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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  January 15, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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good morning, it is 5:00 a.m. on this thursday, january 15, developing this morning. >> urban old faithful, a broken water main erupts into a gushing geyser in northeast philadelphia and it is still pushing water into the sky right now. >> crews battle smoke and flames in a house fire in south jersey overnight. crews celebrate a massive mountain climbing feat that was never done before.
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>> good morning, david murphy an weather and karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: the we have clouds this morning and the clouds will get holes punched through them and we'll see sun. 28 in allentown, 29 in millville there's not much of a windchill to worry about but it's cold outside. today it stays chilly, but not as bad as yesterday. 28 degrees by 9:00. 35 by noon, today we'll get up to 40, officially i'll call the high 39 and we'll hit it around 3:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m., we're back down to the freezing mark. we get another temperature day tomorrow, but the winds pick up, i'll have the details in the seven day coming up. all right dave. we have a horrible car crash in
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mercer county. the car caught on fire, after slamming into a tractor-trailer. i-95 northbound at route 31. we're seeing restrictions blocking the right shoulder. expect slowing in that area. route 31 olden avenue, yet another water main break in ewing township causing problems, you want to expect icy conditions. we have a downed pole and wire from an earlier accident, use the ramp to 41 instead of that ramp in maple shade. we're looking live at the schuylkill expressway, 30th street. we're dry and clear construction crews have cleared and traffic is moving good on the schuylkill expressway at 0th street. >> smoke and flames rip through a home in camden county, new jersey. firefighters rush to the unit block of marcels drive in winslow township. the ten investigators
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she was not home and came home and found the house in flames. no people were injured but a dog did not survive. a broken water main is still a gushing geyser. >> katherine scott is live at the scene at bluegrass road and grant avenue. good morning katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam crews are trying to shut this done but they are running into all sorts of problems, ten hours later water is shooting into the air. i know it's dark, but you can see it by the trees over there. last night workers were out at the scene by blue grass road in northeast philadelphia trying to get the water turned off but they were met with challenge after challenge eventually the
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water department had to leave the scene due to safety reasons treegz were freezing up and breaking around them in the low temperatures which of course was a hazard for the workers in the dark. one worker fell and was trapped for a short time. the water department received word of this around 7:00 p.m. the fire department said this is a private ten inch main not connected to the philadelphia water department. there's no reports of anyone losing water service in the area. workers expected back here when it gets lighter. they have multiple concerns. >> concern wise we're trying to get this off as quickly as we can. we're trying to maintain water service for other customers in case we have to turn other valves off to isolate torched the proper location for the valve. >> reporter: at this point we don't know the cause for this break, however, this is
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typically a busy time of the year for water department. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that. 5:05, developing this morning, a new move efforts to save an iconic atlantic city casino. division of entertainment filed for bankruptcy as part of reorganization and shedding of debt. atlantic city's revenue is on the down slide. new jersey division of gaming reported that casinos took in 2.$74 billion. which is half of what they took in 2006. in fact if you dig deeper into the numbers a different story emerges, every casino in atlantic city will a better year with revenue up except for
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caesar's and bally and taj mahal, and they brought down what could have been a pretty picture for everybody else. a hearing is scheduled in the pennypack rape cases. he is charged with raping two women. authorities are trying to link him to a third attack. he was arrested in madison wisconsin, he is suspected of sexual assault there. >> one of america's 15, most wanted fugitives is in custody. 43-year-old le is accused of tieing three men up in a southwest philadelphia home and stabbing them even dumping them into the schuylkill river. two men died, the third managed to swim to shore and get help. after months on the run, u.s. marshals captured lee in ashland virginia on tuesday, he is tide
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to vietnamese gangs. a delaware teacher is charged with having sex with a 17-year-old student. he is charged with several counts of sexual abuse. police say he engaged in inappropriate behavior with a girl 9 times on school grounds and a number of other times at his home. >> turning now to take a look at accuweather. doesn't feel so bad out there. >> reporter: not as bad the wind is not as strong. temperatures are not as raw but you need a coat. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we're dry. that's a good part of the story and it's nice to start with something good. as we look outside, we have a fairly tranquil angle of the airport. it's not bouncing as much, because the winds are in the single digits. today we're starting with a milder day today it will be cool but we're getting a break
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temperature-wise. we have a change for sunday we'll talk about that when we hit the seven day. 28 in allentown. 28 in wilmington. 29 in dover, 30 in sea isle city cold, but windchills are not that bad. there are clouds on satellite but out to the west we're looking at breaks, and we expect sunshine to break out behind the clouds as we go through the morning and afternoon. overall we'll call it a mixture of sun and clouds, a bit brisk but not as cold as the other days in general. down the shore sun and clouds, 33 degrees manageable winds certainly. in philadelphia, we're going for a high of 39 after hanging around the freezing mark, sun and clouds, chilly conditions, wind out of the west. 27 degrees by 8:00.
