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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  December 14, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> good morning, it's 6 a.m. this sunday, december 14. "action news" is following two new developing stories. an overnight fire in germantown trapped a resident on the roof of the house and the blaze sake kawlingd suspicious. >> two philadelphia police officers are injured in a crash. both officers were taken to the hospital. >> and the boys are back in town. eagles and cowboys tonight at the linc first place is on the line. first meteorologist chris sowers and a check of the accuweather forecast it's been quiet.
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>> has anyone seen the sun lately it's been five, six days. let's go live on sky6. it's been five, six days sense a full day of sunshine around here. unfor natalie doesn't look like a full day of sun today either. clouds will hang tough during the morning hours. those of you in center city you can see the gray up there. patchy cloud cover. on the positive it's kept temperatures mild. low this time of year is 30. as we flip over the numbers. 39. 9 degrees average for this time of year. trenton 37. allentown 38. up to 40 not bad there. dover 35. poconos 31. sea isle city 36, boardwalk in atlantic city, 36. we were hoping for more sunshine than what we sawxt unfortunately still because of this guy here, mr. nor'easter, tuesday's storm still sitting here and still spinning its wheels and still throwing back the cloud cover from the north west. hopefully today you see the last
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few frames slowly drifting each. you get on the backside of this thing and increase the sun as the day wears on. temperatures climb up to the mid 40s. gradual increase in sunshine. we'll call it seasonable out there. 38 by 9:00, 4 by noon and then 44 by 3bg. when i come back in a few minute we'll talk more about the milder temperatures on the way. and the chance ever a little rain by tuesday. >> chris, thank you. >> developing overnight, two philadelphia police officers taken to the hospital after an accident in frankford. a car slammed into the 15 district officer van. it employed here in the 4500 block of frankford avenue the worst impact was driver's side of the van.ankford avenue the the officers were transcripted to the hospital 3:30 this morning. we're trying to get information. >> developing out of the
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germantown section of philadelphia. fire fighters rescue four adults and baby from roof of a back porch they ended up there to escape what the homeowner says was a fire bombing. east kolton street the 4-month-old girl was taken in an ambulance by grandmotherch the family sake evaluated it at a local hospital. the investigators are calling the fire suspiciousch the home owner did not want to give us his full name he was awakened in the second floor bedroom bing bang and ran down the steps to see entrance of the house in flames. he believes the house is fire bombed and it's connected to two women and an estranged boyfriend targeting his house and faib's house. >> this is over two women. and they fire bombed their house a week ago. now this week they fire bombed mine. >> philadelphia fire marshall says there have recently been ten fire related incidents next door and the red cross is
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finding temporary shelter for those president sglents thousands say good-bye to a fallen firefighter joyce craig. "action news" reporter annie mccormick has the story. >> the cassette kettle fallen firefighter joyce craig arrived on top of engine 64 draped with american flag and she received posthumous promotion to lieutenant and full hon ours to her resting place. many stayed in the cold to watch it televised outside. >> unafraid, tough, high-spirited, gutsy and the last one spunky. >> inside colleagues described craig who died early tuesday morning while fighting a fire in west oak lanech the highly decorated 11 year veteran received sigh occasionstations for heroism and suffered serious injury early in her career. she served four fire staitionz and one of 150 female
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firefighters she's the first to die in the line of duty. >> the first time she got hurt on the job [ crying ] that was one of the last times. i was mad at god that day. >> craig's family did not want top appear on cram her brother spoke at five years old her sister knew her calling she was devoted mother of two children a 16-year-old son and 16-month-old daughter. commissioner derrek sawyer made a promise to them today. >> what i want you to know is just as i said severalier joyce had two families. now you have two families. we are all hear for you never forget that. >> firefighters from company as cross the country paid their respects including wilmington delaware fire chief anthony good. good lost his father to fighting fires when he was 16, too, he said this to craig's son this week. >> once all this passes over and
