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tv   Action News 530 PM  ABC  November 27, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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calm after several chaotic days. some took this opportunity on this day of quiet to write messages of peace over the damage brought on by violent protests. marcy gonzales is live with the latest. >> reporter: hi nydia, we are seeing the impact of this holiday, in some ways people are finding disappointing. >> an empty parking lot along what should be a loud and exciting parade route. organizers delayed the parade. >> we are saddened that they delayed the parade due to that reason. >> but the biggest parade made its way through new york city and demonstrators there led a march of their on as they made this way towards the parade police made several arrests. this is a national arrest, a
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national event and anyone that tries to interrupt it is callus indeed on this national day. >> plywood over the damage from the days. these kids have a different focus leaving their mark with the words they think ferguson needs the most. >> hopefully it's a message of hope. >> and many here are hopeful in part because of how peaceful last night's protests were and even on this holiday national guard troops are out in case there are problems tonight. marcy gonzales, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you marcy. world news tonight with david muir will have the latest.
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and back here in philadelphia, they started their celebrations the way they started for 95 years on the ben franklin. >> once again the 6 abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade brought out plenty of fantastic tal and to get everyone in the holiday spirit. >> one of the most spectacular performances featured the sounds of philadelphia, students for the high school for creative and performing arts moved and grooved to the sounds of local pioneers, leon gamble and huff. ♪ capa kids were not the only ones to wow the crowds, the kids from bucks county did a performance of need a little christmas. >> and here is someone that need a little christmas.
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the grinch floated high above the parkway but the scowl in the sky could not deflate the excitement for the families that gathered for this annual tradition. >> do you recognize that turkey that is charlie mcdermott and he hails from our area and was on the under the sea float, and that turkey get up helped keep him warm. >> mayor michael nutter got in on the fun and road through the parade with his wife lisa in an old fashioned carriage. >> we have so much to be thankful for and so many people that have so many needs and we need to remember them and try to do something good on this day. >> the boy scouts did their part, dozens pushed shopping carts to collect canned goods as
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part of our holiday food drive, those are benefit philabundance. many are enjoying thanksgiving with their families tonight some chose to spend the holidays serving others. our cameras when into mana, 250 volunteers donned hair nets and aprons to prepare a treat that would be enjoyed across philadelphia. for critically ill residents and their families. volunteers at the lutheran church paused to remember their own blessings,ed needy and those battling homelessness, they were all invited to come in for an early dinner, organizers expected to feed more than 600 p.m. just today. the chill in the air did not keep people away from philadelphia, tasty's restaurant opened operations but closed part of 52nd street to put out a spread for more than 500 people.
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the owner says it's her mission to use her restaurant for philanthropy for community support. some stores opened at 4:00, and some are opening their doors like target in winfield heights, look at that line outside, this is a live picture, people have been here for hours, foregoing their meals in order to get their hands on deeply discounted items. here is a look at the hottest items people are scrambling for. >> not every year brings about tickle mow elmo fever, but there are those inevitable gift cravings, and if are you one of those shoppers determined to give the must have gifts. for kids experts say the top toys list includes everything transformers and everything
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teenage mutant ninja turtles. but the tickle me elmo, is anything elsa. if you don't want to get left out in the cold, they are good on black friday and cyber monday and then creep up a little bit and won't be back down until mid-december. and kids are tech savvy, their wish list looks like mom and dads, a heavy dose of iphones, the 6 and 6 plus and laptops and tablets and the xbox one, mom and dad want the wearable technology and to track their fitness and calories. >> and an oldie but goody. tvs. >> we'll sell more tvs than ever before. >> experts recommend shopping smart and apparently a lot of them are. >> they using the apps to make
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sure they get the lowest prices. >> and as you hit the stores tomorrow remember to check out the black friday play book at, there you'll find dozens of deals for local stores and the deals are exclusive to our 6 abc viewers, nearly 70 of them. the black friday play book is on the home page of website. >> coming up on this half hour of "action news," someone left behind 1$100,000 at a burger king, what happened next will boost your belief in people. and a smash and grab caught on camera. they were on a specific mission, we'll tell you what they were after. >> what is for dinner at the white house. we'll give you a peek at the presidential menu the obamas are and joying tonight. >> temperatures along the i-95 corridor, it's 32 in new york and same thing in philadelphia, the teens north and west and even the 20s, a bit of a chill
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reenforced tonight. >> and our friend jaime apody will join us with football highlights across the region and first a holiday message from one of our local troops serving overseas. >> my name is pfc sand snx born, i want to wish my family in red bank, knowledge, a happen why thanksgiving. a secure retirement.
