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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  January 24, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> good morning to you. you are taking a look at snowfall ago cross the area for us this morning. this is a look now in center city. here at philadelphia center city city hall and montgomery county and beyondch the entire tri-state is waking up to this winter weather this morning. and snow has fallen across the region for us. the action cam was at the 69 street terminal upper darby delaware county overnight. you can see the snow on the ground as those buses pulled into station for those waiting to catch a ride. remember if you're out and about take it slow. roads may be slick. and this was the scene at springfield square shopping center springfield township
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delaware don'ty overnight plows were working to clear out the parking lot for early morning customers as they head in. mobile six now driving on the turnpike near fort washington. looking pretty clear. appears to be moving at fairly decent speed this morning. other cars looking to get along just as well. sky6hd taking a live look at the conditions. philadelphia airport a number of cancellations and delays here. most of them have been with southwest airlines you can see the camera bouncing a bit because of the wind. so far official faa has not made a delay for the entire airport we'll keep an eye on that for you as always. if you fly out call ahead. call number 1800 phl gate and you can check with your particular carrier to see if they're operating on time. this is center city sky line via sky6hd. it's hazy out. there you can seat cars along
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the road even moving along long decently this morning and let's head to the shore and look at conditions in atlantic city. along the shore it was mostly just a rain event. they didn't see mixture of snow, slush and ice we saw here in center city. and in our first data a live look via sky6hd in wilmington, delaware looking clear there was well. we have live team coverage. meteorologist chris sowers trucking remnants of the storm. "action news" reporter john rawlins is in the suburbs looking at conditions. let's begin with chris from accuweather. >> good morning you to eva. i went to sleep around 10:00 last night and if you're waking up you missed. it bumming of it is pushing norm and east in places like manhattan, new england albany, up city new york and you're seeing heavy snow, sleet and heavier rains. we're watching a -- catching a break in the action.
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this was a very quick moving storm system and produced moderate amounts of snowch the fact it's pulling away quickly and temperatures are climbing now that should limit the amount of problems we see on area roadways. resumed into upper -- actually lower portions of bucks county, doylestown right there 611 getting hunterdon county and south jersey and sergeantville reporting sleet and freezing rain in this part of the viewing area and even that is light right now. all the main roadways and secondary roadways have gone well and getting further south and west, southern chester county also reporting freezing rain. route 2 could be slick spots out there. most of secondary roadways are slush covered. main roads wet. in south jersey route 9 in oceanville just to the west of atlantic city is wet. we're seeing ponding on area roadways. temperatures here shot all the way up to mid to upper 30s at
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this point. we're not seeing problems on roads. we'll set it into motion. there's the bulk of system pushing through new england moderate to heavy snow. there's the dry slot that pushed into delaware county and leftover activity and leftover rain showers and maybe a mixed bag north and west. snow showers over the next couple hours. again bulk of this is gone. snowfall totals really depends where you were. sharp cutoff, 5 1/2 in oak ridge area warwick 3.3 upper darby 2" and haddon heights western camden an inch and a half of snow. closer to the city the less you saw and further norm and west you are the more you saw. road conditions are still snow covered in the lehigh valley. take it slow up there. in the city northwestern suburbs snow covered back roads and slushy maip roads and south jersey and delaware wet roadways and seeing bonding and most of the rain is slighting up. temperatures climbing up mid to
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low 30s now. everybody above freezing except for reading allentown and poconos. things are starting to wind down. still more to go. we'll talk more about that and possibility of yet another storm system sunday to monday. that's straight ahead in the 7 day forecast. >> let's switch to "action news" reporter john rawlins in quakertown bucks county with a look at conditions there john. >> hi eva. we had drizzle falling about a half our ago when we last talked to you. that has pretty much stopped herech the storm seems to have moved out here. we'll zoom into the lights at the watt what in cakeer town. you can see a fine mist there that is about it. it's over it seems like here. it certainly started as snow here. and we have video that will show some of the areas along route 309 coming to quakertown from philadelphia it started to snow. in most places shifted to wentry mix and then shifted back between snow, sleet and rain and
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as for road conditions well, they vary as well. we spoke with drivers a short i'm ago about conditions here in quakertown. >> not really bad as of right now. it's not too cold. stuff will freeze eventually. the snow is deeper than you would expect once you start plowing. >> 4" or more. >> give or take. a friend of mine that works here they measured her place 7" in trum bawersville. >> i left the house and heading to work now. >> what's it like. >> main streets are not too bad. neighboring streets very rough. >> still slow-going there. >> absolutely. >> your advice would be stay put if you didn't have to go out. >> absolutely yeah. >> later in the morning or something like that. >> absolutely yeah. >> you'll hear this many times today. you need common sense prevailing here. it's a winter driving situation at this point in time. take it slow assume there's icy
