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tv   Action News  ABC  November 28, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> right now on "action news" the retail rush is on. we're live with the black friday crowd. shoppers trade in turkey and stuffing for deals and steals. >> new this morning a family forced out by fire and could have lost their entire home if it was not for one extraordinary group of sglem turkey was not the biggest bird on thanksgiving and after feeting on cowboys. reaction from players and coaches about the win. >> 5:30 this friday. let's go right to weather and traffic. david and matt filling in for karen and matt. >> breaking up twitter message for somebody in princeton an hour ago. they said i'm seeing light snow. if you get caught up or gets any here when there is clouds overhead it will be a flurry or light in quick. we're not looking at main weather system coming throughed
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it. 34 in philadelphia now. that's the big story. it's cold. 24 allentown. when you factor in the wind which is not real strong yet it's strong enough to give you wind chills in 20s and teens in allentown. lots of layers and all that extra gear if are you outside this morning. currently in philadelphia, on the train sfaition platform:00, 32. 3 by noon. high today will be 39 degrees at 3:00. i think we can hit it by two and hold on it for a while. keep in mind there's a strong breeze blowing through and we're looking at wind chills in the 20s throughout the day. matt we're getting gradually milder over the next couple days. i'll have details in the accuweather 7-day. >> you notice when you're driving in 3:30 in the morning the same vehicles day after day after day, david. >> i do too. >> yes. >> i do too. i don't think that will be the case this morning. you'll see a different batch of people. people headed to the malls. most have off work. it's not normal crowds on roadway. unfortunately one of the people
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possibly headed to mall broke down 202 southbound near 401. we saw it first on commuter report using waze app in the last half hour. now you're seeing penndot camera. on the scene. right lane blocked. people slowing down headed to exton southbound side 202. no problem that point and no problems with light volume. lots of people off today on the schuylkill expressway. vine street expressway. 95 speeds in the mid 50s. we'll get reports of icy patches out there though. one spot here in kitnervesville bucks county along easton road at river road pen doot lerted headed to the skrine to do salting there. elsewhere in bucks county route 1 super highway northbound past oxford valley if you head to that mall watch for the crash mostly off to the side. most lanes open. burlington bristol has an opening now. head to the turnpike for that. >> leftovers are put away and
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turkey is over and bargain hunters out in full force friday. "action news" reporter katherine scott begins coverage cherry hill mall. kath drin not wait to open the doors. >> people grabbed their turkey last night and grabbed their wall the and came out to find deals. cherry hill mall opened 6:00 last night it's still open now and may be around 5:30 in the morning that's not dissuading shoppers from getting out here. even at this early hour they have shopping bags in hand and a lot finding success along the way. you can very people with shopping bags 11 hours later till busy. now in the 5:00 and 6:00 hour you will see more families start to come in and they're all looking for deep discounts. national retail 23ed federation said 140 million consumers are
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lakely to shop over the holiday weekend through sunday. here's one of them. >> it's worth it for me. every year, 11 years strong. >> what is it about black friday that makes you come. >> deals, the deals, saving money every year, getting everything done in one day. can't beat it. >> and some people come here to get their gifts. also just to get shopping off their list. they wait all yearlong for black friday they know that's when they see discounts. yet some we've been speaking to don't necessarily come so shop they come for the experience. it's a post thanksgiving tradition they have done for years. the mall is open until 10:00 tonight and hopefully shoppers can pace themselves especially if they have more stops along the way. tam. >> katherine, thank you. crowds of shoppers turned out at the concord mall overnight. mall opened at 6. action cam was there as a stayed jury stream of bargain hunters
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searched for the big deal. >> i want to get a go pro. >> uh-huh. >> i don't know if they're even on sale we'll see. >> okay. >> i want a lot of really good clothes. >> i'm from germany and exchange student so it was exciting. it was crowded. everybody was there. it was crazy. >> crazy americans. the mall is not shutting its door until 10:00 tonight. >> not everyone waited until these early morning hours to get shopping done the action cam was at a kmart in northeast philadelphia which opened at 6 a.m. yesterday. the retail chain is staying open for 41 straight hours in the hopes of luring in holiday shoppers and bargain hunters. the move has drawn criticism since the decision is keeping employees from spending thanksgiving and beyond with their families. >> as you hit the stores today remember to check out black friday play book on you can find dozens of deals for local businesses including some
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exclusive to 6abc viewers, black friday play book is on home page of >> new this morning. four people were forced out of their home overnight because of a fire in chester county. the action cam was on the 1,000 block of caroline drive in west chester and crews say a fire started in garage there around 11:30 and flames quickly spread to house. if a group of volunteers had not put aside their holiday to go answer that call, the whole home would have been destroyed. fortunately no one was hurt and there's no word on how this started. >> and also new this morning eagles baby have landed and team arrived home overnight after carving up the cowboys in dallas and action cam was there as they got off the plane. >> team now has a week an a half to enjoy the win and position on top of the nfc east. sports director ducis rogers has more from cowboy's stadium. at&t stadium now on the bird texas size beat down with the boys. >> this season eagles had problems with teams with winning
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records but not against this game against the dallas cowboys. they show cowboys who is class of nfc east. after the game it was not about that. >> we're not into statements just about playing football. we give your sovl an opportunity play meaningful football in december and this week every week is a whole different animal. >> every team has their day. even when we lost it green bay. that day they were better than us. i don't think if we played them three, four times i don't think they would blow us out like that. so, every team has their day. >> lesean has 1,000 yards rushing this season becomes the first running back to have four, 1,000 yard campaigns. in arlington, i'm ducis rogers, "channel 6 action news." >> seattle next then the cowboys. >> both of those next games at home. if you're a season ticket hold are you have to be happy. >> next up weather we'll see if we can do that nice for you how it plays out over the next couple weeks.
