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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  January 23, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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on the friday night, the weekend storm. the biggest yet this winder for much of the country. 50 million in the path. and tonight, the rescues. millions warned about black ice all over again. did they cheat? what the nfl has revealed tonight about the new england patriots. the player that walks away. and diane sawyer is back tonight. the danger lurking for so many maniersmany daughters and young girls in america. and homeowners could be saving thousands of dollars right now. good evening, and we begin
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this friday night with the big storm hitting as we head into the weekend. 16 states from tennessee to maine, a nor'easter that will make travel treacherous. in the last 24 hours, a foot of snow in some parts of texas. this is a woman being lifted from a tree, her car gone. and in georgia winds knocking down trees. look at the radar. the system racing up the coach. and another system will hit this weekend. david kerley on the dangerous driving already. >> reporter: this is the storm that is about to blast into the northeast the first big hit of winter. it is south that felt the storm first with snow ice, and rain. so much rain in atlanta this tree fell over. just missing a house. >> you could hear a loud boom and that's when i jumped up. >> reporter: and not just rain. by the time it hit the carolinas, some of that rain was freezing.
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nearly one in six americans will be touched by this storm, with most hoping to avoid what vanessa lowe went through. >> target's out at 3 o'clock. roger. >> reporter: the 39-year-old woman from austin, stranded in a washed out road. >> we're pretty confident we can execute a hoist, extract her from that spot. >> reporter: she's holding onto a tree. >> directly over the target. >> reporter: a rescue worker suspended from the helicopter cable. >> patient's out of the water. >> reporter: minor injuries, and she refused to go to the hospital. authorities want to know if she drove around a road closed barricade. as the snow and ice hit the northeast tonight, the worry is that road conditions could result in something like this -- a big rig unable to stop. slamming through a median. on the new jersey turnpike earlier this week. david, the storm has arrived in washington. it's raining. in the northeast, a sigh of
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relief that the storm will hit after the rush hour. >> let's get right to rob marciano tracking two storms tonight. first, the system that could be the biggest of the winter so far for some. >> there's a lot of moisture. across georgia, moving up the coastline. some icing into west virginia and kentucky. by 1:00 a.m. tonight, the snow begins to move into philly. by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow back to snow on the backside of this. and winter weather advisories and storm warnings six to ten inches of snow in western pennsylvania and a mix along the coastline. and this one, an alberta clipper. not as much moisture. into the d.c. area this weekend. >> rob, thank you. now to the other breaking
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story tonight, the nfl and what they've revealed investigateing the new england patriots. tonight, the nfl has questioned nearly 40 involved in the game. and paula faris with the findings and the reaction. she was in the patriots locker room one player walking off. >> reporter: tonight, the n.f.l. breaking its silence on deflate-gate. confirming that the league has evidence that the patriots' footballs were underinflated during the first half of that win over the indianapolis colts. the nfl saying tonight, their investigation is ongoing gathering "video and other electronic information and physical evidence." and that they've conducted nearly 40 interviews, including patriots personnel. but it's unclear whether that includes patriots quarterback tom brady. >> i don't know what happened. >> reporter: who denied any involvement, but whose squeaky clean image has already taken a hit. >> i didn't believe tom brady. and there is not one equipment
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manager or ball boy in the nfl that would take it upon himself to deflate a football two psi, unless the starting quarterback knew about it. >> for the balls to be deflated, that doesn't happen unless the quarterback wants that to happen, i can assure you of that. >> reporter: this we know -- 11 of the 12 footballs were underinflated. so, if the patriots didn't do it, who did? what are people supposed to believe, that the footballs just magically deflated on their own? >> i don't know, they'll believe whatever they want to believe. >> reporter: the nfl has disciplined the patriots before. some asking the league to blow the whistle harder this time, sending a message. does this team want resolution from the nfl, no matter what that may be? >> i have no idea. like i said, i don't know how this is going to go. >> reporter: how do you make deflate-gate go away? you're walking away?
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>> yeah. >> reporter: here at nfl headquarters the league will review evidence over the next few days. and it will most likely go into super bowl. and the patriots are ready to move on. and a new warning about a potential danger in luggage, telling e-smokers not to pack their ecigarettes on the plane. and another disturbing headline about what was nearly brought on hundreds of passenger planes. more than 2,200 weapons, most of them loaded.
