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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  November 26, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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covered in the white stuff. we have team coverage. lets get things started with our team of meteorologists, cecily tynan and melissa magee. >> reporter: brian and shirleen we are tracking this holiday nor'easter, an early season storm across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys, on stormtracker 6 live double scan, along the coast mixed precipitation as u.s. press to the i-95 corridor and the snow in the northwest corridors. we'll go in tighter on stormtracker 6 live double scan, from wilmington to philadelphia and areas of trenton, we have the rain and earlier today and tomorrow, some rain mixing in with wet snowfall. you have seen rain for most of the day, and that will continue tonight as well. you move across the immediate northwest suburbs, from malvern and close to route 202, some mixed precipitation and sleet mixes in with snow, pottstown,
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reading, eastern into allentown and close to 309, are you dealing with the snow, some of which has been heavy throughout the day. lets look at what we are in store for as we go throughout the rest of the today. and talk about what you heard at 11:30 this morning. did you hear it? i was across the street shopping and i heard a rumbling, and people thought the roof was collapsing. in was thundersnow, strong upper motion at 10,000 feet in the atmosphere, not unusual to see when have you developing nor'easters and a coastal storm moving in a northeast to southeast direction. we definitely had the thundersnow efrlier today. the poconos, 6.5 inches of snow and 3.1 in allentown and exton same for you and the storm system pulls out as we get into the rest of evening. we'll have more coming up in the
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accuweather forecast. >> thank you. lets take you outside a vantage point from mobile 6, this is the view on 76 eastbound and traffic appears to be moving pretty steadily and this appears to be by city avenue and you see the gray skies and the video right now, and matt pellman, we'll have an update coming up in the "action news" traffic report, but this is the scene in chester county, the snow was heavy right here in chester springs and drivers were able to keep moving at a good clip and the main roads were clear and the side streets had a coating of slush on them. we head to meteorologist, cecily tynan, it will be several hours before this storm heads out of here? >> probably five more hours of precipitation, the system is moving quickly, the back end is over northern virginia reaching
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us at 9:00, it's rain across south jersey right now, as we get this back end moving through don't be surprised to see snowflakes to end the storm in south jersey. but it shouldn't amount to anything on the roads. this is the reason it tells the story in sea isle city, it's raining hard in millville, it's way to warm for snow, 38 degrees. philadelphia snow at mid-day and temperatures are back up to 37 degrees, and we have the snow, lancaster and reading and allentown, temperatures are close to the freezing point and they are dropping around feezing tomorrow morning. at 7:00, so if you are driving around and heading down to the parkway for the parade, do be careful because any standing water on untreated surfaces, will be icing over and it is going to get slick. here is what to expect tonight. the roads are slushy on i-95 southeast, mainly wet but overnight temperatures dropping below freezing and slick spots
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in the morning and we have a windchill to contend with for your thanksgiving. melissa will talk about that in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. the lehigh valley is getting more snow than rain this storm, it's falling steadily throughout the day, "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live in whitehall township with a look at the conditions there. we see it coming down, it looks pretty though. it is pretty but it won't stop, they are significantly smaller than the ones we saw when it was coming down. the good news now at this moment, these roadways although they are slick, the slush is pushed over to the side. this did not cope people from shopping, traveling or playing. the snow began and it could not let up for pat, he was headed east on the pennsylvania turnpike. >> this was a tough one.
