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tv   Action News  ABC  December 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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philadelphia. and hundreds turnout to remember missing student shane montgomery, next. ♪ music ♪ you sing to one smile that cheers you ♪ ♪ one face that lights when it nears you ♪ [ male announcer ] play the monopoly millionaires' club lottery game. making more and more millionaires. this was the scene tonight, as protesters marched through the streets of center city philadelphia, and headed to city hall. their destination was the city hall courtyard and the city's
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annual tree lighting ceremony. they circled the evergreen insisting that their rights had been ever ignored. it is wednesday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is impassioned reaction to another grand jury, this one in new york, declining to indict another white police officer in the death of another armed, unarmed black man. this the the video from last july that shows a group of new york city officers, bringing down eric garner. with one officer, danielle pantleo wrapping his arm around garner's neck in what appears to be a choke hold. four three-year old garner who was stopped for selling lose cigarettes is heard assaying i can't believe. garner's parents' merge from the courthouse today after the grand jury a said there was in reasonable cause to bring charges against pantleo. garner's stepfather took to the streets asking for calm.
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>> unaudible. >> no violence. that is all i ask. all right. thank you. no violence, please. >> garner's widow says she's determined to get justice saying her husband should be here, celebrating thanksgiving, and christmas, but in her words, he cannot because a cop did wrong. attorney general eric holder has launched a federal civil rights investigation into the death of eric garner. new york has been the scene of big protests tonight from union square to times square to rocker feller center to the west side highway. police in riot gear headedded protesters off in various locations. late word that at least 30 protesters have been a arrested. here in philadelphia, protests began with a die in on the floor of 30th street station tonight, and then hit the streets. large numbers of police were deployed, but there was only one arrest, in philadelphia. "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live at city hall, kenneth, you saw the
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whole thing unfold tonight including the the tree lighting protest. >> reporter: at the who will take tree lighting celebration, the city expect but it is one that city officials said they understood as hundreds exercised their right to free speech and protest. sound of yuletide... clashed with the chants of protesters in philadelphia city hall courtyard. they stood around the soon to be lit christmas trees with signs demanding justice for ferguson, missouri teen michael brown speaking out against racist actions of police. >> we cannot do nothing anymore. we are trying to do it peacefully and respectfully but things need to be disturb if we will shake something up here. >> reporter: so, as children sang christmas carols on stage the protest continue. >> we wanted to support and be respectful to the groups performing but we want our voices heard. >> reporter: of course, these demonstrators have the right but is what the timing right which broad a mixed reaction
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from those who attended the holiday celebration. >> whatever they have to do to you know, get justice and peace, i'm witt. >> it is a tough situation but people out here are trying to ruin it for everybody else. >> reporter: it was an evening of protest that started at 30th street station with the die in, simulating how michael brown's body was on the ground after officer darren wilson shot and killed him. minutes later they marched disrupting traffic during the evening rush hour, also outraged about the no indictment in the eric garner case in new york. at city hall one protester was arrested after jumping a barricade, this city's top cop recently tapped by president obama to lead his 21st century policing task force kept watch. >> our job toys let them protest but allow the event to take place, at the same time, and i think so far we have been very successful in doing that and that was our only goal, our own end. >> reporter: that arrest appears to be the only one
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from tonight, shortly after the tree lighting protesters, called it a night but they said they're in the done, jim. reporting live outside philly city hall, kenneth moton for channel six "action news". >> thanks, kenneth. this was a night of raw emotion on the campus of west chester university as hundreds of students with candles to honor shane montgomery. he is the student who has been missing since early thursday, last seen leaving a bar in manayunk in philadelphia. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live outside kildares on main street, chad. >> reporter: jim, we're learning new information about the investigation in the shane montgomery disappearance. sources tell "action news" that the bouncer who escorted montgomery from kildares public house in the early morning hours of thanksgiving, well, he told investigators that about an hour later he ran into montgomery further down main street. he said montgomery apologized, appeared to be in good health but what happened to him next is unclear.
