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tv   Action News 530 PM  ABC  November 26, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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we are continuing to track a winter storm bringing snow and rain to the area this thanksgiving eve. people leaving the area are finding lines be delays and we have conditions on roads and skies tonight. there are only a few hours left to find the ingredients for the thanksgiving meal. folks are preparing for the thanksgiving holiday. >> whether you are trying to head out of town or welcome family and friends to your home, getting around was nothing short of miserable. and new jersey dot was trying to spread salt today and this was not an uncommon sight for drivers, roads got tougher to navigate. >> what would thanksgiving be
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without a full fridge, from the thanksgiving pie to stuffing and gravy and more, home chef his to navigate crowds and tricky weather today. we have live team coverage of the winter storm, vernon odom is live at philadelphia international airport and nora muchanic has conditions from trenton. but first lets go to melissa magee with the latest. >> we are tracking stormtracker 6 live double scan with the coastal storm starting to wind down and pulling to the north and east and we'll show you what is going on, from the rain at the coast to delaware, we have mixed precipitation in delaware and the snow is north and west and we'll widen out the picture, affected by much of the eastern seaboard, on north and eastward in areas of maine, and the back edge is pulling apart and away from our region from three and a half to four hours from now, if
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you are traveling by air, and there are hefty ones, 103 minute delay there and boston logan is reporting delays, from o'hare to atlantic but newark, new jersey, and jfk and la guardia is also reporting delays. we'll talk more about the accuweather forecast in a bit. now, for a closer look at the roadways, our mobile 6 camera is live heading towards i-95, and traffic is moving at a good clip on both sides but the roadways are slick from the rain and icy mix we are seeing, you do want to be careful out there. visibility seems to be okay during this rush hour wednesday thanksgiving eve. it's not clear if slick roads contributed to this crash on oak lane today this, is 66th, you
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can see an ambulance and suv collided. the ambulance landed on its side, one prn was taken to the scene to the hospital for treatment. lets head to matt pellman live in the "action news" traffic center tonight. >> what are we seeing now matt. >> this thanksgiving eve a bit of a turkey. the snow is coming down rick and monica, here on the buck county line, the snow is falling and the traffic is still speeding through the intersection at county line road, watch out for the slush as you make the turns and come to a quick stop, it led to a number of accidents in douglas township in upper pottsgrove, at moyers road in douglas township it cleared out. but in e ton, a vehicle fire on the ramp from the 202 southbound bypass to westbound.
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emergency crews are responding to the scene and partially blocking the ramp. watch out for the activity. and a crash at fairmount park at the lincoln drive close to gypsy lane. a slow go off the bring, use ring avenue, or the roosevelt boulevard. over on the schuylkill expressway volume has not been too bad, it's wet of course and the ramp from the schuylkill to spring garden is closed overnight and traditionally it's one of the most dangerous nights of year with the slippery conditions, we want you to take it easy if you head out this evening. >> thank you. it's a tale of two storms in new jersey, the southern and central parts of new jersey were hit by rain but the northern parts were hit by snow.
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and chris christie, called a state of emergency, nora muchanic is live with more in trenton. >> reporter: the icy rain continues at this hour, we have rain and sleet all day making conditions for holiday travellers ab miserable. we saw some cars slide off the road. >> we are on the way to jacksonville, and it will be a long ride. >> i am concerned because i am going west and that is where the snow is north and west so -- >> the trucks are out but the icy rain continued to fall all day but some opted to mass transit. >> i thought we would take the train to annapolis, maryland,
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and boy am i glad. >> it's worth it we only see the family once in a while. >> i'll probably lose two or three hour there's, but i should get into virginia and down to my mom's at 6:00, 7:00 tonight. >> route one sloppy mess tonight. lets take a live look at the tarmac at philadelphia international airport, this is from our sky 6 hd cameras, travellers flying or taking amtrak for their thanksgiving holidays were met with long lines and cancellations. as far as the airport, we reported the last half hour, there are delays for outgoing flights, check with your airline before heading to the airport to
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make sure your flight is on time. lets go live to vernon odom at the airport with more on the travel situation tonight. >> reporter: let me update something. i told our viewers there was a grown stop limiting the number of planes that could fly here and that was lifted in the last 45 minutes, but still in affect until 10:00 tonight there are ground delays at points of origin, that causes hundreds of delays and cancellations in and out of here today. more than 25 strong heading off to florida on a dream cruise through the caribbean on over to mexico. they are celebrating multiple generations and they left on time. >> my father turns 90 years old, so the whole family is going on a family cruise, there is over 26 of us going on the cruise. >> so looking forward to it, and
