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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  November 29, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EST

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up. allentown, 15 degrees that was the morning low. pottstown, 19. trenton, 19. millville, 19 and dover 25. all the numbers below the seasonal averages for this time of the year. 24 in pottstown, 19 in quakertown, tanersville, 6. back up to 19. warrington, 25. levittown, 25. gandys beach, 30 degrees, glassboro, 28. hammonton, 27 and woodbine, 26 browns mills 25. the saving grace we don't have much of a breeze. it's cold out there, it's not harsh. satellite and radar, here's the warm front right here, north of pittsburgh that will advance toward the northeast over the next 1 to 25 hours, that will keep the clouds in place and passing flurry from time to time. it's tomorrow underneath this front that the some of weather you'll start to enjoy.
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we'll start to warmup and see the return of sunshine. today, cloudy and chilly, 42 degrees, we'll talk built warmup and when it arrives and how warm it gets when i come back in just a few minutes. >> a two-alarm blaze in cumberland county is under control. but south delsea drive in cumberland county is closed in both directs. firefighters were called to the nissan dealership on the 1700 block of delsea drive. flames consumed the showroom and repair shop. crews called in neighboring fire departments to battle the blaze. they had to deal with gasoline and oil in the buildings. south delsea drive in vineland is closed as fire officials investigate. search efforts will resume in about an hour for shane montgomery, the 21-year-old who hadn't been seen since leaving a manayunk bar late wednesday night. now a reward is being offered
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for information on his whereabouts. >> reporter: friends and family of shane montgomery canvassed the area looking for the 21-year-old. >> this is extremely heart wrenching there's no words to describe how i feel. >> reporter: dozens have been searching around the clock. montgomery's parish has served as a staging area. >> what we're doing at this point we're finding places that shane isn't. >> as each hour passes fear mounts that the outcome won't be good. an exhaustive search of the canal along main street turned up no leads. >> i can't thank the 5th district, northwest detectives, enough for their assistance. the marine unit was out today, the k69 unit. there was a helicopter. >> reporter: the family said surveillance cameras may have captured the west chester university student walking west on main street. the family said that's odd because the roxborough home is
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in the opposite direction. >> do you think he may have tried to walk home? >> that's what we were suspecting he tried to walk home. >> reporter: at this point police say there are no signs of foul play. local businesses in the area are pitching into help. volunteer organization greater philadelphia search and rescue is assisting in the search. >> if he can hear me, know that we are looking for him and know that we love him. >> reporter: there's a ten thousand reward for information leading to montgomery's whereabouts, the search will resume at 10:00 a.m. in manayunk, chad perdelli channel 6 "action news." >> a medical examiner has determined that a university worker was killed by cyanide poison going. the death came a week after another worker was convicted in
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the 2013 poisoning death of his wife. key provisions take effect in a pennsylvania law regarding drug overdoses, narcan resouth jerseys the effect of -- reverses the effect of heroin and oaks code don't -- oxycodon. it can be prescribed to relatives and friends of addicts who come in contact with the person suffering an overdose. crates are common in iowa. governor christie has not announced he is running for president. critics said the veto preserves his national political ambitions. he said the bill was sponsored
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bye-bye partisan politics. graham spanier's defamation lawsuit must start with a local judge. freeh criticized the handling of the sandusky abuse case. tri-state area is home to hundreds of thousand us of small businesses. delaware offers tax free shopping. american express founded small business saturday in 2010. american express is offering discounts and other rewards for anyone who uses their card at a registered small business. many scooping up black friday deals around the city. christmas village was packed at
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love park. >> the splashy new stuff, like old wooden decorations. >> the village opens this morning and stays open until december 28. those upset about the grand jury decision to not prosecute a police officer in time shootings death of an unarmed black teenager decided to pack the malls. s.after a quiet thanksgiving, more protests. the epicenter of the unrest. near ferguson, missouri. >> you're hurting my hand. >> you're under arrest. >> reporter: in saint louis, black friday shopping interrupted, nearly 500 demonstrators crowded in already packed malls. again, rallying against a grand
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jury decision not to file charges in michael brown's death as stores were forced to close on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. other businesses are trying to figure out how they will ever reopen. more than a dozen were destroyed during monday night's riots. owners including jaunita who watched as her clothing boutique burned to the ground, said she will not be deter. >> deter -- deterred. >> state and federal government have agreed to awful financial assistance to the businesses. abc news, ferguson, missouri. >> four people were injured in a plane crash in michigan. a small plane went down nose first 6 feet from a home. three people in the plane made it out on their own, the pilot had to be rescued. all were taken to the hospital where injuries ranging from minor to serious. the group was flying from
