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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  December 19, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> we are following breaking news otsz friday, december 18. 8 children are found dead and a woman is hospitalized found inside a home in australia. >> an off-duty police officer and his son are hailed heros after they stopped a burglar in camden county. >> if you're heading out of town, we'll have a your travel forecast and window we're talking about a storm that could arrive christmas eve. >> good morning, it's 4:30, december 19. i saw the traffic building on
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the roads as i came in today. >> reporter: oh, my. clouds evident, we'll see breaks in the clouds today and wind up partly sunny later on. temperature, 37 degrees in philadelphia. 36 in allentown. 36 in wilmington, winds are relatively light so windchills may be making it feel like 4, 5 degrees cooler than the numbers would indicate. if you're dressing the kids it's cool enough to get the extra gear on this afternoon you may go lighter, but it will be brisk and chilly. the storm tracker 6 live app on your smart phone shows 37 and 8:00, 34, noon, 40, the high 41. 6:00 p.m., 38 degrees undernd partly cloudy skies not as windy as yesterday, but still, a little bit brisk. we have the latest on the weekend call, karen, coming up.
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>> reporter: all right, david, let's hit the roads we're starting live on the schuylkill expressway under 0th street station -- 30th street station. the action cam was on the scene of a two vehicle accident that happened at 2:30 a.m. all traffic was forced off the schuylkill expressway westbound at 30th street. there we were watching as the tow truck pulled a vehicle from the accident scene. there you saw it being blocked. looking live under 030th street station no problems with the westbound traffic heading toward girard and moving fine. river road at barren hill road we have an accident with low-hanging wires causing the problem. be careful if you're in the area right now. it's a water main break in willow grove. easton road is shut down near fitzwater town road use york road as the alternate.
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>> we have tragic breaking news this morning. police in upstate new york say the body of a five-year-old boy who was the subject of an amber alert has been found. a k-9 unit located his body. kenneth white was taken from his home by two masked men. a teenager who was watching the boy said the men overpowered her took the child. she said she did not recognize the men. the parents are being questioned by police in kenneth white's death. police in australia are trying to figure out what happened inside a home where 8 children were found dead. the mother was wounded. the bodies were found in the home in the city of cairns in strahle this morning. the children who rage in ages 18 months to 15 years were stabbed. the 34-year-old woman has stabbed wounds to her chest. police say her 20-year-old son
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returned home torched the mother and siblings in the home with stab wounds. so far police have no suspects. the grisly crime comes four days after the hostage situation in sydney. pakistani jets and ground forces killed dozens of militants in the northwestern region of the afghanistan border. the military said it carried out the operations yesterday and today killing 67 militants. it comes after the taliban massacred 148 people most of them children in the school. the country has approved the death penalty for 6 convicted terrorists. an off-duty police officer and his son are being hailed heros this morning. sergeant dan murray and his
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18-year-old son brian were shopping at a cvs on the black horse pike. instincts kicked in when a customer said stopped that guy he is a thief. >> i tackled him i started wrestling. >> he started to resist, i got mad because he was trying to fight with my dad, so jumped in and we got him on the ground in five seconds. >> police have taken matthew donahue into custody being held on $100,000 bail. the action cam was on the scene of a shooting in camden at 7:00 p.m. police say a man in his 30s was shot in the head. he was rushed to cooper university hospital in critical condition. no suspects or motives in the shooting. authorities in bucks county are trying to figure out who took part in a sex video that was making the rounds at a middle
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school. school officials at roosevelt middle school say several students were caught watching the video. police confiscated several phones to determine the origin. >> it might take a little while, it's not going to be done overnight. we wanted to a complete and theory investigation. >> i want to emphasize the actions recorded within the video did not occur in our schools or on our property. >> the two minors involved may have been secretly recorded. a new law makes it illegal for minors to send and receive images. the d.a. said this case may rise to a higher level of child pornography. >> hollywood is reeling over the decision of sony to pull a movie and fears and concerns arise over this.
