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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  December 19, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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odom is live in clementon along the white horse pike with the full story. vernon. >> reporter: burglars have been on the rampage here in clementon. residents are angry but police believe they're now closing in on the culprits. >> my wedding ring. there's one more piece of my husband that i can't get back. >> reporter: she is a burglary victim who does not want her face shown. last saturday thieves broke into her clementon home despite a sophisticated alarm system. they came through her bedroom window during daylight hours and took her most valuable keepsakes. she feels violate. >> my bedroom was completely turned upside down. all the drawers were out. even the mattress was hanging off the bed. and a window was broken and i just was in shock. >> reporter: police say there have been at least seven residential break-ins in clementon in the last 10 days, all in this section of town right off the white horse
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pike. each time through a rear or side window. it's believeed the culprits watch the residents leave. they steal valuables that can be stole quickly for fast cash. >> everyone is aware of the heroin and opiate condition this county has. >> when people aren't after home you have to be a little more astute and keep lights on. >> reporter: police arrested two people, lisa walter and brandon wall for alleged heroin trafficking. they believe the heroin scourge is feeding the burglary epidemic. police describe the suspects as two thinly built young white males. >> we have developed a couple persons of interest we're looking at for niece incidents. >> i love my town and i just -- you know, i want to take our town back. i want these bad guys locked up. >> reporter: police have telling the public to lock their cardias and their residential doors. they're calling on the public to be alert and call 911 when
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you see something suspicious. live in clementon, new jersey, vernon odom, channel6 "action news. >> vernon thank you. this weekend we'll usher in the official start of winter as well as some chilly weather to start as well. >> that's right but accuweather says around the corner are temperatures that feel far from winter like. actually they're much better. >> meteorologist melissa magee is in for cecily outside our studio with all the details. >> hi rick, hi monica. we have milder air on the way but before that arrives for the shoppers this weekend, it will be on the chilly side. in fact we'll take a look at some of the numbers across much of the midatlantic region. it's 33 in new york, philadelphia coming in at 40 degrees. buffalo 28. the upper 40's for areas north and west of town. 31 degrees in pittsburgh. same thing in charleston but you factor in the wind chill. we have an area of low pressure departing areas in can dan high pressure to our west of us so those winds coming in out of the northwest at the moment. feels like 33 in the city, 36 in roanoke virginia.
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20 degrees in buffalo. so if you're stepping out on the town we've got you covered for the rest of tonight, 7 o'clock it's mostly clear. that temperature 35. mostly clear to partly cloudy at 8 o'clock, the temperature dropping down to 34. 33 at 9 o'clock tonight and 10 o'clock that temperature only at the freezing mark but with that northwesterly wind dress for temperatures in the upper 20's. we'll talk about what's ahead. it's chilly but a dry weekend on the way. it will get milder as we get into next week and that warmth is going to come at a price because we're tracking a wet and windy christmas eve. we'll go over all of the details coming up with the exclusive accuweather forecast monica. >> thank you melissa. a lot folks are starting to travel on the roads and we'll also enjoy cheaper gas prices and reporter john rawlins is live in king of prussia with that part of the story. hi, john. >> reporter: hi, monica. it's good news for drivers who are not traveling very far this holiday season. lower gas prices can translate into more pocket money this holiday season.
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>> oh, it's wonderful. >> reporter: when was the last time you heard someone say that about the price of gasoline? but after 80 plus days of falling prices, drivers say their spirits are up. >> it definitely helps thing out. frees up money for simple things. >> reporter: according to aaa, cheaper gas a driving force behind the holiday forecast that a million people will take to the roads. that's a big jump. >> that's up nearly 5 percent over last year and it is the highest number of year end holiday travelers that aaa has on record. >> reporter: right now a fillup, about nine to $12 less than a year ago. multiply that by the number of cars in over a year's time economists say billions could be diverted from the pump to other retailers in savings. >> christmas, i splurge a little bit more and saving for anything for a rainy day i guess. >> put a lot more spending money in my pocket. >> reporter: you like that? >> yes. >> makes it easier on the christmas shopping.