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patches there are some out there and as you heard some of the back roads have not been touched yesterday and that will change as the morning drag on here and it's a case of where if you can delay you're going out today you're probably better off because conditions will likely improve as the day wears on. live in quakertown, john rawlins, "channel 6 action news." >> eva. >> thanks, john, hatboro montgomery county a few convenient toured out in early morning hours and light flurry snow covered sidewalks, trees and power lines near york road and moreland street. it was similar scene in northeast philadelphia the action cam was at wawa tyson and roosevelt overnight. the snow did not keep drives from running errands. and you can keep track of for nor easter with stormtracker 6 app get access to live radar and use the report your weather feature let us know what he is happening where are you and send us your photos of the snow. >> happening today a private memorial for three family
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members killed in shooting rampage. police say bradley stone murdered 6 former family members in a day long rampage in montgomery county december 15. today's service will remember 39-year-old are a.j. flick 36-year-old wife trisha and 14-year-old daughter nina the loan surviving victim 17-year-old anthony flick was treated at the hospital and released. a go fund me page was set up for him. >> a former volunteer firefighter in glen holden was taken to jail in media where he was arraigned on sexually abusing 14 children. according to court documents john corcoran alleged victims were between 8 and 14 years old. and this abuse ghan december of 012. investigators fear there could be more victims of sexual abuse. >> it's heart wrenching and it's just so shocking to see that one individual one child predator
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can cause so much destruction. >> corcoran is already serving time forsetting three abandoned buildings on fire before then arriving on the scene to help fight the blazes. police are questioning a resident in connection with the seven-alarm blaze that ripped through the main business district street of a poor pittsburgh suburbs ush the the fire spread to an apartment building where six people had to escape flames. officials now say it appears the fire started in tax preparation office. that recently opened in one of of the buildings. >> more to come on "action news" this afternoon morning. we're keeping an ion the nor'easter that brought snow, sleet and freezing rain tots area. >> coming up our nor'easter pulling away up into new england leftover rain and snow showers possible i'll have the details and the latest open another storm system arriving sundays
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night to monday in the 7 day forecast straight ahead when we come back.
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>> taking a live look at sky6 h dpxt philadelphia international. starting to clear runways at the airport. there's delays and cancellations at the airport specifically southwest. if you're flying out this morning make sure you check with your carrier. call 1-800-phl-gate to check on
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your flight as well to see if your flight is going out on time. let's get a check of the weather. nor'easter moved n starting to slow down now. >> actually bulk of it is gone. leftover rain and snow showers. everything is going according to plan. no real big surprises with this. we saw snow north and west and starting to pick up mixed bag of precipitation in northwestern suburbs. everything moving along long as scheduled here. no big spz. those of you looking at the ben franklin bridge there's moisture on the lens and we're reporting light rain in philadelphia and some areas south and east and north and west of city that's where we pick up sleet and actually a little snow still in the lehigh valley. national weather service continues winter weather advisory for areas you see shaded there in lavender. that continues until 8:00 this morning for mixture of snow, sleet and ice. pink shade there's a winter storm warning for the lehigh valley that will expire 11:00 this morning. final snowfall totals ranging
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from 3 to 6". we have snow covered roads and we're expecting minor power outages as weight of snow weighs heavily on tree branches and power lines and things like that. here's stormtracker 6 double can the bulk of this pulled away off the coast here. we have lights, frozen precipitation. this is a mixed bag pushing into lancaster and chester county. we zoom in here first. you can see the temperatures. this is not like last week where we saw the ice weighing down creating a glaidz and making it treacherousch the roads are well treated. and temperatures already shot above freezing. we're doing good out there. some of the roads will put them on. here's highway 10 and i believe this is -- yeah this is pennsylvania turnpike here. these are some of the roads impacted over the next couple hours. again the worst of it is pulling away. going to glouster couple better land and say emcounty a little rain for glassboro mullica and
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atlantic city expressway wet and route 4 you can run into ponding. again the bulk of this is already pull ago we and we're now only seeing lighter precipitation. if you're out and about you still have to be cautious out. there play it shave. drive or washing gingerly as road crews get ahead of this. we're doing good. little dry patch pushing into the delaware valley now. from this point open we see leftover rain and snow showers. fleetwood 5" dmrep more 3.3 mount holly and 02, 1". down to one mile hall ep town 6 wilmington, 4 reading and .8 in mount pocono. from that point south everybody above freezing. again good news here.
