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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  December 11, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> good morning, everyone, 5:00 a.m., thursday, december 11. here's what's happening. accuweather is tracking the chance for snow showers, there could slick spots to slow down your commute. >> police are following a new lead in the search for shane montgomery. sources say surveillance videos captured on the day he disappeared. >> jimmy rollins is trading in phillies red for dodgers blue. >> david murphy as accuweather and matt pellman is in for karen rogers. >> reporter: we have snow showers ready to leave the coast and one in northern chester
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county and berks county, it's falling apart and becoming less intense over the last half-hour. we did get snow showers that came through and put down a grassy coating in places north and west. you meant to be careful on roads anywhere you see snow on the grass in case it got on the roads and it will freeze up a bit. the only winter weather advisory is in the poconos and berks county and beyond. that expires at 9:00 a.m. 4 in philadelphia. 34 in wilmington. from here on to the south we have temperatures above freezing. allentown, trenton, northern bucks and chester counties that's where you could have the icy patches, more prevalent than what you have close to i-95. temperatures around the freezing mark, mostly cloudy, a snow shower can't be ruled out 1/2 neighborhoods, as we roll through the day, 37 by noon, 38 by 3:00 p.m. the high of 39 that will hit
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right there at 2:00 p.m. by 6:00 p.m. we're down to 36. matt pellman the roads a little bit slick in spots. >> reporter: in a few spots, not a blister we're dealing with out there. we have a few things to watch out for. the danger with ramps and overpasses and bridgeses. these are the bridges that carry it over the 30 bypass. we have a lane open, we have snow on the overpasses creating slick conditions, looks like maybe a penndot vehicle may be coming through right now putting salt down, nearby on the 30 bypass eastbound approaching 202. out of view we have a crash. they are working on 202 west chester northbound by paoli pike westtown township there's a crash involving a vehicle into a pole at johnny's way south of west chester pike. pennsylvania turnpike under pass
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there's ice. there's a crash along richardson road and county line road. in shore -- horsham the road blocking easton road at the subway has cleared. >> let's go to katherine scott along the schuylkill expressway. >> reporter: good morning, matt we're seeing a light snow falling a little bit less than a half-hour ago, it could cause problems on the roadways, if you take a look here, on the schuylkill expressway near city avenue you can see there are not a whole lot of cars on the roads, but the ones that are are moving along just fine. we have seen penndot trucks out and about, we've seen them make passes here as you want to be extra caution as you head out this morning. penndot trucks are positioned to cross the area this morning these vehicles at 22 and race poised over the vine street
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expressway. light snow is falling while no major accumulation is expected it could cause problems for the morning commute. it was busy overnight at the salt yard in south philadelphia. the truck getting loaded up for the hours ahead. the flakes weren't sticking to the road surface, but with temperatures below freezing slick spots are expected. on kelly drive slippery roads are blamed for a crash at 2:00 a.m. the car slid across kelly and struck a streetlight. he wasn't hurt. back along the schuylkill expressway at city avenue. the light snow is falling, again we're not seeing consuming layings on the roads, we're seeing it stick to the grassy surfaces nearby. drivers we are seeing don't have any issues along here, it's the side streets, the surfaces that haven't been treated we want to look out for this morning, we're live along the schuylkill
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expressway katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> i hit a few curves, i was glad that i showed down. a crash between the car and tractor-trailer on route 100 killed a woman. the happened in lower macungie township, lehigh county. route 100 between mill creek road and sauerkraut lane was closed for the much of the night while police investigated. >> 505, they marched in the cold rain and snow in chester county to pray for answer in a deadly hit-and-run. the 19-year-old was killed one week ago, the memorandum rarl hits the spot along lincoln highway and served as the gathering spot for the candle light vigil. >> whoever did this, please come forward. >> police found a damaged honda pilot which they believe was the striking vehicle, but they havey
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it to make an arrest. >> we're following a major break in the shane montgomery case police marine units will be back at the schuylkill river now that surveillance video has been found. the bridge near the business leads over the canal to a parking lot next to the river. >> up to this point they didn't have much to go on, at least there's some evidence there was in the area, now we know which direction he went. >> reporter: neither necessity kildare's or shane's family have commented about the development. the reward leading to finding the student is up to 65,000. jimmy rollins will be going to the los angeles dodgers. sources say the deal is being finalized. he won the m.v.p. in 2007.
