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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  January 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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especially in the mountains of virginia and west virginia and then east of their the i-95 corridor is rain from washington and richmond and we will see a mix as this pushes in and in fact there is a copious amount of precipitation down to the south as the low pressure center near atlanta will transfer its energy off to the coast developing that nor'easter as it pushes to the north and east but close enough to us and with a lack of cold air that we are going to see that changeover to rain for much of the region. nonetheless, there are winter weather advisories and alerts all the way from maine down to the mountains of north carolina so you're talking about 1,000 miles of real estate that are being affected by this storm. winter weather advisories posted for our entire viewing area tonight into tomorrow morning. but as this storm pulls up from the south, you can see the warm air in washington and richmond into the 40's right now as that influx of the wind off of the ocean wraps around the storm and there's a lack of cold air to the north. right now we're only talking
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39 in new york city and 28 in binghamton so that is why this will not be an all snow event. here are the times that it will begin where you live. from millville wildwood, south of wilmington, between about 6 o'clock and 8 o'clock this evening, the greater philadelphia and the northwestern suburbs interior southern new jersey 8 o'clock to 10 o'clock tonight. so if you're heading out on the town the snow will begin before you head home and between trenton and allentown that vicinity around 10:00 to midnight. those are the start times but what type of precipitation will you see when it begins? depends on the location. meteorologist cecily tynan has that part of the story. >> that's exactly right add today. as the moisture moves in philadelphia areas north and west it begins as snow. for southern jersey and delaware this is a rain event. could have a few wet snowflakes mixed in. the location is really key as to what you'll get and as we've been saying all weekend long the higher snow amounts will be farther up to the north. so the far northwestern
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suburbs including easton allentown, quakertown, pottstown downing ton reading we're looking at it beginning as snow and staying as snow as an extended period of time. then there will be some mixed precipitation, some sleet some freezing rain in that. minimal rain. you'll probably see a bitter of a changeover to rain during the day tomorrow but by then most of the moisture will be out of here. the i-95 corridor, this includes philadelphia, trenton, mount holly media salem and wilmington we're looking at a brief snow event tonight into about 2 o'clock in the morning by about 4 o'clock, this is all rain and we're looking at about a half inch to an inch of rain so that rain will be washing away a lot of the snow. and as i said, south jersey and delaware a few snowflakes at the onset but generally this is a soaking rain. could get more than an inch of rain. i think the most of the problems tomorrow as far as traveling will be the possibility of freezing rain. we found out last sunday just
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how dangerous freezing rain will be and we're looking at the potential for up to a quarter inch of icing from easton quakertown, downingtown reading and lancaster tomorrow morning between about 6 o'clock and 8 o'clock in the morning. i'll talk the specifics of totals. adam, will too coming up in the full accuweather forecast. shirleen. >> thank you cecily. crews have already started treating the roads ahead of tonight's storm and we found people buying shovels and salt just to make sure they are ready. eva pilgrim continues our coverage. she's live at the salt yard in hunting park. hi eva. >> reporter: hi, shirleen. yeah the winter weather isn't expected until tonight but at penndot yards like this one here in hunting park they have been getting ready for whatever mother nature throws our way. >> just prepping for the storm. getting some ice melt, got myself a spreader so trying to be mr. handy tonight. >> reporter: the rush to get ready for the storm is on at home depot in king of prussia. the must have item today is
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ice melt. >> i was in here to get a new brush for my car because the snow is coming and the one i have is pretty ratty but they think they're sold out. >> we're using a lot more salt than we are buying so we need to be proactive. we're storing now, hoarding. >> reporter: last night penndot crews brined the major interstates in delaware and philadelphia counties. today they put brine down in montgomery bucks and chester county. >> have our state and contractor trucks positioned late tonight with -- loaded with salt so when the snow enters the region we'll begin salting and we'll continue salting through the morning as long as the snow continues to fall. >> reporter: and as long as there is winter weather, many folks we talked to today are planning to avoid it as best they can by staying off the roads. >> generally don't want to be on the roads this weekend. just try and take care of my drive way. >> i just don't go out when it's like that. it's pretty simple. just stay home, go in later
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tutwork. >> we were hoping we'll be able to keep ourselves protected, you know, keen our drive way safe and clean. >> reporter: now, if you want to check on those road conditions tomorrow if you do have to head out head to our 6abc app. we'll have a link to traffic cameras an look at those road can conditions for you there. we're live in hunting park, eva pilgrim channel6 "action news." shirleen. >> thank you eva. remember, you can keep track of the nor'easter with the 6abc storm tracker app. get the latest from accuweather and access to our live radar plus use the report your weather feature to let us know what's happening where you are and to send us your photos of the snow. you can even create a digital postcard to share with family and friends. >> he was a teenaged volunteer firefighter arrested for starting fires but as police dug deep near his life they say they found evidence of something even more disturbing. today that same man was charged with sexually abusing children. chad pradelli live in media. chad, these allegations involve more than a dozen
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kids. yes, brian the district attorney here in delaware county calls john cork koran a sick and disturbed young man. he's charged with 161 counts of sexual abuse and other allegations and his victims are as young as eight years old. authorities say john corcoran groomed his victims, showered them with gifts then raped molested and made child pornography. >> during the filming he instructed the boys what to do, he instructed hem how to pose. >> reporter: most of his alleged crimes occurred at his glenolden home he shared with his parents but investigators say his crimes also occurred at the ridley ymca and the swedish cabin historical site in upper darby. the crimes occurred from december of 2012 to december of 2014. >> he would befriend them in the neighborhood. he would meet them possibly at the ymca. he would meet them through different contacts of other young boys.
