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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 27, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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welcome to "world news tonight." cold turkey. the deep freeze after the big getaway. hundreds of thousands waking up without power. americans digging out before they dig into a day of feasts, parades and a search for those holiday deals. >> shop and shop again. out of the ashes. new protests coast to coast over the decision in ferguson. but amid the tension, one store owner whose shop was destroyed still filling her holiday orders and rebuilding with the help of thousands. close encounters. the soaring number of drones flying too close to planes, and hos bly helicopters in the president's fleet. and turkey 911. inside the emergency call center talking you through those disasters. the undercooked, the overcooked,
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the dog stuck in the bird? and good evening on this thanksgiving, i'm amy robach, in for david muir tonight. and we begin with those plunging temperatures. millimeters of americans glad to be until on this holiday, shutting out the bitter cold. in minnesota, most everyone waking up to temperatures below zero. snowstorms downing power lines like this one in western massachusetts. a quarter of a million people still in the dark. and the travel delays not over. this man waiting for a flight at new york's laguardia today. but the cold did not stop those holiday parades, with turkey floats and the famous snoopy balloon in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. the forecast in just a moment, but first, gio benitez starting us off. >> reporter: tonight, a biting cold holiday for millions across the country. in minnesota, wind chills as low as 30 below zero.
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min yap yap lis seeing the coldest thanksgiving in three decades. from the texas panhandle, all the way to new england, residents waking up to freezing temperatures today. that nor'easter this week, dumping up to 20 inches of snow and causing countless wrecks on one of the busiest travel dales of the year. for those still making their way by air, about a thousands flights delayed or canceled, leaving travelers hoping to get to their destination before the turkey is served. the heavy snow also knocking out power to residents across new england. >> we looked out here, the tree was down. took the wires down, snapped the pole in half. >> reporter: this family in greenwood lake, new york, was all ready for their thanksgiving dinner when they lost power. they're now moving their celebration to a relative's house. crews today across the region, working to restore power to the hundreds of thousands who are still in the dark. >> some electricity would be great. >> reporter: and it not over yet. coastal new england could be in store for another four inches of snow through tomorrow morning. the cold and snow flurries not enough to keep more than
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3 million people form enjoying the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> it's freezing. i have hot pads. >> reporter: and tonight, some good news. people traveling back from their holiday destinations may have an easier journey than they did earlier this week and that's because a warmup is expected all along the east coast, amy. >> gio, thank you. and abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano is here and rob, a warmup sounds pretty nice, especially for people like you who are along that chilly parade route. >> it was cold this morning along the parade route. it was cold in chicago. the coldest thanksgiving they'd had in 25 years. a couple of days of chilly weather to deal with. but sunday, a good 20 degrees warmer than today. into the 50s in the northeast. watching the northwest for a strong storm system there. flood watches up in seattle. that rain spreads south into san francisco on sunday. >> and sunday is a big travel day. everyone coming home. >> it is. but this go round, the mess is going to be out west. california will get a good
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rainstorm there. los angeles will get the rain on monday. 19 in spokane. might get some snow in seattle over the weekend. east of the rockies, it will be trouble free come sunday. >> rob, thank you so much. and now to the aftermath of the grand jury decision in ferguson. protesters out again today, including one just steps from the big thanksgiving day parade here in new york. a crowd gathering on the steps of the new york public library. and a rowdier group clashes with police nearby. seven people were arrested. but in ferguson, finally, a day without confrontation. abc's alex perez is there again tonight. >> reporter: overnight, more protests, from los angeles, where 145 were arrested, to that scene in new york city. even in london, these demonstrators outside the u.s. embassy. and today, word that two men arrested last week had plans to bomb the gateway arch in st. louis, and attack the local police chief and prosecutor. authorities today questioning whether the men were actually
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capable of carrying out their plans. meanwhile, in ferguson, after days of unrest, relative calm. the police station, once a rallying point for protesters, a ghost town this thanksgiving. and from the ashes, now, some beacons of hope. bakery shop owner natalie dubose almost lost her business during those first violent protests here in august. and this kweek, she stood in tears after learning looters broke her windows. but as word of the damage spread, donations started pouring in, more than 50 orders just today and more than $200,000 raised online. when you see all these protes r protesters destroying and then you see the other side, so many people donating, what is that like? >> grateful. just grateful. there is a spirit of determination in the air now, that we're determined to be here. >> reporter: and natalie says the response from the community has been so huge, she already
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has more orders than she can handle for christmas. the national guard still in place here. many hoping this newfound peace on the streets is here to stay. amy? >> all right, alex. thank you so much. and now, new details about that daring but puzzling raid by u.s. special forces in a remote part of yemen, freeing eight hostages hidden in a cave. tonight, a possible clue as to why one of america's most elite units took on this dangerous mission. abc's hamish macdonald, who has spent months in that region, with the new information. >> reporter: they dropped in under cover of darkness -- two dozen u.s. commandos, including members of the navy's elite s.e.a.l. team six, alongside yemeni forces. it was a daring and dangerous raid in the remote and hostile cave networks of hadramauth in yemen. and tonight, a clue as to why this high stakes mission took place. one yemeni soldier involved in the raid claims an american photojournalist taken over a
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year ago was among the group being held by al qaeda. along with a brit and a south african, it's claimed they were all moved from the hideout just two days before this raid. at least seven of the al qaeda militants were killed during the shootout. and the commandos rescued all eight of the hostages left behind. six yemenis, an ethiopian and a saudi. the american hostage is still among those held captive tonight. >> and hamish joins us now. you know this area very well. this is difficult terrain. >> reporter: this area is remote and vast and it is wild. now, these pictures that i took while i was there show that there's clear dropoff into valleys and georges. there's really long cave systems that run for hundreds of miles. if you were looking for a western hostage, this area is about as difficult as it can get. >> hamish, thank you. and back here at home, an eye-opening report about a growing problem in the skies over america.