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it's challenging to say the least. just off the heavily traveled roadway, in allentown the pesky transportation made it look picturesques and kids found out what winter wonderland really means. this is jasmine's first snowman. >> we played in it a little bit at 11:00, and now we came back out and it's a lot more. >> and christopher and his brothers are trying to top their last year's creation and this type of snow helps. >> absolutely this type of snow helps. >> i need to get gravy. >> last minute turkey day shoppers were out getting last minute things. >> i love it, i love snow. it's butte. >> i have been wondering if that guy found his gravy, i hope so
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inside of wegmans, out here they have salting the roadways if the temperatures dip, the roads are slick and they won't be dangerous in they stick. over here now and a lot of these beautiful scenic winter wonderland scenes, you have seen all day are coming from viewers across our region, sharing their snowy day snapshots on social media, they are using the #~ 6 abc snow on twitter and instagram. and you can see from little guys like matthew playing in the snow and people making snow men, and there was enough snow to do that. and this thanksgiving eve is bringing us quite the signal for the holiday season. we thank you for safely snapping and sharing these beautiful photos. and continue to share the
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pictures with us, using the #~ 6 abc snow, and we'll share them right here on the air. how about those snow men guys? >> thank you. as we showed you in chester springs, it's snowing most of the day in chester county, eva pilgram is live in exton with more on the conditions where she is today. >> reporter: hey brian, the snow changed a little bit during the course of the day, earlier this was this fluffy, pretty snow and now it feels like little ice pellets hitting the side of the face. we have so far, lets stick the umbrella handle, it's almost the entire handle, that is the amount of snow they have gotten here. if you look in the road you can see the eminents on the road, it's slushy and wet, and for the most part you can see clear, this is actually the slowest we have seen the roads all day, traffic has let up substantially in the neighborhood so the roads
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are significantly more snow covered. >> if you are driving around in your neighborhood, be aware of that and be careful, especially if you get out into the major roads, it hasn't kept people from running their errands and they have their turkey day grocery shopping done for whatever their special dish was they were taking tomorrow. and we see a lot of snowplows clearing the roads this afternoon. we are live here in exton, eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." >> all right eva, be safe out there. you can follow the path of the storm on, can you get the weather forecast minute by minute and the current conditions. the day before thanksgiving is one of the biggest travel days of the year and people arrived at 30 and street station this morning to try and beat the weather, lots of people had the
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day off and were eager to get to their holiday destination and the trains are mostly on time throughout the day. >> train may have been the best way to travel today as people are finding out and we get a check of the roads right now. >> you just mentioned many people having the day off and we are thankful for that. it's keeping volume lighter than it otherwise would be and the snow is keeping people inside, and those that are venturing out are encountering problems with slushy conditions, like here in the north wales area, south of the bethlehem pike split, this involves a small bus and emergency crews are on the scene and you may be able to make out, closely, slush on the roadways here a slippery situation on 309, fire and police are helping you around a crash at trox hill road and across the bucks county
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line, that is closing keystone pike. lets would back outside to the montgomeriville area, this vehicle spun out at dekalb pike and they just got that vehicle towed away and everything is open atwe welsh road. you can see the snow coming down in east falls and the traffic is barely moving in the northbound lanes of gypsy lane and the old 92nd precinct, stay local on school house lane or use ridge avenue and henry avenue instead. one look in malvern, chester county, a bad crash on 202 northbound side 29, taking out the right lane. and now lets do the commuter report, a lot of jams, and the school house lane, one alternate
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just 2 miles per hour, stay on the roosevelt boulevard instead. we'll check it again in the next half hour. dozens of people worked straight through the storm to get ready for a philadelphia tradition, these were the final rehearsals for the 6 abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. the snow did little to stop the preparations, don't miss our live coverage, it kicks off at 8:30 a.m. with your host rick williams and cecily tynan right here on 6 abc. and still to come on "action news" at 4:00, a member of the popular boy band, big time rush was here in our studio. kendall smith is a guest in the 6 abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade tomorrow. alicia vitarelli talked to him. >> and we'll continue our coverage of the winter storm, this is live sky 6 hd, looking
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over philadelphia international airport. the storm has caused flight delays today, the a good idea to check with your airline if you are flying out.
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we are breaking news from buck county, police and emergency crews were called out at the rockland plaza center, two people were shot not far from the albright college campus. it was the same barbershop the scene of a shooting last night. we'll continue to follow this story and have much more later on "action news." we have late word, the third child shot in a murder-suicide in a tabernacle has now died.