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the 36-year-old is the franchise 's leader in hits and double. fans say they will miss him. >> sad to to see him go. >> good guy never any legal problems, just a stands up guy for kids to look up, we'll miss him. >> the california native is a 3-time all star and winner of four gold gloves. we don't know who they are getting in return. >> reporter: the rumor is it's a couple of young arms and the theory they will help us out. we traded in bastardo yesterday for a young arm. we'll see what happens. we have precipitation out there in the form. snow showers, we have one coming down in chester county and montgomery county and heading toward delaware county and
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philadelphia, might put down a slight additional coating in some spots, especially where you see the bright shades of white in chester. creek it's a nuisance. it will fall apart before much longer. down the shore we have the last lingering snow shower down the shore that appears to be changing over to wet snow or rain. this is off the coast in a couple of minutes. you have a coating on your lawns, the snow showers will make it down to the i-95 corridor and beyond. it could be dicey out there, matt pellman will keep up to
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speed on that. 31 in allentown, 30 in reading and 31 in trenton. the northern areas up north and west, the better chance you have of slick spots. as we look at the rest of the way, we have scattered pop up snow showers. we might have one come through the northern suburbs, basically what you see is what you've got on the grounds. in allentown, 36 degrees is the forecasted high there. down the shore we're going for a high of 40 degrees today and mostly cloudy and still windy across the region today. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, you can see philadelphia's high at 39 degrees today, winds -- windy conditions and mostly cloudy skies, friday, 40 degrees, sun
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bursting back into play, not as harsh on saturday, 42, with less wind it will not feel as bad. sunday, a few occasional clouds popping through. 46 degrees, chilly for the eagles at night and 48 on monday, 48 and rain possible at fight on tuesday, and of course it's happy hanukkah on tuesday. >> 5:10, next and new this morning, on the edge, a crumbling cliff has put an entire neighborhood in danger out west. >> camden police step up their efforts to make streets safer. >> reporter: no backups in falls township at route 1 and 13. both lanes are open. we have slick spots that have led to a number of accidents this morning. >> the growing popularity of decorating your beard for the
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>> welcome back you're taking a live look there, the platt bridge, the roads are slick, we're dealing with flurries in the northern and western suburbs. >> getting up to 39 degrees, matt pellman looking at the roads. >> reporter: exactly two weeks to christmas, matt and tam. it's looking christmassy in a few spots. as we zoom in on the overhead night you can see the snow coming down at route 1 commerce
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drive. you may see the slush that's piled up along the southbound lanes of 100. if you go to stop or make the turn a little too fast and hit this slush you'll go sliding. in the western and northern burbs, you have to take it easy. we had a crash east of 100 as the person who was heading toward 202 lost control. they towed that out of the way. we have an accident south of west chester pike a vehicle ran into a pole. we have a work zone northbound side 202 paoli pike they have a lane blocked. i want to talk about the construction i told you about yesterday in new castle county that's blocking the ramp i-95 southbound to 202 southbound. if you're going into wilmington can't use that ramp so bail out at marsh road take that to 13
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bail out at delaware avenue and run into wilmington, instead. our friends using the waze app not reporting any problems in and around the wilmington area this morning. >> the police in atlanta are warning the homeless of a possible serial killer. the same gun was used to kill two homeless men in separate shootings. shootings, the men was found can you recall -- curled up on blankets on the sidewalk. in washington, many storms have length of time many homes sitting on a live in danger of falling into the ocean. neighbor are trying to save as much as they can. >> the flyers have only won two of their last ten games they host the devils tonight. the sixers lost to the hawks in atlanta.