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>> he's a creep. he's weird. he just gives off a very bad vibe to people. i mean, just a very strange individual. >> reporter: investigators learned of the alleged sexual abuse after they busted corcoran for a series of arsons in delaware county last year. they then uncovered his alleged per versions. the 20-year-old is accused of other sex crimes that occurred when he was a juvenile. the district attorney is trying to get those cases moved to adult courts. >> the most disturbing thing that we found today is that we believe that there are other victims out there. >> reporter: and the d.a. tells me that neither corcoran's parents nor the ymca knew about the alleged crimes. i did speak with the ceo and president of the ridley ymca. he tells me that the y does everything it can can to prevent such acts and that the y is cooperating fully with investigators. i'm live in media, chad pradelli channel6 "action
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news." >> chad thank you. we are also learning more about a bizarre and truly disturbing attack in delaware county. a one month old baby was badly injured after she was attacked by three ferrets. police say the infant's mother put her in a car seat inside a home in darby borough. she left that girl on the ground while she went upstairs. that's when three ferrets got out of their cages and attacked the child. the baby has severe injuries to 25 percent of her face. vernon odom will have a live report including an interview with the child's father. that's coming up at 4:30. >> an 11-year-old girl was can killed in a crash this morning in philadelphia's east oak lane neighborhood. according to police a ford mustang crossed over into oncoming traffic near cheltenham avenue and old york road around 8:15. that is when it hit -- it was hit by a minivan. the 11-year-old was a passenger in the mustang. she was pronounced dead at the hospital. police say her mother was driving the mustang at the time. both she and the minivan's
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driver were hospitalized. >> well, this is tom wolf's third day as pennsylvania's governor. he's making significant waves. the democrat removed more than two dozen of tom corbett's appointees from their posts this week. corbett made the appointments after he lost the election. the positions include members of boards and commissions as well as judges. also include a number of temple's board of trustees, a post that went to corbett's lieutenant governor jim cawley. wolf also fired corbett's pick for open records officer. some republican lawmakers say wolf does not have the authority to make these changes and of course that could set up an early legal battle for this new administration. >> still ahead police say he has robbed everything from fast food restaurants to pharmacies and today they say they finally caught up with him. where they say he was hiding out. >> plus the deadline passes to pay the ransom for two hostages being held by isis. what we know about their fate today.
