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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  December 22, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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child in the grays ferry section of philadelphia. it happened late this morning in the 1300 block of newkirk street. the gunman fired into a house and hit the three-year-old boy in the groin. also shot was a 43-year-old man. at this hour the gunman is still at large. "action news" reporter john rawlins is live at the scene of the gunfire. john, first things first, what are the conditions of the victims? >> reporter: well, remarkably both are in stable condition. that is the good news here. no doubt about it. the little boy and the 43-year-old man are neighbors. the crime today happened at two different houses side by side. a confusing double shooting. first, an unidentified gunman seeking one man argues with that man's neighbor and shoots him. >> after that altercation he fired a shot into that male striking him in there thigh. >> reporter: as the shocked neighbor retreats to his house. >> then the defendant goes to the next house, 1335 and he
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opens the door and fires right now looks like one round into the house. that ends up striking the three-year-old. >> reporter: the three-year-old boy the son of this man known to neighbors as mo, it's pleased mo may have been who the gunman was originally looking for. he declined to answer questions as he entered his house this afternoon. this woman says the first victim, the adult is her son-in-law william palm she says pew drove himself to the hospital and though police cannot confirm it, she claims no one on the block called 911 at the time of the attack. >> they were scared. >> reporter: because of repercussions from -- >> from who -- i guess. or it's the complacency of hearing gun shots. i don't know. it boggles my mind. >> reporter: councilman kenyatta johnson at the scene has long urged his constituents to step up. >> regardless of the circumstances they still need to call 911. they cannot let thugs with guns take over their neighborhood. >> reporter: well, there is now a vague description of the
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gunman that police are looking for. it is rather vague. the shooter is described as a black male, no age, 5-foot 10 wearing a dark hoodie and blue jeans. not too much to go on there. live in grays ferry, john recalls lynn channel6 "action news. jim. >> thank you, john. new york city mayor bill deblasio says now is the time to focus on the families of the two officers shot and killed inside their patrol car this weekend. >> as you can only imagine what a family member is going through at that moment where their lives have suddenly been made unimaginable. everything that they thought and believed would be a part of their lives is suddenly gone. and that night was painful for all of us. >> deblasio said protests and political debate over police tactics should wait until after the funerals for officers rafael ramos and wenjian liu. he says saturday's ambush killing was an attack on all police. let's go live to "action
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news" reporter david henry at the sixth police district in center city philadelphia. david, needless to say what happened in new york has a ripple effect on police departments everywhere and that includes philadelphia. >> reporter: yeah, jim, the police officers here in the sixth district and all around the city were reminded today by that ambush in new york of just how dangerous their job can be at any moment and the normal safety reminder at roll call today had extra meaning. >> be vigilant and use a measure of response and don't overreact to situationsism it's what they hear every day as they head out on patrol but they may have paid a little more attention today. there is fear that what happened in new york could happen anywhere any time with a community and a police on edge over the past few weeks. just last night demonstrators marched through the city again demanding justice for michael brown and eric garner, two black men who died at the hands of the police. commissioner ramsey says the
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escalating rhetoric is becoming dangerous. >> you never know who you're motivating to do something. it doesn't take much to make some people go off. and i think we have to be very aware. >> reporter: commissioner ramsey is cochair of the president's task force on policing. he spoke with the president last night about the new york ambush and says they now have a new sense of urgency. but the demonstrations will continue as the task force does its work and that means continued tension. union leadership blames outsiders for trying to stir things up here. >> we're very well trained. you know, we know how to get through things like this. i think that, you know, the community itself -- most of the community is behind us and our guys and girls are, if they want to run around and march let them do it. but when is enough enough. >> reporter: officers in the sickth district have this very vivid reminder of why they need to watch their backs.
