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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  December 26, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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yesterday morning. 23 coldner city and 16 colder in allentown. yesterday i took a christmas walk with my sister it felt so mild. this afternoon equally nice. in the morning it starts off cold. by the afternoon better. 9 a.m., 38. lots of sunshine. still cold. by noon, 46 feel better and afternoon hours nice 50 for the high. 3 p.m.. mostly sunny skies, 6 p.m., 45. what comes after that. weekend call. mixed bag. details on that in a few minute, matt. >> i like this christmas celebration at work thing i can get used to this. let's do this every day. good morning you to karen rogers. hope had you a nice christmas holiday. if we look outside live of course there was no overnight construction because of the holiday. we're here in ongoing work zona long 95 at cot map we don't expect major southbound delays this morning. so many have off work today because of christmas holiday. lots of people will head to the malls. we're watching mall traffic closely this morning and keeping tabs on every other roadway as
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well. in case anything happens. but at this point there's not a lot happening on the roosevelt boulevard, schuylkill expressway, vine street expressway looking good. earlier opening at tacony palmyra wrapped up there and we're getting ready for one at at the the bab bridge. the girth of any child is memorable even if it happens on a septa train. we can katherine scott live with the indread i believe story and video. >> reporter: i'm guessing this is not the home video this mother was expecting. you don't get to choose when your baby is born but this baby was born on the crowd. >> i hear her saying my water
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broke, my water broke. >> loreeta and michael were on the train 5:45 when suddenly the train stopped. >> the lady was actually having a baby on christmas on the l. >> oh, my god. >> it's a female in labor aboard train car 1166 -- 1156-15. >> peterson cellphone camera captured septa sergeant daniel kabon and dorrell james rushing to the woman's aid 15 street station an astonished crowd watched as a baby boy was born christmas night on a train. >> they said oh, you delivered the baby she delivered the baby. >>. opened my presents i didn't know i had one waiting for me around 5:35. >> and mom and baby are doing just fine they were taken to hahnemann university hospital to be evaluated. live in center city, ahmed abu khatallah, "channel 6 action
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news." >> lovely story, thank you, katherine. >> we're hearing from park ago tend aunt hit by a car christmas eve. he was manning valet stand seasons 52 stwlawnt ended up in bizarre confrontation. 38-year-old michelle simmonds of plymouth turned up at 5 and asked for valet's cellphone. she then rolled up her window and hit the gas and drove straight into the 19-year-old man. >> once she started coming at me i knew she was not going to stop. i jumped on her hood. i figured she would stop once i was on her hood she kept on accelerateing. gore held on 20 feet before falling off the hood. police say simmonds then fled the scene crashing her car in burger king paring not whitpain townshipch a whitemarshsh police vehicle was damage in the case and the officer was not hurt. sigh mops faces a number of charges including dui and aggravated assault with a motorcycle .
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>> the american cred ross is helping overrulesome families force the out of their home by a building klapts. bricks fell out of the facade of this twin home in philadelphia olney section wednesday night. partial collapse had 7 people from the west roosevelt area out of their hope. volunteers are providing food, clothing an eliminate shelter while city officials death if the homes will be safe to go back to. >> florida developer who rolled the dice to buy the revel and lost wants a discount now. glen straw was the first to make offer. it was not enough. he lost out to toronto firm. that did's deal with revel fell through. now he is getting a second chance. his lawyers filed paperwork saying the auction process was unfair and never would have bid more if he knew about the problems and wants 3 million back placed bone clouds of the 90 million offer. a judge is set to reall vooliate
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the sale. >> soapy play station and microsoft xbox experienced disruptions to users yesterday. some users had trouble logging in and might even persist today. hacker group calling itself lizard squad took responsibility for the disruptions on twitter account. >> it's cold when you step outside today but if you hang on by the time you get to afternoon it feels like yesterday. >> that's right it starts off cold. we have a nice afternoon with a lot of sunshine coming your way. it's going to be a good one for you. let's look at stormtracker 6 live double scan right now and we're dry right now. and staying dry today. let's go outside. we'll see what this day looks like and it's looking good so far. we've got clear skies. and sky6 looks live at philadelphia international after all those weather related problems we had during the holiday. now we're starting dry trend right now. temperature 35. it's cold out there. dewpoint 29. not a lot of moisture and winds west, southwest and light right
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now. temperatures around the region showing in 20s in millville, 29, 35 in city and 33 allentown as you head out the door. satellite 6 and action radar showing clear skies. high pressure in control. we're staying clear. lots of sunshine. we have not seen a lot of sunshine over the past two weeks. but today will be a day that you get to enjoy that. and let's take a look at temperatures and how they're going to move. by 9 a.m., 38, with lots of sunshine. feeling cold to start you off. by noon, 46. feeling better by lunchtime and in fact by 3 p.m., 50 for the high. by 6 p.m. coming down from that. and 45 degrees. so we're staying mild today. high pressure in control and that front out to the west. and then we watch this front get a little closer tomorrow. it doesn't impact us until sunday and it's really moisture starved front. when it comes through it will give a few showers. we'll run that all dawn for you right now looking at your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast it's nice and sunny for the first day of kwanzaa. 50 for the high. and on saturday, it is staying mild, high of 52.
