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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  December 10, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> i'm sure cole hamels and chase utley and ryan howard all have their phones on because they may get a call before this is over. jimmy rollins can veto any trade but it appears that he has changed his thinking, the phillies and dodgers were working on a trade this afternoon and another report that says nothing is set in stone just yet. the phillies were looking for young pitching in return. rollins came up with the phils in 2000 making him the longest tenured athlete in town. rollins the 2007 mvp led the team to a world series title in 2008 and leaves as the all time hits leader and he passed mike schmidt this past season. and he is from california and coupled with the team's plans to rebuild may have swayed his
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thinking, he is 36 years old and who may be his replacement they drafted a nice young shortstop in crawford so freddy galis will likely be the shortstop in the interim. >> all right ducis we'll have more later. >> word has come that missing student shane montgomery is finally showing up on surveillance video and that led police to the schuylkill river, this is the scene as the marine unit was scouring the river today near and under the railroad bridge, montgomery has been missing since thanksgiving morning after leaving kildare's irish pub in manayunk. david henry is live on main street tonight. could this be the information police are waiting for. >> reporter: well possibly the information the police and more importantly shane's family is looking for. they could get news that might
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confirm their worst fears. this show appears to show shane crossing the small bridge heading towards the river. this is the camera shot it's at a tilted angle but clearly shows the small bridge across the canal, that leads to a parking lot across the river, crime scene investigators crossed the river and its banks later today. the rough surf cut the search short. >> at this point we are begging for answers. >> shane montgomery seemed to vanish without a trace, he was out drinking with friends and their last stop was kildare's pub where they went their separate ways at closing time. police scoured local businesses for surveillance video, including christie's nail salon. they returned a number of times for more and this morning they
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tried a different time frame on this camera and that is when they apparently saw shane. the search began shortly after. >> they needed more time on the cam remarks i don't know, i don't ask, whatever it is hopefully they find shane for the family. >> shane's family and an army of volunteers from across the city looked and offered a reward to find him. the volunteers remain hopeful. nobody is giving up hope, that is the best part. the commune needed something to come together with and nobody will give up hope. that is the bottom line, we will not give up hope until we have shane back. shane's mother tells me this has been a rough day for the family and police have told her that they will be back out here tomorrow morning to continue searching the river. live in manayunk, david henry, channel 6 "action news."
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>> thank you. two assaults in the lastle 24 hours have women on alert. one involves a 22-year-old drexel student, the woman says she was sexual assaulted in her off campus home at 34th and spring garden, she woke up to find a man standing over her bed at 4:30 and the other happened at 37th and chestnut, police say a man attacked a woman from behind and sexually assaulted her police do not believe they are connected. authorities are looking to see what sparked a fire that killed a philadelphia firefighter. vernon odom is back on the scene of the blaze in middleton, west oak lane. >> reporter: good evening jim, no determination yet and i am told not to expect a rule frgt fire marshall tonight. they remain at the fire scene this hour, down in the scorched
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basement on middleton street trying to figure out the exact cause of this deadly blaze, it's clear that the fire started here in the basement. it was in this base many that the blinding smoke and heat and darkness engulfed the 11 year veteran joyce craig early tuesday morning. craig hit her may day button and over the radio she was heard screaming i'm trapped, i'm trapped. fellow firefighters ran back into the flames but it was too late. funeral services for the mother of two a teenager and a toddler are set for bachelors funeral home on north broad, one friday evening and then saturday for the formal service and then interment at ivy hill cemetery. the funeral of michael goodwin, the last philadelphia firefighter to die in the line of duty brought a massive
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delegation from around the country. they expect a similar turnout this time. local unit 22 set up a memorial fund for joyce's children, ables 16 and 16 months. >> she was a great firefighter, she did her job and cared about being a firefighter and cared about everybody she worked with. >> the medical examiner's report is still pending. live in west oak lane, vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. you can fine details about the memorial fund and funeral arrangements for joyce craig-lewis at we posted tributes from fellow firefighters and police officials. cleanup is underway on german town avenue in kensington, philadelphia, a 20 inch water main broke sending a
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muddy mess on to the street and it dates back to the 19th century. characters are working to repair small mains in the area and the philadelphia water department says that the age of this main was likely the culprit. the wilmington mayor's office is balking at an article calling the city murder town usa. it's obviously not the kind of publicity that the city wants. the mayor insists that the article misrepresents the city. >> that is right, the article is loaded with facts and figures focusing on the violent crime rate with a population of just more than 70,000 people and coupled with the fact that the police department just put together a homicide unit but the article does not say that wilmington is the most violence in the u.s. but it doesn't paint a pretty picture. >> this past friday the city of