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>> reporter: this morning, companies around the globe are on high alert to to avoid beinge next giant to be brought to its knees like sony. >> you work at any studio or network and you are saying could this be me. >> reporter: the hack was carried out by a sophisticated hacker with malicious intent. the assault was routed through a number of infected computers and locations over seas, singapore, thailand, italy and poland and cyprus. all because the north koreans are angry about a movie depicting their president. >> no, i would not have gone to the movie. >> reporter: now the backlash,
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many wandering if the real victim is free speech. rob lowe tweeting wow, everyone caved and the hackers won. senator john mccain said sony's decision set a troubling precedent that will embolden bad actors. abc news washington. "good morning america" will have more on the hacking troubles for sony. "g.m.a." is next at 7:00 a.m. after "action news." >> the eagles have a must-win game they will travel to washington to face the redskins. mark is sanchez will return as quarterback. the birds have not lost to washington in two years, and the redskins are the worst team in the nfc east with 6 consecutive
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losses. kickoff at 4:30. watch game day quickoff tomorrow, ducis and mike wrap up the game with eagles game day final. >> all right, it is now 4:39. are you waiting to get that holiday shopping done, you're not alone. >> a christmas tree a beer lover can appreciate. >> reporter: today's high will be below average, 41 degrees, tonight's overnight low 29. won't 29 feel good? we'll have the weekend call from accuweather coming up.
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>> this christmas tree in western new york is perfect if you're a beer lover. a brewerrer created the tree out of beer kegs. it's decorated with dead lights. they have beer in the kegs. >> reporter: they put beer in the bottom ones for
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>> have good, david. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan what do we have? partly sunny skies over the airport. during the day we're expecting partly sunny skies. it's chilly, 37 degrees in philadelphia. the dewpoint well below the temperature, the wind west at 9 miles per hour not as strong as yesterday morning, but brisk out there. there's the satellite view, go ahead and bring in all always on day planner on the side in case you want to grands ahead. we have clouds to the west, overall we're expecting a mix of clouds and sun. 41 is the high, we'll probably sit on that for and a couple of hours this afternoon and be back down to 39 degrees by 5:00 p.m. not as breezy as yesterday, but brisk partly sunny, overall. 39 degrees is the high in allentown. 40 in trenton and cape may.
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very similar numbers everywhere as we head through the day. we'll have a mixture of sun and clouds, it will be cool and the winds ease back. the area of low pressure will be passing off the coast well to our south, so we're not expecting any precipitation this weekend. down the road in washington, d.c., big game for the eagles, a game they should win if they want to keep their playoff hopes alive. 42 degrees at quickoff, 39 degrees in the 4th quarter. sunday at 6:03 in the evening. winter arrives, the winter solstice is here, the shortest day of the year, sun low in the sky, monday things start getting better. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 41 degrees, brisk and chilly today, a mixture of sun and clouds. tomorrow a high of 39 degrees staying chilly, winter arrives on sunday evening, 42 degrees
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heading into the solstice we'll have a mix of sun and clouds, sunday. monday. clouds build in we get milder high of 46. there's afternoon rain. tuesday, high of 53. getting better temperature-wise. christmas eve we'll see a lot of rain and wind, it's going to be a wind-driven rain on christmas eve lie of 56 degrees, we dry out on christmas, look for it to be wind and chilly and a high of 44 degrees, that rain not good for traveling on christmas eve, but better than snow. christmas day dry, too. >> new this morning, here. >> and you can stay on top of any changing weather situation if you're traveling for the holidays, as christmas approaches go to for storm tracker 6 live radar, you'll get the hourly and seven-day forecast extra collection of
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weather-related photos and videos. >> olympic medal winner swimmer michael phelps is going to court on drunk driving charges. it was his second arrest for dui in ten years, he faces up to a year in jail and 1,000-dollar fine. he has returned to training in the hopes of competing in the 2016 olympics in rio. it's time to check on it what's geeing on in business. a lot of people are wondering will it go back to 19 50s glory? not so fast. she said overnight the u.s. must be dreaming if the u.s. is going back to capitalism. both companies will work toward normal diplomatic relations.