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>> the deadline for japan to pay the ransom to free two hostages from isis has now come and gone. isis demanded $200 million in exchange for the two men's lives. that's the same amount japan is putting toward the u.s.-led coalition to fight isis. still no word on the fate of these two men. if isis goes through with its threat these would be the sixth and seventh hostages killed by this executioner. intelligence officials call him jihadi john because of his british accent. they say they know his real name but they have not released it publicly. chaos continues in yemen with protesters demonstrating and for several different causes. the u.s. backed president stepped down yesterday along with his prime minister and cabinet. shiite rebels have taken control of the capitol. supporters marched through the streets today with banners that said death to america death to israel, victory to
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islam. the rebels now in charge are also fighting with the local al-qaeda branch which the u.s. considers the most dangerous terror group in the world. meanwhile in the country's south protesters marched to show they want to break away from yemen and form their own nation. >> philadelphia police tell "action news" a man suspected of at least 10 rob vees -- robberies is behind bars. officers worked to arrest 49-year-old cartel wright early this morning. he was found in a closet in a north philadelphia home. according to police wright hit fast food restaurants and pharmacies including the same rite-aid four times. he was taken into custody without incident. >> another candidate could be jumping into the race for the white house in 2016. florida senator marco rubio has hired a new finance director. rubio will take fundraising trip to california next week. the republican plans to meet with his advisors and supporters this weekend to
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discuss his future plans. >> to business now and a rough end to the week on wall street. let's take a look. the dow dropped 141 points today. the nasdaq actually inched up about seven and a half points. the s & p was down 11. ups disapril pointed investors today with news that holiday deliveries were lower than expected. the shipping company was expecting a busy season and hired 95,000 extra workers and upgraded its facilities but ups says it spent too much and that holiday shopping numbers weren't high enough to make it worthwhile. the company says it expects its fourth quarter results to fall short. and it is time now for the "action news" traffic report. >> all right, now to matt pelman who always delivers for us, live in the "action news" traffic center. hey, matt. >> you know i try but this afternoon delivering some higher travel times than we would like unfortunately on the blue route brian and shirleen. southbound direction looking at pretty much a solid jam the whole way from past villanova
4:15 pm
at route 30 through this points past lima springfield the route 1 media bypass. the reason prettiest. a pretty nasty crash taking out the left lane. a lot of emergency crews including a fire truck, an ambulance, penndot police all remain on the scene. they're trying to get things taken care of but for now with that left lane blocked not a pretty ride on the southbound side of 476 the blue route. not too far off from that accident there's another one in middletown township along route 1 baltimore pike just south of where it becomes baltimore pike changes over from the route 1 media bypass near 352 middletown road. on the big picture a crash on the boulevard northbound at ninth street partially blocking the left lane of the inner drive. gas leak in south philadelphia along south broad street between snyder and jackson. watch out for fires crews out there. nasty crash this afternoon in towamencin. a medical chopper was on the scene in fact along welsh road at forty foot road. a wreck in horsham township on 309. appears that cleared out. all the northbound lanes of 309 reopened.
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no need to worry about that one anymore. cross it off the list. police activity in mansfield burlington county blocking the right lane on 206 southbound past 68. let's do the commuter report. happy friday everybody. a lot of people complaining about the mess on the blue route i just told you about. download the waze app for free and you can check the alternates like 320 and 252 right now not looking too bad. we'll check it again shirleen in the next half hour. >> sounds good. thank you matt. the philadelphia crime ninety and other law enforcement spent much of the day cleaning out what they say was a stash house for stolen goods. "action news" anchor monica malpass is live in the news room with this story. hi, monica. >> hi, shirleen. police say items seized today were taken from stores in and around philadelphia. a lot of thefts going on. it was everything from bags of clothing to electronics even toys and plumbing equipment if you can imagine. officials say the seizure of these stolen goods was a success but they have not made
4:17 pm
any arrests yet and coming up tonight at 5:00 the latest on the investigation to find out who is behind what they now believe to be a theft ring. we'll have that story and much more, of course, coming your way on "action news" at 5:00. brian and shirleen we'll see you then. >> see you shortly monica. up next adam is back with another look at that nor'easter and the snow coming our way tonight plus another storm we've got our eye on after that. >> we also have more coverage of that disturbing attack, a child badly injured by ferrets. we'll hear from the baby's father in a live report coming up. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> some montgomery county students showed off their green thumbs today in abington, part of the philadelphia horticultural society's junior flower show. highland elementary school students could enter their work in any of 22 categories. the best projects will be on display at the philadelphia flower show in march. >> going to be nice to look forward to that.
4:20 pm
>> yes. >> some time before we're going to see those flowers again outdoors. we've got some snow coming our way tonight and tomorrow. >> yes, we do. let's deal with the now i guess. let's go over to meteorologist adam joseph if we must. >> you must. you can't stop the beast coming in from the south and west. you can see the amount of moisture from pittsburgh to charlotte. nor'easter moving to the north and east but this go round even though it's the end of january we have a lack of cold air to kind of interject this storm across much of our area. so as we take a look at the winter weather advisories, earlier the national weather service had dover and cape may county within that advisory. they have taken them out which is more in line with our thinking which is that far south that's not going to be that much snow. starts as rain, ends as rain. for the rest of our region with those winter weather advisories in place we'll see some snow changing to sleet freezing rain and eventually the majority of us will seaplane old cold rain.