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>> ♪ lean on me >> reporter: a couple hundred people gathered in west chester university campus to pray for shane montgomery. >> it is heart breaking and it is hard to go tour classes and try to be normal but we will do our best. we have a ton of hope. >> i just want the montgomerys to know it is not only the west chester university that support them but those of us in the community. >> reporter: montgomery's parents and family attended the candle light vigil, his father spoke briefly. the word were muffled by choking emotion. >> we miss him. we love him. >> we hope that all of the hope and faith that we all feel. >> i think it is really a testament to the kind of kid shane was and the amount of people that showed up here tonight. >> reporter: date seven since shane disappeared after a night of drink nothing manayunk. search turned up few clues. police continue to scour surveillance video looking for a little bit of theft could
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lead to his whereabouts. of course, for his mother each passing day price more heart break. >> we do the best we can. i'm taking one moment at a time. i have a wonderful, wonderful, support system. a wonderful, wonderful family. >> reporter: again, there is a $31,000 reward for information leading to montgomery's whereabouts. i'm's live from manayunk, chad pradelli for channel six "action news", jim. >> thanks, chad. in philadelphia tonight flames tore through a wynfield apartment building as chopper six flew overhead. the fire broke out at 7:30 on the 5300 block of westmontmont avenue, and raged for more than an hour and a half. "action news" viewer shot this scene in the early going, fortunately, nobody was hurt but the occupants of several units are out of their homes tonight, fire fighters are working to determine what set it off a. fire forced 16 families out of their home in levittown, bucks county tonight.
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fire fighters determined that an artificial christmas tree too close to the heating element spark the blaze at fox wood manor apartments. one fire fighter was injured and has already been released from the hospital. the red cross is hoping that the displaced resident at this hour. chopper 6hd was over the scene of a deadly accident tonight in burlington county. police say just before 9:30 a pedestrian was struck and killed along route 130 in edge water park. striking vehicle did remain at the scene. we're learning more about the vick in that hit and run monday in west philadelphia. the 31 year-old man crossing the street is deaf. byron scales is also the father of two. he remains in critical condition tonight. philadelphia police found the suspect striking vehicle last night. investigators know who owns it but they have yet to determine who is behind the the wheel and so far no charges have been filed. a saddened tonight to the search for a missing man in the cristina river.
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divers found the victim's body in the wreckage of his capsized barge. twenty-five year-old emmanuel gateling was one of three crew members aboard the dredging vessel that sank yesterday at the port of wilmington. the other two men survived. three more women have come forward today claiming that bill cosby abused them. the women's stories are similar to what we have heard a number of times now. they all say they believed the comedian drug them. >> the next thing i knew, hours had passed, my clothes were a mess, my bra was undone. >> the only accuser able to file a lawsuit is a california woman claiming that she was 15 at the time of the alleged abuse. her age may push the the case forward, because the statute of limitations may not apply. over the weekend cosby told one news outlet quote i know people are tired of me not saying anything but a guy doesn't have to answer to
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innuendos, people should fact check. his attorneys called the allegations increasingly ridiculous. is there surveillance video of the suspect in the stab being death of an american school teacher in abu dabi. suspect is wearing a full black veil and still at large. victim has been identified as 37 year-old ebola ryan a schoolteacher, she was stabbed to death, in the public rest room. her 11 year-old twins are now being cared for by police there. executives from takata are pleading their case to congress over an air bag recall. the federal government has called for an expanded nationwide recall for vehicles, using takata air bags. officials say a defect in the air bags creates powerful explosions that have sent shrapnel flying into passengers. air bags have been link to five deaths and dozens of injuries. takata say the the defect is linked to high humidity so
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existing recall in just a handful of states is sufficient. well, more than four score and seven years ago and before he even became president, abraham lincoln pend this letter that is now in the hand of a fail collector. it could be yours, if you have $40,000 to spare. the collection is selling a letter from 1848 when mr. lincoln was a congressman from illinois. it involves him delicately discussing a political a appointment. still to come tonight nasa is hours away from the launch unlike any since the apollo missions. we will see surveillance video of how this happened a bridge falling on top of a big and very expensive yacht. but the holiday season is in full swing, we will take you to the official tree lighting ceremony in center city philadelphia, cecily. after two damp days finally rain has moved out, cloud clearing out as well but don't get used to it, i'm tracking a wet weekend in the
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accu weather forecast. and yes, it finally happened, the sixers did something tonight they have not done all season. the word begins with the w. ducis rodgers has the the highlights when "action news" continues tonight.