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and on sunday, clouds, some rain arriving. 50 for the high and it looks like it will not be a lot of rain like this. cloud cover. temperatures not bad and few showers. monday, turning colder and you have to pay close attention to the forecast. high 43. but it looks like we could start the day on monday with rain mixing with snow. and that's a big deal for people heading back to the first day back to work for a lot of people. even now you look at high of 43 even overnight hours 35. doesn't look like much of any snow. we'll watch for that to see how temperatures in the forecast changes over the next couple days. tuesday, partly sunny skies and 40 and wednesday brisk and cold new year's eve 37. the cold trend hitting us and overnight hours in the 20s. if you are out celebrating you have a plan to wrestling wrestling up warmly. 38 for now. it's a long way off. for now looks dry for the mumers and fans. thank you. it's 5:37 still still to come
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strangers are helping a maryland family and her two sons when a plane crashed into their home. >> african country's fight against ebola. matt. >> good morning, matt, broken down tanker truck 95 southbound between girard and vine expressway. they're taking out the left lane with the tanker and it's not casing delays at this point. we'll check and see if there's delays by the area malls yet. i have a feel no. we'll check after the break. >> and special ups delivery for a south yearsy family we'll show you that video when "action a south yearsy family we'll show you that video when "action news" continues
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>> welcome back a live look at the ben franklin bridge. light volume out there and cole. 41. getting up to 50. a nice afternoon today. >> what's going on on the malls. >> i guys get any duds that need to go back today. >> sshh. >> anything that didn't fit we could say. that's a little more pc. not really for me. i don't have anything to return. but maybe head out to get great after christmas bargains later. we expect plenty of traffic in the bushes by area malls today. this morning i don't know why you head to grant spring malls
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yet. if are you crash to watch out for popped up along route 1 media bypass northbound side you it meets with blue route 476 emergency crews on the scene here. traffic squeezing by from time to time. probably good spot to avoid at the moment. route 1 media bypass northbound by the blue route 476. let's check other bushes if you're out and about fort washington pennsylvania turnpike. speeds in 60s now. no overnight construction of course. if you get early jump to willow grove mall that doesn't open until 8:00. don't head out yet. things look good 611 to glenside and abington. and out in bucks douptsy still ongoing construction that will be going for a while 213 maple avenue. bridge over neshimany creek at neshimany mall things open up 8:00 same at sox ford valley mall. opening time. stays open until 9:00 tonight. at this point things look good
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95 and route 1 super highway. brought to you by the waze app. couple alerts out and about on new jersey turnpike. let's see what it is. vehicle stopped on the shoulder. southbound side of the shoulder springfield no big deal yet. >> it's been 10 years ago since the tsunami in asia one of the worst. more than a quarter million were killed. indonesia had highest toll and most damaged. and special prayer services were held from victims it's already cost 13 sglous the ebola outbreak taken a turn for better. doctors in sierra leone are providing a better treatment. they are expected to recover. it has takennerly 7500 lives.
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>> generosity of strangers on christmas will help a maryland family hit by tragedy earlier this month. the site go fund me collected more than 45,000 in donations fort family of marine gemmel. she and her two young sons were quhild a jet crashed to their home december 8 and husband and school age daughter were not home at the time of crash. >> a bacon mill in buffer low new york to not -- no reports of injuries but them a home nearby had to evacuate. emergency demolition crews took the lest of building down and high wind brought down trees power lines and a billboard. >> there was a white chris nass denver. a foot or more in the mountains. denver is expecting more snow today and plus it will get up to 20. and tonight could get down to 4
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degrees in denver. >> there was a package that made everyone's holiday with ups. >> oh, my god ! >> corporal matthew morrison of new jersey army national guard surprised his family as he jumped out of bang of the big brown truck. ak new was along with a film crew who documented the reunion for your wish is delivered program. morrison was deployed in june middle east and a month later found out his wife was expecting a child his stepson said they was the best christmas present the family could man in. >> he means a lot to me. and not having him for so long really hurt. >> corporal morrison will spend a few days with family before leaving once again to finish year deployment. >> it's scupch time for the mumers. the 9 year hold that will lead a
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string band. clear skies, lot of sunshine. we're staying dry today. details on temperatures coming we're staying dry today. details on temperatures coming up.
