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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  December 10, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning it's 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday, december 10. here's what's happening. >> remembering a hero. the city of philadelphia pays tribute to the first female firefighter killed in the line of duty. >> reaction this morning to the senate torture report and its details of the brutal cia methods. >> we have a morning buzz for you later. doctors say you wasted your money if you paid for a detox. >> we could have told you that and we will. let's go over to dave murphy who is taking a look at your accuweather. matt pelman is in for karen. >> i want to touch on what's going on in the poconos. we're looking at another two to 4-inches of snow and there's a winter weather advisory that has been extended into thursday. probably expires before dawn. during the day today and tonight you could get more snow up north.
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down here we're not looking at a lot. looks like we'll start out with some sunshine then clouds build. some of this pinwheel precipitationing see around that departing low may try to march down into the region later but it will arrive in the form of a very light rain or snow shower. temperatures right now not too bad. still holding 42 degrees as we head past the 5:00 a.m. hour. 40 degrees in allentown, 42 in wilmington, 40 in sea isle city t and as you head out the door this morning again partly cloudy skies, some sun building over the horizon a little later on and it's possible that we dip down into the 30's between 6:00 and 8 o'clock. 42 is your high this afternoon. we'll probably hit that around 2 o'clock. we'll still be in the upper 30's by 9 o'clock and hovering in those low 40's for most of the afternoon. by 6 o'clock probably dropping down to 37. again through the day a pop-up rain or snow shower, no big deal. little more of that action possible tomorrow, matt and then we'll be looking toward the weekend and hoping for less wind and higher temperatures. i'll have the latest from accuweather coming up. >> fingers crossed for sure. good morning to you, david. fingers crossed for a good commute this morning as well. at this point many of the
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roads are drying out, damp conditions at worst. we had some overnight construction but the crews are gone now here in the west chester area along 202. headlights coming northbound towards malvern with no problems. however, the crews will return at 10:00 tonight so watch out for them then. we had a crash we were watching out for on the schuylkill eastbound past girl mills. that's out of the way. balligomingo road remains closed. a mudslide from yesterday the reason between jones road and 23 front street. stick with 320 or matsonford road to get around that and a vehicle plowed into a building overnight in upper darby. still avoid marshall road westbound just west of friends cemetery market or walnut streets possible alternates. on 95 down in delaware, construction closure that took place yesterday is going to last through next tuesday the. it's the ramp from the southbound lanes of 95 to 202 the concorde pike so that's normally your ramp maybe head north toward concordeville. not going to be able to do that. exit at marsh road or delaware avenue for about the next week
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instead. tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. there is an outpouring of grief in philadelphia for fallen firefighter joyce craig-lewis. the 11 year veteran lost her life yesterday morning trying to save another. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at engine 64 in lawncrest. that was her home station and i'm sure they are very sad there, katherine. >> reporter: that's right, tam, she was described as a firefighter's firefighter. tam, she was described as a of the busiest fire companies. yesterday morning she lost her life in the line of duty and last night they held a vigil here to remember her. >> in your mercy grant us a safe lodging and a holy rest. >> reporter: last night a vigil was held outside engine 64 in lawncrest to remember 36-year-old firefighter joyce craig-lewis. she was a mother of two and an 11 year veteran of the philadelphia fire department. craig-lewis became the first female firefighter in department history to die in the line duty.
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>> she knocked down some doors, some barriers. she went through a lot to do that. i was telling everybody, too, she wanted to be better than the best guy on the job. >> she was known for going the extra mile, wanting to make sure smoke detectors was in the less fortunate houses to make sure they had a chance should anything happen. >> reporter: craig-lewis was assigned to engine 64 but had been working overtime at engine 73 when they responded to the blaze in west oak lane. she became trapped in the basement of the burning row home. craig-lewis leaves behind a 16-year-old son and a 16 month-old daughter. her locker now a memorial, her dedication remembered by those she served. >> every firefighter every day puts their lives on the line and this is just a matter of showing respect. >> reporter: and back here live where you can see candles are burning outside engine 64, there's black bunting hanging at the firehouse. the investigation into her death is under way. we're live in lawncrest, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> katherine, thank you for that.