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32 by 11:00. 2:00 p.m., 38. we hit the high of 39 around 3:00 p.m. if you can hold off doing your errands until later today probably not a bad idea. friday we have sun and clouds, a front will be past us, so it will be dry but windy. even though we get up to a high of 40 it might feel worse than today, but the winds will be stronger going up to 30 miles per hour. saturday we have high pressure rolling into the north that will turn the wind out of the north that will drop the temperatures saturday, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast clouds and sun today 39. chilly wind tomorrow, 40. saturday, sunny, does look like the north wind will drop the temperatures to 32. the wind turn around from the west sunday as a warm front comes through. him we'll get up to 46 degrees above average. clouds increase. there's a chance of rain. the steadiest rain will be down the shore we'll keep our eyes
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on whether that shifts inland. look for afternoon rain on sunday especially at the shore and the rest of the region, as well. we get lots of sun for martin luther king monday, but it's windy and colder, 39 degrees, back to 36 on tuesday another 40 heading your way on wednesday. >> okay, thank you david. it's 5:10. next and new this morning an afternoon on the ice turns into a dramatic rescue caught on camera. >> a woman sets up shop inside a wal-mart an refuses to leave for days. >> reporter: live in chadds ford right now checking out route 1 at creek road, where we are clear and dry. we have a tiny issue on the schuylkill expressway, that's coming up. >> two mountain climbers make history of what many call the most difficult rock climb in the world. "action news" will be right back.
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>> welcome back, taking a live look here, sky6 live hd looking down the shore into atlantic city a much clearer picture this morning than yesterday 5:13 30 degrees. >> what's going on in the suburbs. >> reporter: we have a couple of issues on the schuylkill expressway, things are looking good. you can probably see the lights up ahead. we have a disabled vehicle westbound it's on the shoulder, not causing a delay look for that on the schuylkill expressway at the blue route. otherwise you see a good shot of the roads. they are clear and dry so we have no issues with that. we have a horrible accident scene, investigators are out
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there, this is in mercer county, i-95 northbound right at route 31 a tractor-trailer was stopped on the shoulder another car slammed into it, it caught fire, a fatal accident and investigator are out there right now. him you're going to see some restrictions off on the shoulder or blocking a lane i-95 at route 31. in ewing township another water main break we've seen them everywhere. this is route 31 past olden avenue. in maple shade we have a problem on the ramp 73 northbound to 537 a downed pole and wire from an earlier accident causing a problem, use the ramp to 41. norristown main at union 8:30 to 4:30 you'll see repairs to a water main leak that will cause delays as well in that area. stick to 38 as the alternate. time for the commuter traffic report which you can be a part
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of if you use the free waze app and click the "action news" team. people are reporting potholes, it's that season again. 26 in martins creek and saint davids. 28 in browns mills cold, but not as cold as yesterday, a little better news, tam. firefighters rushed to save a man who fell through the ice in hanover massachusetts yesterday. the man was submerged for less than nine minutes and conscious when firefighters pull him to safety. he was rushed to the hospital suffering from hype they hypothermia. the. had a-year-old woman slept in the bath -- a 45-year-old woman slept in the bathroom of a walmart. the woman refused to leave, she was kicked out of her son's home
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because of a drinking problem. the flyers hope the offense get back on track when they play the can a canadians. they put 20 shots on net with nothing to show for it. the sixers michael carter williams scored season high 29 points in their loss in toronto. the sixers are playing without their leading scorer, tony roten out with a sprained knee. >> when does eagles training camp begin again? >> a new survey lists some of the top reasons you may be putting on weight at work. >> reporter: don't worry pitchers and catchers report in
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five weeks. come on, there's stuff coming down the pike and temple is playing swell too. we have a lot of gear on the kids this morning and it's chilly this morning. a lot of stuff coming up.
