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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  December 8, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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abandoned apartment build. >> we have a nor'easter that will bring rain, wind, and flooding and snow. >> david murphy has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, that doesn't sound so good, and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: when you hear nor'easter you think snow, but for now it's going to be rain. well have sunshine before the clouds thicken during the day. 27 degrees in philadelphia. 23 in allentown. 29 in wilmington, 24 in trenton. upper 0s down the shore at this hour. there's enough of a wind blowing around in the teens in some spots to give us raw windchills. feels like 16. 11 in allentown and upper 20s down the shore. if you're getting ready to head out the door to the school bus, 26 degrees by 6:00 p.m. 27 by 8 can mean. m-- 8:00 a.m.
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by the time you're getting out of school around #-- 37 degrees, the high will be 38. it will be windy through the rest of the day. matt pellman looks like heavy rain for most of the us, i'll have details in the future tracker 6 coming up next. >> reporter: as tam requested i have good news on this monday morning, david. i don't expect it to last very long. for now, on most of the highways, 42, we have an issue in clementon in camden county, a downed pole blocking the white horse pike at higgins avenue. stick to egg harbor road or about berlin road to get around that blockage. this is the 30 bypass close to home depot.
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no eastbound delays as you head toward exton. if you're coming down the boulevard on the twin bridges heading to the schuylkill expressway on time no delays or problems in your way. on the big picture on the schuylkill expressway i-95 things are moving well so far this morning. in frankford we have the buildings fire blocking arrit street between oakland and horrocks. >> breaking right now, police made a gruesome discovery in stowt jersey, they -- in south jersey, they found the body of a woman in the trunk of a car. katherine scott has more. >> reporter: investigators have been here for hours, no charges have been filed in the case. you can see that crime scene tape is circling the area in maple shade as police remain on the scene. they have been concentrated around the white car near the quality inn on route 38.
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police say a woman's body was found in the trunk of that vehicle. this investigation began late last night when family members called police, we are told they were concerned about her safety. police were able to trace the location of the car through an on star tracking system. investigators are questioning the driver of the vehicle who knew the victim. now, let's go to the video from the olney section of philadelphia. where police are on the scene serving a search warrant to the home connected to the case. "action news" saw investigators conducting interviews near the home. at this point no charges have been filed, the name and age of the victim has not been released. as you can see police are at the scene in maple shade. we'll bring you updates as we get them. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> the action cam is live on the scene with other breaking news we've been watching in frankford. philadelphia firefighters have been busy putting out hot spots
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from an inferno from the 1200 block arri the -- arrit street. ice is forming in the trees where they had their hoses on. let's go to video that was shot earlier by the action cam, you can see what the fire looked like. it destroyed that abandoned apartment buildings. they had the tree line and cold weather and fears of roof collapse that got in the way of a fire fight. a firefight suffered minor injuries and is being treated at hahnemann. people who lived in the buildings next-door were evacuated. investigators have been called to a fire at this same buildings a week ago, now there are no working utilities in the buildings, so the deputy commissioner is saying that's why one of the reasons why the
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fires that happened in this one buildings are looking suspicious. more developing news, a killer is on the run after shooting a man 7 times feet from a playground. "action news" was on the scene on the developing story overnight in philadelphia's west oak lane section. 23-year-old man was gunned down as he sat in the car on the 1,000 block of border street. who pulled the trigger is a mystery. police are looking at surveillance cameras in west philadelphia to see if any of them caught a video of a security guard murdered. an employee of locker room storage found the body. the motive for the killing is not known. investigators believe the murderer rammed the fence w victim's van to get off the property. the security guard was a father and veteran. >> american embassies around
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the globe are on alert, a report on the torture of terror suspects will be released. after the dark days of the 9/11 attacks the cia we bet beyond the law and they -- went beyond the law and continued torturous tactics. john mccain wants the report delayed. >> protesters including members of power and inter faith group dropped to the ground at intersection of broad and pattison simulating michael brown's body laying on the ground after he was shot and killed in missouri. the intersection was shut down for half an hour keeping thousands of fans from getting out of the area.
