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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 26, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 4:00 a.m. on this wednesday, november 26th. >> and "action news" begins at a special time to get you ready for some snow and some rain. there's a live look at storm tracker 6 hd and that nor'easter that is crawling up the coast just in time for the thanksgiving rush. >> and this is a live look at the rain that's heading towards the delaware and lehigh valleys there as we also look out across the airport. we do know eventually the rain is going to change over to snow and dave murphy will have the latest in your accuweather forecast. >> the protests continue in ferguson, missouri and other cities across the country. we'll also hear from officer
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darren wilson himself. >> let's turn to david and karen for the latest in weather and traffic. >> we thought there was chance precipitation would begin to move in early and it has. here we are at the 4:00 a.m. hour with light rain beginning to overtake much of the region. a lot is falling as drizzle but as you get into the darker shades of green that is going to start to inteens tense if i slighting. what we're seeing at the outset is all rain and it's pretty light. as you take a look at the wide system the cold air hasn't pushed in very close to us yet. you can see a little bit of a changeover in the upper elevations of central pennsylvania but this is mostly rain and obviously heavier precipitation coming up from the south. a area of low pressure will be coming past us a center of a nor'easter that will be dishing the moisture that and eventually that cold air camps you went get that wintry mix across the region. looking at a couple computer models. one shows about a coating to an inch of snow and in around the original -- or the immediate region but there are
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actually some models that are going higher than that and the national weather service is issuing a winter storm warning. of course this has been up since yesterday and it does continue until 10 o'clock tonight in all of these counties highlighted in pink. now basically from about lansdale north through the lehigh valley and poconos. this is where the best chance lehigh valley and poconos. today will be. in the advisory areas closer to philadelphia. we're looking for rain changing at times to wet snow but we'll probably only see wet snow in the purple counties. the biggest issue would be poor visibility as that snow is really coming down. way above freezing right now though across the region. allentown in the 30's but still 50 degrees in philadelphia, 47 wilmington, 45 in millville. so again through most of the morning commute across most of the region we're looking at just rain. as you step outside to catch that school bus look for temperatures to be probably falling in the -- out of the 50's into the 40's actually for that one. and as we roll through the days, yeah, it's 50 now but by 8 o'clock we could be all the
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way down to 42 and then i think we spend most of the day in the 30's with that precipitation eventually changing over to some wet snow. if you're in the northern and western suburbs expect temperatures to get a little bit cooler than this. we'll have future tracker showing you the progression and arrival and departure of all of this stuff in a couple minutes. karen. >> i'm waiting for the departure mostly. as we look outside in exton chester county dave talked about the fact that it's mostly drizzle out there. roads look dry right here and quiet because it's 4 o'clock in the morning. route 100 at commerce drive showing no problem right here as you're headed out but we do have a problem on the pennsylvania turnpike and you want to watch for that near fort washington. it's an accident here. when we're hearing people are injured on the scene and this is blocking the right lane and the shoulder so pennsylvania turnpike look for that eastbound near fort washington. also in ambler we've got a problem, fairview avenue and rosemont avenue an accident there. just the thought of some snow, accidents coming in the area right now. let's take a live look at 422. this is near the pennsylvania turnpike and we could see the
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construction blocking the right lane at times. not causing a big problem out there at this very early hour, tam. >> thank thank you karen. let's go katherine scott at the airport with more on how this major storm could make thanksgiving travel a mess for millions of people. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. the hope is of course with a lot of people who got here earl today that they can sneak out before this all starts. and so far things are looking pretty good here at phl. again, it's still early. you can see people lining up starting to check in at self check in here at u.s. airways it's already such a busy dane the weather we're expecting certainly isn't helping matters. but before this day even began you can see problems at airports on the east coast. before midnight last night airlines had already canceled more than 200 flights for today. nearly half of those cancellations were at newark and la guardia and because this is already such a busy day, flights were already packed so there's just less wiggle room to accommodate
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passengers whose flights get canceled. passengers we've been speaking to are hoping that they can get out before this storm hits, before the rain and the wind and the snow comes here and they can just get home for their thanksgiving. >> i caught a bus at cornell at 6 o'clock and then we drove here. i got here around 11:00. i've been waiting ever since for my flight that takes off at 6:00. a flight to florida pretty early. going to hang out with my family, hopefully make there it in time. >> reporter: and hopefully they do. but obviously as the morning goes on, the hopes might get less and less for an on time departure but you never know. you do want to check your flight status before you go. a lost airlines are waiving change fees for passengers flying today through airports that are in the path of the storm. phl is one of them. baltimore, washington and newark airports are some of the others. again we're keeping an eye on the situation here but so far
