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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  January 13, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EST

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for the asking price of $50 american. how do we know he hasn't already told people? i've been begging him to tell me all morning. i've gotten nothing. fine. it's been a pleasure. dude, your cousin? how gay is that? (chuckles) yo, trav, wait up.
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risk free and get a document shredder free. use promo code: notme. call the number on your screen now. a routine traffic stop took a rough turn for a police officer in florida. a woman sped away dragging the sergeant along. >> bust just by chance his daughter was one of the first on the scene to help him. the whole thing caught on dash cam to help him. >> watch as this traffic stop takes a stunning turn for the
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worst. the officer speaking to the driver when he gets taken for a ride. the sergeant pulled over 30-year-old amy gorge owe after she flew past him at 30 miles over the limit. when he asked her to step for a field sobriety test she hit the gas, dragging him with her the sergeant left in pain on the road side. a group of drivers and bystanders rushed to his aid. one of the good samaritan, someone the sergeant knows well. that is his 16-year-old daughter faith who happened to be passing by the incident on the way home from a trip to the mall. she saw the scene unfold while sitting at a stop light but wasn't sure it was her dad until she saw him lying there. >> is that you? >> it made me feel sad, i guess
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because i know what he does is for a good reason. i just hope everybody else has a better respect for him. >> reporter: after spending three days in the hospital the family is happy to have him back safe and sound, especially faith. >> he's been sleepingful. catching up on his sleep. >> as for giorgio she is charged with aggravated battery, fleeing the scene and driving under the influence and sergeant tattro says he is anxious to once again hit the streets, though definitely not like this again. >> every time i see that video hard to watch. >> that is something for police officers every single traffic stop nothing is routine. there's some kind of a threat -- even a passing car is a threat on a traffic stop. goes to show you never know what you will encounter. >> dash cam video is incredible. >> those things are always rolling. we catch so much with this stuff. coming up here meghan trainor you know the name. how about this she is all about that bass. she wants to prove she has even more to offer.
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>> the talent behind her rise and what she plans to do next. you are watching "world news now." ♪ all about that traian basescu no treble ♪
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she's the breakout star behind the mega hit "all about that bass." but meghan trainor is out to prove she is more than a one-hit wonder. >> her new album out today but she's not worried about following up on her initial success wrechl "up all night line" with dan harris who caught up with this emerging star. ♪ >> reporter: here's a funny story about meghan trainor. when she was filming this video for her love your body as it is anthem all about that bass, she was feeling anything but comfortable about her own body. ♪ >> i was like this is what i wish i felt like. i wish i was all about the bass and my curves. i am like this is not how i feel ♪ every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top ♪ >> do you feel that way now? >> yeah.
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>> reporter: today her universe has turned upside down. all about that bass is one of the best-selling singles ever. the video has a half billion hits on you tube. >> all of my fans out there that tell me stories they hated themselves and they weren't happy until they heard the song and now they live a happier life because all of a three-minute song. it helped me singing this over and over feeling sassy. i walk off that stage like i'm a boss. i'm meghan trainor. i look bomb and everyone supports this right now. >> reporter: megan train who are just turned 21 a few weeks ago has improbably become a pop star. >> check every week on you tube channel. >> reporter: we caught up with her filming a clinique commercial. >> eyeliner on top if you are feeling groovy. >> reporter: and also performing a concert. ♪ >> reporter: in advance of her new album title, she never thought this could happen. >> at some point some guy said i
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will date you if you lose weight. is that true. >> i was looking real good that day. he was like you would be so hot if you were ten pounds lighter. oh i'm not going to eat now because that was so awful. i was just very upset with myself which i shouldn't have been because adofrable. i should have loved myself and i wasted a lot of years not. >> reporter: the internet is flooded with spoof versions of her song that make fun of her for allegedly skinny people. ♪ i see good looking skinny people i think they should die. >> do you think there is any truth to that? >> do you hate skinny people. >> i'm here to tell perfect. they are r. >> reporter: the most persistent question is whether she can successfully capitalize on her newfound success. >> do you have pressure to keep it going. >> piece of cake.
