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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  January 5, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> good morning 5:00 a.m. on this monday, january 5th. here's what's happening. accuweather is tracking a bitter blast of cold and and a chance of snow over the next few days. >> a limo driver is shot on the driver in philadelphia. >> passengers endure conditions stuck on the runway for 1 hours before the 16 hour flight home. temperatures are coming down today let's find out about that with david and karen has traffic. >> reporter: good morning everybody, we're in the 40s in some neighborhoods but the
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temperatures are going to drop. all the precipitation to the north and west is all snow and that's colder air coming on in. him right now we dipped to 42 degrees down in the upper 30s in allentown and reading. the winds are running fast enough in fact about 20 miles per hour right now that we've got a windchill that dipped to 33. him that's what it feels like, but the temperatures will be in the 30s before too much longer. as we look at the numbers between 6:00 and 8:00, we have a chance of being at 4 degrees by 8 we're down from there. noon 37, i'll call for a afternoon high of 36, generally speaking the idea that we hover in the mid 30s throughout the day and 32 by 6:00 p.m. strong wind giving us windchills in the 20s as the cold air is
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on its way in behind a departing cold front. tomorrow i'll have the snow accumulations. tomorrow morning fun fun fun this is i-95 at cottman no delays or problems on i-95. but we have a handful of issues one including a water main break at west conshohocken. front street is shut down at more head of a crews are on the scene, you can stick to 320 route 23 shut down right now at more head avenue. and now we're hearing of a minor fire location in am brer -- ambler mcdonald at butler avenue. byberry road near hunting pike. stick to county line road as the alternate for that down pole. we have a transformer fire in mansfield township, burlington county it has just cleared so
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things looking better matt and tam. >> thank you karen,. philadelphia police are on the hunt for three suspects who robbed shot and killed a limo driver while on duty. katherine scott is live at police headquarters with the latest details. good morning katherine. >> reporter: good morning tam that's right detectives at the homicide division are investigating they are looking for three men in their 20s they believe are connected to the death of this limo driver. he only just started this job a few weeks ago. the victim is 24 miguel rodriguez. he had a fiance and five-year-old daughter. he was on the job when he was shot in the head at are 5400 block of delancy street in west philadelphia. his fiance was in the front seat at the time, he picked up the suspects and drove to the location when one man pulled the gun. they took his cell phone and a little cash and threatened to
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kill her and fired. he knew the job could be dangerous, but he quit his catering job for this to support his growing family. >> the reason he be in the job he had no way to live, he needed the money. >> reporter: and as is the case with all city homicide there's a 20,000-dollar reward in connection with this case. >> jury selection is set to begin in the criminal case involving don tollefson accused of scamming sports fans who bought travel packages they thought benefited charities. the 62-year-old withdrew a guilty plea saying there's evidence that help him clear his name. a judge is letting him represent himself. 200 people are seeking $340,000 in restitution. a vicious dog attack left
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two people hurt including a police officer. two pitbulls got loose and went after several dogs and other people in the neighborhood. when officers got to the scene the dog attacked them. one officer was bit in the arm. >> the one pitbull was charging at the cops, that's when he fired the shots when the pitbull didn't stop. one was killed the other was captured by animal control authorities. the other than was bitten on the hands and leg. both people injured went to the hospital for treatment. jury selection begins today for tsarnaev a federal appeals judge denied the request to move the trial to a different location. he denied participation in the bombing in 2013. 3 people were killed and 260
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wounded. president obama is back at the would you also after spending two books in hoo by with his family. he'll travel to michigan, arizona and tennessee as he gears up for a state of the union address on january 20th. it's a crazy day where we set the high temperature a an hour ago. >> reporter: we'll look at highs today in the mid 40s. you'll not feel anything close to that during the afternoon. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we're dry there's the day pack forecast, we'll see a high of 36 degrees. let's get you to sky 6. as we look outside we have the shore, there are some clouds over the shore right now but we do expect some sunny breaks as we go through the day. the big story, of course is how we're in the 40s right now and eventually dipping all the way down into the 30s with windchills making it feel like it is in the 20s for most of the afternoon. my goodness, you can see how the