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he his brother and sister were shot by their own mother last week and all have now died. 44 janine lapage used a pillow to muffle the sound of the shots inside of the family home. natural guard troops are stationed outside of ferguson, missouri to stop possible protests. people stormed city hall in st. louis, and 58 people were arrested during an overnight protest in ferguson t. was still calmer than monday within businesses and cars were burned to the down when a grand jury declined to prosecute darren wilson for the shooting of michael brown. back here at home one person was hurt when an ambulance and a suv collided in philadelphia, it happened at 66th and oh gons
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avenue. it caused the suv to be push you had up on its side. no word if the slick roads caused a problem in that crash. the dow jones closed up today, up 12 almost 13 points to close at12,827. it turns out that barbie is beaten by frozen, in the top toy survey, mattel's barbie was not the winner, merchandise from the animated version frozen was the clear winner, with one and five, planned to buy a toy for that late film. disney is the parent company of 6 abc. 12-year-old thomas miley dropped off coats and blankets
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for the homeless at sunday breakfast mission in wilmington. this is the second round of donations he collected in recent weeks.
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like the day before thanksgiving and the good news with our coastal storm and nor'easter is that this precipitation is starting to push out and lessen
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in intensity the east of knowledge and will continue to pull away tonight and we go closer to stormtracker 6 live double scan that is where we see the heaviest north and west of the suburbs there, as we flip the machine over, can you see that, there are heavy amounts of snowfall, and as this storm system lessens in intensity. south and west of doylestown we are picking up snowfall rates of a half inch an hour and same thing north of milford, if you are just to the east of slatington, that gives you an indication that the storm system is starting to warm down and we have improvement just in time for the holiday on thanksgiving. so the winter weather advisory stays up for philadelphia and trenton until 10:00 tonight and you move across our immediate northwest suburbs for the pink
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shaded coins the winter storm warningunties the winter storm warni warning outside in her back door furniture, things are coated with the snow and joe shared this picture in easton, they picked up 3 inches of snow and the coating of snow and the branches on the leaves and branches and the fencing there. indications that we picked up snow north and west of that i-95 corridor. temperatures lets you know it's about location, 37 degrees and rain mixing in with wet snow and sleet at times, we have temperatures hovering around the freezing mark we have 34 in allentown and 40 in sea isle city we had mostly rain, here is satellite 6 along with action radar, showing you as we go
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throughout the evening hours. as the storm system pulls away there are lingering showers and the heaviest of the snow can you see shaded in the darkest lavender, at 9:00, 10:00 tonight we are left with lingering flakes and then things clear out for thursday for the start of the parade at 8:00 in the morning and there are breaks of sunshine. for tomorrow breaks of sun and windchills in the upper 20s, 8:00 a.m. 35 degrees and upper 30s at noon time, and we look to be dry. no issues with balloons and it's below the wind speed at 25 miles per hour. we drop down to 29 in allentown, 21 in millville, the four day at 4:00, a much better day on thanksgiving. and hopefully you have a warm turkey to enjoy, and 40 in city
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and friday brisk and cold in the city and 39 and cold on saturday and 42 and milder on sunday 53. definitely an early season storm and we'll track the departure for the rest of tonight. >> never a cold turkey. >> never. >> thank you melissa. volunteers from the philadelphia flyers were getting ready for dinner at the community isn'ter today. bob the hound was on hand, and they set the tables and prepped the kitchen and making sure it was ready for the feast that serves more than 300 deserving people. we are buzzing next alicia. big, big bus for a member of big time rush joining us here in studio, performing for the parade tomorrow. we have a preview of what he will be doing.
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it is time for the buzz and we are buzzing over big time rush and the stars are in town waiting to perform for us fort 6
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abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. he stopped by to say hello, and tomorrow he performs his holiday song, blame it on themistell toe. >> how excited are you to be doing this? >> i am excited. i feel like i can contribute to a parade greatly. i'm pretty good. i have been practicing at home. >> very nice. >> he says he turned to queen elizabeth, who is the expert on waiving. also, joining kendall tomorrow for the parade, pop singer, lance bass and candace glover and sheena easton and charlie mcdermott from "the middle" and
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elsa making a special appearance from frozen. it gets started here on 6 abc i'll be out here on the fan cam handing out donuts and coffee. and please communicate using ddpd it's all about the dwist in the wrist. >> thank you alicia. still ahead today, from the timing to the travel conditions, we are live with the lightest on what is left of the season's big winter storm. and black friday burned the shopper black listed for saving too much money.