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indiana to michigan for a family gathering when the pilot reported engine trouble before the crash. surveillance video shows a man in a werewolf mask seconds before he shot a construction worker in los angeles. he opened fire inside a business under renovation without saying a word. the victim was grazed in the head by the bullet. else out of the hospital the motive for the shooting remains a mystery. overnight an egyptian court dismissed murder charges against former egyptian president mubarik. the 86-year-old long time leader was taken to court on a a gurney. he was jailed in connection with the death of 900 pro democracy admonish strairlts in 2011. the judge said he erred, you but
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should not have been charged. his successor is in jail on similar charges. pope francis took aim at the time isis, he said military action is justified to defeat the group's barbaric violence committed in islam's name. in a show for respect for islam he prayed in the blue mosque in instan bull. it was once the largest cathedral for christians and was conquered as a mosque. a wish comes true for a little girl fighting cancer. we'll take you inside her state-of-the-art tree house. and look at philadelphia's newest venture which boasts a restaurant, bar, butcher shop and classroom under one roof. >> reporter: things will be
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getting interesting around here. we have a huge warmup heading into the delaware valley on monday, only to see snow flying again on tuesday morning. i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we come right back. deciding which bread to buy can be tough.
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deciding between buying bread and health care is much tougher. healthy pa is now here to help, with name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, visit to learn more.
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>> happening today, wilmington holds it's christmas parade. it begins at 11th at 4th and king street.
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stop on by, i'll be riding on the float. the parade arrives with santa claus, 6abc is a sponsor of the cread -- parade of the i'm hoping it's not too cold. >> these guys don't want to wear their gloves. >> reporter: they will not be too happy. they will need gloves today for sure, as temperatures will top out in the 30s for most of us, low 40s, south and east. there's the view in cape may. we have clouds out there, the winds are calm. yesterday we had the brisk wind from time to time creating windchills in the 20s, you won't have to deal with that today. there's goose there, in the meantime as we flip it over to storm tracker 6 live double scan we have nothing going on, no precipitation right now. there are flurries off to the west. with you get into central portions of pennsylvania, harrisburg, state college. they were reporting flurries out there, i wouldn't be surprised
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if flakes start flying north and west of the city over the next couple of hours. a few light flurries that's about it. 0 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 22. winds out of the east southeast at 5 miles per hour. allentown, the morning low was 6 degrees, trenton, 25. millville, 30, sea isle 32 degrees, satellite and radar showing a lot of cloud cover out there. we actually have a warm front stretching to the southwest of pittsburgh, you can see a little precipitation running along the front. that slides east over the next 24 to 36 hours. it keeps the cloud cover in place today, but ultimately it warms us up as we head into sunday and monday. a lot of could reach 60 degrees, you could see the pattern change taking place. all the cloud cover starting to move west to east. that's pacific air justing the rockies moving into the front
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range. we'll bottle up the arctic air to the north. you can see where the cold stuff is, up in canada. 40s and 50s southeast, 20s and 30s in the northeast. again we'll see the mild air overthrow the area the next couple of days. chilly today, tomorrow, nicer, return of sunshine, temperatures in the 50s and then we get into monday afternoon, monday starts out great, lots of sunshine, southwesterly breeze upper 50s, low 60s. monday evening a cold front approaches we could see rain northwest to southeast. the computer information has this changing over to wet snow before ending and the numbers plummet behind the front. 55 to 60 degrees, then the cold front drops south and tuesday morning, still some precipitation in the area we're down into the 20s north and west. we'll have to watch this closely. that's well below freezing.
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there could slick spots out there, come tuesday morning. 42 degrees that's the high in philadelphia today. mostly cloudy an cold. winds out of the south/southwest at 5 miles per hour. overnight tonight, not as cold as what we saw this morning. as a matter of fact after midnight the temperatures start to rise. 30 degrees north and west, 37 for center city. temperatures all over the place, 42 today, milder, 55. spring-like monday, 60. back to winter on tuesday, brisk and colder, 42. wednesday, clouds and sun, milder day. 53. thursday, 47, friday cloudy and rainy, 45 degrees, next weekend is on the mild side. you'll have to allow everything in the wardrobe you'll need everything. >> and take extra vitamin c.
