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tv   Action News  ABC  November 26, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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cuellar is previewing tomorrow's six abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade and that is next. storm tracker six is showing that the storm has left the area, and that is very good news for thanksgiving day. but it has left its mark on major portions of the
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tri-state region, especially in the far northwestern suburbs like here in chester springs. wednesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is thanksgiving eve and we hope you have a wonderful day, surrounded by family and friends. at the philadelphia museum of art tonight they were getting in some last minute rehearsing for tomorrow's six abc dunkin' donuts parade, and this was a familiar scene tonight across the tr are i state area, shoppers picking up those last minute essentials for tomorrow's holiday feast. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is standing by live at 20th and market for his annual parade preview, melissa magee has snow totals and parade forecast. but first lets go live to chad pradelli in allentown which took a bit of the hit from our preholiday nor'easter. chad, what is the situation there. >> reporter: well, the situation is clear, but chilly, the snow stopped several hours ago and i want to take a look right here off of mcarthur road.
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this is one of the untreated parking lots. quite a bit of slush, snow accumulated here. we saw four or 5 inches. we saw over here on the road it is wet and clear and that has been the case for most of the night. traffic has been running nicely. i would say the storm was more of a nuisance than a big problem. a light snow blew in the air tonight in allentown. mother nature delivered one of her strongest punches here the most people would call it a glancing blow. the plows were still working at 7:00 p.m. at lehigh valley mall, crews began manning the trucks earlier this afternoon. >> yes, it is like seven hours. >> reporter: you have been working non-stop. >> how long will you go tonight. >> how far do we have to go? we have to be clean for tomorrow. >> reporter: for homeowners and small business owners shoveling sidewalks could be back breaking at times. the snow that did accumulate was wet and heavy. the roads have held up fairly well, a warm ground plus
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penndot treatment will do that. on one of the busiest travel days of the year, turnpike drivers had milk emotions about this preholiday blast. >> this is a tough one. it is challenging to say the least. >> i think it is beautiful. i like snow. so, whatever. >> reporter: and the roads are still very wet, and you know the temperatures will be dropping here overnight, so these things can certainly slick up. we have seen some penndot trucks still out here in the past half an hour, 45 minutes. it looks like some treatment is still going down to make sure these road don't get too slick for tomorrow. live from allentown, chad pradelli for channel six "action news", jim. millions of people are fighting the weather to get to their thanksgiving destinations tonight. heavy snow is slowing down drivers from north carolina to maine, chicago to new york. accidents are littering roadways all over the east coast and the midwest, and air
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travelers are not fairing much better, thousands of flights have been delayed or canceled. the military is even releasing some air space to allow commercial jets more roots. philadelphia international airport has been experiencing delays, averaging an hour and a half late this afternoon but as the storm winded down, flights quickly got back on schedule. meteorologist melissa magee has been tracking this evolving winter storm all day on double scan radar. melissa, much quieter tonight? we have been grateful to say. >> we are grateful to say that, jim, because bulk of that storm system is now moving off to our north and east. you can see storm tracker six live double scan radar 3-d. center of the low pressure that was earlier today to the south and west of our region has moved now just off a the coast of long island. it continues to work its way to the north and east taking the heaviest of that snowfall and along witt. we will talk about some of the snowfall totals we have even so farrah cross our region and
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highest amount was to our north and west. lake harmony 9 inches of snow. allentown and lehigh county 4.8 inches. elverson 4.9. 2.5 report to the day in chad forward and gilbertsville picked up 3.2 inches on have snowfall a as we go throughout the overnight hours these temperatures are at freezing mark or slightly below. that is a big concern with so much snowfall we have pick up across portions of the delaware and lehigh valleys. patchy ice develops on untreated areas and some slick spots that you will to have worry about as we get into early thursday morning. as we get into thursday, day, and during the afternoon hours, we've got that parade forecast covered for you. lot of clouds, wind chills in the upper 20's but air temperature tomorrow morning will be in the 30's. we will have more on your thanksgiving holiday forecast with the full and exclusive accu weather seven day, jim. >> thanks, melissa. sixteen years ago dann cuellar went out to preview channel six thanksgiving day parade. little did he know his preview would be a stapel of the
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"action news" holiday tradition. dann is live at 20th and market in center city. sixteen years in a row, dann, you have been doing this and floats keep getting better every year. >> reporter: they do, jim. you know, i always get a kick out of it my photographer, who has been doing this with me. parade seems to kick off the holiday season. we just have fun witt. as usual we are going to have fun witt and take you on a tour on board the holiday express. are you ready, one, two, three and blast off of the holiday express, a as we take you on a little tour to so so of the floats. on this one right now it looks like a bunch of nothing going on but there will be later on. we have acme super market with a season of thanks. after all this is what it is all about giving thanks for everything that went well for thus year. over here it looks like wired 96.5 will take us to the north pole with a giant wallrus leading the way. dunkin' donuts with one of
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those classic scenes up front. and over here, god bless america. oh, my god. this one takes the grand prize for me. they are taking it down under, look at this, beautiful float, definitely gets the the blue ribbon, from me, tonight. and, of course, i have to tell you through the elements tonight a cast of thousands have have been rehearsing and rehearsing down at the art museum for tomorrow's big parade. lets take you there. >> ♪ >> center stage was on stage tonight putting the finishing touches on their act for tomorrow's big parade. meanwhile... >> ♪ i love music >> reporter: the capa dancers were getting it on the to the funky sounds of philadelphia all while trying to figure out how to stay warm in between performances. >> unaudible.