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our coverage of joyce craig-lewis continues on when you go there you'll find the latest information on the investigation. you'll also be able to see video of yesterday morning's procession and the news conference after that deadly blaze. >> the u.s. senate's explosive report on torture paints a grueling picture of what the cia did to terror suspects around the world. it found that many of the brutal attacks did not save lives or stop terror plots. erin o'hearn is live in the satellite center with reaction to this report. erin. >> reporter: matt, there is both fear and controversy surrounding the release of this blistering torture report. some in the senate and even the president himself say many of the tactics used in prisons after 9/11 violate who we are as people. now, according to the report interrogators beat shackled and nearly drowned al-qaeda operatives one detainee was chained to a wall standing for 17 straight days. another was left to die from hypothermia in a cold cell. now, among the senate
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conclusions, many of the tactics did not save lives or stop terror attacks but the cia says that's flat-out wrong. three former cia directors have said the report is marred by errors and washington is at odds over what purpose releasing the report serves. >> interrogations of ci detainees were absolutely brutal. far worse than the cia represented them to policy makers and others. >> this particular release in my judgment serves no purpose whatsoever other than to endanger americans around the world. >> now, the president has also said he wanted this report to be released to show that americans can learn from their mistakes. we're live in the sat center, erin o'hearn, channel6 "action news." >> erin thank you for that. it is now 5:06. new this morning a woman in toms river, new jersey, has been charged with driving under the influence. police say she was behind the wheel when her suv plowed into
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a boat. these are pictures of last night's accident scene. east water street and whoer avenue in toms river. investigators say 57-year-old victoria ventura lost control of her hyundai santa fe. the vehicle went over a curb hit a utility pole and then slammed into a pontoon boat. the crash caused power outages in the area. ventura was not injured. police say her blood alcohol content was three times above the legal limit. police are trying to track down the thief or thieves who stole gifts from a new jersey church's collection bin. the burglary happened on december 3rd at the mount zion baptist church on jackson road in mays landing. the gifts were being collected for the vineland veterans home and for elderly members of the church. >> peco and the red cross came together together to help dozens of local residents who've had a tough year. the guests at the holiday party at the lowes hotel in center city last night were all victims of house fires this past year. helen best was asleep in her east falls home when a fire
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broke out. she and her grandchildren got out safely. best does not know what she would have done without the red cross. >> the red cross was there when i came in the middle of the night, it was like a family was waiting for me to welcome me and help me. to find myself needing the help of other people, it was a tremendous experience. >> best said the nicest part of the party last night was getting a chance to thank the people who helped her. >> very nice. >> that is nice. >> and it is nice to be out of yesterday and all that miserable weather. >> how about that, hm? storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we have no precipitation out there this morning. as we step outside it is a little bit windy. you'll see the camera bouncing a little bit here as we go through the morning and that's part of the highlights of today's weather. let's talk about that. three breezy days ahead. today is going to be down right windy. winds ease back the next couple days but still breezy and cool. it gets better over the weekend with temperatures coming up a couple degrees and the winds falling back a bit. 42 degrees currently in
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philadelphia, 40 in allentown, 40 in reading, 42 in wilmington and 40 in sea isle city so we're off to a rather cool start across the region. and with that wind it feels a little bit chillier. future tracker 6 shows you we're going to get some sunshine early. as we get later into the day though there's the pocket of us clouding up a little bit and by noon future tracker starts to show a couple rain showers popping up here or there and maybe a snow shower up in the poconos and later in the afternoon some of that snow shower activity could actually make it down past allentown and in closer to i-95. there will also be some rain showers around. none of this looks that was bad and by later on tonight looks like it's kind of winding down but something to keep your eyes on especially if you're up north and in fact in allentown we're calling for clouds, some sun and a spotty snow shower. a high around 40 up in the lehigh valley today. down the shore we'll get to about 44, mainly dry, clouds and sun. it is going to be windy at the shore, though, like everywhere else. and in philadelphia we'll go for a high of 42. i'm going to bring it up to about 42 for the high today.
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winds northwest gusting at about 30 miles per hour and again that spotty shower is possible. 39 degrees by 8 o'clock. then back up to 41 by 11:00. temperatures really not moving much today. by 2:00 we're on that high of 42 and then by 5 o'clock, we're down to 38 degrees. as we take a look at tomorrow, there's another chance of a snow shower mainly up in the poconos in the morning. but then some of in could wrap down during the morning hours. the rest of the day here and there a little spotty shower or snow shower possible. these probably will be fairly light but we'll be tracking them closely as we go through the day tomorrow just in case there's one of those snow squall that is pops up in a couple of neighborhoods that can put down a quick coating and maybe briefly anyway compromise road conditions. that's during the day tomorrow. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, windy, a shower possible today, maybe a snow shower up north. 42 is the high. and then tomorrow still breezy, another pop-up snow shower is possible as you just saw on future tracker. 39 degrees is the high there. on friday we're dry, a high of 42 but still kind of breezy and fairly chilly and
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uncomfortable. saturday a little better partly sunny and 44 and by sunday we're back up to a seasonable high of 46 degrees. a lot of sunshine. that will be good. it will be chilly for the eagles game at night since it's a night game they'll be down into the 30's before the end of the game and then monday still bright, 48 degrees. hanukkah arrival on tuesday. >> gotcha' there david. thank. five:11. more news you didn't see last night. a boater from hawaii spends nearly two weeks after sea. hear how his rescue all came down to seven seconds. >> the federal government once again adjusts its predictions for what gas prices will be in the coming year. it could provide a big boost for the economy. matt. >> your commute looks so far tam in morrisville bucks county. this is route 1. headlights coming northbound approaching pennsylvania avenue and headed toward the trenton-morrisville bridge. nearby a road that's been closed for quite awhile reopens today. i'll tell you which one after the break. >> also when we come back baby on board.
