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tv   Action News  ABC  January 8, 2015 1:36am-2:12am EST

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"action new"elaware va leading news program wi.
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hting ghering tonight inhe tusands claimg their lirty in t wake of fran's worst terrorist attack in years. man kling peoe the attack of the satirical magazine e charlie hebdo, which ly lly published carons satirica muhammad. t massive mhunt for two terrorists g2 people in utterly viole form of ssorshi ang the dead a four cartoonia edirn cef. he pe in paris reased ctures of two brotrs cherif a kouachi kachi both in their 30s and from france ssibly lind to a terrost nwork. a 18-year-old suspe surer ened tonight, his natno
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-- natiality unclr. adundreds of in vigils showing t outrage of the attack, the support for charlie o magazine a the right to freedomf the press. nd to honor the lives of the victims acit. "a reporters are live aeig boa and brul day in paris with families fries and an entire nation now ouninni w are the latest developments he?>> jim, the search f those two sll o ere, ts underway. it led to a major police operation undway in the rtas pt of france. this is them outside of the homet clued in on. nd we haveideo wn they aally made entry. the coury on alert and fnce's president calling it arric. idmorng 11:30 a.m. paris te
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wn inhe streets terrorists aring ski masks and caring tomatic wpons fired a hl of bullets. he attack unf at the fis of charl hebdo a satiric newspaper known for poking fun at islam and other rigionsdhe shooters arred aiming at two doormen killing one. t gunmen encounter a cartooni for the paper and her yng daughter and force the emplo give them the office ecy and enter. tir target t staff of the newaper. fialsaygheir lives re taken executn-styl can sti hr the shots ringi thh my ears she ays. e would have believed hr soting on my own stt. fi minutes later the gunmen shooting at police and shouti -and they shoot and wound one polic and run rdim executing him on the rod. i't t first time t tiric paper h be tby extrists.
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t offices were fire bomd in 21 ter a spoof iue with a cer of prophet muhammad on t cover. nd they nev backed down and id ty would rather die standing than live on his knees and he was amo those murdered ay. artoon arod the world ke signe wilkinson of the iladelia dai ns vow to ak out againsthe violence ro hum and the power of their pen. > these people all ty did is aw cartoo. didn shoot anyonehey didn behead anyone. > with that wilkion tells us he pla to publi her own tributen tomorrow's philadphiaaily news. he not the only one. r some images we fou from other ctoonists on the web tonight. his one, as you can see, poking un at a very -of crse aay will never forget in the
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ates from 9/11 but you see the contrast. e pencil the power of the free speech and the plane apachind one is also out there tig. nd of cose an automatic w facing up agasthe p ere.d lastly ts e, of course e pen coming io attack this terroris this pern who vowed to doome violence. jaking to the pens using thr fe speh tonight. > thank you. thanksery much. other nst this hour it is a btally cd nht across t i-ste area and wind lls are plunging below zero. oious we are talking about ngero weather overnightnd into tomorrow. e will go to "action new repr dann cular center t in a moment. st, li outside to meteorologt ceciltynan. >nd it is already q cold ouhe going to get cder. nnal w serce has iued wind chl advisories for he entire viewing aahrough 9:00 tomorrow morning. t first wind l advisory of
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ason. wre talking about wind chills that will droing down as low as 15 degrees bel zero. venithout t wind chill i ld. d in philadelphia rht . allento and readg. 4 in millville. 13 in wilmington. in enton. you factor in the winds, wisave be vious out of the northwest gusting to 28 miles per hour. pdelphia r now 37 miles pe in it with the temperature anheinchill dropped dn to 6 degrees below zero in plade11elow in reading and 14 below nthe poconos. tomw gou dinitely o bundle up. tre is even colder wind ills aitingn the wings . t air mass is settling in ovt d i willet you how ow they dropd where youive let y know when we cmb
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out of the deep freeze when inside f the forecast. >> andwitc le to the rk and "action n reporter nn cuellar. he city cald a code blue. ave they bht homess pee insi? they ha. to see some of the me out here. one case a woman in a red at w was sleeping sitting on the steps for hours before someone caed the project out ach teams. afr in the city and the temperature sign reads 18 dees.t is howling oside of e crch on chestnut where a meless wan said. n someone cled sing s w o theor hours. sometimes people who are outsere mentally ill. treforeth a not aware of t temperure. re their eyes and ea. and an out reach teamas not ure she wou come alon not