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you start to be able to get back and grounded again and i'll talk you to and let you know what's going on it's a long road. >> the city plans to honor craig with a memorial service. flags were at half staff across the city for 30 days. west oak lane, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." >> new overnight a septa train crashed into a car in montgomery county, 16 people were open the train when it hit a car left aban on donned on the tracks in conshohockench the car was pushed two blocks before the train was able to stop. septa says everybody was all right. passengers were bussed to center city and no word who left the car open the track. >> across the 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5,nd for touchdown shady mccoy. >> there's been a lot of games over the years played with dallas cowboys on thanksgiving day i don't know that they ever
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absorbed this kind of licking from the beginning to end. >> ah, that thanksgiving demolition in dallas. it's in the rearview mirror. tonight the birds and boys battle it out at the linc with first place open the line with three weeks left to secure a playoff spot. both teams are looking forward not back. >> it's biggest game to date here and you know we need this man we have i think a great team to come beat with the best and we have to go ahead and prove that and win this game. >> the only thing new this week is that obviously the game plan from last time is fresh in your head still. but really every team in this league especially players, coaches, maybe a little different, but all the players and everybody they operate on week by week basis. >> this is another game. if you take all the outside factors and you really get down to the gist of things that's all it really is, is another game
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and we have to go out there and act as such. >> cowboys arrive in town undefeated on the road. >> i don't think our football team played as well as we were capable. last time we played them and i think guys will be ready to go. it's a good football team we're playing against and you know, ultimately we have to play better than we de in that game i'm excited to see our guys. >> they're outstanding team and we coached and you have to be prepared when you go up a group of guys like that and you know you got to bring your a-game. >> des brian and the boys are being ing to hand eagles second straight hoax loss after ten straight wins. you can stay connected with our sports team and other eagles fans on twitter, ducis rogers, jamie apody, jeff skversky will be tweeting live for today's game as they do for every eagles game join the cash and use the #6abc eagles we want to hear
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from you are before, during and after the game. >> a philadelphia football team comes home today sporting a championship trophy. northwest philadelphia raiders had dream come true disneyworld they won their first ever pop warner super bowl. the raiders beat new have ep, connecticut. there will be a sell brailtion 1100 east cheltenham avenue. >> a group, emily's enterage celebrated two years of success. in 2011 families started organization to raise money for cystic fibrosis research in honor of emily their daughter who takes on the sdaes every day. he they have raised 16,000 as emily's story has inspired people all aron the world. >> hollywood blam nram our for
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education. the sore orcy celebrated a blast each year they award 20,000 in scholarship to high school seniors and college students. >> 6:10 more to come. >> we're staying on top of developing story. two philadelphia police officers injured in a crash. >> a family def stait ed by fire. a community rallying behind them. hear about that and from a man that helped rescue children trapped by the flames. >> protesters tail take the city nationwide again calling for changes in justice after several deadly police confrontations chris. >> nydia coming up in weather we've been talking about this several days now and we're expecting more in the way of sunshine and moderating temperaturesment details app the eagles forecast when we come temperaturesment details app the eagles forecast when we come right
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excavator that got -- through the mudd. >> some areas picked up more rain in the past 2 4 hours than
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seen for the last year. i was talking to my cousin in california she said the lakes are returning to normal. good news out. there sky6 we have good news in the delaware valley as well. good news we'll see a little sunshine. i know i promised you that yesterday. those clouds they hung tough. it's all thanks to the little coastal system that we dealt with tuesday. it's still close enough to where we're feeling effects and wrap around clouds and moisture spin agoen i'll show you that on satellite here in a moment. again we've been dealing with this pesky system for the last several days. there's the view now. philadelphia international airport all is queue they sunday morning. normally this time of year our low, which occurred around 6, 7:00 in the morning is 30. we're running 9 above average for this time of year. fairly mild. 4 warmer than we were yesterday reading 7 allentown 6 degrees milder and wilmington 2.