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drones putting other aircraft at risk. the faa is tallying the close encounters that threaten collisions in the sky. abc's clayton sandell digs into the report for us tonight. >> reporter: the reports are now soaring. >> we just had something fly over us. i don't know if it was a drone or a balloon. >> reporter: droning flying too high and dangerously close to airports and aircrafts. >> if they hit in the exact wrong part of an airplane, say down an engine or in the cockpit where the pilots are, it could be catastrophic. >> reporter: new faa numbers show that since june, pilots reported 25 near collisions. another one just days ago on a jet blue flight full of passengers. >> about two miles out on the final, maybe around four to around 300 feet, looked like on of those unmanned drones was flying right on the final. >> reporter: the report even says last july, a drone got close, only 50 feet away, from a marine support helicopter that's
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part of the presidential fleet. the faa is under pressure to come up with new rules governing drones as prices have dropped and popularity has taken off. photographers use them to get never before seen shots. amazon wants drone deliveries. and in this simulation, researchers are testing how a drone might help police and firefighters get a safer view at a crash site leaking hazardous materials. >> we want to take advantage of the technology, but it has to be safe. >> reporter: the use of drones is growing faster than the rules needed to regulate them. but the faa says they are trying to catch up. the agency hopes to propose those new rules by the end of the year. amy? >> clayton, thank you so much. and from that danger in the air to one right under foot. a family's home threatened by a river, eating away at what's left of their backyard. now their by're banking on the generosity of others, hoping time is on their side. abc's nick watt has their story.
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>> reporter: this dream home in washington state, a beautiful view, a turkey run, well, it's becoming a nightmare. >> the whole house shakes and rumbles. it's just horrifying. >> reporter: because the shaw's yard is sliding into the pilchuck river. the house, now just 54 feet from that 200 foot drop down to the torrent below. >> it's e roe shus. there is no coverage for erosion. >> reporter: similar story for the webb family in texas. left with little choice but to burn down their lakeside retirement home this past summer. it was a teetering safety hazard. the shaws want to move their place 400 feet away from the river. >> pick it up and put it on the other side of this driveway. >> reporter: but the bank won't lend them the $150,000 to fund that move. so the shaws just launched a go fund me campaign, hoping for the kindness of strangers. >> in the meantime, we're just going to hope we don't full into the pill chuck river. >> reporter: nick watt, abc news, los angeles.
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>> our thanks to nick for that. now, to that other thanksgiving tradition. the rush to get the holiday shopping done. of course, not everyone is in such a hurry. this little boy, for example. not so happy to be out with his dad in new york today. but more than 100 million other people will be looking for deals. abc's chief business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis has some shopping advice for as all. rebecca, good evening. >> reporter: amy, good evening to you. it is freezing here in chicago. in fact, it is the cold els thanksgiving here in decades. they were lining outside of this best buy as early at 9:00 this morning. and across the country tonight, people around the globe are literally knocking down doors to get at those deals. >> woo! >> reporter: across the country tonight, the deals race is officially on. millions of americans hitting stores, from california to iowa to pennsylvania. >> when we come out early, we probably save about $500.
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>> reporter: k mart, for the 23rd straight year, opening its doors at the crack of dawn. >> morning, folks! >> reporter: how in hour 13 of a 40-hour shopping marathon. what are you here for? >> this tv. >> reporter: tonight's top sellers, tvs. >> last year, we sold over 2 million tvs. and that number is going to continue to grow this year. >> reporter: the technology's the same as last year, so, the prices are even lower. at walmart, this 50-inch tvp for $218. at target, a 40-incher for $119. and kohls, this 32-inch tv, under 100 bucks. best buy offers beatz headphones at $100 off. at staples, this $99 asus laptop. shoppers striking that balance, gobbling up the deals and their turkey. >> shop, eat, shop again.