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an east texas girl got the gift of a lifetime thanks to the make a wish foundation. >> do you want to see my tree house? >> mini was overwhelmed after receiving a special gift. back in may the foundation reached out to the family learning that mini was diagnosed with stage four cancer. at first when her mother got the news, all she could think about was how she would tell mini. >> i told her on the way home, i'll never forget. >> i said you know i never take anything from you, she said what's wrong. i said you have cancer. she looked at me and said mom am i going to die? >> in october, they found out that mini was cancer free. through their struggle family and friends have helped them
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stay strong.
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[speaking latin] taking a live look at istanbul turkey. pope francis is leading a mass. it comes during heightened tension between christians and muslims. a fishtown neighborhood is becoming a booming retail and restaurant strip. karen rogers has an fyi for you. >> reporter: kensington quarters what happens when you flop a butcher shop in the middle of a restaurant. >> got to be every chef's dream. the meat come from animal
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friendly farms. >> all the sheep and goats and animals are raised on grass. >> reporter: tell me what you prepared here. >> the chef creates dishes that he describes as rustic farmhouse food. >> we wanted to keep it simple, let people taste the beef. >> reporter: the men menu is based on on what's coming in from the farm. >> we print the menu twice a week, and do three or four specials a night. >> reporter: you can learn about the process and how to prepare the meals yourself. >> we want to explain to people what they experience in the restaurants how attainable it is and how to achieve those things. >> well that was karen rogers reporting, still ahead on "action news" this morning. they don't local teams heading in opposite directions, the eagles feeling good after the demolition in dallas. the flyers sliding fast, the
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♪ we have more than 160 majors 20 campuses hands on learning internships across the country... and around the world i went to india you can join a team 1,2,3... go team! or join a club. you can make a difference we have thon in the world so come visit us penn state philadelphia
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9:25 am
they last phased them 11 days -- faced them 11 days ago, they have been chewed out by the gm, the coach and the players chewed themselves out. the flyers booed off the ice after another loss. ron hextall not happy. second period, flyers fell behind 2-0. in the third a chance to get it back on a four minute power play, borachek and shenn turn it over. 3 on 1, mason doesn't stand a chance. flyers lost 3-on them they have been shut out three times in the last 6 games. they lost 7 of 8. they were booed off the ice. >> we are not playing well, we are playing like crap. they detective -- they detective
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to boo us. >> it's we're at home, too, it's even worse. >> i'm not happy with our record or overall performance. >> reporter: flyers at the garden where they have not won since 2011. while the flyers is falling apart everything is going right for the first place eagles except for that green bay game, let's not talk about that. big win down in big d. while chip kelly refuses to call it a statement game against the cowboys, kelly believes they are playing their best football right now with only four games to go in the regular season. >> we're relatively healthy. we had our fair share early and i think we weathered that storm and our guys are improving, which is good, because we want to play good football in december. >> we hit our stride after getting power butts beat at
9:27 am
lambeau. >> penn state is playing against michigan state. they were trying to avoid a whiteout. workers working before kickoff. it is senior day, it will be special considering these players have been through the sandusky scandal and the sanctions a lot of coaches. >> i think it's magnified obviously knowing everything they have been through, but these are hard, you spend so much time together, as a family, and that's why the post season is important, because it keeps the family together. >> penn state and 9th ranked michigan state on 6abc at 3:30, be the sixers trying to avoid their worse start in team history later tonight against dallas. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a good day. there's much more to come on "action news" this saturday morning.
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including "shelter me rescue of the week" mplets coming -- >> reporter: coming up on "shelter me rescue of the week" there is sara, and we'll tell you how she lost her front leg. find out what doctors say saved his life, plus another check on the accuweather forecast when "action news" saturday at 9:00 continues.
