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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  January 26, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> this weekend snow >> this weekend snow and ice are is a mere preview of the winter wallop heading our way. >> mobile is out on the roads showing you what it looks like in case you have to go to work or school this morning. >> the philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools will be dismissing students at noon. the latest information is scrolling at the bottom of the screen. >> good morning everyone,
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4:30, on this monday, let's talk with david and karen about snow. >> reporter: good morning everyone, we have a clipper system down the by the shore we have rain, snow/sleet mix. in the suburbs we have bands of snow pushing out of here. you might have snow coverage on some roads and untreated surfaces down to the south. on the wide view we have precipitation starting to show up on the perimeter of radar's view off the carolinas. this is the coastal low pressure center that is gathering energy from the clipper low. that low the second one is going to be the one that comes past us tonight into tomorrow morning and comes by us and gives us significant snow. as we take a look at what is ahead for us, winter weather advisories and alerts are across the region. this is coming later tonight and
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into tomorrow morning. there's a watch to the west, where we expect less snow amounts, a warning where significant snow is possible. we have a blizzard warning in ocean county, money mowlt -- monmouth county and the northeast and new york city and boston. we'll have snow and whiteout conditions. from now until 6:00 we'll on and off and light to moderate snow. between # and 11:00 p.m., the steady snow starts to move in from southwest to northwest and then from 2:00 to 8:00, the heaviest precipitation comes in, it's that period where we'll be getting snow coming down at 2 inches an hour at times and piling it up. it does start to taper off in the afternoon. 30 degrees as you head out. 21 in allentown. 33 in millville. it's a bit slippery out there
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kids on the way to school and be careful on the way out and home in case the snow is coating your walk route. we'll get up to 32 degrees this afternoon, so temperatures are not going that far. karen, what are the roads looking like? >> reporter: the secondary roads are not in great shape. this is stump road at horsham road. the snow is coming down steadily. we have the tire marks in the roadway, we saw a car move through, we weren't seeing a lot of slipping and sliding use caution and expect it to be slick in spots kernal on the ramps -- kernal on the ramps as well. we have a accident involving a snowplow on a ramp. a pair of accidents over here, state street at route 100 southbound in the pottstown area as well as high street near berks street. this is morrisville bucks
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county, route 1, a good shot of the roads. this shot mostly wet not a wig deal on the main roads. vine street expressway looking good in the city as you ahead out. no problems at this point on the vine. we'll take a live look you can see i-95 looking good at this point as we switch the camera view around, looking the delaware bridge in delaware county. the northwest suburbs where the snow is coming down, it could be dicey. >> let's check the western suburbs we'll go to chad perdelli he is live in king of prussia montgomery county. hey, chad. >> reporter: hey, matt, the snow has stopped in the past 15 to 20 minutes, over the last several hours we've seen accumulation, about a quarter inch at most, mostly on untreated sidewalks and parking lots. the secondary roads can be in bad shape, but the main thorough
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ways are in good shape. roads are fine, 202 is wet. there's a penndot truck we've seen them make several passes along this road over the past several hours. you can see the salt being applied. penndot said it applied brine beginning last night into early morning, some 400 trucks are out on the roads ways, this is going to be a multiday event for them. of course the most snow is expected later on today and into tomorrow. but we are out here, you know this is a big day for landscapers those who are plowing the parking lots and some of the businesses, they will be working long hours, as well. >> i got up at # a.m. in the morning -- 3:00 a.m. in the morning today. >> reporter: how long will you be plowing? >> until it stops. >> reporter: could be hours. >> there's another snowstorm
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coming. >> reporter: will you work all the way through? >> if well-being, yeah. >> reporter: so a busy 24 to 48 hours for those who have to get the roads clear and some of the parking lots cleared. if you want to call it a one-two punch, this storm is like a glancing blow only one to three inches expected. ment big knockout coming later tonight. tomorrow, we'll have all the coverage for you. chad perdelli channel 6 "action news." >> let's go over to mobile 6 it's giving a live look there as it makes its way around the region. it's quiet out there right now. we seem to be in the lull before the on coming storm. we've seen a lot of trucks out there that are brining and salting and getting things reading, as we go through the day we'll see more of that. , ofof course we'll keep an eye on
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it for you. let's go over to annie mccormick in pennsauken, new jersey she has her eye on it there, good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tam we've seen a number of new jersey dot crews on the sides of the road. we're along route # -- 70 in pennsauken. nj dot had salt crews and plow trucks on sand by. we only saw light precipitation at this point in the morning there's not too much traffic on the roads on route 70. take a look at this. this is video from last night at the wegmans off route 70 in cherry hill where you can see people getting prepared for whatever we might get. people getting the staples, the bread, milk abbey eggs, people searching for rock salt.