4:21 pm
right now 37 in trenton, 38 in philadelphia, 37 millville, 37 dover so air temperatures are above freezing areawide and as we look at satellite and radar again you can see all of that moisture to the south and the majority of this storm at this point as you can see is in the form of liquid, not frozen precipitation. as we look at future tracker with the time, around 11 o'clock that snow will be as north as reading and just south of the lehigh valley. awful lancaster county chester county on the verge of wilmington but to the south you can see the rain already pushing up from the coastline at 11 o'clock approaching philadelphia, then bust over that i-95 corridor around 2 o'clock in the morning and by 4:00 a.m., it is a heavy rain, most of the area from reading to central parts of bucks county south, lehigh valley still holding onto some wet snow mixing at times with ice and sleet and then by 8 o'clock in the morning the heaviest precipitation is already gone and we just have some leftovers to deal with tomorrow afternoon in the form
4:22 pm
light rain showers and could end as a quick period of some snow showers saturday afternoon but at that point any accumulation would be done. in fact as we look at the expected snowfall totals a coating to an inch dover millville, just north and west of atlantic city to southern parts of camden and gloucester county before it washes away by tomorrow morning. 1 to 3-inchs from wilmington, philadelphia and trenton and in that vicinity we're looking at the lower end as opposed to the higher end of that range and the same thing for those northwestern suburbs. more likely closer to the three than 5-inches p we see a little mixing going on in those far northwestern suburbs. the heaviest precipitation is between 2:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. with that period of icing to the north and west that accumulates on the already packed snow cover. and then light precipitation throughout your day on saturday, so saturday roads may be a little slushy north and west but if you take it slow you should be able to get to point a and b during the day tomorrow and then a few
4:23 pm
flakes to end saturday afternoon. as we look at your four day at 4:00 that rain and mix ending early tomorrow morning and then just again some lighter showers throughout the day. at 39 warm degrees and then clouds build on sunday after morning sun of 42. sunday night into monday morning we'll have another period of some snow. that will not be a mix. temperatures will be cold enough to keep it all snow at 29 and then tuesday brisk and cold only 26 for a high. we'll have much more on that monday system and how much we're expecting to see with that one as well coming up in the next half hour. >> keeping you busy adam thanks. historians in delaware county had a big delivery to handle today and we mean it. under this white tarp is a trolley that used to run in chester back in 1916. that trolley has been housed for the last 10 years on kimberly clark's property. it's since been acquired by the chester historic preservation committee and today they helped move it to the third presbyterian charge on ninth street. >> and we are buzzing and of
4:24 pm
course we love kevin hart. i give you more reason to love him when we come right back.
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>> ♪♪ >> it is time now for the buzz. jenkintown's own bradley cooper is already making his next move fresh off his third straight oscar nomination. cooper is opting for the stage. he's already starring in the elephant man on broadway where he's gotten rave reviews and now he's taking the show to london. cooper will perform from may through august overseas. his current broadway show will close a day earlier than planned since cooper won't be there for the last performance. of course that's because he'll be at the oscars instead and of course we are pulling for him. the sundance film festival opened last night and there is already buzz around a lot of the movies scheduled to be screened. first up, last night was the bronze, a comedy about an olympic gymnast who wins a
4:27 pm
bronze medal then spends the next decade avoiding her responsibilities. it opened in the same spot whiplash opened last year and whiplash, by the way it went on to receive several oscar nominations. and finally philadelphia's own kevin hart made a group of his fans happy in ohio. his stand up shows were sold out so he had a treat for the fans who couldn't get in. he brought out an entire theater that was screening his movie the wedding ringer say they just had to show up and say kevin hart center me. don't you love there. more "action news" when we come right back.