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sure of what they will ncounter. awhile she came alg, suitcase in tow and to a safe en. people who normally would not ant to come in if it is a smler environ ty are wiing to comento safe aven. hey arage 300 homeless roaming e nights of the city night some under the bdge near fnklin square. oly 100 would be sleing i th sta concourse, they had the hub of hope with doctors, urs, psychiaists and others offg serves but not this yar. seemsne pulled the welcome we are doing everything we can to find a low indication in e concour where we can offer eced services that can get op connected to housi and get peoe into a better sttion. this former homeless guy onwho referr we not show he says he is back on h et thanks to t hub ofope te concours > ie been in shelts re dcouraged from
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. n the hub of he the concoue i could go here. thehde last year and now a my o placend it wderful. on is now working on getting ob wh project home and outreachea a rooti for h iyou ow of a homeless pern needs to get into a warm acu are asked to call the ht line 215-232-1984. patient, they e getting a lot of calls. in city for ction ." number school delays no cancellations yet. iis because of the extreme cold and we are running a tker whhe informatio accesst on e news app and t "tion ws" mog aw update the list if scho delays or ncellaoningsapn ovt.e on the a b4:30. > the philadea police on the ht for two attackers who
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stabbeand robd a n insi of a center ci wendy's tonight a 8:30 at the fast food restaurantt 11 and walnut. e robrs stabb a -ar-d victim in the some and leg and ran off with his cell phone. vtim is in the hospital in sae condition. the delaware cnty s iestigating a cal se tonight the victim shot to death on hazel avenue at 50. the police have not identified th victim or cirmstances leadinup to the murd. > dozens of peopleame out on is bitterlyold night to otesthe police shooting in new je.dy marched to the urthouse to protest the millvill hot durg a traffic sp last sday. anizers t officer who firee fatal shot to resign. a a scial prosecutor pointeto the case.
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>> we want to get the community iolv. wt not keep peoe complace here. fl le things like this happen when e peoe are sent. nesses captured the sting on cell phone vide jemy reed's family hired an attoey d is calling for an idependt investigation.> the paren of a bks unty tnager are speaking out tight along with that enagerie repeal of a ision by t archdiose of pladelphhat allowed h to py football on a boys' team. ve at e arciocese adquarters in center s k moton. a is the story here? jim, parn the football atul bee, carolinpla says feels she is back at the mawh i the play. ups and readyor e s been nearly two years since oystown,uc cnty tn carolinelaghe archdioce to py cyo football
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h the boys and won. nber 20 noticed the guys got igger. i was a little scad in the eginningbut i realized no matter how big theyere i held my own. >and they were c champions. nd the archbishop chaput chand his md saygo gls aedn contt sports. eel what i did impacted but n i feel like it's just gog back to t way this before it happened. 2013 a panel of parents, aches and sports medicine experts agree with the policy that gis shouldn't play cyo ftball. archbishop allowed caroline to partici b the ring provisnal, n set in sne. i knew the word was trouble when i read it. d i knew it was a loop hole. >ince caroline crusade for ae, catholic officials in th area have tak a look and inrc the no girls aowed picies.e archdiocese says it
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because safety and "gender diffens are importt ay large role in delopnt of mature christian male a female identity." caroline's mother says she wa te of the fight. > caroline opened the door and don't wt the door to sh. they shut the door. > idoesn't appea girls e lining up to play contact sports ithe cholic league caroline says the option should vit. am fighting for others. i feel i have to be theoice at fs for other people. >nd the ahdiocese sayit snds.bu caroline says she will keep hting. hey recently order the male c wrestlers to forfeit to emales from non-catlic shls. thank you. the city council until atlantic city endorsed the o fincl recovery plan asking
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for money fm the state but recysts t te over of ances.t pl letting casin make lss pments instead ofoax for 15 years. plan ao includes millions of s in layoffs and budget cs. > still to come on "action " toght, the fatty food that researchers say you should ea every day. >pl bl cosby's tv wife speaks o in an excluve interv "action news." want to hear what she inks about the sex asslt scan> a a tragic tale. ders find sections of the missg jetliner that could get them closer to the black boxes. > and getting colder bore theorning commu. g the details when finally warm in the ction new forecast. > a jimmy rlins in a dodgers ifm for the first me when ctio"nt