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right now stormtracker 6 double scan shows you we're primarily dry. every now and then popup flurry or quick hitting snow shower here or there. not seeing a lot of that right now. as we look outside, sky6. at the airportch the big story this morning is that it is on the cold side. take a look at temperatures. 34 in philadelphia. dew point low and winds not strong. west northwest 8 miles an hour. and winds embassy where running a little higher than that. 12 miles an hour poconos and 10 wilmington and millville. these winds after the sun gets up will start to pull down some air from aloft and transfer to the ground. air up there running faster and these winds pick up. looking at 10 to 20 mile wind generally over the day i should say. wind chills making it feel like in 20s most of the time today. bringing in that always on day planner for you so you can nrans ahead if you like. satellite shows you a lack of cloud cover across most of the region a little bit over south
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jersey that is where you're seeing breaks and sun over the horizon. mostly sunny skies for majority of the day. chilly though. 2 by 8:00 and 37 by 11:00 and high today 39 but probably hit that at. i can see us sitting there at 3 and 36 by 5:00. high temperatures turz across the region mid 30s in allentown and low 40s in cape may and everybody else in between we're dealing with cold wind through the day. saturday, rather cloudy. high of 40. because we got a warm front coming at us. warmer air on the side of that front. chilly had out ahead of it. 11 below average. chilly one tomorrow and that front gets past us and things get better on sunday. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast today's high, 39, sunny, cold, brisk side, tomorrow, 40, still chilly, similar to today, winds might be a little less. and then sunday milder up to 55 in the afternoon. which will feel notably
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different and we'll have maybe a little shower at night. monday, very mild, 60. another chance of shower. but mainly at night. sunday night, monday night a couple showers popping through. and then tuesday, behind that latest front we're back to 45. but then and maybe a shower here or there and 49 close to 50. >> on thursday -- >> thank you, david, 5:40 now still to come on "action news" how protesters of the grand jury decision in furgeson plan to use black friday to make a point in parents goat hear their late son's heartbeat again after their son's death. this heart-warming story coming up next. >> slick spots out there again this morning tam and accident resulting as vehicles spun around in northbound lanes of 95 near washington avenue and penn's landing. police just pulled up to the scene. we also have issues on 202 route 1 if you head to the malls check our traffic report first coming
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up. >> and we have update on a supreme court justice who underwent emergency heart surgery. underwent emergency heart surgery. "action news" right back ♪
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yesterday. they never close. people getting up early. just like tam and i do every day. not to work. to shop. >> and we hope they are getting really good deals out there. an a lot of people will head to malls over over the place matt pellman and they want to know are there tears avoid. >> possibly yes there are. i'm still in thanksgiving mode, matt, tam, i'm thinking about food. what else is new for me. in that vein we have a lot on plates and not a lot of traffic at this point but lots of people headed to malls. slick spots because of temperatures. vehicles breaking down also possibly because of cold temperatures. as we head to the burbs disabled vehicles 202 frazier area southbound lanes right in the work zone taking out the right lane as you head to 401.everythd to exton square mall or south towards west chest they are morning. few other broken down vehicles there's one upper providence not
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far from that complex where the movie tavern is along 29 and arcola road. if you head to the outlets limerick right now lasting until 10:00 tonight. no problems 42 to get you out there to limerick. broken down vehicle in newhan after montgomery county cold flesh road at layfield road 663 and icy conditions in kitnervesville river road penndot has been called off to do a little salting this morning. elsewhere in bucks county let's head back outside. we had a crash here along route 1 super highway norm of oxford valley which by the way the stores there open at 6:00 this morning and just about 15 minutes but the crash we had northbound headed to trenton morrisville bridge is out of the way. lanes open. emergency crews have cleared out as well. let's do the commuter report brought you to by waze app if you head to concord maul this morning stores open 6:00 you're looking good 20 concord pike.