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many people concerned that their driveways and sidewalks will be okay and cleared regardless of whether we get snow or ice or whatever we may get. this woman said it was hard to find what she needed to pick up the items inside the wegmans. >> first time i came here there wasn't a cart to be had. >> it's a mad house in this place today. >> it is. >> reporter: couldn't find a shopping cart. back here live, the roads are clear, the 24 hour places you might want to stop by. not any precipitation we're seeing, the roads are treated and reading. new jersey transit you're looking at the one of the bus stops in pennsauken. monday through wednesday whatever pass you have or transportation you take, you'll be able to use, of course new
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jersey dot mirroring what deldot and penndot is saying, we are waiting and see what we'll get here, but people in new jersey definitely prepared. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> prepared they are thank you, annie. make sure you download the storm tracker 6 live app it has the latest accuweather forecast plus access to the live radar. plus, use the report your weather feature to let us know what's happening where you live. developing overnight three people were sickened by toxic fumes overnight. firefighters responded to a carbon monoxide leak around 3:30 a.m. pgw worked to get the situation under control. the fire marshal is investigating. >> lehigh valley is getting snow.
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>> reporter: yeah, a little bit 6 light snow to start out. there's precipitation down the shore, largely rain, if we go in closer on the northern suburbs the lingering snow that was down to the south earlier is pulling off to the north. this is the beginning of round one. it could be coating roads around quakertown, pottstown and doylestown and bethlehem and easton. be careful again if we shift it farther to the south. we do have that area of precipitation down year atlantic city, it's rain along the coast and change over to sleet and wet snow and change over to snow north of that. there's a couple of slick spots this morning. as we look outside we have cloudy skies and the winds are starting to pick up, especially do you down the shore, you can see the camera bouncing in atlantic city. that's going to be the pattern that continues to increase as we go through the day as the nor'easter starts to form to the south and picks the winds up.
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30 degrees in philadelphia. 21 in allentown. a lot cooler up north. # 1 in wilmington -- 31 in wilmington, 38 in sea isle city. future tracker 6 shows you between 9:00 a.m. and noon not a lot going on. mainly rain down the shore. we have the bands of on and off popping through. the model at noon wants a steady snow. you can see as we go through the afternoon, it sort of breaks apart and it's on and off. we're not expecting a lot of snow in the forecast for the daytime period. anywhere from 2 to 3 inches the majority of region. perhaps one to two on the perimeter. along the coast you'll see largely rain. up in allentown we'll have light to moderate snow on and off through the day. 24 degrees is the forecasted high. down the shore 36 degrees is the high, at times we'll see rain mixing with snow, probably less accumulation along the coast and in places like the boardwalk in atlantic city.
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cloudy skies light snow is possible. the high will be 32, i can see us sitting on that for a couple of hours. tonight we have heavier snow wrap off the ocean as the nor'easter chugses up the coast and puts in the heavier bands in. snow how it's heavier snow by the shore and lighter toward the east. while we're on the air tomorrow morning we'll have a bit to show you on radar. by noon it's starting to pull out. in the afternoon it gets on out of here. what are we expecting on this, there's not a lot of agreement in the models. this is philadelphia on four different models, we range from the low end to 3.4 inches up to 9 1/2 inches on some of the models. we'll go 8 to 12-inch range in the center portion of the region. less to the west as you saw and more to the east, we have the blizzard possibility in ocean county and monmouth county.
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if this storm gets its act together later in the game and holds off until it gets farther up to the north before it intensifies, we could drop the totals 4 to 8 and 8 to 1 up in trenton and points north. a lot of uncertainty yet but either way it's significant snow to make travel hazardous. today's high, 32, slight snow on and off. a snowstorm overnight tonight 26 degrees is the high, double digit snow totals are possible for the part of the region especially the center. region east. wednesday, sunny and cold, 29. sun to clouds on thursday 35. friday, brisk conditions and flurries around, thursday night into fry we'll be watching that -- friday we'll be watching that. saturday saturday, colder, 250 and sunday, 29.
