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tv   Action News  ABC  December 5, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> good morning, everybody, we have matt pellman with traffic and david dave -- david murphy has accuweather. >> reporter: we'll start out with sun as we get past sunrise, but event i the clouds get thicker and the precipitation starts to creep in from the west and we expect that to hold off until later on this afternoon. 20s in allentown and reading. 38 in millville. 40 degrees down by the oceanfront and dover, delaware. again, winds not all that strong today. we've got them in the single digits from north to south. if you're catching the bus later on it will be similar to yesterday morning, we'll have a few more clouds and temperatures in the mid 30s, again, some sun is possible early. as we go through the day, the clouds will build. late in the day, rain is possible. we get milder by 3:00 p.m., that's the high, 48 degrees, and 46 by 6:00 p.m. the big issue later on this evening, for some areas will be the rain.
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matt pellman we'll show it do you on future tracker 6 and rain on saturday, coming up in a few minutes. >> reporter: doesn't sound like a nice weekend, but at least it's a weekend. we have blocks on the ramps in the area because of an overnight crash that happened along the zoo between 37th and 38th on girard. stick with landsdown or stay on lancaster avenue as alternates. we have a fire location in west philadelphia, a row home fire along conostoga street. that's a good spot to avoid. we had an opening at the tacony-palmyra bridge that's back down now. in upper hanover you can't use gatherville pike shut -- garysville pike shut down because of an accident. in cheltenham they are doing an accident investigation and closing hillale road.
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without for an accident at 295 and 4 2. "action news" is working on getting information on a row home fire in west philadelphia. so far we know a person was hit when thick smoke and flames tore through the home. the flames damaged first floors of the house. the fire was just placed under control. we continue to follow the nationwide protests over the use of police force and racial injustice. today three philadelphia high schools plan to stage die-ins calling for change after the shooting in ferguson and new york city. anger over the lack of charges over the death of eric garner in new york city, protesters carried black caskets across the ben franklin bridge and shut down the landmark to traffic.
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protests turned violent at the staten island ferry terminal. they threw punches at police who took people away in handcuffs. >> i think it's great and i hope that does something for the community, like people wake up, you make noise people wake up. >> i appreciate it, it's not just black people out here, it's all people of all nationalities. >> the philadelphia federation of teachers is planning to address the recent impact the decision have had on city youth. >> new this morning, police are investigating a shooting outside of natalee's lounge, a 31-year-old man a bartender at the bar was shot in the thigh. he was outside on the sidewalk talking to a woman. the man was rushed to the hospital in stable condition. >> college student shane montgomery has been missing for
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a week. there's no leads in the case. now the reward is up to $40,000. david henry is live on main street in manayunk with the very latest for us. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, tam, it's been more than a week since shane montgomery disappeared after leave this bar in downtown manayunk, thanksgiving morning, now there have been severance and vigils and so far nothing, now shane's family is hoping that $40,000 he in reward money will encourage someone to come forward with helpful information. >> this is a nightmare to my family, my son has been gone for seven days. my son is youngest child, i miss him terribly, and my mother is distraught that her grandson is missing and there's nothing that we can do about it. >> reporter: the agony of a mother whose son seems to have vanished from the face of the earth. it was thanksgiving morning when shane was last seen leaving
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kildare's irish pub at 2:30 a.m. since then family friends and strangers have joined the search. yesterday volunteers continue to work at st. john baptist church which has become search headquarters. as each day passes the mystery deepens. shane is a 21-year-old student at west chester university where a vigil was held earlier this week. he was drinking with friends the night before thanksgiving, he left the bar alone to walk a mile to his parents house. he was last seen heading east on main street. his cell phone pinged an hour after he left the bar and that was it. if shane met with foul play or someone knows where he is, the family is hoping that someone will come forward to claim the reward money now up to $40,000 after the company that shane's father works for added $9,000.
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they will be trying a new tactic tonight expanding the effort. 2:00 p.m. volunteers will meet at st. john's church in manayunk pick up leaflets and fan out across the city handing out the leaflets in bars during happy hour hope to jog someone's memory. live in manayunk, david henry channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that david. can keep you updated on the search for shane montgomery and view photos from the west chester vigil. and find contact information to try to help find shane. >> bill cosby is firing back counter suing the woman who claims she was sexually abused at the playboy mansion. could also bee's lawyer accuses huth of extorting him for
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$350,000. the locals and loss police department department said it is willing to investigate reports of abuse even those dating back decades. >> president obama will meet with seven newly elected governors, including pennsylvania governor elect tom wolf. one of the men is suing the president. greg abbott is leading the lawsuit on the executive action on immigration. he said the decision to stop deportation of parents of legal citizens violates the law. the eagles have regain first place outright by beating the sea hawks on sunday. the cowboys crushed the bears last night. their next game is against the eagles at the linc on sunday.
