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tv   Action News  ABC  November 28, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> good morning, 6 a.m., friday, november 28, plaque friday. >> it is plaque friday and stores are filling up with shoppers and this day, different than years past. >> eagles arrive back home overnight after a victory in dallas on thanksgiving.
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>> flurries falling. >> let's go over to david murphy he's outside. we had action on the roads. let's go to matt pellman too. >> all right. guys, no flurries out here on the terrace right now. as you take a look at satellite we're looking at overnight cloud cover that has started to disperse little cloud cover around the region. plenty of sunshine overall today. starting out chilly. temperatures of 34 in philadelphia and just 26 allentown and even though the winds are not strong just yet we have wind chills in the 20s. bundle up. lots of layers as you head outside this morning. 34 by 9 and 38 by noon sunshine by first part of day and 3:00 mostly sunny high of 39. we'll probably start to hit that 2:00 and be holding on to it by 3. when i step inside, we are going to talk about a gradual warm-up relatively speaking in the accuweather 7-day. that's just ahead.
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matt, what about -- there's flashing lights on your road. >> action in the cam as tam mentioned here along 95 northbound penn's landing washington avenue. vicky think might have hit a slick spot and spun around if it's facing right bay. we have a tow truck in there. it was up against the median wall as you can see. police are on the scene. left lane blocked. volume light this morning of course no delays. don't know about you i had to use defroster this morning. couple extra minutes to get the car cleaned off. at this point speeds on highways look good. volume will not be your issue. we have a fire we're dealing with house fire now under control in hunting parka long purdy street near 5th. stick with kioga street to get around that not so pretty situation. icy conditions. penndot has been called out to salt. several broken down vehicles and also one upper providence by
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best buy and michaels store 29 arcola road. if headed to the target store everything is clear 20 headed to the king of prussia mall. tam. >> thank you, matt. it's black friday. super bowl of holiday shopping. >> shopping. because there's so many good deals for christmas presents. >> the exton square mall chester county was busy throughout the night and early morning. the mall actually opened 6:00 last night night and many bargain hunters targeting door buster deals and others enjoying a little shopping on days off. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at the cherry hill mall in new jersey and katherine has more on what it is like there good morning. >> def in thely busy here. we've seen a steady stream of shoppers come in. it's annual tradition for a lot of shoppers. they'll sacrifice sleep if it means getting deals today on black friday. if you look at cherry hill mall you can see folks have shopping bags in hand.
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we've seen people are reindeer auntlers and some have christmas pajamas on. some are coming from holiday spirit. some got rest first. presidential stores started opening around 6:00 last night and still open now. national retail federation said 1 40 million consumers are likely to shop over the holiday week. some have precise list and others we and see where discounts take them. cherry hill mall may be a stop on black friday agenda. we spoke to senior marketing director she said stores open earlier and earlier and there's still a lot of shoppers coming in. >> it's just spread out offer a longer period of time and i think different demographics and different people shop at different times and we see there's certain people that shopperly in the evening and switch over to younger demographic after midnight and
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now coming into 5 a.m., 6 a.m. we'll see more families coming to shop. >> so, as opposed to past years where you see the concentrated rush of shoppers at the beginning she was saying because over this long period of time the stores are open you do see this steady stream of folks instead. twelve hours after opening cherry hill mall is bustling and it will be open until 10 ok tonight. live in cherry hill, katherine scott, "channel 6 action news." >> other shoppers headed out for relatively new thanksgiving tradition before the pumpkin pie was on the tail. action cam was in target in wynnefield hite section yesterday as the store opened. there shoppers began filling up carts. electrics were hot items including 40" tv that wept for 1 19 dollars. one you can use to watch 6abc. so many had an ion it target
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issued tickets for the target outside the best buy in king of prussia the line wrapped around the building 5 a.m. thanksgiving. big bargain here samsung galaxy phone going for a buck. >> awesome camera and pretty. it's a dollar. and i have not upgraded my phone in three years and i'm poor. >> yeah. >> king of prussia was not going to be left out of the sales. lord and taylor and gap were luring shoppers with 40, 50, 60, 70% off and check out black friday play block on you'll find dozens of deals for local stores and many deals with exclusive to 6abc viewers. plaque friday play book is on home page of and i tweet today out. >> so did i, double tweet. >> growing number of retailers opening doors on thank giving