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>> you're a busy man this week. chris christie preparing for a white house bid. >> reporter: we've been saying you have to be careful on the ramps. this is only 89 light stuff and we see it on the roadways making the ramps particularly slippery, this one 611 bypass in bucks county, we have a couple of problems involving roads. >> we have new trouble for malaysia airlines we'll tell you when it is when "action news" is back after the break. #
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>> good morning everyone, let's go to karen rogers. >> reporter: good morning, i'm just checking the waze app. i'm finding that people are concerned about the potholes and not the snow. that will be changing as things move ray long here. let's take a look and show you what's going on, we're looking live. this is 202, 202 road conditions are slippery. the snow is blowing through the area be careful as you head through the 202 parkway at county line road. the roads are wet we're finding
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the secondary roads and the ramps in particular where we're seeing the snowfall. you need to be careful as you head out. the ranch 422 westbound to limerick lin field, watch for this accident. we had accidents that cleared near state and high streets we had accidents right here let's go back outside bucks county, i-95 new hope yardley, you can see the roads are wet. people are moving at a good clip we're not seeing slipping and sliding. you have to watch the overpasses and bridge. yesterday we had temperatures well above freezing, that's helping a little bit as you head out. let's see when it looks like on the bridges. we're clear on the ben franklin bridge. you can expect the speed restrictions come in place as the day progresses.
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storm tracker 6 live double scan showing some of the light snowfall especially near the west suburbs you're seeing a mix to the south. reading, quakertown, allentown doylestown we're getting light snow north of trenton, as well. we look along the coastline we can see a little bit of rain along the coast and snowfall, even mixed precipitation we're getting with the area of blue, be careful especially for that. that's highway 50 and mays landing. you're driving through sleet and the rain toward the city and will also. be careful there tam. >> it could be bad here, but it is much worse elsewhere. potentially a historic snowstorm is expected to hit new york city, they are getting ready for a blizzard that could drop a lot snow on the eernd seaboard. along -- eastern seaboard. along the coast of massachusetts they are boarding up expecting high winds. mayor bill bill de blasio issued
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strong words of caution. >> preparing to be safe, take every precaution, now is the time to get ready for this extreme weather. >> reporter: the mayor went on to say that the approaching storm could end up on the top ten of biggest snowstorms ever to hit the big apple. we'll be right back.
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>> reporter: let's get ready for the morning commute. let's look outside right now we're looking at a tight shot of the road conditions at this point look good on the platt bridge. traffic is move okay there. you're watching the bridges and ramps especially the ramps in the northwest suburbs, we have snow falling. 45 miles per hour speed restrictions on the new jersey turnpike between 4 and 6. >> reporter: the snow is scattered and light, we have a puff of it coming up out of south jersey, that will probably clip northern philadelphia. there's rain on the coast with a changeover to sleet or wet snow and changing over to snow as you
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push into southern burlington county and the northern suburbs looking on and off snow showers. up north we're in the low 20s and philadelphia around 30 and seeing the freezing mark, if you're dressing the kids and a lot of them are going to school early in the day you want to bundle them up. 20 degrees in pottstown and 20 in saint davids. cold enough in the northern and western suburbs and the immediate areas. it's too warm down the the shore and dover well above freezing. if you're running errands we're getting up to 32. tam today might be the day to get it done, especially this morning and afternoon heavier snow arrives. batten town the hasms. chris christie hasan -- has taken his most solid step yet toward his run toward presidency. leadership matters for america was widely expected. he was one of the republican presidential hopefuls to made his way to des moines this
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weekend to speak at the freedom summit. we'll be right back.
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>> a group claiming to support the islamic terrorist group isis hacked the malaysia airlines. users found this message plane not found hacked by official lizard squad caliphate.
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>> good morning, it is 5:00 a.m., monday, january 26. here's what's happening. >> accuweather is tracking the first big storm of the season which is set to arrive later today. >> we're tracking potential problems right now for your morning commute. look out for those slick spots as you get ready to head to work and school this morning. >> philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools have announced an early dismissal at noon. we're running the school closings and early dismissals at the bottom of your screen and get them at >> let's find out about the current and coming storm and go over to david murphy and karen rogers has the roads good morning. >> reporter: we're talking about two different issues. this morning we're being affected by a clipper system that's centered to the south. it's pushing in


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