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it's early but things are looking okay. we are live at phl, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> katherine thanks so much. from the skies to the roads let's take a live look at i-95. it is raining in some parts of the region including around here in this part of center city and could get that mix coming in later on today. the people that try and figure these things out tell us that 46 million americans will travel 50 miles or more this weekend. maybe that's you, maybe that's not. but it could be a mess if you are on the roads especially later on today. the rails. amtrak officials say the upcoming winter-like mix of weather will not slow down what they consider their superbowl of travel days. the rail agency has added dozens of trains to its schedule to respond to the high demand for train travel during the the long thanksgiving holiday weekend. >> this is the super bowl for us near terms of travel. over 72 extra trains on the northeast corridor, 39 will be acelas. in addition we're adding extra
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capacity aren't extra seats so additional coach, longer trains, that type of thing. the name of the game is to move as many people as we can. >> amtrak is advising travelers in the northeast and midatlantic states to follow its regional twitter handle at amtrak nec for scheduled updates caused by the weather. karen rogers and matt pelman will also keep you posted this morning. >> it seems too earl to say this ahead of the storm but stores have been bustling with people stocking up with supplies. the action cam visited this lows store on hesler boulevard window scrapers shovels were flying out the today. it was all about getting road salt and shovels before supplies start to run out. stay on top our changing weather situation with the new you can visit 6abc/weather for storm tracker 6 weather. you'll get hourly and seven-day forecast. >> get that forecast right
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now. parts of the storm arrived in the delaware valley. >> yeah, they have. it's starting as rain as we expected and as it changes over to wet snow i think it's going to act like rain in the i-95 corridor. the farther up to the north and west the better chance you have of slippery road conditions developing later on. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you the early precipitation is arriving. it is very light out there. as we take a look at that two dimensional view you can see most of this is highlighted in lighter shades of green and that is the super light precipitation. in some cases it's just fine drizzle. darker shades down to the south and west of us though are demonstrating that slightly steadier rain that is going to begin to develop in most of the region over the next couple hours. as we take a look outside, we have sky 6 and we're looking down in the penn's landing area at i-95 and so far so good in the mediator areas. the road can conditions look pretty good and not even all that damp given the fact we're just getting drizzle so far in the city. your temperature currently is way up there at 50 degrees. now, this will drop into the 30's later on today and
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probably later on in the morning hours. winds out of the north-northeast at 16 miles per hour so we are looking rather blustery out there. future tracker 6 shows that you by 6:30 we're still looking at rain although there could be steady stuff beginning to push in toward the i-95 corridor and certainly through parts of south jersey and delaware. then we push up to about 8 o'clock and it's still mainly rain. there may be a little with the snow beginning to mix in in places like the poconos and perhaps up around the lehigh valley and down toward berks county. by the time we get up to 9:00, 9:30, 10 ooh. :you can see how we've changed over to wet snow in the northern suburbs. these are the areas covered by the winter storm warning today and these are the areas where you have the best likelihood of slick road conditions. in philadelphia we may be holding onto rain and as we advance this into the afternoon this latest run of future tracker 6 doesn't even really want to bring the snow change over all that close to philadelphia. well, close but not into the city t i actually think there could be some wet snow mixing in during the early and midafternoon hours but again, it acts like rain here and if
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it accumulates at all it's only on grassy surfaces. as we get up to 6 o'clock colder air beginning to wrap the snow into areas farther to the south. parts of south jersey and delaware may get some slow. by 9 or 10 o'clock looks like most of this is pushing off to the northeast and 10:00 is when our advisories and warnings end. the european model is the more aggressive model going from about a coating to an inch in philadelphia and areas close to it. one to three in the northern portions of the city and then three to six range. allentown is going to be pretty close to heavier precipitation. i can see us going up as high as six in allentown. more in scranton. other models are backing off on this. gfs wants to push the wet snow into the north of philadelphia. if we get something here it probably doesn't do anything other than coat grassy surfaces. we're still going to go for the possibility of that 1 to 3 inches in the i-95 corridor. again mainly on grassy
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surfaces. the biggest issue traveling this afternoon in and around this purple area would be heavy wet snowflakes giving you poor visibility. farther into the northern and western areas with the three to 6-inch range and 6-inch plus bullet the better chance you have of compromised road conditions and again if we go in closer you can see the wet roads are probably in norristown, the blue route, i-95, 295 just wet but then you get up into north of doylestown up into downingtown reading, allentown that's where you're liable to have more problems. again, on the roads today mainly wet along the i-95 area, turning slushy in the northern and western suburbs and big wet snowflakes reducing visibility. that will be an issue this afternoon. here's where temperatures are going to go. 42 by 9:00 -- or by 8:00 i should say. then you can see how we slip into the 30's. staying above freezing all the way, that high of 46 right about now actually. actually 50 right now so that will probably be your high for the day. seven-day from accuweather, we got rain mixing with wet snow today. worse in the northern and western suburbs.