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the eagles gave dallas a thrashing that they will none soon forget. >> that was the plan, going to the game, tailgating watching it, how should you prepare? >> reporter: it's going to be dry, but it's going to be chilly. eagles fans are used to that, all the more reason to jump up and down and get cloud. we have no precipitation out there this morning, as we look outside we have sky 6 in center city. there might be early sunshine in store today, but as we go later into the day, the clouds get thicker and that be the story with the clouds getting thicker and rain arriving. the temperature is 36 degrees in philadelphia. it's another chilly start similar to yesterday, the winds out of the northeast at 9 miles per hour not all that strong. i'll bring in that always on day planner on the left-hand side of the screen so you can plan things out. future tracker 6 shows you the clouds get thicker in the afternoon, by 4:00 we're on the
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look out for showers out to the west of philadelphia. by dinnertime there's a better chance some of the northern suburbs pick up some of this. future tracker 6 has been bullish in keeping most of the rain early on in the northern portion of the region. that are may wind up being the case up to 11:00. if you're going out for dinner and movie, you want to keep an umbrella handy in case one of the showers pops in. it's not going to be a washout tonight, but it will be damp. 35 degrees by 8:00. ahead of the rain, 42 degrees by 11:00. at 2:00 p.m., 47 high of 48 probably holding off until 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, by 5:00 p.m., we're back to 47. high temperatures across the region, a bit of a range today. 48 in philadelphia, close to 40 in the lehigh valley and berks county and 50 in cape may county. it depends on where you are. on saturday, in the morning, the northern and western suburbs maybe seeing a bit of a shower or sprinkle.
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during the morning there's not much rain overall maybe a little drizzle. after 2:00. the main branch of rain starts to push in and by of we're dealing with it. most of the afternoon in through the evening, rain steady at times and then it doesn't look like it gets out of here until late saturday night or wee hours of sunday morning. saturday, particularly in the afternoon or evening it's going to be welt. mostly cloudy, 48 is the forecast high. rain arriving late in the day in the northern and western areas. tomorrow, cloudy and rainy, in the afternoon and at night. again if you're heading to the eagles game you'll want to bundle up, because we're looking at a kickoff temperature of 44 and end of the game temperature of 41. monday sun to clouds, 44. looks like the next round of rain will be monday night into tuesday morning, perhaps, might be wet snow in the northern and western suburbs and after that we're dry heading in toward the
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end of next week. >> thank you, david. it is 5:40. a newly released image captures the pilot's point of view during a big scare in the sky. >> it's a crime that happens at this time of year, hear how a thief got a big hall of packages. >> reporter: no problems south of the schuylkill expressway, we have closures for you in new castle county and burlington county. >> also a newborn tips the scales and turns the phrase rocky mountain high into rocky mountain heavy. "action news" continues! ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪
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>> welcome back you're taker ago live look sky of down the shore into atlantic city, the lights of the casino clear right now, but later in the evening, david murphy says most of us will see rain. 5:44, 37 degrees. >> matt subpoena to something here, i'm -- matt is up to something here, i'm wondering. >> reporter: the countdown is on, and some of us need these reminders, 20 days left until christmas as we look in exton this morning, traffic is looking good, headlights down toward the 30 bypass, no complaints good luck with your christmas shopping this weekend. as we continue the commuter report this morning, let's go to hatfield. if you're heading to penn field
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middle school there's a crash at copple road near 40-foot road. we have a crash in upper hanover, it's blocking 663, instead of garyville pike stick to 29. no issues on the northeast extension that's good news. no newark we have the work zone going through 5:00 p.m. closing chapel street between chambers and love it on the u of d campus, flynn avenue will be closed near devon road stay on new albany road they will pave the roadway coming up on monday. it will be a rough ride this weekend. time for the commuter report brought to you by the waze app. a painters crossing says watch out for an object on the road on
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baltimore pike near 202. >> a photo just released showed a pilot's terrifying view of a bird strike. burlington national airport said the bird collided with the plane yesterday. the pilot was able to return to the airport and land safely. no passengers were hurt. >> an american being held hostage in yemen is pleading for mercy to his captures who are threatening to kill him this weekend. 33-year-old luke summers appeared in the twitter account of al qaeda's yemen branch. 8 other hostages were freed. summers family is calling for his release saying he is a photographer and not responsible for u.s. government actions. the arrest is made in the
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murder of a teacher in abu dhabi. the deputy prime minister said the suspect targeted their victims based on on their nationals in an attempt to create chaos and torize the middle eastern country. >> a tweet sent by the saint louis county police department touch off a firestorm of anger. the tweet red kids will be kids, many social media users fired back saying the tweet was insensitive. the department deleted the post. a teacher is faces charges for biting one of his students, the special education teacher bid an 11-year-old during class leaving a bruise on the upper arm. the teacher confessed when confessessed -- questioned, and told authorities he did it in a
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joking manner. he would be relieved of his possession. a family welcomes a great big bouncing baby girl. >> and thief goes to great lengths to steal packagings. >> reporter: it's cold outside this morning, i'll have the day-park forecast next.