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no problem britain lakes baltimore pike by 202 painers crossing no issues at this point, tam. >> thank you. >> protesters in furgeson are calling for a plaque friday boy cot today. violent nights there stopped. groups have been painting designs in fly wood that cover store front trying to guard against vandals many are hopeful the worst is over after two days of peaceful protests. national guard troops are standing by. officer darren wilson will not be indicted in deadly shooting of michael brown. >> ruth bader ginsburg is out of the hospital after having emergency heart surgery. the 81-year-old is resting at home. she was rushed to the hospital tuesday night after reporting not feeling well while exercising. doctors entered up putting a snint her rights core fairy art troy relieve a blockage. "washington post" reports ginsburg is suspected to be back at work as early as sglon pay
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lay is still in the hospital because of an infection. the 74-year-old is reportedly doing better and could be released in the next few days. two weeks ago pay lay had surge troy remove kidney stones. he remains a worldwide ambassador for soccer. rewon three world cups while play be for braz sglil on to a story i love. death of a 2-year-old minnesota students was devastating for parents and sister. but this week his family got to hear his heartbeat once again. he was an organ donor and his heart went to tom meeks. because of his age and health concerns five different hospitals refused to consider the vietnam veteran for a heart transplants. mayo clinic gave him a lifeline putting him on the waiting list. last march he got the call. it's been 8 months. this week he got to the meet the family and invited them to listen to matt's he heartbeating now in his body. >> thank you.
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thank you. >> believe me it's my pleasure. >> the two families shared memories and created new ones. and matt deposit sai save just tom's life his harvested organs saved 60 people. you taught see this story. it tells us a lot about giving and gratitude. >> and hopefully he more people will be willing to donate organs when they die. it compound a tragedy on the 911 memorial. burger king employee cleaning up a restaurant finds a backpack with huge pile of cash. david. >> cold out there this morning. this afternoon only going to 39 well below average high and 27 tonight below average. couple chilly days before things start to get better. cold are now. start to get better. cold are now. when we come back i'll give you
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>> what would do you if you came cross a bag filled with $1 0 0,000. >> give to the police. >> a burger king employee in california had the same thought. someone who works for him saw a backpack in a booth. she called this man the restaurant owner when nobody came for the bag. >> i opened the zipper than was lots of money in there. cash money. 100 dollar bills stacked up like half of the bag packed with money. i said wow, today is my birthday i said oh, my god this is my birth day gift. >> not quite. he did not keep the money instead called police. smart move there along with money they found marijuana and bank deposit slip. somebody wants the money but probably don't want to talk
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about the other part. they're trying to track down the ownerer. call the police. >> they invest in mutual funds and do great. >> compound interest is one of the greatest in the universe. >> there you go. >> heading outside this morning. >> we're wrapping up shortly. good buddy ben traffic it moving fine. we have pedestrian walkways closed because of icy conditions. you can not walk across the ben but you can drive across the ben. become to normal schedules or mass transit today for the most part. extra service on septa bus truts get us to the malls. david. >> all right, matt, temperatures cold this morning. 20s in northern and western suburbs. 32 chester and center city. similar numbers throughout. down around freezing south jersey and delaware and little breeze giving you wind chills in the 20s this morning. and as are you headed out catch
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the bus l 34 by 9, 38, by noon, 39 between 2 and 3:00 remember there's also a 10 to 20 mile an hour breeze and wind chills 20s most of the day today, matt and tam. >> thank you, david. >> a car accident forced flight 9 memorial chapel in shankville, pennsylvania to close. a two car crash back on tuesday set one of the vehicles to the chapel. one woman was killed and another driver hurt the chapelel is memorial to flight 9 that crashed in nearby field september 11, 2001. >> we'll look at black friday must haves. >> and a live look at the walmart in bridesburg section of philadelphia where more and more shoppers are showing up to take a look at stuff. shoppers are showing up to take a look at stuff. pull out their wallet and swipe
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someone is making a list and checking it twice and it's not santa claus. >> if you have your heart on the perfect coveted gift this year you may want to get a jump on it sooner rather than laterer. nydia han explains. >> each holiday season there's inevitable gift cravings if you're one of the shoppers determined to give the latest, must-have gifts this year do research and then go shopping. for kids experts say top list of
5:57 am
2014 will include anything transformer and everything teenage mu at that particular time ninja turtles and this year's tickle me elmo isel sa from frozen. frozen items are hot. if you don't want to get left out in the cold. >> i wouldn't wait. prices will be good black friday and cyber monday and will creep up and not be back down until mid december. >> kids' wish list will look like mom and dads. heavy list of iphone s 6, 6 plus, laptops, tablets, go pros, xbox one. >> mom and dad they want to wearable technology. they want to track fitness and exercise their calories. >> another favorite is oldie but goody. tv. >> we'll sell more tvs this year than ever before. >> to make sure shop rerz getting best baming for buck experts recommend shopping smart
5:58 am
and a lot of them are. >> they're using the right apps to make sure they get best possible prices. nydia han, "channel 6 action news." >> 5:57 up next another look at black friday crowds. >> 5:57 up next another look at black friday crowds. >> we'll be
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>> good morning, 6 a.m., friday, november 28, plaque friday. >> it is plaque friday and stores are filling up with shoppers and this day, different than years past. >> eagles arrive back home overnight after a victory in dallas on thanksgiving.


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