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through black friday will see brush back today. stacey is filling in for maribel live at the nasdaq with the market watch report. hi, stacey. >> good morning, matt, third black friday in a row walmart workers are protesting even walking off the job in some cases. they're expected lobe as cross the country on what is of course the biggest shopping days of the year.they will eventually make e than that. some workers say they are overworked and underpaid. well if you're skipping crowds to shop black friday deals on-line this year make sure you're protected beware of calls asking for bank account info. your bank won't do that that will be examiners and be weary of free wifi and watch for fake charity scams and be sure to check your bank bt account
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carefully and it's a good idea to change password before and after holidays just in case. markets reopen for half day of trading after the thanksgiving holiday. closed record highs and futures are barely moving now. matt, markets will be open until 1:00 today. >> ep joy leftovers today stacey thanks so much. >> eagles returned to philadelphiap joying their status as first place team all alone action cam was at philadelphia ipts national airport. eagles running back lesean mccoy propelled eagles 3-10 thanksgiving day win over dallas threading cowboys defense. including a touchdown run. a report areer asked coach kelly is team demolition of dallas was a statement. >> no, i don't i think message after green bay was same you have to flush that and flush this and get ready for good seattle team.
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nobody will be will be patting 24e78selves on the back. >> we're proud of this effort on such a short week. awesome job by defense and offensive line it was really fun. >> the 9-3 eagles face super bowl champions seattle seahawks at home one week from sunday and cowboys one week after that. seemed zest inked to make the playoffs all they have to do is win last four games. >> minor action. >> cowboys are lurking we'll see. >> hopefully today is bundle up and enjoy leftover sgz precipitation free as we look outside. every now and then 'flurry around. right now we're not seeing any of that in the sky six cameras. there's a fair amount of sunshine over the horizon. that sticks with us today. couple highlights. chilly days. it starts to get milder gradually as we go through the
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day sunday. 34 now as we head outside. 26 allentown, 32 wilmington and 32 millville and keep in mind it's breezy and wind chills in the 20s. and there's matt's favorite lady of the morning getting ready there.32 by 7 and 34 by 9:00 yon see if you head out over the next several hours it's chilly. albeit on the bright side. satellite showing you cloud cover getting out of here. this stuff out of to the west can't make a run out of us today and we're expecting most of the day to be season any. in the allentown area, lehigh valley, looking sunny, brisk breeze, high of 36. wind chills in the 20s for sure up there in the lehigh valley. down the shore you might get wind chills in the 30s today high of 42. still have cold wind with sun. and in philadelphia high of 39 this afternoon. well below average. winds northwest 10 to 0 miles an hour gusting higher than that
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now and then. brisk, win chills in the 20s most of the day. 39 around 2:00, probably stilliting is there 3:00 and mid 30s by 5:00. as we look out west we have a difficult air coming down through chicago. how do you like 20 right now next to the lake. that doesn't sound good. next couple days we're not going to be drawing that air mass but pulling in same similarly tem toured air out of cincinnati and atlanta. eventually tapping into this southwesterly flow and warmer stuff to the south and west of us will be here gradually as we go through sunday. sunny and cold today, 39 the high. bundle up with the brisk breeze today. similar day tomorrow. not as windy. still sun and clouds mix and high of 40. similar temperatures. overnight though we don't get quite as cold and sunday in the afternoon milder high of 55 degrees and if we get rain on sunday it's probably light and at night. monday mild ahead of cold front
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coming in. 60 the high. again that night as that front comes through there could be another shower around. and behind that front on tuesday, brisk, colder, 45 not terrible back up to mid 50s wednesday and still around 50 on thursday. might be a shower wednesday. don't you love the fact there's rain here, rain, there maybe another rain wednesday. it's rain the r word. >> no s words. >> 6:1 still ahead one group didn't feel like waiting for deals. the robbery ended in 1,000 damage. >> if you didn't count calories yesterday we did it for you. it gives you a reason to head to the gym. >> if you head to the malls in delco blue route baltimore pike traffic fine a vehicle stopped in northbound shoulder. we'll help you goat your first local malcolming up after the
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break. >> and winter tradition begins today in philadelphia details of what is going on when "action today in philadelphia details of what is going on when "action news" comes right
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>> 6:15 walmart people are in it and buying stuff. good for walmart. remember protests today.