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mid flight. and it was pretty quiet they say. we'll explain when "action news" continues. >> ♪ use chase freedom at and get 5% cash back this quarter. so you can find the perfect gift for everyone. including you. activate your 5% cash back at chase. so you can.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here >> welcome back. airport. the rainy nasty weather is gone. it's 42 degrees out there right now, 5:14. >> looks like we're playing mario cart. >> we're rounding eakins oval. here we go rounding the corner. easier to do this morning matt and tam, conditions not slip or slick re. we're drying out on the roadways. this is mobile6 as we look live by eakins oval getting ready to get on the parkway inbound towards city hall. you can see the road surface pretty good this morning. your morning commute won't be a problem weather-wise. we'll keep watching mobile6
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just to make sure. now let's watch the burbs with the suburban traffic report early on this wednesday morning. and in case you're keeping track, 15 the number of shopping days left before christmas. we're live here in exton along 100 at commerce drive right by the shopping complex close to the exton square square mall. no problems this morning, we're drying out for sure. meanwhile we have this problem in west conshohocken. the continued closure of balligomingo, one of my favorite roads between jones road and 23 front street. there was a mudslide yesterday. that's why it's still blocked. stick with 320 or matsonford road instead. better news coming in in falls township bucks county. word from penndot yesterday they're reopening the eastbound lanes of tyburn road today. been closed for quite awhile between new ford mills road and pennsylvania avenue. eastbound side will reopen today, westbound not until the spring but if you travel eastbound there through bucks county, that's good news. over in haddon township camden county through 6 o'clock another 45 minutes a work zone along 168 both ways south of
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nicholson road. could see lane restrictions. this morning in the lehigh valley things are drier than yesterday. that's good news. let's see what's happening on 33. looks like a vehicle stopped on the shoulder here on the southbound side in palmer township. tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. new this morning, a hawaiian fisherman lost at sea for 12 days made the mayday call of his life yesterday. 67-year-old ron ingraham placed two mayday calls on thanksgiving day saying his 25-foot sailboat was taking on water in danger of sinking. crews combed about 12,000 miles and called off the search december 1st. yesterday the coast guard in honolulu received another seven seconds call from ingraham. crews found him alive but weak hungry. a plane had to be diverted after a woman gave birth midair. the woman delivered the baby boy shortly after takeoff from san francisco yesterday. passengers say the situation was so calm they had no idea that it was happening. thankfully there was a doctor
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an nurse on board at the time. mother and baby are doing fine. >> the sixers will try to win two games in a row for the first time this season. they visit the atlanta hawks tonight. atlanta is on a seven game winning streak is that tied for the second best record in the eastern conference. the. flyers on the road for 11 days then probably can't wait to get back home. they fell three to two to the columbus blue jackets in overtime. the flyers have won two of their last 10 games. they host the devils tomorrow night. >> it's 5:17. the government predicts what a gallon of gas will cost you next year. >> police dash cam video shows the incredible effort to trapped beneath a car. >> ♪ ♪
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with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the confidence to move forward. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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ghirardelli squares peppermint bark.zvous ♪ rich chocolate layers and festive peppermint. a ghirardelli original. ♪ a little reward for all the things you do ♪ get them before they disappear. >> watch as police officers in were trapped under a car. the officers rushed to the scene in was saw and when they arrived they couldn't find a jack to raise the car so they lifted it themselves and freed the men. one of the men was severely
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burned by the engine while he was pinned both though are still alive. >> like he-man moves there. let's talk about midday construction. this morning not doing too bad. want to warn you about a zone along 95 going to be blocking the two left lanes. this could definitely cause delays. this is 95 just south of the airport. they're going to work southbound between the airport and 420 from nine until 1:30 northbound in the same vicinity 10:30 to 3:00. again two left lanes blocked both ways. that could definitely cause delays. no delays so far this morning over here in bellmawr camden county on the 42 freeway. northbound just past the 55 on-ramp you can see in the distance a vehicle stopped on the shoulder. not causing any extra slowing at this point and mass transit on time so far, david. >> most of us are down around 40 degrees right now and probably still there by 9 o'clock this morning. matt, we'll see a mix of sun and clouds and then clouds build during the day. we only get up to a high of 42. i could see that happening around 2 o'clock so we're in the low 40's for most of the afternoon and here and there there could be a spotty rain
