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tv   Action News  ABC  December 3, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EST

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shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? ♪ skippy!! ♪ yippee!! i'm bored. hashtag bored. skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!! ♪ "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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we begin this noon with a developing story out of south jersey, a fast moving house fire in mount ephraim broke out on 3rd avenue. the home is owned by former camden fire chief, joseph marini, his stepson was taken to the hospital and another man was taken to cooper hospital. >> the fire was started in the basement when the individuals were using a chemical to strip paint and we are listing this fire as still under investigation at this time. >> firefighters remain on the scene this noon as the investigation continues and we'll continue to follow the sto story and bring you news on the search continues for a
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missing man after a barge capsized in the delaware river in wilmington. eva pilgram has the latest. >> reporter: the rescue search is now being called a recovery effort for a worker who is still missing this afternoon after a barge capsized near the port of wilmington here last night. this afternoon we have learned new information about where the worker was moments before the accident. the fire department and coast guard when out shortly before the sun came up this morning. >> it's definitely dangerous work and it's dark on the river. >> they called the coast guard after a barge capsized on the christina river saying crew members were missing and two were rescued quickly and one is still missing. >> he was inside the operator's
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house when the dredge capsized. dive teams tried to get inside of the area that is now under water and it was deemed unsafe and the divers were pulled back. they learned in a gaffeling was wearing a float coat. >> we are working with the engineers on how to upright this dredge. >> i spoke with norfolk dredging officials, they are on their way here from virginia and at this point they can't speculate what caused the barge to overturn but will have a full investigation into exactly what happened. i'm eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a 15-year-old girl suffered broken legs when she was hit by a vehicle on the roosevelt boulevard, it happened on the outer lanes of ryan avenue in east philadelphia, the driver of the pickup that hit the girl
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arrived on the scene and she was taken to nearby torresdale hospital. a four alarm fire damaged two businesses in lower marion township this morning. it started before 5:00 a.m. on the 900 block of montgomery avenue. flames were seen coming from a building that houses two businesses including a company called fast signs. efforts to fight the fire were complicated by downed lines and a water main break that affected the hide rans. the cause of the blaze is still under investigation. turning now to the accuweather forecast, temperatures are warmer but rain continues to fall around the region, sky 6 hd looking at the shore ain gloomy shot at the beach in atlantic city. we are wondering when the sunshine will return. karen rogers is at the "action news" big board. >> it has been a dreary week and the sunshine will return but it's not happening right now,
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stormtracker 6 live double scan, with this double scan radar you can see where the heaviest showers are. we had light sprinkles earlier but look at the area of yellow, those are showers that are moving through, can you see what is happening as this move from the southwest to the northeast, if are you in coatesville it's wet and the area of yellow is about to hit you and in malvern, are you getting hit right now, that is steadier rain coming down and norristown as well. in philadelphia, it's in south philadelphia about to hit the city, the heavier bands, and along i-95 and riverside, are you getting the heavier rain as well. i want to show you 3-d and we can look at this rain and there is not a whole lot beyond this, the front is inching its way through the area and producing for the most part what is light showers, another batch is coming through our region and a few more spotty sprinkles after
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that. we are almost out of the woods. and there are low clouds in the region and look at the visibility. fog producing visibility at philadelphia international airport, and three miles in reading and earlier reports over the last hour, and this had created problems at philadelphia international airport, and looking at the travel board we are seeing 90 minute delays. so lets head outside and see what it is going to look like for your commute this evening. we are starting to dry out and mostly cloudy skies and by 4:00 p.m., 50 and 5:30 we are drying out and by 7:00 p.m., 46 degrees, details on when the sun returns is in the accuweather forecast. >> can you keep track of the accuweather forecast at any time by downloading our free storm tracker 6 app, it has hourly and seven-day forecasts.