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>> i have four kids that need to go to college so i'm putting it towards that. >> reporter: so you're saving it. >> i'm saving it yes. >> reporter: experts say it's impossible to predict how long gas prices will remain at this roughly five year low. driver jeff shapiro has no great expectations. >> gas is gas. one day we could have major crisis and it could pop back up. so -- >> reporter: this could go to five goals a -- five dollars a gallon. >> exactly. >> reporter: not at this point. you can see the sign over my shoulder here. when we got here the price was do two 69. it's now $2.67. and so it goes. live in king of prussia, john rawlins channel6 "action news." >> a familiar face to phillies fans is officially headed for los angeles. >> the phillies and dodgers finalized the trade that sends jimmy rollins to california. "action news" sports reporter joins us. >> jimmy rollins said he would
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only waive his no trade clause to go to the los angeles dodgers and the phillies fortunately were able to work this out as they rebuild here. it's a done deal. finally the best short stop in phillies history is history in philadelphia. j. roll officially a los angeles dodger tonight in return for j. roll the phils get two top level minor league prospects. the phillies locker room is going to look a little bit different. here's the locker room of jimmy rollins empty locker tonight at citizens bank park. rollins was the longest tenured athlete in the city. j. roll won the national league m.v.p. in 2007 and a year later won a world series after proclaiming the phillies were the team to beat. the rebuilding project has begun. phils general manager ruben amaro says as tough as it was to trade the team's all time hit leader it's the right thing to do. here's what he said tonight. >> this is any other just an iconic player, iconic person in our phillies history and he will be missed and he knows it but at the same time we think this is the right thing to do
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for the philadelphia phillies. >> we get to get some new faces in camp and in the organization so it really works both ways but, you know, jimmy had a tremendous run here and his shoes will be lard to fill. >> here's a closer look at who the phils get in return. a 20-year-old righty. they also get 22 year old lefty tom wendell a second round pick from last year. both pitched single a ball last season. it will be very strange to see jimmy rollins in dodger bloom he'll make his return to philadelphia the first week of august and return to citizens bank park. >> that will be so strange. >> absolutely. >> surreal. >> thanks. >> okay. >> meantime if you're looking for new year's ambulance, philadelphia and camden have announced there's. mayor michael nutter revealed details today at city hall. this year sugar house casino will set off two rounds of fireworks on new year's eve. families can choose between a 6:00 p.m. or a midnight show. camden mayor dana redd crossed
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the river to remind people to watch them on the city's waterfront promenade. >> offers two contiguous miles of beautifully maintained open space that provides the ideal location to watch the fireworks show with an unmatched view of the philadelphia skyline. >> ♪ >> and of course it would not be new year's day without the mummers. this year the 114th annual parade will strut down a new route from city hall to washington avenue. so, some major festivities planned. i'm looking forward to it. this will be my first new year's in the delaware valley. >> i can't wait to see what you're wearing. >> a lot of glitter. >> time to check our "action news" traffic report for your friday night. >> matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center and he's wearing some traffic over his shoulder there. >> i sure. maybe sharrie can borrow one of your many hats rick. plenty of traffic here on 202.
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southbound side from 29 down through that work zone at 401 where this weekend we're going to have plenty of extra construction. it's a good stretch to avoid and throughout the weekend they're going to close the ramp connecting 202 northbound with 401. so, keep that mind as you're traveling through the frazier area this weekend. we had a crash on the westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike between willow grove and fort washington. cleared out. still a will it sluggish through the area but speeds are picking up. in chalfont bucks county a wreck along county line road at kingston way. on the new jersey turnpike northbound at the walt whitman service area in cherry hill a vehicle ran off the road way so watch out for the emergency crews out there. and in browns mills they're still blocking the westbound lanes of 70 at pasadena road because of a crash there. stay up on 5:30 lakehurst road. then you can use white bogs road to get back to the westbound lanes of 70. williamstown that downed track light along the black horse pike southbound side at lake avenue. that's off to the side so everything remains opened there. we'll check it again, rick and
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monica. maybe you can pull out those hats in the next half hour. >> i wear several hats on this show. >> and he wears them well. much more to come on "action news" tonight. it is problem many americans face if you struggle trying to get enough sleep. reporter and registered nurse ali gorman with important advice next in health check. >> monica, president obama speaks out about sony's decision to can "the interview" before it ever hit theaters. hear his criticism of the movie studio straight ahead. meteorologist melissa magee with a look at that weekend forecaster when "action news" at 5:00 continues in just a moment. >> ♪
