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tv   Action News  ABC  December 31, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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december 31st, 2014 we hope you had a wonderful year and we wish you a better one ahead. party started early at pens landing in philadelphia and it pick up again, at midnight. right new we're looking live for you a at times square in new york, more than a million people are braving the freezing cold right now for a chance to watch the famous crystal ball drop in person but you will be able to see it all from your television. wednesday night jim's off, i'm monica malpass. big story on "action news" tonight is new years eve 2014. we are glad you joined us. we do want to tell you we had exciting things ahead our count down clock shows we are an hour away but lets go to our reporters out in the field annie mccormack and dann cuellar are spending their final hours of 2014 out and about with revellers. the annie, let's start with you out in penns landing.
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>> reporter: take a look, people are bundling up and they are back on the ice. this is the second party here at blue cross river rink winter fest, earl willer today they had a party for early birds and tonight they had a second party. they also had fire works again at mid night. fire works burst into the the clear crisp night sky for those on an earlier new years eve time frame tonight's 6:00 p.m. display did not disappoint. >> i think at the end where all of the fire works got big and up at the top of the sky. >> amazing. beautiful night. it is chilly. it does feel like new years. so yeah it was an amazing night. music was wonderful. >> reporter: delaware river waterfront corporation produces sugar house new years eve production and this us no small feat both shows synchronized todd music, use 4 tons of explosive and shoot 800 feet in the air. they are launching from barges in the middle of the delaware, also a along penns landing tonight, new years love.
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this mt. airy couple choosing today for their wedding. >> i think it is great, he will never forget our anniversary and we will always have a party to go to and it is adding to the celebration. >> definitely a celebration new year new beginning. >> reporter: back at blue cross river rink, music fest, music food and skating kept people occupied between shows. >> it is really fun and really cold but it is worth it because it makes it a memorable year. >> reporter: until it is time to officially say. >> happy new year. >> reporter: and back out here live this is a popular event that both events here tonight were sold out but that doesn't mean you will miss fire works again at midnight. you can still watch from penns landing anywhere around the area and also to let you know that both fire works displays are different with the music that they have the one earlier was have movie music for popular movies and one tonight at midnight will be the popular music from 2014. for now reporting live along penns landing, annie mccormack
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for channel six "action news". also lets go live to "action news" dann cuellar in a neighborhood home in delaware county. sound like fun. happy new year, dann. >> reporter: yes monica, happy new year. this new year, this party is in full swing, the kid are make ago lot of noise to bring in 2015. family and friend sharing their hopes and as preparations for coming year. we will take you on a tour of the the household. offer here in the kitchen you will see some of the merry festivities, some of the drinks, sodas and all of the snacks, you would see this at every household across the delaware valley. but some people chose to go out tonight in center city philadelphia let's take you there. >> three, two, one... happy new year. >> reporter: at franklin square tonight family gathered with their children to watch the the square drop, to ring in 2015.
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>> happy new year. >> reporter: yes, a time to hang out with family and friend and watch fire works in the distance down at penns landing. meanwhile in the hotel monaco on chestnut... guest where is drinking wine and getting ready for festivities in a pet friendly reception. >> we're having a full building party so to speak and we are having a ticketed event so you can get a tavern, a open bar, food, a live band dj's, the works. >> ♪♪ >> reporter: meanwhile in the city tavern on second street in olde city they were having a traditional 18th century feast that was just out of this world. >> we stay with really good food interpreting the 18th entry and a it is a fantastic meal behind me. >> reporter: complete with staff in the period, chef walter staib gives us his interpretation of what the holidays were like back in the
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days of the ben franklin and other founding fathers. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> reporter: finally walking up escalate or at lowes hotel in market treat where they were iting up two ballrooms to celebrate the new year. >> this is main ballroom, we will have a live band and couple dy's in here. in the other room we have a club scene owe we will have a bunch of dj's in there. >> reporter: plenty of food. >> yes, we have vip as well. we have about 300 vip's tonight. >> reporter: champagne toast at midnight. >> absolutely. >> reporter: happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> reporter: what else can i say except that even bella the family dog at leonard household is joining in the festivities. here's hoping everybody has a happy, prosperous new year. are you ready, guys. one, two, three. >> happy new year. >> wow, wow. >> there you have it monica. back to you. >> great crowd happy new year to you and all of them, thanks dann. lets show you lehigh rally new where they counted down to
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an early celebration with what they call the peach drop at bethlehem steel stacks. four and a half foot tall 85-pound peep chick launched fire works in the kid friendly event there this evening. around the world we will go where billions of people are already into january 1st. thinks how they mark midnight in sidney, australia, one of the first country to pass in the the new year always a spectacular show there over the bridge. another dazzling display in dubai where world's tallest building turn in the world's tallest count down clock. fire works shot from the side as thuses of people watched the show and more fanfare, all around that middle earn city. here's a look at london as big ben struck midnight, as fire works shock from the ferris wheel known as i quite a jubilee in great britain as well. they are still part anything rio di janeiro as 2015 made it to the americas just a short time ago. estimated million people flock to the sand of the beach to
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watch fire works blast off from barges in the atlantic ocean. tradition calls for dress nothing all white there, and staying up until tape, to see the first sunrise of the new year. on our web site six you can see new years celebrations near and far as well. we have a slide show to view folks around the world ringing in 2015. check accu weather forecast for tomorrow's mummers day parade and your plans all right there on six more excitement from dick clark's new year rocking eve coming up live at times square at 11:30 tonight right after "action news". still to come on "action news" the reason that your 401k could be rocking this year. plus from the finest to the mess brave, cops take on the role of fire fighters to rescue a family from the burning home tonight. witnesses record moments surrounding a he can deadly police shooting in our area we will show you, cecily.
