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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  December 19, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> developing right now, tragic developments in the case of a missing boy in upstate new york, police find the body near the home and the mystery deepens from there. >> australia is dealing with another horrible crime. 8 children are found dead in a queens lands home. >> a local police officer and his son break up a drugstore holdup. >> let's go over to david and karen for what else. >> reporter: why not. we have cloud cover you let 0 there, guys, overall we'll look at a mixture of clouds and sun. 37 in philadelphia. very even numbers from north to south. poconos cooler, lancaster closer to the freezing mark. but generally speaking we are in
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the mid to upper 30s this morning. as you catch the bus at the bus stop, between 6:00 and 8:00, look for it to sag a little bit, down into the 30s. it will be brisk but not like beyond every reasonable doubt. 35 by 9:00. 40 by noon. the high will be 41. i actually think we'll hit that about 2 and sit on it until 3:00 or so. back down to the upper 30s by 6:00 p.m. a little be brisk but not like yesterday. karen we have the weekend call coming up. >> reporter: all right, david murphy, i-95 is clear moving toward cottman, the ramp from i-95 northbound to cottman is reopened. no delays looking good. we have an accident medina road at union street an accident with low-hanging wires, this is causing a problem this morning at white marsh township, river road at barren hill road look
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for that to be a problem with the wires hanging in the region. a water main break is causing a problem, easton road is shut down between fitzwater town road and park avenue. be careful it's is not slick in the area with water on the roadway. york road will get you around that right now. an accident in laurel springs camden county walnut at lake view accident. most of the majors looking good, but a handful of accidents in the suburbs. >> we begin with a developing story, police have canceled an amber alert for a missing five-year-old boy in upstate new york because the boy is dead. he located his body near albany. two armed men broke in and snatched the child. it is not clear who they are and if they had any connection with the child. the 19-year-old said she did not recognize the masked men. police are questioning his
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biologic parents. no one is offering a motive for the abduction. police in australia are trying to figure out what happened inside a home where 8 children were found dead. the mother of seven of those children were severely wounded. the bodies were found in the home in the city of cairns in northern australia. the children who ranged in age 15 years to 18 months were stabbed. the mother had stab wounds to her chest. she is in stable with condition. it comes four days after the hostage situation in sydney that left three people dead. >> a would be crook tried to knock off a cvs in camden county. an off duty officer and his son said no you don't. you can see sergeant dan murray tackle the suspect. his 18-year-old son brian and another shopper jump into action during the struggle to append
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the thief. >> i'm a trained police officer i acted how every police officer should act. my son and the other private citizen went above and beyond they got involved and they helped me stop this crime. >> investigators say the suspect 27-year-old matthew p.donahue held up the pharmacist at the knifepoint. he was trying to escape with $11,000 worth of a man was shot in the head on the streets of camden and is fighting for his life right now. the action cam was on the 700 block of thurman street. the victim is in his 30s and is being treated at cooper university hospital. there are no suspects or motive in the shooting. a burst of violence has left a lancaster county
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community on edge. the community came together they gathered around the word peace which was spelled out at in candles at penn square. 32-year-old nicole math ills son a teacher was killed in her home during a botched burglary. residents are in shock. >> i was shocked, beyond why someone would do the thing they would do. beyond it. so, yeah, it -- i don't understand it, so it hurt. >> there's been a surge in other unrelated crimes like shooting. foiivels say they will stand together to bring palace back to the community -- peace back to the community. a woman told pharmacy workers she had a bomb, it happened in hatfield township on sunday. the woman approached the cashier at a rite aid and opened her
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coat with a device she called a bomb and fled with cash. another philadelphia charter school is set to close it's doors today. it's the second charter school to close up in the middle of the school year. the under-enrolled school that opened in 2000 has been struggling financially and academically for years. parents and students at roosevelt middle school in bucks county are reeling over a sex tape that made its way around the school. now, police say it video could be a case of incest. bristol officials say several students were caught watching the video at a school concert tuesday night. it features one roosevelt elementary student. police are conducting interviews to find the origin of the video and who is distributing.
