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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 28, 2014 12:05am-1:08am EST

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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- jamie foxx. from "blackish," tracee ellis ross. "do you have what it takes?" and music from the new basement tapes. with cleto and the cletones. and now, when all else fails, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching, thanks for coming. thank you for everything.
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wow. i appreciate that. how many of you are visiting us here in los angeles today? by a show of mouths, i guess? [ cheers and applause ] today might have been the nicest day of the year. it was sunny and 74 degrees today. today is why everyone hates us. at least it's one of the reasons why. 50% of the nation is covered in snow. the good news is the other 50% is covered in delicious melted cheese. [ laughter ] record low temperatures, a very cold autumn so far. but i like to look at the bright side. the bright side, you're all one good ice storm away from being able to get out of thanksgiving with the inlaws. so sorry we can't be there. mreels please give our love to cousin greg, okay? and the national weather service issued windchill advisories. you hear that, wind? you're being advised to chill. don't make the weather service ask again.
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buffalo got six foot of snow. they got 5'10" inches of snow. they rounded it up for their tinder profile. you know, we spend a lot of time here at this show scouring local weather reports from around the country for things to share. and this gem, from the local cbs affiliate in kansas city. please direct your attention to the graphics on the screen. >> 27 at noon will feel pretty good. hard to say. hard to believe that 27 is going to feel nice. back down to freezing again. >> jimmy: well, it's not ass cold. that's good. [ applause ] i hate when i come down with an ass cold. this is very surprising. according to a new international survey, germany has overtaken the united states as the world's favorite country. germany is the most popular country in the world. which if you think about it is a hell of a comeback. [ applause ]
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are there some germans here? what's going on? united states is now the second-most popular country. we're still the fattest, though, so don't -- [ laughter ] you guys are from germany? oh what's it like to be so popular? >> nice. >> jimmy: it's nice, huh? what part of germany are you from? >> west germany. >> jimmy: it seems like you're having fun. [ laughter ] say hello to everyone back in bonn for us. bonn is name of the place? >> yes. >> reporter: bonjour, everyone. anyway, the survey was based on more than 20,000 people in 20 countries. the u.s. had been number one. we've been number one since 2009. is it make, or does it seem a little bit unfair that they did this survey before the mcrib came back? but congratulations to germany. i guess that's what happens when you get the world drunk for a whole month.
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last night on this program, we had the honor of unvaming "people" magazine's sexiest man alive. chris hem shemsworth was the recipient. i did not win this year, because of racism. but i was included in the sexiest man alive issue. i think i was on page 89, which happened to be a topic this morning on "good morning america." >> jimmy kimmel who made the official announcement last night made the list, as well. >> he did. he's in a group of guys that are called geeky to gorgeous. apparently he -- he went ahead and did this thing. ryan seacrest, all these guys, they were just horrible looking. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: horrible-looking? it's not like we had horns coming out of our foreheads. we were kids. what's going on at "good morning america" s america"?
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last week, they made fun of my dancing. this week, i'm horrible looking. i'm getting bullied by a morning television show. like high school all over again. here's an important holiday shopping announcement. starbucks has announced they will be open on thanksgiving day. the company says the stores are a gathering place, and they have chosen to keep their doors open. that's nice. when your drunk uncle passes out in your bathroom, you can go to starbucks and use their bathroom. this is pretty great. this is video of two young boys, brothers, the video is very popular online. and listen to it closely, because the best part is the dad trying not to laugh while he reprimands them. >> did you think this was a good idea? who got the paint out? your brother did? no? how did he get it?
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do you think i should not give you guys anymore juice? [ laughter ] >> what is funny? >> nothing is funny, bud. how do you think we're going to get this paint off? [ laughter ] >> what's funny? what's funny? >> both of you guys are in big trouble. >> big trouble? >> big trouble. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's like "braveheart" in the bathtub. let me tell you something -- [ applause ] thank god for phones with cameras on them, because if that happened in, like, 1982, unless it happened to steven spielberg's kids, none of us would be able to see it. there's a hot new wedding trend i did not know about until today.