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a large portrait of murdered police officer daniel faulkner dominates the wall here and his killer is regarded as a hero by some of those people involved in the demonstrations. live in center city, david henry, channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you, david. four people were hurt when a car slammed into a home in wilmington this afternoon. police are investigating what led up to the crash in the 600 block of south field street. the accident happened at 3:30. three people in the car were hurt, one seriously. one person in the home was also injured. delaware state police have arrested a day care provider after her vehicle was towed away with two children inside. police say tonya robinson left the girls, ages one and five, in her van at the penn indicator plaza in newark on friday while robinson was shopping inside, her van was repossessed. the driver didn't notice the kids until he was back at the tow yard. the girls were not hurt. robinson is charged with two
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counts of child endangerment. the 21-year-old new jersey girl who is suing her parents was back in court today asking a judge to hold her parents in contempt for failing to pay for her out of state college tuition at temple. "action news" investigative reporter wendy saltzman first broke this story and she joins us from the camden county courthouse with new developments tonight. wendy. >> reporter: jim, interesting neither one of kaitlyn ricci's parents showed up in the courthouse today. they both have made it very clear they don't plan to pay a dime towards her college education as long as they are estranged. now, because this was a contempt of court hearing, they also face the possibility of a hefty fine or even jail time. are you really willing to put your parents in jail over this? today 21-year-old kaitlyn richie was silent as she walked into court asking the judge to hold her parents in contempt of court. excuse. >> excuse me. please don't touch me. >> reporter: her grandfather matthew ricci tried to shield his granddaughter who has yet to respond to her critics.
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why shower parents be responsible to pay for their adult child's education. in court kaitlyn ricci asked the could tort ask her parents to pay up $16,000 for out of state tuition at temple and as for a $100 day fine until they pay. >> my client, i can only speak for my client has never said that she does not want her daughter educated. but what she has said is that she -- that there are certain parameters, there are certain financial restrictions and they need to be followed. >> reporter: judge donald stein today denied the motion for contempt and further says he's not going to force anyone to dole out any money while the case is pending in appeal that was filed by kaitlyn's parents. a big blow to her case. >> it's understandably a very difficult time for her. you know, three court orders to tell parents to pay for college and three court orders are now turned into three pieces of paper. >> i think we're happy that kind of the wheels are justice are going to start to turn. >> reporter: now the decision is in the appeals division's hands.
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kaitlyn's attorney says without her parents being compelled to pay for tuition she risks being thrown out of school. >> absent money appearing out of nowhere quite frankly, kaitlyn may have to leave school in the coming semester. >> reporter: now, last week 26 assemblymen from new jersey cosponsored a bill to protect parental rights that would overturn the current case law which requires divorced parents to contribute towards their children's education. that bill was supported, it was a bipartisan bill that was supported and the hope is that it could be passed in the next three or four months which could be before this case sees the inside of a courtroom again. live in camden, i'm wendy saltzman, channel6 "action news. >> wendy, thank you. the official who helped subdue a shooter who stormed a ross township meeting last year is receiving a medal. parks director bernard cozen is one of 19 people to receive the pittsburgh based carnegie heroes fund commission. three people were killed in the august 2013 rampage.
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cozen tackled rock newell who is now awaiting trial. the award honors people for risking their lives for others the ralph brooks top lot at 20th and tasker in south philadelphia is about to get a makeover. councilman kenyatta johnson and philadelphia eagles player connor barwin were on hand for a groundbreaking at the playground in point breeze. the first phase of the renovation project includes new basketball courts, new equipment and new trees. coming up on "action news" tonight, it is christmas week in christmas city. ahead the bustling activity in bethlehem just days before the big holiday. and chip kelly reacts to the eagles being eliminated from playoff contention. ducis rodgers has that story. >> and jim, we're tracking some light rain. it's the first batch of moisture that's moving across the delaware and lehigh valleys but more rain moves in just in time for christmas eve. we'll go over those details with the accuweather forecast. >> those stories and much more when "action news" continues.
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>> 12 straight egyptian arabian horses perished in this fire last night. firefighters were called to the yorklyn arabian horse farm at 8:30. one horse survived. an investigation into what sparked the blaze is under way. montgomery county sheriff's deputies were honored for exceptional service this morning. sheriff russell buono presented the awards at the montgomery county courthouse in norristown. deputies received commendations for outstanding undercover work, community service and retirement. christmas is such a busy
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time of year for the u.s. postal service but you can understand the special challenges of the post office in bethlehem, pennsylvania. "action news" reporter walter perez explains why. >> reporter: it's been a tradition for nearly 50 years now. tens of thousands of christmas cards from as far away as china are sent to the bethlehem post master every year with one simple request. the senders want the postage to be canceled with one of their two special christmas stamps one of which has the star of bethlehem, the other bears an image of the three wise men and every single one of those requests is hand stamped. bethlehem post master dan masio says that's on top of all the other outgoing holiday packages. >> we deliver over 3,000 packages in one day to bethlehem alone and they're probably doing the same. that's why i said earlier i'm so proud of the job these guys and gals have done. >> reporter: the post master doesn't have the market cornered when it comes to christmas spirit.