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philadelphia police are investigating an overnight home invasion in roxborough, four men armed with a rifle stormed a home on parker, the crooks stole $800 and several smart phones and took off in an older model gray chevy impala. >> in chicago a brazen band of burgl burglars, the operation kicked off with a minivan smashing through a security gate, and they poured out of the vehicle, once they got in, the crew went straight for expensive jeans that cost more than $700, they
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stole 200 pairs costing the store tens of thousands of dollars. and now a burger king manager to california are being applauded for doing the right thing. an employee spotted this abandoned blue backpack and turned it over to the owner, he opened it and could hardly comprehend the contents, it contain contained $100,000. >> i worked jobs for years before i bought this burger king, i am a hard working guy and i don't want that money, it probably belongs to somebody. >> customers came in to thank the team for their honestly, the police tracked down the owner. the president will have
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quite a spread when he sits down to have his thanksgiving meal with his family. the white house revealed the meal. thyme roasted turkey, and honey hams and mac and cheese and for dessert. the classic pumpkin and five other varieties of pies, it's not sure who is on the guest list but the obamas are spending time with the family. >> we have turkey, shopping now and football. time for sports. jaime apody is live in the sports center. >> what a special treat, eagles and cowboys on thanksgiving, they are the early action for our meal. and if you weren't sure what to expect, right now they are up 17-7 in the second quarter, mark sanchez with a touchdown pass on
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the first two drives, they lead 17-7 in the second, and we'll be back to wrap it up on a thanksgiving edition of eagles game day final after "action news" at 11:00 right here on channel 6. and the eagles-cowboys game is in the middle of a turkey sandwich. the the bears and lions for breakfast. after jay cutler found jeffrey for the score and then the lions roared back and you got to watch this catch. calvin johnson, between two defenders matthew stafford, 22 yards for the touch down, detroit wins it 24-17, a win on thanksgiving day after losing the last nine in a row. high school football and all the rivalries playing their final games. the very first high school
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football game played on thanksgiving was played in philadelphia. lets start in new jersey, millville and vineland, millville trailing in the third quarter and the thunder bolts come back to beat them. millville sixth straight win in the series, impressive for the head coach. to the see central and northeast meeting for 122nd time how about the o line, quite the blocking, grange gets the touch down and northeast shuts out central 43-0 and the meeting between chichester, and nate for the score. a big guy there, sun valley wins the turkey bowl 27-0, camden hosting woodrow wilson, he finds jermaine thomas for the touch down. and pennsauken hosting bishop
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you stas. pennsauken wins this one 26-14. atlantic county's oldest rivalry, vikings quarterback takes the snap and tries to sneak around the corper and into the end zone, holy spirit one eight of the last nine in this series. that is sports a lot is of football on this wonderful thanksgiving day. >> participants in the annual turkey bowl in wilmington, they honor the tradition of playing football on turkey day. they donned the colors of the eagles and new england patriots. and a big trophy. still to come a day to show your gratitude. robin roberts says thank you to some of the kindest people in the country making a real
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sidewalks of manhattan were packed with people for the macy's thanksgiving day parade and it featured 26 balloons and everybody was glad the nor'easter moved out in time for the holiday parade. >> it was a really nice parade and a nice day for the parade. it gets chilly tonight and cool into the holiday but a nice rebound too. stormtracker 6 live double scan, showing you that it's dry for philadelphia, you look to the south and west and south of wilmington there might be a little sprinkle, a lot of this not working its way down to the surface, this is all thanks to the short waiver i was telling you about in areas of the mid-atlantic region and it slides to the north and west and looks to be dry. we'll show you the picture outside, the action cam was outside, giving you a gorgeous shot at 30th and market streets, clouds and breaks of sunshine and that was the rule for most
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of the day. the high today in the city climbed to 43 degrees and 10 degrees shy of the average. and most spots are in the 30s and 27 in the poconos and 39 in the city and sea isle city 39. the wins come in out of the northwest and it feels colder outdoors, below freezing for allentown to lancaster, temperatures there holding at 30 degrees, the current windchill in the poconos 21 and beach haven 31. here is satellite 6 along with action radar lots of clouds in the delaware and lehigh valleys. the sprinkle south and west of wilmington and we are tracking the waves in northern and western pennsylvania and mixed precipitation moving across central p.a., it slides to the north and west tonight and we look to be mostly dry, fast forward into friday, black friday shoppers we have it covered for you.
