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tv   Action News  ABC  December 4, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> we are following a developing story on this thursday, december 4. >> police are looking for a gunman who shot a man as the victim drove down the street overnight. >> a car kills a person on a busy highway in chester county, we'll check the scene in traffic. >> protest are mounting after another grand jury decides not to indict another police officer in the death of an unarmed black man. we have live team coverage. >> good morning, everybody we're off to a cloudy start, the clouds will be thin enough to
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get sunshine in early. the cloud cover out to the west will gather and push in. we'll see the clouds increase as the day goes on. temperatures are 35 degrees in philadelphia. 34 in allendown. 28 degrees in millville. not a lot of wind out there. if you're dressing the kids put the jacket on and hat on early on and keep them fairly well prepared this afternoon because we're going into the 40s. 42 at noon, 3:00 p.m., 44 degrees and that is going to be the high. i think we'll be on that about 2:00 and hold it by 3:00. low 40s by 6:00. matt pellman we've got precipitation coming in the seven-day forecast heading into the weekend, i'll have the details coming up. >> reporter: good morning to you, david, welcome back, good morning everybody, we're looking live in king of prussia, 422 westbound lanes heading thwart
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route 23. overnight construction may be in the clearing out, but at this point you have a lane restriction as you come away from 202 and head toward 23. elsewhere on 202 there was a fatal accident in the westbound lanes between route 100 and stowe. the don't investigation wrapped up a short time ago, with you the lanes are open. we have a new traffic pattern in that area that went into effect yesterday a single lane pattern on the bridge over the schuylkill river only one lane available in each direction. that will calls delays. only the boulevard at welsh, problems with the traffic lights they are not functioning, no cross traffic allowed. the pennsylvania looks good, no major delays on i-95 or the schuylkill expressway, matt and tam. >> thanks so much. new protesters over a police related death representing in
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philadelphia and across the country over the choke hold death of a black man, many see parallels to the shooting in missouri. we go live to staten island where the grand jury decision was made. john rawlins is live at city hall where protesters marched during the christmas tree lighting last night. we begin with carolyn, good morning. no audio. unfortunately we cannot hear carolyn cost tell low, so we'll go live to john rawlins with more on the protests in the region, john. >> reporter: matt things are tense and surreal moments at city hall. the festivities were long scheduled for the christmas tree lighting, the protest began at 30th street station. >> we demand.
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>> reporter: protesters some with their hands up moved from the streets to the city hall courtyard during last night's tree lighting ceremonies. the protesters outraged by the lack of indictments of police officers in michael brown and garner's death. some were booed, others expressed sold dart with protesters. one man was arrested when he allegedly cross police barricades. >> we have a right to protest and occasionally it's conflicts with something else that's going on. our job is to allow them to pro terse, but allow the event to takes place. >> reporter: 200 protesters were
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here last night and as they parted they signaled they would continue their demonstrations in the coming day. john rawlins live at city hall, back to you all. >> all right, john rawlins, a person was struck and killed -- >> we're going to do chester county story, right, developing right now, a person was struck and killed on a busy chester county highway overnight it happened on the westbound lanes of 422 near route 100 in north cover tree township before midnight. victim was pronounced at the scene that was also a construction zone. the criminal investigation is over, but as matt pellman told us their continues to be delays related to the construction zone. >> developing right now, police are looking for a gunman who shot at a car as the car was driving downcaster avenue in northeast philadelphia.
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you can see the bullet holes that went through the windshield. the victim was driving south around one when the gunman opened fire. the police say he shot at the carat close proximity, the victim was hit three times in the arm, but the carr was shot 6 times. >> the victim was very fortunate, where the bullets went through the windshield at least 6 of the shots, is where the driver was positioned. >> the victim is in stable condition, the police are reviewing surveillance video. >> here's new information from the overnight, the red cross said residents from approximately 15 apartments will not be able to return home after a fire. flames tore through the wynfield apartment building seen from chopper 6. the fire broke out on west montgomery avenue and raged for an hour and a half.