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camera is bouncing a little bit down the shore. taking a look at the storm tracker 6 live double scan scan, you can see how the rain from yesterday is gone at this point. we did get a fair amount of it over the weekend up to an inch or so in some neighborhoods generally speaking we're drying out thou now. in the some of the northern and western suburbs we do have some temperatures that are still in the upper 30s i don't think there will be any freezing up up there, with the winds the roads will dry i wooment worry about that. -- wouldn't worry about that. 42 in philadelphia, 43 degrees in sea isle city. the windchills are feeling like the 30s already. the colder is on the way in. notice how there's snow in southwestern pennsylvania and new york state. allentown, clouds and sun windy and cold, 33 degrees, i think
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there will be more clouds than sun over the region for most of the day. atlantic city the same story clouds and sunny breaks. windy and cold, high of 37, windchills in the 20s at the shore. in philadelphia, it might field on the mild side right now especially if the windfall back a little bit be with the temperatures in the 40s. generally speaking we'll be on or about 36 degrees and dipping into the low 30s by dinnertime. clouds and sun 35 miles per hour at times blustery and different today than yesterday. 38 degrees by 8:00. watch how we drop by 11 and 36 by 2:00, 33 degrees by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow we have cloud cover in the morning by 9:00, 10:00 a weak clipper system will charge across the region. we'll have snow. between 10:00 and 2:00 p.m. it
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will fill in across the region. it breaks apart and false apart. we won't have a chance of piling much snow up, but there's a chance of one to two inches from wilmington to south jersey and delaware. couple of spots in the pink area could be up to 3 inches. generally speaking looks like a light accumulation tomorrow. in the 40s in some spots right now, but falling in the 30s in the after. blustery and colder over the weekend. tomorrow snow at times flurries high of 29 degrees, small accumulations tomorrow. windy and colder on wednesday 28 the high and the overnight low going all the way down to 8 that's not a typo, 8 degrees the overnight low. we're coming back up to 23 degrees not coming back up too far on thursday, 23 degrees,
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friday 32 degrees, saturday, 30 and sunday, 39 degrees. >> how a international flight turned into a 28-hour ordeal. sole survivor, a 7-year-old girl walks away from a plane crash that took her entire family. >> reporter: we have no problems right now dry dry and clear at commerce drive. we have update on west conshohocken coming up. >> we have details on a bike sharing system, "action news" comes right back.
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>> 51:38 looking at philadelphia international airport. 42 degrees very deceiving it's getting much colder especially this afternoon. >> let's head over to karen rogers and see how the commute is shaping up, hopefully better news there. >> reporter: we're looking at suburban traffic report, we have a handful of issues. let's start in west conshohocken. first up, this is butler avenue at maple avenue. we have a minor fire in a mcdonald's parking lot lot. avoid that if you can. byberry road is closed between heaten and huntington pike. stick to county line road. check the situation with the
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water main break, we have crews in the distance as you can see blocking off in west conshohocken front street route 23 watch for this, more head avenue crews on the scene with this one. stick to 320 at the guff road interchange instead. let's check the commuter traffic, you can join us on the waze app. you can hit team and join our "action news" commuter report team. we scan around south jersey, no problems on 295 or and 42. how about the temperatures, 42 degrees the cold air has not hit us just yet. 38 in allentown, 41 in millville with gusty winds. >> listener to this, this is new this morning passengers on board a flight to california had
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to sit inside the plane for 12 hours before it took off due to heavy fog. the plane was delayed in the united arab emirates. >> everybody was fighting with each other the flight attendants were fighting with us. >> they didn't have enough space in the airport to accommodate us to take us out. >> reporter: the airline has apologized for the delay. they said the fog caused them to cancel 20 flights in abu abu dhabi. a plane went down on friday night, the crash killed her parents and orderly sister and cousin. she walked a mile through a
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frigid night wearing t-shirt shorts and one sock to get help and led rescuer back to the wreckage. a report on the crash is expected in ten days. the sixers coming off a west coast road trip in which they lost five straight. the. cavs will be playing without labron james. this is the play i'm talking about in the wild card game. dallas trailed 14-0 in the second quarter and 20-7 in the third. they will take on the packers in the green bay in the nfc divisional playoffs on sunday. the cowboys are a perfect 8-0 on the season. the packer are 8-0 at lambeau field. seattle faces the other nfc divisional game on saturday. goose in the labor
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department releases a jobs report. working this shift could be hazardous to your health. >> reporter: this one? >> >> this one. >> reporter: oh, that's good. dress the kids up, get hats and gloves on them this morning. they might go out this morning and feel it's not that bad but this afternoon the temperatures will be colder, tell them to keep the extra gear handy.