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there is a vigil tonight for missing westchester university student, shane montgomery, it takes place in front of the psych's building, weather hampered the search yesterday but efforts are expected to resume this afternoon. the 21-year-old student was last seen leaving a bar in manayunk early thanksgiving morning. there is a reward of $25,000 to bring him home. the search continues for the man that hit a man in south philadelphia. "action news" was there when the police towed a silver volvo into their impound lot. it is believed to be the one that slammed into a pedestrian at 9:00 monday evening, we'll have a live report on this at 12:30. a california woman says that bill cosby molested her in a bedroom in the playboy mansion
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in the 70s when she was just 15 years old. she joins a growing list of women that claims that cosby drugged and sexually assaulted them when they were younger. given the controversy the comedian announced his resignation from the board of trustees of temple university. a teenager is under arrest after he allegedly brutally kicked a mother and son from behind, just to steal a cell phone. marcy gonzales has the full story. >> reporter: the video is disturbing on its own, a teen getting a running start before drop kicking a woman to the ground but what you can't see is that she is carrying an infant -- >> she felt this kick, a strong kick on her back. she was falling down and she tried to protect the baby as she was falling down.
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>> despite landing on the pavement underneath her, incredibly her son is okay. a close call in bronx, new york, this 18-year-old says all so he could steal orozco's cell phone. >> are you apologizing. >> to the lady and baby. >> i didn't see the baby. >> when did you find out? >> when she hit the floor. >> you can see he didn't help and took off with the cell phone, he was later arrested and his apology not accepted. >> she indicated that if the baby had died would he be apologizing to her if her child was dead. even if he was arrested, he should pay for what he did. >> he is, he faces a list of charges, including robbery and assault. >> marcy gonzales, abc news, new
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york. the man that saved a police officer from his burning cruiser was honored today. he helped to pull mark kin zi out of his police car. this morning chambers a first responder in ridley park was given a citation, he said he was just doing what he was trained to do. philadelphia kicks off the holiday season tonight with a christmas tree lighting event at the newly renovated dillworth park, grammy award winning artist estelle will be performing. you can watch all the fun here on 6 abc, join rick williams and alicia vitarelli will be there as well. the rothman institute presents philadelphia celebrates the holidays, it's tonight at 7:30 on 6 abc. >> just what you need to get you into the holiday spirit.
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>> watch tonight. still to come on "action news" at noon, the makers of dangerous airbags that can explode when deployed are being questioned today on capitol hill. >> and a frightening attack on a big cat in atlanta is questioning if the big lynx is okay to keep as a pet.
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a man is due in court for threatening to kill the police officer that killed michael brown. they say that he ranted about officer darren wilson on his facebook page and made repeated threats on his life. he was arrested in his home in washington state and other threats at the ferguson police department led officer wilson to resign after he was not indicted in the teen's death. and the supreme court is hearing arguments in the discrimination case and could affect women and their pregnancy cases. it was to refuse a request of an employment at ups, peggy young was placed on paid leave instead. they are deciding if they
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violated the pregnancy act. they say they complied with the law in young's case but will voluntarily offer lighter duty to pregnant women next month. and airbags that could shoot out shrapnel are the subject of a congressional panel today. the owners of the takata corporation has refused to comply with a government demand for an expanded recall. honda says they will expand their recall across the u.s. for the airbags. the government wants takata to add vehicles to the recalls. and a woman was attacked by a neighbor's pet siberian lynx, the woman was feeding the pet when it lashed out at her.
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the woman made arrangements to take care of the animal, she was take and to the hospital with severe injuries and has since been released. the owner has permits to keep the exotic pets on his property. change your cell phone provider and cut your bill in half, and a reminder, can you takeaction news" anywhere you want to go.