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many couples are including exotic animals in their wedding ceremonies. for real. wedding planners say they've been sourcing everything from elephants to monkeys to pythons for weddings. one great thing about having an elephant at your wedding is that you look very thin next to it. python seems like a bad idea, right? cue the flower girl. where's the flower -- [ laughter ] i'm torn on this, because i don't think having exotic animals in a wedding is a good idea, but i'm very much looking forward to seeing youtube videos of it going wrong. [ laughter ] weddings and monkeys do not mix. as you know, there are many reality competition shows on television right now. there's "american idol," "the voice," "project runway." what are some of the other ones, guillermo? >> "american idol." >> jimmy: there's an echo in this room. anyway, all these shoes a s this room. anyway, all these shoes ahows a looking for the same thing. that's talent. that's why i decided to create my own show, where talent is not
12:13 am
a factor. we put out an ad asking people a simple question. what asked, do you have what it takes? we gave no details about the show other than that, and 100 people showed up to audition. they had no idea what they were getting into. they had no idea who the judges were. so fair, we aired the first two rounds. tonight, things are about to get real. it's episode three of "do you have what it takes?" >> previously on "do you have what it takes?" >> we are looking for someone who has it. >> it's not a performance competition. >> what do you have in xhoon with a shooting star? >> a powerful personage. >> if we could only choose one of you, which one should we choose? >> me. ♪ do you have what it takes
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>> two grueling days of auditioning had taken its toll on the judges. in order to get through day three, they decided to pick up the pace. >> jimmy: what we're going to do is, we're going to give you 30 seconds to prove to us that you've got what it takes. set the clock. let's begin. >> i'm going to make you remember why i came in this -- [ yelling ] >> jimmy: time's up. wow. that was -- ridiculous. >> following intense
12:15 am
deliberations, the judges selected this guy, this guy, not this guy, but this guy and this guy. >> everyone just seemed so talented, but this is a talent competition. it's more of a personality. >> in total, 12 lucky contenders had moved onto the quarterfinal round. >> jimmy: you're all here because you might have what it takes. you know what the truth is? each one of you may have what it takes, but we have to narrow it down. so, i'm going to ask carter and taylor, please switch positions. matt, go stand next to swaggy-t. rhonda and carter, please switch positions. maria and erika, switch
12:16 am
positions. back to the original position. kennedy, will you go stand right by that true for a second, right there? yeah, right in between those trees. separate the two groups into groups of three. carter, rhonda, nadir -- i'm very sorry. >> it's all right. >> jimmy: but you're moving onto the next round. [ applause ] >> taylor, kennedy, t.s., it's over, i'm sorry. maria, matt, swaggy-t, you're moving onto the next round. amber, erika, ronald, please exit the premises immediately. thank you all. >> with that, the quarterfinals came to an end. e motions ran high. >> hello? >> dad. i'm going to be on a tv show
12:17 am
called "do you have what it takes" and i made it through. and i really want to thank you for everything. and i love you so much. >> okay, son. >> thank you, dad. >> yeah. why are you crying? >> and then -- there were six. >> jimmy: unfortunately, we can only take four. that means two of you are going to have to go home. it's time to find out if you have what it takes. each one of us is going to pick one of you. we will be your mentor going forward. malcolm? >> carter. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what do you think, carter? you're the first picked. >> believe me, the honor is all mine, not yours.
12:18 am
this is a jaw-dropper in every capacity. definitely. >> jimmy: ali? >> based on what i've seen today, i'm going to have to go with nadir. >> thank you so much. >> jimmy: chilli. >> it's very important to me that this particular person gets a chance to show the world that they have what it takes. maria. >> thank you. >> jimmy: there are three of you left. and the person that i'm going to pick is the person i believe in this whole group wants it and appreciates it more than anyone. and that's swaggy-t. [ laughter ] >> thank you so much. >> max, rhonda.
12:19 am
thank you so much, matt and rhonda. we wish you the best. >> bye-bye, guys. >> maybe i don't have what it takes. [ laughter ] ♪ i will remember you ♪ will you remember me ♪ don't let your love >> i didn't get my backpack. [ laughter ] ♪ i will remember you >> jimmy: all right, well --
12:20 am
only four of you remain. and now this becomes a competition, not just between the four of you, but between the four of us. >> yeah. >> jimmy: we've all made our picks. >> uh-huh. >> jimmy: guys? let's do this. >> woo! >> jubilation. triumph. >> am i right? >> one of these four people has what it takes. >> on the next "do you have what it takes?" -- >> i love you so much. >> all right. ♪ do you have what it takes >> jimmy: join us one week from tonight for the home visits and mentoring sessions with our final four contestants and the live finale right here on
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december 3rd. what a journey this has been so far. tonight on the show, we have music from the new basement tapes. tracee ellis ross is here. and we'll be right back with jamie foxx, so stick around. as our bourbon ages a small amount evaporates this is the angel's share gone forever. but some liquid stays trapped deep inside the wood. this is the devil's cut. we've made history by extracting it. a richer full flavored bourbon. devil's cut from jim beam.
