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tv   Action News  ABC  December 1, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EST

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>> good afternoon, sarah is off, in the news, a warning for u.s. military men and women at home. why homeland security wants them to be on alert for a possible attack. we're live at a fedex facility as cyber monday purchases pour in. on "action news" this noon, a family is lucky to be alive after their home was allegedly the target of a firebombing. it happened on east colter street in germantown section. the fire marshal said the blaze was no accident. katherine scott joins us live from the scene with the latest on the investigation. katherine. >> rick, a citywide arson task force is investigating the case, authorities say this is 23409 the first time they have been called to the home in germantown. family members tell plee -- me a young lady has been harassed
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over the past several months. >> i heard a boom. >> and then he heard the fire alarm, you could see the scorch marks on the front door. 8 family members were inside including a 3-year-old and baby. >> opened the front door it was too hard to contain the fire out. i put water on it, but it wouldn't go out, so we went out the back door. >> reporter: firefighters say there was only light smoke when they arrived, but they did find the incendiary devices on the porch. you're trying to did set the house on fire for what? we don't know the people. >> authorities were called in the past, family members say recently someone tried burn down their back door. >> because of that the on going issues we've had here, the multiple times we've been here,
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the citywide arson task force is conducting in a joint investigation to come to some type of resolution here. back here live in germantown there's no major damage to the home, family members say there's a strong smell of smoke and gasoline inside. the red cross is on the scene they are providing lodging to the family for one night, investigators are out here taking a look at surveillance cameras in the area to helpfully help in the investigation. rick. >> chopper 6 hd was above the scene of an accident involving a tractor-trailer. it happened at 9:30 on route 1 northbound in falls township. it went down the embankment near the 32 exit to morrisville. one person was taken to the hospital. route 1 was blocked as crews tried to reach the tractor-trailer and remove it. a road in wilmington will be closed all day long after a
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large tree fell crushing a car and bringing down power lines, as well. happened before 7:00 on the 800 block of west 32nd street. wilmington police say mill road between 29th and 34th will be closed while the power poles are replaced. the car was smashed by the fallen tree. nobody was in the car at the time and nobody was hurt. turning toward weather it's a mild start to the week, but enjoy it while it lasts. sky6 live hd taking a live look at the point. it's a mild and warm afternoon as we start this month of december. if you have holiday shopping today is a good day to get the errands done now, we have big changes around the corner. meteorologist karen rogers is in for david murphy she has a will care at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: we think of december 1 as the start of the
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meteorological swirnt. 64 degrees in philadelphia. 59 in allentown. 66 in millville. check out dover, delaware, 68 degrees, nearly 70 degrees at this hour and we compare this to temperature yesterday it's 11 degrees warmer than yesterday. we're seeing an uptick in temperatures and tomorrow we head down. radar is showing clouds moving in. the showers will be dissipating, but later on this afternoon it could be damp in spots. today's high, 65 degrees. we have a spotty shower around tonight tomorrow we dip around 36 staying above freezing with patchy clouds. we're talking about the possibility of wintery precipitation even today with 70-degree temperatures.
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future tracker 6 showing before 4:00 p.m. we have a wintery precipitation and we'll tell you when it starts an when it ends and who can expect it in the seven-day forecast. >> stay on to which of the changing weather -- stay on top of the changing weather situation at for the latest video from our "action news" meteorologists and our collection of weather related photos and videos. police in delaware county are investigating the shooting of two people, chopper 6hd was above the scene on the 1100 block of thomas street in chester 0 a little more than half-hour ago. two people were shot after 11:00. they were rushed to chester-crozer medical center no word on their conditions. the fbi has joined search efforts in manayunk torched shane montgomery. the -- to find shane montgomery. he was last seen at 1:45 after
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leaving kildare's irish pub in manayunk. there's a 15,000-dollar reward for his whereabouts. vernon odem will have more on the search efforts. the man accused of killing a philadelphia police officer is in the court for the start of his murder trial. raphael jones faces murder and other charge for shooting and killing officer moses walker junior during a robbery attempt in 2012. his co-defendant pleaded guilty and will testify against jones who he said was the trigger man. his accomplice is going to be sentenced today. he pled guilty to his role in the murder. he is expected to testify, as we mention the against jones. today president obama will meet with his cabinet and civil rights leaders to discuss the
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current situation in ferguson, missouri. the discussions will be how to strengthen neighborhoods and how to move forward. darren wilson resign from the police department this days after a grand jury decided not to indict him over the killing of teen michael brown. >> as far as 9 city of ferguson is concerned we have servered tie with officer wilson. >> protests continue across the country demanding legal action in the case. there were dozens of arrests including in washington, d.c. when protesters blocked a major highway there and several saint rufus i say rams players caused a stir when they raised their hands in the hands up don't shoot pose in sphoart -- in support for the brown family. shopping malice across the country cyber monday, which of course is today, could take on added importance.