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an "action news" viewer captured this video of the scene with the films raging from the structure. danny peterson was visiting his girlfriend when they were forced out of the apartments. no you had audio. hey! it's mister monopoly.
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>> a big sinkhole opened up in the middle of a san francisco intersection. the comes after the bay area was hit with a lot of the rain this weekend and officials say it
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appears that a water line may have ruptured. but they are not sure if that caused the sing sinkhole. people who live nearby say the sinkhole started as a pothole and grew into that. >> we'll see rain? >> reporter: probably not until tomorrow night or tomorrow afternoon. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we're dry this morning. as we look outside, we have sky 6 at the airport, tranquil conditions, you don't see the camera bouncing this morning, because we're looking at relatively light winds across the region. the temperatures is 35 degrees, we have suburbs that are cooler than that. dewpoint, 26. the winds west/southwest at 5 miles per hour. and the barometer is 35.34 inches. we have come winds in millville. 6 in trenton.
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a little bit more of a wind blowing through the poconos. but we're not talking about big-deal windchills. we have cloud cover overhead. early in the morning we'll see sunshine. but there's the potential through the day, that the clouds get thicker. might happen during the morning hours and by the afternoon. no rain in the massive cloud cover, but in advance of the rain that will be heading toward our way at the end of the week. 35 degrees is the 8:00 a.m., temperature, the 41 by 11:00. the high is 44 degrees, we'll be hitting that around 3. and zipping back down to 44 -- 42 degrees, 45 in millville. 44 in cape may and atlantic city, clouds increasing across the entire region today and winds remaining on the light side. tomorrow it looks like a cloudy start and probably a cloudy
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finish, might by 5:00 p.m. be a shower here or there on radar, the better chance is nothing worse than drizzle by the evening rush hour. tomorrow night we're looking at increasing rain coming in. of if you're planning on going out on the town for any holidays parties keep an umbrella handy and saturday the same system is with us and we wind up with rain on the day. there's a change on sunday that's a good one for eagles fans. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast sun will give with a to clouds as the day goes on. the high is a chilly 44. tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies getting up to 46. maybe drizzle around in the afternoon, but the better chance of rain is at night. keep the umbrellas handy and be a good night to check out radar on "action news" before you head out. saturday, cloudy skies, rain on
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and off high of 53. behind the rain looks like the system will get off the coast so we'll get clouds giving way to sun and dry conditions on sunday. that's a change of the forecast. eagles fans were probably thinking about ponchos over the last couple of days, but sunday is dry, it will be brisk and chilly, 46 degrees, bundle up if you're heading down to watch the birds at lincoln financial field. 48 and dry on tuesday, the neck chance of precip appears to be wednesday and for now that appears to be rain. >> new information from the are overnight, the red cross says residents from approximately 15 apartments will not be able to return home after a fire in wynnfield section ofbe able to philadelphia. the fire broke out on the 5300 block of west montgomery avenue and raged for an hour and a half. danny peterson was visiting his
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girlfriend when they were forced out of the apartments. >> i was asleep and my girlfriend woke me up and she said there was a fire, we went outside and looked and saw a ton of smoke. we went back in the house and the fire department window leave. 20 minutes later we heard go go go, came out, smoke was everywhere. >> the red cross is helping at least five people displaced by the fire, the red paw is helping with displaced pets, firefighters are trying to determine the calls. >> time for a look at business, nice to starting point your day with good news, cheap gas that's good news that's where we start. gas stations in oklahoma city are selling gas less than $2 a gallon. of course we checked overnight drivers in the philadelphia area not there, yet, but paying 2.91 on average not bad.
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hershey said it will replace high fructose cornyrup with sugar. it's showing high profiles moves, the companies are making away from high fructose corn syrup across the industry. stocks are pointing to a higher open. many of you will hit starbucks before you go to work. the giant is giving solid gold starbucks cards across the united states. to purchase you can use the mobile app. three more women have come forward claiming bill cosby abused them. they all say they believe the comedian drugged them.