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>> jimmy: hello, friends. tonight, from the very funny new show "blackish," which airs wednesday nights here on abc, tracee ellis ross is here. then later, the master of music production, t-bone burnett, has assembled a super group that includes marcus mumford of "mumford and sons," jim james of "my morning jacket," taylor goldsmith from "dawes," rhiannon giddens and the great elvis costello. their album is called "lost on the river," the new basement tapes from the at&t stage. [ cheers and applause ] they found a bunch of lyrics that were handwritten by bob dylan and they put them to music. it's a great album. tomorrow night, another supergroup of a very different variety will be here. one direction will join us. from "how to get away with murder," tom verica will be here. and we'll have music from jessie j featuring 2 chainz. our first guest tonight is an
12:27 am
oscar and golden globe-winning actor and platinum-selling recording artist and three-time nobel peace prize runner up. you can see him next in "horrible bosses 2," it opens in theaters one week from today. please welcome jamie foxx. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for coming. i know you're not feeling well, that's why i assume i got the elbow bump. >> i don't want to give you that. >> jimmy: i appreciate that. a lot of people just kind of pretend and try to make me sick and i dive for the purell under my desk. >> unless you're trying to lose some weight, i don't want to give you this. >> jimmy: has it been mad? >> bro, i lost half of me in four days. >> jimmy: you had it for four
12:28 am
days? >> y'all trying to cut down before thanksgiving, let me kiss you. >> jimmy: do you have any idea who infected you with this virus? >> i have no idea. i party so much. i was partying and -- >> jimmy: party virus. >> i thought it was some extracurricular things i had done. >> jimmy: it may have been. you never know. >> i don't think it was that. it couldn't have been that. and then i was at another party, i was in d.c. and i was dancing and it was crazy, because -- i felt like this girl was a little sweaty, but i was like, man, whatever, maybe she's -- whatever. and then all of a sudden, it's like -- something's going on. so, i don't -- i don't know. i just hate it. i hate it. >> jimmy: you're a real trooper to come here. do you have a fever right now? >> yeah, yeah. this is all -- this is -- this is real time right now. >> jimmy: is your mom still living with you? >> yes. >> jimmy: does she take care of you when you're sick? >> not at all. >> jimmy: no?
12:29 am
>> she's still clubbing, too. she's like, no. please. i got to go out tonight, please, keep that somewhere else. >> jimmy: who is living in your house right now? >> everybody. you live there right now. i have both of my sisters, my mother, my biological mother and my stepfather and they all -- we all live together and what's crazy, my biological mother and my stepfather been divorced for 20 years. and they live in the same house, which is crazy, because, you know, it's like now i'm the parent. you know, he's still dating. he's trying to get it cracking and -- [ laughter ] but you know, she'll go on his side of the house just to see who is in there, you know. >> jimmy: oh, i see. >> to is girl will be in there, she'll go in the refrigerator. oh, hey, how you doing? ah, george, there's some spoiled food in this refrigerator. >> jimmy: wow.