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the biggest online shopping day of the year, that means ups and fedex and post offices are bracing for the packages to be shipped. john rawlins has more. >> reporter: this is inside the fedex express station at grays ferry. items from around the world destined for the delaware valley arrived in the early am, and they go on to the express delivery trucks. biggest issue for those of us filling out shipping labels make them ledgable and complete and include a phone number if you can. >> we want to get everything on time. try to ship as early as possible if you can. a tsunami of gifts will hit the system tonight.
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many coming out of amazon in delaware. system wide will be one of the biggest nights for fedex operation. >> tonight we expect to be very busy. tonight is one of our peak nights. . how many packages will you move tonight? >> 22.6 million about 11% more than last year. john rawlins channel 6 "action news." >> of course our cyber monday coverage continues online at there we have a list of the best offers from some of the biggest retailers, a cyber security expert and co-star of shark tank offers tips to keep your information safe while shopping online all there right now at the "action news" morning team did their part to drum up support for a week-long food drive. matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers, david murphy stopped by steve and preston's
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campout for food for philabundance. donations can be dropped off from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. through thursday, and 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on friday. and there's much more to come on "action news" at noon, a knew strong warning from the fbi, why they are concerned that isis militants may be eyeing an attack on american troops. ray rice's wife points the finger at the commissioner of the nfl. karen rogers is back when "action news" continues, we're calling for our volunteers to stand by and help with any consumer issue you may have, their number is on the screen, give them a call, and we'll be right back.
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and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture everyday. >> a new warning this noon about possible attacks by isis militants against u.s. service members in america. abc news has learned that a joint intelligence bulletin was released by the fbi an homeland security warning former and current members of the military that isis is looking for simple thighsers in the -- sympathizers in the u.s. who are able to willing to attack at home.
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coming up on "action news" at 12:30 we'll have more details on the threat to the military in a live report. elizabeth lautin the woman who caused a firestorm this weekend criticizing the president's daughters has resign. she said the girls should quote show a little class. the republican staffer's remarks got swift and angry responses. she resign her post this morning as the communications director for rep respective fincher of tennessee. ray rice is returning to the nfl after his indefinite suspension was overturned on on friday. four teams have expressed interest in the running back but his wife is speaking out about the assault that landed him in trouble. there are questions how truthful
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roger goodell was about what rice told him about the infamous incident. she said he is being less than honest about what the league knew. >> i know for a fact that ray told the honest truth that he has been telling since february. >> the nfl sent a memo to all 32 teams added that no judges brought into commissioner goodell's integrity. five are facing charges of sexual assault of a female student on the campus in wayne. all five of the accused of 18 years old. they are being held on $200,000 bail. the accused includes noah williams of camden and germane scott of vineland, new jersey.
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a missing ohio state football player has been found dead near his apartment after a week after he went missing. 22-year-old was found yesterday dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. he went missing last wednesday after an argument with his girlfriend. after he vanished his mother said he sent a text message saying he hoped he wasn't an embarrassment the to her.