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>> the next thing i knew, hours had past, my clothes were amess and the before a undone. the only one who claimed cosby abused her when she was a minor. her age at the time, 15 may push the case forward because a statute of limitations may not apply. cosby said over the weekend. i know a guy doesn't have to answer everything, you have to check facts. hamill township officials will offer a shot to residents who went to the restaurant after a employee tested positive. the clinic runs from 2:00 to
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8:00 p.m. at the colonial fire company. the details are at >> the city of camden will hold the christmas tree ceremony. mayor dana aredd will click the lights,. >> it's now 4:47 there's more to come on "action news," a report on new jersey's bridgegate scandal is heading to an investigative committee today. information on the police officer who shot and killed a 12-year-old boy who turned out to be holding a toy gun. >> don't forget take with you. the new smart design fits any device you have, whether it's your tablet or smart phone, no matter how large or small that screen. check it out by visiting anytime anywhere.
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>> reporter: let me tell you why it's a good day to be alive. it is national cookie day today. yes. i never necessarily advice cookies for breakfast, if there was going to be a day with you're going to do cookies for breakfast, just a few minutes we'll be pulling those back out.
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looking at i-95 in the great northeast, cottman avenue a little extra work zone construction should be gone any minute they are in the process of clearing out. but something to watch out for if you're heading out on i-95. the vine, schuylkill expressway montgomery avenue open through narberth. we are having traffic issues at welsh road at route 1 at the boulevard. 422 we have overnight construction that cleared out out in the westbound lanes coming off 202. looks like the crews have picked up and gone home. that's good news. farther west we have the zone where we have the new restrictions in place as of yesterday. westbound between route 100 and stowe there was a horrible overnight accident in the work zone. the investigation is over, but
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the on going construction continues there with the new restrictions. you can expect delays. on the pennsylvania turnpike, we have overnight construction, westbound past downingtown has cleared as all work in gloucester county. the search for a missing man in the christina river came to a saddened. he was found in the capsized barge yesterday. he was above the dredging vessel that sank in the port of wilmington. the other two men survived. >> new state committee investigating the georgia wash bridge scandal will receive an interim report. the committee has spent a year to find out who was to blame for the traffic jams. e-mails appear to indicate that the lane closings were retaliation, against the democrat mayor who didn't
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>> welcome back you're taking a live look here out across the airport. cold morning, 38 degrees, right now 4:56, but it's clear out there. we have disturbing information on the cleveland police officer who shot and killed a 12-year-old boy who was holding a toy gun. cleveland police officials confirm they did not review the officer's file before they hired him. he was fired from another police department for a lack of maturity. he resign before any action was taken against him. a grand jury is trying to determine if he should fails any charges for the deadly shooting
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of the boy. police do not have a description of the three men who attacked a 17-year-old boy in kensington. the men ambushed a teen on the 900 block of north 4th street. the boy ended up suffering a broken jaw. police don't have a motive. a michigan man is accused of stealing a ambulance to go see naked women. we are seeing police dash cam video, the man was driving 5 milder before he was arrested. deputies say he stole the ambulance from the hospital while the keys were inside. police tracked it down with the ambulance gps. police say the man told them he was using the vehicle to head to a strip club. 4:57. hundreds gather at west chester university to pray for a missing student's safe return. >> hospitals, barley and -- hops barley and hot sauce, a
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>> good morning, everyone, it is 5:00 a.m., thursday, december 4.rning, everyone, it here's what's happening. >> cries for justice grow louder after a grand jury decision in staten island. >> a white police officer did not stand trial for the choke hold death of a black man. >> ready for lift off nasa takes its first step into deep space exploration, one that might send humans to mars. >> let's go over to david with traffic and matt pellman is in for karen. >> reporter: we might see clouds and sunshine, later, the thicker clouds will streak in from the west and we'll change from sunshine to increased


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