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we're not expecting heavy icing like what we saw last sunday. here's future tracker we're seating it in motion now. couple showers across south jersey and see more laneing up in the first part of the afternoon. you get the idea. it will be scattered airport not axe to all that much and as far as slick spots by afternoon there won't be any as temperatures climb well up into the 30s today. we get into sunday. sunday nice quiet day. milder afternoon with temperatures shooting up into the low 40s and then clipper system pulls ul in. this is actually a pattern change. once the slipper pulls through we'll get into cold stuff again with daytime highs in the 20s. this brings light snow sunday night to monday morning and light flurry snow not heavy wet stuff we're seeing now easy to remove. generally 1 to 2" with the storm system monday morning the only thing that may be an issue with that clipper system monday morning it would come morning
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hours and timing is lousy and will impact final commute. lehigh valley, poconos generally 3 to 5" and some could see couple inches more. for the most part it plays out well. 1 to 3 across the i-95 corridor and south jersey most of us saw south jersey saw awe coating aand flipped to rain quicklyment period of icing for northwestern suburbs from now to 9:00 in the morning. mower lines trees bridges overpasses sidewalks, anything untreated you see a light glaze developing. maybe wet snow flake missing in late to city, 75 is forecasted high overnight. be careful out there. it will turn breezy. wind chills teens and low 20s. the accuweather forecast. sun cloud ux 42 sunday monday maybe a period of snow and colder and wind chills in low 20s. 29. tuesday and wednesday any 20s and thursday and friday gets a
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little better, 36 and 38 and then another arctic blast arrives the following weekend with temperatures you in the 20s for the high. we're improving it's not bad out there now if you want to avoid any risk stay in the next couple hours and by then road crews get ahead of the game. >> and the sun comes out and warms up the roads. that will help us. >> thanks, chris. >> take the new wherever you go the new spark design no matter how large the screen check it out any time, anywhere. >> sky6hd. that mixture of warm snow, sleet, rain. looking clear right now. we'll have continuing coverage of our nor'easter after the
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>> photographer mark braving nrodz mobile stoyx give you a look at what the roads look like now. abington township 611 south you can see slush in the roads not too bad there. walmart says you can get tax refund at their stores in cash. retail giant made agreement with 25,000 tax prepareers. walmart won't charge a fee but preparer may charge you eye few bucks. it's aimed at people that don't have bank acts and it will benefit from having customers in the store can cash in their pocket. >> e may is planning cut 2500
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jobs. job cuts will simplify structure and boost profit ahead of the plan in separation of paypal business. ebay plans to spin off or sell enterprise unit which develops on-line shopping sites for brick and mortal retailers. 4th quarter net income rose postsly on strength of paypal. >> meanwhile american express is cutting 4,000 jobs 6% of total workforce. cuts are part of company wide efficiency drive and will span companies u.s. and international operations. job cuts will take place over the course of the year. some of the jobs will be offset by hiring in other parts of the company. >>
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>> >> route 30 reporting moderate freezing rain and coatsville and downingtown reporting freezing rain also and schuylkill expressway into the pennsylvania turnpike will be slick spots out there and it's not like a sneak attack this has been well treated and this event well advertised.