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the owners of the moravian gift shop transform the building into a wonderland. there are several employees whose job it is to get this place ready for the christmas season. >> we have 11 buyers they travel all over to find something that's unique, something you won't find online, something you won't find anywhere else. >> reporter: and of course you have the dozens of historic museums and buildings you can visit by way of walking tours, bus tours, even horse drawn carriage. >> our museum sights are open until january 4th, decorated for the holidays. i can't speak about the shops in down but all of the christmas activities go through january 4th. >> reporter: for more information about christmas related activities in bethlehem, a link to the christmas city web site can be found on our web site, reporting from bethlehem, walter perez, channel6 "action news". >> ♪
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>> crushing time for eagles fans who are asking how did this happen. >> it is certainly surreal. the schedule may say otherwise jim but the season is over. the eagles great collapse was cemented yesterday thanks to a cowboys victory over indy. today coach kelly was asked what now as jamie apody tells us chip wasn't in the best of moods. >> i just told you before we haven't done anything game plan-wise. >> chip he kelly was a bit chippy obviously disgusted with the way this once promising season has turned. >> my thoughts are it's gut wrenching. whether we lose in the playoff game or whether we lost in this fashion they're both gut wrenching situations and we're extremely disappointed frustrated and we understand that but we still have to play one more football game. we're not just going say hey, new york, let's not worry about them. >> kelly is faced with the unenviable task of having to get his team trod play a meaningless game and he was none too pleased with the notion that maybe he should rest his starters and start thinking about next year. >> we're going 20 go win a
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football game. that's what this organization is all about. it's not about trying to see what the future s it's about we got a game, i would not be fair in any of my beliefs and i would not be fair to any football player right now if i said to some guy hey i know you're a better player but i'm going play a younger guy now. that's not what we're all about. if you want to do that go somewhere else. that's noughts. we get a chance to put the ball on the ground we're going to play football. in the two years i've been here we're going play football and that's the message if the owner to me. that's what we're going to do. if it wasn't like that, i wouldn't be here. >> with that mind-set here is what his message will be when he faces his team tomorrow up trying to get them up for a team that has us all down. >> we're going to play it. it's about preparing and playing new york. we got one more shot at this. there's not a lot of opportunity that get the opportunity to play football in the national football league. we have to go back outer there and compete. >> with the eagles, jamie apody channel6 "action news. >> temple owls host number 10 kansas at the wells fargo center. to get there they take an easy
6:19 pm
method. the owls hospitalized aboard the broad street line. for a couple hometown guys it's a dream come true. >> it's amazing. i used to come here as a kid, watch a lot of games, allen iverson and those guys, coach mckee. it feels good to be able to come back home and play in this arena. >> it's a real good feeling. i haven't played here since eighth grade, we had a middle school game here so it brings back a lot of memories, you know, middle school and things like that. just gets the blood flowing. >> to the ice, flyers on a lengthy eight game road trip. so far it is going well. jake voracek scored the game winner 10 seconds in overtime to beat winnipeg four-three. in his last three games voracek had three goals and four assists for a total of seven points. a jet got into it with jeff
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berube. ,. >> reporter: sixers off tonight. they visit the heat tomorrow. sixers look to make it two wins in a way. they won yesterday against orlando. a little tension between nerlens noel and michael carter-williams. noelle said afterwards that may have sparked the sixers. he finished with 13 points and 12 boards. mcw led the way with 21-point. this is the sixers third victory of the season but a win is a win and those two guys are a-okay and that's sports. >> all right. >> former eagle -- a former eagle gave santa claus a hand in camden today. jeremiah trotter teamed up with santa claus for an early delivery at the price right market. the first 500 people in line got to pick out a toy of their choice. kids were eagler to tell santa claus their last minute lists and snap a picture with one of their favorite players.