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just to the southwest of halifax winds wrap around in counter clockwise fashion and south from doon to the lehigh valley. that's what locked this in yesterday or locked us in all week. what happens here you get on horse and get out of here and that sets up a decent monday and milder tuesday and wednesday. once the storm right there you see it spinning is begins to paul way the flow becomes north and east across the country and that allows it to spread. you see how mild it is out there. milder than philadelphia st. louis 49, dallas 62. real enough stuff out here temperature wise it shifts east over the next two or three daysy
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cloudy and we get into monday and monday shew say decent amount of sunshine. tuesday the next same rivz. increasing clouds by 2, 3:00 each that band pushes into the city i-95 corridor late afternoon. tuesday arch,vening it would be be in the form of rain. morning clouds giving way to some afternoon sun. openle chilly side. normal this time of year is 46. we're a little below 45 eagles taking on cowboys later this evening. 8:30, kickoff time. cloudy, calm, not much of a breeze. 39 by 8:0 and forth quarter
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dropping to 37. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast 46 for mondayment clouds maybe rain developing late tuesday 48. look at wednesday, sun e. clouds, 5. thursday cooler 42. increasing clouds friday 40 colder next weekend saturday looks cloudy and cold 37 and could be a mixture of rain and snow at night. eva. >> thanks, chris. >> annual christmas carroll event at coatsville high school ♪ >> the group is joined by 93-year-old marshall marty conner back to serenade the crowd and during this holiday tradition going back decades and in fact connor was very first tradition going back decades and in fact connor was very first singer soloist back in 198
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6:21 am
were killed on december 14, 2012 when gunman adam lanza opened fire. he shot and killed his own mother before carrying out his rampage and later killed himself they are not planning to hold public remembrance but they're looking for plans of permanent memorial. a new school is under construction the original building was torn down shortly after the shooting. >> two convicted murder hes are on the run after escaping from alabama brings don't. marshalls tracked town a third mate. they used a household cleaner to get out. they were cell mates. one began to scream saying the other was sick when the guard opened cell door one took off while the others sprayed the guard's face with lysol and ran
6:22 am
out. gordon in jail for robbery is in police custody facing additional charges trying to escape and authorities areer is searching for woodard and cole bert traer both serving time for murder. >> "good morning america" following this developing story out of alabama and they'll have more on the escape and report ahead at 8:00 nydia. >> eva thank you the holidays are difficult time for manyliess tree to remember family and friends passed. the family of our long time "action news" photographerer len lannon place aid plaque in front of his tree saying it's nice be nice len pass away after nice len pass away after complications following
6:23 am
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'tis the season to beat up on the boys even including whipping nfc east title and it's again on the line tonight at the linc. here's cowboys owner jerry jones signing autografts hopefully not for eagles fans last night.r shn thanksgiving. >> it's not about one individual player it's about the team depending them and if we put
6:26 am
soul focus on rumle and not worry about bryant and whitten and the other guys they're going to beat you they're talented at other positions. >> flyers game a blowout yesterday. they started eagles chance at the end of the hockey game. they won two straight for first time in over a have 8 points in last five games. sixers looking for win at home. that's will smith in the house gliz liz come all the way back. up three, no time left. mike conley has a buzzer.
6:27 am
wow we can't believe it. over time. sixers without a 35s until the final second. conley not having that problem. -3 from fourth quarter on. sixers lost 120-115 only team in the nba without a w at home. >> that's gut wrenching loss that's a fact. and i feel for those guys. >> perhaps they'll get the first win tomorrow at home against boston celtics i'm jeff skversky have a great day. >> this holiday season we want to see how you decked your halls. if it's your house lighting up the block take a picture or short individual question and send to us on twitter, insa graham or vine shusing #6abc lights or post on facebook page lights or post on facebook page "action news."
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>> a delaware county family suffered a terrible loss in a fire and now the community is offering to help. kenneth moton has the story ahead. >> new revelations are coming in on the hacking scandal which several big stars are caught in the middle. >> eagles look ahead to tonight's crucial show down against the cowboys. >> 6:29, first meteorologist chris sowers joins us with a preview of accuweather.