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lighting ceremony went on as scheduled tonight despite presence of dozens of protesters in the city hall courtyard but families and young people were also there to enjoy the fun, "action news" reporter sharrie williams has the story. three, two, one. >> let there be holiday lights, philadelphia's official holiday tree was you beenerd in with fanfare at city hall, bringing smiles, to faces, young and those who are a little older. >> to be here with the kids and to do something for the
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holidays and see the tree finally being lit. >> reporter: night kicked off with holiday music from local singer toss recording artist estelle. >> i have been here a few times. a lot of love. >> reporter: her performance is part of the reason this father and daughter headed out to dilworth park. >> we enjoyed our receives. we're together. we awe great performances tonight. we heardes still sing which was a real blessing to us. >> reporter: 35-foot tree is a norway spruce grown in media, pennsylvania, decorated with more than 2,000led lights. the tree is returning from city hall after a three-year hiatus because of renovations to earning dilworth plaza, now rename dilworth park. even though there was a whole lot of dancing going on and holiday cheer, families could not overlook it doesens of protesters who showed up before the tree lighting. sylvia hope says she believes in the right to protest but didn't understand why
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demonstrators chose the tree ceremony. >> i didn't understand the connection between the race relations and the the struggle with that in america with the christmas. >> reporter: brown and her family thought about leaving but, he decided to stay despite the interruption. >> it is a mixede motion because i have sons as well. we want to support that. however, i want my children to still have their tradition that we have with the tree lighting. >> reporter: families we have spoke with said they are so glad that the city decided to go ahead with tonight's tree lighting ceremony. they say despite everything that happened it helped them get into the holiday spirit. at the courtyard at city hall, sharrie williams for channel six "action news". thanks, sharrie. delaware county campus is getting in the holiday spirit this week, with cameras and hot beverages on hand students at villanova university gathered for the annual tree lighting ceremony. merry christmas villanova week includes a number of events like a holiday bizarre, ginger
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breath houses and a trip to new york city. a diet long regarded for benefits the may affect your very dna, and help you live longer. the mediterranean diet is one rich in fish, nuts, vegetables and olive oil with smaller portions of meat and poultry. a study of woman found that the diet protected chromosomes from damage preventing aging from taking as much as a toll. researchers a say for those who eat a mediterranean diet it could translate in the longer life of about four and a half years. how did this mega yacht get stuck in this predicament? trapped under a south florida draw bridge. tonight surveillance video has been released showing very moment that it happened on monday. the boat was being towed during a rain storm with heavy winds. one of the bridge planks could not hold and fell in slow motion right on top of the yacht. nobody was hurt, fortunately.
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the boat sustain on damage and was able to be towed away. the the oryan spacecraft sits on the launch a pad tonight but it will be a dramatic departure on thursday when ryan will blast off for a brief but historic four and a half hour trip, 3600 miles into space. that is the farther a spacecraft built for humans will have gone since the days of apollo. nasa says oryan will take americans in the solar system to mars by the 2030's. pretty exciting stuff. >> forecast looks good for thursday down there, partly cloudy, mainly dry. so all good. >> what about our forecast for tomorrow. >> partly cloudy, mainly dry here. it is completely dry tomorrow, which is nice, because it has been a damp two days. storm tracker six live double scan is showing the rain has finally exited the region and great night to go take a look at on holiday houses, the action cam is checking out
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levittown bucks county. the jackson family home, plum ridge drive, looking beautiful all deck out for the holiday season. and temperatures, now are beginning to drop, starting to see a little bit more like christmastime. philadelphia is currently 41 degrees. allentown 36. reading 36. wilmington 38. millville 42 degrees. wind are diminishing but we have a breeze right now at 10 miles an hour. that makes it feel like 34 degrees in philadelphia with a wind chill feeling like 30 in allentown, 31 in reading and it feels like 29 degrees in lancaster. so definitely a chill in the air. satellite six along with action radar is showing that we are finally shaking the showers. we're drying out. we're ago a you'll i clearing out our skies north of philadelphia, but we still have a pretty thick cloud deck south of philadelphia but high pressure is beginning to flex its muscles and move in and that will be clearing out the skies, tonight, and tomorrow, we will at least have a sunny start to the day. lots of sunshine early, 44 degrees, we will have some
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high, thin clouds filtering in the afternoon. it will be a cool day but it will be a dry day, unfortunately, the high pressure is not sticking around very long. it moves up off the coast of new england by friday that allows the clouds to thicken, 46 degrees on friday and this area of rain will be moving in, on friday night and unfortunately it looks like we will get a blocking pattern so that rain will be sticking around, right through the weekend into next week. but tomorrow morning commute will be rain free, leave umbrella at home but grab sunglasses. you you will need them. mostly sunny at 6:00. still 34 degrees at 7:00 o'clock. by 8:00 o'clock a temperature of 35. so the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast pretty decent day good amount of sunshine early. thin clouds arriving in the afternoon. it will be on the cool side, 44 degrees, about 5 degrees below average. on friday the clouds thick up some drizzle in the evening, and that rain arriving at night with a high of 46 degrees. future tracker is showing at
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8:00 o'clock when steady rain will be west of philadelphia, it looks like rain will be moving in, steady rain along i-95 corridor by nine or 10:00 friday night. at day keep umbrellas on hand damp dreary 52 degrees and sunday looks like we will have periods of rain for eagles game, 46 degrees and then monday keeping that chance of rain with a high of 47 degrees, on tuesday, finally the sunshine returns, 46 degrees and wednesday partly sunny with a high of 44. so enjoy tomorrow we will not need umbrellas but we will need them gannon friday night right through the weekend. >> thanks, cecily. over 100 cars and a police escort were needed for a massive food donation tonight. southeastern pennsylvania porsche club of america dropped off three and a half tons of food to the wmmr camp out for hung er. 110 vehicles left king of prussia and made the trip to south philadelphia each
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vehicle carried 50-pound of non-perishable food. music ledgend kenneth gamble helps ted his annual fashion hoe gala fundraiser and benefit tonight. the event took place at the university of the art, in center city philadelphia proceeds get to universal companies pearls for wisdom and from boys to men character building and social elegant programs.