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sprint is offering to cut your cell phone bill in half if you sign up as a new customer. verizon and at&t users can bring their bill into sprint this friday and they offer the same data allowance as well as unlimited talk and text and sprint will pay up to $350 per line to buy customers out of their current contracts. >> shoppers looking for a deal will skip the mall and head to the car dealership, industry sales were up 4% according to auto data, the best november since 2001. chrysler fared best posting a 20% increase in sales. new rules for the nation's kidney trance atlantic system goes into affect tomorrow, one is called longevity matching,
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the ones with the most -- that are expected to survive a tran plant the longest. and another change, those that have stayed in line and gotten dialysis, will be higher on the list, and children always get priority of course. and on our website we have a chat on cancer treatment. you can log on and chat with a doctor from main line health. it's about how cancer affects your heart. that is 4:00 at the "action news" team is out working on news teams for tonight beginning at 4:00. here is alicia vitarelli live in the newsroom with a look ahead. >> coming up today in big talkers at 4:00, here is a question for you, what seats 23 and is made of cherry wood and costs more than some houses,
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it's a conference table at a new jersey school, we'll tell you how the university is defending this $225,000 much. plus, should boys and girls be separated in the classroom, it's an old private school model gaining favor in many public school districts, why some say that single sex education is the key to better grades. and take us with you on the go, you can watch our newscast streaming live on your smart fon or tablet. >> thank you alicia.
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meteorologist, karen rogers is here now, we are talking about lighting the christmas tree at city hall tonight. >> we have rain coming through but it will be done by tonight, your pretty little head won't get wet. >> oh thank you. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan around the region, and you can see some of the rain is picking up a bid. for the most part, during the early morning hours we have light showers and a closer up view of this, with double scan, the areas getting hit heavier, look at this batch in honey brook, the heaviest we have seen so far from coatesville to downingtown. in philadelphia you are about to get hit with heavier rain here and it won't last too long. heading towards trenton, you'll get heavier rain moving through and watch for that. lets take you outside now and
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the action cam was out earlier and we are talking about tree lightings and center city, we spotted pretty trees around there, and we'll check the current numbers, 45 degrees and the temperature is doing pretty good, and a lot of moisture in the atmosphere, the winds out of the south southwest. the region hitting 44 in wildwood and 40 right now in reading, temperature have moved up a bit over the past hour, satellite 6 along with action radar showing what is behind it, not much. as we get this through the coming hours, the a spotty sprinkle, future tracker 6 showing at 1:30 in the afternoon, it's pushing off the coastline and not a whole lot happening, at 5:00 you get one last shower as the front comes through, as you head out for the evening or going to the tree lighting or anything else, 8:00
12:26 pm
it looks clear. here is the exclusive accuweather forecast, 3:00 p.m., 50 degrees and lots of clouds, 5:00 p.m. 49 and one last sprinkle through the region, by 7:00 p.m. skies clear and 37 degrees. 50 is your high today with the front that is stubborn and producing lots of clouds and drizzle but this one last batch of showers is heavier moving through the region, here comes the change tomorrow, i have been waiting for it, high pressure comes in and it's nice, we get the sunshine back and if you feel it's dreary out there, we'll have a december chill with a high of only 46 but the sunshine is pretty with the high pressure building in. here is a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, lots of clouds and showers around and what we are seeing is the heaviest we have seen all day pushing through, 53 for your high and this evening, just a sprinkle and tomorrow sunshine and 46 degrees, it's chilly but
12:27 pm
nice. friday the clouds increase and 48 degrees, it looks like the rain holds off late friday night into the weekend, periods of rain on saturday and 52 for your high, sunday for the eagles more rain and 49 and monday dreary and 50, and tuesday the sun returns again and 48 degrees and finally breaking the wet pattern. the rain pushing through now and by the evening you are looking pretty good. >> thank you car and. still to come on our next half hour of "action news" at noon, police are searching for the driver of a car that hit a man in philadelphia and kept going. and a sleep disorder, the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea in today's healthy kids segment.