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wilmington recorded its 27th murder of the year, tying a record set in 2010, helping wilmington earn the title murder town usa, in this article. it will grab your attention if you are a local or state official. kathleen jennings says no argument here. >> it was accurate, there was nothing in that article that is not factually correct. >> but the mayor took umbrage with the piece. he sent an article saying the city is appalled by the article and our city is filled with law abiding citizens and there are a few -- >> a lot of murders taking place during the day and not right
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where we are, obviously but it has an affect on the psychology of people coming into town. >> the question remains, is wilmington truly a dangerous city. like most stories like this one it depends on who you ask. >> it's very safe and we have lectures on how police patrol the market street area, i think it's safe. >> it's not fair that they picked on wilmington, you can go to any urban area in any state and find this, because we need jobs. >> they ravn wilmington third for violence among small cities across the country, topping the list is saginaw, michigan and flint, michigan. >> coming up on "action news" tonight, police officers team up with kindergartners for a special reading program: and
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ducis rogers is back with eagles news as they focus their efforts on a rematch with the cowboys. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing a stalled coastal low throwing snow showers our way and this could cause problems for your morning commute. >> those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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two residents of northeast philadelphia were robbed early this morning. as they left their home to go the airport. the thieves took their passports and $7,000, the robbery happened on large street near vincent street, the two robbers were armed but the victims were not injured. some help may be on the way
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for laid off casino worker, diane allen plans to release a bill for an initiative for former casino workers providing job training and education for those laid off. four of the 12 casinos when out of business this year and the taj mahal threatened to close down december 20 and and the revel casino is working on plan b. that the purchaser was walking away from the $100 million purchase and let runner up florida man glen straub by it for $95 million. a court in harrisburg heard arguments about teachers contracts and they have reform
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to cancel the contracts and require them to contribute to the health care coverage, they have put an injunction on that decision and union lawyers (ed their arguments today. no word on when the judge will rule on the appeal. >> now kindergarteners had new reading partners, the camden police they joined mayor dana redd to kick off a new reading program. each month the officers will read with the same students to develop a love of reading and develop positive relationships with the officers. i'm m-a-r-y and i have copd.
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face, is he close to waiving his no trade clause and will be traded to the los angeles donor. he has been with the phillies since 2,000 making him the longest tenured athlete. he won the mvp award in 2007 and helped lead the team to a world series crown the following year. >> yesterday ryan sandberg explained the overall plan? >> i see a need for change, and the need to get youth in there and energy and athleticism. with that going forward anxious for the process and anxious to see what the roster looks like with those changes. >> the biggest free agent prize landed in chicago, jon lester
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and the cubs came up with a contract, and he had an era of 2.6 for oakland. the big game for the eagles is sunday night at the linc. they know it's big but they are not concerned about it. >> the birds and the boys battle it out once again at the linc but this time cowboys are looking for revenge and by the way first place is on the line too. >> it's always on the line, one gain is not more significant than another game. >> if the game is not exciting enough, how about the chess match between these rivals it's the second time in three weeks they go head to head. chip kelly says he is not getting into all the mind games. >> think you can paralyze
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yourself by trying to overanalyze it, we think this or we think they think this -- >> kelly vows the cowboys will do what they do, and the eagles will do what they do, and it's a matter of perfection. lesean mccoy had 159 yards in the last game. >> we will try to stop the run, last time it got bad and they are not happy about tonight want to make the statement. >> well, the eagles want to make a statement of their own that they are still the best team in the nfc east. >> the sixers have won two of their last three games and they are on a role. tonight they visit atlanta. finally, you heard of kiss cam, well the san antonio spurs
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have awkward dad dance cam. jim do these moves look familiar to you. these guys must be single because no wife would let their husband get caught on camera doing that move or that move. >> care to share? >> no, i'll keep it to myself. >> ha, ha, ha. >> thank you ducis. santa claus took time out of his busy schedule to visit children in roxborough today. ♪ ♪ the philadelphia police department fifth district hosted this party at their station at ridge avenue. students from local schools took part in what was a 46 year tradition.