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or snow shower. not expecting it to really amount to much but it's something to look out for as you go through the day. looking wide across the country not a whole lot of action out there. clouds in texas, a little bit more precipitation up around port lands and seattle. great lakes look good and we still got that pinwheeling area of low pressure creating a little bit of snow up in areas like albany but in most of your travel destinations we're looking pretty good and i'm expecting to see green aircraft on the board, yes, we do and no chance or no at least reports of any kind of precipitation in our most frequently traveled destinations. tam. >> thank you david. going on to health check the outrageously long hours medical residents and interns are famous so it was big news in 2011 when those ours were kept but a new study says the change hasn't made difference. doctors in training used to work up to 30 consecutive hours. in 2011 the hours decrease to 16 for interns and 28 for residents. doctors found the cut in hours didn't mean better or worse
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care for patients before. an editorial published says it proves the restrictioned hours were not necessary and the decision should have been left up to the residency directors. >> number crunchers for the government predict gas will get cheap inter2015. here's america's money. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money long-term relief at the pump. >> good news. the energy department slashed its predictions on gas prices for next year. now saying the average price will be do two 60 a gallon. the lowest since 2009. >> that would save drivers $100 billion. detroit financial crisis appears to be ending. city expected to come out of bankruptcy as early as this week. >> for the second straight year coles says its stores will stay opened for a hundred hours leading up to christmas. it begins friday the 19th and goes until 6:00 p.m. christmas eve. >> and finally carls jr. said to be the first fast food chain to offer a natural
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burger. >> never treated with antibiotics hour hormones. hardee's will begin testing it soon. >> that's america's money. >> america's money is sponsored by cadillac. visit a philadelphia fry state cadillac dealer and discover the new spirit of cadillac
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>> 5:25. taking a little cruise with mobile6 there on the ben franklin parkway. the flags are flapping and they're pretty lonely. nice traffic out there heading to city hall on mobile6. the nor'easter that drenched us moved up the coast and pounded new york and new england. wind gusts and heavy rain hit o coastal towns up to the state of maine. the storm caused coastal flooding and caused up to a foot of snow to fall inland. the west coast is bracing for its biggest storm in years. drought ridden california is expected to get up to 8-inches of rain in the central and northern parts of the state. >> ♪ >> in the morning buzz we're getting to the end of the year. of course you'll see a lost people saying i'm going to detox. >> i've never done it. >> i've never done it either. new studies are saying you shouldn't be doing it as well. turns out your body has everything you need, your liver, your kidneys, your cells, everything does what it needs to do to get rid of toxins and all those things you see sold out there it's really just a myth and
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sometimes they can go pretty far. they'll sell you foot pads that flush out things, they mix with your sweat and that's why they turn can colors or put things in colonics and you think all this stuff came out, no you've been fooled. to give you more details i've posted this piece from the guardian on my facebook page. take a look and you'll say to yourself moderation is the key. eat moderately, drink moderately, sleep well, get a little exercise, that's all you need to have a good new year's. >> doctors will tell you the placebo effect is very incredibly strong and that's the case here i guess. 5:27. armed thieves storm a bucks county store in broad daylight grabbing silver coins. >> the holidays often mean extra time with the family. fyi philly found a spot that entertained through the new year. "action news" will be right back. >> ♪ [prof. burke] it's easy to buy insurance and forget about it.
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but the more you learn about your coverage, the more gaps you might find. like how you thought you were covered for this. [boy] check it out,mom! [prof. burke]when you're really only covered for this. or how you figured you were covered for this. when you're actually paying for this. you might be surprised at what's hiding in your coverage. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ [announcer] call 1-800-farmers and see how much you could save. >> firefighters pay tribute to the first female firefighter in philadelphia to die in the line of duty. >> new tragic development there is a crash in south jersey. we have details and some new video. we have details and some new state sparks outrage for what
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he did during a police brutality protest. >> good morning, it's 5:30 on this wednesday december 10. let's go right over to meteorologist, david murphy for accuweather and matt pelman is in for karen rogers for traffic. good morning. >> issues in the poconos over the next 24 hours, guys. we have a winter weather advisory posted through today, tonight and into the wee hours of thursday morning where another two to 4-inches of snow possible. traveling up north over the next 24 hours, keep that in mind. around here in the a whole lot going on. we've got sunshine early, clouds building later on. do you see some precipitation trying to pinwheel into pennsylvania out of new york state and it's possible that as we get later into the day we see a passing rain or snow shower trying to come down out of the poconos. that would not be out of the question today. 42 degrees in philadelphia, 40 in allentown, 40 degrees right now in reading, 40 in millville, 40 in sea isle so very even numbers. there is a bit of a breeze blowing so it feels cooler than that 40 would otherwise suggest f you're dressing the kids i'm dressing them


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