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tv   Action News  ABC  February 7, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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>> hopefully flyers can get something going here to start a four game road trip. flyers 11 points out of wildcard spot. defensive braden coburn out a month with a broken foot. no word when he'll play. with or without him, flyers need wins and they need some badly. >> you have to win all four.
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you have to make sure we go period. by period. and like i said one-on-one battles and play smart. >> how about the finish in the delaware valley college desales university game tied up no time left. del-val chris moran, banks it in. 35 foot shot at the buzzer. del-val wins by 3. good time over there tonight. >> i love the announcer you can't hear what he's saying. who cares. exactly, thank you. >> "action news" at 11:30 continues next. new england gets slammed once again by winter storm that brings another couple feet of snow to the area. city and towns are trying to prepare and baby with mysterious illness could get help in philadelphia but there's a barrier that parents need to overcome. those stories and more when "action news" continues after
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thank you, cable for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you... ...we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability - 8 years running. plus, fios has the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. for a limited time, get a fios triple play online at an amazing $79.99 a month guaranteed for two years. plus, a $400 bonus with a two-year agreement hurry, deal ends february 21st. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> bruce jener is involved in a car crash where a driver was killed and several other injured. >> and hope for a little boy out
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west a mysterious illness left him paralyzed. a doctor want to help in philadelphia but there's one problem. >> and a powerball ticket worth more than $390 million. we'll let you know what the winning numbers were in a moment. a story making you grateful for near us manys this winter. new england is bracing for another roupdz of snow. in fact, two more feet of snow could be on the way there after what has been a really snowy winter so far already. as reporter reed laborty tells us it's a massive undertaking to make sure commuters can get where they're going. >> it may not breathe fire but snowzilla con kerz nerve its path. gas guzzling jet engine is unusual piece of equipment they keep in the tool shed. this however working on tracks at molden center is one of two
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on loan from new york city transit. >> sdindz to remove or melt the snow and blow it away and clear some of the snow to have room nor more snow. >> which is on its way. more than a foot in and around boston and woory commuters are being reassured. everything that can be done for the t is being done. >> i think they're doing what they can being that we need more buses and better trains. >> two weeks worth of snow ended up right here where police clearly looked the other way. the only animals grazing on this farm are snow cat and snow melter. >> where columns of white smoke rise from the machine that can melt 350 tons of snow every hour city streets still wear marks of two giant storms and here, 30 foot high mountains are being cleared to make more room.
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>> yeah i think what we have to deal with new england they're doing a decent job. >> how about that. that was reed lamberty reporting. >> flooding is a concern tonight as windy storm sweeps across parts of california with heavy done powers. here you see a woman and family in need of rescue when a downed tree landed on mini van. forecasters are expecting ten inches of rain or more before the weekend is over out west. >> developing news near pittsburgh tonight where three people were shot inside macy's two in critical condition. it happened a few hours ago monroeville mall. it was on lockdown while investigators search for the shooter. it appears to have been a targeted shooting and no further details are released just yet. >> form are olympia an and reality star jeeper walked away from a crash today driving one of four cars ill killing a
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driver. there is no indication jeeper was chased by paparazzi before the crash as other news outlets reported. "abc news" correspondent chuck seevrson has details. >> bruce jener seemed unhurt as picked through the debris field at the crash site. >> are you okay, bruce. >> the mangled wreckage of four automobiles skaertd witness to the violent collision. a woman died in white lexus heavily damaged front and rear. nearby a black humvee smashed. >> one of the parties was a fatality. other parties involved were minor injuries. some minors were in one of the vehicles. they were transported to santa monica hospital. >> jener was seen sitting in black escalade with crumb pled front end. jener was cooperative. >> i perform aid field sobriety test he passed and voluntary submitted to donate a blood
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sample to prove or disprove intoxication. he did not appear intoxicated or under the influence of anything at the time. >> the accident comes at sensitive i've for the 65-year-old former athlete. >> jener is going to win it. >> one time best known for gold metal in men's dekath lon jener recently gained notice for changing appearance growing his hair longer and appearing in public with nails painted. he's not commented publicly on speculation he's preparing to live as a woman. jener's representatives tell "abc news" he's fine and has no comment about the accident. chuck seevrson "abc news" new york. >> a doctorate children's hospital in philadelphia wants to help a little boy recover from a medical mysterych the only problem is getting him here to philadelphia. he contracted entrovirus when two months old and suffered debilitating complication from neck down paralysis.
