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tv   Action News  ABC  November 27, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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dallas as they get ready for their showdown with the cowboys. >> do not call anybody after 7:30 wait until 8:00 to wishoys. them happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: [laughter]. we have showers pushing past bucks county. around allentown, it's almost done. it swept through briefly and it's not putting a whole lot of extra damage on the ground. i'll warn you about patchy ice on surfaces that were not treated including side streets and sidewalks and driveways. nothing worse than getting up on a holiday morning and heading to the parade or going to the relatives house and slipping and falling and we say -- and messing up the holiday. we have cloud cover down to the southwest we'll wind up cloudy for thanksgiving. 35 in philadelphia. 34 in allentown. 35 in millville.
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in between the official reporting stations some surface temperatures are around the freezing mark. there's a little bit of wind out there, enough to give you windchills around 30 in philadelphia and upper 20s in other spots, so bundle up. 35 degrees by 8:00. reporting flurries at the airport. 40 degrees by noon, 42 by 3:00. there could be another flurry at times today, mainly it's mostly cloudy and chilly. what about the roads on this early morning on the holiday. >> reporter: a crash is not the best way to starting point your thanksgiving holiday. we want people to be careful as you head out this morning. here in the morrisville, bucks county, route one by p.e. satisfy, the cars are coming off the trenton morrisville bridge. they are moving fine. the highways are wet. the secondary roads, the ramps, as well have slick spots. we have an accident at highland avenue at pleasant avenue. we have a bad one at pilots
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closing industrial highway, stay on high street or use 422 at alternates. we have a crash on this ramp in new castle county 273 to the northbound lanes of i-95. our crash in ocean county on the northbound side of garden state parkway. of course we're getting ready for the 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade with all our normal street closures including the benjamin franklin parkway and jfk boulevard. >> let's keep talking about the parade because we're just a few hours away from the start of the 95th annual 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. our john rawlins has gotten an early jump at inflation station at 20th and jfk. he has clifford up and mr. potato head. who else is up and going? >> minyans from despicable me. >> we have something of a
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tragedy here. anyway, early this morning, sleepy elve also unloaded -- elves, unloaded duffel bags. it starts early when most of us are fast asleep, big sheets of protective plastic goes down on 20th street to protect the balloons then comes the callout. >> mr. potato head first. >> reporter: the balloons which weigh 150 pounds apiece arrive in oversized duffel bags. it will taking a half-hour to 40 minutes to inflate them. there are 17 balloons in today's parade. >> we'll have everything assembled in the next two hours. >> reporter: not bad. >> no wind problems? >> it's a beautiful day for a parade. >> reporter: a brisk breeze, not a wind, now, as we said, a bit
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of a problem with my little poney. they were inflating my little pony right here, and tragedy struck and she blew a seam, they had to roll her back up, and she will fly another day, she is back at the stable and doing well we're told, but at this point we'll have 16 balloons in the parade today. live at 20th and jfk, john rawlins. channel 6 "action news." >> she'll be missed. we'll think about her. >> reporter: if you're not going to the parade watch the right here on 6abc rick williams and cesily tynan will host our coverage at 8:30. >> from our delaware newsroom, a huge fire burned a farm house to the ground on old mill creek. the farmhouse was empty when it
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happened nobody was hurt. it took crews an hour half half to get the flames under control. today's turkey is the appetizer for football fans. they will be focusing on a different kind of bird this thanksgiving. the eagles are in dallas trying to carve up the rival cowboys with first place on the line. ducis rogers found eagles fans willing to trade in dinner with family for the game in big d. >> reporter: a funny thing happened when they arrived at the hotel. it seemed like they walked smack dab in the middle of eagles country. >> this is great, the fans bring great energy. we love this kind of support. it's a big game. [laughter]. >> every time we come here, man, it's a great welcome. you can see how many eagles fans are in dallas, it feels good.