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and goat secondary roadways, parking lots, sidewalks, things like that an a lot of slick spots out. there south jersey this is all rain. you can see slighter shades of green. light patchy drizzle through mallic areporting a light drizzle couple showers this morning and really that's about it. and as we go over to double scan live in 3d we'll set into motion the nor'easter. if you were someone that went to sleep 10:00 last night and you're waking up you missed most of it. it's pulling away. up here to new england. and we have plenty more more to come. look at the holes in this. it's broken apart and a lot of dry air is heat ago way and from this point on we'll see leftover rain and snow showers across parts of area and not a steady, driving, soaking rain or heavy snow. quakertown 31 below feesing and warrington 3 2. st. daivdz 32. chester sitting at 33. most of south jersey above freezing and couple exceptions ewing 32 and browns mills 32.
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what happens hear over the next couple hours a mixed bag north and west and slight know across the lehigh valley and rain in south jersey during the course of the day most works its way out to sea and few mixed showers in the city and 2:00 or so this will be i have, very light heaviest is winding down and we're into the tail end of things eva. >> thanks, chris turning to sports sixers travel to memphis to take on grizzlies after dropping the ball at home. they were up against the raptors 16-0. that leaves just six points. former villanova standout lowery has a three point lead. sixers lead 91 to 86. meanwhile sixers have announced tony wroton has partially torn acl and it will require surgey. there's no timetable for his
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return. they'll miss his nearly 17 points a game sdor scoring average. >> nfl commented on the deflate-gate involving new england patriots. the league says the investigation is ongoing and it's trying to determine how 11 of the 12 balls patriots supplied for afc championship game became deflated after they were cleared by officials. and balls according to nfl were under inflated for first half and properly were inflated for second half. more than 40 people have been interviewed so far. >> we've got more coming up on "action news" saturday morning taking a live look at sky6hd right now. we're looking at penn's landing and you can see the snow covering the brown there. it's a little slushy. we'll have live team coverage of the nor'easter making for a very soggy saturday. stay with us we'll be right
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>> what everybody should worry about it is going to ice over. >> icy roads are a concern especially after the flash freeze that led to deadly crashes. snow fell across the tri-state overnight and for some it changed over to rain. the action cam was in shore shum montgomery county overnight and two tractor-trailers got stuck 611 and broadway. they're trying to drive up the snow covered highway and roads
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in warminster bucks county were covered in snow early this morning. but on your road cars were not having too many problems getting through the snow as it continued to come down and the action cam was in center city 3:45 as snow fell 15 and jfk. light snow covered the roads at city hall and the ground was covered at the rizzo statue. mobile 6 is on the roads this morning. in abington township on the back roads near the abington hospital there. just trying to give you an idea of what those secondary roads look like this morning when are you leaving your neighborhood. sky6hd taking a live look for us at the conditions of philadelphia international airport there's been a number of cancellations and delays and airport tweeting a short time ago average delay is 37 minute because they're dealing with slow ceilings and that's pushing back flights being able to get out this morning. so far there's no official faa
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delay in force. as always if you're playing out call aheadch the number to call is 1-800-phl-gate. >> let's head down the shore an look at conditions in atlantic city there. mostly a rain event for those at the shore. you can see the rain actually hitting the camera right now. and in our live look at hd wilmington delaware, pretty clear right now. they saw a mixed bag. as well live team coverage of the snow and rain for our nor'easter meteorologist chris sowers is tracking remnants of the storm. john rawlins is in the suburbs looking at conditions there. let's begin though first with chris with the latest from accuweather, chris. >> eva i want everybody to understand that there are slick spots out there and yes we have snow covered roads and this is a completely different animal from what we saw last sunday with that icing event here. first of all the ground was not nearly as cold this time around and secondly we actually had snow that fell first and now we're getting that glazing on top of it. this will be much easier to
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remove. here's stormtracker 6 double scan it's rain in city right now. rain across south jersey and delaware actually you have to go across upper bucks and montgomery county to chester county and points north and west toe get knee that mixed bag and then snow across the lehigh valley and poconos and we'll zoom in. pottstown reporting sleet and freezing rain now. 3. this blue shade here we're picking up that mixed bag. you can see however away it is from city or anywhere from 20 to 30 miles west of city this time around. malvern reporting light rain. norristown 34. light rain there as well. doylestown picking up freezing drizzle right now. and 31 degrees. heaviest most tour pup pushing away now we see lighter rains and snow showers across parts of the area here with dry stretches in between. that's the way the rest of the storm system will play out. we'll see leftover rain showers south jersey and delaware and leftover showers for lehigh