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pictures of people in short sleeves. >> reporter: not this week, let's go outside and check out route 1 approaching pennsylvania avenue. northbound traffic on your right. the roads are dry we'll not say that tomorrow afternoon. for today you're looking good. septa trolleys board on the inbound platform that will last through march. >> reporter: cold air is coming in from the northwest. you can see the result on the big board. 37 degrees by 9:00. 35 by noon, we'll hover at 35 or 36 between the hours of noon and 3:00 p.m. and we're back to the freezing mark by 6:00. clouds and sunny breaks, but blustery and windy and obviously getting colder as we go through the day. not a whole lot going on precipitation wise across the county. a little bit action by portland
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and seattle. you can see the cold front line extending down to eastern atlanta. maybe a bumpy ride in and out of the airport we're not expecting delays, right now it's all green aircraft to and from all our frequentlily traveled did destination. chicago, 2 degrees below zero. >> night work is hard on you it's hard to get rested and it may increase the risk of early death. researchers at harvard hospital followed 7 # thousand nurses for 22 years they found those working the night shift for five years increase their chances of dieing even when factors such as smoking and body mass index were taken into account the results were the same.
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matt and i have been in this job for about a decade, see you in the grave buddy. research e researchers look at 90 children who were diagnosed with a concussion, they were assigned to receive strict bed rest, >> job market is looking good. we have america's money. >> reporter: the job reports is expected to show 230,000 jobs added last month. making it the strongest growth since 1999. more abbey more music lovers out there or going old school. why digital albums have spiraled done vinyl records have shot
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just because it's cold out doesn't mean you can't enjoy any sized iced tea or iced coffee. just 99 cents all month long. america runs on dunkin'. >> an american health workers exposed to the ebola virus while working in sierra leone is under observation in nebraska. she is not i will or contagious or -- but will be monitored for symptoms. meanwhile a scottish nurse has had symptoms. this man is going to break the world record for the fastest time to balance a dozen eggs, most people thought that you
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could do it on the equinox but you can you do it any day of the year. he is going for the world record. he confesses when he is not breaking records he eats eggs. >> everybody has there something, that is his. a lot of people have a hard time with the low amount of sunlight during the winter. but there's help. >> a philadelphia family shares their grief and calls for justice in the shooting of young limo driver. "action news" continues.
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court today. >> let's find out about a very cold forecast from david murphy and karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: no surprises here, yesterday was nice and mild, we did have breaks in the rain, although it was cloudy all day. now that system is off to off the coast. there's colder air all the way. there's snow in western pennsylvania. it's still in the low 0 40s in south jersey and delaware. upper 0s in allentown. the winds are picking up at 14 miles per hour and there's a 29-mile an hour wind bursting through read that's giving windchills close to the freezing mark. the temperatures will be down in the 0s before too much longer, as well. welcome back school kids as we roll into the second half of the year. 42 degrees by on storm tracker 6 live app this morning. 8:00, 38 an noon,


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