12:30 am
>> and then he comes to my side, says, can you tell her not to come over here, and i'm like, you kids. >> jimmy: it's like a sitcom. >> you want to talk about a reality show? it is real. and my other sister, who i love dearly, as a matter of fact, she has down syndrome and she used to be a spokesperson for down syndrome. shoutout to her. don't feel too bad for her, because -- she's from the hood, like, i'll catch it. i got on a diet, sometimes i'll catch her getting cookies or something like that and i'll be like, what are you doing with those cookies? oh, jay, you know, i got down syndrome. i go -- [ laughter ] down syndrome people do? get out of here with that! but -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: this is some house you
12:31 am
got going on. >> i'm so proud of her. as a matter of fact, in denver, shoutout to mr. and mrs. seize. they do a big down syndrome convention in denver and she became the spokesperson and the reason she did is because she is so great. we did a song called "blame it on the alcohol" a couple of years back. >> jimmy: this is where you guys are supposed to clap. [ cheers and applause ] everyone is still deciding if they're comfortable with the down syndrome revelation or not. >> man, it is what it is. >> jimmy: it is what it is. >> i didn't do it. ing that >>jimmy: that's right. >> yeah, they do this big -- the global down syndrome thing in denver. and the reason my sister was acknowledged was because when we did "blame it on the alcohol," this is what i mean by -- [ applause ] she said, big bro, you going to let me dance in the video, because she can dance. i said, yeah, we got you. everybody was in the video. she's like, big brother, don't
12:32 am
forget me. you got to let me dance in the video. i got you. and then finally, she had a purse and in the purse, it was hair sticking out of the purse. i said what is that? she said, that's my pony tail, i'm going to throw that in when i get ready to dance. so, her mother's on the side of the stage, come on, let me put your hair in. she puts the their and my sister absolutely annihilates this video, was absolutely amazing and then people from the down syndrome community saw her, said who is this beautiful girl rocking out like this -- >> jimmy: wow. that's great. does she love doing that? [ applause ] >> man -- listen. she loves it. she's gone to congress because when mr. and mrs. c started it, it was maybe a couple million dollars being given to down syndrome. after they startled four years ago, it's up to $300 million. she's been to d.c. -- >> jimmy: the whole family is talented. jamie foxx is here. his movie is "horrible bosses
12:33 am
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y'all criminals.
12:38 am
see, you can't have this both ways. every time you come in here, just like, we're just happy go lucky guys. once again, through no fault our our own, not looking for trouble. you tried to kill your boss. one of them ended up dead. now you want to perpetrate a kidnapping? you are the craziest criminals i've ever seen in my life. you want to be criminals? you got to act like it. >> word. >> jimmy: "horrible bosses 2" opens next wednesday. >> yes. >> jimmy: thanksgiving. right before thanksgiving. i think -- you do a lot of the charity events. you hosted an event that supported the apollo theater in the hamptons earlier this year. >> yeah, for sure. shoutout to ron perlman who actually -- he brings all of us together at his house in the hamptons and we raise the money to keep the doors open to the apollo. it's a fantastic group. sting performed this past time,
12:39 am
pharrell performed. clap if you know these people -- [ applause ] ah -- what's interesting about this is that everybody there, i mean, it's a lot of money, people there, like, shoutout to kraft who owns the patriots, shoutout to all those cats -- [ applause ] but what's interesting is is that every year that we've done this since i've been involved, i've always somehow got republicans on stage to dance. i know that sounds -- i know that sounds weird. i know that's coming from out of nowhere, but you have to know the room, like, i been, like, last year, not this last year, but the last year before this, colin powell is in the audience. so, i go up to perform and my thing is, no color, no creed, no politics, we partying tonight. i saw colin out there, you come up here and dance. he's like, no, no, no. [ laughter ] come on, man. and his kids was like -- so, he
12:40 am
gets on stage and he dances to "gold digger," which was crazy. [ applause ] yeah. and so, and then last year i tried to get bill o'reilly. get away from me jamie foxx. >> jimmy: you think the fox connection would be enough. >> he slithered away. i didn't get him. but this year, it was crazy, because, i see governor chris christie there and he's -- i see him, i said -- i said, look, i might need you up there today. whatever, whatever, he was jol ly, whatever. >> jimmy: i think we have a little bit of video of that. let's show that. now, which one is governor christie? >> that's governor christie right there. oh, man. oe oh, man. >> jimmy: all right. as if that wasn't wrong enough, and that was very strong. >> what is that?
12:41 am
that is hilarious. so, governor christie goes up, and the whole night, senator mccain and his wife were not looking at me while i was sitting down at the table, i'm right here. and i could tell, trying to feel me out. but when i got on stage and he saw christie go up, i looked out to see what senator mccain was doing, he was looking at me like, come on, what's up, come on with it, come on with it. you ready? he got up and i don't know if you got -- >> jimmy: oh, yeah, we do. yeah. [ laughter ] [ applause ] is he doing the robot, or -- having a seizure? >> i don't know what it was. but i just know he had an absolute ball. and basically, our message is, like, listen, take whatever this energy is in this room and take it out and let everybody feel it because -- >> jimmy: i feel like the only person that could potentially get the republicans and democrats together is you, jamie foxx. [ applause ] we need your help. jamie foxx.