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>> reporter: panasonic tv for 200 bucks, it sold out within minutes, amy. >> rebecca, thank you so much. and we have more ahead this thanksgiving on "world news tonight." up next, thousands of calls have been calling into the butterball turkey hotline. from people who have been fouling things up, sometimes spectacularly. and later what would you do if you found $100,000 in a backpack? and a holiday inspiration. the surprise that robin roberts is about to reveal to one very special family. ♪ i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare.
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away. tonight, we go into the nerve center of the butterball turkey hot line, as the experts share some of their most unusual calls. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: take it from "national lampoon's" griswolds -- the tryptophan can trip you up. from grandpa's grilling -- >> it's just the foil that's on fire. >> reporter: to this dad's turkey trauma. >> daddy, the turkey is ready. >> reporter: thanksgiving is known to turn people who consider themselves time-tested turkey experts into birdbrains. >> you're burning the house! >> reporter: turkeys gobbled up in flames. carcasses cooked to a crisp. these classic mishaps explain why today inside this building in naperville, illinois, the enrve center of butterball is buzzing. >> butterball turkey talk line. how can i help you? >> reporter: there are more than 50 experts to take you around their wing. >> put a drip pan under the great.
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>> reporter: questions range from the mundane -- to "can i brine my turkey in the washing machine?" and "the family dog is inside the turkey and can't get out." just today, the hotline received 12,000 calls. and i was one of them. my mom says you should cook the turkey upside down. is there any truth to that? >> we don't recommend that. >> reporter: really? >> it's going to be wobbly and hard to take it out of the oven like that. >> reporter: for those who want a turkey looking like it was fresh out of the oven of a norman rockwell painting, the butterball hotline is open, eager to help those who tend to foul things up. the hotline first opened in 1981 with just six people answering the phones. more than 100,000 calls. great tips. but i love mom's turkey cooked upside down. >> it is always best. thank you very much. still ahead on "world news tonight," when pigs fly. the flight that almost turned into a nightmare for one plane load of thanks giving travelers. the story behind this photo
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get complete protection. nexium level protection™ here's what made it to the top of our "instant index" tonight. we've all heard the term when pig's fly. and, it almost happened yesterday. this woman brought a pig aboard an american airlines flight out of hartford, as her emotional support animal. this photo posted on facebook by a passenger. but before the plane took off, the pig got disruptive. both pig and passenger were asked to leave. next, what would you do if you found $100,000? that's what happened to this assistant manager of a burger king in san jose, california, who spotted this backpack left
6:52 pm
behind in one of the booths. she took it to the restaurant's owner, who opened it up and found nearly $100,000 inside. >> i said, wow, and today's my birthday. >> but that owner had a change of heart and called police who are now trying to track down the owner through the bank. and a special thanksgiving surprise for fans of the late joan rivers. three months after the comedian's death, her daughter melissa managed to hack into her mom's twitter account, posting, "i finally figured out my mom's password. happy thanks givine iningle ini stephanopoulos. and when we come back, what rob bin robert is doing for a vy special family, and their rob bin robert is doing for a vy special family, and their inspiratmy name's louis, us all. and i quit smoking with chantix. i had tried to do it inast. i hadn't been successful. quitting smoking this time was different because i got a prescription for chantix.
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finally tonight, giving thanks, 92 times over. our own robin roberts gives the surprise of their lives to one very special family from st. cloud, minnesota, who opened their doors to children in need again and again and again. >> reporter: we're on our way now to meet an inspiring family. i got to tell you, their love for each other and for others, well, it knows no bounds. >> we have two biological children. we have adopted six. we've done foster care for 92 kids. >> reporter: yep, you heard that right -- 92 kids! but parenting and fostering so many children wasn't always the plan for the pastor turned fitness instructor and this reserve police officer. >> he didn't want it in children. i wanted 12 and he wanted zero.
6:57 pm
so, we compromised and did it my way. >> reporter: after having two children -- kira and dayton -- a friend got them involved in foster care in a big way. >> when we would get a call for a foster child that was in need of a placement, we always said yes. >> somebody's got to be willing to put their heart on the line for these kids. >> reporter: the family, well, they think they're being filmed for our blog. >> oh, it's wonderful to see you. we've heard so much about this beautiful family. you're probably wondering why we're here. >> yes! >> reporter: we wanted to say thank you. you inspire us. you're so selfless and we are not the only ones who want to say thank you to the neal family. wanted you to take a look at this. >> thank you for giving me a home when my other mom couldn't take care of me. >> mom and dad, i just really want to thank you for the influence you've had on me and the person that you've raised me to be. >> thank you so much for adopting me.
6:58 pm
i love you. there's no other place i could be. >> oh. >> oh, thanks. >> be sure to tune in later tonight to check out the extraordinary gifts robin and her team surprised the family with, on "thank you america with robin roberts" right here on abc. we want to thank you for sharing your holiday with us. we are always here at "nightline" later, and i'll see you back here tomorrow on "gma." have a happy thanksgiving.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a communications manager and boxing writer from columbia, maryland... an administrative assistant from livonia, michigan... and our returning champion, an attorney from los angeles, california...


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