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli shirleen allicott and brian taft. >> hello again. 4:30 now and "action news" continues. brand new video showing a grown man breaking a teen girl's nose on a septa trolley. the surveillance footage that police want you to see today. >> plus, a baby is alive with severely injured after a horrifying attack inside a darby home. we are live with an update on the little girl who lost part of her face to three ferrets all while her parents were upstairs. >> and later a store clerk springs into action quite literally while a man in a business suit decided to chase down a machete wielding robber. >> the latest on a nor'easter
4:30 pm
set to dump freezing rain and snow on parts of our area in just a few hours. >> let's get right over to meteorologist adam joseph tracking the timing and track of this next system. hey, adam. >> just a few hours away. we had a decent amount of sunshine throughout the day with temperatures seasonable in the upper 30's to near 40 degrees and right now a live look on sky 6 over center city still showing some highlight of glow to the sky but the clouds are really beginning to thicken and we're about four hours or so in philadelphia from seeing the first snowflakes fall. as we look at double scan live radar this is a very life imagery you can see it is clear across our region. towards baltimore starting to see a little rain develop. as we look at double scan live radar on our wider scare the actual low pressure system center still south of atlanta near the panhandle of florida. that will transfer its energy to a coastal storm but you can see it already has a lot of precipitation with it but the majority of it is in the form of rain with very little bit of snow at the leading edge
4:31 pm
and that's what will push in here this evening for most of us but as we look at the temperature profile notice one thing on here. you don't see any 20's off to the north on this map. there is no large high high pressure center in eastern canada as we've been talking the last couple days to kind of pull down some cold air to keep this in the form of snow for most of us so right now philadelphia 38 degrees, the same for raleigh and atlanta coming in at 43. so here's that time line for the nor'easter as we get into this evening overnight into saturday. it arrives from the southwest to the northeast between about 6 o'clock to 11 o'clock, 6 o'clock towards dover 11:00 to the lehigh valley. heaviest precipitation is when most of us are home and sleeping and around 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. and then between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. tomorrow it's just some lingering very light precipitation throughout the day. we'll talk about how much we're going to who is going to see what when that transition pulls in coming up.
4:32 pm
>> thank you adam. with that storm system just hours away road crews have been working in overdrive to get ready. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic has more on the preparations. she is live from trenton. hi nora. >> reporter: hi there, shirleen. i'm standing right now along the delaware river next to the iconic trenton makes bridge where the ice that formed weeks ago is starting to melt. now, this storm that we're talking about overnight is not considered a major event but towns in our area are preparing to make sure they can deal with any ice or snow on the streets. we visited doylestown bucks county today to check things out. front end loaders are busy in doylestown scooping up buckets of rock salt and filling dump trucks that are on stand by for the approaching nor'easter and the snow it's expected to bring. >> we prepare the equipment, we load the trucks up with salt, make sure all the plows are working, make sure all the hydraulics and other related systems are functioning. pretty much fuel everything up and get ready for the call.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: this is routine for public works and highway crews who say this winter has been much kinder than last. the deputy borough manager in doylestown say they've already mounted 25 snow fighting operations by this time last year. >> we've been lucky, yeah, just been a little sprinkling here and there. that's what we would like to see more. >> reporter: we found these students out for a field trip in doylestown and talked to them about the coming storm. >> going to come down from the sky, i'll tell that you. >> reporter: is that okay with you? do you like snow. >> actually not really because then it freezes up and then it becomes icy. >> reporter: chopper 6 hd caught up with this penndot truck brining interstate 95 in bucks county. major roads in the entire area will have been treated by the time the snow starts falling. penndot says it has 345 trucks on stand by but doesn't expect icing to be the issue the way it was last weekend when slick roads caused a series of deadly pileups. scarfs and hats are on
4:34 pm
display,. >> i like the snow so i'm kind of excited for it. we haven't had much. >> yeah, i know. we i heard we were supposed to have a lot over the winter but i guess it's just starting. >> reporter: i guess it is. you're looking at the ice still remaining on the delaware river. we're looking over at the pennsylvania side right now. count on both sides of the river -- towns on both sides of the river are making preparations for the storm. pse&g tells us they'll have extra personnel and equipment on hand and towns along with penndot and new jersey dot have all these trucks on stand by hundreds of them ready to go when the snow starts falling. live in trenton, i'm nora muchanic channel6 "action news." >> thank you nora. our coverage of the nor'easter continues on we have those future tracker maps to show you the path of the storm. of course you will always see the latest weather reports along with the hourly seven-day forecast it's at >> we've got more now on a truly horrifying story out of delaware county today. right now investigators are
4:35 pm
trying to figure out how three ferrets were able to attack and infant leaving her without part of her face. "action news" reporter vernon odom went inside the darby home where it happened today. vernon, what is the family telling you. >> reporter: the father told me that yesterday afternoon he was asleep upstairs in his house here at 309 popular his fiancé went upstairs to go to the bathroom and when she came out to go back down the infant was screaming in the living room and this horror story was unfolding. bernie frame showed us around the living room where the tragedy occurred. this is the cloth cage where they kept three ferrets at least two of which escaped yesterday to mall his one month old daughter who was in a car seat on the floor. >> we rigged it and tied it most likely they broke that out. they can get out. the one ferret was in there but the other twofer lets were running around when the cops came. >> reporter: he and his fiancé have five children in all living here on popular street.