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they're worried about workers and some of them you see right there have to work on thanksgiving black friday and everything people are shopping it's black friday today and things are happening at the bridesburg walmart. >> things are happening on the roads. let's go to matt pellman for that. >> we encourage everybodyto get out their leftovers and head out and shop. being being live at 95 taking it to penn's landing and heading to the towards and problem free ride at this point. northbound accident with vehicle that lost control spun around and hit median wall that's been completely cleared away. southbound looks like traffic stop on shoulder and traffic times are right on time. speeds look good along i-95 in penns landing area. slick spot out there kint-ers inville penndot was september
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out to take care of that. and broken down vehicles. coleflesh road at layfield road and college area 29 where the complex where with the movie tavern is that was toed away. limerick out let's are open already until 10:00 tonight. traffic moving well on 4 along route 100 commerce drive and exton square mall if you head there headed to financial energy moorestown mall and cherry hill mall no problems 38, 70, 73 or 295, tam. >> thank you, matt, egg harbor township police are investigating a serious crash that happened last night. officers blocked off part of the 5000 block spruce avenue and we're told one person was seriously injured a pregnant woman sitting outside a drug store was killed when elderly
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driver crashed to her. doctors in pittsburgh tlivrd her nearly full term baby. 30-year-old woman was at this rite aid when 88-year-old man pulled into a parking shot. police say he had may have hit gas instead of break. witnesses say he seemed disorientsed. last week he was supposed to be driving to the same rite aid and ended up 30 miles away across state lines in ohio the man will not be charmd a man of brazen burglars in chicago could not wait until black friday deals this is video of the second smash and grab last week. at least 20 thieves rush inside. they escape with some 8 0 pairs of expensive jeans worth 250 a pair. prada shoes and other items the owner says it will cost him 100,000 for the stolen misdemeanor along with building damage. >> 6:18 day after nutritionist add up calories for the typical
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thanksgiving day meal adds to a staggering number. >> also frantic search for two boys buried alive in a parking lot snow pile. >> high of 39 today. it would be on the cold side. well above average. dropping below the average. it's already colt and we'll wait dropping below the average. it's already colt and we'll wait for you to come back .. it's called a reverse mortgage. call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet with no obligation. it answers questions like... how a reverse mortgage works, how much you qualify for, the ways to receive your money...and more. plus, when you call now, you'll get this magnifier with led light absolutely free! when you call the experts at one reverse mortgage today, you'll learn the benefits of a government-insured reverse mortgage. it will eliminate your monthly mortgage payments
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the time has come to put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. dunkin' donuts dark roast is here. bold start, smooth finish, never bitter. >> if you need extra note strike get to the gym today after yesterday's big meal here you go. average thanksgiving dinner is 4500 calories and worth every one of them. that's 3,000 calories for the meal itself and 1500 forum, yum, yum, snarking and dessert you do throughout the day. experts say fat we consume during the holiday is the same if you sat down and ate three sticks of butter. >> but it taste good. >> i did that one time it was great. >> and wept to the gym.