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>> well, getting the beloved thin mints and tag alongs got easier, because you'll be able to order your favorite girl scout cookies online. they will allow the young go getters to push the famed cookies using a mobile app or personalized website. the more than a dozen scouts were chosen to use the digital sales. they sell an estimated $800 million a year. the prices at the plump are going down. the national average for a gallon of gas is 2.76 that's a 5 cent decrease in a week by the way. in philadelphia, 2.94. south jersey, 2.66. in delaware, 2.79 this
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afternoon. "healthcheck" this noon, medical experts are repeating a new warning for new parents who are letting their infants sleep with blankets or bedding that's deemed unsafe. as of four years ago, 50% of parents are using soft bedding that can lead to sudden death syndrome. use safe sleep wear and keeping the room at a temperatures where blankets are not needed. a large red ribbon is hanging on the white house to remember world aids day. an estimated 35 million people are living with the disease worldwide. president obama is urging americans to remember those who lost their lives to aids and provide support and cold front to those who are living with the disease. we'll take a quick look at
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the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we come back, meteorologist karen rogers will have the deals on wintery weather that may create headaches from the morning rush as we look at a pretty picture from the jersey shore. "action news" at noon will be right back stay with us. ♪ attention pennsylvania residents.
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karen is back now and the weather as we've been mentioning is kind of like a temperature rollercoaster and we both hate rollercoaster. >> reporter: we do, but today we're on the upswing so we might like this partly of the rollercoaster. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we're dry across the region. let's head outside and show you what it looks like. the action cam was outside in fairmont park outside "the please touch museum." what a beautiful shot. partly cloudy skies we've seen the clouds fill in through the
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afternoon. the temperature 64 degrees, very mild out there. the dewpoint, 47. the winds from the southwest that's what's pumping up the mild air. a little bit of a breeze at 11 miles per hour. the national weather service i should a winter weather advisory for lancaster county tomorrow. we're talking about temperatures near 70 degrees and the chance for winter weather through the region tomorrow with the mixture of snow and sleet changing to rain and freezing rain. that's lancaster county. that's not the only area of concern we'll talk about that in a second. later today we'll look at satellite and action radar, we'll see clouds through the region and spotty showers trying to reach the ground. the bulk of that out near pittsburgh falling apart. 3:00 p.m., 63 degrees with a spotty shower around. 5:00 p.m. 58. 7:00 p.m., 49 degrees, by 9:00 we're at 46 so staying
12:26 pm
mild, the overnight low 36 degrees staying above freezing in the overnight hours and looking at highs around the region at 66 for your high in philadelphia. even along the coastline mid 60s. up in the lehigh valley mid to upper 50s in in some spots we're talking about the chance for icing. the road surfaces are mild with a day like today. temperatures roughly 16 degrees above average ahead of the cold front that's coming through. we're starting it off very mild. future tracker 6 looking at tomorrow, this is a look at 5:30 p.m. we're watching the precipitation build through the region. it could start as spotty showers anytime from 7 to 10:00 a.m. in philadelphia. but i think the bulk of the precipitation will happen in the afternoon. the area of blue an area we are watching for icing in allentown and areas north. many areas see it, that's the only prolonged area. for many us of it's a wet day.
12:27 pm
while it's mostly rain, south of the city, and philadelphia and the immediate northwest suburbs you may see a few wet snowflakes mixing in with the rain but it will quickly change over to rain. it's in allentown and north we're watching for snow mixing with icing and freezing rain. that's the concern traveling tomorrow afternoon especially allentown and north. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, different story today, very mild 66 for the high, a few spotty showers, tomorrow, rain and wintry mix could arrive anywhere from 7 to 10:00 a.m. a spotty shower the bulk in the afternoon. 42. wednesday, mild, 55 a spotty shower in the afternoon. thursday, clouds and sun, 48. friday, rain late in the day and saturday showers around 52. him mostly cloudy skies for the eagles, 54 with a couple of showers. >> good day to get shopping in. >> reporter: you going to buy me
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something. i like that. >> i will get you something like i got you last year. >> reporter: nothing. >> a group of juveniles caused a scene while driving through traffic on schuylkill expressway and why red light cameras in new jersey may be disappearing, those stories and much more when "action news" at noon right back. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.