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i got it because i got the song writing down. i already proven that i have two hits. ♪ >> reporter: the second hit lips are moving hit number five on the billboard chart. a good sign this young pop star's career will not fizzle out. she's got perhaps the most important asset of all confidence. for night line, this is dan harris, new york. ♪ that's the one that's growing on me. >> you like that one. >> a song she said she wrote in eight minutes and did so because she was writing about somebody she worked with in an office a, some giechl one of those guys, nice guy when he comes around you know he is lying his lips are moving. >> there should be more role models like her out there. there are too many waify, skinny people. no offense to them. >> you hate skinny people. >> no i don't. i'm with dan harris i don't hate
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♪ finally this half hour how life can turn on a dime or in this case $326 million worth of dime s. a new yorker has his nagging wife and some stormy weather to thank for a lottery jackpot . >> why does she have to be nagy? >> kpooktly. >> he may let his wife nag about
2:56 am
anything now as w abc's joe torres reports. >> reporter: bad weather, a persistent wife and a quick bite to eat. that's what led harold to buy $20 of lottery tickets in a middletown gas station on november 4th election night. >> i said to the young lady i'd like a $10 mega and $10 powerball. >> the next night they checked the numbers. they couldn't believe what they saw. >> we went back and forth, back and forth. you read the numbers. i said i will read them forward and you read them backwards. we went back and forth and then we were in a daze. >> reporter: $326 million can do that to you. diamond is a retired elementary school principal, a former student told us the big win couldn't happen to a nicer man. >> i believe he will give a lot back to the community and that's his main passion, the local charities, the college. i believe he's also involved in
2:57 am
the town -- >> i am very much hoping the good luck rubs off. >> reporter: diamond isn't the only person who cashed in. the gas station owner picked up a cool $10,000 for selling the ticket. his financial plans -- >> we already took care of that with my staff. they got nice christmas bonuses for selling the ticket. >> reporter: they plan to lay low before deciding what to do with their newfound wealth one thing is set in stone, a trip to hawaii. channel 7, eyewitness news. >> good for them. >> that's great. retired elementary school principal. fantastic. retired. he can enjoy the money now. >> you are missing the moral of the story. >> which is -- >> never disrespect or disregard your wife when she has important advice, even on election day. that's the news for this half hour. >> we're going to take this up during commercial.
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3:00 news now" with ohio state claims the title. terror alert, the warnings here in the u.s. and paris at an unprecedented number of patrols hit the streets in the french capital today. the extra protection at >> the leads for investigators and the latest fear. survival story. the former miami dolphin in a boating accident the middle of the ocean, his nine-mile swim to shore without a life vest. >> i realized i was in real trouble. >> his emotional story and the lessons learned this tuesday, january 13th.
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>> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." >> hey there, everybody. how are you doing? watch the game? >> what a night. >> it was a night, big night, historic night. >> historic night. 12 gauge becomes 100 gauge. >> i swear. >> little obsessed with 12 gauge, kordell jones, the quarterback for ohio state. the winning ohio state. congratulations to them. >> big night. it was the first time we seen such a game them first ever college football championship game. and the newly crowned national champions those guys in the scarlet and gray, ohio state and there's your boy. >> there he is. they proved too strong for the oregon ducks. we have the latest from arlington, texas. >> reporter: good morning. there is no arguing, no dispute. the buckeyes are number one. >> the ohio state buckeyes are the first national champions of
3:02 am
the playoff era. >> reporter: the ohio state buckeyes are the undisputed champions of college football. the first team ever to hoist the playoff trophy. >> a dream come true but unreal feeling. looking at the confetti fall -- >> come here. >> the historic game started with the high-flying oregon offense and heisman winner quarterback marcus mario ta scoring first but the game belonged to ohio state including their improbable starting quarterback kordell jones who was in the game because of injuries. jones connecting on several long passes and coming up with clutch runs leading the buckeyes to a halftime lead. oregon cut the lead to one in the second half but jones and ezequiel elliot put the buckeyes back on top for good. elliot finished with 246 yards and four touchdowns. >> we finally did it. this is why we came to compete and win national championships and we did it.
3:03 am
it is our dream and it came true. >> we had a good season. stuff happened. hats off to ohio state. great program and great coach and great win for them. >> the celebration is expected to continue in texas and ohio as well for most of the night. the ohio state buckeyes are number one. reena, t.j.? >> what a story. i love this story about 12 gauge. i love the third string quarterback. his coaches said when he showed up freshman year he was the last in conditioning. the coach told him you are never going to be a quarterback. he said he showed up jacked up and kordell was the furthest from jacked up and look at that win tonight. >> he is a big boy, 6'5", 250 pounds but he came through. this is something that we have never seen and may never seen again, to two see essentially heisman potential candidates go down as quarterback and the
3:04 am
third guy step in and get the job done the past three games. big deal. you love his nickname. 12 gauge. >> 12 gauge now 100 gauge. promoted. >> stay with us. we will cover this historic championship. coming up in the mix how fans took to social media. and later live reports, robin roberts is in texas. >> she's my favorite in sports. love it. our other major story this morning a subway ride turned in to a terrifying ordeal for passengers in washington, d.c. thick smoke filled the train choking passengers. one woman died and several others critically injured. police say there was no fire. federal investigators say there may have been an electrical malfunction. the second black box from the airasia crash has been recovered from the java sea. they freed the cockpit voice recorder from heavy plane wreckage this morning a day after the flight data recorder was retreated.