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john hopkins doctors believe they may be able to help. >> i put my hands on face and sobbed. >> he's a fighter. i'm amazed every day by truitt. >> unfortunately he needs a especially equipped plane to make the journey cost of that combined with arrangements for two full time nurses could cost up to $30,000. a go fund me page is already set up to help make that trip possible. >> all right time to check tickets. winning numbers in for the 394 million dollar powerball jackpot million dollar powerball jackpot. this is sixth largest powerball of all time. by the way cash option for tonight's jackpot comes out to more than 256 million bucks get tickets ready here are numbers again melissa. five ten 1 34 58, and powerball is 33.
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melissa did not extreme. >> this is last weekend for philadelphia auto show. there's plenty of time to check out your dream car. future vehicle prototypes. thousands came through the pennsylvania convention september to check out the scene there. the auto show continues through tomorrow. check it out if you can. >> more than a dozen cadets ovlly joined wilmington fire company today. 38 recruit academy graduated at the chase center on riverfront this afternoon. they earn badges there in front of proud families and friends that packed the room to snap photos and cheer them on. >> congratulations. >> a fierce and fun competition will make wishes come true for deserving children. second annual bowling for breasts took over play drom devon lanes tonight. all proceeds benefit take a breather foundation for children suffering with cystic fibrosis.
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>> much more to come newest in theater technology how movie goers are able to smell begun powder of shootout and feel a car chase. >> and big change in the view. rosy o'donnell confirms she's leaving show again. melissa. >> walter, we had a nice start to the weekend. temperatures today above average. it gets warmer for sunday. we're tracking changes as early as tomorrow night. we'll talk about details
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>> dance marathon took over montgomery elementary in north wales today. these children moved feet twelve hours starting 8 a.m. in the name of charity. they raised more than 22,000 today. good job. to support the four diamonds fund for childhood cancer it's the dance marathon supporting the same cause as penn state. >> checking on sports. time for a check of the accuweather forecast. we can do sports why not. 'll show you the picture stormtracker 6 double scan radar. it will stay dry for majority of day on sunday sunday night monday it dips down.
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gorgeous shot in center city as we're looking at the back of art museum. on a very quiet saturday night underneath partly to mostly cloudy sky and temperatures comfortable. check out the highs today across eastern half of u.s.. philadelphia today 44. 60 raleigh. 71 today in st. louis missouri. we're tapping into southwesterly winds and southwest wind continues to blow and we have a warming trend that will continue. 35 currently in philadelphia, 32 poconos and allentown. 3 4 lancaster and 37 wildwood and 35 beach haivrn. here's satellite 6 and action radar tracking arctic boundary really stuck to the knowledge of our region. snow breaking out across areas in the great lakes and also threw up state new york and new england we have winter storm warnings and watches through the region. once again missing out on snow
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in new england will feel the brunt again. boundary stays north tonight. because of that you tap into the southwesterly winds on southern side of boundary. tomorrow this continues to dip south. with that we're tracking some precipitation on the way. as you wake up tomorrow morning most spots 95 corridor upper 30s to approaching 40 south and east. add we get into the afternoon hours on sunday 3:00 in the afternoon. 40s there in philadelphia. lower 50s for wilmington, dover and millville it will be nice afternoon sunday we're tracking arctic boundary into the south of that you tap into the southwesterly winds and high temperature tomorrow 51 we're tracking low pressure rising in this front. we that we have precipitation on the way. keep in mind even though tracking precipitation ground