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>> president obama weighed in on sony's decision to cancel the christmas release of "the interview" today. >> i am sympathetic to the concerns that they faced. having said all that, yes, i think they made a mistake. >> and at a year end news conference the president said a dictator and another country
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should not impose censorship here. the fbi formally blamed north korea today for the hack on sony pictures and the threat surrounding the film. we'll tell you what the president had to say about a u.s. response to that cyber hack in the next half hour. >> okay. >> on health check sleep can improve your concentration, your mood, your overall health but many americans are not getting enough sleep. >> that's for sure. health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman has more on that and simple ways to help you get more shut eye. >> reporter: adults should get about seven to eight hours of sleep every night. but many miss the mark. >> maybe three, four hours. >> the other night i only had three hours of sleep. >> reporter: and there's plenty of reasons why. >> too much work to be done. >> school. >> reporter: for brittany guys it's her daughter. >> likes to eat in the middle of the night. >> reporter: hour harold his mind racing keeps him up. >> got to keep in mind things you don't want to forget. >> reporter: dr. steven acres is sleep specialist at cooper university hospital says we've become a sleep
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deprived society. >> so many things on our plates that we tend to minimize the importance of sleep. we shave that off to do other things. >> reporter: to turn this around, he first suggests tracking when you go to bed and when you wake up. then just for a couple of weeks challenge yourself to get to bed early enough to get seven or eight hours of sleep. >> often it's surprising how much better people will feel just with what seems to be a fairly simple change in their behavior. >> reporter: tips to help you fall asleep easier include cut out caffeine after mid morning. exercise. turn off tv and computer screens an hour before bedtime. and write out your concerns before bed to get them on paper and off your mind. and finally,. >> if you have not fallen asleep within 30 to 45 minutes, perhaps an hour at the latest, you literally need to get out of the bedroom and go another part of the house. >> reporter: he says read or then you can even watch tv as
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long as it relaxes you. then when you feel drowsy, head back to bed. >> really has been proven to be probably the most effective form of therapy that there is for insomnia. >> reporter: it seems counter intuitive but he says it works and it's worth trying. he says as for drugs they should only be used as a last resort and temporary. rick, back to you. >> all right, thank you ali. in the meantime hundreds of bucks county high schoolers are spending their evening dancing for cancer. pediatric cancer that is. this wasn't a marathon but a mini thon in holland pennsylvania. the students outfitted in various colored t-shirts are holding this event to raise money for penn state hershey's children hospital. the mini thon kicked off at 1 o'clock this afternoon and will go until 11 o'clock tonight. plenty fun, plenty of dancing but with a serious cause an sincere mission to raise more but with a serious cause an
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collected last year. well a reason why a lot of people come from
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philadelphia to atlantic city is because it's so close, it's like a quick getaway. the ocean is a big draw. you can come and get some exercise, get some ice cream. love to come to the casinos, get some good food, put your feet in the water, and of course fishing. i love to fish off the pier. i'm a great fisherman. flounder, sea bass, striped bass, you name it, i'll eat it.
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and you can, like i say, be home within an hour. done it many times. >> ♪
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>> t mobile will pay at least $90 million in a settlement to customers who were charged for services they never ordered. the federal trade commission announced that. it's tied to a practice called cramming. t mobile will pay more than $65 million in refunds to affected customers. the other money will go towards fines. small businesses in delaware got an important visit from the governor today. governor jack markell visited several businesses in project pop up. it is a state run program that gives three months of free rental space in retail. then helps the businesses sign long-term leases to continue growing and expanding. there were jewelers fitness trainers chefs and more. >> santa claus made an early appearance in north philadelphia today. nearly 300 students filled the auditorium here at isaac shepherd elementary school this morning. they were all smiles as santa mrs. claus and some helpers surprised them with gifts. the event was organized by independence blue cross. employees of the company also donated new winter coats to
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the children in need. and christmas arrived early here in philadelphia's olney section as well. police from the 35th district partied with students from the widener school for the disabled. guests chowed down on pizza before gifts were landed out. officers firefighters and staff from einstein. i know grandma's house isn't the most exciting, but it's only for a few hours. look what i've got. when you get verizon fios, you get beautiful hd picture quality, super fast internet, and america's most reliable network.