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>> reporter: with a hardy welcome aside, the eagles are all business. they know it's a big game at stake. >> it's one more game. >> it's a big game, obviously the lead is on the line right now, we're focused on winning the game. >> reporter: with the birds in fort worth, i'm ducis rogers. channel 6 "action news". >> we'll have a full recap on a special edition of eagles game day final tonight, ducis rogers and mike quick on after "action news" at 11:00. a lot of people are dealing with the effects of yesterday's to storm. heavy snow slowed down drivers from north carolina to maine and chicago to new york. there were accidents up and down
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the east coast and throughout the midwest and flyers are not doing much better, thousands of flights have been canceled or delayed. the military released aerospace to give commercial planes more route. >> i saw snow showers on the radar, looks like the pillsb up up -- dough about how high. >> reporter: the snow showers are around, they will be gone in another half-hour. as we look outside we have cloudy skies across the region. they are drying out at the airport. there might be flurries around, but that's about it the rest of the way. 35 degrees, it will be a cold start for thanksgiving and chilly finish. winds out of the north/northwest at 6 miles per hour.
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as john rawlins is showing you on the parkway, they are filling up the balloons. snow, pennsylvania got a trace, we had sleet mixed in, that took away the accumulation. outside of philadelphia, half inch to an inch. 3 inches in wymissing. 3.3 in wayne and 2.8 in graterford. generally 1 to 3 in the i-95 corridor. philadelphia was an anomaly with that trace. hockessining 1.4, green will 1 1/2. today looks like it will be a mostly cloudy day out there. temperatures will stay rather cool all the way. 39 degrees by 8:00. 39 by 11:00. high of 42 around 3:00 p.m.
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i can see sitting on that. not much wind out there. 39 in allentown. 44 in millville. so about a five degree spread across the region and everybody under the clouds. for the thanksgiving parade you want to bundle up as you head to the parkway. you have windchills in the upper 30s or low 20s during the morning. 35 degrees by 8:00. 36 by 10:00. 37 degrees we'll get up to the high of 42 later. shoppers you're ready for tomorrow. it will be a chilly one, 28 degrees by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow is the day with people line up for hours waiting for the doors to get open. that woman right there, i don't think she'll be too bothered she is too chieted to worry about -- excited to worry about cold. 42 is the high for thanksgiving under mainly cloudy skies. a flurry around. tomorrow, sunshine, and cold.
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39 degrees. saturday, 4 #, but still chilly. sunday we get a front that introduce a southerly flow gets us up to 53. there could be a shower around sunday night, looks like that's gone in time for rush hour monday morning. monday, 56 degrees, colder on tuesday and milder on wednesday, and another shower. we'll be talking shower and not snow with the expect a couple of events. >> a protest seems to have calmed in ferguson, missouri, but demonstrators in other parts of the country did not take a break. >> you have to watch the ramps this morning, someone ran off this ramp woodhaven road to i-95, it's not our only ramp accident. we'll talk about others, as well. >> investigators release the chilling photo of a black bear
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moments before it killed a new jersey hiker. "action news" will be right back. >>
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♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it. >> hi, welcome back, we're taking a live look here, the exchange. swrien street expressway to i-95. we made it through the
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snow, and we've got you covered with weather anticipate traffic. >> barren roadway. >> reporter: i'm thankful it's not a messy day like yesterday. this morning we have lingering effects of the snow that came through excluding some slippery spots including the on and off ramps, our ramps have not been behaving. route 673, northbound lanes of -- 63, northbound lanes of i-95, this car ran off the ramp the wrong way. it's temporarily blocked, however, i don't think anybody is trying to use it, because volume is so light. >> on another spot on i-95, the ramp from 273 to the northbound lanes of i-95. i think you can squeeze squeeze by on a that ramp. the commuter report, we have a vehicle stopped on the shoulder as you pass churchman's road
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i-95 in new castle county. we have an overnight night crash closing industrial highway between keim and mosser road. in franconia township yesterday, they reopened the newly aligned intersection of godshaw, and could you path. it's much easier to navigate. >> there was a third night of protests with people railing against profiling and grand jury decision which means officer darren wilson will not stand trial for the death of michael brown. police arrested two people when demonstrators stormed city hall in st. louis. national guard troops are posted
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at intersections. someone opened fire on a barber shop in reading. it happened at the all stars hair studio yesterday afternoon. one of the victims is in critical condition. someone shot at the same business on tuesday night, but nobody was hurt in that incident. police are looking for the gunman. the last survivor of a multiple shooting in tabernacle, new jersey, has died. he was 11-year-old alsander harriman his mom shot him and his two be siblings in their home. the two others died that day, the mother died from a self-inflicted gunshot days later. a report shows bill cosby was worried about sexual assault
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allegations, he testified under oath that he gave the national inquirer an interview in which he refruited the sexual assaults. in return the tabloid dropped sex abuse allegations from another person, a former model. karen rogers has an fyi for you on the new kid on the block. >> reporter: kensington corners what happens when you put a butcher shop in the restaurant. the meat comes from local family farms. >> all our beef and sheep and gets are raised on grass that's how they are designed biologically, so they get nothing but grass. >> reporter: the chef creates
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dishes as reduce tick farmhouse food, like this beef sliced thin and served on sour dough. >> it's a never changing menu -- so it's an ever changing menu. >> reporter: yes. >> you can learn about the process and prepare the males yourself. >> yourself -- meals yourself. we explain how it's attainable to achieve though things. >> president obama makes sure one turkey escapes the dinner table. authorities release a cell phone picture that a hiker took of the bear before he was mauled by the same animal. >> reporter: if you're heading to the parade, make sure you dress the kids in extra gear. we'll have windchills in the
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upper 20s.