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"action news" continues wit shirleen allicot and brian taff. >> "action news" continues with team coverage of the first sizable winter storm of the season. >> and a big talker, a big baby mixup with two mothers that raised one another's children for the last four years are considering doing. s children >> it's the kind of decision that warms your heart and restores your faith in humanity.
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but we'll get started now with the latest on the massive prethanksgiving nor'easter hitting a large swath of east coast. melissa magee is at the big board live. >> hi shirleen and brian, we are tracking this, on radar 3-d. close to delaware, affecting a large chunk of areas in maine and then you have the rain along the coast pressing inland away from the coastal communities, we'll go in tighter in our area to our area and delaware ark a mix of rain. and the heavy bulk of that pulling away. a good shot at philadelphia
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international. the good news is the tarmac there is not white but wet. the dew point is at 33 and the wins are north at 5 miles per hour and the pressure 29.83, a busy travel day and we have the latest airport delays and the travel weather forecast for you. in philadelphia, big delays for you right now, as high as 103 minutes, boston's logan more than an hour delay there, chicago o'hare you get the green light there and in new york city and jfk, anywhere from 192 minutes, across the eastern half of the u.s. coming up we'll take a closer look at this storm and when it pulls out and what is ahead for thanksgiving. just as accuweather predicted the lehigh valley bore
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the brunt of the storm. near allentown and the turnpike, treacherous, and people braved the roads to pick up last minute thanksgiving day items. it coated the streets in exton and drivers made their way slowly and carefully along pottstown pike, despite a layer of thick, slippery slush, there was a dusting in warrington, buck county and they were covered with a light layer on palmino drive. from delays to flat out cancellations, the weather in the northeast is a headache for airports across the country, vernon odom is live now at philadelphia international airport with the latest on the ripple effect being felt here today.
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>> reporter: hello a lot happened today at philadelphia international airport, the faa has a ground delay status in effect all day. but an hour ago they posed a ground stop here. that means planes about to take off and bound for philadelphia, are not taking off and grounded for the time being, because of the low ceiling and thick cloud cover. the family from south jersey headed for their and non-stop flight to orlando, and their plan got off in time. >> it's his 50th birthday. >> if i knew i would live this long i would have taken better care of myself. >> i'm looking forward to better weather. >> warmer than here. >> generally there was happy faces heading out of
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philadelphia all day even though they persevered through delays all day. including this student, he had an hour delay. >> i'm excited to get home and get some rest and catch up on exams and all of that. >> it was a constant sure thing for holiday travellers. >> for the last three days, i didn't think i was going to get out. the checkin put me on an earlier flight, and i'll be down in savannah three hours earlier. now the ground delay is expected to last until 10:00 tonight. exactly what ground stop, no landing here at all, is an open question at this hour. no doubt it means more delays, live at the philadelphia international airport, channel 6 "action news." >> from the sky ways to the
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roadways once again. on south broad street, looking at city hall, the windshield wipers begin to move on there is light precipitation coming down in center city and not really impacting traffic and plenty of cars out there and people are moving along just fine and of the 40 million americans driving this holiday weekend, 90% will do so by car, as we said mobile 6 is on broad street right now. for people in south jersey, today edwards nor'easter was more of a rain event. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic has the story. >> did you head out earlier because of the weather, i didn't have breakfast and came straight home. >> it was filled with holiday travellers eagle toward get home for thanksgiving. >> i tried to get out as early
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as i could. >> when his mom sees the sack of dirty laundry she may put him back on the train. the holland family is traveling to virginia. >> it's slippery you have to be careful. >> yes. >> the slippery conditions mane some drivers slit off the road and truck drivers said this weather will add hours to their trip. >> it's freezing and it's a challenge. >> the challenge is to get everyone out safely. >> when i left this morning there was hardly anything but now it's a lot worse. >> it may not be pretty to be out in all of this today but the scenic snow escapes are pretty to look at. are you sending photos with the #~ 6 abc snow, we have creative