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>> hello, again, here some of the stories we're following on "action news" at 12:30, the reward to find a missing west chester student grows again we're live in manayunk where shane montgomery was last seen. rare books are stolen from berks county library and the theft is caught on camera. the best holiday deals are being offered online today. nydia han breaks down the best cyber monday bargain in the in the saving with 6abc. fbi is joining the search for a missing west chester student. shane montgomery left a popular bar in manayunk and vernon odem has the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon, rick, kildare's public where you see behind me is where shane
12:31 pm
montgomery has last seen. the management posted a $10,000 reward bringing the pot to $25,000. the fbi and police are reinterviewing shane montgomery's family. they have a full court press going on to try to locate the missing college students. as the search for 21-year-old shane montgomery continues police place the last ping from the cell phone about a mile from the spot where he was last scene. was registered 4500 feet of the cvs pharmacy at the other end of manayunk. montgomery a west chester university student was last seen leaving this public before 2:00 on thanksgiving morning. police say he was asked to leave by a bouncer there, he has since vanished. police and the fbi have questioned employees of
12:32 pm
kildare's public. employees say they are cooperating with the police and fbi. >> from what i know he was not drunk, anybody that saw him and him and with him all night told me what they knew he was drinking, so he wasn't drunk he wasn't stumbling drunk, he seemed to be fine, the last time people saw him which was after 1:00 a.m. >> the fbi entered the investigation yesterday at the request of philadelphia police because of the mysterious nature of the disappearance. all accounts from montgomery's family and police he has vanished. a search of the canal that running parallel to main street turned up nothing this weekend. this morning and the fbi posted shane montgomery's picture on 30 digital billboards across the metro area that are
12:33 pm
already being displayed. vernon odem channel 6 "action news." >> the search continues for the shooter who fired at police in chester township late last night. the accident happened on the foot bridge located near west nate ellis drive. nobody was hurt. the philadelphia police chopper was called in to search for the shooter. authorities have made no arrests. police are trying to identify a group of juveniles on the expressway last night. they were riding along 30th street riding alongside traffic. they are riding east in the westbound lanes. president obama is focusing on the situation in ferguson, missouri today. the president is meeting with his cabinet civil rights leaders and law enforce. they will discuss the grand jury decision not to indict a police officer in the death of michael brown. obama plans to meet with young civil rights leaders to talk
12:34 pm
about the mistrust between communities of color and law enforcement. meantime, darren wilson stepped down saying he feared staying with the force would put the residents and officers of the missouri city at risk. the mayor of ferguson said the city hasts ties with wilson. the brown family has not ruled out filing a civil suit against wilson. sources say isis is looking for like minded individuals to target service members in the united states and the threat has members of our military being told to review their social media accounts. abc karen travers is live with that. >> reporter: it's common for law
12:35 pm
enforcement agencies to issue warnings like this. this warning has been to be taken seriously for their own safety. the warning from the fbi is the strongest about possible attacks by isis against u.s. service members in the united states. >> be on the look out for or change your behavior, because we believe it could put you in harm's way. >> reporter: overnight the fbi and department of homeland security released a joint intelligence bulletin saying isis is looking for sympathizers in the u.s. who are willing to perform attacks on former and current members of the u.s. military. get rid of anything on your social media accounts that might bring unwanted attention from violent extremeists. two uniformed canadian
12:36 pm
soldiers were killed by young man who were isis sympathizers. some members of the special forces say they have deaccurate evaluated facebook and -- deactivated their facebook and other social media accounts. this warning comes as isis announced it killed an american oil worker, william henderson, but the company said he was killed in august in a carjacking. the fbi said it's skeptical of this group's claims, but they are investigating. rick. >> karen, thank you, the supreme court is hearing arguments in a free speech case involving a man from bethlehem. he was scientisted to 4 years in -- he was sentenced to 4 years in prison for posting
12:37 pm
threats on facebook. his lawyers said he was venting and his post is covered by the first amendment. police in berks county say 11 limited edition books were snatched from the reading public library. two men walk inside one goes to the she was and places the books in a bag and both men walk out. library officials are checking to see if the stolen copies are being offered on the internet. turning to the forecast this noon we're starting off the workweek, very warm for this time of year. doesn't feel like december outside at least not right now. meteorologist karen rogers joins us with the latest from accuweather. we have rain in our future huh? >> reporter: we do, don't mind being out here today, don't need the jacket with the temperatures. i want to show you sat satellite and radar, the clouds are starting to fill in. we started off with bright