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we planned this trip a year ago. >> bad weather here. >> but sunny and 70 in ft. lauderdale. >> for some there were cancellations but for most it was smooth sailing. >> i'm connecting in midway, chicago and then charlotte. >> to see family? >> yes, my sister lives in charlotte. >> i am flying to san francisco. >> better weather out there? >> yes, a good break. >> minneapolis, minnesota, they are in a blizzard now or so i have heard. >> you can land on time? >> i hope so, i hope to get home for thanksgiving. >> some 90,000 travellers moved through this airport today and arrivals could be up to two hours late tonight and departures are doing somewhat better. i would go ahead and check online for the latest
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information. >> thanks vernon. follow the path of the storm at, you can get life radar and conditions following the holiday travel situation as the storm moves through, it's all there at the rain and snow did not impede rehearsals for tomorrow's 6 abc, thanksgiving day parade on the parkway. ♪ ♪ let it go ♪ in fact the rain and snow may have been apropoapropos. these are just a few of the performers for tomorrow's thanksgiving day parade. join us tomorrow morning for the 95th annual 6 abc dunkin donuts
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thanksgiving day parade. cecily and i are covering it here on 6 abc, starting the fun at 8:30 in the morning. still to come, the eagles are on their way to the thanksgiving showdown against the cowboys, jaime apody has a preview coming up in sports. and melissa is in for adam ton. hey there. >> we'll have details on this storm system coming up in just a little bit. >> good news it's pull ago way and a look at the snowtographs, people have posted to facebook and twitter, people are in the holiday spirit now. use the #~ 6 abc-snow.
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blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale continues! woo-hoo! as our gift to you, take 20% off the entire store. twenty percent! the entire store! hey, with savings like that, you could redo your entire house. just sayin'! blinds to go. blinds for life. welcome back are you taking a look at center city philadelphia, where there are remaining snowflakes falling here and there is cloud cover and things are looking a bit better, i'll have the forecast in a bit. >> the forecast did not stop die hards from venturing out to get the staples.
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and "action news" was there and there were lines for everything from the turkey to the vegetables to the dessert. >> turkey, turkey parts to make stuffing and sausage to make stuffing and smoked meats for their collard greens they have the best pecan pies in the world. >> they have the best turkeys, it's nice and soft and juicy. it's it's best can you have. got to have turkey and gravy and stuffing. >> sounds delish. >> many shoppers don't mind waiting a bit to pick up the special item. speaking of the birds the eagles are handling the cowboys in dallas. jaime apody live now. >> no snow will get in the way of the eagles date with dallas, their flight was delayed by the
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weather a bit. nick foles not playing but did arrive in time to watch his teammates into time to watch them play dallas. do they keep things simple? >> the challenge comes in, digesting the game plan that you don't want to go in too simple without any weapons but you don't want to come with this complicated game plan that is too hard to digest, a mental standpoint of getting the looks. and we will show up and play. >> what makes this rivalry so huge? why all the hatred for dallas? we went to someone that knows well, we went to espn analyst, and former eagle quarterback,
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ron jaworsky. >> this goes back to the early 70s and steve sable coined the term america's team, since that time everybody wanted to knock the cowboys down, everybody wants to beat that team. they were a great organization and football team. they still are right now this, he have multiple super bowls and a quality program and quality team, when you go up against the best it brings out the best. >> he has picked the eagles 28-27, and if that is the case we'll have a lot of happy people. hopefully they can start the same way they did on sunday and for his record, josh huff made more history being the first rookie ever to be named nfc special teams player of the
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week. and michael rofles foot healed quicker than anybody thought. they need all the mojo they can get. and a tougher stretch going forward, and they know they need to step up their game. >> the execution and making sure they run good defense, and it's important, it's one of the best things in the nhl. philly fans dreaming that he would be the save savior, he has agreed to a deal with the diamondbacks worth $68.5 million. so the phils condition win and neither can the sixers, with a loss in brooklyn that makes the record 0-16 and that would tie the loss for losses at the start