3:05 am
they are expected to reveal critical clues about the cause of the crash. they are looking for the main section of the cabin where most of the bodies are believed to be trapped. no specific threat but the department of homeland security is on alert and taking steps in the wake of the terror attacks in paris. security will be stepped up at federal buildings around the country following up on a similar move last fall. the tsa will announce enhance -- or will enhance the random searches of passengers and a carry-on luggage at airports. last week's attacks in paris killed 17 people. the latest issue "charlie hebdo" published by survivors is set to hit the stands tomorrow. 3 million copies are printed up from the usual 60,000. it is the latest example of an unprecedented show of support across france as security is stepped up. terry moran has the latest. >> reporter: they are going to war here against the enemy within. armed troops are deployed on the streets of paris, and today 10,000 soldiers will be on
3:06 am
patrol throughout france guarding against the next attack. nearly half of those troops ordered to protect synagogues and jewish schools. we saw them, soldiers at the school doors. at a synagogue, where patrolled, thehe said his son refuses to go to school. >> because he's a jew. >> reporter: this following the attack on the kosher market and other anti-semitic incidents. extraordinary images from the kosher market. a frightened child cradled and hushed terrified customers hiding in a freezer for the first time in the other standoff where the kouachi brothers took over a print shop the man who hid under a sink. for eight hours and helped police storm the building speaks out. the terrorists came so close, a few inches away.
3:07 am
he came back to my cupboard where i was hidden remembering how close one of the brothers came and he drank from the tap just above me. >> the battle continues on another front. the surviving staff of "charlie hebdo" magazine now saying they will print 3 million copies of their next edition due out on wednesday. on monday night, releasing the cover of that issue a cartoon of the prophet muhammad holding a je suis charlie, an i am charlie sign and above him the words "all is forgiven." terry moran abc news, paris. a security analyst is down playing the hacking of the u.s. military's twit wither and you tube sites. hackers claiming to work on me half of isis seized control of the sites just before the pentagon suspended them assuring them no classified material was breached. analysts say hacking a social media site is nothing like attacking the military's central network. >> we are in a position now where we will have to harden our defenses in ways we have never
3:08 am
done before. that's going to be a lot of work that we will have to get down to. >> reporter: president obama is calling on congress to pass legislation that will better protect consumers from hackers. the bill will require companies to notify customers within 30 days if their personal information is stolen in a breach. massachusetts doctor cured of ebola said he is returning to africa. the doctor is going to liberia where he was infected with the virus. he said his colleagues are over worked. he does not expect to work directly with ebola patients but may be asked to do so. doctors say she now immune to ebola. a new york clinic is losing its federal accreditation. the investigators say in it no longer meets necessary conditions to provide surgical services. rivers died in september. the medical examiner said she stopped breathing during a procedure at the clinic and died from brain damage. donald trump is in the middle of a new legal battle claiming jets are destroying his
3:09 am
exclusive club in palm beach. trump is suing the county for $100 million saying officials are maliciously redirecting flights over the historic estate. they complain the noise and vibration s are causing cracks and damage to the stone construction and spanish tiles. acura is back in the performance car business. they introduce ed the nsx sports car and there she is. this is at the detroit auto show. after a decade of having typical luxury suvs and sedans. >> it packs 550 horsepower and will cost $150,000 and be custom built in ohio. acura takes orders for the two-seater this summer for what it calls its super car. i hope it has heated seats. >> 150 grand, that beautiful car, you are worried about the heated seats? >> yes. i guess it would be like a rich princess or something -- i heard
3:10 am
once that a saudi princess wanted her matching nail poll ish to be the color of her car. >> all right. my new york city princess. this car in detroit, emphasizing performance as well. the new gt two seater carbon fiber body doors swing up. an active spoiler on the back and like the nsx it will start at 150 grand. limited production, 6 00 horsepower in this sucker. the mix coming your way. how do you misspell ohio especially if you are from ohio an embarrassing mistake caught on national television. also ahead, from insomnia kitchen, a modern take on -- some gourmets around here are serving it up tweet with and savory. you are. watching "world news now." "world news now" brought to you by delsym. million votes, your superstar is... that's why there's delsym. delsym helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours with an advanced time release formula