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. in southwest philadelphia, three males were shot and one of them is in critical condition sent to the university of pennsylvania hospital and the shooting happen aid short time ago, at 54th and grays avenue, there was a number of men we are told fleeing towards lindbergh
12:30 pm
boulevard after the shooting, the yellow tape is up and three men shot at this corner and we'll monitor the situation and bring you updates on in other news investigators are piecing together a hit and run in philadelphia that left a man critically injured. the driver of the car is still on the loose but police may be getting close. david henry is live in philadelphia with more. >> reporter: rick investigators are closing in on the suspect, they believe they have the car that ran down a man as he crossed this intersection at 59th and market. but so far no charges are filed. only "action news" was there as police towed away this silver volvo station wagon last night. it was found on northwest cecil
12:31 pm
street. just blocks from the accident. the car is owned by a woman that lets her son and daughter use it. the accident was obtained by "action news" on surveillance video. until late yesterday police did not know who the victim was, because he was not carrying i.d., they only knew he was a black man in his 20s. last night they identified him and he remains in critical condition, the car did not even slow down after hitting the man. can you see bystanders responding to the accident after it happened and a police car rolled up with lights on after the accident, and they are investigating that the car was chased by police right before the accident but they don't have an answer yet. police have a search warrant for the car and are going through it
12:32 pm
for evidence and they will questioning the woman and children as they try to determine who was driving it. >> david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> okay david thank you. the coast guard's search for a missing man in the christina river is now a recovery mission. the boats went out to resume the search for emanuel gatling. the bolt capsized near wilmington last night. they say that he was inside of the operator's house when the barge flipped over. >> it's a big river and it's dark and it's an unfortunate accident. >> two other crew members were rescued after the boat capsized. they plan a full investigation into what happened. now, to our nation's capital where lawmakers are trying to
12:33 pm
get to the bottom of how dangerous it is. karen travers live with more. >> the japanese automaker says that the nationwide recall would make it impossible to focus on the problem areas but honda is listening to customer concerns and will issue a recall in all 50 states. >> the questioning of takata continues. >> we are confident that the airbags we are producing today are safe. >> they are not following questi requests to issue a nationwide recall of airbags. >> the equipment is intended to save lives. >> up until now there was a limited recall of airbags
12:34 pm
focused on hot, humid areas of the u.s. they say that the hot air was to blame for the problems. >> but there was an august incident in north carolina and that prompted the government to say that takata needs to replace the detective airbags across the country. >> takata believes that the public safety is best served if the area of high humidity remains a priority. >> now honda is not waiting for takata, they will do their own nationwide recall of their vehicles. >> honda has instructed our dealers to provide rental or loaner cars at no cost to the customer. >> they want the recall to apply to four others, chrysler, ford bmw and mazda.
12:35 pm
police are investigating an overnight robbery in wawa in west mt. airy, it happened at the wawa on german town avenue and alans lane. a person walked into the store and told the employee that he had a gun and demanded cash, the man took the money and took off. philadelphia police are searching for three men that brutally beat a teenager in kensington last month. there is a reward now leading to information for an arrest. this shows a teenager waiting for a ride at 1:00 a.m., that is when the three men attacked him, the victim suffered a broken jaw and teeth. if you have information you are asked to call police. three people were hurt in a crash early this morning in philadelphia. it happened at 54th and chestnut streets, the impact sent one car
12:36 pm
careening into a light pole and two people were sent to the hospital in critical condition. officials in reading are hoping to install more state of the art surveillance cameras in the wilmington area. each costs $8,000, the greater reading chamber of commerce is already raising money and hope to install more cameras in the next few months. it's a dreary day, although warmer today, taking a live look at sky 6 in center city, it's pretty gray out there. looking for the return of the sun at some point. karen rogers is at the big board with the accuweather forecast. >> the sun will come out tomorrow but not today. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we have a batch of rain, the heaviest we have seen this morning pressing through the region and beyond that just a few spotty sprinkles this is the
12:37 pm
heaviest we have seen in the region, lets bring in stormtracker 6 live double scan the street level view the best way to show you what is happening, as we look at this, the areas of yellow popping up at you, the areas of rain moving through steadily now, lets look at that here in honey brook, we have heavier rain moving from the southwest to the northeast, it would be hitting pottstown and starting to right now, in malvern are you about to get hit with the rain right here, this is doylestown and landsdowne and closer to the city we see the lighter batch pushing through, and we'll get that into new jersey as well. looking at stormtracker 6 live double scan, how about the temperatures, 45 degrees in philadelphia, i think it feels cool out there because it's raining and cloudy and temperatures are better than yesterday when we were stuck in the 30s, 40 in reading and 48 in millville and 51 in sea isle city, we had the concerns of icing and can you see temperatures way above freezing.