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>> the first familiar sli expected to reneighbor hawaii through early sglaen a woman helen kellum celebrated her 100 rpblg birthday family friends turned out to mark the milestone and wish her many more birth days. there was a big cake in shape of
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100 and accommodations of host for public official who was born in 1914. >> she is looking fantastic. other traffic was looking fantastic now looking less tranfantastic. crash knowledge of route 1 media bypass as you join up with the blue route. you have seen some traffic squeeze by time to time there's a lot of emergency crews on the scene. you probably want to avoid this area. that's probably your best bet. maybe a little christmas hangover from the priestch the captain is running late in the river this morning. we're waiting a few more minute on that burlington bristol bridge triple b opening and modified scheduled on patco and septa city buses and subways and jen nal rails are all on normal weekday schedules, karen.
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>> let's look now at travel forecast we had so many days this week low ceilings and delays of two hours. today we're looking good. no problem with visibility. bright sunshine today and dry. we see no travel delays across the board. looking good if you head out of town. around our region 9 a.m., 38, it's a cold start. will feel cole at 9 despite sunshine. noon, 46, temperatures bit above where they should be. 3 p.m., 50. mild this time of year and that's hoy for today. 6 p.m., 45 with mainly clear skies. here's a quick look at accuweather forecast, today, mild, nice, sunny, tomorrow, staying mild, 5 on sunday more clouds with showers aroute surprised for the high. there's a chance rain mixs with snow. >> the 2015 mummers parade is less that a week away it will feature a new parade route and
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one change for a popular string band there's a changing of guard for duffy. it will be the only band top have two captains he will be sharing with jake. yaik has been part of the band since 11 months old and dad says he's confident to takeover the family sglapd he critiquing me on mine. >> ted is looking forward to passing the tradition open to his son.s looking forward to he took over in 198 5 and that was three years ago and his father henery who owned the bandpassed him the torch. >> time now 5:51 coming up on "action news" at 6 a wild ride for expected mother. >> we will have incredible video of baby born on septa train. we'll be right back. >> but first i must tell you will change its format to fit any device. laptops, desktop computers. to fit any device. laptops, desktop computers. tablet and smart phones
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>> a michigan man hopes there's santa magic to be ha out there. he needs help after he accidentally sold his
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girlfriend's cat. roy says he was trying to help her out he went to his girlfriend's haley cruz's apartment to sell her baded she post today on craigslist her cat camo liked to hide in the bed and she did that when we would get it up. and then when crews could not find camo she put togethers and two together. >> right away i knew he was holding in the box spring was old hiding place i taped up i unstained to sell the bed he doesn't meow. >> the couple reached out to the buyer and camo nowhere to the found. they believe he jumped out of the box spring before the buyer got it into his home and offering a reward to anyone who locates their scaredy cat. >> 6abc has something to give and it's completely free. >> as brian taff shows you this
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offer and. >> santa is good for you this year. you got the device you're looking for ipad, android tablet, as you know by now there's thousands of apps top download. tonight we want to make sure 6abc family of apps is among them. >> first and foremost 6abc philadelphia app. this is where you get news around the clock. live digital updates. traffic and weather all from "action news." up next is stormtracker 6 app dedicates to werming alerts and radar. every device needs an alarm clock. the 6abc alarm clock let's you wake up to headlines, weather and traffic and then there's watch abc app that puts all abc programs into the palm of your hand. finally check out 6abc event tab. it's constantly update wtd a list of fun events happening in
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the 6abc tu viewing area. >> here's the best part they're fry. kind of like another present from us to you. you can head to the google play or apple stores and find them this or find them open the web side, you'll find a link there. we hope you enjoy them. merry christmas. i'm brian taff. "channel 6 action news." >> first review are in reaction from movie foe goers as "the interview" hits players. >> an american woman wrongly >> an american woman wrongly imprisoned overseas will be back. imprisoned overseas will be
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>> good morning, 6 a.m., december 26. here's what we're following. >> step l train nurnd delivery
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room with a special christmas gift. >> new this morning montgomery county police are looking for a missing grandmother. >> and movie goers packing theaters to see the interview following more activity from hackers. >> lights look at weather and traffic. emshe has karen rogers and she's in for david murphy. >> it's cold. we're dry. let's look at satellite 6 and action radar. clouds north and west. how about the temperatures though. still in the 20s millville. 27, 33 wilmington and 38 city and 34 allentown and sitting at the freezing mark in reading and 31 in mount pocono. that means anything that was a little puddle left from days ago will be slick in morning and it's 24 colder in millville than yet and 15 coldner the city. you get the today idea. temperature in the afternoon are


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