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authorities in virginia found evidence of the infamous rape at uva described in rolling stone magazine. they say they are investigating but uva reinstated the paternity at the heart of the allegations. the philadelphia enquirer is reporting a settlement maybe in the works between ncaa and penn state over the way the school handled the jerry sandusky scan d.a. several scenarios are under consideration, one is restoring
3:15 am
111 victories stripped from joe paterno. a former nfl player who spent years priefing his athleticism on the field is celebrated for an amazing fete off the field. >> is no game. rod conrad survived a 16 hour swim. >> even the hard-hitting world of professional football couldn't prepare rob konrad for this challenge. the 38-year-old recovering after a harrowing ordeal at sea. his wife by his side. >> realized i was in real trouble. >> reporter: after falling off his 36-foot fishing boat while reeling in a big catch off the south florida coast, his boat on auto pilot toured the bahama a's, konrad was alone nine off shore so she started swimming. >> bit by jellyfish and circled
3:16 am
by a shark. >> reporter: along the way missing two rescue attempts spotting a fishing boat 50 yards away and coast guard helicopters circling overhead. finally reaching dry land after 16 hours. >> i've got two beautiful daughters. i was getting to shore. >> the former dolphin swimming to safety. abc news new york. >> what a story. >> that's incredible that he was able to make it. these guys are great athletes. maybe that kicked in and worked out for him. >> remember diana nyad. >> did she ever complete that? she tried and tried. >> she did. she admires him. she said for taking his life in his own hands and deciding he was going to save himself. >> great story. next half hour here something caught on camera here.
3:17 am
frightening moments at a ski resort. a 9-year-old boy dangles from the chair lift falling 20 feet. what caused the accident and protect yourself on the slopes. warm up with oat meet. how about some elvis style oatmeal? we are going to the insomniac kitchen next.
3:18 am
♪ >> t.j. was saying this is oat mete meal music. >> january is national oatmeal month. >> most get a day but oatmeal gets a month. a whole month dedicated to oatmeal. for more let's head to the insomniac kitchen.
3:19 am
>> reporter: it's freezing out right now, a nice bowl of oatmeal would hit the spot. let's check out oatmeals with a twist. >> when i was in college i put on a lot of weight here in new york city because i loved food. i started to think of how to eat healthy and started to eat oatmealful. quickly i was having it for lunch and dinner not just breakfast and i was experimenting with fun topping. it is so great, that oats you can look at them like rice or risotto. they take on the flavor of whatever you put in there. >> one sweet and one savory oatmeal. >> yes, the elvis bowl and sun dried tomato pesto. >> what is elvis bowl. >> it is elvis presley sandwich bananas, peanut butter honey. steel cut oatmeal topped with banana bacon some peanut
3:20 am
butter and honey. than little sea salt to bring out all of the flavors. >> that looks delicious. i think elvis would approve. >> that's a good one. >> i would never think to make this in to an oatmeal. it completely works. >> oatmeal is awesome. you can do all sorts of things with it. >> now the avorry oatmeal. what do you have for us. >> i will start with the parmesan cheese. >> okay. >> we will shave some parmesan over the top. any kind of cheeses work well with oatmeal. i have some sun-dried tomatoes. >> okay. >> so this is also one you could do at home easily. and then some pesto. >> okay. and pesto is essentially basil ground with olive oil. >> pine nuts and also some parmesan cheese in there, as
3:21 am
well. >> this is basically like about italian pasta dish with oatmeal swapped out. >> oats instead of pasta. >> i love the combination of pesto with tomato and cheese. >> yeah. >> it feels like you are eating an actual pasta dish without the heaviness. >> exactly. >> thank you so much. it is sglishs no problem. >> okay. i got the elvis stuff over here. >> dig in. >> i don't mind if i do. [ laughter ] all right. banana bacon, peanut butter and oatmeal. >> yes, yes. what do you think? >> that ain't half bad. >> really? look at you. and i have the sun dried tomato pesto and parmesan. >> that ain't half bad. >> who knew. >> i wasn't sure. i wasn't sure. >> avorry oatmeal. >> they threw me off on the pesto on that one and it works. >> who knew savory oatmeal. >> you put bacon in anything and
3:22 am
it is going to work. >> our thanks to the folks at oatmeals. male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans they pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call today to request a free decision guide to help you better understand what medicare is all about and which aarp medicare supplement plan works best for you. with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. there's a range of plans to choose from, too, and they all travel with you anywhere in the country.