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te the missingj
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agoforest, itry chiy. >> i was standing outside and sts not warm. im goi home and putting on ftie pajamas. >> too mh informatn. a the show shors we had a ew earlier, also with the ctic front they moved off. a dry night. gerally a clear night but cd adtill ve windy. t temperature in philadelphia 14rs down fm the high of
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2 h t en up tohe r l for this time of r. e nlow is 26. aentowns 9. ding 9. mington 13. tnt 10. mlville currently 14 degrees. ut this is what you feel. windusts out of the thwest 28 mileser hour in pladelph. 3 in wildwood. 3n wilmingt. the winds are pulng down some very brul wind chills. wind chill keeps droppi in ladelphi te i check it is down to 6 deg bel zero now. wmingn 6 below. lville 3 below. eading now dropped to 11 deg below zero. nd the poconos is 14 degrees below zero. atlite 6 andction radar really shshat is going on, arctic boundary moved in the south and east. it oned the door for the big aa. s the clear ar that is thanks to the arctic hh eblding from the west. ing throu north ca ro day tomorrow
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and th mea nearly the entire lf of the country, the easte hf of the cntry under wind chi visory. th extend all the wayown to southern flida. we are not alone in this brutallyold weather. t t really make you feel much better though. erlightw 8egrees in philadeheecord low 2, not quite record terryut certain co enough. a2, millville 8, tton 7. se are the numbersou have onsir before you step tside chls the way it county southern and centl daware wind chill 0-5 degreeselow zero. sth jersey t i-95 cridor includphidewiilomorrow mning 5-10 blows zero. a the northwest suburbs 10-15 bw zero and in the ponos the wind chill dpping down to 20 degrees below zero. t coldest wther since lt year when we were dealing with the polar vortex. t exclusive forest wind in the
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afterno in the similar digits. w befly h above freezing fridaye we have another bl of cold air saturday. 5 degrees. ut the temperas are deratindaig clouds 36 degrees. mday cou be messy with rain or snow shows with a high of degrees. hen we kp the cloudsnd seasonal temperatures on tuesday wednesy. oo in the uer 3. nd tune io dav murphy at 0 and he will let you know actly w cold whereou live. a pair of north philadelphia ousins shang something very spwh they grow up -their birthday. our parers at univision catching up with two sisters a year apart giving bth to by grls at the univeityf h yestery morning. a the babyirls born 16 minutes apart. e sisters are sring a room d mom and babies are expected
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big sigh of relief tonight, yers camp. hey can affo to have aything elseo wrong with ts m. aeas with disappointment peape flyers caut k. steveason is not seriously ht, they say he will practice orw.h an m.r.i. after leaving actice this morning with soreness in an undisclosed area. oginay something during lst ght's game against
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ttawa. heer masonan play tomorwga shinon. >> fmer phillie star jimmy ros admits tonig that e he didn't do good enough b he in philadelphia. m he c make up f it in los angeles. l how strange does this look? h! or t first time he wearing dger bl as introduced in los aeles.thoo wei. ollins size it would me great istory all over again. ou he love to dot in a new cy. eed t phillies world series out in 2008. dt dodge have not won in 27 years. nd j. roll says he knew in 2011 t phillies whichough closed t. e had t best team in basebal '11 and just wasn't le to do it. i madet tough coming after hat. t i've sd it aer 2011 it as just one of the feelings magicas gone. ian't explain itit was just ge.
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coege hoops, crry and whe tro st red hot. emple goi for the sixth straight wins. wls aga lane. wn the wire tied with 4:00 t go. cumngs move a four of the five starters in double figur a putting it away. t transfer the the. nd temple stayst a it is the sixth straight win. >> and st. joe's lose the third aight to to duquesne in pburg the aays animed oh and screaming after that.
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a p tur it over the other way and clark dunks it. ow la lle loses by 6. 65. heecd straight loss. > the college football o championship game is may nigh orgon and ohio state at 8:30 on spn. ionder who chip kelly will be roing for. > yeaho suspense there. > dozens of people attend a spial screening of the movie "lma" in universcity. bore the film began, there was acussion with a mti-genern with t civil rhts memen tel t story of the 1965 vng rights marches and it will be released in theatersn day. > jimmy kimmel live next. olwed by "nightline." d "action " continues at 0ith pamela edrds, matt o'donnell metrologist david kens
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with aic. cecily tyn,fo the entire "action ws" m i'm m rdner. gnit. ♪♪ > "ac ns sponsorednp
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