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tv   Action News  ABC  December 1, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> developing here on "action news" at 4:30, shots fired in delaware county possibly ation police, "action news" is there for the massive search for the gunman. >> the search for shane montgomery takes a new turn. the fbi is involved. >> it is cyber monday millions will be browsing for bargains online and your boss may be among them. we'll tell you why we know that. >> good morning, 4:30, monday, december 1. david is off, let's head over to karen rogers and matt pellman.
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>> reporter: it's too nice to be inside on the computer, look at temperatures, 53 degrees, 52 in millville. and you can compare this to 24 hours ago, it's ten degrees warmer already in philadelphia. so you see that trend we're on another upswing. satellite and radar showing the one fly in the ointment. some showers are moving through, this is the cold front that is going to spell a huge change for the weather. we'll have light and spotty showers, as early always lunchtime you want to watch for the spotty shower. here's a look at future tracker 6 showing up at 1:30. some of the light showers are starting to move through and endings up around the evening drive time. we'll have cloudy skies and spotty showers, high of 62. things change hugely in the overnight hours, details coming up in the seven day, matt. >> reporter: it's a shame so
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many people have to go back to work. good morning, everybody, we're looking at i-95 the great 23450e69. northeast. no extra overnight construction across the board this morning a lot of projects suspended because of the holiday weekend. speeds are good on i-95, the scoik and the boulevard. we have a crash in white marsh township closing ridge pike stay on germantown pike to get around that, or use the schuylkill expressway with speeds in the 50s near the curve. there's a fire at stone ridge drive at norris hall lane. in germantown watch for a fire location along colter street. a good spot to avoid on this
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monday morning. >> we'll continue with the story, investigators are on the scene of a suspicious fire in germantown. let's go over to katherine scott live on east colter street with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, so far no injuries have been reported. but we are told it's a suspicious fire and it is under investigation. firefighters are on the scene on the the unit block of colter street in germantown. the fire broke out around 3:45 when firefighters got here to the unit block of east colter there were reports of people trapped on the second floor of the row home. fire crews were met with smoke and fire on the second floor, but they were able to get everybody out of the house. this crews found a small fire on the first floor and accelerant we're told. we're hearing it could be a part of an on going situation at the home. the fire was under control
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within ten minutes, you can see fire crews remain on the scene. no one has been allowed back into the house as the investigation is underway. live in germantown, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that. developing overnight an army of police launched a ground and air search for a gunman who shot at police in delaware county. "action news" was right there in west chester township. at this point there's no indication that anyone was shot, the philadelphia police chopper was called in to search for the shooter, but so far no arrests. >> it has been four days since anyone has seen a west chester university student those last few moments before he vanished were spent in the manayunk bar in the early hours of thanksgiving. the fbi has joined police in trying to find him. vernon odem filed this report. >> reporter: the fbi has joined the investigation by the
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philadelphia police department a clear sign that foul play isoot. they watched the search of the manayunk canal for any clues of the college student. his mother knows something is wrong, very wrong. >> it's difficult. >> reporter: looking at the canal bottom for the second day in a row there's no clues of the fate from the west chester student who hails from the next town. he was last seen inside killdare's pup around 2:00 a.m. when he was escorted out by a bouncer. >> from what i know he was not eneeb -- eknee -- drunk, he
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wasn't stumbling drunk, he seemed to be fine, the last time people saw him which was after 1:00. >> the manager at killdare's refused comment why montgomery was showed the door. >> one of the bouncers said to him you know you have to leave, he put his hands up and he said i'm on my way out. they walked him to the door, and that's the last time anybody saw him. >> reporter: fbi joined the investigation, specifically the violent crime task force which was invited to assist police because the disappearance is so mysterious. in the beginning of the case, the montgomery family put a ten thousand dollars locating shane montgomery.
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the fop put up an additional $5,000 bringing the pot to $15,000 in all. vernon odem channel 6 "action news." >> police are look going for a man who attacked a 70-year-old man in his home. this happened on north howard street in north philadelphia. the victim answered a knock at the front door and pushed inside by a man with a gun. the gunman deduct -- duct taped the victim and rode away on his bike. 600,000 people were left out of coverage you remembered the 2010 healthcare law. plans will be offered by region and according to a person's individual medical needs. >> updates on the holiday shopping season today is cyber monday started by marketers back
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in 2005 as a day to go online and shop. analysts predict a drop in online customers because online deals have been around for weeks now. if you're an executive, that number is higher, 53% of executives plan to shop on the job. black friday sales were down, spending plunged 11% from last year, experts blame early holiday discounts and online shopping for the drop. turning to wall street. stocks were mostly flat an friday and futures are trading lower. a recent betty croaker survey find spouses disagree on what the other is doing to keep the household running slowly. females say they do 78% of the
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cooking. the male counter parts said they do 53% of it. >> red light cameras in new jersey, are about to face stop signs, the cameras are scheduled to stop operating in two weeks that's when the five year pilot program for them ends. lawmakers are likely to revive the program, but christie will not sign any bill that renews the cameras. protests surround government headquarters in hong kong. >> mild out there right now. in fact it's going to be mild this afternoon, currently 53 degrees above the average high for the state, how high will we go? details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. hey! it's mister monopoly.
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>> much-needed rain has hit drought ridden southern california. in sycamore cove, mudslides marooned 15 cars opt pacific coast highway. more rain is expected today and tomorrow, with the heaviest rain of the week coming in tomorrow. >> on the other side of the united states of america, around here, very mild. >> reporter: temperatures 10 degrees above average. can't beat that to start december, right?