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wait, is everything under this tree half-fast? who wants eggnog? don't settle for half fast cable internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch. uploads as fast as downloads. get this great price online guaranteed for two full years plus $400 back with a 2-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v philadelphia mayor michael nutter presented a check for $118,000, to youth football teams and cheer leading squads tonight. these young athletes are heading to florida later this month to compete in their respective national championships. well, they are yelling break up the innings isers. it happened tonight. finally. >> a huge weight lifted off their shoulders. they have been close a few times but that and a quarter isn't worth much more than 25 cents. tonight the sixers avoid matching the worst start in
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nba history. the zero and 17 sixers visiting minnesota tonight second quarter robert covington, 17 points off the bench for him. this puts innings isers up by 12. well, closer game in the third quarter. covington misses lay up but kj mcdaniel gets it up. sixers by one. under a minute to play in the game michael carter williams leaves it for nerlens noel. that will do it. the sixers get off the mark, and they win 85-77. they avoid tying that worst start in the team history. >> we played unbelievable game. my guys picking me up when i was tire. they made unbelievable big shots. we had this win as a team. >> the eagles might finish the season with more victories then the sixers. while you chew on that innings isers are preparing for sunday's a game against seattle. it is nine and three against eight and four. mark sanchez and eagles seem to be hitting their strides at the right time. seahawks are the reigns chapel
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presidents. they have won five of their last six games. bird say they relish this challenge. >> this is what you play for. you want to play meaningful games in december and that is the situation that we're n we know if we take care of business we will be sitting in a good spot. we have a deeven ifing champs coming in. they are high right now. defense is playing at a high level. it is our job to deeven if the nest. >> since university of florida fired its head coach two weeks ago there have been reports school would go after chip kelly. coach says in one has contacted him. he is not interested. he is not even flattered that his name has come up. >> no, i think it is silly. >> why? >> why is it silly, that someone would be interested in you. >> because it is a rumor. it is not a truth. i think things that are false are silly. football questions, anyone? is that it, good, let's go practice. >> put that to bed. still ahead busy night for big five including a tight one between temple and st. joes.
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plus the flyers, hope to snap an eight game road losing streak in anaheim.
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the the flyers need a hug, they can also use a win. they have drop nine of their last ten games knit they skate in anaheim. steve mason in goal last night in that loss to san jose. so far, looking good, right here, right now there is in score, we have begun play in the second period. big night in college hoops, every member of the big five in action. villanova visiting lasalle, and head coach john, reciting jingle bells. darren hillyard scores 15-point. cats shoot 50 percent. they win easily 84-7o so upset. penn gets first victory topping navy tonight, 57-46.
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temple and st. joes, coach martelli and coach dunphy they know each other well. one point game late, temple trailing, the owls with two good looks to the basket. one is denied. other coming upright here is just a bit short, and st. joes beats out a two-point victory 58-56. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. jimmy's guest so for a vergara and "action news" continues 4:59:30 with tamala edward, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night. >> ♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- sofia vergara. j.k. simmons. and the finale of jimmy's reality series "do you have what it takes?" and now, come closer. here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome. thank you very much. welcome. thank you, cleto. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watch pg. thank you for coming. i really do appreciate it, especially tonight. thank you for braving the rain to be with us.


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