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>> time now for accuweather at the "action news" big board. meteorologist melissa magee keeping an eye on that weekend. a lot of holiday shoppers. at least they won't need the umbrellas. >> that's right that would be really awkward rick and mon amount looks like we'll be needing the umbrella but not until we get into next week. we'll talk more about that in a moment. but high temperatures today across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys philadelphia 42 degrees, reading 42, trenton 40, wilmington 43 degrees and lower 40's along the coast there in atlantic city. at least at the boardwalk. we'll show you the wind speeds. they are coming in sustained anywhere from seven mile miles per hour in millville. 10 miles an hour in allentown. wind direction out of the northwest. so there's a bit of a chill to factor in with high pressure situated just to our west so when you look at the wind chills across the region it feels like 33 in philadelphia, current wind chill in allentown at 26 degrees and you have the upper 20's wind chills from allentown all the
5:25 pm
way down to lancaster. feels like 32 degrees along the coast in sea isle city. satellite 6 along with action radar, dry and quiet, you have high pressure over the northern great lakes and as we widen out the picture we're tracking the storm system that is currently moving across areas in the southern planes states. this moisture stays well away from our region for the rest of tonight and for that matter as we get into the weekend as well. in fact, this will skirt off to our south and east later on tonight and into our saturday so back here at home in north and west of the town up in the poconos breaks of sunshine, calms winds, that temperature at 10:00 a.m. 24 degrees. 30 degrees at 2 o'clock saturday afternoon. fast forward into sunday, winter solstice at 6:03 in the evening it's the shortest day, the longest night and the sun will be at its lowest point in the sky. the good news after sunday is that once we get into monday that sun angle will slowly
5:26 pm
start to increase and the amount of daylight will increase as well so something to look forward to after the winter solstice begins. the call from accuweather for the rest of tonight it's partly cloudy, seasonably cold dropping down to 29 in the city, 24 in allentown and 31 degrees for the overnight low in cape may. we'll drop down to the middle 20's in dover. here's the five day at 5:00 showing you on saturday chilly, limited sunshine, high temperature 39. on sunday clouds and some sun, high temperature 42 with winter beginning shortly after 6 o'clock on sunday. on monday we're up to 46 degrees with that afternoon and evening rain. we'll start to develop with that storm system cutting up to our west. on tuesday it's milder and drizzle will stick around, a high temperature 53. we get mild just in time for the holiday but on christmas eve we are tracking that rain. a soaking rain on the way, a high temperature of just 58 degrees by then. we'll let you know if that moisture sticks around for christmas day in the full exclusive accuweather forecast guys. >> thank you melissa. much more to come. a south jersey bobcat hybrid that had a history of taking
5:27 pm
adventures won't be going anywhere any time soon. we'll explain why. >> also olympic champion michael phelps goes before a judge on the first day of his drunk driving trial. we'll tell you what he said. >> also who says santa needs a sleigh? we'll take you to southern california where the big man in red made a big jump to bring christmas to a family in need. >> those stories and much more when "action news" comes right back. >> pretty cool, though. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam >> "action news" continues williams and monica malpass. >> hello again here's what's happening on "action news" friday night. president obama weighs in on sony's decision to pull the movie "the interview" as the accused hackers issue another warning to the company. sharrie williams will have details coming up. the cdc issuing a warning tonight about a popular fall and winter treat that's being blamed nor at least five deaths. and rush is on as we head into the final weekend before christmas. retailers are making sure shoppers get as and time as they need to get it done. >> details. the white house promising a federal response to north korea's hacking of sony pictures. >> today the group responsible sent a message to the movie studio praising it for pulling the movie "the interview" but
5:30 pm
it seems that hollywood a-listers and even president obama aren't happy about that decision. >> sharrie williams live at the "action news" big board with more on that. hi, sharrie. >> hey, guys. this movie is supposed to be funny and offer up laughs but you has sparked a controversy about democracy. the president of the united states makes a point to comment on it. >> i think they made a mistake. >> president obama speaking today saying despite the threats made by hackers to attack theater that is showed the comedy sony's decision to pull the movie sets a bad press dent. north korea was formally blamed today for the threat and the major cyber attack on sony but the president says this is not the time to start engaging in self censorship and says that would not be america. >> we cannot have a society in which some dictator someplace
5:31 pm
starts imposing sen shore ship here in the united states. >> sources tell abc news the hackers have contacted sony again saying they have more information that they could release that could also be damaging. the message from hackers read as this. this is the quote they sent. very wise to cancel "the interview." it will be very useful for you. we ensure the purity of your data and as long as you make no more trouble, well, that's what they're promising at this point but in the meantime hollywood heavy hitters are weighing in. george clooney claims last week he circulate add petition asking other stars to support sony to ignore the demands and release the movie anyway but he says he could not find a single person to sign on on this. in the meantime president obama is promising a proportional response to north korea for this cyber attack but he would not specify what the options are going to be. rick and monica. >> thank you sharrie.