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>> we're trying to keep the awareness alive for the injustices throughout the country. >> me i don't come they can do what they want, it's their legal right, i just want to get home. >> there were no confrontations between the admonish strairlts and police, there were no injuries or arrest. >> the eagles loss to the sea hawks make their next game even more important. they face the cowboys at lincoln financial field. the second in 3 weeks. nfl's number one defense barely let the offense hang on to the ball. mark sanchez and crew produced a meager 139 yards that was the fewest yards by any team coached by chip kelly. lincoln financial field and the cowboys and the eagles.
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>> david it sowdges if you're doing -- it sounds like if you're doing anything outside, do it today. >> reporter: today, tomorrow is too much. if you're stepping outside, it's cold, you want to bundle up. we have cold temperatures and there's a winds blowing. 27 degrees right now in philadelphia. this is colder than most of our start-up temperatures last week. do you want, 5. the air is dry. winds out of the east at 10 miles per hour. they have eased back a little bit in parts of the area. in other parts of the region we have 12, 13, 13, 14. you're waffling back and forth with the numbers. with the winds, the windchills are making it feel like the teens. even counts shore feels like the low to mid 20s. satellite shows you there are a little bit breaks in the cloud cover locally. so we might see early sunshine,
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but eventually the cloud cover will get thicker as the day goes on. after that we're on the look out for rain. up until midnight we're dry, in the overnight hours right up until we're on the air tomorrow morning. rain facilities in, storm tracker 6 live double scan will be at the early hour, picking up the early heavy bands we expect. for today, dry, clouds gathering as the day goes on. 27 by 8:00. up to the freezing mark by 11:00. we'll with a lot a while until we get to the freezing mark. 2:00 p.m., 38. 5:00 p.m., 35 again with the clouds increasing. high temperatures across the region, a bit of a range down in cape may. 45, 47 in ac. around 40 in philadelphia. 35 up in allentown. the farther north you move through the region, the chillier it will be. tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m., rain is moving through, that heavy rain will continue on and off through midday up until maybe about 3:00 p.m. in the
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northern suburbs and then we transition to less rain more of a wrap around showery precipitation for the rest of the evening. in south jersey you might get a nice low. we have issues for tuesday, 45e6 45e6 -- heavy reign is the first one. total rainfall, some of us getting as high as 3. that means flooding of poor drainage areas and gusty winds and coastal flood part of the package. we have a coastal watch down the shore with moderate tidal flooding at the timesful high tide. today, 38, tomorrow, 44, heavy rain and wind, as well. not a great day. wednesday, mostly cloudy, 43 and a couple of lingering showers possible. thursday, high of 42. there could be a brief rain or
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snow shower around. and then we dry out and moderate heading into the weekend. >> drying out sounds good. 5:41, investigators hope to learn more about the man who pulled out a knife and stabbed four people on a amtrak train. >> reporter: looking for a an etablet for your child, consumer reports tested them. i-95 heading toward the commodor barry bridge, we'll talk about this and the delay it's causing and a new accident on 295 in camden county when "action news" continues on this monday morning. [prof. burke] it's easy to buy insurance and forget about it. but the more you learn about your coverage, the more gaps you might find.
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>> welcome back you're taking a live look on sky 6. looking out across penns landing, clear and lovely, but boy is it cold this morning, 5:44, 29 degrees it's only getting up to 38 today. >> looks like we'll fit in two dry commutes today, matt. >> reporter: we're thankful for that. i hope everybody had a good weekend, matt and tam, now we brave a morning commute that's giving us issues in the. burbs. if you're coming out of the suburbs, i-95 northbound side if you're head toward the commodor barry bridge or to the airport for a flight. the accident is taking out the
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right lane on 0 northbound side i-95. two left lanes are squeezing by toward the blue route. this is causing a delay as you can see in our camera shot as you pass highland avenue at 322 i-95 in delco getting a delay this morning. new crash on 295 in camden county in the northbound direction past the 42 freeway not causing a delay, most of the activity is off to the side, but the vehicle is facing the wrong way. they will have to get that flipped around. there's the potential it could cause delays on the 42 northbound. we have a downed pole from the overnight hours in clementon, near higgins avenue. stay on egg harbor road. they're doing paving work on
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flynn avenue and church street. let's do the commuter report. construction in chester county, 202 southbound near 401 they have an on going work zone with the extra restrictions during the overnight hours this week. >> new on "action news," detectives are looking into the mental state of a msh administer man -- michigan man charged with an knife attack on amtrak change. 44-year-old michael williams stabbed a conductor and three others. police were called about a passenger who who was acting suspiciously. williams faces four counts of attempted murder. >> consumer reports tested a number of tablets to help you find the best one for your child this holiday season. nydia han has the results. consumer reports tested a wide variety of tablets ranging from 50 to $250.