4:36 pm
he says they were both upstairs when the house pets escaped and mauled the newborn named sky isabelle frame. when he and the mother came downstairs they found the ferret had eaten away 25 percent of sky's face. >> i went over to grab the baby and then the baby's like half face is messed up from the ferret. so i called 911 and immediately. >> reporter: the child was rushed to children's hospital. the child has had lifesaving surgery and will require many more surgeries for many years to come. the police chief says this household which includes five young children in all is in crisis and have been clients of delaware county youth services before this tragedy. >> i'm not a cys person, i'm a cop, i've been one for 45 years and this is the most horrific thing i've seen happen to a child in 45 years in this town. >> reporter: neighbors here along popular street are in shock. >> it's really shocking to hear stuff like that because they are very nice and loving
4:37 pm
family. >> reporter: tonight the police are recommending some sort of criminal charges against the man and the feians say. the delaware county d.a. has not decide on that yet. so, as the baby remains in stable condition tonight still in intensive care those four other children, the siblings are all under five years old i might point out are staying with grandparents. live in darby, vernon odom channel6 "action news. >> we are all pulling for that baby. thank you vernon. philadelphia police have released brand new surveillance video in hopes of finding a man accused of attacking a teen girl. officers say this is the suspect who seriously injured a 17-year-old on wednesday morning. authorities say he punched the teenager on the route 15 septa trolley after her backpack kept hitting him. the confrontation left the girl with a broken nose and bruises. if you recognize the suspect call philadelphia police. an amish community is
4:38 pm
grieve breathing a bit easier today following the arrest of this man. lancaster county police say justin schwank had been entering homes and fondling young girls while they slept. police were able to lift fingerprints positively identifying the 27-year-old as the suspect. he's being held on $50,000 bail. >> volunteers will search this weekend for a young mom who disappeared from her delaware home two weeks ago. keisha hamilton went missing along with her children ages four years and four months on january 11th. the next day the kids were found with their father in indiana but keisha has not been seen since. her family is organizing a search which will start at the cheswold fire station at 8 o'clock on sunday morning. officials in new jersey commemorate big steps they've been taking to prevent human trafficking. it's been 10 years since the human trafficking task force was established. this morning prosecutors reinforced their plan to fight
4:39 pm
human trafficking with this phrase know it see it report it. >> the mecca of building design landscaping is back. the philadelphia home show reopened today at the convention center. all weekend people in the marked for a little inspiration will get to check out several design rooms. they'll also have access to hundreds of industry experts and no need to pay for parking. there will be free parking and shuttle service from ikea on columbus boulevard. >> hm. >> yeah, right. >> i went last weekend. pretty nice. >> worth checking out. >> absolutely. >> still ahead, what's better than barbecue sliders and craft beer? free bar -- barbecue sliders and kraft beer. >> is there a formula for love? >> plus it's a twirl that has heads spinning. some of the world's biggest tennis stars are
4:40 pm
calling a reporter sexist after he asked a young champion to show off her outfit. what does she think of the request coming up. >> adam joseph is back with the full accuweather forecast when "action news" continues on a friday afternoon. >> ♪♪
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4:42 pm
>> british jewelry store clerk is being hailed for his bravery after he tried to tackle a suspect who just robbed him. you can see the worker chasing the robber down a london street then trying to jump on his back. seconds later that suspect pulled out a machete and started swinging. fortunately the worker escaped without being hurt. police say the clerk's efforts may not have stopped the thief in his tracks but it did slow him down long enough for them to catch him in a nearby garage. topping health check at 4:00, two economists in virginia say they found a way to define love. they say it has to do with negotiation tactics in a relationship.