5:32 pm
in light of the sony hacking this should not comes to a surprise. incidents of government hacking and security breaches are skyrocketing. according to a report there were nearly 61,000 breaches like that last year. that is a 35 percent increase from 2010 to 2013. ass and security experts warn this is just the beginning. >> a teenage interupstate new york is accused of killing her five-year-old cousin and then telling police he was abducted by two masked men. kenneth white's body was found hours after tiff fan van stein told her mother two men burst into the home and kidnapped the boy. that report sparked an amber alert and a search that ended when kennel in this was found buried in the snow. investigators say he was strangled to death. >> we have a five year old taken from us with a senseless death and quite honestly basically thrown away like a piece of trash and it's sinful and it's sad.
5:33 pm
>> she's charged with second degree murder. her parents are the legal guardians of kenneth, his twin sister and a four-year-old sister since september. >> a popular treat during the holiday season is being blamed on at least five deaths and dozens of illnesses in 10 states. the cdc says it is investigating a deadly his steerial outbreak tied to caramel apples. folks who ate them got ill. they were prepackaged caramel apples found in grocery stores and mini marts. investigators are trying to determine which brands are causing the illness but officials say there is no tron stop eating plane apples or to avoid other caramel products. world news tonight with david muir will have more on the caramel apple listeria outbreak as well as the sony hacking scandal including what the u.s. may do. you can watch that following "action news" at 6:00. >> in the meantime we have some breaking news to pass along from burlington county. chopper 6 over the scene of an accident. this is a crash that took place in pemberton township just after 4 o'clock this
5:34 pm
afternoon. it took place here on route 70 between pasadena and spring lake road. according to police a vehicle went off route 70 and crashed into a wooded area. you can see the flashing lights indicating that there is police activity there. at least two people have been seriously hurt. there are two helicopters center to the crash scene as well. i guess to take the victims to the hospital. but in the meantime route 70 is closed at the crash scene. again, this is route 70 between pasadena and spring lake road in pemberton township, burlington county. two people seriously injured. we will continue to follow this breaking news story and bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. in other news, a driver was killed in an early morning crash in chester county. chopper 6 hd was over the scene along modena road near union street in modena borough. still not clear how the crash happened but investigators closed the road for most of the morning for the investigation. no one else was hurt. authorities have not yet
5:35 pm
released the name of the victim. rocky the bobcat who became famous for escaping from his south jersey owner now has a new home and it's a zoo. today an ocean county judge ordered ginny fein to give up her 38-pound feline. rocky lab at the center of an ongoing legal fight between fein and stafford township officials. the pet who is a hybrid of a bobcat and a maine coon cat has escaped at least six times. in october, fein pled guilty to letting her feline run at large. she was ordered to pay more than a thousand dollars in fines and restitutions but again rocky is now at a zoo. >> we are just hours away from what's considered the busiest shopping day of the year aptly named super saturday. many retailers are making easier for customers to get that last minute shopping done by staying opened nearly around the clock. "action news" reporter wendy salt man live inside the toys r us in king of prussia tonight one of the many malls burning the midnight oil for
5:36 pm
sure. hi, wendy. >> reporter: monica, we've got some good news for all of those last minute shoppers in your life some of these stores are getting in on this marathon holiday shopping trend of keeping their doors opened 24 hours a day to take a little stress off of the holiday season. >> everybody's been saying at the same time so we all just are bumping into each other. >> reporter: the last minute shopping dash has officially started. >> it's real hectic. nowhere to park and shoppers everywhere. >> i just started shopping today, so we've been to the outlets we've been over to the mall. now we're here. >> reporter: and if you haven't gotten all of your shopping done don't fret. some stores are pulling out all the stops to make sure even the last minute shopper gets the perfect gift from old saint nick. >> i do everything at the last minute. >> reporter: everything? >> everything. >> reporter: kohl's opened at 6 o'clock this morning for a 100 hour marathon opened 24 hours a day until 6:00 p.m. on
5:37 pm
christmas eve. >> here to help me because i'm last minute. i'm december 24th shopper and i start at about 4:30 sometimes. >> reporter: and you'll all have a few more hours to shop at toys r us, too. they're getting in on the nonstop shopping game. >> i feel like i know what i want to get and since i know what i want to get i just run in and grab it and oftentimes at the last minute. >> reporter: toys r us is extending its hours tomorrow from 6:00 a.m. until 2:00 a.m. then on sunday they go around the clock and won't be closing until 9:00 p.m. on christmas eve. >> we're last minute shoppers. it works good for us. >> reporter: and with only five shopping days left until christmas, after today this is good news for a lot of shoppers and the good news is if you decide to come late in the middle of the night, you could end up avoiding those crowds and get a parking spot right up front and rick, when we were speaking to guys in here today, it seemed like those were the ones that were
