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tv   Action News  ABC  November 28, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> good morning, 5 a.m., never 28. what do you think happening today. >> stores are filling up with shoppers. >> eagles remain back home overnight. boy what a game. they stuck it to the cowboys on thanksgiving we're bracing for a
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chilly day from accuweather. >> a lot of you will head out to do shopping. let's talk to david, matt has traffic. >> but the coat on and extra couple layers. it's a chilly start. satellite showing us clouds. you can see a lot of breakup. most of the clouds will have a hard time defeating relatively mild air in place over in the east and generally speaking a lot of sun up over the horizon later down the pike. 34 right now in philadelphia though and still holding mid 20s in the lehigh valley 31 reading, 32 wilmington, close to that millville. mid you 30s. even at the boardwalk it's been milder last few weeks. it's still cold this morning. bit of breeze out there giving you wind chills making it feel 20s in the region. 27 in philadelphia, 17 wind chill in allentown. again numbers that reinforce the idea you want those gloves on this morning and those layers. if you will be heading out doing your shopping stuff, 34 degrees by 9:00, 38 by moon. staying in 30s.
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getting better by noon. 39 by 3:00. that will be the high. we'll vik that 2:00 and sit on it by 3:00. back down 35 by 6:00. there will be a gu wind through the region 25 miles an hour gusting higher than that and making it feels in 20s most of the day. what about the weekend? i'll have that call. things will get milder, matt. >> i'm glad you pulled yourself in from the shopping i know you were out there overnight. >> yawning. >> yes. >> good morning, everybody, we're seeing shoppers out on the roads this morning. not a ton of them. roads clear, dry, we're along 202 near the mall. as you zoom out you can see the maul offer to the right side of the screen. some move about in this area. mall open until 1 a.m. and will open 6:00.
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just about an hour and stay open until 10:00 tonight. right now not a lot of traffic on 202. on the big picture speeds look fine on the schuylkill. 95. roosevelt boulevard. no complaints. tacony palmyra bridge opening wrapped up. if you head to willow grove park mall this morning that has been open since 6:00 last night staying open until 10:00 tonight. no problems open the turnpike. if you head to philadelphia mills franklin mills of course along woodhaven things looking fine so far this morning as well. tam. >> thank you, matt. of course you check into the mall it's black friday super bowl of holiday shopping. >> shopping because there's so many good deals for christmas. >> and the exton square mall in chester county was busy throughout the night and early morning. the mall opened 6:00 last night and bargain hunters are targeting door buster deals and others enjoying shopping on their days off. "action news" reporter katherine scott is liver at the cherry hill mall in new jersey. katherine it is now 5:03 in the
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morning are you in there it doesn't look like you're by yourself? >> definitely not by myself. from the looks of it people have been here a very long time. 6:00 last night in fact. it's black friday. these shoppers come here every year a lot of them and they say they don't mind sacrificing sleep in the name of good discounts. you can see that is busy right now. people coming since 6:00 last night when it's open. some got rest first. others came from thanksgiving dinners. so because of when it opened at 6:00 last night and the fact it's open all night until 10:00 tonight we seen shopers in waves as opposed to one concentrated rush. national retail federation said 1 40 million consumer reports likely to shop over the holiday weekend and some set out with precise list of things to buy and others see where the discounts take them.
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cherry hill mall may be one stop. >> we came out because it's tradition. we were not looking for anything in particular. we went out and got scarves, nran elz, phone case that was about it. of course, we're going to go throughout the rest of the day and continue to other malls and other stores. >> and that's why a lot of people say they come out and get deals. they're here also fort experience. they like to see their friends and they like to enjoy the post thanksgiving buzz here at the mall with all the other shoppers as they get the holiday shopping season underway here. so, people having a lot of fun this morning despite theer early hour and again bustling, 11 hours after opening and supposed to stay open cherry hill mall until 10:00 tonight. live at the ker ci hill mall. katherine scott. >> it looks the the action
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cam was at the tarring net wynnefield heights section in philadelphia yesterday as the store opened. shoppers began filling up carts. electrics were hot items including a 40" tv for 119 dollars. is many had app eye ton that target issued tickets for the purchase. >> some people spent their day in line waiting for bargains like that one. outside the best buy in king of prussia the line wrapped around the building. people began wait around 5 a.m. thanksgiving and the big bargain here a samsung galaxy phone going for a buck. >> it's got awesome camera and very pretty and it's a dollar. and i have not upgraded my known three years and i'm poor. >> hey. >> that's good. >> i guess those are good reasons. king of prussia mall was not going to be left out of early sales. h & m, lord and taylor and gap were among luring shoppers with 40, 50rbgs even 60% off and as
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you hit the stores today remember do yourself the favor of checking out the black friday play book on i just tweet today out, too. you'll find dozens of deals for local stores and many are exclusive to 6abc viewers. plaque friday play book is on the home page of >> eagles have returned to philadelphia enjoying their status as the first place team in the nfc east all alone. the action cam was at philadelphia international airport where victorious birds landed early this morning. eagles running back lesean mccoy propelled eagles to 33-10 win over dallas they shredded cowboy defense gaping 159 yards including 38 yard touchdown run. a reporter asked coach chip kelly if the team's demolition of dallas was some kind of statement? >> no, i don't i think our message to green bay was the same thing you have to flush this and get ready for a seattle
