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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  January 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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anybody going outside this afternoon. shoppers along walnut street in center city philadelphia didn't waste time getting to their destinations today. "action news" was in roxborough this morning just as the changeover to rain was happening. but because the ground temperature was below freezing, there were icy patches, particularly in untreated surfaces. >> walking on the sidewalk has been slippery. i haven't even gotten to the car yet and i'm holding him trying to balance and it's real slippery. >> going down your stairs be very very cautious. it's icy you're like on an ice rink here in roxborough it's hilly so it's dangerous. >> wet spots that are still around could refreeze overnight creating trouble tomorrow morning. meteorologist cecily tynan joins us from the "action news" big board with the latest from double scan radar. cecily. >> and jim that refreeze overnight really is the big concern. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing that we still have the steady rain across
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south jersey and delaware. if you look across central pennsylvania, you can see a little bit of a mix. that's associated way cold front that will be sweeping through in the overnight hours. here is that cold front and you'll notice to the north and west of the front it's dry. the problem though is that the winds will be shifting out of the northwest overnight and that will be pulling down the very cold air. right now it's certainly pretty uncomfortable out there. we had a cold rain all day. it's 38 degrees in philadelphia. however, north and west of that front temperatures generally in the teens and 20's and temperatures will be falling down into the 20's through the overnight hours. so, this is what to expect tonight. that rain will be moving completely offshore by midnight temperatures dropping well below 32 degrees so any wet surfaces that are untreated, that don't blow dry will be freezing up, so the morning commute again we're looking at the potential for black ice and through the day tomorrow temperatures will be below freezing and wind chills really a big factor. i'll talk more about that coming up with the full
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accuweather forecast. jim. >> thank you cecily. let's switch thrive walter perez -- life to walter perez in quakertown which has had its share of weather related issues. >> reporter: that's right, jim. once again we face the prospect of watery freezing. penndot hit the roads treating the highways and by ways with salt and sand. they'll do the same tonight as officials once again warn commuters to keep an eye out for slick spots if you're traveling during the overnight hours. >> because of the icy conditions areas could refreeze so people need to be on the lookout for that black ice that everyone always talks about, that thin film of water on the roadway that could be -- looks like it's a thin film of water but could be a thin film of isoyou need to slow down and use extra caution. >> reporter: penndot spokesperson ron young admits it's easier to deal with the road conditions when it snows because the procedure is cut and dried and conditions like we had today it turns into a cat and mouse game to see if
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the rain freezes on the roads or just washes away the salt only to refreeze the following night. either way commuters we spoke with today say they'll take this over last winter any day. >> this time last year, what did we have, something like 4 feet of snow or something like that? the parking lot you couldn't even move in here. now it's just rain. >> i remember last year's like almost every week it was snowing or doing something and this year it's not doing that. it's just weird. >> it's good. >> it's good for most people, yeah. >> reporter: all right, so once again tonight's commute should be just fine. the concern really for water refreezing on the roads overnight so please be cautious. reporting live from quakertown, walter perez channel6 "action news." >> thank you walter. a mixed bag of precipitation has been causing travel delays at philadelphia international airport. you're looking live at conditions through sky 6 hd the airport is seeing delays of more than two hours on many
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flights at this hour. you can stay on top of the changing weather situation on there you'll find our storm tracker 6 radar plus the hourly and seven-day forecasts. you can watch the latest videos from our "action news" meteorologists and also view our collection of weather-related images. it is not clear if weather played a role in a deadly hit and run in claymont, delaware this morning. this was the scene at the intersection of namaans road and society drive. investigators say a 69-year-old man was trying to cross the street when he was hit by a car. the car kept going. the victim was then hit by a second car which did stop. anybody with information about the incident is urged to contact delaware state police. a philadelphia inmate already charged in three murders is now accused of attacking a correctional officer and a nurse while escaping -- while trying to
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escape from einstein medical center. authorities say 20-year-old justin mackey was at the hospital yesterday for a medical procedure when he somehow got rid of his handcuffs. mackey then allegedly attacked the officer and a nurse before hospital security managed to restrain him. the officer sustained serious injuries and is still in the hospital. philadelphia police have released the names of the three men shot execution style in mayfair saturday night. they were 40-year-old jason stratos, 40-year-old ramon ortiz and 30-year-old sarith mang. each was found with a gun shot wound to the head. that inside a home on the 4600 block of vista street. so far police have not released details about a motive or a suspect. "action news" is at philadelphia city hall today as the city held a memorial service for firefighter joyce craig. lieutenant craig was killed on december 9th fighting a
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basement fire in west oak lane. she was the first female firefighter in philadelphia killed in the line of duty. "action news" reporter vernon odom is now live. vernon you're at the fire administration building in spring garden. emotions still raw in the wake of her death and a lot of questions still to be answered. >> reporter: many questions still unanswered tonight jim and we don't know when they will be answered by the fire department. more on that shortly. but first philadelphia officially wrapped up its 30 day mourning period over the death of firefighter joyce craig. during a moving tribute to fallen philadelphia firefighter joyce craig, mayor michael nutter presented her family with the official flag of philadelphia. she was killed in the line of duty on december 9th while helping battle a blaze in a west oak lane row house. her brother spoke for the family today. >> everybody who knows what joyce did or knew joyce know she smiled a lot. she loved to laugh. you know, she loved to enjoy life.