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>> happening on "action news" saturday
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>> happening now on "action news" saturday at 9:00. people are shopping small after big-box stores have their day. a deadly shooting disrupts shoppers at an upscale store in chicago. a rescued dog from delaware county has a new home this holiday season. let's head outside to chris sowers who is shivering with the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: it's cold right now, but over the past couple of weekends i stood outside and delivered the forecast, i thought it felt worse when temperatures were in the 40s. we don't have the wind right now, over the past couple of weekends we've had to deal with the strong, gusty breeze. 22 degrees in allentown. 19 in the poconos. 30 in philadelphia. 30 is the number for millville and dover. 25 in trenton and 29 in wilmington. lots of cloud cover this morning, now we're picking up a few flurries, this is storm tracker 6 live double scan as we
9:31 am
look toward the center part of your screen from reading to allentown, you can you can see gray right there. him it's not mounting to all that much. this is moisture in advance of a warm front that's pushing through pittsburgh and into central portions of the keystone state. this warm front will bring a dramatic change in the temperatures tomorrow and monday. expect a lot of clouds out here today. 30 degrees right now, 37 by lunchtime. not much of a breeze, 3:00 p.m., 42 degrees, overnight tonight tonight this is the first sign of the change. temperatures will climb. by 10:30 we're up to 44 in philadelphia. millville, close to 50. this morning, millville bold out at -- bottomed out at 19 degrees. at the same time tomorrow you'll be in the 50s. tomorrow it feels better, monday milder, again, if you don't like the cold weather that we're seeing right now hang in there
9:32 am
we have milder changes on the way. with that said there's colder weather in the seven-day forecast which could bring a wintry mix to parts of the area come tuesday morning. i'll have more on that when i step back inside in ten minutes. >> today is a chance to show love to the little guy. it's small business saturday. mom and pop stores will offer their best markdowns of the season he had today. official town, doylestown and wilmington are operating in the shadows of the big bobbing -- box sisters. >> reporter: looks like retailers knew what to do to lure holiday shoppers. the result they came out in droves. some did not have enough hands to carry all the stuff they bought. when you offered deals like 50% off in the stores, and 70% off,
9:33 am
look out. so many people came to shop is they ran out of parking spaces. a lot of people had to park on the grass or wherever they could. >> they have a lot of sales, 50% off. we live in allentown, it's more expensive. >> neiman marcus, 40% off. >> we racked you mean, shop shop shop shop shop. >> reporter: yes you could almost say as the old saying goes they were shopping until they drop and the same was true at the king of prussia mall. >> what did you find? >> a lot of clothes. >> reporter: looks like santa came early. >> that's right. >> reporter: here at the region's largest mall which is about to get bigger. you can find anything, from electric cars to all that glitters like this 11 car karat
9:34 am
diamond ring. >> it's crowded businesses are booming and they go into the black this season. >> reporter: well, merchants are expecting increased sales this holiday season. >> all the indicating trends show it's going to be a strong season. we're expecting to see a 4.1 increase over last year. we're enthusiastic the weigh it's looked the past 28 hours. >> reporter: they closed at 10:00 p.m. at the premium outlet. my sense it was a good day for the 150 retailers out here. limerick, dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> tragedy struck inside a crowded nordstrom store in downtown, chicago, a man walked inside and shot a worker and then turned the gun on himself. the victim is in critical condition, the girlfriends of the shooter. the shooter died instantly. the store is shut down for the investigation. >> cell phone video captured a
9:35 am
black friday brawl in houston, texas. police officers had to step in at this walmart after punches were thrown and people ended up on the floor. the argument was over a samsung flat screen tv. at one point, four people were lying on top of the tv box. four people were treated for injuries after the car collided overnight with the city of philadelphia recycling truck. it happened at 2:30, at the intersection of 30th and walnut streets. four men were taken to the hospital of the university of pennsylvania for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. police are trying to figure out what caused the accidents. search efforts for a missing west chester student will resume in 30 minutes. shane montgomery left a bar on main street at 1:45. at that point, his family said surveillance cameras may have captured montgomery walking west
9:36 am
away from his roxborough home. his family said he was alone and his cell phone was dead. a ground and air search in and around main street turned up no trace of montgomery. >> it is extremely heart wrenching, there are no words to describe how i feel. if he can hear me, just know that we are looking for him, know that we love him. >> police say montgomery's disappearance doesn't appear to be a case of foul play. his family was posted a ten thousand dollar reward for information to solve the case. police in austin, texas don't know if the gunman who tried to set fire to the mexican cons was killed by police
9:37 am
or his own gun. he killed outside police headquarters, nobody else was hurt during the incident. central explosions tore through a mosque in nigeria. 4 people were killed, 150 were injured. the attack bears the hallmark of boko haram. police revealed the video they say showed the man wanted tore shooting inn at a reading barber shop. four people were wounded in the shooting wednesday afternoon. one victim suffered critical injuries, that person remains in the hospital. a five thousand dollar reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. police are investigating what caused a car to careen into a drugstore in the torresdale section of philadelphia. the accident happened in the 9400 block of state road. police say the driver lost
9:38 am