5:38 pm
most of the last minute shoppers keeping up with that typical stereotype so let me know if you need anything here today before i leave. i'm wendy saltzman, channel6 "action news." >> i do have a list here wendy so thank you very much. i'll text you. in other news a glen mills fourth grader received a special honor today for her letter to pope francis highlighting some of the great reasons he should visit philadelphia. and her top reason, the zoo. and for that gabrielle got a big thank you from officials at the philadelphia zoo today and a very special visit from four animal ambassadors. she's a student at saint thomas the apostle was one of more than 10,000 students who mailed letter inviting the hole father to visit and she received a family member slip to the zoo and a chance to hang out with an owl tortoise porcupine and an armadillo. >> hey matt how are we looking. >> the traffic is a whole
5:39 pm
different animal on a friday night. >> we can't hear you yet. he'll get his mic on in one second. >> we'll come back. let's go to -- take a back. we'll check the track when we come back when matt turns his mic on. stay with us.
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>> back we go to matt pelman with the "action news" traffic report. it wasn't your fault, matt. sometimes those technical problems happen. >> we all get a little tired after a long week and i think that's the way mic was feeling this afternoon. fresh pair of batteries and we're good to go. not going so well on 202 rick and mon amount southbound side approaching 401 in the work zone we talked about the delay last time around. that was before there was a crash now taking out the left lane and from time to time they've been blocking the right lane as well. so, business 30 lancaster avenue may be a better bet than the southbound lanes of 202. expect extra construction in this area 202 near 401 all weekend long. still have a pair of accidents in the collegeville area, one is along germantown pike at cross keys road by superior credit union also one on ashton felt erode. in ardmore a crash along lancaster avenue of course plenty of slow speeds along the schuylkill and neiffer. lots of work this week and along 95 right by cottman avenue going to block that off ramp from the northbound side and in pemberton township 70
5:43 pm
remains closed because of the crash we were talking about. lakehurst road 5:30 a possible alternate. monica have a good weekend. >> and to you thank you sir. the competition was fast and fewer use this afternoon in trenton. the "action news" cam at the sun arena where three midget race cars getting in practice ahead of tonight's main event. they'll be at it tomorrow with slingshots plenty of speed and wheel to wheel action here in trenton. it is a guilty plea for olympic swimmer michael phelps on dui charges. the 29-year-old was arrested as he left a baltimore maryland casino. police say he registered .14 on a blood alcohol test, almost twice the legal limit there. the 18 time gold med at a lift was sentenced to prison but he won't serve time. he must only do a year and a half of probation. phelps' first dui arrest by the way was 10 years ago. >> all right, time for sports and it became official today, jimmy rollins was traded to the l.a. dodgers. >> all right, time orgeat the
5:44 pm
latest. jamie apody with more. >> hi, jamie. >> hi guys. always remembered as the guy that called the phillies the team to beat and then backed it up. strange tonight that the phillies have gotten rid of jimmy rollins. he's now a member of the los angeles dodgers. the end of an era. he's been the phils starting short stop, the longest tenured athlete in philadelphia, the first of the core group that won the world series to be cents packing. surely not the last. the rebuilding process is under way. j. roll told gm ruben amaro jr. the only place he would be willing to go was los angeles. amaro made that happen. he's back with a contender and the phillies are a good three years weigh to becoming close to being one again. ryne sandberg told me he sees jimmy in the hall of fame one day. >> i appreciate the way he went about his business last year. i think he's a great player. continued down that same path, jimmy and i think you'll be a
5:45 pm
hall of fame member. >> i think he was kind of resigned to the fact maybe that, you know, it would be good to take a shot someplace else, that we were headed in another direction. >> this is about there philadelphia phillies but it is the right thing for him. it's something i think was important to him is to play on a club that was going to contend. >> chase utley released a statement after the official announcement. "much dodgers are very lucky to acquire a player like jimmy. i've said it time and time again that jimmy makes everyone around him better. the team will miss his leadership on the field and his infectious smile but most of all i will miss our pregame handshake. ". they get in exchange zach eflin and tom windle. the phils farm system lacking in depth when it comes to starting pitching. both of these guys will help in that area. they will likely both be in double a.