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here's steve osunsami. >> reporter: last week alone, tsa agents found 43 firearms in the security lines at u.s. airports. 33 of them -- like this berretta from indianapolis -- were locked and loaded. 13 of them had rounds in the chamber. those security agents you love to hate discovered a record 2,212 firearms in carry-on bags last year, nearly 400 more than the year before. >> that's alarming. that's ridiculous. >> reporter: the government says in most cases, these were mistakes, and passengers like this one were jailed. it happens most often at these airports in gun country -- dallas, atlanta, phoenix, houston and denver. the worry is that guns are getting through like they were in atlanta, when this former delta employee and a baggage handler used an airport id to smuggle loaded firearms in this carry-on, past the reach of security. and it's not just guns. in sonoma county, a knife hidden in a enchilada. they say the passenger's intent was delicious, not malicious.
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in newport news, virginia, razor blades hidden inside a greeting card in the shape of scooby doo. the tsa says this is no laughing matter and tonight is kindly reminding passengers to leave these items at home or risk getting arrested. to the west now, and a collapse bridge in northern california. three workers were badly hurt. coming after an overpass collapsed in cincinnati on monday. and now to the race against time to save two hostages. jihadi john threatening to kill them within 72 hours if japan does not pay a 200 million$200 million ran some. brian ross has this story and the teenager being sentenced this evening after trying to
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join isis. >> reporter: new evidence tonight of the power of the isis campaign to recruit americans for jihad. prosecutors asking for a four-year sentence for shannon conley. >> she was reportedly going to isis to mary a fighter. >> reporter: authorities say the group's brutal propaganda videos serve as more of a draw than a deterrent to its recruitment. the latest outrage tonight, the threat to behead these two japanese citizens. the deadline for a $200 million ransom ran out today. >> this demand of $200 million was purely political propaganda. >> reporter: in tokyo, the mother of one of the hostages issued an emotional, last minute appeal for her son's release. her son, a respected japanese television correspondent, kenji goto, left behind this video saying only he was to blame if he was captured by isis. >> it is my responsibility if
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something happens. >> reporter: the other hostage is a self-described japanese adventurer, haruna yukawa, who was captured by isis last year, and accused of being an american spy. >> cia, cia? >> reporter: u.s. and british officials say they know the identity of the masked man, and working hard to capture or kill him. david? >> brian, thank you. back here at home this evening, to the growing concern about measles. the cdc announced in 2000 that it had been eliminated in the u.s. but now it's back. let's go right to dr. besser. haven't we been all vaccinated against measles? >> well it comes from
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travelers. last year, there were 23 outbreaks. and you don't need to get another vaccination, but vaccinate your children in time and if you don't know get a blood test. and to saudi arabia the remarkable images, king abdullah laid to rest with a ceremony ceremony. into a grave marked only with a simple slab of markble. >>. >> and mastercard tonight both sides acknowledging deep disagreements. and authorities telling abc news there is still much more work to be done especially with human rights. >> i don't know that i see that as an issue, human rights that
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gets fixed. certainly not in the near term. as we said we had no illusions about this government. and we move on to a chilling new look at the danger lurking for so many young girls here in hidden america. right here at home men waiting to lure gurlirls in. this new documentary may change the way you think of prostitution. and it's great to have diane back. >> well dick kristoff is raising an important question. are these women hostages or criminals? >> reporter: new york's port authority, two plain clothes officers tell me we are surrounded by pimps just out of sight who come here to stalk runaways. kids from foster care.
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kids who've been sexually abused. these police may be the last chance before they are lured into the shadows. but you're in a kind of race against the pimps. >> absolutely, yeah. >> see, towards your left-hand side, seems to be walking to greyhound. wanna-be pimps, recruiters, they sell them on the idea of a warm place to stay the potential for romance. maybe earning some money. >> reporter: savannah became trapped when she went online. >> i was 13. i don't know how i came across like this website or like you know sugar daddies. i didn't know that i would have to have sex with them, i don't know what i was thinking. but i just thought they would buy me stuff. >> reporter: in the documentary "a path appears," a former teenager on the street named shana shows the spiral.