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final score 95-79. at 2-19 they have the worst record in the nba. they visit brooklyn tomorrow night. overexposed, breast cancer patients are getting more treatment than they need. >> a one touch brewing machine for a beer. david. >> reporter: matt, we have extra gear on the kids because its windy and chilly and stays on the raw side this afternoon. i'll have the day planner forecast and snow showers on storm tracker 6 live double scan that's just ahead. ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪
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♪and best wishes from the lottery♪ >> the world's only surviving giant panda triplets met their mother for the first time since they are born. the panda mother held two in the her arms and the third cub was sleeping and mom did not want to wake it up.
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zoo officials are allowing mom to come closer to the cubs in order to bond with the babies. >> reporter: this morning's commute could be a bear. it could be a tricky situation, we have a crash at allegheny avenue. it's cleared out. the most recent snow shower has not made its way to port richmond, just damp. we have an accident blocking welsh road. the crash in horsham has cleared and the one at richardson road. we have icy spots, but the salt crews are out trying to take care of those. >> reporter: some of you are waking up with snow on grassy surfaces, because we had snow showers. we had them make it i-95, one down the shore, that's thinning and falling apart arc and those
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of you in chester county are seeing light snow with little or no accumulation. if you have snow on grassy surfaces alongside the road, slow it down. 37 by noon, 38 by 3:00 p.m. the high will be 39 at 2:00 p.m. we're down to 36 by 6:00 p.m. the national map shows you a little bit of something happening in texas and southern missouri, most of the rest of the county outside the west coast looks okay, of course we have the remnants of snow shower activity up to the north. no major delays occurring just yet. philadelphia reporting light snow, but not enough to prevent owe cause any major problems at the airport today, tam. >> going on to "healthcheck," people with head injuries are given pro, it was
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suppose to curve inadammation of brain swelling. but it did not do the job. penn is saying breast cancer patient are going getting more than they need. they are getting 5 to 7 even though they need 3 to 5 weeks of it. the longer duration does not pose a risk, or cost the patient more, but it may be inconvenient and unnecessary burden. the stock market does not go straight up, but trends upward. we have america's money. >> reporter: signs the market is bouncing back, stock futures are up following the sellout on wall street. 3 major averages losing 1.5%. the price of oil is going to
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help with air fares. they are under contract to buy fuel at higher prices, but eventually fares will come down. mcdonald is eliminating 5 different menu items. wait times have come down in test markets. brew machine will let you brew beer at home. it will take 4 1/2 hours, it costs $1,700 on preorder, that's america's money, have a great day. >> it's more fun the old way. >> i agree. we're tracking early morning flurries that could impact your commute. we have the accuweather team coverage ahead at 5:30. ♪ ♪
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campbell's healthy request. >> welcome back you're taking live look here out across penns landing, 5:25, 35 degrees. depending on where you are there is flurries and the roads could be slick. camden county say the dramatic drop of murder rates in camden have allowed the officers
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to focus on quality of life like prostitution. police found a man in a truck looking for a prostitutes. >> we've had guys from the shore, delaware, men from everywhere, come here, to buy sex. >> safer streets have helped to attract subaru corporate headquarters and lockheed martin laboratory and the sixers new practice facility with the promise with what they will need, and that's jobs. >> morning buzz time, two guys in great britain want to make people's beards if you have one into a christmas tree of sorts. they work at a company that wanted to create some kind of christmas card. they had an idea of putting
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>> welcome back, jimmy rollins is being traded to the west coast after spending 15 exiting years with the phillies. >> let's go over to david murphy and matt is in for karen rogers, good morning. >> reporter: okay, guys, we have a winter warning in effect in the northern areas of the lehigh valley. this will go until 9:00 a.m. when we see snow and freezing drizzle. if i could call up storm tracker 6 live we have lingering snow showers out of the northwest. this is starting to thin out and it looks like it will fall apart before too much longer. this is nuisance stuff at this point, a lot of you in through the i-95 corridor and parts of south jersey and up toward the northwest will wake up and go out on the lawn and see a snow


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