaks that's 422. this is the vine street expressway approaching the schuylkill expressway at this hour. look how slow it is. the ramp eastbound is blocked with an accident involving an jackknifed tractor-trailer. you can see the problems out there. >> reporter: it's too nice a day to have accidents. we're looking at rain, but it's not process of departing. on the big board you can see that, karen. kids will need an umbrella. eastern university is the college of the morning, they can probably do without the hoods this morning and this afternoon how about t-shirts because it's going to be t-shirt weather later. temperatures across the region, 62 in pilots right now. 59 in -- pottstown right now. 59 in saint davids. mid 60s in center city. a lot of temperatures at sunrise in the 60s in south jersey. if you're running errands get them done, 64 degrees by 9:00.
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most of us dry, noon, 69 and 3:00 p.m., 71 and high of 72 around 2:00. if we hit that will be a record today. matt. >> that is cra-cra. >> thousand of people packed the streets for the 21 annual gortex philadelphia marathon. 20,000 runners made their way through city landmarks. the 29-year-old from massachusetts qualified for the 2016 u.s. olympic trials. >> my goal was to qualify for the u.s. trials. i'm happy that happened, i'm happy to win this thing. it's a dream come true, it's the last thing on my running bucket list. >> lenore patrina crossed the
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finish line for women, it was her first marathon. >> wow, impressive. >> 5:54, an amber alert has been issued in new jersey for a baby taken by his father. >> we're working on getting pictures and bring you the latest at 6:00 a.m.
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>> two teenagers are in the hospital this morning after a
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shooting in north philadelphia. it happened after 6:00 p.m. in the 2300 block of north off and on street. police say they showed up torched a 17-year-old boy shot in the forearm and the leg. a 16-year-old was hit in the knee. police are trying to figure out who shot them and why. >> a 1-year-old boy was died after getting -- a 12-year-old boy has died after getting shot by police in cleveland, ohio. >> he is sitting on the swing right now he is pulling it in and out of his pants and pointing it at people. >> an officer responded to the call on saturday about a person waving a gun in a park, it was a bb gun. police say it looked like a pistol and the orange safety sticker had been removed. >> officers ordered him to stop and show his hands. he went into his waistband and pulled out the weapon. officer fired two shots striking the young man.
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>> it is standard procedure while cleveland police and fbi investigate the case to police the officer on leave. >> from the big dig to the looming flood. how the people in buffalo are getting ready to deal with a new set of problems thanks to the weather today. >> bad weather is going to affect thanksgiving travel whether you're hitting the road or having company. cocoa or eggnog? toasty or frosty?
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>> good morning, 6:00 a.m. on this monday, november 24. here's what's happening. >> accuweather is tracking rain, it is moving out and warm weather is moving in.


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