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>> yeah. >> bring it on. >> producer john was concerned about deptford mall vor hes town center. everybody is out about and and i'm happy to report, no problems 52, 43, white house pike. newcastle county heads to christianne mall open until 10 tonight. no issues highway 1 or 95. polaski highway looking good. extra service on step ta pus routes, 14, 20, 125, 50, 125 to help you get to the malls for today, >> down around the fridzing mark most of the region. mid 20s in lehigh valley and wind chills in 20s everywhere. 34 by 9, 3 by noon. high today will be that 39 degrees. we'll probably be on that between 2 and 3:00 and down to 35 by 6:00 there's a pretty strong breeze kicking in later this morning and staying with us
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through the day. 10 to 20 miles after hour will be 234u6 enough to make it feel in the 20s most of the day. >> an hour ago we deposit have delays if you have folk head the out of town we're showing snow in boston and precip in chicago as well. if that's destination for loved ones they may want to check the airline ahead of time. they might want to go on-line and check the airlines. >> we knew what you were saying. >> home at home with new york rangers first game this afternoon wells fargo center next madison square garden tomorrow afternoon. they're coming off ugly loss to detroit and the flyers launched six and are on the losing streak. >> a dramatic rescue in the snow. >> liver at the cherry hill mall with shoppers katherine.
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>> reporter: matt, that's right, it's black friday. shoppers are outlooking for deep discounts. we're live at bustling cherry discounts. we're live at bustling cherry hill malcolming up at 6:30.
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>> everyone it's atlantic city live on sky6 friday morning writing now 35. bundle up if you head out to shop today. 39 today's high. that's it.
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sunny ape brisk. >> low temperature 27 degrees new this morning two children from upstate new york recovering from getting buried in the snow from a snowplow. they were buildingen iing low on wednesday when a truck passed by pushing hundreds of heavy pounds of wet snow open the opening to the youngster's icy cave. a police officer heard cries from the snow pile during the frantic search. others rushed to help digging with slovls and bare hands until they were able toe pull the 9 and 11-year-old out the boys are say. happening today blue cross river rank opens for business penns standing. a live look in the rink it's beautiful and open 11:00 today. in addition to skating there will be fire pits and heated tepts and 6:27 still ahead another check open plaque friday shoppers around the region.
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>> and heartbreaking loss leads to a life-saving donation and heart-warming moment. meet a family that lost a loved one and listened to his meet a family that lost a loved one and listened to his heartbeat inside another
6:29 am
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sglvt retail rush is on. liver with the black friday crowd. >> new morning a family forced out by fire. and they could have lost their entire home if it was not for one extraordinary group of people. >> and turkey was not biggest bird on thanksgiving eagles return home after feasting on cowboys. reaction from players and coaches about the big win. >> 6:30, try friday, let's get to weather and traffic. >> overnight cloud cover dispurseing at this point. take a look at satellite.
6:31 am
we'll see plenty of sunshine across the majority of the reenl joan with clouds surfing through and as we take a look at temperatures we are on the cold side. 34 currently in philadelphia. 32 wilmington and 26 allentown and mid 30s down the shore. with a little breeze kick around it feels like in 20s. do bundle up as you head outside. your call from accuweather the rest of the day. still cold, 34 by the 9, 38 by noon. 3:00, 39 is the high and 6:00 down to 35. winds pick up after sunrise and they'll be busting through the region 10 to 20 miles an hour and that probably makes you feel in 20s majority of the day. matt pellman what are roads looking like early on. >> david, you know, defroster will be necessary this morning and that stress relieving ball you might graph on to during the morning commute that's not a necessarily. ride looks good.
6:32 am
normal morning delays 95 southbound eptserring work zone cottman avenue we normally would be backed up we certainly are not. traffic fine towards center city. we've seen a few smrik spots. one led to crash 95 northbound penn's landing. luckily that's out of the way. flyers match-up at 1:00 this afternoon different there in south philadelphia and if you travel ben franklin parkway things reopened aft big parade yesterday. we're watching fire location in hunting parka long purdy street near 5 stick to tioga instead. same situation house fire under dmrol southampton township bucks counts yeah long summit avenue, near belmont. avoid it new road would be a possible alternate. camera time. plymouth meeting metro plex right side of the screen. matt. >> thank you, matt. leftovers are put away and turkey match is over and it's time to shop. bargain hunters are out in full force this black friday.