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temperatures will be falling into the 30's and then sliding into the mid 30's in philadelphia and in the i-95 corridor later this afternoon. tomorrow that precipitation obviously is gone. and we're still looking for a brisk and chilly thursday with a thanksgiving parade forecast rather chilly, temperatures in the 30's most of the way. cold for friday shoppers and then climbing back into the 50's gradually as we go through the weekend. >> gone goal gobble. >> yes. >> thank you david. 4:12. we have a handful of school closings fall pennsylvania and they're poster on >> now let's take a live look there out across ac. we'll keep an eye on what's coming with the coming storm. let's go to karen. >> we're live in chadds ford looking at route 1 baltimore pike at creek road where traffic is moving okay here. we'll take you over to the schuylkill and checks things >> ♪
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>> welcome back. you're taking a live look at a major intersection for us, the vine where it meets 95. major intersection for us, the clear. the early birds may not get the worm but it certainly has a better travel time today. we'll keep an eye on the coming winter storm. >> talk about early birds, that's our middle name. >> that's right. yes, we love that middle name. all right, let's check out the roads right now at this hour and we're looking pretty good. we do see construction out here. it has been in the process of clearing but not clear yet on the schuylkill westbound near montgomery drive but you get a good sense of the road conditions with this shot. we're looking good in this area without too many problems and we have nothing more than a little bit of drizzle in spots so the roads just a little bit damp at best. we're not seeing any problems right there. let's switch our camera view and check out i-95. this is your southbound traffic. looking live approaching cottman. southbound traffic headed towards center city with no delay obviously at this early hour and also no problem with the roadway. it's just a little bit damp in spots. we're not really seeing any big issues there and certainly no issues related to precipitation. we do nonetheless have a few
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accidents out here on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound near fort washington. they're doing some cleanup here after an earlier tractor-trailer accident. it's blocking the right lane and it's still blocking the shoulder at this moment as well so just something to watch on the turnpike. it happened before midnight but still an issue with the cleanup going on. fairview avenue and rosemont an accident. in maple shade burg ton county construction on route 73 both ways at this point south of 38 so something to watch there. your commuter traffic report showing people looking around the area and not seeing too many problems. the roads just a little bit damp as we're traveling here along 295 in new jersey heading northbound and up you can see near crown point road not far from the dmv just a vehicle stopped on the side of the road but no big issue out there. no one doing any complaining just yet but as we look at storm tracker 6 live 3-d you can see there's a lot they'll be complaining about later. this light rain we're seeing moving through the area isn't causing too many issues. it's coming down as drizzle. as we look farther out towards
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pittsburgh we can see some of that changeover to snow and that's what we're anticipating through much of the region late this morning into the early afternoon hours, tam. >> thank you, karen. this is still developing. protests over a grand jury decision not to indict officer darren wilson have spread throughout the nation. people from new york to los angeles are taking to the streets to express their anger. in atlanta demonstrators chanted and carried signs while they marched through downtown and in ferguson protesters gathered outside the police department for a second day flipping over a police car and setting it ablaze. >> the man at the center of this unrest officer darren wilson spoke exclusive to "good morning america"'s george stephanopoulos about why he shot and killed michael brown. wilson said the confrontation started when he pulled his patrol car up to brown and told the teen to come over to him. then as wilson was trying to get out of his patrol car he said brown yelled at him and slammed the patrol door shut on wilson.
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shortly after that wilson told george brown started hitting him. >> reporter: he threw the first punch. >> yes, he threw the first one hit me in the left side of my face. >> reporter: some of the witnesses said they saw you trying to pull him into the car. >> that would be against every training ever taught to a law enforcement officer. >> wilson says brown hit him repeatedly and says he shot the 18-year-old because he thought brown might kill him. hear more of this exclusive interview on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> it's now 4:18. much more coming up on this wednesday morning here on "action news." >> let's take a look at sky 6, maybe some early birds right here. a check of the forecast, a check of the roads next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 4:20. "action news" on earl to get you ready for some rain, for some snow and, you know, for some thanksgiving turkey dinner because we're looking forward to that more than anything else.