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if you dare to venture out it's mostly clear and sunshine coming in at 31 and lower 30s at 9:00 in the morning and bright sunshine overhead and the temperature coming in at 35 degrees, the rest of the afternoon hours on friday, the high temperature is 39 degrees and mostly sunny and 30 degrees and high prsh in control. plenty of sunshine to enjoy as we get into the start of the weekend on saturday, still a bit below average, by 8 degrees, coming in at 43 degrees and rather cloudy and tracking the warm front to the south and west, the warm front lifts to the north as we get into the second half of the holiday weekend and by then the temperatures are climbing, the call from accuweather, lots of clouds and brisk and cold and 28 in the city with the reinforcing shot with the short wave we are tracking, north and west of town. here is the exclusive
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accuweather forecast, windchills in the 20s tomorrow and dress for that, perhaps are you doing shopping tomorrow and saturday mostly cloudy and 43, and turning milder on sunday 53, check this out for the first day of december, we are up to 60 degrees, that is very warm for december, a chilly change though, it doesn't last long, down to 43 and up to 54 on wednesday, and 58 degrees with seasonable conditions into thursday. all over the place with the seven-day forecast, it sticks around for the weekend and we gradually improve. >> at, we always have the latest from accuweather and storm tracker 6, see the hourly and seven-day forecast and updates from the meteorologists, it's all there at >> tonight at 8:00 on 6 abc, real americans making a real difference in this world, it will make you feel very thankful. robin roberts host iing real
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america, robin doesn't do it alone though, big names joined her to make the program even more special. >> taylor swift she is great in that she is lives with an attitude of gratitude and realizes her fans are who she is. like some that are like fans no, no. not taylor, she shared video where she invited fans into her home and shared her thanksgiving traditions and president obama and mrs. obama wanted to give a special message for the military fighting around the world and unfortunately cannot be sitting at the thanksgiving table with their loved ones this year. >> see america at its best this
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thanksgiving, thank you america with robin roberts tonight at 8:00 on 6 abc.
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thanksgiving is not all about the food but for some to celebrate the final. today's message was about taking a break from our devices and social media to spend time with the ones you love. >> right now the "action news" team is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. our coverage of the thanksgiving day holiday continues and we'll take you to the ben franklin parkway for the 6 abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade. and it's about giving thanks for the blessings, we have been to help those that have fall and on hard times. >> you don't have to wait for black friday to get the deals and it's time to shop. >> and for cecily tynan, jaime
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today, family and friends and strangers are sitting down with share blessings and stories with all the blessings of their lives to be thankful for. jim is off and i'm walter perez, the big news is the thanksgiving
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holiday and all the people are sitting down for a thanksgiving feast and to remember all the blessings we enjoyed this year. weeks of planning and preparation all came down to today. it's all hands on deck and kitchens large and small and dishes that make thanksgiving so very special. and a philadelphia tradition 95 years in the making, thousands turned out for the 6 abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade. ♪ ♪ and the parade route was jumping with excitement with all the center stage performers, guests and families all along the ben franklin parkway this morning. mayor michael nutter arrived in grand style as you can see and "good morning america," ginger zee spent her first thanksgiving day parade on the float. they led a special sing along and one the


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