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team. nobody will say that. >> i'm proud of this effort on such a short week. awesome job by defense and offensive line it was really sglun the 9-3 eagles face seahawks at home one week from sunday and then face cowboys at home one week after that. >> wow. >> i like what kelly said don't stay here let's focus on what we need to do. >> you can see the benefit of what they're doing. >> exciting. >> stormtracker 6 double scan hows us not exciting out there now which is good. as we look at sky6 there is wilmington. and so far, so good on wind. it's not that strong. we have cold numbers to start out. you will want layers as you head to malls or anything else you're doing early on. 34 currently in philadelphia, 24 allentown and 31 in trenton. 32 wilmington and 33 millville and again a little bit of wind
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blowing making it feel like it's even cooler. there's crazy lady and here come the numbers for black friday. 6:00 this morning 31. 32 by 7 and 34 by nine me time in the next several hours it will be cold even by 11:00 still in 30s and winds picking up after sunrise making it feel in 20s. satellite hows us cloud cover overnight is doing a good job of clearing out stuff to the west will erode before it gets here and i expect mainly sunny skies today and up in allentown mostly sunny. brisk breeze in the lehigh valley high of 36 wind chills in the 0s. down at the shore 4 2. mostly sunny cold wind giving you wind chills in low 30s at the best of times today. in philadelphia brisk mostly sunny winds northwest 10 to 20 gusting higher than that and giving winds chills in upper 20s through the day. 32 by 8 and up to 37 by 11 high
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of 39 hits 2:00 down to 36 by 5:00. chilly the next couple days. he aventsly sunday we tap into milder stuffthwest tomorrow chilly most of the time and 40s. sunday afternoon we end up with milder high 55 and spovt rain at night. how about monday up to 60. mild. shower possible. not until nighttime the way things look. and we're a little cooler tuesday. >> better numbers ahead. >> like that 60. >> thank you, david. >> it's now 5:10 and when we come back we will be taking a look at the day's other headlines including group of burglars ramming pickup truck through a wall targeting burglars inside. >> they ovrp face the same
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danger as football players do. we'll take a look at that story coming up. >> good morning you to matt if you head to the philadelphia premium outlets along 422 it's a nice, clear, quiet ride here in both directions by the collegeville interest change. we'll check other mall traffic coming up in a few minutes. >> and also talk sports. flyers face a rival twice this weekend as they try to get back flyers face a rival twice this weekend as they try to get back on
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ghirardelli squares peppermint bark.zvous ♪ rich chocolate layers and festive peppermint. a ghirardelli original. ♪ a little reward for all the things you do ♪ get them before they disappear. >> inside a walmart store.
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in the bridesburg section of philadelphia. couple people there one bern a shopping cart and walmart is looking like likes of that and and next friday you have to shop and we're there waiting for more >> you can see traffic on theetw roadways surrounding mall is very light. >> dekalb pirks, people out and about this morning. let's take a break from shopping and talk about other favorite topics, construction. good construction news in frank ownia.
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if you wish miss the show they reopened intersection of cowpath road, god shaw road and west broad closed since father's day. timely reopened wednesday before the thanksgiving holiday. new shiny traffic light. great news in frank coneia township. if you're out and about in new jersey and headed to maybe cherry hill mall route 38 or moorestown hill mall both are open now staying open until 10:00 tonight no problems on 38, 70, 7, if taking 73 to promenade at marlton no problems there and some stores open as early as 6:00. most are not open at this point. so no problems in new jersey. let's do the commuter report on this black friday morning and of course we're watching all the alerts by all of the area malls so. here along 202 exton area if you head to exton square mall vehicle stopped on the road. hopefully they get them pushed off to the sixtd watch for that southbound lanes as you head down to the 30 bypass. tam. >> okay.
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thank you, matt. egg harbor township police are investigating a serious crash it happened last night. officers blocked off parts of 1500 block spruce avenue we're told at least one person was seriously injured. a band of brazen burglars in chicago couldn't wait for black friday deals. this is new video from smash and grab robbery there this week. a truck slammed through back wall of clothing store and then at least 20 thieves rushed inside. the thieves escaped with some 08 pairs of expensive jeans worth at least 250 a pair and prad shoes and other items. the owner says it will cost him about 100,000 for stolen misdemeanor and building damage. >> the flyers have a home in home with new york rangers first game this afternoon wells fargo center next at mad i son square garden tomorrow afternoon. flyers coming off ugly 5-2 loss to detroit two nights ago. the team held a players only meeting after that game. flyers lost six straight road
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games and on two game losing streak. >> it's now 5:16 update on traffic is next on "action news". >> and later a plow traps two children playing in the snow in new york state. how rescueers found them david. >> 39 is the high today. well below the average. still stuck in the chilly air. 27 overnight low tonight. things get better in 7-day. of course it will be a little cooler as you step outside this morning and i'll have the someday planner forecast and morning and i'll have the someday planner forecast and airport call coming up
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>> the annual 6abc thanks giving parade did its job. rick williams and cecily tynan hosted the extravaganza on 6abc. they wowed the side with dance and gigantic balloons and welcomed santa claus back to the city. >> nice. >> wow, and to supplement, of course the things that santa will be bringing on christmas eve. you know, today a lot of people are out and about trying to pick up a few things. >> and.