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>> while a lot of us will enjoy turkey today, two birds will get a free pass. >> cheese you are heesh pardon ed from the thanksgiving dinner table. congratulations. gobble gobble. >> in addition to cheese, he pardoned one of his friends, mack. they will live on an estate in virginia. the president joked pardoning these turkeys will be the most talked about executive order of the year. >> that's a beautiful bird, almost like a peacock.
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>> will you be enjoying something like that? >> unfortunately, yeah. >> reporter: most of the highways are wet this morning, you get to watch the ramps, most of them are slippery. we have a crash near the oxford circle in the outer drive. medford lakes, the turkey trot starts at 8:30. will it be a good morning to run, david? >> reporter: it will be dry in most spots. we have snow showers that are moving away from us, allentown you're done, bethlehem, maybe a couple of minutes. dry elsewhere. it's cold, though, if you're dressing the kids bundle them up with the extra gear. 36 by 9:00. noon, 40, 3:00 p.m., 42. that's the high, 36. winds running 6 to 1 miles per hour. a lot of stores closed today, you might have to go to the
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bakery early on, to get the last minute goods for dinner. dress warmly this morning as we are in the 0s, matt. >> a new jersey hiker took pictures of a bear that would eventually kill him in the kids. west milford police released a cell phone picture danny by the man. it is one of the 300-pound black bear just moments before the mauling back in september. the rutgers university student was hiking with friends in north jersey. wildlife officials say the bear was not interested in food and exhibited stalking type behavior and they decided to put it down. a family of a 1-year-old boy shot and killed by police over the weekend insisted on this surveillance video to be released. the officer opened fire on the job who was waving a pellet gun two seconds within leaving the vehicle. the 26-year-old officer was on
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the force for 8 months. the pistol he was holding wasn't wear, but did not have the orange plug to indicate it was fake. >> 5:54, it's a thanksgiving day tradition in philadelphia. the 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade, is that humpdy dumpdy, you better not break him. they are blowing him up right now. we'll be right back.
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the prethanksgiving storm didn't stop people from picking up those last-minute critical holiday items. "action news" was inside the reading terminal yesterday, there were lines for everything and of course the deserts. >> i got two pecan pies from the flying monkeys. they have the best pecan pies in the world. >> you have to have a turkey, it's the best nice soft juicy turkey you can have. you got to have turkey andgraphy andgraphy -- gravy and stuffing. >> people around the table will be thankful they have that attitude. >> 5:57. more news you didn't see last night including the arm man who burst into a home and robbed the
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people inside. >> brand new at 6:00 a.m., police say it was a plot for revenge a woman is accused of trying to higher a hit man to try to kill three people in our area.
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>> good morning, and happy thanksgiving, 6:00 a.m., thursday, november 27. here's what's happening. >> happy thanksgiving to you, too, accuweather is tracking a clear, but cold forecast for the thanksgiving holiday. >> ready for liftoff are we're counting down to the start of the 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. >> not alone in the lonestar state, the eagles arrive and


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