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>> reporter: good way to stay warm. >> yeah. >> reporter: meanwhile behind the scenes... , the weather was playing havoc the with the six abc production crew. >> it looks like weather had has taken a toll on your set. it looks like the set sprung a leak. >> yes. it has been nasty. >> reporter: yes, they had their handful tonight ape they promise show will go on what a show it will be marking a big anniversary, 95 years, looking back at the so many big parades in this city begun in 1920 by ellis gym bell and what best is atmosphere of the crowd scene from 1956 when ike was president and marilyn monroe was being written by arthur miller. there is mickey mouse in 1932. take a look at those old parade balloons from way back when. then there they were in 1945 when the parade welcomed gi's home after world war two for their first home thanksgiving
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dinner for years. yes, it has been a remarkable 95 years of tradition. >> just amazing to think of the history of the division of ellis gimbell in 1920 and who would ever think 95 years later the original, the best, most amazing parade still happening on hangs giving. >> reporter: is there just one more thing from parade cast members. >> happy thanksgiving. >> all right. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: so, the the count down is on, it is all systems go for tomorrow's big parade. i hope you join us. you don't want to miss it. like the kid say, happy thanksgiving. see you later. >> thanks, dann cuellar. now don't worry, if you cannot make it to the parkway tomorrow because we're bringing the parade to you. our live broadcast of the six abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade begins at 8:30 with hosts rick williams and cecily tynan. again, it is the 95th year for
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the parade in philadelphia. still to come on "action news" tonight a toy gun, a rookie cop and deadly consequences, we will analyze the video of the confrontation that claims the life of a 12 year-old boy. the tragic end of the disappearance of the missing lehigh valley mother and how police say how her stepfather played a role. they don't feel alone in the the lone star state because birds arrived to the crowd of eagles fans. ducis rodgers is right there with the eagles in texas. melissa. and jim, in the wake of our storm system temperatures along the i-95 corridor are in the lower 30's, 29 in the city, big concern with patchy ice overnight. we will have details in the accu weather forecast. plus photograph of a bear taken moments before it killed a new jersey hiker, when "action news" continues tonight.
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four people were wounded one critically when someone opened fire inside of a barber shop this afternoon, in reading. police were called to the all stars hair studio in the rockland plaza shopping center at 2:45. the same shop was hit by bullets last night but nobody was hurt then. the gun man is still at large. the mystery surrounding the disappearance of white hall town shit jessica padgett last friday a has been at least partially resolved but tragically so. she was found dead today. a "action news" reporter kenneth moton has the latest tonight. >> reporter: tonight pennsylvania state police investigators are still at this northampton county property in allen, township. that is where body of missing newlywed and mother jessica padgett was discovered this morning. this community has been searching for the three three-year old white hall town hip woman since she stepped away from work at a northampton day care on friday and never returned.