6:30 am
>> if i told you you would see sun would you believe me. >> no. >> we've been promising sun for days now. i truly believe we'll get someed it. there's the view of the bep franklin bridge right now. cloudy skies overhead now. as the storm system off the coast pulls away it shew bring sun later this arch. temperatures mild, 40 in pottstown. normally right around 29, 30. we're generally 10 above average. quiker town 35. tanersville look at that 31. not bad for the mountains, coatsville 38, kennett square and 38 center city and glassboro 39, hammonton 3 1. woodbine chilly out there 31. smyrna delaware 34. satellite and radar stuck in the clouds yet again dealing with west, north weshlly breeze we're expecting clouds cover here to begin to thin out over the next six hours or so. accuweather expects morning clouds and afternoon sun milder day yesterday we topped out around 4. today we'll go 45 pretty
6:31 am
seasonable this time of year. formal is 46ment as we look ahead temperatures across the high plains lord sitting in the 50s. actually some areas closing in on 60. a piece of that actually starts making its way in here as early as tomorrow afternoon. and i'll show you how warm it gets arounds here when i come back with the full forecast in 10 minutes, eva. >> new this morning a philadelphia police van is mangled mess after a collision with a car that stwont officers to the hospital. the action cam was at the scene 4500 block of frankford avenue and investigators state van was on a call 3:15 this morning and had its light and sirens on when it plan to a car. the collision threw the van into a support for the frankford elevated train line and officers are 234 stable condition and civilian driving the car was not injured. >> also new this morning police are being ing for the driver of a tree trimming truckch the driver is accused of slamming his vehicle into a parked car in newcastle, delaware.
6:32 am
the action cam was on the scene in new castle county. police say the truck hit a cheverolet avalanche 1:45 this morning the force of collision threw avalanche into the house and the house sustained serious damage and newcastle county building inspector is trying to determine if it's safe to live in. there's no reports of injuries. >> a family is devastated this morning mourning loved one who died in a fire. the heroic actions of two men prevented this tragedy from being even worse. "action news" reporter ken has more on frantic moments and community now lepding a hands. >> the excuse is under investigation and it appears the fire started in the back of the home that's where the children and grandmother war sleeping. >> smart phone captured intensity of raging fire in lower chichester township. not the chaos. 62-year-old doris morgan. >> i wraised to the scene because my brother called me and
6:33 am
my sister called him and said that mommy is stuck in the house and they can't get her out. >> morgan living with multiple sclerosis was trapped in the back bedroom of this burning home on 100 block of her dawkt ran for help and her husband amad and neighbor nicholas wells rescued children from basement bedroom. >> it's one of the things you cannot get out the looks open the kids' faces and look at her running around and fire shooting out the back. one of the worst things ever seen. >> the children ages 8, 6, 5, 3, 1 suffered some injuries. their father severe burns. p but everyone made it to safety except morgan. >> he risked his own life to save his kids life and tried his fwoingt save my mother's life. i love and respect that man so much. >> but there's more to this story a few posted social need
6:34 am
wra resulted in this donation force fire victims gathered at lower chichester volunteer fire department. klom and toys filmed his living room. >> it blows hi heart that there's so many people that come together at a time like this. >> morgan's daughter and son are thankful for the support and lives of her grandchildren. >> she will be happy. she will be happy that they were safe. she will rather herself go than let the kids go. >> family members say there was a space heater in this house but again the cause is under investigation. that father amad martin is in critical and stable condition corzer-chester medical center. three out of his five children are also still recovering in that hospital this morning. to find out how to donate to this family head to our web site, reporting in lower chichester township, ken, "channel 6 action news." >> across the nation tens of thousands of people took to the streets voice their concerns about what they call police brutality and racism.
6:35 am
snarling traffic. protesters included family members of people killed by police officers throughout the year. >> in washington d.c. took place from the whitehouse to capital. eric garner's mother was among knows attendance. brown was killed in fouring son missouri garper died after taken to the ground by a new york city police officer. pro telters called for new legislation and justice in oakland california a similar scene and message. campus police from the university of berkley moved life size photographer lynching victims put up on campus. graphic displays had names of lynching victims and dates of their death. >> there are new developments in the sony hacking scanned. . lyndsey janice has more.
6:36 am
promising a large christmas give that will put sony pictures in the worst state. the latest stolen e-mails reportedly show sony executive slamming is leonardo dicaprio pulling out of the job ''s film and making jokes of will smith's children. other reap revelations leaked script from the new james bond film sector and cope youious notes try to improve it and other e-mails reportedly revealing sony wish list for all female leads in a new ghost busters movie. jennifer lawrence and emma stone at the top and executives apparently debating aggressive legal action against original ghost buster bill murry shew he snand the way of the film. >> it's a digital sdaingt erin shows no sign of stoping. among referlations getting most
6:37 am
attention tonight documents reportedly showing jennifer lawrps and costar amy adams reportedly earns less than costars on american hustle. >> whatever i don't want to talk about it. >> and female executive at sony making significantly less than her male kourpt ever counter park. >> amy has spent the week apologizing after it showed her and another making racial jokes about president obama. pascal reached out to jesse jackson and alleluia sharpton remarks going to the white house. >> at least one sony executive whose e-mails were made public made sxents and i reported. >> senate worked saturday night and cleared way for passenger of 1.1 trillion spending plan and the bill passed a short time ago and president has said he'll sign it.