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three, two, one! [cheers and applause] >> beautiful, the national christmas tree is now lit outside the white house. philadelphia's own patty labelle was on hand to perform.
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this is the 92nd annual ceremony in washington, d.c. >> philadelphia and camden did it first, this year. we got it done early. >> reporter: we do everything first around here, let's go outside to fort washington, 202 southbound toward the pennsylvania turnpike. if you're hopping on the turnpike, the earlier work zone between willow grove and bensalem is cleared out. not all clear on the new jersey turnpike, the fedex truck accident yesterday did a nobody on the turnpike. southbound lanes the right lane is blocked past exit two because of the damage from that accident. so delays are possible. septa route 15 is shuttle busing because of the crash at the zoo at girard and 37. >> chilly across the region, matt, especially in the northern and western suburbs where we have numbers in the 20s. 28 in pottstown, 28 in
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slatington 33 in saint david and 30 in south jersey. up close to 40 along the shore, 39 in dover, as well, and upper 30s in hockessin and smyrna. if you're heading outside today, it's going to milder, but if wait too long it will be wet. 48 degrees, at 3:00 p.m. after 4:00 or 5:00 we'll see showers move in especially in the northern and western suburbs, matt. >> thank you, david. cher has harsh words for new jersey governor chris christie. the pop icon tweeted that the republican is a despicable bully. christie rejected the use to ban
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gestation crates to house pigs. the crates are used in iowa a top pork producer and also an important state for anyone seeking a presidential nomination. >> a colorado family welcomed a very big girl. mia came in 13 pounds 13-ounce. she is healthy and happy despite having initial respiratory problems, yes, the mother delivered the child by c-section. >> the only way. >> 5:53. hear how a california woman went to great lengths to take advantage of the holidays and delivers. apple is accused of deleting music from people's ipods what customers need to know that's all new at 6:00.
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>> hey, everyone, it is friday, 5:56. plane taking off right there. see that? awesome. getting up to 48 degrees rain starting later. >> a holiday grinch is under arrest after she was caught stealing packagings off people's porches. she turned herself into police after surveillance cameras caught her pinching presents. the storage unit turned up
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clothes and jewelry and guitars. police require anyone to require a signature when they order holiday packages. a man was attacked inside his home by a hammer wielding intruder. the victim was taken to jefferson hospital. we are told that the injuries are not life threatening. police have not said if anything was taken during the home invasion, but we know the suspect is on the loose. >> starting today the state of new jersey begins a new crackdown on drunk drivers. the highway traffic safety division has given $1 million to 165 police departments. drive sober or get pulled over campaign running through january 2. each department will pay $7,500 to pay for saturation patrols and check points. >> details are released in the political probe involving chris christie. >> apple is deleting customer's songs from rival services.
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♪ it's only for a couple nights ok. yep. it's my parents' rules. ♪ baby. can i help you? no, uhhh i just brought a card... (sarcastically) for me? ♪ she'll love it. thanks. in the morning. yep.
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>> good morning, 6:00 a.m. on this friday, december 5 here's what's happening. 6:00 a.m. on >> protesters take their anger to the streets after a man's deadly encounter with the new york city police department. >> it's a week since anyone has seen shane montgomery, now police are changing their strategy to find him. >> accuweather says it's going to start dry, but it's not going to end that way. that's what i was trying to say. >> it's going to start cold, you've got more on that and matt pellman is in for karen. he has the


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