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>> christmas week accuweather forecast, melissa magee. >> and jim we are tracking some light rain right now. a heavier batch moves into as we get into christmas eve. storm tracker 6 live double scan radar you can see the light rain showers scattered about the delaware and lehigh valleys. we'll go in tighter to a pocket north and west of town. so, some light rain showers for jenkintown, norristown, green lane along route 100 even pressing into berks county in reading. keep that in mind if you're out early this evening. another pocket across south jersey from seaside heights down to surf city on westward to medford lakes down into mays landing. a bit of a travel concern for you on this monday evening. now down across areas in delaware along route 1 from smyrna southward into dover
6:24 pm
and milford. we have light precipitation on the way. and this will be light in comparison to what's on the way as we get into christmas eve with that second round moving on in. as we take a look at some of the highlights across the area, it's wet for christmas eve, then dry for christmas day so some improvement on the way. here's your setup for us as we get into christmas eve, on wednesday we are calling for anywhere from a half inch to an inch of rainfall across the region. there could be some spots where you pick up locally higher amounts than that but this will be a big travel concern if you're heading out the day before christmas. once you get to your destination christmas day we're looking good. some sunshine but a mostly cloudy day. the only factor will be the winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour but throughout the day temperatures will be in the middle to lower 50's. outside tonight it's 41 degrees after a high temperature today in philadelphia 45. allentown coming in at 37. 43 in millville but 32 degrees up in the poconos and if you are north and west of town, more specifically for carbon and monroe counties with some temperature hovering right around the freezing mark there
6:25 pm
is a freezing rain advisory posted for this region until 4:00 a.m. on tuesday. there could be some icy spots before you eventually get that changeover to some rainfall. here's satellite 6 along with action radar. you can see the first round of rain moving in right now. there's a weak little coastal low forming off the coast of the carolinas so this moves in from a south to north direction. we'll fast forward and swing you off to the west coast because round two moves in as we get into wednesday. you could see this area of low pressure some moisture starting to develop out across the four corners. this dips down to the south. you collect all that of moisture coming in from the gulf of mexico and here we go from a south to north direction, we're tracking the rain once again. future tracker 6 showing you for the rest of tonight just some light rain showers around, some mist and drizzle. it continues as we get into tuesday morning with those showers lingering across the region. we'll get a break as we get into tuesday evening. it looks to be mostly cloudy for all of the locations and all of the areas but as we get into wednesday, we're tracking that other batch that moves on in. so 5 o'clock in the morning light to moderate rainfall
6:26 pm
across the area. it continues for most of the day. remember, we're calling for anywhere from half an inch to an inch of rainfall ponding on the roads will also be a concern. wednesday evening still that precipitation around and i wouldn't be surprised if you wake up early on christmas day still have some light showers hanging on around 8 o'clock in the morning from trenton into wildwood and dover and then we clear out as we get into the rest of christmas day and night. call from accuweather for the rest of tonight, light rain and fog. we'll bottom out at 38 in the city, 35 in the suburbs with temperatures rising as we go throughout the overnight hours. here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, high temperature tomorrow. up to 52 degrees but a morning shower, then some drizzle around. on wednesday, rainy and breezy a-high temperature of 61. as we get into thursday, gusts up to 40 miles per hour, a high of 55. 50 on friday. and we'll stay in the 50's as we get into the start of next weekend so tracking that rain for the first half of this week, jim. >> melissa thank you. finally music students counting the minutes until christmas snuck in one more
6:27 pm
concert today. >> ♪ the band at ridley elementary school performed car rolls outside the courthouse in media. the delaware county top prosecutor district attorney jack whelan reminded the youngsters to be good because santa is watching. abc's world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taft, shirleen allicott, adam joseph and ducis rodgers and then please join us for "action news" after 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, melissa magee, ducis rodgers, the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us as 11 o'clock. >> ♪ ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪
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welcome to "world news tonight." and breaking now, the two new videos. the investigation after two new york city police officers are ambushed and killed. now, we see the chaos. an officer wheeled away. the other video shows the suspect before the attack. authorities believe the gun in that bag. the christmas storms. snow, icy roads, just look at this interstate tonight. traffic backed up for miles. and now, the new storm, set to hit in the east, right before christmas eve. the holiday rush is on tonight. this is the busiest shipping day of the year. and if you're still shopping, how to still get it there on time. this got our attention. and from woodstock -- ♪ what would you do ♪ if i sang out of tune >> to "the wonder years." we remember a beloved voice tonight.


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