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i'm tracking a bit are cold start to 2015 but it will be dry however it will in the stay that way over the weekend. i'll explain in the accu weather forecast. plus an infection warning from the place touch museum and ducis rodgers with temple taking reigning national chapel presidents to overtime when "action news" continues but first some new years resolution from his folks all around our area. >> i said in the year i will live healthier and to get in shape. so far, so good. >> i hope to get more healthy and i'm giving up sugar. i will be hell on wheels for two weeks but i'm doing it this year. >> i have lot of resolutions. let's see, more patients with my kids. accomplish more. get more stuff done at the house. more me time. >> my goal, it is to do more for others. >> happy new years
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camden county police are credited with saving an adult and two children from a fire tonight. officers ran into a burning home near south eighth street in atlantic avenue to get the victims away from the fire and rescue them from the roof. a 25 year-old woman, seven year-old girl and four year-old little boy were all rushed to crozer-chester medical center for treatment. there are conflicting reports tonight about whether a man shot and killed by police last night in cumberland county had a gun. some witnesses say he was unarmed. >> unaudible. >> police pulled over a car in which 36 year-old jeremy reid was a passenger. it is in the cleared what caused officers to open fire. prosecutors say a gun was revealed and later recovered. the two officers have been placed on administrative
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leave. well, few additional details are on the other deadly police shooting last night in drexel hill 56789 two-year old joseph pacini was wanted for threatening police in the series of rant posted to you tube. when officers went to the clifton heights home that pacini shared with his mother, he fled in a car leading to a chase and then the the final confrontation. officers opened fire when they say pacini tried ramming them with his car. delaware county district attorney is investigating. health check now, the pennsylvania health department is alerting you to a possible measles exposure. officials say that somebody who probably has the meet also may have exposed other people at two places in the past few days. the cvs pharmacy on lancaster avenue in wayne early sunday evening or at the police touch museum, late monday afternoon. now, infants under the age of one, and anyone who has not been vaccinated or has missed a vaccine dose could get infected, so you should see your doctor right away.
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the search area has now been expanded for wreckage from the air asia flight 8501. two more bodies have been recovered, bringing the total to nine of the 162 people on a flight, when it crashed four days ago. the plane was on its way from indonesia to singapore but it disappeared from radar. officials say skies are clear today and wind are calm that could aid in recovery efforts. the last trading session of the year endedded on a bit of the sour mote for wall street but is there still a ton for investors to celebrate. s and p500 rose 11.4 percent this year. near all time high. so is dow jones it gained seven percent in 2014. the nasdaq did better than both of them, scoring 30 percent for the year. well, we are really cold out there really cold f you don't mind that you'll love the the forecast. >> at least it is dry for everyone spending time outdoors on this new years eve getting ready for fire works. storm tracker six live double scan getting a break on this last night of 2014.