6:38 am
the bill provides to keep the budget running through end of budget year and one exception department ev homeland security funded through february. republicans are expected to use negotiations for that money to force president obama to roll back immigrationm preparing to take on reagle tells linc. first place is at stake. cowboys are undefeated on the road. jeff skversky has more on the birds and boys. >> i've never been a hate guy i don't hate anybody who ever played. >> sorry eagles fans chip kelly doesn't quite feel the same way about cowboys as you do. >> we do not like dallas it's been a long thing going on since i ever stepped in here kelly may not hate the cowboys but he wants to beat them and beat them fair and square. >> i got utmost form and hoping
6:39 am
we is an opportunity like them or not facing the team looking for revenge and with three games to go with games open the line it adds fuel to the fire between bit arrivals. >> i got a feel for that and some fans don't quite like us as much and we're out in dallas. >> get your hot chocolate and let's go this rivalry will only heat up sunday night let's go. >> going to be good. >> 6:39 more to come on "action news" sky h defendant exhibit tag a live look meteorologist chris sowers. >> sl operating the work of a
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sun chrissun chris we'll flip io numbers, dewpoint nice and low. no moisture, drizzle. firely dry. dewpoint 29. 8 miles an hour and that's key to this whole things. once we get whipped to shift we completely get rid of cloud cover and that happened next 12 to 24 hours. >> and it's done a number open temperaturesment normal high 48 dropped to 46 by friday each and every day well below average monday and thursday staying in the 30s and thanks to cloud cover yesterday barely into the
6:44 am
40s. philadelphia yesterday 42. middletown 42. glassboro 42. quakertown and poconos topping out at 30. normal time of year is 30 for philadelphia. that occurred 7:00 in the morning and we're lord sitting at 39. and we're starting mild that means finish open the milder side as well. satellite and radar spiping area of low pressure still basically off the coast of maine and starting to pull towards the east northeast and if you look close enough around toronto winds out of north northwest starting to pick up holes in the clouds. that's all i needed to see. pretty confident we'll see a little sunshine later this afternoon we're lord getting breaks out here now. starting but with cloud and increase the surprise as the day goes on. west coast hammered storm after storm right now battering west coast from canada all the way down to places like san francis keen los angeles and believe it
6:45 am
or not some heard this over the last self days has nothing to do with pipe apple compress southern branch of the gulf stream all this is running northern branch of yet moist of your moisture comes from the south. california, these are over the last step days. ukiah.83" and eureka 5.05" and that's only been within the last ten days. they picked up much needed rain out there. for us as we look at weather back here along the mid-atlantic high pressure in control, nice, quiet day, starting with clouds, increasing sunshine lightser on and monday, same things, high pressure in control and these clouds increase late in the day and tuesday a few showers.
6:46 am
>> again morning clouds giving way to sunshine later this afternoon. poconos, early morning clouds, arch sun. chilly. and elsewhere we good shew be a wilder day upper 40s low 40s. 45 in with philadelphia, trenton 45, allentown 43. clouds giving way to sunshine calling it seasonable and dover and cape may 46 degrees. the exclusive accuweather forecast philadelphia today partly sunny tomorrow, 47, tuesday 48, wednesday 5 you see the numbers climb here. putting rain late in the day on tuesday. especially at night. wednesday dry. thursday sunshine. thursday 2. thursday dry, friday dry. colder this time around. clouds out there saturday. only 237. depending on this storm's track it could go edger way rain or
6:47 am
snow sgle i know that make you happy. >> it does chris. >> model trains are popular around the delaware holidays this man has taken a train love to a whole new level. >> bruce feldman has been collecting his trains pour than 30 years the rare rolled runs through his entire basement. >> this particularly out. >> he lived in boston and his love of trains goes back to child hod. >> 3 years held in in 1951 those days they and they had wind up trains. >> age three. >> to age 66. >> and but he's doing more than playing. he's created cargo and passenger traipz of fearly 2 miles of track and collected total of 2,000 train cars and open lower
6:48 am
level of bruce's home you step into boston in -- boston station and beacon hill and shops around new berry street and city subway below. beneath rail road hob owe traveled train car. you can stop by fenway park. is they fire department got a call when we visited. >> raid reen are you philly connection. >> definite. >> i yes. >> bruce met adrian at temple. >> we expand on this to include philadelphia. >> we're going to try. >> there's a surprise around every corner. >> a remind he of christmas's past, monica malpassryes of childhood locked in the toys we love. >> yes. we bade boomers are proud of holiday trains. tlar a tag more sophisticated
6:49 am
than one foot scare layout. >> lisa thomas laury, "channel 6 >> lisa thomas laury, "channel 6 action news."