4:43 pm
originally researchers saw the more one person miss jumps the significant other's happiness the more they'll compromise the behavior. >> the husband might say to the wife i know you're happy so you have to do all the dishes for from now on because i know that's not enough to get you to leave f they're not that happy then the husband really can can't get away with doing that. >> but that's when they realized that model predicted way too many divorces. bachelor at play that made it -- the factor at play that made it was love. >> all right. thank you shirleen. over here at the big board the big talkers today. we begin with this question. what would you do if you sent your daughter to school with her hair looking like this but she came home looking like this instead? it happened to one mother and the story is going viral. it apparently started when a child it's teacher posted this
4:44 pm
side by side photo on her facebook account. the post read in part one of my student's came today her hair full of knots lint and ridiculously tangled. it just broke my harder so badly. i refused to let her leave school today the way she came. so she changed her hair. when i finished she looked at herself and said aww so pretty. the teacher might have meant well. lots of people are saying that that teacher overstepped her boundaries and so head to our facebook page and let us know was think about this. all right. now to the twirl heard around the world and it's got lots to do -- lots more to do than just skirts spinning. some of the biggest names in women's tennis are crying foul because an australian tennis commentator who seems more focused on their outfits than their records. this is footage from moments after seventh ranked eugenie bouchard crushed her opponent. she did that in 54 minutes but rather than focus on the match
4:45 pm
71-year-old commentator ian cohen asked her to do something she also asked serena williams to do just days before. >> can you give us a twirl and tell us about your outfit. >> i'm fine with being asked to twirl. if they ask the guys to flex their muscles and stuff. >> i didn't really want to twirl 'cause i just was like i don't need all the extra attention. >> well, the controversy is now given birth to a new hashtag on twitter twirl gate, step aside deflate-gate. so far no comment from the commentator cohen. finally as you know joan rivers sadly passed away late last year. bad news for the world of comedy, good news for the inventor of this particular fashion can which rivers no doubt would have torn to shreds. these -- what are they? each is a recycled afghan blanket crochetd into what he calls
4:46 pm
aware rabble sculpture from form fitting booty shorts to extravagant bell bottom pants they are let's say a statement and while not recommended for the office he thinks they're perfect for a number of things out for a ski or morning yoga in winter if you're doing that outdoors and if you want one all you need to do is send him your waist size and preferred color pattern and bam shirleen, you, too, can be hipster chic. >> those bell bottom pants just saying. >> to die for. >> might look good on you. >> i don't think so. >> who said it's not for the office. thank you, brian. let's get another check on the roads tonight. matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center with an upday. i could see you wearing the shorts. >> 32-32 if you're looking for an early birthday gift. >> oh, you're into it. >> you don't see my legs that much anyway. good afternoon to you. good afternoon everybody. we're watching some problems on the schuylkill expressway. a vehicle that broke down here on the westbound side approaching the roosevelt boulevard. they got it wished off to the side but still a little --
4:47 pm
pushed off to the side but still a little bit heavy. the dv in the middle of that delay. on the roosevelt boulevard northbound on ninth street we had that crash in the inner drive. that's cleared. no need to worry about that. but you still have plenty of traffic on 95. lots of slow speeds, just 12 miles per hour there in the normal busy spot northbound by the betsy ross bridge. and it's been a very busy afternoon on the blue route. southbound side still solid from past the schuylkill through this point at lima springfield but the crash here is gone so no need to worry about that. just expect heavy delays as you travel south on the blue route n mansfield burlington county still have that police activity on 206 southbound past 68. in audubon park camden county there's a wham water main break. >> 32-32 youed. >> yeah, we won't forget. that's if we're not doing the shorts. >> i think we should avoid the shorts. just saying.
4:48 pm
thank you. meteorologist adam joseph back with that exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast coming up next. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> meteorologist adam joseph now. this nor'easter it's been a bit of a bear to pin down over the last couple days. >> yeah, it's the timing, it's the precipitation type. from the get go said the warm air is going to win out with this storm because there's a lack of cold air and that is definitely still the case with the latest information. as we take a look at live double scan radar, we're dry clouds are thickening up. you can see rain to the west of dover and near baltimore as the leading edge is beginning to push in. we take a look at the numbers. we're in the upper 30's right now. 38 in philadelphia, 37 in millville as well as dover. the poconos the only spot right now where it's sitting at 32 degrees. now, as the precipitation comes in, although it looks like the majority of it is in
4:51 pm