control of the vehicle and crashed into the delair pharmacy. the store was closed at the time. a dog rescued a months ago from a backyard sick and malnourished has a home. annie mccormick has the story. >> reporter: we are hoping for 50 animals to be placed into forever homes today. >> reporter: there are black friday specials on dogs seven months and older, and several breeds of puppies went on sale. organizers kicked off the event with the adoption. pearl the pitbull. you saw her a month ago after she was rescued from a chester back yard weighing 20 pounds. dennis and his mom saw her on tv. pearl gave goodbye kisses and
9:39 am
went home with the leeries. >> reporter: it gives us hope that any animal can be rehabilitated. you might imagine see we see the worst of the worst. to have a shining story like pearls reminds us never give up hope. >> spca did an amazing job wih her, from what i seen she didn't look like she was going to make it. now she looks like a healthy puppy. >> you may not still be able to adopt pearl, but there are a lot of babies to take home from the spca. >> we have a great 50% off coupon any adoption that goes through the end of november. in needs i can't, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> there's much more to come on "action news" saturday morning at 9:00. a stroke victim is making a full recovery thanks to a four legged member of his family. him. and this week winningest animal rescue mixes business with pleasure. we'll explain in shelter me.
9:40 am
plus we'll get a check of the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" returns.
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>> in california, a water are resistance mulch is being dropped on thousands of acres. crews are preparing for pending storms that could trigger mudslides. two reservoirs and power station
9:43 am
are in the path of a mudslide. it would cost millions to rebuild the road that cuts through that burn zone. let's get a check of our weather. all i can say is burr. it's cod be for this time of the year. >> reporter: age inwhat it's going to be by the end of december and january. we have clouds and flurries flying well north and west of the city. temperatures having a difficult time climbing with all that cloud cover, dewpoint, 22. winds out of the east/southeast at 5 miles per hour. pressure reading 30.37 inches. the high temperature of the day may occur between 10 and 11:00 p.m. as the warm front pushes through. 25 in trenton. allentown, 22. poconos 19. 30 in millville and dover. 29 in wilmington, note there's not much change here with our windchills.
9:44 am
because we're not seeing much of a breeze. the windchill is the same as the air temperature. it's cold, but not as harsh as yesterday. the satellite and radar, warm front in the process of pulling through. all the cloud cover ahead of it could touch off a spritz or sprinkle or passing flurry over the next couple of hours. it's the air behind the front, which i am sure many are looking forward to, monday, temperatures climb into the 60s. nice improvement in the numbers in the next 48 hours or so. we're on the chilly side of that warm front. tomorrow we're with in the 50s, sunday afternoon and monday look at the way the numbers climb. the normal is 50. 55 sunday, monday we're up to 60 degrees extenuate until you see what happens tuesday morning. let's fast forward we'll skip over today and tomorrow and get into monday. this is 5:30, this is when the cold front starts to collapse and push into the delaware and lehigh valleys. monday afternoon we're up to
9:45 am
60 degrees, maybe rain associated with front and cloud cover. did you work the late evening hours tuesday morning, the cold air starts to rush in. the latest computer information shows a small area of low pressure developing along the front as it slides through and that could bring a wave of wintery precipitation, purple shows snows flying from wilmington to trenton and temperatures are cold enough to create slick spots. we have high temperatures close to 60 monday afternoon and tuesday we're down in the 20s north and west, close to the freezing mark in the city and trenton. the weather will go crazy over the next couple of days. mainly cloudy, a passing flurry possible. 33 degrees in allentown. one degree warmer than yesterday, a slight improvement. jersey shore, 44 degrees, on the chilly side, combination of sun
9:46 am
and clouds. philadelphia, 42 degrees the forecasted high, winds out of the south slrk -- south southwest. allentown,, 37 in the city. 42 degrees, much milder sunday. 60 monday, sunshine early, cloudy over quickly, couple of showers possible during the late afternoon, tuesday morning as you just saw on future tracker, there could snow showers around for parts of the area. 42 tuesday, wednesday, milder, 53. thursday, cooler, 47. afriday cooler 45. >> what i am worried about is what january is looking like. >> reporter: that's the month iesk been worried about over the last several months, we'll see. >> our "shelter me rescue of
9:47 am
the week" within features a shop that has been rescuing animals of all kinds for more than two decades. tamala edwards has more. >> reporter: diane discount pet supplies and adoption center has been mixing business with pleasure. >> when i opened the store i wanted to do rescue and sell pet supplies. >> reporter: diane is able to save dogs from brutal conditions. >> it's sad when you see the animals in shelters or down showt where they are being shot and poisoned, it was something i was going to do. >> the store has become part of the community having connected more than 15,000 dogs with forever families. >> we got our dog from you 1 years ago. >> reporter: looking for a new place to call home is sophia. she also a chihuahua mix. >> penelope is a coon hounds
9:48 am
mix that is growing. >> reporter: coffee is a one-year-old minute -- min pin chihuahua mix with pleasant of character. >> he follows me all over the store when we are not open. >> toby is an 8-year-old chihuahua and very affix nate. he loves to give kisses. >> reporter: this is sara who is getting over surgery to remove her fronts leg it was injured by an abusive owner. it's not much of an add justment because she was walking around on three legs, what a beautiful personality. go to the diane adoption center website for more information. vote for your favorite shelter or add a rescue group to your list by going to the "shelter me rescue of the week" section of the "action news" facebook page
9:49 am
we'll feature the top vote getter on "action news." i'm tamala edwards channel 6 "action news."