5:46 pm
rollins took out a full page ad in tomorrow's inquirer thanking the fans august 4th that's the day he comes back to town in dodger blue. mark it on your calendars. december 20th that's the day eagles playoff hopes hopefully remain alive. that's tomorrow. the birds washington bound. we caught up with chip kelly loading the buses ready to board the train. shady mccoy brought his pillow its a wonder they'll be able to sleep tonight at all knowing just how important this game is. >> we need to win bad and so it doesn't take much motivation. >> played against a couple good defenses, a division opponent last week that knows a lot of our stuff. we're going to face a similar challenge this week where we're going to have to be sharp, we're going to have to be accurate. >> tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. join us for a live edition of eagles game day kickoff. we'll be back to wrap it up from fed ex field saturday at
5:47 pm
11:35 right here on channel 6. scary situation for the flyers at practice. goalie steve mason was injured during a regular drill. he reportedly fell on his stomach unable to move. it was called "urgent situation." mason will be out this weekend with what is being described as and upper body injury. he did not board the flight with the team to toronto. they depart on an eight game road trip starting tomorrow. they depart on an eight game studio. >> all right jamie thank you very much. it was a blessed event at a camden medical center today. a special delivery of holiday gifts for families in need. our lady of lourdes medical center has once again adopted local families in need this holiday season, 82 families in fact were adopted and in the hospital's chapel all of the gifts that were brought in were gathered and prepared for a special blessing. there were so many gifts they filled every pew in the chapel. our lady of lourdes share and care event has become a holiday tradition here in camden. as we go to break here's one of our local troops
5:48 pm
serving overseas. >> ♪ >> i'm stationed in italy. i would like to give a holiday greeting to my family in gloucester county, new jersey. >> ♪ when you get verizon fios, you get beautiful hd picture quality, super fast internet, and america's most reliable network. so you won't miss a second of that movie, that game they love, or those moments with family. can we sleep over? please! come on! see why fios is rated number one in customer satisfaction and hd picture quality based on customer satisfaction studies. call today and make your house, the house. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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>> chopper 6 live over an accident in the somerton section of philadelphia in the 1100 block of jamison avenue. we're told somebody is trapped under a vehicle after an accident. we don't know if it's more than one car involved but you see a car there in the middle of the picture and a couple of others stopped emergency vehicles and police are there as well. at least one person injured trapped under one of those vehicles. firefighters and emergency folks as well as police working feverishly to get that person out and get them treatment. we'll let you know as soon as we have more. >> all right. back here now meteorologist melissa magee is here with a closer forecast from accuweather and the christmas eve and christmas, more wet than white, hm. >> yeah, i mean if you're looking for a white christmas. >> no, i'm not looking for a white christmas. >> we're not going to find it. no, no. it will be wet and we'll get into the details with that guys but overall seasonably cold outside. we'll show you storm tracker 6 live double scan radar slowing you it's dry, no issues with precipitation yet but we'll show you the picture outside.