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dry conditions out there. so lets go live in the sky six taking a look at the the river rink at penns landing. all of the will folks out there enjoying the evening, bundled up getting some exercise and getting ready for fire works that will be taking off in about 40 minutes, 40 minutes and 45 seconds in fact. a big change from december 204, it is so cold tonight but the month overall, was very warm. temperatures averaging 4 degrees above normal, snowfall 3.3 inches below normal. we only had .1 of an inch of snow from october through december for philadelphia. that is the lowest snowfall accumulation in eight years. it is cold enough for snow but there is no moisture. we just have clear conditions right not. crisp and 29 degrees. allentown 21. millville dropped down to 18 degrees. twenty-four in trenton. poconos currently 15 degrees. the wind have really died down
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but still enough of the breeze in trenton to create a wind chill of 17. it the feels like 18 degrees in wilmington. feels like 13 degrees in lancaster. it is a bitter cold night. satellite six with action radar showing we are completely dry, you have to head up to upstate new york to see really any thick included cover. so great viewing for fire works. it is a different story on the west coast, this storm system that is rolling into arizona right now brought heavy snow through mountains of southern california, also arizona and this is a storm system that will be pulling in our neck of the wood over the weekend. however, it will cut out to the west. that will pull in warm air that will be mainly a rain event. so tomorrow though the polar plunges are five of them at jersey shore. it will be very cold. the the ocean temperature 44 degrees. the air temperature even colder then that at 37 degrees. wind at 20 miles per hour. wind chill at noon is
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27 degrees. good luck to everybody participating. tomorrow high pressure in control of our weather. load of sunshine. 39 degrees. wind chills in the upper 20's. that high pressure eases off shore friday to how wind to shift more out of the west southwest so a little bit milder 44 degrees, increasing included and that storm system will be rolling in late in the day saturday. mainly rain. a little bit of sleet in the northwestern suburbs at the on set. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, bright, breezy cold for your new years day 39 degrees. friday we will go up to 44. saturday that rain moves in late in the day. saturday night could start as a brief period of sleet north and west of philadelphia, 41 degrees. temperatures rise overnight. that soaking rain continues, into the have afternoon on sunday. look at that high though 58 degrees, but then behind that system temperatures really plunged next week. high of 39 degrees on monday. tuesday, 34 with evening snow showers, and wednesday
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32 degrees. it looks like temperatures will be stuck in the 30's for the rest the of the week, real arctic air moving in next week. tonight just clear and cold so happy new year. >> one of the best views of the fire works over the delaware river was from the camden waterfront and hundreds of folks went there for it. there was a 6:00 p.m. fire work show by young folks sponsored by sugar house casino. lots of pleasure for audience. afterward kid could party the night away in the a ventura quarter yum dancing with the sharks who celebrated safely inside of the tank.
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time for sports, ducis here flyers still playing. >> out west right now taking on the colorado avalanche. it has been an up and down season for flyers, they hope to end 2014 with the bang and win over avalanche. witness this live. midway through the opening period flyers on the power
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play jay voracek his 15th goal of the season. comes with the power play. one to nothing flyers. new two-one avalanche in the their, vinny lacavalier, amazing what he has accomplished when he gets out of the dog house. claude giroux added another goal have the flyers have taken a three-two lead. we are in the third period. eagles may shake things up on defense this off season but shake up has occurred in the front office. team has announce that had it and vp of player personnel tom familiar many of have parted ways. general manager how roseman issued this statement quote we thank tom for his services over past two seasons and wish him and the family the best as they move forward. i appreciate all tom has done for our scouting department and our team. rebuilding, continues with the phillies. marlins, excuse me, marlon byrd is latest philly to be shipped out. outfielder traded to the red for minor league player. byrd led phillies in home runs last season with 25. the phillies get right-handed pitcher ben lively in return.
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he was the red minor league player of the year in 2014. he had a combined 13-seven record last season for inning will and double a. call it the a downtime for philadelphia sports but villanova basketball is where it is at right now. cats are up to six in the latest rankings. jay wright and company opened big east play against butler. first half defense lead offense and they are celebrating his 19th birthday today. they do realize, yes. chris jenkins one of four cats in double figures. nova wins by 12. thirteen-o record matches best start in school history. temple and u-conn second half jaylen bond owls up by two late in the game again two-point temple lead rodney par vice at the other entice the game. we will go to overtime. there is only one bucket made in overtime thankfully for owls it was made by them, temple beats the reigns champs 57-53. six abc and espn are your
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destination on new years day. 1:00 p.m. it is the the bowl between missouri and minute so the a first ever, college football playoff gets underway over on espn with the oregon and florida state. the the sugar bowl with alabama and ohio state, will be your night cap at 8:30. that game also on e. pn. all right, thanks, ducis happy new year. >> dick clark's new year rocking eve with ryaneecrest is next for last half an hour of count down of 2015. "action news" continues at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow. force cecily, ducis, jim gardner and the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass. have a good night tonight, and a great new year.
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>> ryan: there is one place to be on new year's eve. this is it. times square. new york city. the crowd is pumped. our superstar lineup is ready to perform. we're going to welcome in 2015 in real style. let's get it started right now! >> announcer: from hollywood and live from times square, it's "dick clark's new year's rockin' eve 2015 with ryan seacrest." with live performances in new york by -- taylor swift and elton john. plus performances by -- iggy azalea bastille charli xcx jason derulo fergie brantley gilbert ella henderson


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