12:38 pm
sunshine and a few clouds mix b mixing in. there you see the showers associated with the cold front they are falling apart as they reach the area. we're expecting a spotty shower around later this afternoon and into this evening. let's look at the temperatures. that's the big story of the day! 55 degrees in martins creek. 61 in quakertown. 67 in coatsville and 65 in ken net square and chester. center city in the mid 60s. 68 in hammonton. temperatures near 70 degrees, this time of year we see a high of 50 and we're well past that. 69 in dover, delaware as you head out later on, expect a mild evening commute, 4:00 p.m., 61. 5:30. 58. 7:00 p.m., 49. as we talk about temperatures so far above average we're
12:39 pm
considering a winter weather advisory national weather service issued for state college and lancaster. it's starts 59:10 a.m. on tuesday, snow and athlete changes to rain. that will go to show you we have surfaces temperatures and the roads will be okay for the most part as we have the melting. look at 4:30, just rain in philadelphia. watching the sleet in the lehigh valley. i'm going to show you more about this and talk about the best chance where you may see the icing coming up in the seven-day forecast in just a minute, rick. >> karen, we'll check in later. meanwhile, people armed the world are commemorating world aid's day. the faith community is coming together to pray for those with hiv and aitdz. aids. action a cam was at the breakfast this morning many came together to remember those who passed away and recommit to
12:40 pm
reduce the stigma for people living with hiv and aitdz. still ahead an an "action news," season -- sonny pictures gets hacked. and another honor for mo'ne davis when we come right back. karen rogers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast that and much more when "action news" continues. right now another holiday greeting from a member of our military serving overseas. >> i want to say happy holidays to my family and friends back in pennsylvania, mom and dad i love you and i will see you in the spring.
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the internet is abuzz today as people buy up online deals this cyber monday. nydia han features the best
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deals you can find in saving with 6abc. >> reporter: the website deal news scours the internet for savings and last year these retailers head back their best deals until cyber monday. cyber monday is the best day to nab the discount on apparel and shoes. ralph lauren cut an additional 25% off many popular items, and highlights included all time price lows, joe's new balance outlet is back if you're looking for running shoes, last year slashed prices to less than $30. looking for kitchen items, look at boscov's. they offered deals for less than $4 with free shipping. 6:00 p.m. is great for discounts
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on all kinds of sports deals. it cut an additional 20% off site wide. group upon, crocks, google play and home depot. be care if you buy from home you may want to pick up your items in store to avoid high shipping charges. all this info is on the save page at i'm nydia han channel 6 "action news." >> once the items are bought it's time to ship them out, that means the local fedex shipping center is in overdrive this noon. the facility in the grays ferry section of philadelphia was full speed before sunrise. the shipping company says cyber monday is one of the busiest days of the year. >> a lot of work and a lot of hours making sure we get everything to our loyal and
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dedicated customers, trusting us to get their precious gifts before christmas. >> fedex is projecting 20 million packages will be moving through the global network today a alone. the "action news" team is working on news stories beginning at 4:00. live in the newsroom is alicia vitarelli, how was your weekend? >> it was great. we're talking about cyber monday deals you want to make that list and check it out and get the best deals online. a sinkhole surprise in china. partly of the road open up before their eyes. it's the tale of a vet treasure hidden in plain sight how a masterpiece winds up in the background of a children appear blockbuster in big talkers. don't forget you can take us
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with us streaming live on your smart phone or tablet of course in between all that cyber monday shopping. >> quick break, the full accuweather forecast when we come right back stay with us. wn. if you're thinking about returning to original medicare, consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. right now, base rates on the currently available aarp medicare supplement plan f will not increase in 2015. during these tough economic times, that's some very good news. and, the basic structures of medicare supplement plans don't change from year to year. so call today for your free decision guide and learn more about how an aarp medicare supplement plan... can go long for you.