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valley and poconos. road conditions lehigh valley still snow covered especially back roads. most main roads slush or wet on them and a couple of icy patches. in the city northwestern suburbs backs roadways have snow and most main roads wet with slushy patches and south jersey and delaware wet roadways and ponding subsiding now as the rain shut off. snowfall totals, glen more 3.3 and mount holly 2.2 and philadelphia look at that finally picking up inch of snow. periods of rain that's the call for today. there could be wet snowflakes mixing in later this afternoon as the storm pulls away we'll see return of cold air wrapping in again. couple wet snowflakes possible later on. that will not accumulate. 37 forecasted high. day planner 9:00, 34, 11:00, 34, above freezing here and light scattered rain showers 1:00, 35, couple leftover snow showers and rain showers and by 4:00, 36 and
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cloudy. >> here's storm system number one sunday is quiet. getting into sunday night and monday things rile up again with another storm system i'll have more in the 7-day in a bit. >> let's switch to "action news" reporter john rawlins in quake are town bucks county with a look at conditions there. >> well, eva i was prepared to say things came to a halt here. no rain, no sleet, no freezing rain thank goodness and five minute aing go this tart started happening. i don't know if you can see it it's like baby hill hail or something. let's hope this is the last gasp of storm as chris was saying. it's been of course a snow jury snowy night in this area of quakertown. we woke this morning to oh, very nice white fluffy snow christmas card like snow and then went through a series of changes through the area here.
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it you look at video we got here it fwrent sleet to rain back to wet snow and as far as road companies were concerned, they were also rather varied if you talk to the drives out this morning. >> 663 really good actually i'm surprised. they have to pretty cleared up. roads other than that have not hit yet probably because not everybody is up yet. >> main roads good sglaip secondary roads -- i expected more i switched cars because of it. >> to get four wheel drive. >> i have bigger four wheel and then smaller four wheel drive. >> roads look like they're in good shape. >> they're doing well as far as i can see. it's not bad, main roads are fine. take your time. four wheel drive you'll be all right. and take your time. >> okay. chris, what is happeninging here is not baby hail but it's sleet.
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i thought sleet was harder than this but whatever it is it's coming down nicely and hopefully not longer. as far as stating the obvious and talking about driving it's a winter driving situation out here no doubt about it and there's icy spots and there's delay coming out day and you may want to delay for app hour or two and let things warm up and road conditions to get better all over the place. live in quakertown john rawlins "channel 6 action news," eva. >> thanks, get back in the truck so it stops hitting you. the action cam was out and about bensalem bucks county it was still snowing, street road at route 13. salt trucks were busy treating trodz keep them from becoming a slippery mess. >> you can keep track of the nor'easter with the stormtracker 6 app. you have access to live radar and plus use the report your weather feature to let us know what is happening where you are and sending us photos of snow. >> some parents in bucks copy show how dedicated they are to
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children's ed indication they were lipdz up at the school lane charter school in bensalem overnight hoping to register their children for 2015-20 16 school year and registration continues from 9 to 11 this morning. still more to come on "action news" saturday morning we're looking live via sky6hd at the philadelphia international airport. snow has changed to rain in many part of our area making for a messy morning. there are delays at the airport. call ahead if you are flying out. meteorologist chris showers has all the details from accuweather and timing coming up next.
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>> mobile six on the roads getting a look at conditions what they look like if you have to head out this morning. there's a good amount of snow here route 611 near jenkintown for the most part it's out of the roads now. you can see there's slush sheening on the road there as mobile 6 is driving along this morning let's get a check of conditions. we saw john rawlins pelted by baby hail as he calls it. >> sleet. baby hail, sleet, it's all ice. john supposed it up guest best. best advice stay in another hour
6:42 am
or so temperatures are climbing about freezing and if you give it an hour the threat of slipping and sliding will be gone at that point. it numbers continue to climb and everything switches from mixed bag to rain. that's the view in atlantic city. you see camera shake ago rounds we have a breeze at the shore points and it started as brief paert period of snowesterday evening of that has fallen and for now on snow covered roads. in the lehigh valley and even a few power outages as weight of the snow weighs down heavily on smaller tree branches, power lines things like that.