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she told co-workers she had to use the fax at her stepfather gregory graf's business distinctive fencing, it is next to the home he shares with padgett's mother or covered bridge road. that hoist us the place where graf confessed to shooting her stepdaughter of 20 years in the back of her head, burying her body behind the shed and moving her kara way from the scene. >> the motive here was a sexual assault motive. there is definitely a sex and toll this crime. that is still being developed. >> there is no indication that she had any type of relationship with him that was other than congenial or good. she worked for him at some point and had access to his house. >> reporter: five three-year old graf who joined a search party was a arraigned on a murder charge this evening. while padgett's family said in a statement. the world shines less bright today. >> it is unreal. you know, what he did is kind of unspeakable, unforgivable. >> reporter: padgett's family members asked for privacy as they deal with this tragic
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turn off events. investigators expect to know more about the death of this young wife and mother once that autopsy a report is complete. reporting live from allen, township, kenneth moton for channel six "action news". it turns out a new jersey hiker photographed a bear that would eventually kill him. west milford police released this cell even if image. the 22-year old man took of the 300-pound black bear moments before the mauling in september. the rutgers university student had been hiking with friends, in north jersey's preserve, wild life officials say the bear did not seem interested in food and interested a stalking-type behavior. it was put down. police in cleveland, ohio released this surveillance video of last a saturday's deadly confrontation between a police officer and a 12 year-old boy waving a pellet gun. within two seconds of the officer exiting his vehicle he opened fire. police officials say in those
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few moments he had ordered the youngster three times to put up his hands. the 26 year-old officer had been on the force for eight months. the pistol that tamer rice was holding was a replica a but did not have orange plug to indicate it was a fake. authorities are weighing to whether to press charges. rice's family wanted the public to see the the video. it is a cold wet night in ferguson, missouri tonight and officials are hoping that helps to keep tempers cool. so far there have been no clashes between protesters and police. but protests did come to nearby st. louis today where riot police broke up a demonstration. that prompted a small group to try to charge into city hall. there were three arrests. in new york, the parents of michael brown, joined the reverend al sharpton and relatives of two other unarmed black men killed by police. the obama administration today proposed a new smog standard to clear the air.
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the environmental protection agency wants to cut the level of ozone he pollution in the range of seven to 15 percent. industry groups argued that the stricter rules could cost more than $15 billion, the most costly environmental regulation ever. final decision will be made by october. the ebola out break in the west african nation of sierra leone may have reached its peak, and could be on the verge of slowing down. that is according to a top official in the virus playinged country. sierra leone has seen a surge of infections with the world health organization saying the country accounted for more than half of the new cases in the past week. the good news is that the number of infections, also, appears to be stabilizing, or falling in lie beer y over 16,000 people have been sickened bye bowl, almost 5700 have died. meanwhile american
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researchers reported tonight that an experimental ebola vaccine appears to be safe, and seemed to boost immunity in the first 20 volunteers to test it. the tests subjects developed antibodies within a in month of getting the shots at the national institutes of health. researchers reported no serious side effects. some american health officials hepp to start much larger stud is in liberia early next year to prove whether the vaccine works. wouldn't that be a a profoundly important thing. >> are pro found, very important too. >> what about that accu weather forecast. >> jim, it looks like it is moving out to the north and east and conditions look really nice for thanksgiving on thursday. we will show you storm tracker six live double scan radar and you can see dry, quiet for the most part just left over precipitation moving to the north and east of trenton. a little bit of showers to the south and west of wilmington but for the most part precipitation is ending and things look quiet for our holiday on thanksgiving.
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we will show you snowfall totals we have even so far. philadelphia just a trace of snow. this is one of those classic setups where we have rain to the south and east across coastal new jersey and delaware and you will get higher amount of snow fall to the north and west of that 95 corridor. that is what we saw with this early season nor'easter. wyomissing 3 inches. east nan veal 5 inches. wayne 3.3. down across areas in new jersey, you did pick up some snow. we said you were as this storm system departed to your north and east. you get that snow wrapping in on the back side. hockessin 1.4 in delaware. greenville 1.5. florence 1.1. ewing an inch of snowfall. .2 in haddon heights. temperatures outside tonight, really have not budge much from where they were earlier today. but as we get in the overnight hours some of these numbers will whoever close to that freezing mark, if not drop below. it is 29 in the poconos. thirty-six in allentown. beach haven 38. sea isle city 38. dilworth 37 degrees.