6:33 am
"action news" reporter katherine scott joins us liver from the cherry hill mall which did not wait to open its doors, katherine. >> matt, people have been here all night. 6:00 last night actually. we're seeing more and more people come to the cherry hill mall. some came after dinner at 6. others got rest and came out later. you can see people shopping bags in hands still busy shoppers coming in waves a younger demographic overnight national retail federation said consumers are likely to shop over the holiday weekend and some we have been speaking to this morning don't come necessarily to shop they come for experience as post thanks giving tradition or want to hang out with friends and shop along the way. >> it's about happening out with friends and spending time with
6:34 am
family and getting whole experience of black friday shopping and the mall. >> and back here live at cherry hill mall people getting into the holiday spirit this black friday and you're looking at new christmas attraction, tlek and donkey are here you have to make reservations. shopping and searching for discounts. if you have time the mall is open until 10:00 tonight. live in cherry hill. katherine scott, "channel 6 action news," tam. >> happy shopping to all the people there. >> shoppers came to concord and the action cam was there as a steady stream of bargain hunters looked for dig we'll be. >> i want to get a go pro. i don't know if they're on sale. we'll see. >> i want a lot of really good colleges. >> i'm from germany and i'm exchange student. it was exciting.
6:35 am
everybody was there it was cra y crazy. >> mall is not shutting doors until 10:00 tonight. >> not everyone waited until early morning hours to get shopping done. kmart opened 6 a.m. yesterday. retail chain is staying open 41 straight hours and in hopes of luring in holiday shoppers and bargain hunters. it has drown criticism since decision is keeping employees from spending thanksgiving with their families. >> remember to check out black friday play book on you can find deals for local businesses including some exclusive to 6abc viewers, black friday play book on the home bathe of >> new this morning people forced out of their home overnight because of a fire in chester county. the action cam was on caroline drive in west kherter.
6:36 am
crews say a group of volunteers had not put aside holiday to answer that call the whole home would have been destroyed. fortunately no one was hurt. there's no word on how the firee overnight after putting a hurting on the team in dallas. >> the action cam was there it's they got off the plane. they have a week and a half to enjoy their win and perch in fist place. >> sports director ducis roomers has more from a a text &. it. >> they have had problems with teams and whipping records not in game against dallas cowboys. this was complete team victory. they show cowboys class of nfc east. chip said after the game it was not about that. >> we're not into statements we're going to play football. we are playing football in
6:37 am
december and every week is a whole different deal and animal. >> every team has their day when we lost to green bay that day we were better -- they were better than this i don't think they would blow us out if we played them, three, four times. >> lesean has over 1,000 rushing yards this season. here's the first in team history to have four, 1,000 yard campaigns. ducis rogers, "channel 6 action news." >> got to beat the seahawks and cowboys again and win more games in super bowl. >> let's stay on chip kelly program and focus on seahawks. >> that's the next one up. >> stormtracker 6 double scan now shows you we have no precipitation. in fact let's look at sunrise at least what's about to be sunrise. see coastal clouds cover obscuring the area. you can tell it won't be too much longer before mr. sun comes up over the horizon. nice and bright and we're looking at mostly sunny day
6:38 am
today. however, we're starting out cold, 34 right now in philadelphia, winds west northwest at nine miles an hour it feels like it's in mid up toer 30s in philadelphia and pretty much the same thing overnight. and the atmosphere turns over and mitchs a bit. we're expecting breezes today. chilly. satellite and cloud cover to the west and heads east. most of flurries and snow showers are starting to begin to break apart and having difficulty making it over central pennsylvania mountains. 32 and sunshine by:00. accuweather says by 11:00 up to 37 and high of 39 hits:00 we may hold that until 3 before dipping down to 36 by five. don't be mislead by these cold numbers it's 80 or 90 cooler.