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that's right for you.
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♪ let's mix it up. the special football edition. i called it the super bowl but they told me it is not the super bowl last night. picture day in ohio one brave soul. look at this one. he chose to wear an oregon jersey. he is a guy on the left and you see the kids on the right wearing ohio state jerseys. the principal tweeted out this photo and god bless the lone duck fan. >> he made it home safely. and tomorrow he will get a hard time at school because we see what happened in that game. his team lost miserably. next up we will continue with the theme of the national championship game and show you something that happened. tell me what is wrong with this picture. yeah this is the ohio state, the cheerleaders running out at the beginning of the game.
3:26 am
there is something missing there. ohio is a four-letter word. ohio state do this before every game and the o is missing. a lot of people made fun of it and had a good time, they screwed up but the truth is the cheerleader who was carrying the o at the end got run over by her own team in the tunnel. she is okay but the o fell she fell fwot runover. she's all right but that explains why this mishap took place. >> they are known for incredible formations and really terrific. >> we knew something was up. next up what do we have how about the rap that looks like -- you want to go with the pimp suit or the newhart. >> i want to do the suit. >> fashion before football. >> oregon running back coach gary campbell. look at that purple suit. ♪ purple suit purple suit ♪ he apparently has 70 of them 70
3:27 am
suits. he wore this to the pregame. what did they call it the warmup section of the show. >> pregame before the game starts. >> before the game. he should have wore it the whole time. he has 52 purple suits. he's been there 50 years. he looks great. he reminds me of the joker from "batman." >> that's legit. >> he looks great. whatever it is it worked. his team won. >> i am wondering mr. campbell if you have a purple suit i could borrow for tomorrow's show. >> the last one. the ref, everybody was talking about he ref reef. put the picture up. the guy on the left. everybody was paying attention and said wait a minute he bears a striking resemblance to none other than mr. bob newhart. newhart got wind of this and his character there from the movie "elf," and he tweeted in regards to my new career as head ref for the game i didn't have a series on tv anymore so i had to do something. hi, anne. how are you doing?
3:28 am
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330 this morning on "world news now," terror train, a subway filled with smoke sending dozens to the hospital and killing a passenger. a rush hour nightmare. unprecedented patrols protecting the public in paris. the latest fears and why the u.s. is on terror watch. the unusual flight. new york-bound delta airlines passenger who shared an entire jetliner with one other passenger. how did this happen? >> and later, awkward moments on "the bachelor" last night. the unusual behavior of one of the contestants. did she get sent home? that's in "the skinny" on this tuesday, january 13th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> hello to you all. we begin this half hour with new details in the deadly smoke condition in the washington,
3:31 am
d.c. metro. >> subway passengers described the moments of panic as people starting to hit the floor trying to breathe. some riders were trapped more than an hour. abc's karen travers has the latest >> reporter: just before monday's evening rush hour, chaos at a busy underground subway station in downtown washington. >> gas and smoke starts piling in and people are freaking out going everywhere. >> reporter: as emergency officials work to identify the source of the smoke, there was a train stopped in a tunnel just south of the l'enfant metro station. >> 1100 feet beyond the train there was an electrical arcing event involving the third. the train did not derail. there was no fire on the train. >> d.c. fire department responded to evacuate the folks from the train. we have one fatality. >> one other is in critical condition. dozens more taken to local hospitals for treatment for
3:32 am
smoke inhalation or other injuries. eyewitness reports from the scene started to quickly appear on social media. these pictures showing a dark, smoky train, emergency personnel. passengers said they took their evacuations in to their own hands. >> once we got to the station, we just sprinted for our lives out of there. we had no idea what was happening. we were so scared. >> reporter: the national transportation safety board is now leading the investigation. in a strange coincidence, the government agency is located right above the l'enfant plaza station where the incident took place. karen travers, abc news, washington. a federal buildings and airports across the country are on heightened alert after last week's terror attacks in paris. security will be stepped up with the tsa saying it will enhance the random searches of passengers and carry-on luggage at airports. u.s. officials say they have not identified any specific imminent threats. the attacks in paris killed 17 people.