12:42 am
"horrible bosses 2" opens next wednesday. thank you very much, jamie. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ when the snow comes to cover the ground ♪ ♪ it's a time for play, it's a whipped cream day ♪ ♪ i wait for it all year round ♪ ♪ in winter it's a marshmallow world. ♪ ♪
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>> jimmy: welcome back. tracee ellis ross and the new
12:47 am
basement tapes are on the way. but first, i want to wish a very happy birthday to larry king. larry turned 81 years old today. to honor his special day, a fifth grader named luke has prepared a little presentation for us. luke? take it away. [ applause ] >> hi, everybody. i'm larry king, and today is my 81st birthday. some people think i am dead, but i am not. i'm alive! people say i am the "king" of broadcasting, because i have been broadcasting for almost 60 years and i'm still going strong. my new show plays on the computer! [ laughter ] well, thanks gang. i have to go now. i love baseball and suspenders!
12:48 am
>> jimmy: guillermo, can you help -- there you go. thank you, luke. we'll be right back with tracee ellis ross. ♪ hey man, have you tried the voice text on the new iphone 6? yeah, it's amazing. especially with things that don't normally work with regular texts like sarcasm. [sarcastically] please bring amanda. she's soo fun. or if you want to sing a message. [singing] ♪ do you need anything from the store. like 2% milk or skim? ♪ or just getting around words that are really hard to spell. tell the mcdonahaney's that we can't go camping because our exchange student, thelonious, has arachnophobia, which is a shame because we prepared a smorgasbord of charcuterie for his bicentennial jamboree. ♪
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>> jimmy: cleto on the tenor saxophone. still to come, we have music from the new basement tapes. but first, a talented woman from a talented family. you can see her every week on "blackish," which airs wednesday nights at 9:30 here on abc. please welcome tracee ellis ross. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i want to say welcome and congratulations on not only is "blackish" popular, but it is very, very funny. >> thank you. i like when they both happen at the same time. >> jimmy: they don't always go hand in hand. i know you got picked up for a full season. >> it's very exciting. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. >> jimmy: are you getting a
12:54 am
sense that people are watching it -- >> it's been really fun. it's very rare. i've been in the business a little while. it's really rare to get on a show that people are watching. it's really cool. i'm very excited about that. it's really fun. people -- it's not just that people are like, oh, that moment was so funny on the show, people are retelling story office their lives that they remember and identify with, the sex talk episode, i had a lot of people coming up, saying, i remember when my mom gave me the sex talk. it wasn't as good as that one. >> jimmy: your mom is diana ross. >> this is true. [ cheers and applause ] i take full responsibility for her career. >> jimmy: congratulations on that. >> thank you so much. >> jimmy: did she give you the sex talk? >> oh. she did. >> jimmy: she did? >> i don't know if any of those talks are okay for tv. >> jimmy: you don't have to recount it. >> she did. my mom was very vocal about certain things. i remember her saying one thing that is good for tv, she said, don't let a -- she didn't say it
12:55 am
like this. my mom is not -- >> jimmy: she said it like this. >> she said -- ♪ don't make it >> don't let a man pay for dinner because they'll expect dessert. >> jimmy: oh really? >> i don't know that that has served me well, because i should probably have been dating men that maybe could have paid for dinner. >> jimmy: yeah. that's the -- date men who can pay for dinner. >> who can pay for dinner and maybe you'll want to give them dessert. >> jimmy: did you ever have the sense that you were having an unusual childhood? >> oh, yeah. yeah. i definitely -- we had some extraordinary opportunities. my mom is very much a mom before she's anything else. so she never traveled for longer than a week. she recorded while well were sleeping. she would wake us up for school. all those things that were really important to her about creating the reality of our life, but i also was painted by andy warhol, i've been to the white house numerous times, i have -- i -- oh, boy. yes. >> jimmy: yeah.
12:56 am
this is -- this is an unbelievable story to me. this is a polaroid that was -- >> taken by andy warhol. >> jimmy: of you as a little girl. >> i actually remember the moment quite well. >> jimmy: you remember this happening? >> we went to the factory to have it done. we were sitting on big cubes and everything, floors, ceiling, walls, everything was painted mint green. i was very freaked out there was this man that was bald but had glasses and this hair that looked like a hat but like, i couldn't understand why there was no hair around his head but there was this hat of hair that was white sitting on his head. and, you know, he sat there, he didn't want us to do anything and i was this child, this very little child. i took off my glasses so i couldn't really see. i remember my strap fell off my shoulder and i went to, like, put it back up and he was like, don't touch it, don't touch it. it was like, oh, god. i felt like coco in "fame". what happens now?