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talented photographers sending us pictures. are you capturing the cute shots of children and pups enjoying this season's first sizable snow. check out little david's first snow, sent in from kim from oxford, p.a., and from kate, milton the dog from buck county. he is looking serious but it's time, it's the season. use the #~ 6 abc snow on twitter and instagram. they are beautiful. >> thank you alicia. in the meantime, can you check out more of your snowtographs on our website at, in edition follow the path. storm and get the latest forecast and get the latest conditions with stormtracker 6 live double scan, we'll continue to update the holiday travel
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situation, it's all at turning one again to berks county today, crews were called out to a shopper center where two people were reportedly shot, john rawlins live now with what he has learned since arriving on the scene. >> reporter: the numbers are up, four people were shot here, the police confirmed. the focus is on the ground, the barber shop and hair studio that, is behind me, some of the police investigators there are inside and outside of the building, the man opened the front door today at about 2:45 and pulled out a gun and fired five or six times. we spoke to the police chief, bill hine about what occurred here. >> four people were struck by
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gun fire and three were taken by ambulance and one self transported to the hospital and three resulted in minor injuries and one is in critical condition. >> well, there you have it, again four people shot, three with minor injuries, one in critical condition, here is the odd twist to all of this, the all-star barbershop was the scene of a shooting last night. at apparently 8:15 last night. someone in that shop shot five times, in that case nobody was struck, this afternoon's case four people were struck and at this point, there is no description of a suspect and police are investigating and they believe the incidents are linked and they are investigating and interviewing individuals in the building at the time and looking for video
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that might help them solve this case. live in reading, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." back to you all. >> we have breaking news from north hamilton county, where jessica pageant has been found dead. furnish her stepfather is charged with her murder. she left work at lunch time to run anner ran and never returned. her stepfather, gregory robert gaffe disposed of the body on the property and sara bloomquist is gathering the details now and will have more on this breaking story on "action news" at 5:00. philadelphia police are trying to find the man that snatched a 71-year-old woman's purt in plain sight. this is the happy donut at east allegheny avenue. he walks in and sees the woman's bag on the chair and then hided
4:41 pm
the bag in the jacket and leaves the store and takes $1400 in cash and an iphone. heaping plates of turkey and stuffing were on the table thanks to volunteers. they hosted their outreach dinner at the wells coffee house in hockessin, they were served to the family and young children of the school. native americans and children celebrated today. these are kindergartners from saint robert's school, they watched and snapped photographs as they sang songs and recited poems. of why we should be thankful this holiday season. and now a random act of kindness in a chester county
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parking lot. an nichols says her truck broke down at a grocery store in thorndale. within minutes, help arrived in the form of jim perkins, the owner of the acme grocery stores, he offered to jump ann's battery. and he put down his own credit card and took care of the bill and gave us a copy of the receipt and it inspired hundreds of people to email perkins thanking him for paying it forward. he hopes others will do the same for the holiday season. >> still ahead, meet the shopper so good at saving money one retailer banned him from their site. what is his secrets for getting the deals. babies switched at birth, what are the mothers considering
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doing? >> and meteorologist, melissa magee, returns with the full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 continues next.
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an update to a baby mixup in south africa, two babies, a boy and girl were switched at the hospital. and raised by the wrong parents, those children cannot be returned to their natural parents because they are too attached to their quotes, adoptive mothers, legal experts says that means that they cut legal ties with their biological children but still have contact with them and legally adopt the chifrn they have been raising, one mother that is fighting for her biological child, but acknowledged it may not be in the youngster's best interest to move or change. it's a unique situation, the first of its kind in south
4:46 pm
africa, where children of different genders were switched and now it's all coming to light. >> thank you alisha lets got a check of the rights right now. >> matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> people are in the city, saying it's not slippery out there. but if you go to the western and northern suburbs it actually is and it's leading to accidents, one in malvern along 202, on the southbound side a vehicle flipped over by route 29 and the work zone, they have it attached to a tow truck and no major delays in either direction, the roadway is wet and in some cases it's slushy leading to these crashes. we see some on the secondary roads, and this ramp into charles town township, has cleared out.