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>> brand new video and another newsroom from the scene of a breaking traffic story we're following, a deadly crash on i-95 in mercer county, new jersey. a speeding car slammed into the back of a tractor-trailer that was parked on the side of the highway. the car erupted into flames and burned the truck. one person was ejected from the car and killed. after that accident to continue with the accident investigation, so you'll still see crews on i-95 in mercer county blocking the shoulder, but they may at times be blocking a lane. let's look outside at fort washington 309 approaching the pennsylvania turnpike, no problems between quakertown and
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cheltenham. it's clear and dry you're good to go in for the -- fort washington. >> reporter: on the big board we have numbers across the region in the upper 20s and 30 degrees, we'll be at 28 at 9:00. noon 0, 35 and 3:00 p.m. 39 degrees and better news, perhaps, the winds will be lighter today you'll have a breeze but it won't be that strong, this is not a bad day to do errands, if you have reason to go to the bus station or camp the el. wide view on satellite. there's rain in the southern states coming through places like new orleans and in toward the panhandle of florida, east coast looks okay, snow showers in the northern great lakes, a little bit of rain and coastal oregon. flight destinations look good overall.
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on the board we have big green aircraft, boston has a snow shower up there. >> thanks, david. a taxi driver in old city received the tip of a lifetime over the holidays. freedom taxi driver picked up a passenger, the trip was less than a mile and the fare was 4 had not 31. the passenger left a tip on his credit card totaling 989.98. the driver thought it was a mistake, but in the end it turned out to be a generous gift. >> your job could be blame for any extra weight game. career put up a list of why they are putting on weight. number one was the freebie table, the study found people who work or commute through neighborhoods with lots of drive-thrus are likely to stop
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at them and the vending machine. the fda has aproved a device to use pulses to tell the stomach whether it feels empty or full. the device helped patients use 20% of their extra weight. you would think with the recalls, gm, the automaker would have posted a disappointing year. here's america's money. >> reporter: despite millions of recalls, a good year for general motors. >> >> reporter: it told ten million vehicles in 2014. >> reporter: when all the numbers are tallied up, it could be the second largest automaker in the world after toyota. chipotle pulled pork from
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the menu because of animal welfare issues. the blue ray freedom he he edition has bone us --es. >> the morning team is staying on top a developing story. >> a water geyser is gushing in northeast philadelphia merely ten hours after the pipe burst. you can see nearby trees are covered in ice. we've got an update on why no one can figure out how to shut it off.
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>> happening today the pew charitable trust is releasing a report about school funding for philadelphia schools and large districts in other states. incoming tom wolf wants to pump 1 billion more of taxpayer dollars into education. >> in the morning buzz we're talking about an achievement for two men. there are names thomas caldwell and kevin jorgeson,
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climbed el capitan. they got up the mountain with their bare hands and feet. they had lost skin and doing it in painful conditions. the president tweeting congratulations in front of the picture of el capitan. they hope other people are inspired what's their wall and to climb it. they had a champagne shower, his wife said that's the first shower you've had in 19 days. >> the cracks were inches. it's amazing. >> it is. police converge on a south jersey home overnight combing for toulouse clues in the search of a young mothered presumed murder. a shootout inside a philadelphia school when the owner fights off two would-be would-be robbers. we've got the video you'll only see it on "action news."
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>> we have off to a somewhat cloud start we have holes in the clouds, we think the air is dry enough especially after the sun gets up over the horizon we'll dig holes in the clouds, my twitter follower in egg harbor township, new jersey, reports 29 degrees, that's similar to what we have across the region. 28 in allentown and 28 in


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