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>> yes if you head to the oxford valley mall a new crash unfortunately here along route 1 super highway oxford valley road. flashing lights. most activity off to the side. people are tapping breaks. heading northbound past the tren toreville norris bridge. the bbb going up for northbound ship in just a few minute. we want to head to turnpike connector bridge instead. we're headed back to normal schedule and then buses help you get to the malls. david. >> on the big board this morning, matt, chilly temperatures. 29 in pottstown. 28 coatsville and 27 fleetwood bucks county and close to freezing mark in center city and chester. lot of 30s through south jersey. freezing mark or there about in cinnaminson and woodbine and more ever the same hockessin through dover delaware. if you head out to runner randz, 34 by 9, 38 by noon and 39 by 3bg will be the high.
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we'll get winds running 10 to 20 mile an hour making it feel in the 20s most of the time. at the airport open for all green aircraft and snow happening. tam. >> thank you, david. >> we think of top athletes grid eyre and soccer fields and big top. acrobats and dancers of circqu de soleil perform 47 times a year more that twice the number of games in a baseball season. a schedule like that races chance of overnight injuries and chronic injuries that can't heal to. avoid that circqu de soleil has a coaching and rehabilitation staff that rivals those of pro sports teams. >> i have a staff of five strength and conditions specialist and nine pilates instructors. the show and theater have their own training room that meets equipment of the show. >> when running back goes down you get next fastest thing out
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there. here it's not easy. there's no craft to find somebody that rides a bike on top of high wire that does one armed hand stand on top of their head. >> circue traipzer say the show must go on. >> the whole idea of black friday really is as chaotic as it appears. "america's money". >> good morning, topping "america's money". black friday really is chaotic. a new survey finds 44% of those out in the stores today won't have a shopping list they're looking forburg ans. more than a fourth are not even sure where they're going. they need to go somewhere and shop. today is official start of the shopping season for christmas trees and they'll cost a little more this year. prices vary widely but average tree will be 20 bucks. 2 dollars more than past few years. you'll pay more as we get closer to christmas. making this year's toy hall of
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fame soap bubbles, simple, cheap, hours of fun. green army men toys that sea all kind of at that pointcys and rubik's cube. those colored problems that can be arranged in 43 con trillion different ways. happy shopping. good for the economy. right? >> got that right. >> 5:23 up next in "the buzz". >> a local town struggling to find out what to do with its charlie brown christmas tree found a solution. charlie brown christmas tree found a solution. we'll be back
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>> 5:26. hey, check out the river range there at penn's landing it's opening for the first time today at 11 a.m. and we'll have the temperatures that are really comfy for those of you skating today. 39 the high temperature. tonight's low 27. another day to bundle up. >> two children reason upstate new york recovering after getting buried in the snow from a snowplow. they were building igloo in parking lot when a truck passed by pushing hundreds of pounds of heavy snow on opening to their
5:27 am
igloo. a police officer heard cry from the snowplow. others rushed to help digging with shovels and bare hands until they pulled the 9 and 11 years out. the boys are can i. >> what a story. >> we've within tell you all week about the christmas tree in reading where they first put it in people said it looked like charlie brown tree, ugly tree. they said fine we'll get rid of it. we'll get another tree. then there became rallying cry. movement around the not so cute christmas tree. and now they decided to decorate tractor-trailer like be loved one from peanuts. they'll put one red bulb like they do in peanuts costume ton they say 50 foot norwegian pine will get the ornament during a rededication november 6 i'm glad they found a way to incorporate both kinds of trees. >> i wonder where they'll put the ball and it will go eeerrr, like the charlie brown tree. >> looking live at the cherry hill mall.
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shoppers, are they getting everything they want? when "action news" comes right everything they want? when "action news" comes right back. the holidays are for family. andis completey dinner without the delicious taste of ocean spray cranberries? it has been a tradition at our table for generations, and we hope you enjoy it too. so, from our family to yours... happy thanksgiving! okay, who likes yams?
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>> right now on "action news" the retail rush is on. we're live with the black friday crowd. shoppers trade in turkey and stuffing for deals and steals. >> new this morning a family forced out by fire and could have lost their entire home if it was not for one extraordinary group of sglem turkey was not the biggest bird on thanksgiving and after feeting on cowboys. reaction from players and coaches about the win. >> 5:30 this friday. let's go right to weather and traffic. david and matt filling in for karen and matt. >> breaking up twitter message for somebody in princeton an hour ago. they said i'm seeing light snow. if you get caught up or gets any here when there is clouds overhead it will be a flurry or light in quick. we're not looking at main weather system coming through


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