6:43 am
stormtracker 6 double scan here's a good time. 32 is imagine number freezing mark we jump above that and ice starts to melt. you can see from trenton to let's call this with wind wood area it's further west of wynnewood 34 from that point west and east it's all rain. you get here picking up blue color we're seeing sleet and freezing rain in pottstown. boyertown, green lane also reporting light sleet and freezing drizzle. there's slick spot out. there it's better than where we were a few hours ago and certainly better than where we were sunday with icing event. here's double scan live as we set it in motion for you there's the nor'easter the bulk that came through while most of us are sound asleep and we're pickingp a few leftover rain and snow showers and sleet and freezing rain mixed in. again that will be flavor of the
6:44 am
late morning hours into the afternoon just leftover precipitation. not a real steady, heavy event. fleetwood 6", perkasie 5.5. florence brick up to and ocean county 2.7 and wynnewood picking up 1.5. we have visibility issues and these numbers starting to improve at well. four miles reading 1.5 in allentown and poconos a mile and a half and trenton 4 atlantic city three and wildwood and dover doesn't look like issues out there. the freeze is starting to kick up. it's missing everything up. looks like visibility wise we're doing okay across southern counties millville 33 degrees and everybody is above 32. beautiful sign. philadelphia 34. wilmington 34. trenton 33 and atlantic city at the airport 35. here's future tracker 6. bulk of the storm is out and we're stuck with leftover rain and snow showers here through the first part of the arm 1:30
6:45 am
look at the dry patches. it wion't be steady, socking rain. we'll see showers redeveloping later on there could be snowflakes as the colder air wraps in on backside of departing for and nothing that accumulates. overnight hours, quiet tonight partly cloudy skies and sunday come fashion of sun and clouds with clouds lowering and thickening doctor the day and that eventually gives way to yet another system which will produce snow a clipper system sunday night to monday morning. now this one does not appear to be all that heavy but the timing is rather lousy and it moves in in time for the morning commute and by then all temperatures here are below freezing and everything will stick accumulation wise with that system we're looking at 1 to 2". over the next couple hours period of icing for northwestern suburbs and that affects power lines, bridges overpasses, sidewalks, driver ways anything untreatsed and kind of gives you an area here this is an idea here this is the area we're talk from plan ingt caster to
6:46 am
allentown and easton and quakertown pottstown andal been town. a light freeze of rain will develop over the next half hour or 45 minutes. period of rain could mix in. snowflakes plateer on. overnight tonight partly cloudy, president i all others dropping well below freezing especially tomorrow morning in the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast shows 42 by tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow is nice day. sun and clouds. monday 9 with morning snow and again this is idea the early call with this clipper 1 to 2" especially west of city maybe you pick up three. this is minor event. still could be slick spots out there. side roads he become covered as temperatures are be lee freezing and rest of the forecast looks cold and blustery january like highs in 20s and 30s. >> can't catch a break now. >> we caught a nice break though. >> back-to-back, back-to-back.
6:47 am
okay. sky we saw sleet, rain across the area and we'll check in with nora in lambertville and we'll have an update from penndot. stay with us.