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is this wet, snowy, mystery weather ever going to stop? >> we have it tonight and tomorrow, there is light at the end of the tunnel. >> it's a long tunnel. stormtracker 6 live double scan. it's been a couple of days and we have one more. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing this is what jim is talking about, we have snow showers north and west of philadelphia, chadds ford, just to the west reporting snow showers and oxford right now, pottstown and quakertown, all moving down from the north and further from the north in the lehigh valley, we have snow showers east of the allentown and also across the poconos and the poconos it will be
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accumulating a little bit. so the accuweather highlights shows snow it will accumulate where the skiers want in the poconos, not much but a winter weather advisory is posted looking at 1 to 3 inches of additional snow tonight. the problem with tonight and early tomorrow morning is that any snow that is falling, the temperatures in the suburbs will drop to the 20s so untreated surfaces may have a coating, one little bit of ice could cause major problems for the rush hour, it's cold and windy and somewhat damp. philadelphia 38 and wilmington 30 and trenton 34 degrees. it's blustery and 35 miles per hour winds currently and the windchill make its feel like 20 in philadelphia, feels like 24 in allentown and 20 in the
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poconos. we have one more day of this, satellite 6 along with action radar showing why, that low pressure that was our nor'easter stalled off the coast of nantucket and any heavy precipitation is missing up, up near upstate new york, we are getting the wrap around and that brings us the cloudy windy conditions with the snow showers. this is what i'm worried about, some snow showers in the northern west suburbs and that could cause slick spots and maybe a few breaks of sunshine mainly to the east of philadelphia and the system reloads and we'll see more showers at 2:00 in the afternoon on thursday, so another unsettled day, and temperatures are on the cool side and winds out of the northwest, the high is only 39 degrees, and lots of clouds and occasional snow showers.
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and good-bye, it's breezy and windy and peeks of sunshine and the good guy, the high pressure will take over for the weekend and temperatures are a bit milder, the next 12 hours. some snow showers north of philadelphia, could cause slick spots and low in the suburbs of 32 in the city and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, one more gloomy day, breezy and chilly and clouds and a few miles per hours, 39 tomorrow and friday lots of clouds and peeks of sunshine and we dry things out, 42 degrees, and this is much better, the skies brighten and milder 44 degrees and on sunday looking nice, sunny and seasonable and 46 degrees and it's dry in the 30s for the
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eagles game, and it stays sunny and 48 and i'll have an did you date coming up on "action news" at 11:00. i have a cold and it's my hot tea. santa got help on the campus of drexel university. the great court looked more like santa's work shop as faculty and staff members wrapped 5,000 gifts and the toys will be distributed tomorrow, this event at drexel is one of the area's largest troy drives. "action news" continues on phl 17 at 10:00, and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers, the entirews" team, i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." and breaking now, major winter warnings on both coasts at this hour. two powerful storms, digging out from the nor'easter. and bracing for this. the worst storm in five years in the west. san francisco, closing schools already. also breaking, the nfl commissioner and the tough new rules tonight. pulling players the moment there are charges. plus, the nfl star, the truck accident, fracturing his back. will he play? the big medical headline for women tonight. too much radiation? how much is enough? and what to ask your doctor. and the hollywood e-mails hacked tonight. private words made public. about angelina jolie and others. could this cost millions?


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