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here's satellite six with action radar, you can see the center of that storm system already starting to have move just to the east of long island and it is taking a bulk of that precipitation along with it as well. the the back edge of that precipitation for our region moved out around 9:00 or 10:00 o'clock this evening and we're good for the rest of tonight just watching out for icy patches and some slick spots. so the call from accu weather for the rest of tonight is it is cloudy and breezy. we're watching out for refreezing and some icy conditions, and then in allentown 29 for the overnight low. thirty-two for the low in toms river. we will drop down to 30 for both millville and dover. here's the call from accu weather tomorrow morning and even as we get in the afternoon hours to celebrate thanksgiving, it is rather cloudy. a few breaks of sunshine. wind west northwest at eight to 16 miles an hour. 8:00 a.m. 35 degrees. meantime, noon time 37. early tomorrow morning wind chills will be in the 20's, 4:00 p.m. that temperature around 40 degrees. we will fast forward into black friday for all of those bargain hunters, and looking
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for deals on this shopping friday. 5:00 a.m. 28 degrees. twenty-nine at 7:00a in m. just at freezing mark at 9:00a in m and 35 is the number early at 11:00a m on friday. the accu weather forecast showing tomorrow, thursday better feeling day at least. we don't have precipitation to contend with you but still chilly, brisk and cold at friday at 39. saturday clouds and some sun, four to second degrees. turning milder as we get into sunday 53. a morning shower, perhaps on monday, otherwise a high of 56. we will drop down on tuesday but quickly rebound as we get into wednesday. hopefully everybody made it to their destination safely and thanksgiving looks good. >> thanks, melissa. a west philadelphia family gathered tonight for a special birthday for their pays tree arc. richard hightour turned 100. the world war two veteran is 11th of 14 children. during his service hightour received five bronze stars, a purple heart and an american defense service award. jimmy kimmel live coming
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up at 11:35 right here after "action news". the here's jim which a preview of tonight's show. >> thanks, jim. hello philadelphia. here's a bit on have what we have got on tap tonight. >> we will be right back with mindy kailing. >> hold on a second we will not be right back with mindy kailing, i will be right back with mindy kailing. - ( roars )
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smack in the middle of eagles country. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> this is great. the fans have been bringing great energy. we love to get the reception. we love this kind of support. it is a big game. >> every time we come here, man, it is always the same. it is a great welcome. you cane how many eagles fans are in dallas. it feels good. >> reporter: hearty welcome aside the eagles are all business. they know first place is at stake. >> they will be a big game for us and big game for them. we will take care. one thing we cannot get caught up, it is still just one more game. >> it is the next game but obviously the division lead is on the line right now. we are focusing on winning the game. >> reporter: linebacker emmanuel ac ho is questionable with the groin injury. with the bird in fort worth, i'm dues an rodgers, for channel six a "action news". eight and three eagles and
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cowboys, tomorrow, a full recap, exclusive interviews on a special addition of eagles game day final tomorrow after "action news" at 11:00. flyers and sixers highlights, up next.
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unfortunately for flyers they do not have much to be thankful for lately. they are among the worst teams in the nhl, they have lost six of their last seven games. flyers on the road in detroit tonight down one here comes claude giroux, shoots and scores, and tying it up at one in the second. it does not last long. red wings answer off the rebound, thomas jerko beats steve mason. flyers down one. ninety seconds later, pavel dack suing, mason has not won a road game all season. the flyers lose five-two.
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their sixth straight road loss. afterwards the players held a players only meeting. we're a month in the season and the sixers are still looking for their first win. a loss tonight would tie team record for worst start in sixers history. down as many as 20 to brooklyn back they come in the third, kj mcdaniels with the slam. sixers in the third on a 15-five run. start of the fourth, how about nerlens noel with back to back slams. michael carter williams feeding him right there sixers take their first lead with ten and change to go. they cannot hold on. brooklyn breaks their hearts, 32 seconds left. that is kevin garnett. sixers lose 99-91. they are zero and 15, tied for the worst start in team history. the nba record is zero ape 18. how about wednesday night in muddy high school football cherry hill east and west playing the mud bowl. final second, cherry hill west seals the deal with the interception. west winds eight to nothing. they take the boot, which is
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the only thing that appears to be not muddy tonight. it is a mess out there a lot of high school football tomorrow. >> a ton. finally tonight, one of many charitable thanksgiving dinners took place today, this is the seventh annual food from heaven feast in west philadelphia, put on by the davis foundation. the meal also includes a coat drive. the foundation was created back in 2007 and provides weekly meals for the homeless, and organizes events for inner city youth. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line, jimmy's guest is mindy kailing, rhonda ross and music from rick cross. vince vaughn is on the show too. "action news" continues at 4:30. for tamala edwards, matt o'donnell, david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic. for jeff skversky, ducis rodgers, medical liza magee, cecily tynan, the the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. have a good night and a great thanksgiving. "action news" is sponsored by
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elkins chevrolet. featuring the 2014 silverado. visit elkins on route 37 in marlton or on line at elkins ufc champion ronda rousey. vince vaughn. and music from rick ross. with cleto and the cletones. and snow now, give thanks. here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, everyone. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. well, that's very kind.


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