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will be warm and air pressure 50s 40s. most of our region will find that precipitation in the form of rain before you get gradual changeover sunday night to monday. your day planner tomorrow showing you 7:00 in the morning 36. 42, 10 a.m. and upper 40s 1:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon underneath mostly cloudy sky. here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast milder sunday high temperature 51. again mostly dry tomorrow. late sunday to monday. light rain and mix north high of 40. tuesday flurry is around early in the day otherwise turning sunny and in at 4 1. wednesday clouds and sun in at 3938 thursday with clouds and 20s for daytime highs friday and as we get to saturday wanter. >> it's cold. >> it's cold. >> thank you melissa. >> movie experience of future has arrived across the ponds. audience transported into the action for 4d fill until great
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britain. they felt every bump in car chases and smelled gun powder during shooting games. some experts wonder if the hype is worth it. >> it's a gimmick and sounds fun and flurry of interest in it and load of films use it for a while and gradually like we've seen over the last three or four years interest will wasn't. >> 4d debud in korea. >> topping "people scene" tonight rosy o'donnell is levering the view for a second time. out spoken host of the daytime show here on 6abc says she's leaving because her marriage is breaking up and wants to focus on her five children. o'donnell agetting divorce from wife of three years. o'donnell returned to the show last 134er. >> justin bieber fans known as believeers have once again proved undying devotion this
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>> 0-10 without mcw and now mcw on the bench because of a sore right tow. how about the sixers these guys pick up the slack. robert covington converts 3 of 3. hol as thompson drops 18. sixers win fourth straight home game. best stretch of the season you could argue it's best of the year and comes for first time without ncw. >> call him the shot doctor tiny division ii school in east falls joins duke's coach k in men's basketball history to win 1,000 career games. magee was worth name like charles barkley he wins at philly u by beating post university by 20. he's been coaching for last 48 seasons congrats to hall of
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famer. >> i'll be honest with you the way i feel as i told all you folks it's a. >> and how about 7th ranked villanova today return the favor to georgetown after rival beat them by 20 last month. cats go wild shooting 50% from three point land. 'nova up 24. they are 1-. temple with big win over memphis as well. >> flyers face alexander owe very much kin washington capitols in wash done d.c.. 11 points out of wildcard spot. flyers on the ice in voorhees getting ready for the cats. out a month with a broken foot coburn is back at practice. he play be able to play within the next week.
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>> temple and that school and trying to push and see where it goes. >> timely mason blumly is on edge tonight. on the sideline, there goes all the beer. plumlee wiped out the entire trech the game delayed as they wipe out the mess. sxen sivr as those drinks are it's a lot of money falling on the floor there. >> that's right. >> dozens of youngsters had a chance to check out the upcoming disney movie mcfarland usa in manayunk before released look at that guys way given the privilege of speaking to the crowd beforehand. they were all members ever the police athletic league and parents were invited guests to this official disney screening and mcfarland usa is based on
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inspiring movie of poor latino teenagers that rose from obscurity to become a championship cross country team. disney is the parent company of 6abc. thanks for inviting me. "castle" is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 6:00 tomorrow morning with nydia han eva pilgrim and chris sauers. for jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team i'm walter perez, good
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[ bird squawking ] castle: hey, so, you want to go to lincoln center and hear some jazz tonight? wynton marsalis is playing. oh, i would love to, but i can't. i've got that dinner with my old friend from high school. you don't sound very thrilled about going. yeah, you know, it's just carly's always been really competitive, talking about her fabulous life nonstop. i bet no one's basing a character in their best-selling mysteries on her. true, but the last time i talked to her she had just came back from the french riviera with a count that she met in monaco. and now i hear she's married to some big-shot, european businessman that she met on a yoga retreat, and she's embraced the spiritual life.


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