12:57 am
my mom was there. we have lithographs of me and my sisters and drawings. >> jimmy: did you know michael jackson? i know your mother -- >> did know michael jackson. he was apart of our -- yes, you can applaud that. [ cheers and applause ] did know michael jackson. and i actually -- yes. there was a funny -- it's really interesting thing to be -- to know that things are, like, crazy opportunity, like, i remember we were going to bed one night and my mom said, does anyone want to talk to michael before you go to sleep -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: my no, ma'am never said that. >> she never said that? marvin gaye never called your house? >> jimmy: rarely. on the holidays, of course. >> he was like, i want your number. an interesting tidbit about marvin gaye? >> jimmy: what? >> my uncle wrote many of those songs. >> jimmy: is that right? >> yes. isn't that right? arthur ross, yeah. anyway, michael called one night -- >> jimmy: my uncle works for the
12:58 am
phone company. >> that is amazing. high five. so he called one night and i was in the throes of having a fight with one of my friends at school and, you know, when you're young, my dad's a police officer, he'll beat you up. so, she was -- we were talk iin about the song and she was like, i know what he's saying. michael's my friend, i'm going to ask him. so, that night when he called, i was like, yeah, i want to talk to michael. i got something to ask him. so, i was like, michael? he's like, yeah, ooh! unbelievable. and i said, so, what were you actually saying when you say that and he was like, i don't know, what do you think? i've been saved by the sound of michael's song. and he was like -- ♪ i've been save by the sound of michael's song ♪ i mean, it seems like, of course
12:59 am
that's what he was saying. >> jimmy: what did he say? >> no. no. i mean, i think i could have -- again, responsible for my mother's career. that man could have had a really big career if he had just listened to me. he could have been huge. >> jimmy: you call lionel richie and ask him what -- >> i'll probably come up with that. >> jimmy: figure that out. >> i rewrite lyrics. >> jimmy: i have 20,000 more questions for you, but we are out of time. you'll have to come back. tracee ellis ross, everybody. watch her on "blackish" wednesday nights at 8:30 right here on abc. we'll be back with the new basement tapes.
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1:01 am
>> jimmy: i want to thank jamie foxx, tracee ellis ross, and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. "nightline" is next, but first, this is their debut album, "lost
1:02 am
on the river." here with the song "nothing to it," the new basement tapes. ♪ ♪ well i knew i was young enough and i knew there was nothing to it ♪ ♪ cause i'd already seen it done enough and i knew there was nothing to it ♪ ♪ there was no organization i wanted to join so i stayed by myself and took out a coin ♪ ♪ there i sat with my eyes in my hand just contemplating killing a man ♪ ♪ for greed was one thing i just couldn't stand if i was you i'd put back what i took ♪ ♪ a guilty man's got a guilty look
1:03 am
heads i will and tails i won't ♪ ♪ as long as the call won't be my own well you don't have to turn your pockets inside out ♪ ♪ but i'm sure you can give me something well you don't have to go into your bank account ♪ ♪ but i'm sure you can give me something ♪ ♪ ♪ well i knew i was young enough and i knew there was nothing to it ♪ ♪ cause i'd already seen it done enough and i knew there was nothing to it one more time ♪ ♪ well i knew i was
1:04 am
young enough and i knew there was nothing to it ♪ ♪ cause i'd already seen it done enough and i knew there was nothing to it ♪ ♪ and i knew there was nothing to it and i knew there was nothing to it ♪ ♪ and i knew there was nothing to it and i knew there was nothing to it ♪ ♪ ♪
1:05 am
♪ ♪
1:06 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ fill up the glasses and take your stand tip your hat to the world ♪ ♪ button up the bowtie and dance around once again with the fat hawaiian girl ♪ ♪ duncan and jimmy walk side by side nobody walks between them ♪ ♪ duncan and jimmy walk side by side has anybody seen them ♪ ♪
1:07 am
this is "nightline." tonight, labor of love. how far would you go for a stranger? >> unselfish thing anyone can ever do. >> they've never met, but they are about to save each other's lives. >> meeting the patients and them being so -- i'm getting emotional. being so happy. >> selfless men and women risking everything to go under the knife. and we're inside the o.r., as a record-breaking transplant chain is under way. plus, no rope, no safety equipment, and no turning back. >> i stood there for a minute being like, what have i done? >> meet the extreme mountain climber who has built a career by defying death. but first, the "nightline" five. >> when heartburn comes creeping up on you, fight back with release so smooth, it's fast.


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