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is it going to last? no. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we're dry, but we're not going to stay dry. let's go outside and show you when it looks like as sky6 live hd goes live looking at the skyline. we have a fair amount of clouds up above right now. today will be a day where we'll see cloudy skies and sunshine mixing in and the showers moving in later this afternoon. the temperature, 53 degrees right now. the dewpoint is 43 degrees as we look at the winds they are southwesterly at 11 miles per hour, and the pressure 30.11 inches and we're pulling in our day planner always on to give you an idea what the day ahead has in store. satellite and radar, showing a good amount of cloud cover. we're seeing more clear skies south of the city. we're tracking the showers moving through with the warm cod front. we're seeing it progress from the west.
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not a terribly heavy line of rain, just some showers moving in later on. overall pretty warm for this time of year. starting december off in in the 60s. hour record high is 72. lots of clouds and temperatures about 12 degrees above average. as we look toward the afternoon we'll see spotty showers, advancing this to 5:00 tuesday, we can see ice pellets mixing in with showers, early tomorrow morning, when you look at the morning commute from this model not looking too bad. we advance this to 9:00 a.m., we can see wet snow mixing in with the spotty showers, temperatures are above freezing, we're watching that for the morning and again for the evening commute we have showers in place and wet snow mixing up in the lehigh valley and the poconos. we're not expecting much out of this, for the most part we have rain moving through, there could
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slick travel for the morning and evening. that's all tomorrow morning. as for today, lots of clouds, tomorrow, rain mixing in withwir on, high of 42 degrees. it could be slippery at times, we need to be careful. wednesday, clouds and milder, 55 degrees, thursday, clouds and sun, 48. friday, clouds and chilly, temperatures are going up and down we've seen so much this season. friday, showers around, 52, sunday, 54. the. >> there have been several developments over the weekend since the nation announced one week since the ferguson decision
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was announced. president obama will try to figure out how to bridge the divide. the statement from the saint louis rams was clear as they took to the field with their hands up in protests. protests continue across the county nearly a week when the grand jury decided not to decide darren he wrote i have been told that my continued employment may put the residents and the police officers at risk. the mayor said there was no direct threat, be -- but called his resignation a step in the right direction. >> you think they would accept
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me, do you think it would be safe for me. >> reporter: wilson said he hoped his resignation would allow the community to heal. >> i think there's many more resignations that need to happen for the community to start he'll. president obama will hold a series of meetings at the top of the agenda how to build trust between the police and the communities they serve. >> it's a big day for hunters in pennsylvania. that's one of several stories that we're following. ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪
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i.get up, it's cyber monday, you need to start clicking, i like this, because it doesn't affect the traffic, you stay home and click away. if you do have to drive and head back to work, things are nice and clear along i-76. there is nothing in your way on any of the major heys, including no overnight construction because it was suspended because of the holiday weekend. we're watching a fire location in west philadelphia along deer born street.
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stick with 52 instead. katherine scott was telling us about the fire location, the suspicious fire in germantown along colter street, church lane would be a better bet to get around that. a crash that was closing down ridge pike in white marsh township. that accident has cleared, everything we opened along ridge pike. if you want germantown pike that looks fine as does the schuylkill expressway. and watch out for a house fire at norris lane. >> we have a development out of hong kong, hundreds of protesters have pushed past police lines blocking traffic on a main road. police stopped other demonstrators from reaching the office of hong kong's leaders. many of the protesters are wearing surgical mask and chanting i want true democracy.
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>> hundreds of thousands of hunters will hit the forest for the first ts two weeks of firearms deer hunting season. a philadelphia traffic court judge will be sentenced on wednesday for her role in a ticket fixing scandal. she was one of nine former judges who conspired to fix tickets. her lawyer is seeking probation or house arrest. philadelphia will officially usher in the holiday season on wednesday. mayor nutter will flip the switch on philadelphia's christmas tree in dilworth park. a number of performers will be there, and year you can ice skate as you watch.
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>> parking pays off during the holidays in this town in the great northwest. ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪
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>> ray rice can shop around for an nfl team now that the former ravens star has won an appeal of his suspension. four teams have expressed interest in rice. the nefl suspended the nfl running back after surveillance
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video was released showing him knocking out his now wife. >> a reporter in west virginia and the person he was interviewing found himself under fire. >> we're going to start off the hardest question [gunshots]. >> several bullets whizzed by sean delancy and the woman. they remember talking about a shooting outside the store the night before, a person was wounded in the case, police say several people targeted delancy and the woman, there were no arrests. officials say the lava flow is advancing 275 yards a day. the lava has been flowing since june 27. no immediate threat is being reported. traffic was opened on the village road, but city officials
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are urging motorists to be careful when they dry. officials in washington state are giving visitors an early christmas they are playing secret santa with the downtown parking meters. the meter reader tacks on two extra hours. skateboarders will have have a new skate park in upper merion. him his 30 mom helped pay for the park. finally free a young teen is reunited with his mother after being held captive behind a wall for four years. >> federal officials say parents may be overlook a potential suffocation risk to children. we'll be right back.
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>> good morning, it is 5:00 a.m. on this monday, december 1. breaking this morning. >> firefighter race to rescue people from a house fire in philadelphia they say it was firebombed we're live. >> gone without a trace, the mysterious disappearance of a college student has authorities concerned. >> accuweather has seen warmer air marching in on this first day of december. >> david murphy is off, let's hear about that from karen rogers and we have matt pellman with traffic, good morning. >> reporter: we have dropped a few degrees in the past few hours, 49 in philadelphia. 51 in millville. 36 in allentown and 48 degrees in the poconos right now. satellite and radar showing a good amount of clouds, you can see the showers that are trying to move through this is associated with a cold front that's going to change our weather. in the meantime the showers are moving west to east, but not hit us until later on this afternoon. they are spotty and light, today is not a big


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