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6:51 am
>> time crunch and crowds can lead to impus purchases. >> the last thing you want to do is papic and pay outside your budget you could pay for these items next summer and that would be depressing state to be in. >> beverly says it's never too late to chart a holiday shopping budget do it before hitting the
6:52 am
mall. >> hop on-line and research and compare prices and stores without ever having to leave your home. >> it may be best to complete purchases on-line and if it's too tlit have items shift consider retailers in instore pickup option. >> keep in mind if you do go over budget you are going to be paid for this for months and it could impact family vacation next summer and try to think ahead and stay within parameters. >> holiday debt is not about an item's price tag by interest payments too. i'm karen kapa. >> new list of best u.s. companies to work for is out and going sl number one. glass door asks people to rate their employers. google earned nearly perfect rating for pay, benefits, quality of workers and work life culture. necessarily, s 5 network and boston consulting group rounded
6:53 am
out top five. >> ladies get a good laugh out of this one. some men getting idea of the feel of childbirth. they signed up for a matt terpty childbirth experiment they signed up for a i machine that simulates labor pain doctors call their machine epagey ep forcer. >> breathe, breeming, breathe. >> women do this many hours and so that in and of itself shew give men indication of how powerful it is. >> half of the three other men registered actually wept through with it. >> we have to break that down. >> empathy you know we'll be >> empathy you know we'll be right back.
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ask your doctor about invokana®. ♪ >> in wilmington faminglies share spirit of the season with their neighbors with song. dozens of people showed up on the steps of st. head wick church to take part in annual tradition with christmasck carrolls. >> a big welcome no gloucester township. a big surprise camden county freeholders office presented him we service medal he served as army medic three years now. >> if you adore the british royal family or just love babies let me begin the story by saying you're welcome.
6:57 am
check out adorable christmas portraits of prince george. he's so cute. officials say they are taken last month in courtyard of kensington palace. he's almost 17 months now and as you probably know the prince's mom and dad were just in the u.s. for a whil wind tour last week. >> there's a kanye west fight in the delaware valley the star was in an unlikely space. stratosphere trampoline park. kanye was there for a birthday parties. no word if his wife was there or if he was traveling solo. >> there's another hour of "action news" sunday morning straight ahead. >> here's some of the stories we're working on for you. dramatic video of a woman rushing a baby to ambulance after an infant hurt if a file. homeowner made accusations to "action news" overnight. >> and a football team from philadelphia win title at
6:58 am
disneyworld and update from meteorologist chris sowers and disneyworld and update from meteorologist chris sowers and accuweather we'll be right back. skippy!!
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>> "action news" is 2308ing two new developing stories overnight fire in germantown trapped residents on roof of the house and the blaze is being called suspicious. >> officers were taken to the hospital. >> and boys are back in town. eagles and cowboys tonight at the link. first place is on the line. >> first let's go outside to meteorologist chris sowers and accuweather forecast. good morning, chris. >> good morning you to nydia unfortunately good weather later this evening and hopefully we'll pick up sunshine later this afternoon and temperatures shew moderate right now numbers are generally upper 30s, low 40s. pottstown, 40, 7:00 in the morning, quakertown 36, warrington 36, cents are city 39, chester 39, oxford 36, south and east glassboro showing 39. ewing 3


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