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>> there's a lot involved in it, we wanted to a complete and theory investigation. >> the actions recorded in the video did not occur in our schools or on our property. >> the district tells "action news" that two minors engaged in a sex act may have been unnothingly recorded. a new law makes it illegal for minors to send and receive nude images, about this case may rise to a higher level of child porn ography. the eagles need to beat a beatable team tomorrow afternoon to stay alive for the playoffs. the eagles have not lost to the redskins in the past two years and the redskins are the worst team in the nfc east with 6 losses. the eagles have gone from playing from a first round bye to the getting into the post season. the players are well aware of the their mistake. >> we're looking at a playoff
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game if we don't win this game we have little chance of going to the playoffs. >> you better have the mindset going into the game if we show up sitting on our hands we may get punched in the face. >> eagles face the redskins at fedex field tomorrow afternoon. get ready by watching the game day kickoff at 2:00 p.m. and ducis rogers breakdown the game day final tomorrow night. >> a lot of people will hit the roads and get out to the malice to get the shopping together. >> reporter: it's going to be chilly, the southern storm stays down south. storm tracker 6 live shows we're dry heading into your friday. as we look live on sky 6. we have a fair amount of cloud cover overhead. we expect the sun to break through shortly after sunrise.
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37 degrees is the current temperature. we're off to a chilly start. the winds are out of the west at 12, not as strong as yesterday. nonetheless, the windchill making it feel close to the freezing mark. there's cloud cover overhead, but there's thinning out north and west of us we expect sunshine to break back through, overall we could wind up partly sunny over parts of the region. it will be chilly. our high will be 41 at 2:00 we'll sit on that for a couple of hours and slide back to the 30s. high temperatures not much of a range. 39 in allentown. 42 in cape may and everybody else somewhere in between. on saturday, high pressure will be off to the north of us, we'll see sun mixing with some clouds. it's going to be calm with the high pressure center the main dominant feature near us, notice how there are not a lot of iso
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bars near us, which means lighter winds. the southern system down south will cross over florida and put rain in the carolinas, but not here. saturday afternoon is the eagles big game we've been talking about. the weather looks like a nonfactor in the game. 42 at kickoff and 39 in the 4th quarter. the winter solstice curse sunday, the shortest day of the year, the sun is at the lowest point in the sky that means sunday, it starts to get brighter and the day gets longer. saturday, staying chilly, 39 degrees, winters arrives with a mixture of clouds and sun on sunday, high of 42. monday, afternoon rain starts to develop. 46 degrees, flow coming in off the ocean. kind of cloudy and drizzly on tuesday. 53 degrees milder. christmas eve all the way up to
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56. it's not going to be the best of travel days, because we are lacking at periods of rain through the -- looking at periods of rain through the day it will be heavy at times. christmas day is dry, allit wind and chilly. >> a lost dog from north carolina has been found in delaware county setting up an emotional reunion with its other than. >> reporter: this is 42 northbound, overnight construction cleared, good news there, we'll take you to bucks county when we come back. >> a spa owner down south claims she has found the foanlt of -- fountain of youth. it rhymes with cheer.
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>> welcome back you're taking a live look down the shore, you can see the camera bouncing a little bit, it's windy outyou there, 5:44, 38 degrees. >> the camera is connected to a computer, so you were not wrong. >> reporter: you are never wrong, tam. let's look at suburban traffic.
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this is morrisville bucks county, pennsylvania avenue, traffic moving nicely. no problems right here. you can see we have not a lot of people on the roads, so roads are clear and dry. it's cold out there. let's check a couple of issues, we have downed wires from a an overnight accident in white marsh township. they have shut down barren hill road between river road, stick to joshua road. lake view accident. we had an accident shutting down the garden state parkway southbound it's reopened and things are moving better on the parkway. really all the majors. let's go to the waze app which we've got on the ipad. if you join waze you can join the "action news" team which is cool. we can see what the problem is as you're heading to work.