6:39 am
>> some problem with the microphone. sorry about that, david, we'll be back. >> okay and still ahead furgeson in recovery after protesters call for boy cotton this black friday many businesses are boarding up and hoping worst is over. >> hearing a heartbeat a family that lost a love one comes face to face with the man that got his heart. >> 309 to montgomery county mall traffic is moving fine this morning we'll check in with the other maul traffic and few problem spots we have out there toppling up. >> we'll tell you about the rush to the hospital and how >> we'll tell you about the rush to the hospital and how she's doing
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>> action cam zooming in on deals there. this is walmart bridesburgsecti. >> there is a list of when stores open and black friday play book open the web site. >> let's head to david murphy to wrap up giving the latest weather in. >> my microphone decide today ate too much for thanksgiving we need aid new battery. sunny and cold today, 39 for the high. feel like in the 20s for the strong windy talked b tomorrow, chilly, high of 40. sun mixing with additional
6:43 am
clouds. similar numbers however. and on sunday milder we'll start out upper 30s and high of 55. not bad. any rain on sunday will be at night. monday very mild, high all the way up to 60. again rain possible at night. front koomz through. brisk and cooler, 5 a. back to 54 wednesday rain and partly sunny and 49. several khans of rain in the 7 day forecast but it's rain and snot snow matt pellman which makes your and my jobs easier. >> and i love that i know how your microphone feels my goodness what a feast yesterday david murphy. roads are empty live outside in bensalem bucks county route one super hoy way if you head to neshimany mall no problems to report in this area traffic moving fine. elsewhere in bucks county in southampton township watch for house fire 1u78 summit near
6:44 am
belmont. no issues on pennsylvania turnpike if you are bound for willow grove park road. 611 also problem free in that area. we have an issue actually good issue in frank coneia township if you missed show yesterday morning because you were sound asleep wednesday they reopened intersection of you could path and godshall road and west broad. construction wrapped up and you have brand shiny new intersection. enjoy that section. disabled vehicle in hanover is run but there's one limerick game farm road. no issues 422 if you are heading to philadelphia premium outlets. no delays schuylkill or 95 this morning. watch for vehicle fire in north philadelphia 17 and cumberland, tam. >> thank you, matt. protest rerz calling for plaque friday boy cot today.
6:45 am
violent nights stopped they're painting designs to guard against vandals. manry are hopeful the worst is over after two days of peaceful protests. national guard is standing by as precaution. monday they announced officer darren wilson will not be indicted in deadly shooting of michael brown. >> supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is out of the hospital after emergency heart surgery. 81-year-old is resting at home. she was rushed to the hospital on tuesday night after reporting not feeling well while exercising doctors endeledp putting a stent in her art troy rewill have a blockage. she's expected to work monday. brazilian soccer legend pele is in the hospital because of infection. the 74-year-old is doing better and could be released in next few days. two weeks ago he had surgery to remove kidney stones. pay lay remains a worldwide ambassador for soccer and won
6:46 am
three world cups while play youing for brazil. >> deaths of 21-year-old minnesota student was devr stating for parents and sister. this week the family got to hear his heartbeat once again. matt hisler was an organ donor and his heart went to tom meeks. five different hospitals refused to consider meeks for a heart transplant. mayo clinic gave him a lifeline putting hip on waiting list for new heart and last mar he got the call. it's now been 8 months and this week he got to meet matt's family and invited them to listen to matt's heartbeating in his body. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> believe me it's my pleasure. >> overwhelming incredible moment there. the two families shared monica malpassryes and created new ones. and matt didn't just save tom
6:47 am
meek's life his harvested org apps helped 60 other people. i have this open my twitter and facebook page. you should look at the whole story it's incredible. >> and consider being an organ done or. >> up next a preview of "good morning america." >> imagine when what they can do in the medical community these days. things get better in the 7 day. i'll give you day planner forecast next you'll want to snow colder weather as you get in the door that's coming up. >> stay in the know. make sure you get 6abc with you wherever you're going today. it has a smart design. will change the layout to fwhait you're using, mart phone, tablet. check it out by going to and take it with us any check it out by going to and take it with us any time any where