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of the season. and look at that huge block to salvage the victory. pinkston grew up six minutes away and 12th rank nova looks great holding off the wolverines, villanova, a great year for them. >> looks forward to it, thank you jaime. hundreds of local families have a special meal tomorrow thanks to volunteers at mana. they put the final touches on the fixins at their kitchen in center city. mana provides meals for people that otherwise wondhave one, they will package more than 1800 turkey dinners this year. i know grandma's house isn't the most exciting, but it's only for a few hours. look what i've got. when you get verizon fios, you get beautiful hd picture quality,
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meteorologist, melissa magee now with a closer look at the holiday forecast, it show be a nice thanksgiving. >> the timing was bad because it's the day before thanksgiving but once you are at your destination we are a-okay and nice and dry. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing you that we still have rainfall along the coast, some mixed precipitation to the north and west of the i-95 corridor and the snow is picking up a heavier band and burst of snow, we go in tighter on stormtracker 6 live double scan, street level, we see that we have snowfall heavy amounts of
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snowfall on route 100, east of the green lane and areas of pottstown, along route 22, we are dealing with snowfall, stormtracker 6 live double scan, has the ability to track the snowfall per hour and we see about an inch of snowfall falling south of allentown, an inch of snowfall just to the west of pottstown, this is a heavier band of snowfall, this storm system however is pushing to the north and east and moving across areas in the delaware and lehigh valleys, some pictures to share with our facebook friends, david in collegeville, we say white little christmas tree in his front yard and the grounds are coated as well. emily has an eagle jersey on a snowman that she made with her families and friends and it's
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just in time for the eagles game, they are playing the cowboys tomorrow afternoon on thanksgiving. snowfall so far. coatesville 2.5 inches and forks township 5 inches, and spring mountain 2 inches of snow so far. temperatures tell the story, 36 in philadelphia, earlier today be had rain mixing in with wet snow and along the coast we are chilling down and temperatures in the 40s and for most of this storm you have only seen rain and up to the poconos it's 30 degrees there and 35 in reading and 33 in lancaster where you are dealing with the snowfall. and there is concern for locations where you are picking up snowfall. down to a mile in the poconos and we are up in dover and we are starting to increase and pick up heavier amounts of rain, satellite 6 along with action radar an area of low pressure and holiday nor'easter east of
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jersey here working its way up the eastern seaboard and the precipitation is starting to depart in areas of baltimore and washington, d.c., making its way up to maine for the rest of the night. 7:00 this evening, you notice the snowfall across our northwest suburbs mixing in with mixed precipitation and indication that this storm system is starting to wind down. one the advisories and warnings etch prior, it moves out in time for thanksgiving. on thursday if you are sitting around the table, a good looking day and winds out. west northwest at 16 miles per hour. warm temperatures tomorrow morning in the middle to upper 30s and 40s as we get into 4:00 p.m. on thursday. high temperature is 40 degrees, brisk and cold on friday and 39 and 42 on saturday and clouds and sunshine and 53 on sunday, turning milder on monday, a
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morning shower, a high temperature of 36 and a brief cold shot on tuesday, and a quick rebound up to 25 degrees, the parade is tomorrow and you'll be out there and the balloon will be okay and winds sustained at 14 to 1 miles per hour. "action news" facebook followers got regular updates in their timelines, to make sure you get the latest news and weather, like the facebook page.
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♪ ♪ a joyful noise indeed. kindergartners celebrated thanksgiving eve with a special song. they put on costumes of pilgrims
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and native americans. parents couldn't be prouder. nice job everyone. >> for cecily tynan, jaime apody, rick williams and the "action news" team, i'm monica malpass have a good evening.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan and jim gardner. we expect the far northwest suburbs to get hit pretty hard and that is exactly what happened. that is the way it looked in allentown today, it was getting more challenged as the day wore
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on, some rain and a small serving of slush, the same for trenton and south jersey and in delaware, del/dot went through the motions of standing in the ready, the snow as accuweather predicted went elsewhere. the big story on "action news" tonight is our prethanksgiving snow and just as we were told yesterday, it was all about location today. we have several locations to talk about tonight. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live in whitehall township and eva pilgram is on the north pottstown pike in exton and standing by are meteorologists, cecily tynan and melissa magee. >> annie, accuweather says that whitehall township got 4 to 5 inches today. >> that is just so far, in the past hour, the flakes got larger again. throughout the day there is constant precipitation and this is the most we have seen s


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