3:33 am
french authorities say they are on hot trail of hunting down members of the terror attack in paris. abc's brian ross has the latest. anchtss french authorities search for members of the terrorist cell new video emerged of two that got away. on the right hayat boumeddiene, the gunman's girlfriend and on the left another alleged accomplice seen at this turkey checkpoint last week. french authorities say they left paris just before the attack and moved to madrid and then istanbul before crossing in to syria where they were reported by isis followers to have arrived in the terrorist stronghold city of rakka. >> she is outside of the reach of french law enforcement and it will be difficult to conduct surveillance on her activities while she's in syria. >> as for her boyfriend, officials are analyzing the so-called martyrdom tape recorded by amedy coulibaly.
3:34 am
swearing allegiance to isis and the surprising erasing of the fire power he somehow accumulated. the two other paris attackers the kouachi brothers had their own deadly arsenal as seen in these surveillance photos made public showing them holding up a gas station with a dispose able rocket launcher at a gas station. powerful enough to stop an armored vehicle, a serious military weapon. it was another isis weapon that got the attention of the u.s. military. using key strokes to take over the twitter feed and you tube channels of the u.s. military central command, headquarters for american efforts against the terrorists. the hackers posted isis videos and issued this threat, american soldiers, we are coming. watch your back. the u.s. military says no classified information was involved, but the apparent ability of isis followers to post a threat on the u.s. military site has led to a full fbi investigation.
3:35 am
brian ross, abc news, new york. both black boxes from the airasia crash have been pulled from the bottom of the java sea. the cockpit voice recorder had been wedged under part of the plane but it was retrieved this morning. the flight data recorder was brought to shore a day earlier. they will be sent to jakarta where investigators are expected to get a second-by-second time line of the flight. in south carolina a retired firefighter has died after his truck was swept away by floodwaters. it appears it stuck in a flood sewer pipe. moments later, it was swept in to an overflowing creek and taken downstream. the victim was able to make a 911 call before overtaken by rushing water. a close call for this driver if colorado when a sinkhole nearly swallowed his suv. it is 30 feet long and 15 feet deep and filled with water. the sinkhole opened as the suv drove over what used to be the main shaft of a coal mine. it was filled in more than 85
3:36 am
years ago but opened up after a rainstorm. the driver is okay. a very different rescue in ohio where a dog was caught in the icy waters of the great miami river. firefighters had to use a special boat. the 7-year-old black lab appeared ready to give up after struggling for least a half an hour. the vet says the dog's temperature was so low it wouldn't register, but the dog is doing well now. >> all right. here's a look at your weather. showers in the carolinas and the southern tip of florida. snow in the rockies and dry just about everywhere else. >> temperatures in the northeast and midwest will be 10 to 15 below normal. highs will only be in the teens around the great lakes. the 40s and 50s along the gulf coast and the 20s in the northeast. 60s phoenix and los angeles. for the first time, we got what we wanted, a playoff in college football and a champ has been decided on the field. not by some polls, not by the bcs, i hate to even say that again. the winner ohio state. the buckeyes upset the oregon
3:37 am
ducks 42-20. they were led by a third string quarterback. what's the name? that's your cue. >> 16 gauge. now 100 gauge. >> oh, my goodness. >> cardale jones is his name. his nickname is 12 gauge. >> oh, 12 gauge. sorry. i forget. >> what is a 16 gauge? why do you keep saying 16. >> i was joking 16 gauge. i think he is 100 gauge because he gave 100%. >> i was joking 16 gauge. i think he is 100 gauge because he gave 100%.? >> i was joking 16 gauge. i think he is 100 gauge because he gave 100%. >> yes, he did. he had a great game. the mvp of the game was the tail back, ezekiel elliot. don't mess with his name. he had 246 yards and four touchdowns. >> we finally did it. this is why we all came here to compete and win the national championships and we did. it is our dream an it came true. >> ohio state coach irvin meyer has three national championships to his credit. other two in florida. he is the second coach to win titles with two different schools. >> espn is not going to call me today, huh? >> yeah, probably to complain. >> all right.
3:38 am
well, a new york man is back home after the flight of his life. check out this selfie taken by chris o'leary. he appeared to be the only passenger. it turns out everyone else booked on the cleveland to new york plane to take an earlier flight but o'leary was in his hotel room and didn't hear the announcements, but he has no complaints. >> the best part was there were no crying babies on board, no one in front of me to lean their seat back in to me or anything. i felt no guilt leaning my seat back either. >> hope they gave you an extra pack of peanuts, too. o'leary was not the only passenger. they went back to the gate and picked up another person but he said that passenger left the entire way to la guardia. >> at least they let him sit in first class. wouldn't it be awful if they made him -- no, 22-f is yours. stay right there. something else turning a lot of heads this morning, the community north of indianapolis, -- minneapolis.