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participate in black friday. >> never. >> on-line amazon. >> there you go. >> we're seeing extra traffic along the walls this morning. wood haivrp at mill brook. if you head to philadelphia mills former franklin mills no delays. extra traffic along woodhaven road. on our good buddy ben, ben franklin bridge. keep in mind pedestrian walkways
6:51 am
remain closed because of icy conditions and no delays for drivers and mass transit to normal weekday schedule today with extra service on bunch of different septa bus truts help you go out and do shopping david. >> >>. >> 35 sea isle city. light winds blowing through the region. wind chills in 20s most of the region. fees like 27 in philadelphia and winds actually get stronger today as the day goes on. shop. 8:00, 32. 36 by 10, 38 by noon and by 2:00 that's high of 39. in case you were joining these fine folks on way out to the mall today, matt, tam. >> hopefully that lady doesn't run you over. thank you, david. >> time to get a look at what is coming up on gma. >> amy roebuck live at the gma studios i know it's day after thanksgiving we're certain you will not present us with leftover news. >> oohh. >> i like that one, matt, have
6:52 am
you been working on that all morning i like it matt, tam, great to be with you on this friday morning. i can tell what you we're serving up. plaque friday blowout. stores opening doors earlier than ever and millson shopping overnight. quhaz hot right now and where the best deals are and what you should wait to buy for cyber monday. we have it all covered ahead. >> and plus remarkable story buried alive. two new york boys lucky to be alive this morning after trapped for hours by a wall of snow that was pushed over them by a snowplow. dramatic thanksgiving res uas friend and family rushed to dig them out and how one dad turned to social media to track down this thief who stole a package right off his front door we'll tell you how he got that package back. and we have pop group r 5 here performing new single live. cool morning on gma, matt, tam back to you. >> you guys have great hair. >> yeah. >> that's a rough thing to win.
6:53 am
boy bands throughout with big hair. >> thank you amy. we'll be back in ten minute and >> thank you amy. we'll be back in ten minute and back with your stop ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪ ♪7 powerball tickets ♪6 match 6 chances ♪5 cash 5s ♪4 big 4s ♪3 daily numbers ♪2 mega millions (joe) happy holidays, rita. (rita) thanks, joe!
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(man) what a great gift! (announcer) pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts, like the new $1 million peppermint payout. (joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪
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>> top stories at 6:55 steady stream of black friday shoppers work their way through cherry hill mall and other stores across the area earlier this
6:56 am
morning. national retail association pretickets 1 40e million people will hit stores during the extended holiday weekend. >> the action cam was there when eagles returned home. they pounded dallas cowboys 33-10. up next seahawks at home one week from sunday. >> we seen just a couple extra cars this morning out and about headed to area malls like on 202 near king of prussia mall overall no delays across the board and if you don't go to mall today keep in mind tomorrow is small business saturday. >> yes. >> only one accident on the big board. >> you've been saying it all morning. usually lonely commuter. and 34 by 9:00. and high is 39. 2 and 3:00 back to 35 by 6:00 and winds pick up after sunrise throw and wind chills in the
6:57 am
20s. lots of layers today, okay? >> we're glad you're up making yourself turkey and egg sandwich and cranberry sauce. stick around, watch gma we'll be back every 30 minutes, for karen, matt, matt, david, i'm back every 30 minutes, for karen, matt, matt, david, i'm tam, happy extended thanksgivi g
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end for everybody, that's what's mak . good morning, america. black friday frenzy. millions of americans racing into stores overnight, fights breaking out over the biggest deals. grown men throwing themselves on the ground for tvs as record crowds flood stores open ever. >> still shooting. >> reloading, he's about to open fire again. >> breaking news, a shooter in a major american city opening fire overnight. a highway shutdown, the very latest right now. >> two little babies. >> dramatic rescue, two young boys buried under 7 feet of snow for hours. police, relatives and


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