the form of liquid rain, we have those dewpoints which is the measure of moisture in the air and that's in degrees fahrenheit, that is low enough that when this precipitation comes in, we'll create a little bit of cold air at the onset to change it to snow for most of us but then the warm air will overtake as the low develops and the wind is sent in off of the atlantic. so at 10 o'clock tonight it begins as rain and stays as rain in far southern areas of new jersey and delaware. for philadelphia, wilmington, all the surrounding suburbs it will begin as some wet snow. it snows for a few hours before that rain takes over all the way north from lancaster, philadelphia, on the verge of trenton around 3 o'clock in the morning still snowing in those far northwestern suburbs of bucks county and the lehigh valley and even by 7 o'clock in the morning, that rain will even try to get as far north as reading and allentown but could be right on the verge of seeing not only wet snow but some sleet and freezing rain as you get that transition period and by noon, some
4:52 pm
leftover rain showers throughout the day tomorrow, some snow showers north and west and as we wrap it up and pull this system out in the afternoon at 5 o'clock, it could end in all areas as some brief wet snowflakes but it wouldn't accumulate in the afternoon. association how much are we expecting? again, that coating to an inch in far southern areas of interior new jersey, also central parts of delaware before it washes all away. 1 to 3 inches philadelphia trenton, wilmington and those immediate northwestern suburbs before most of that also begins to wash away overnight. and then 3 to 5-inches far north and west, but in addition in those far northwestern suburbs to the greater totals of snow, there will be a period of some icing as well on top of the snow. we're looking at less than a quarter with the light blue here, quakertown, pottstown reading, into the lehigh valley and that period would be between about 4 o'clock in the morning to 9 o'clock in the morning after the snow and that icing would develop on the power lines, the trees the bridges the overpasses,
4:53 pm
sidewalks and driveways but the good news is many of the surfaces will be treated by then and also there will be snow on the ground so the ice would accumulate on the snow not on bear ground so it's a very different story but still something we have to follow compared to last sunday. as we look at the forecast for tonight, snow to start for most of us. then it mixes and changes to rain hail. 28 to 31 early and then temperatures rise overnight. in the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast rain mixing and ending in the afternoon as a quick period of snow were out in accumulation. sun to clouds sunday, 42 and early on monday morning another round of light snow as a weak clipper comes in. it looks like it develops sunday night and it's in time unfortunately for the morning rush on monday, one to 3-inches of snow so expect delays monday morning in your might but that's out of here by about 8 o'clock monday morning so most of monday is just cloudy and it's very cold thereafter tuesday and wednesday and still below normal all the way into friday of next week at 35 degrees. so a lot being thrown at us
4:54 pm
over the next 48 hours. >> okay, we've got a perfect freebie friday to get that weekend started coming up next. stick around. t excited about. kfc. i know grandma's house isn't the most exciting, but it's only for a few hours. look what i've got. when you get verizon fios, you get beautiful hd picture quality, super fast internet, and america's most reliable network.
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>> it is time for freebie friday beginning with a brand new event at the blue cross river rink. this weekend winter fest will be transformed into a beer garden for brew fest. inaddition to free samples you can enjoy live music, quizzo demonstrations and movies involving beer. next up if you find yourself near a clinique counter stop in for a free 10 day supply of their smart custom repair serum. brian. >> if you've got a teenager in your life -- why you say your my name there. this freebie for you. rewards country is offering free two year subscriptions to teen vogue magazine. you have to complete a form and anti enter -- enter is a survey.
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bone fish grille mac and cheese bites or doughnuts for free. just head to our web site for the freebies we mentioned. >> 5:00 p.m. seems hungry over there. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 today. i'm brain taft. shirleen and i along with adam and ducis rodgers back tonight. hope you'll join us for a few hour of "action news" after 10:00 on phl17. >> "action news" at 5:00 is coming up next. >> see you at 10:00.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jamie apody meteorologist cecily tynan rick williams and monica malpass. >> a nor'easter is moving closer to our region and it will affect your plans for later tonight and tomorrow. earlier today penndot crews prepped the roads way brine solution trying to get ahead of the storm and keep drivers safe. friday night the big story on "action news" is the nor'easter that will deliver both snow and rain possibly ice, too. what you get of course depends on where you live. >> and we've got our team covering the quickly approaching nor'easter for us tonight t reporter eva pilgrim live in hunting park with storm preparations.
5:00 pm
first let's begin with meteorologist cecily tynan and adam joseph. cecily you've got accuweather details for it. >> that's right, rick and monica. we have one storm for the beginning of the weekend and the other one at the end of the weekend. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing storm number one the nor'easter we have been talking about for about a week now is beginning to spread its moisture in from the south. you'll notice it looks like we have some in philadelphia but this is virga, this is not yet reaching the ground but the atmosphere is beginning to get moist. that column of air will get moist as we head through the evening hours. much wider view on storm tracker 6 live double scan showing that this is a very big storm system. the center of had low pressure over southern georgia, it will become that coastal low off the coast of the carolinas and hug the coast and they even have some very heavy thunderstorms across parts of florida. that moisture will be moving in and we're looking at -- let me back this up one graphic the winter weather alerts, you can see how this is going to cause problems for most of


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