12:38 pm
and this is what to expect in the next 12 hours, a round of heavier showers moving through and it's dreary beyond that. later on this evening all you have left is a brief shower or two. and then we dry out. if you have evening or nighttime plans it's looking a lot better. >> thank you car and. a world renew british composer that spent a large chunk of time in philadelphia is invited back home today. is he a guest conductor with the philly pops. he used to live here on gowen avenue. they had many adventures at the home and when the family gave him a chance to relive the memories, he could not resist. >> we had this hill in the backyard, it's just a mild hill, but we thought it was big.
12:39 pm
it was great for shredding and we would cover the stairs with snow and then get a massive jump. >> his stories are fabulous, he is a great story teller and we enjoyed hearing that. >> he will guest conduct the philly pops at the kimmel center, december 5th through the 20th. there is more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, a drama of a different kind, the president is under fire for naming a soap opera producer as an international diplomat. and karen rogers is back with a closer look at the accuweather forecast. right now it's time for a holiday greeting from a member of our military serving overseas. hi this is pfc green and this is
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my wife britney green, we are here in korea, we want to wish everybody a happy holiday. love you grandma and grandpa, see you soon. ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪
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like the new $1 million peppermint payout. (joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪ police in new york city are preparing for unrest in the chokehold death of a man last july. the grand jury is deciding whether to charge the officers in statd enisland and the father of six is stopped by police and charged with selling loose cigarettes and the thing spiralled out of control and the entire thing was caught on tape. several officers took him down and garner was pronounced dead at a hospital later on. and there are investigations into whether jamison winston assaulted a girl two years ago. the woman spent five hours
12:43 pm
answering questions, winston could face a reprimand to an expulsion from school. a rare, private meeting will take place at the white house today between president barack obama, and republican senator, mitch mcconnell, the first chance to meet alone since mitch mcconnell was elevated as the next minority leader. president obama said he would like to sit down with mcconnell over a glass of bourbon, but we are told the meeting will be whiskey fee. and they are talking about colleen bell, the controversial pick for the ambassador to hungary. she didn't appear to know much about hungary during her hearing. they say she will do a good job.
12:44 pm
a robber got greedy when robbing a bank in china. he managed to get $300,000 from a teller but the trouble was the bag was too heavy, the thief struggled to get away with the bag of cash and dragged it down the street and then he tried to hoist it on his motorcycle and police caught up with him and took him into custody. it's a gloomy day and we are looking to see the sun again. karen rogers has accuweather when we come back. >> and spotting sleep apnea, the signs and symptoms look different in children than adults. i'm gonna be really qu. i don't under...i can't hear you through the glass. i'! you'll be quick. that's what you just said? yes. i'm sorry, i can't hear you. we're closed. you know what? okay, that's... hey...sir? i just...okay. [ male announcer ] it's time to bank human again.