3:39 am
a front yard snow sculpture. >> this isn't an ordinary snow sculpture, far from any snowman most of us made as kids. it is a 37 foot long sea turtle. look at the amazing sea turtle. the three brothers spent 300 hours to complete it. >> 12 foot tall turtle named snappy. the fourth year in a row they built a giant sea animal outside. you can do that in minneapolis. good work, guys. "the skinny" coming your way next. an awkward moment on "the bachelor" and a sneak peek at next movie chapter of "the avengers." a chilling moment on the at a ski resort. a 9-year-old boy in trouble and who came to the rescue. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by airborn dual action. o you by airborn dual action.
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♪ it was a terrifying scene at a ski resort caught on it was a terrifying scene at a ski resort caught on tape. a little boy dangling from the chair lift holding on for dear life. >> with a growing number of incidents like this it is a reminder to be careful up the mountain as well as down. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: the video is enough to send a shiver down your spine. you can see the 9-year-old boy dangling from the ski lift at liberty resort on saturday. people gather two stories below as the boy flails his legs, one ski still attached. adrien delgado show the video on his cell phone. >> the gasp worthy moment, the boy plummets hitting the snow below. incredibly he is expected to be okay. >> he fell from 20 feet and
3:44 am
injured his leg. that has to be a miracle. >> reporter: no word what caused the accident. authorities are investigating and the resort is not commenting, but it's not the first slip on the slopes this season. on the same day a 5-year-old boy riding on a beginning chair lift by himself in montgomery county, pennsylvania, plummeted 30 feet. the boy is reportedly in serious condition after he fell because the rail on his chair was not secure. and last month, a similar incident in new york. just days later, 10-year-old tyler russell fell 20 feet from a lift in oregon. >> i said my foot is tired. i'm going to put my foot behind my know board and -- my snow board and then i went forward too much. >> a brooklyn mother killed weeks ago after she fell 25 feet off a ski lift in upstate new york resort. safety expert mike russo told clayton sandell that skiers need to make sure they are securely locked in the lift.
3:45 am
>> you don't want to wiggle around. get on. put the bar down and sit still. >> reporter: the ski industry says chair lifts are exceptionally safe and secure, noting deaths are rare, 15 over the last four decades. this morning, as more and more families hit the slopes just double check that you are securely locked in. so a ski lift scare won't happen to you. gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> locks appear to be one of the issues but the owner of the ski resort said there wasn't a malfunction. >> always a good reminder, just make sure. some common sense applies. he fell -- good thing it was snow below, powdery stuff below. >> oh my gosh so hard to see. grateful both boys are recovering and will be okay. coming up, we have our first glimpse at the new "avengers" movie but will it live up to the hype? and things got weird for a contestant on "the bachelor." find out if she got a rose. that's next in "the skinny." contestant on the >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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3:47 am
tt2wút3n@ 4" bt@q&7h tt2wút3n@ 4" "a@q6;, tt2wút3n@ 4" bm@q=0 tt4wút3n@ 4"" dztq 6.é tt4wút3n@ 4"" entq fá< tt4wút3n@ 4"" gzt& ó-d tt4wút3n@ 4"" hnt& o#( tt4wút3n@ 4"" iztq %jp tt4wút3n@ 4"" jntq 7:0 tt4wút3n@ 4"" lzt& /wl ♪ skinny so skinny we have "the skinny" this morning. ♪ skinny so skinny ♪ we have "the skinny" this morning. episode two of "the bachelor" where things got a little intense. chris, an iowa farmer, had to send more of the ladies home. a tough task but not when it came to one contestant. >> ashley s. is the name. she made an impression on chris and the fellow contestants
3:48 am
especially during their group zombie date. is she started to scare everyone and it wasn't intentional. he made strange statements, generally out of it and chris tried to make sense of it all. >> i don't know if this has gotten to her. i don't know what's going on. i feel bad. >> whoa. >> okay? >> yeah, of course. >> what? >> she did seem a little out of it there. but oddly enough you won't believe this. she received a rose and will remain. >> she is good tv. >> until next week. the producers knew she was money gold when it comes to reality tv. it was revealed that jimmy kimmel will be a special guest. >> they screen these people very carefully. so they know actually who's going to be a problem, who could be good television, who could
3:49 am
be -- they knew she was going to do this. >> no, they didn't. they had no idea at all. >> potential was there. fans get a taste of the new "avengers" movie last night with a full-length trailer appeared during the big game. marvel fans poured over the details. >> it features the favorite characters but things look bleak for the super heros. we see ultron, the villainess robot voiced by james spader and we see a troubling battle between ironman and an out-of-control hulk. >> and a lot of speculation about the freak out. people thinking she under the control of somebody else. we'll see. it will hit theaters may 1st. next up big news for "twin peaks" fans. >> we already know that showtime is picking up and producing a sequel to the 1990 drama, but what we are just finding out is kyle mclaughlin is reprising his