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a live picture of the ben franklin bridge on this wednesday morning. >> i'm hoping the amish market doesn't close early with any bad weather coming or we won't have a turkey. >> true. i'll call them up. >> will you call them. i have about 20 people coming and i need that turkey. let's look outside at 4:22 and show you what it looks like past oaks, quiet there, dark out there. not seeing any cars. roads are only slightly damp. there we go a little bit of traffic. no problems on 422. northbound traffic very light at this hour at creek road. no weather related problems. little bit of drizzle and that's about it. mass transit is run on time mostly on normal schedule today. new jersey transit is cross honoring tickets because of the expected storm and the buses might have a special holiday schedule, dave. >> all right, karen. on the big board we are looking at a little bit of rain across the region right now. but as we head in to the later morning and afternoon hours we are looking at that changeover to wet snow and temperatures will be a little bit cooler.
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dressing the kids with an umbrella this morning a decent coat. we'll have temperature in the 40's on the way out the door in most neighborhoods. this afternoon though will be in the 30's, maybe the gloves and rain gear still not a bad idea because we're looking at that wet snow coming on down and in some cases some pretty decent rain. 41 degrees by 9:00 by noon, 38. we may start to see some changeover in parts of the region by then, even before then north and west that wet snow. 38 degrees by 3 o'clock and in philadelphia 36 by 6 o'clock. your high 50 and that's where we are right now. a quick look at the airport. this is one of those days where we could have delays but so far so good with all green aircraft. orlando reporting some rain and we're just starting to get some of that light precipitation into philadelphia. matt. >> okay, thanks, david. eagles will try to carve up the dallas cowboys on national tv. wouldn't that be nice? the birds face the boys in dallas in a showdown for first place in the nfc east. eagles players know the game is steeped in tradition. >> bigger than me. you know, it's bigger than me, bigger than this team. i think it's, you know --
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they've been going at it for so long and now with the stakes being what they are two, teams playing good football, a chance to take over first place in the division, it's a big game for us. >> the cowboys are on a roll. their run game is ranked seconds in the league and tony romo has completed nearly 69 percent of his passes. kickoff at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon. eagles game day final will air on thursday night. mike quick and ducis rodgers will recap the game right after "action news" at 11:00. >> hope we have great things to tell you as you make that turkey leftover sandwich on friday morning. it's 4:23 and it's get away day here and around the nation and we're tracking a big coastal storm. bridge. we have school closings on the bottom of your screen. we'll be right back
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here on sky 6 out across the delaware to the camden aquarium. i think the manatees and river fish they don't have far to go but a lot of us do and if you do you want to stick with "action news." we'll be giving you the latest in terms of this incoming weather and what it means for your travel. >> manatees. matt, did tam just mention manatees. >> i think she had. if you're seeing manatees in florida we have an issues for you as we check flight tracker. so far this morning as we look at flight tracker 1,048 planes in the sky over our country. i checked flight tracker last night around 6:30, we had about 7,000 planes at that point but for this hour of the morning about 1,000 is pretty much on target. that's what we usually see but as the day progresses today we do expect some problems at some of the area airports. at this point those first plains out of the gate leaving from phl are going to be on time. if you're headed down south
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you could see delays very early this morning into airports into the north carolina area like raleigh and charlotte. as the day progresses and the precipitation progresses north you'll see problems in the midatlantic. around 8 or 9 o'clock this morning start to expect delays headed to d.c., baltimore. we'll see delays headed out of our gate at phl and the new york city three airports up were we'll start to see delays. maybe around 11 o'clock, late morning into the lunchtime hour i would expect delays if you're headed up into new england, airports like hartford and manchester and portland as well as boston, those airports could start to see delays during the late morning, early afternoon hours. the good news is, if you can get out of phl on time which may be a feat today if you're headed to the midwest headed over to the west coast or northwest part of our country you should be okay but again the trick is going to be getting out of phl on time once the snow really starts to arrive here. matt and tam. >> i know you'll keep us posted.
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thank you matt. time right now just about 4:28. our special early bird coverage of the wintry mix continues on "action news." >> sky 6 taking a live look down the shore into atlantic city and of course dave murphy is on top of all of this right now, he's tracking it. accuweather forecast in the next half hour of "action news." >> ♪
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>> if you're heading out for the holiday, whether you're traveling to the airport braving the roads or taking a train we have complete coverage this morning. >> good morning, it's 4:30 on this wednesday, november 26th. here's was want to say, dave murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> all right, guys, taking a wide look on storm tracker 6 live double scan you can see rain has overtaken the region most of this from about philadelphia north is on the light side. so, creating a lot of drizzle and light rain. also i'll point out to you that the cold air hasn't really pushed to the east yet so the only changeover we have is in there upper elevations of central and western pennsylvania. we have a winter storm warning that's posted until 10 o'clock tonight in all the counties you see highlighted in pink here. these are the areas where we expect the road conditions to be the worst as we change over from rain to wet snow later this morning we could see slushy roads develop and slick


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