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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  December 16, 2014 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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"action news" 12:30 continues. >> hello again, here are some of the stories we are following for on "action news." montgomery county authorities continue their massive manhunt for bradley stone who shot seven family members yesterday killing six of them. the taliban claims responsibility for killing 126 people mostly children at a school in pakistan. and a mountain of flowers grows as australia mourns the victims of the sydney hostage siege. and the search continues for bradley cooper accused of killing six people and wounding one yesterday. nicole hill, her mother, her grandmother, her sister and brother-in-law and 16-year-old niece and a 17-year-old nephew
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is in the hospital in serious condition. the manhunt continues at this hour. walter perez is live now where authorities have wrapped up a news conference. >> reporter: the montgomery county d.a. ferman wrapped up a news conference, she mentioned they retrieved the suspect's cell phone and vehicle as well and have new images of a suspect they want to pass along, the head shot is the same one we released yesterday but they photo shopped it to remove his beard because they believe he is clean shaven. a huge amount of law enforcement from fbi to s.w.a.t. teams and fire s are searching
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montgomery county. they say that stone clearly targeted his ex-wife's family the community at large should remain vigilant but not overly alarmed. >> i ask the people not to stop mr. stone, if they do see him he should be considered armed and dangerous and he has access to firearms as well as cutting instruments. i don't want anyone to jeopardize their safety by trying him themselves. . >> reporter: and the information in doylestown yesterday was not valid, there is no reason to believe that bradley stone can be found in doylestown. lets switch now to david
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henry at the main police staging center in pennsburg with more on the manhunt for bradley stone. >> reporter: rick, this is where the search is concentrated today, walter talked about the side trip to doylestown that did not man out. this is the mobile parking lot, the communications trucks and everyone was gathered here and they have since fanned out into the bureau of pennsburg, earlier we were at stone's house and we have video to show you, this is where police had a days long siege thinking he may be holed up inside of this house, you can see a christmas tree set up it looks like any normal house. but today they returned to this area, k-9 units and police from all over montgomery county gathered here to get their
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marching orderers, they have since fanned out into the bureau starting at mr. stone's house and they will go block by block, house by house, door-to-door with the search dogs, eyes and ears on the ground trying to find anything. sources tell us they believe he may have committed suicide and may be looking for a dead body but can't take any chances. they are closing the upper perkiomen school district and people are told to remain cautious, they will start in pennsbu pennsburg borough. they will move into the wooded areas in the green wood reservoir area. they believe he may be there or when there to take his own life. they believe he may have taken his own life but are being very
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cautious about it. >> thank you david. when "action news" is not on the air can you continue to follow the latest on this shooting spree and the manhunt for bradley stone at there you can find pictures and videos from all the crime scenes and continuous updates on this investigation. investigators say that a former callwin police officer is in -- police say that gun fire broke out and that the suspect went to the home there wearing a bulletproof vest killing valeri. and an officer was wounded after exchanging gun fire with the
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suspect. some south jersey firefighters were busy this morning with a fire at their own firehouse. chopper 6 hd through over the firehouse in oakville, the fire trucks were removed from the building and where it started and how much damage it caused and what sparked the blaze is still being sorted out. >> the former treasurer of a -- howard smith iii seen here during his arrangement in october is accused of stealing more than $300,000 from the westwood fire company, for his personal use. he searched with the company for 30-years. the wet weather is moving back in and lets go outside and check out the scene from sky 6 hd, overlooking the platt bridge and it's overcast now and
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visibility was a problem this morning but there are peeks of sunshine. lets go outside to meteorologist, david murphy, with more from accuweather. >> reporter: sara and rick we have a break every now and then and the clouds are getting thicker, if you look at stormtracker 6 live double scan, rain is to the west of us and i am thinking that the rain is getting oversold a little bit because of the distance from the radar. but we had a report from washington, d.c., of a report of heavy rain, that is likely what you see passing through baltimore now and if are you in reading or chester county, some of that will hit you for 30 minutes or so. you'll get hit with a substantial rainfall, most of what you see today is mostly more scattered. it's up to the north and there are not a lot of similarly heavy cells down south. as we look at satellite, kind of in and out of them there is a break and the rain is coming in
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and the clouds are in the process of getting thicker, the mid-atlantic states are getting milder. 52 in philadelphia, and it's raining there now, even out in pittsburgh we are at 50 degrees, nice temperatures this afternoon but by 2:00 we get the 50 degree high but showers could get closer to philadelphia by this point and by 4:00, it likely will be raining in much of the reason and 8:00 to 10:00 down to the mid-40s and a chance of showers until 9:00 or 10:00 tonight especially north and east of philadelphia, those are the last areas to see the rain. when i come back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll give you a look at future tracker 6 tracking today's rain but we have a drop in temperatures and more precip over the weekend. >> thank you david. in other news, pakistani officials have regained control
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at a school where the taliban attacked this morning, killing at least 126 people, most of the victims at the military run school were children and as many students have been injured as killed in the attack. they stormed the school in uniforms and the taliban took responsibility for the attack saying it was against the militants. australia is in deep mourning following the deadly end of that siege at a cafe in downtown sydney, a flower memorial to the two hostages that died is growing throughout the morning and prime minister tony abbott is talking about the grief. >> the spontaneous shrine that is growing is an expression of innate goodness and dignity is
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part of the authori part of the australian people. a young boy that became an honorary member of the south jersey fire department has been laid to rest, this is video of aiden rival being sworn in, aiden had lost his battle with cancer and was fighting leukemia since he was 1 years old. they learned of his dream of being a firefighter and his name is on rosters of fire departments around the world and today he gets the honor of a firefighter's funeral. "action news" was at the salvation army community center where volunteers from the radio station mor fm guided parents
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through a treasure trove of gifts, even small gifts mean so much. >> a secret santa is making this a special christmas for 100 central pennsylvania families. >> my name is keesha calling from wal-mart -- >> workers from this wal-mart near harrisburg, were busy letting people know that someone paid off their lay away. the man only known as santa, pay $50,000 on lay aways due. some were going to drop it, because they didn't have the money to pay for it. >> feel like a million pounds of stress is lifted off my shoulders. >> i am grateful for whoever did it, it's nice. >> some how santa b knew how much to donate. but wal-mart insists this was not an inside job.