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we're looking at an object on the road boulevard northbound not far from fox street watch for that as you come out with something on the roadway. 37 degrees in philadelphia. 36 in allentown. 35 in millville. it's cold out there and we have a cold day ahead. look at the windchill feels like 28 in reading. 28 in wilmington, 28 in millville. 30 in the center city. we're dry so we've got that going for us, sunny and breezy and chilly, 41 for the high. we're following a developing story over seas. pakistani jets and ground forces have killed dozens of militants in the northwestern region in here the average border. military carried out the operation yesterday and today. it comes days after taliban militants massacred 148 people most of them children. the militants have struck in the tribal region. the country has approved the
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death penalty for 6 convicted terrorists. bill cosby made new statements about how he would be treated by the black media. cosby said his comments were miscontrued and did not ask for special treatment from the african-american media. at least 15 women have accused cosby of sexual assault he has not been charged. texas police have released a sketch in the suspect of a shooting of a television meteorologist. he is described as a mantua balanced head and facial hair. the victim is recovering after being shot outside the studio where he works. doctors say he recovering quicker than expected. he did not know his shooter. >> 5:47. a florida spa is encouraging customers to bathe in beer.
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>> a dog from north carolina turns up in our area. only "action news" has reaction from his overjoyed 0 owner. >> reporter: most of us are in the 30s there's a bit of a breeze, so dress the kids nice and warm and keep the coat handy for this afternoon. i'll have the day-park forecast next.
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>> a spa owner in south florida might have found a fountain of youth, beer. she said she can not share the secret recipe, but it's good for your health and looks. it's new to florida. she promises for $80 the 50 minute treatment which is sauna
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and beer batting will have lasting results. she said it's relaxing, too, in florida a lot of people are having a beer batting. >> can i tell you a little secret i take showers with beer soap. dog fish head makes it. >> reporter: i cook beer waffles on sunday morning. [laughter]. this is i-95 with the girard point bridge no problems between center city and the airport. we're moving nicely on i-95, ben franklin bridge westbound no problems between the tolls and 8ing and vine looking good this morning. must be the beer waffles. >> reporter: it's a great family recipe, my dad's recipe. 33 in coatsville, 33 in saint davids.
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there's a little bit of a breeze blowing knocking the numbers down four or five degrees to get the windchill. had a in hammonton, mid 30s up and down the state of delaware. if you're running errands it will be chilly all the way, but not as breezy as yesterday. 41 by 3:00 p.m. a little bit of a breeze, not too bad for this time of the year. >> it's been deemed a christmas miracle. a dog missing from north carolina has been found on the streets of chester, delaware county. max went missing in high point north carolina. his other than thinks he ran away and somebody picked him up. max ended up in chester where kids found him, a micro chip scan revealed his true identity. his owner was called and can not believe the news. >> it's the best christmas, i don't have the words to describe it. i got a christmas bonus and
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that's going out the door to pay to get max home. >> max will be home in time for christmas. leel be put on a -- he'll be put on a flight back to north carolina and reunited with owner. >> details are being released on the sonny hacking scandal. >> why tax refunds people depend on in the new year might be delayed. details at 6:00 a.m.
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>> actors, filmmakers and politicians are denounceing sony's hack attack. was routed through infected computers and 6 countries. the masterminds could be part of a north korean cyber spies who were recruited as children and trained for years. >> this picture of the sign in patterson shows not one, but two misspelled words and the number 1 is back words. officials blamed the custodian for updating the sign. a school board member said that's no excuse, the sign has been taken down and reassigned the school principal for
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performance issues. police want to make sure thieves don't target people they rolled out dumpsters for large cardboard boxes that could tip off thieves that big expensive items are in people's home homes. amazon upped the ante by offering a one hour delivery. >> a man is hind bars police say he set his own house on fire and crashed his truck and led them on a high-peed chase.
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>> good morning, everyone, it is 6:00 a.m., friday, december 19.ning, everyone, it we have new stories this morning. >> police in south jersey are looking for the armed robbers who thought they would getaway with their crime by changing their clothes. >> pentagon said they have killed more isis leaders and more troops are heading overseas in the fight against the terror group. >> eagles have a must-win game in washington. >> we have weather and traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, we are off to a fairly cloudy morning, i do think we'll have breaks in the clouds as we go into the morning and overall we'll have a mixture of clouds and sun today. it's chilly as you start out early. 37 degrees in philadelphia. 35 in reading appear allentown. 36


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