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>> sky6hd tag a look at camden you can see along the water front snow covering the sidewalk there. snow with mixed precipitation out there. be careful. if you can wait at least an hour or two to head out that would be best this morning. in other news police in delaware are veting a deadly triple shooting involving three teeth and iers. a 16-year-old boy is dead half hit in the head and 17-year-old boy was shot in chest and
6:50 am
shoulder and he is in stable condition and a third vick testimony a 16-year-old boy is at st. frances hospital in stable condition as well with a gun shot wound to elbow. police are still searching for the shooter. philadelphia police are also investigating a deadly shooting involving a teen. a 17-year-old boy was shot in the chests last night 2000 block of norm lambert street in north philadelphia. he later died from his wounds at temple university hospital. police have no suspects or motive in that shooting. >> a one-month-old baby girl is hospitalized this morning after 25% of her face was mauled by the family pet ferret. it happened thursday afternoon at the girl's home in darby bow darby bur borough. the baby's mother was upstairs and ran down when she heard sky attacked. bernie woke to his fiancee's
6:51 am
extremes. >> when i came down she was like right here and holding the baby and not moving you know what i mean she was more like hysterical and screaming. >> darby police are investigating. they say the infant underwent life saving surgery as they called 911 she has a lifetime of surgery ahead. the three per receipts were euthanized and they call the living conditions deplorable >> when we continue an update on the nor'easter bringing rain and snow across the delaware and lehigh valleys.
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>> welcome back, 6:53. double scan technology showing freezing rain and drizzle north and west of city and from the city points south and east all rain and leftover snow showers in lehigh valley and poconos. we'll zoom into northwestern suburbs first is the area picking up sleet or ice pellets and freezing drizzle on top of good 2 to 4" of snow that fell during overnight. boyertown light freezing rain and sleet mixed in and pottstown as well. here's the freezing line here and runs from central bucks and montgomery counties west south of pottstown. from that point norm we're seeing below freezing temperatures. we're dealing with ice that point south and temperatures climbed well above freezing, norristown 34 willow grove, jenkin town, also 34 and getting into city temperatures are pretty close to 35. so well above freezing in city and that gives things a chance to melt. over the next couple hours period of icing for northwestern
6:55 am
suburbs, power lines, free ranchs bridges overpasses, sidewalks and drive ways could become slick or ice coated. walk gingerly out there this morning and take your time getting a around. there are several slick spots and this is the area right here where we pickedp ape good 3 to 5 eye of snow. lehigh valley, poconos actually there's areas that picked up 5 and 6" the further north you go and these are areas below freezing martinsburg, pottstown 32 st. dpaivd south he and east. hammonton 33. woodbine 35. dover sitting at 35. again the magic number here is 3 2. that's the number we need to exceed in order to get that ice melting in part of the area. as we set to motion here bulk of nor'easter is here already and pushing into new eping land and we're left why dry patches and scattered rain showers and mixed rain and snow showers.
6:56 am
it looks like the worst is dop. now we have white stuff pshing through. when i come back we'll talk about timing when this gets out of here and storm system number two sunday night to monday with the 7 day forecast eva. >> thanks, chris. >> want to freshen up your kitchen and don't have budget for full scale makeover designers of the liberal show knock it off have a do it yourself project to give counter tops an update. >> marble counter tops are gorgeous and real budget buster i'm talking two grand for tingling slap. if your old counter tops looking lifeless try this dyi trick that gives you look the marble for less. >> you use paint lots of layers of point to cause look of authentic marble. sand surfaces and use special primer intended to adhere to plastic everything bonds well. once primer dries we stand and
6:57 am
roll on white base. for west results we did a few coats. >> now we use faux finish. >> we'll actually use this will do its own thing whereas paint brush far into in control. and i'll drag by leaves drag it along. then comes liquid magic water in spray bottle. spray it on taken releases final do its own things cracks tissues and runs and takes from craft paint to marble veins. >> for all the counter tops in this entire kitchen renovation we knocked off look of authentic marble for $70 that's div win. go to live well it off on the
6:58 am
live well network. >> next week the designers hope to jazz up the doorways in your home. see how they transform the most used item in your house "action news" continues at and we'll have latest on the nor'easter that brought snow an rain to the region. we'll have live team coverage
6:59 am
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>> snow has fall and cross the region from city hall in center city philadelphia to montgomery county and beyond. the entire tri-state is waking up to winter weather and for some it's a picturesque scene. the action cam was at the terminal in upper darby overnight tonight and you can see the snow open the ground as buses pulled into the station for ride others to catch a ride. remember if you're out and about today, take it slow. the roads may be slick. >> this is the scene at springfield square shopping center springfield delaware county overnightch the plows were out working to clear out the parking lot. for anyive those early morning customers and hatboro montgomery


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