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>> as one of a small group of female firefighters she helped show us all that women are fully capable of doing this job every bit as well as a man. >> reporter: joyce craig is survived by two children, a teenaged son and a three-year-old daughter. she was the first female firefighter in philadelphia history to be killed in the line of duty. one of the pioneering females who joined the department 30 years ago talked about joyce craig. >> so, she was five years old she wanted to be a firefighter. she used to see them in her neighborhood and knew that's what she wanted to do. >> reporter: there were still many unanswered questions surrounding that deadly fire, what caused it from the fire department more than a month later "still under investigation." where was firefighter craig's body found? initial reports say she was trapped in the basement. later there have been reports she was found on the first floor. official word today from the top brass still under investigation. this weekend federal experts examined the air cylinder
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which was using at the time she was killed standard procedure when there's a death to make sure there were no breaks in the system and it was acting properly. no comment today on what the feds found. and no comment as to when the full investigation will be completed and a report made public. live in spring garden, vernon odom, channel6 "action news". jim. >> thank you vernon. philadelphia city council president darrell clarke seems to have ended speculation about a run for mayor n a statement issued today clark said "it is my intention to seek the democratic nomination to serve a fifth term as representative of philadelphia's fifth councilmatic district in the may primary election". clark went ton say he was honored to have been asked to consider running for mayor but in his words being mayor has never been my primary goal. the question here does the language of his statement leave the door opened just a crack. philadelphia police are looking for two armed thieves
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who targeted a shopper as he was coming out of a fern rock business. this surveillance video was from inside the delco pharmacy on the 5600 block of north broad street last week. one of the suspects pushed the victim back into the store where the other suspect was waiting. the bandits knocked him over, stole $300 in cash and cigarettes and then ran off. coming up on "action news" tonight, a delaware county city plagued with crime is getting more sets of eyes on the street thanks to a donation. we'll have details. and time is running out for students iny and staff and parents who are trying to save a south jersey school from closing its doors for good. >> well, we have a tuesday on the way icing tomorrow with that refreeze and then bitter cold afternoon wind chills generally in the teens. all the details in the accuweather forecast. >> jamie apody with a preview of tonight's college national basketball -- make that -- i know.