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from unitedhealthcare insurance company, the company with the experience to be here for you now... and down the road. go long. ♪ 600,000 pennsylvanians will have new opses to get -- options to get headlight insures. these -- health insurance. plans are offered by region and according to a person's individual medical needs. meanwhile, parts of the controversy hall have yet to receive approval. the add shows how the benefits will work. the red light cameras in new jersey are scheduled to stop operating in two weeks from now. that's when the five year pilot program for them will end. lawmakers will have to revive the program, but governor christie said he is not going to
12:49 pm
sign the bill renewing any cameras. karen is back now on this first day of december, more like the first day of april. >> reporter: nice, right, only if our winter could last like this. >> can you make that happen? >> reporter: i can't. you got to ask or you'll never know. we're dry through the region, but looking for a spotty shower this afternoon. so far nothing hitting the ground. the action cam was outside taking a walk i long the benjamin franklin parkway. we started out with bright sunshine, but the clouds are filling in in a little bit. look at the temperature, 64 degrees, the dewpoint, 47. the winds out of the southwest that's allowing for the mild temperatures, 11 miles per hour. a little bit of a breeze and the pressure holding steady. him looking at the temperatures around the area.
12:50 pm
near 70 in dover. 68. along the coastline 67 the temperature jumped up a little bit in ac. 53 in allentown, 59 in reading. as we look at sat light and radar, we started with the sunshine now you see the clouds move in looks like the showers are trying to fill in, but they are trying to break apart, they are not reempg e-- reaching ground. in allentown we have a high of 55 degrees in atlantic city, 65. mild with a spotty shower around we're watching for the spotty showers moving through. him in the city, someplaces we'll hit 66 mostly cloudy skies, a spotty shower around and we're seeing the warm temperatures, so feeling good. him in the overnight hours staying above freezing, patchy clouds, 36 degrees for the overnight low, the big change, cooler air moving back in the overnight hours. future tracker 6 precipitation
12:51 pm
is coming in tomorrow. we're watching this to be spotty in the morning but this model shows it coming in the afternoon. we could get a wintry mix mixing with the rain anywhere from philadelphia and north. i think it's allentown and areas north where you have a chance of prolonged icing and chance of freezing rain. this model looking at 6:30 in the evening. snow in the poconos and freezing temperatures around the allentown and lancaster and state college the national weather service issued a winter weather advisory tomorrow. we'll watch to see if areas of allentown and areas north of allentown are included in that, later. we watched the rain pull on out of here. today it's mild, temperatures near 66 degrees, we'll see a spotty shower around with the clouds. tomorrow the rain arrives you could get a sprinkle from late morning on, the bulk of it comes
12:52 pm
in the afternoon and evening. at some points it may be a wink of wintry mix. in the city, it's mixing with the rain, wet snowflakes. tuesday, 42 the high. wednesday, mild again, 535 the high. showers in the afternoon. thursday, clouds and sun, 48 we're dry. friday we're cool again, 44, chilly day and rain. cloud on friday, 52 and sunday, clouds and 54. >> on our people scene this noon actor quurt douglas is not -- kurt douglass is not dead, people magazine accidently published the obituary of the actor. people pulled the article, but not before some people on social
12:53 pm
media got ahold of it. [star wars theme] >> disney has released the first trailer of the stars wars. the preview was viewed by more than 40 million people this weekend. the movie is due in theaters this time next year. disney of course is the parent company of 6abc. one of the biggest movie studios and the distributers of movies in the world is the victim of hackers. sony said five of its films including the remake of annie and fury were leaked to several websites. the studio is about to release the interview which is centered around the plan to assassinate
12:54 pm
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south philadelphia mo'ne davis is once again a cover girl. she is the 2014 sports kid of the year according to sports illustrated kids. davis became an international sensation this summer after leading the dragons to third place among the u.s. teams in the little league series. she was the first little leaguer to grace the cover of the sports illustrated. if you're looking for distraction check out these stories at the owners of a cute puppy have found amusing way of waking him up let it i go. we've all seen heartwarming
12:57 pm
military reunion, but one woman decided to turn the tables and surprise her husband thousands of miles from her home. those stories >> reporter: i'm going to log on after i do my shopping -- and the weather. let's take a look at satellite and radar, lots of clouds moving in. looks like sprinkles, but they are not reaching ground. we're looking for a spotty shower around this afternoon and evening. as you step outside you'll notice how mild it is. 66 degrees in the city. along the coastline, 66 degrees and 59 in allentown. >> enjoy the rest of the afternoon. that will do it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us for "action news" 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for david murphy, sarah bloomquist, roj karen rogers, i'm rick williams. have a nice day today we'll see
12:58 pm
you here tonight!
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