4:47 pm
in hill town township, we are without hill town pike because of a crash. this is north wales 309 by the bethlehem split an accident involving a mini bus taking out the right lane and it looks like penndot is putting down salt as well. and it's backed up off the city bridge because of a crash by gypsy lane, stick with ridge avenue and walnut lane and the roosevelt boulevard instead. luckily that one is out of the way. we'll check it again brian and shirleen, plenty to check, even though the volume is lighter on this wednesday afternoon and monica malpass has it's forecast coming up. .
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meteorologist, melissa magee is along and there i was loading my car and a flash of light and thunder afterwards. >> i was shopping and people thought it was this big rumbling sound and i thought i was back in california and it was an earthquake and i had to do a little stop and drop. but it was thundersnow, when you have a rapidly intensing storm you get stuff like that. but it's pulling out with the heavy precipitation, can you see on the stormtracker 6 live double scan, we have the rain along the coast north and west of philadelphia, we have precipitation all wait to the poconos, you can go in tighter, you see the rain along that i-95 corridor, and we have rain mixing in with wet snowflakes and sleet and wet snow in malvern, just to the south of
4:51 pm
reading along pottstown and route 100, we still have snowfall to contend with. we have liquid precipitation from seaside heights to cape may, on westward back through millville. the dry pocket moving across millville indicates our storm system is starting to weaken. a facebook photo to share with you, you friend jennifer shows the snow on the branch there's, and this region has seen 3 inches of snowfall and the heaviest is pushing off to the north and east. huffs church 6.5 inches 2.5 in chadds ford and 3 inches there in quakertown. we are saying through the week with this system it depends on
4:52 pm
your location and temperatures are key. 37 in wilmington along the coast temperatures in the 40s, that is why you had only rain there, you may have wet flakes mixing in on the backside. 30 in the poconos and 34 in allentown where we saw heavier amounts of precipitation in the form of snow. two miles of visibility in allentown and mile and a half in reading. but good visibility in philadelphia, 7 miles and good in beach haven, up to 10 miles. no problems driving on the roads. here is satellite 6 along with action radar the center of the area of low pressure and the coastal low we are tracking is just to the south of new jersey there, working its way up the eastern seaboard affecting areas up to maine, it's away from the coast and it's a classic setup as we are dealing with the storm
4:53 pm
in the month of november. 7:00 tonight, the back edge of that starting to depart, at 9:30 tonight. you see the moisture starting to move away and at 10:00 tonight, all the advisory and winter storm warnings will have lifted as well. tomorrow a much better day, with wind, 7 to 8 miles per hour, are you sitting at the table, 37 at noon time and 40 at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. the call from accuweather, a quick rain or snow shower, and 32 in the city and 30 in the bu burbs. we are dry for thanksgiving 40 degrees and 39 on friday and 42 on saturday and 55 on sunday and showers as we get into monday so some improvement tonight guys.
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>> thank you melissa.
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time to save with 6 abc, if you think are you good at price matching, meet your match. that guy israel mota is so did you is black listed, banned by kohls for his super savings technique and he is sharing his secrets with you, through price matching, where the store offers the lower price, he has saved upwards of $25,000, his strategy is this, fine retailers that allow you to use coupons on top of other promotions on top of the price match, best buy and wal-mart allow for it. but small stores too.
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the incident at kohls, he managed to get a dresser that was $1100 down to $79, he ordered six and only three arrived. they said you can't shop anymore you are cutting into our profits. save like this guy. >> 1100 bucks down to 79, not a bad deal. alicia thank you. for shirleen allicot, alicia vitarelli, melissa magee and cecily tynan i'm brian taff, we are back tonight for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. from the city to the suburbs, the thanksgiving holiday weekend started with a mix of rain and snow. since many people travel ahead of thanksgiving, crews are staying busy keeping the roads safe.anksgiving, crews are the big story on "action news"
5:00 pm
is the winter storm slowing down travel on the busiest day of the year. looking live outside with mobile 6 we are monitoring the roads and matt pellman will have an update in a few minutes. chad pradelli and eva pilgram are following how folks are getting around in the weather and cecily tynan and melissa magee has the latest on the storm's path. >> lets start with cecily. >> a storm system like this early in the season depends on elevation and locate. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you can cut our area in half. east of the i-95 you got the liquid and west of i-95 you got the snow and drier air is working in and this is an indication that this storm system is winding


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