5:52 pm
sky 6 live in hd, it's a beautiful shot of the center city skyline on this friday evening. we've got a partly cloudy to mostly clear sky depending on where you are and these temperature are relatively comfortable considering it is december. outside tonight we're coming in at 40 degrees in philadelphia. north and west of town, allentown 34. the poconos 24 degrees. dover 37. the upper 30's as well in wilmington, upper 30's from beach haven down to sea isle city. now you factor in the winds, they are coming in out of the northwest, not much of a breeze, sustained from 8 miles an hour to as high as 16 miles per hour in philadelphia. they will subside later tonight but it does feel like it's 30 degrees in philadelphia, feeling like 22 up in the poconos, current wind chill in lancaster 27 and it feels like 26 degrees in trenton. we have a partly cloudy to mostly clear sky across the midatlantic region. high pressure is over the northern great lakes and with this ridge of hype in control it suppresses a lot of this moisture you see across the
5:53 pm
southern states. this is a storm system that will that act this area but it will slide off to our south and east for the rest of tonight. here's the setup for saturday. high pressure stays in control, it's cold, it's calm. clouds and some sunshine. not a bad day and at 39 degrees keep in mind average for us this time of year is about 43. now we'll fast forward into saturday afternoon when the eagles will be in washington taking on the redskins, kickoff around 4:30 it's a big game a lot depending on this game. saturday kickoff around 39 degrees as far as the temperature. once we get into the fourth quarter that temperature is around 35 degrees, dry and light winds. now we'll get into the second half of our weekend, high pressure scoots a little farther to the south and east of our region. partly sunny with those light winds overhead on sunday and with a high temperature of 42. now we'll get into the wet not white part of christmas eve. we're tracking the storm system that's going to cut up to the west of our region as we get into christmas eve so you get those big southerly winds coming in so winds gusting on wednesday up to 40 miles per hour, a good soaking rain on the way.
5:54 pm
not the best day if you are doing some traveling or if you're doing some very last minute holiday shopping. on the backside of this storm system it will be cold enough to produce some snow out across the great lakes and even down through the midwest so good soaking on the way the day before christmas eve. we clear out on christmas day. call from accuweather for the rest of tonight partly cloudy seasonably cold dropping down to 29 in the city, 24 in the suburbs with that northwesterly wind. the accuweather forecast showing own saturday chilly, limited sunshine and at 39. on sunday winter begins at 6:03 in the evening with the winter solstice, the high temperature of 42. on monday, up to 46 degrees with afternoon and evening rain showers developing. tuesday it's mild up to 53 and that drizzle will be around. it's wet and windy on christmas eve, a high temperature of 58. and on thursday, for christmas day, a high temperature of 46. we're going to be dry but those winds will be whipping. kwanzaa looks okay too with a high temperature of 45 and overall not a bad weekend on the way. enjoy it. >> okay. >> thank you so much. >> much more "action news"
5:55 pm
coming your way after the break. we'll be right back
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> santa doesn't always bring his presents by sleigh. yesterday afternoon old saint nick dropped in on a struggling family in california. the mendoza family fell behind on their mortgage and were on the brink of for closure. last week they got a call that a realty company was going give them $7,000 so they could catch up on the payments. santa claus was asked to hand deliver the check and he dropped in and happily obliged. >> i like that story. right now jim gardner and the "action news" team are standing by with these stories at 6:00 final week before christmas lots of folks are hitting the roads. find out if the weather will cooperate for the holiday rush. >> an alert for shoppers in cherry hill. there's a group of pickpocket thieves on the loose and police say they're racking up serious charges with stolen credit cards. he's a philadelphia area native turned famous movie director. jim sits down with m. night shyamalan for a one-on-one interview. >> those stories and more coming up next.
5:58 pm
williams, and the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass. have a great night.
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> friday night burglars hit seven homes in 10 days in the same new jersey community and it's a done deal. the phillies finalize a trade to send jimmy rollins out west jeff skversky has just talked too him for his reaction. but the big story on "action news" tonight is the start of the final weekend before christmas and if
6:00 pm
tradition is any guide tomorrow should be the busiest shopping day of the year. this is the way it looked today at toys r us in king of prussia. shoppers are checking off their lists for the younger set. and kohl's department store in havertown launched a 100 hour marathon this morning. it will be opened 24 hours a day until 6:00 p.m. christmas eve. "action news" reporter john rawlins is live on 202 in king of prussia where gas prices seem to be falling by the hour. but first let's get the latest on the weekend forecast from accuweather and meteorologist melissa magee. melissa is at the big cordboard. >> jim it is seasonably cold across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys. no issues if you're stepping out this evening. 39 in philadelphia at this hour. trenton 32. 25 in the poconos. 35 in reading along the coast and sea isle city 38 degrees. beach haven also in the upper 30's. the winds are coming in out of the northwest sustained from 8 miles an hour down the shore to about 16 miles an hour inland


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