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she drives her car to a street frequented by pimps. in the car with her actress, activist ashely judd. >> like what are you doing? you got a girl out here? three? three girls? so you waiting on one to come back now? >> yeah. >> how much do you expect her to bring? >> $40, no less. got a room and a place to stay. and drugs. so, you know. >> the one you're waiting on now, what's her habit? >> crack. >> this is really something. it was all about the money. >> she's steeped in this issue, and you'll see the search. this documentary airs monday on pbs. >> you can see the full report on "nightline" tonight.
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there's late word from the supreme court that they will leap into the discussion on lethal injection. and still much more ahead. the "real money" team is back. you could be saving thousands of dollars with one simple step. barbara corcoran saying it's very easy. and the robbery suspect, and the attempt to tackle him. and our exclusive look behind this urgent plea. >> only hoping you can hear my voice. >> the breaking news captivating an entire american city. families stopped in their tracks. and why nearly everyone jumped
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in to save the day.
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next tonight, the "real money" team is back. mortgage rates at all-time lows 3.6%. millions spending tens of thousands more than they need to. here's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: tonight, listen to this from "shark tank" shark barbara corcoran. >> it's like money's on sale. >> reporter: she's talking about the average 30-year fixed rate mortgage, now more than a full percent lower than this time last year. for the typical mortgage, that's $169 in savings every month. too many homeowners across the country are paying more than they need to. 1 in 5 still paying more than 8% in interest. erin lantz is the mortgage expert at real estate website zillow. who should be refinancing? >> anyone who has equity in their home, and a rate higher than today's current rate,
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>> reporter: it's all about shopping around, something amazingly 47% of home buyers never do. hi! so we visited scott and maya kohn who are buying their first home. >> we didn't even know where to start really. >> reporter: don't jump at the first offer. >> i always encourage people to look at at least three lenders and talk to them and let them know that you're talking to other lenders. >> reporter: and then negotiate until you get the best possible deal. >> so the difference between a 3.5% rate and 4.5% rate on your purchase price could be savings of $500 a month. >> that's a huge difference. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. still ahead, on the run for more than 30 years, captured. and what bernie madoff is
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finally tonight here our persons of the week. you may remember the story of how an entire american city secretly planned a superhero surprise for one boy. but tonight, for the first time we go behind the scenes with the parents and the dedicated team determined to give children their super powers. you're about to see why we named them our persons of the week. the famous golden gate bridge. the beauty of a city getting ready. live trucks pulling into place. batman suiting up. >> we didn't tell him anything about the wish. >> miles' mom, natalie. in on the secret wish about to be granted by make-a-wish. >> it was scary. will it meet their expectations? >> reporter: miles on his way back from visiting relatives in idaho. >> we went to idaho. out of cell phone service. our phones just started blowing up.
6:57 pm
>> even our abc station, in on it. >> gotham city needs you, batman. this is police chief greg serr, only hoping you can hear my voice. >> and just listen to miles. >> finally there's a knock on the door. >> it was batman, ready to pick up batkid. but, remember, miles had no idea. >> you better get dressed. >> it's funny because once he put on the costume, it was like he just did this. >> there he was -- their son transformed. descending the stairs, the batmobile waiting. >> i'm like, "okay, well, he needs a car seat because there's a lot of cops around." >> pulling out. batkid waving. the crowds. the office workers in their windows. 25,000 had gathered in the streets. and look at miles -- waving back. the first image on twitter. the message from make-a-wish -- here he comes. egypt, the philippines. the white house. >> way to go miles, way to save gotham.
6:58 pm
>> even our troops in afghanistan. aware of another hero back home. saving the day. the mayor giving him the key to the city. and that fist pump. we met miles right after, who showed me how it's done. tonight, batkid, back home, in remission. in the fields, on their farm. still wearing that cape, and still wearing that smile. so we choose miles scott and make a wish. have a great weekend, good night.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a market research and intelligence senior coordinator from rockledge, florida... a copywriter from federal way, washington... and our returning champion a senior legislative aide originally from atlanta, georgia... whose 2-day cash winnings total...


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