3:50 am
role as coop . it was set in a most earn town that had a small cult-like following. >> and showtime says the limited run series is set in the present day is going in to production this year and will air in 2016. i love it when they come back and make a reappearance in a different time. >> that's 1990? >> yeah. so much has changed. it is like 20 years, right? >> my goodness. >> more than 20 years. safe to say most sports fans would be thrilled to get a picture with one of their favorite athletes. like if you had a shot with cardale. >> 12 gauge. >> this shot is probably not what you are hoping for. roy halladay at an amusement park. he is sneaking up behind a fan that happens to be wearing a halladay jersey. it is a funny moment but it doesn't appear that halladay let the fan know he was standing next to him. >> in his tweet, halladay writes
3:51 am
the didn't didn't know they took the picture. it could of course have been staged.know they took the picture. it could of course have been staged. if not halladay has got to get it together. he is 37 and retired. plenty of time to figure this stuff out. >> i love this. i don't find this to be mean. >> no. but if you are a fan, you would like to know he was there, right? >> i have done something like this once. >> with your fans? >> yeah. a guy was wearing a t-shirt that had my name on it for a show i was doing and i went up to the picture and then went back to say hello to him and he didn't know who i was. >> your own fan didn't know you. >> he didn't know who i was. >> time for celebrity birthdays. >> big happy birthday to veep star julia louis-dreyfus, 54. >> happy birthday mcdreamy. patrick dempsey turns 49. the creator of "greys anatomy," "scandal" writer, producer and an abc darling. >> superstar. >> shonda rhimes is 45. >> orlando bloom 38. happy birthday to everyone. coming up, class pass. trying out a gym workout without paying a fortune first.
3:52 am
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it's a work of art. ♪ all right. just a couple weeks in to the new year and a lot of you may be feeling fatigued to try to keep the fitness resolution. that's the extent of it. >> does that count? >> every bit counts. >> if you are trying to keep things fresh and try new workouts. abc's sara hans and membership that makes perfect sense for you. >> reporter: sick of the boring treadmill? the same workout day in and out? you may want to class things up with a special class pass. thousands of studios in 20 cities across the u.s. are part of the class pass movement. costing 79 to 99 dollars a month, the class pass allows you to try as many group fitness classes as you want, as long as you don't hit the same gym more than three times a month.
3:56 am
>> for your body to change the workout has to change. >> reporter: whether you are in to the zen of yoga, the intensity of kick boxing or want to dive in to underwater spinning, with class pass you can try something you have never done before. so that's exactly what i did. ♪ first step, i headed to revolution in motion for some slip and slide. man, did i slip. i am discovering new muscles. are we done? >> reporter: next, i bounce over to jump live for a full trampoline workout. only thing better than one trampoline is a room full of trampolines. >> let's go! >> reporter: and then to top it all off i headed over to unique gym called brooklyn zoo. ♪ where i was able to let out my wild side. i got my buns kicked and
3:57 am
definitely had a lot of fun. experts say class pass may not be perfect for everyone. >> i think class pass may not be great for someone who's looking to really become advanced because you really need to stick to one thing rather than bopping around to a bunch of different things. >> reporter: bopping around, guilty as charged. the script on my workout officially flipped. sara haines, abc news, new york. >> i love sara haines. >> she always seems like she's having more fun at work than we are. >> that's true. >> it bothers me. >> it bothers you? >> yeah. >> knowing sara a couple of years now she is always happy. no matter what time of day. >> she stays here. >> all the time and it is genuine. it's real. >> stay down a little bit. >> wake her up in the middle of the night. >> announcer: this is abc news now, informing insomniacs for two decades. news now, informing insomniacs for
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making news in america this morning, terror threat. authorities in a new warning and american airports as twitter and youtube page gets hacked. the rare admission of being wrong from the white house. train evacuations inside a washington, d.c. train. people running for their lives. at least one dead. overnight investigators reveal what they think happened. man overboard. we're hearing from the former football player recovering after swimming nine miles to safety. >> i shouldn't be here. 16 hours in the water. >> the motivation that kept him going. national champions, the buckeyes beating oregon with their first ever college football playoff


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