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tonight's college football championship game between oregon and ohio state when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪♪
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it doesn't get much easier than picking 2 things. you pick 2, and... you're basically done. look for pick 2. coming soon from the pennsylvania lottery. easy to play. simple to say. >> tonight we have word of a corporate contribution to enhance public safety t rite-aid is giving $10,000 in the effort to install security cameras in the city of chester. "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist is live at the rite-aid on west ninth street in chester. sarah, what's the story here? >> reporter: well, jim the city of chester is a city with high crime yet surprisingly few surveillance cameras out on the street. that's about to change now. the city has the money to move forward with a new initiative to install more outdoor
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surveillance cameras and better utilize those that already exist like the one here on the side of this rite-aid where a store manager was murdered. in fact, rite-aid made a donation today to help make this happen. today the rite-aid foundation gave $10,000 to a new initiative in chester to install outdoor security cameras to help reduce crime in the city. >> it is important that we do our part to ensure a safe environment for our customers and associates and that's why we're here day. in september 2013, a rite-aid manager was shot and killed inside the chester store located in the 2700 block of west ninth street. the crime was a major reason the corporation decided to contribute to this crime fighting effort. >> now we have a private corporation that could choose to not get involved but instead, has demonstrated what corporate citizenship is all about. >> reporter: chester recorded 30 murders last year a task force of community
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leaders visited other cities and found surveillance cameras helped deter and solve crime but at the moment chester has only a few on the streets. >> you can count them on one hand, five or six cameras over the years they stop working for some reason, stop maintenance. we want to make sure we have state of the art camera system now. >> reporter: the new cameras will be wired into a centralized network. rite-aid is allowing its cameras on the west ninth street store to be a part that of network. in the first phase cameras will go up in two neighborhoods, one near widener university's campus. >> i definitely think it would help. there's some crime that goes on around here so it will help like the students feel more comfortable and be able to walk around and feel more safe on campus. >> reporter: now more cameras will be going up between providence and edgemont, 18th and 24th streets. so far this initiative has just over a million dollars to work with thanks to donations from penndot and widener university and the city of
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chester. they're looking pouring more corporate donors. live in chester delaware county i'm sarah bloomquist, channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you sarah. a burlington county catholic school is praying for last minute donations so it can stay opened. saint paul's if burlington has until thursday to close a $250,000 deficit or close its doors. to date they have raised $237,000. if the money is raised it would only be a temporary reprieve. fundraising will need to be repeated next school year. the diocese of trenton says it can can no longer fund the k through eight school. dozens of walter palmer charter school employees went in search of answers today at philadelphia school district headquarters. 175 staff members say they are owed a month's work of back wages after the charter abruptly closed last month under a mountain of debt. the staffers say they cannot get unemployment because the state isn't able to confirm the school has closed.
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and they plan to file a lawsuit.
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>> flyers have to take their chances in goal tonight. >> yeah, they do. flyers coach craig berube pulled a rabbit out of his hat this with one. with steve mason sidelined he'll start rob zpp not ray memory but the 33-year-old rookie who has only one career start under his belt. not to mention the flyers are playing the top scoring team in the league. why start zepp instead of going with the veteran backup? >> he's played well down there and he's playing well. won his last game down there and that's all i like his energy right now and i like the way he's playing. >> he's being rewarded right now. not everybody could handle it to stick around for such a long time and be patient like he was and he did it. >> it's a big flight for college football, the first time ever college football playoff national championship,
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oregon against ohio state for all the marbles. eagles coach chip kelly front and center we know who the former ducks coach will be rooting for. sitting next to the oregon former coach who hired him. >> i was there for a short time helping to take it to the next level and i think it will be a program that is going to to last over time, that's the one thing that we all rent our spots as coaches. it goes on to the next guy and they're just taking it to a place where everybody knows it should be. >> you won't want to miss it. oregon and ohio state will have all our eye os a couple south jersey kids, eli apple shawnee grad jake. the sixers are streaking they have won two straight. today they got to work preparing to make it three. tomorrow night they host the hawks who have won 20 of 22 but for now the sixers will take their small victories. impressive enough for a team who lost 17 straight to start the season.