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>> reporter: the boys and girls consumers reports brought in to check out kids tablets were mez moorized. they are checked for battery life and display. a kid who can use the device whrb -- will be frustrated for responsive performance. >> ther is the what we use to simulate kids dropping them on the floor. >> we try to click and get them in the box. >> reporter: consumer reports checking account into parental controls. >> they come with filters and browsers to keep them safe online and parents can regulate how long they can use the tablets. >> reporter: in the ends, sam song for kids, for $200
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galaxy. kd inter active extreme which comes with over 75 preloaded games consumer report best buy, light, slim and easy to use for $130. tablets are not cheaper than inexpensive adult tablets, the advantage is kids tablets come loaded with apps for children. you have to pay for similar content with an adult tablet. nydia han channel 6 "action news." >> a cable special on a man supposedly eaten by an anaconda left many ready to spit venom. >> prince william and duchess kate arrive in new york city. >> reporter: it's chilly out
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there, i'll have the day-park forecast next.
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>> discovery channel has a lot of people malled this morning, the eaten alive special turned out to be a bait and switch. because the two hour spectacle it didn't happen. viewers said we don't like this. the snake expert dressed in a pretty quicktive suit -- protective suit panicked when the anaconda put his mouth around his arm. they did so much press on tv about this, a lot of people said hold on. >> reporter: frankly i thought was a dummied.
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>> so did the anaconda. he didn't like it either. >> reporter: for those snaking around the curve, northbound direction past the curve it's taking out the left lane, it's not causing delays to spill back on to 42 northbound. in time it may. in south philadelphia traffic light troubles at darrin street and pattison avenue. definitely a morning for coats, 30s and close to the freezing mark everywhere else in jersey and delaware. if you're doing errands, 28 by 9:00. 34 by noon, 37 by 3:00 p.m. high of 38 by 2:00 p.m. tomorrow we're looking at heavy rain. >> happening today, sports
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illustrated kids will honor mo'ne davis at lincoln financial field. more than 200 middle school students will join her for the event focusing on healthy eating. sports illustrated kids named the taney dragon star sports star of the year. >> prince william and kate are in new york city for the first royal couple's visit to the u.s. william heads to a visit to washington, d.c. with president obama. >> they have a plan to go to the nets game. >> a woman's body is found stuffed into the trunk of a car outside a south jersey hotel. we have reaction to from hotel guest at 6:00 a.m.
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with the expert advice tool at playboy are founder hue heavy -- hue hugh heftner has released a statement. the # 8-year-old said he would never tolerate this kind of behavior regardless of who was involved. lapd opened up an investigation into a woman's claim that she was molested at a playboy mansion when she was 15. police officers shot and
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killed a man, officials say two plain clothes detectives were doing surveillance they confronted the man who they say became hostile and hit him with a stun gun. police say they found the gun in the man's waistband. the bear hunt kicks off today in new jersey after a deadly bear attack in september. four years ago, the lawmakers agreed to aallow an annual hunt to put a cap on the bear population in new jersey. all new in the next half-hour of "action news," a happy ending in the missing case of a lehigh valley service dog. the christmas tree in reading will get its due when "action news" comes right back
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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m., monday, december 8. we're following breaking news. >> including flames shooting from an abandoned building in philadelphia sending a firefighter to the hospital and neighbors into the cold. >> police in south jersey find a woman dead in the trunk of a car we're live on the scene with who police are questioning at this hour. >> a computer glitch presented people from paying for parking over the weekend. the agency that runs them is stepping in to help. >> let's go outside to david murphy and matt pellman is in for karen. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys i'm bundled up, i have the heavy coat and gloves on


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