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the do you rocked 400 points higher it's biggest surge in three years. future are looking towards a higher open. aaa is predicting more than a million people from the philadelphia area will hit the road trying to get somewhere in time for the holiday. 99 million americans will travel 50 miles away from home during this time and that is an all time high. some of the busiest shopping days will occur between today and christmas eve. tomorrow which is known as super saturday is the busiest shopping day of the year, and christmas eve is the 9th busiest shopping day. proved no good deed goes unnoticed. a texas fast food employee paid a woman a compliment. the woman repaid her many times over. a cup of coffee leads
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police to an rm international money scam. we'll explain when "action news" comes right back.
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just waiting for inspiration to strike. and there it is! done! genius. give the gift of dunkin' coffee. get 3 pounds for $19.99, only at dunkin' restaurants. america runs on dunkin'. >> reporter: let's get this day started, because you know what happens next? the weekend.
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this is i-95 near cottman, still blocking the right lane and the ramp i-95 northbound to cottman, watch for that, it should be cleared in the next ten minutes or so. we have an accident in white marsh township. we have low-hanging wires at river road and barren hill road in montgomery county. we have a water main break that's closing easton road and park avenue. stick to york road. cape may county, garden state parkway southbound is shut down due to an accident. this accident closing the parkway between sea isle boulevard an exit 13. route 9 will help you out matt an tam. >> one of those who missed out on awarding of a second casino license in the city is appealing to the supreme court.
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the owners of sugarhouse casino, philadelphia's first joined him in the suit. regulators awarded the license to live casino hotel which will build the gaming house near the stadium complex in south philadelphia. he appealed on grounds that the other than operates parx in bensalem. he wanted to build the casino in the former philadelphia inquirer building on north broad street. septa will run more trains to delaware thanks to a commuter petition and started a weekday afternoon express train. he started the petition back in july. the drive continues because supporters are hoping to get hourly service by next july. a cup of coffee broke an international counterfeit money scam in pittsburgh. a fake 100-dollar bill was used
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to buy a cup of coffee. that counterfeit dollar bill was made by an american in uganda and sold online. else facing charges in the u.s. and in uganda. the creative way to prevent thefts around the holiday. see what police in florida are doing to deter christmas grinch also. we're live at lincoln financial field as the eagles have a pivotal game this weekend we'll be right back.
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>> two wisconsin girls who were charged with stabbing a friend over the called slender man are heading to trial. they appeared in court yesterday. the judge found the girls competent to stand trial on attempted murder charge. the girls are charged with stabbing peyton times. the girls will be tried as adults. the sheriff's department has created a program to deter grinches. they have rolled out dumpsters across orange county. they are designed for big gifts from large screen tvs. the bobbings won't be left out
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for trash in front of the homes that will give thieves the idea that there's an expensive electronic inside. the project started last year and new locations have been added this year. a compliment ended in a gift for an employee. she complimented the woman on the beautiful mink coat. when asked why she did it, she said she seemed very genuine and very nice. a dog missing from north carolina has been found in chester, delaware county. max went missing in high point north carolina. it is believed he ran away and was picked up by someone he ended up in chester where kids found him and was taken to eddystone police. max's other than was called and could not believe the news.
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>> it's just the best christmas. i got a christmas bonus to be honest with you that's going out the door to pay to get max home. so as you heard, max will be heard in time for christmas. eel be put on the flight to north carolina today and be reunited with his owner. >> coming up in the next half-hour, a major u.s. car company expanding a air bag recall. a local surprised pulled off in a bird costume, we'll give you the story when we come right back. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps.
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like the new $1 million peppermint payout. (joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪ >> good morning, everyone, it is are 5:00 a.m., friday, december 19. we have new stories from the overnight. >> police in south jersey are looking for the armed robbers who thought they got away with the crime by changing their


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