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happens to adults but children too. and it could affect their groenl, but there is a quick fix. ali gorman has more on how parents can spot sleeping problems in today's healthy kids. >> go on the trampoline and stay on the swing set and i love to play basketball. >> these days not much can slow down gus or his twin sister, grace, that was not all the case. when he was 2 years old he kept getting sick and had pneumonia, and was hospitalized three times that year. >> we when for his two year visit and he had not grown at all. and the doctors suspected sleep apnea, all children are at risk but especially younger kids,
12:48 pm
sometimes large tonsils are to blame. sometimes sleeping in unusual positions, children want to hyper extend their next to keep their mouth open. kids can snore but not loud. >> sometimes kids don't snore continually through the night. that was the case with gun, he had surgery to remove his tonsils and abnoids. all kids have colds but he was sick all the time but he would bounce back from it and today he is catching up to his sister. >> he is stronger and more resilient. >> unlike adults most kids don't act like it when they are. it's the opposite, they are hyper active. that is another sign to get kids
12:49 pm
checked for sleep problems. meteorologist, karen rogers, is back now with a look at soggy conditions now. you say it will dry out out there. >> this is the one batch that will be heavy out there. its happening during your lunch time, longing at stormtracker 6 live double scan, there are areas of green, that is a lighter green, and areas of yellow as well. with double scan, can you see where it is happening, along pottstown, 422, you are getting soaked there. in chadds ford that is heading towards media along 309 and that is happening as well soon, and in the city itself a lighter area of yellow and coming through the city now and stretching up to trenton, are you about to get hit on i-95, sky 6 is looking at a lot of sky cover, philadelphia international, showing you that
12:50 pm
right now, they are still having problems with the flights there causing delays. 45 degrees currently in philadelphia and 51 on the boardwalk in a.c., and temperatures are better than yesterday but it's chilly with the nasty conditions out there. here is this kind of final batch of showers moving through and beyond that i think it's a chance for a sprinkle later on, there is a front right about here that will sweep its way through and make a big difference for you, future tracker 6 showing at 2:00 this afternoon, the showers we are tracking will be exiting the coastline and we are starting to see breaks in the clouds to the west. here is 5:30, the final sprinkle coming through one or two spots, for the most part the evening is dry and we watch that and look at 8:00 when they are lighting the tree in center city. it's looking pretty good and dry in the evening hours.
12:51 pm
it's cool as temperatures drop tonight. in allentown a few more showers, otherwise you are the first to clear in the northwest. down at the shore you are the last to clear here, mostly cloudy skies and showers around and a high of 52 degrees, looking at the evening commute, if are you heading out lots of clouds and one last spotty sprinkle in one or two spots. mostly cloudy skies and drying out. upper 40s by 4:00 p.m. and dropping down by 7:00 p.m. to 46, and we'll start to see the clouds break by the end of your evening commute. an improving situation for the evening heading out. here is your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we are stuck solid with the clouds and seeing spotty showers and some of those heavier showers are moving through now and then we are dry tonight high of 51 and thursday the sunshine returns, 46 is your high and
12:52 pm
chilly sunshine but sunshine nonetheless. friday the clouds increase, and the daytime is dry and the rain doesn't happen until friday night and the weekend is not looking great, saturday rain and 52 and sunday more rain, and drizzle for the eagles, 49 degrees, on monday dreary and a high of 50 and seeing lots of clouds and showers out there. it looks like on tuesday we finally break this pattern, sunshine is mixing in and 48 degrees for your high, feeling cool for this time of year. stay on top of the changing weather situation on, you'll find the storm tracker 6 radar and hourly and seven-day forecast and view our collection of weather related images. topping our people scene, spotify is revealing which
12:53 pm
artists were most popular in 2014. ed sheeran racked up 850 listens across the world and the song happy by pharrell williams and in the u.s. the top track was fancy by iggy azalea. and sorry philadelphia the band is only getting as close to us as new york city. the north american tour begins in vancouver and u-2 plays four days at madison square garden may 23rd to the 28th. this is the first time u-2 has played inside arenas since 2008. and edina is about to fulfill her dream, singing at the lighting of the rockefeller
12:54 pm
christmas tree in new york city, she grew up in new york and when to the event as a little girl.
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if you are looking for distraction this afternoon. check out these stories at, what happens when you set up a giant sleigh downtown, watch warm wishes come through. and arianna donates her hair. and what names are most likely to land on santa's naughty list. maybe rick? see if your name made the top ten. >> no! >> can you find that on >> if i get coal again this year i'm going to be upset. >> i never get coal. >> lets look at stormtracker 6 live double scan we have heavier showers pushing through the
12:57 pm
region and watch for that if you are about to head out right now, can you see that near norristown, and a batch in media heading towards the city, if you are out grab the umbrella and showers are moving through and 45 degrees, the concern temperature in philadelphia, here is a look at what to expect over the next 12 hours, this last round of showers are rather heavy, by this evening, a spotty shower is around, we are drying out. this is the last push of showers coming through. >> thank you karen. don't forget to join us tonight at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> for karen rogers and rick williams, and the entire "action news" team i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon. hey! it's mister monopoly.
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