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brett brown thinks the fans should get some credit. >> the crowd is beyond great, just really helpful and fantastic and i'm happy for the city and i'm happy for our guys. obviously it's tiny doses but incremental improvement and heading in the right direction. >> finally those dallas haters among us will call it revenge or karma but after a controversial call helped theme into the second round of the playoff another ended their playoff run. last night dez bryant made what looked to be an incredible catch at the goal line fourth down, down five. but it was reversed when officials deemed he did not maintain possession throughout the play. the ball hit the ground. according to the rule if the ball hits the grounds it's an incomplete pass. instead of being a yard away from a potential game winning touchdown the packers were able to run out the clock. >> i called it. i came down -- i caught it. i came down with it and tried to reach for the goal line. >> how frustrating is it to have this game end on that type of call? >> i can't believe it, that's all i can say, i can't believe it. i never seen nothing like that
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in my life. >> he's a free agent though. maybe the eagles should look at him. >> not a bad idea. coming up on "action news" cecily tynan with that accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment. >> ♪♪
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>> rain play be moving outer but then we have another problem. >> yes, the cold air and that could cause another icy morning commute tomorrow. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing that the steadiest rain, the heaviest rain has moved out. we still have some lingering showers across parts of south jersey hammonton millville cape may also delaware, wilmington right now dealing with some showers. as we move farther up to the north and west, this is the last of it near pottsville but
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you'll notice there are some wet snowflakes mixed in so don't be surprised if you see some wet snowflakes with the showers moving through this evening and that is right ahead of that cold air. the accuweather highlight showing that, yes, this morning we had a messy morning commute and tomorrow morning could be a repeat performance. this morning martin's creek kutztown and exton all reporting a tenth of an inch of ice spring mount .05 wayne .03. tomorrow morning the rain will be out of here. the problem though, is the refreeze. future tracker showing 6 o'clock tomorrow morning temperatures across-the-board will be below freezing, so any surfaces that are treated that don't get blown dry tonight with the winds will be icing over tomorrow morning. so, you definitely do want to be careful. right now philadelphia 38 degrees. that's our high for the date. sea isle city 40. allentown 35. visibility increasing.
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we had a lot of fog earlier. here's the cold front across central pennsylvania. once this moves through the rain is out of here but temperatures will be dropping. so, future tracker showing around 10 o'clock tonight is when the bulk of the showers will be pushing off shore and then overnight clearing skies as high pressure builds in but tomorrow the high only 30 degrees and it will be windy all day long. association the wind chill only around 20 degrees so you do want to bundle up for the day tomorrow. really through the day. as we head into wednesday, low pressure trying to move up the eastern seaboard will bring us some clouds, maybe a few flurries south and east of philadelphia. 32 degrees. but this low pressure can't make it too far to the north because high pressure will build in. what that will do is kick that low out to sea wednesday afternoon and that high pressure will bring us dry conditions and a warming trend as we head through the week and through the weekend so finally some good news in the seven-day forecast. next 12 hours that rain moves out. watch out for the refreeze with temperatures dropping
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below freezing, 24 in the cooler suburbs, 28 for center city. and the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, tomorrow gun amount of sunshine. the high only 30. you factor in the winds, wind chill near 20 so another brutally cold day. on wednesday, mostly cloudy, 32 degrees. again perhaps a few flurries in the morning. south and east of philadelphia. thursday it begins to improve. 37 degrees with filtered sunshine. friday temperatures back up to really where they should be for this time of the year, partly sunny with a high of 40 and next weekend will be a lot warmer than this past weekend. saturday looking really nice. plenty of sunshine. it will be seasonable with a high of 42 degrees. sunday 47 degrees which is mild for january increasing clouds and monday mlk day of service looking really nice, mixture of sun and clouds with a high of 45 degrees, so it gets better but tonight some icing a concern and i'll have an update on "action news at 11:00. >> thank you cecily. a south philadelphia pizzeria is ready to feed hungry fans who watch
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tonight's college football championship. uncle ugey's on east snyder is rolling out football pies in honor of ohio state and oregon. tonight is a test run for the super bowl when one lucky patron will get more than just pizza delivered to their house. they'll also get a new 40-inch television. abc's news tonight with david muir is next. please join us for an "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. now for cecily tynan, jamie apody ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪♪
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on this monday night from texas, breaking developments. the isis hack attack. breaking into our own military's twitter account. with new threats to american soldiers. we are coming watch your back. and tonight, the new security measures being put in place across this country. also tracking the terror. the new image of the most woman wanted in the world. and the hostages. hiding in the freezer of that paris grocery store. swimming for his life. the former nfl player lost in the ocean. forced to swim nine miles, hoping to save his own life. and, right here in texas, history tonight. the college football national championship. we'll take you behind the scenes here at the stadium. and the one thing made in america they can't play without. can you guess?


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