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>> good saturday morning to you! sky6 live hd taking a live look into old city, where did all the leaves go? the trees looking a little bare this morning. that's a sign it's cold outside. a southern california man is grateful his four legged companion took action when he needed it most. last week, he dropped to the ground with a massive stroke. he could have remained alone for an hour, but his dog bella knew something was wrong and alerted freddie's wife. that got him attention within minutes of the stroke. doctors administered a clot busting drug what they call the
9:52 am
golden hours. >> the door to needle time is 06 minutes or less. he is a classic case of full recovery. the tpa worked in his case. >> this holiday season, freddie and his wife say bella has a special place at the table. here's a look at what's happening in and around the delaware and lehigh valleys this weekend. first, the not just rock and roll expo takes over the greater philadelphia expo center in oaks montgomery county. there will be cds and records and music memorabilia top culture collectibles and celebrities from the world of music and live entertainment from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00. kick off the holiday season with the lighting of the american heritage credit union on red lion road in somerton tonight. 40-foot tree will be lit and concert featuring the
9:53 am
philadelphia boys choir and fife and drum of the old barracks. it kicks off at 7:00 p.m. bundle up. the holiday fun continues tomorrow with the first-ever santa parade and fun run walk in veterans square in needs i can't. kick off the day with a one mile run. it's open to people of all ages and it's free with your donation not toys for tots drive and there's a costume contest because everyone is asked to dress as santa elf or reindeer you choose. the tree lighting is happening in new hope, bucks county. saint nick will light the big tree at the corner of ferry and main streets.
9:54 am
kids are asked to bring their ornaments were their wishes inside and hang on the tree afterwards. next, chris sowers will take a final look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast stay with us, we'll be right back.
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9:56 am
>> let's get a check of the chilly forecast. >> reporter: sort of like a 50/50 weekend. no precipitation out there. 42 degrees mostly cloudy and chilly today. sun and chowdz tomorrow much -- clouds tomorrow, much milder, 55. if you like that 55, you'll love monday. monday we're up to 60 degrees, that's followed by a cold front. that slides in tuesday morning, some areas that hit 06 could see snow flying. that's a system we have to
9:57 am
watch. >> thanks, chris, jack hanna's "wild countdown" is next. we'll be back tomorrow beginning at 6:00. 30th street station will be busy as people begin to run home from the long holiday weekend. explore the career of a famed photographer through the lens of a new exhibit. for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm eva pilgrim. have a great saturday!
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9:59 am
i'm the parent of a victim of sex trafficking. people need to know that even good kids from good neighborhoods are still vulnerable to this tricked environment where they're being taken off the street and put into bondage.
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>> jack hanna's wild countdown is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hi, everybody, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo and welcome to "wild countdown." there's a lion out here. there's a lion out here. are y'all listening to me? the only thing better than meeting wild animals is spending the night in their world. a puff adder? >> it's going straight to your tent, jack. >> today, seven stories from exotic lodges and campsites around the world. >> right in front of your tent, jack. >> i could have sat here all morning and watched the kill. and later on, don't miss my "blooper of the week." no, no, no. no, no, i feel better already. so stick around for seve


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