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and there is a new place where you can really blow off stress and it's all legal plus coming up david murphy has the exclusive accuweather forecast.
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well, are you planning a trip over the holidays? you'll have company according to aaa, the motor club predicts that 90 million americans will venture 50 miles or more from home and the number is up 4%
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from last year. greater consumer confidence and lower gas prices are the reasons, the price for a gallon of regular is $3.52 and the tricounty area is $3.62. a flight from paris to atlantic landed in billings, montana after the crews smelled smoke in the cabin. the jet landed again in new york overnight for a crew change but arrived safely in paris this morning. they are cleaning up yet again in northern california after the latest winter storm, heavy rains and high winds brought down high winds in the san francisco bay area, and there was more flooding and rock slides, mobile home parks are pumping out water again and
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connect with bennett in isolation and monitoring them. penguins star sydney crosby showed up with a swollen face, a tell tale sign of the mumps and he tested positive on monday. we'll need the umbrella? >> yes, for the afternoon. thankfully the shovel still has the cob webs on it. it's moving to the west and north. and the slide to the northeast is slow, and that arrow is how long it will take the rain to get the distance of that red arrow and we are tracking with the blue box the arrival time of the main rain, before the times you may get a sprinkle but this is where the steady rain arrives, honey brook and the western edge of chester county, 12:49 and newark, delaware, 1:01
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and paoli, on the border of chester county near newcastle county, delaware, and downingto downingtown 1:13. lets get rid of that and go out wide and look at the areas north and east, this heavier rain is in the process of marching towards the northeast and so if are you in allentown or reading, these are areas that are liable to get the heavier stuff, philadelphia may catch a break because by the time the yellow line gets to philadelphia, most of the heavy stuff is liable to be off to the north of us. we have cloudy skies in advance of this rain, i looked at this picture and there was sunshine, but not as much now, as the clouds get thicker, highlights, showers today and dry tomorrow and both days are mild. right now 52 degrees, that is
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about our high, we may go another degree up and settle off and get ready for the rain. winds from the east at 6 miles per hour. not all that strong. cooler in the lehigh valley and a little cooler down the shore, but some areas are already past 50 degrees, future tracker 6 showing the heavy rain to the west and it goes to the north and we wind up for the potential of a heavier cell arriving in philadelphia. then up to 6:00 we still have more spotty showers around and more of it by 9:00 and cecily and melissa at 10:00 on channel 6 -- 11:00 52 is your high in philadelphia and 47 in allentown and 50 the way things look at the shore and
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hanukkah arrives at sun down at 4:47, showers in play and 49 degrees, the showers continue at 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. and the rest of the way, you can see how the numbers fall but not too bad. 9:00 we are still at 45 and the overnight low is actually 42 degrees, above average for this time of year. your seven day, 52 today and rain over the next couple of hours, driving through the western suburbs, and over later tonight and tomorrow still mild and 52 but the cooler air rushes in on thursday, a high of 32 and windchills in the 30s at the best of times. we are looking at a southern storm that could bring us a mix of rain and snow, either saturday night or sunday, it doesn't look like a big precipitation maker but some models suggest just rain out of this. saturday and sunday is a time period to watch.
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if are you looking for distraction this afternoon, look at these stories at, meet the wal-mart employee that reached into her own pocket to pay for an elderly man's order and if you love powerful acapella covers of christmas songs, this video will make your day. must see video right now at
12:56 pm >> and david one last check of the forecast. >> in acapella. >> i know a fella. the forecast this afternoon, mainly cloudy skies and some of you may see a peek or two of showers, and the rain is almost on top of you in reading and 49 in downingtown and reading is one spot beginning to get close to the rain drops and lancaster seeing it. 52 in philadelphia, there is your high there, in the central portion of the area, 52 from the shore inland and there again are the showers on the way and philadelphia is seeing them at 2:00ish or something like that. >> thank you. finally at this noon, everything goes better with chocolate, today should be better because today is national chocolate covered anything day. they have proclaimed the day to honor all the things covered in chocolate. they suggest chocolate covered
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fruit or pretzels or the latest trends, potato chips or bacon. i'll celebrate with chocolate covered chocolate. here are the news stories we are working on for 4:00, a push to save the taj mahal, what could keep it up and running into the new year. >> those stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00. that does it for us on "action news" at noon. now for david murphy, rick williams and the entire "action news" team i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon.
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