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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 16, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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morning. wicked weather. more snow on the way as people wake up to dangerously low temperatures. well below zero in areas and snow ice and sleet. we're talkingracking it all. >> another arab country joining the fight against isis after the militant group releases an execution video with numerous hostages. the detalls coming in. >> unwanted guests. a creepy, crawly surprise for passengers on a plane. how a scorpion got onboard and stung a woman. >> live from new york "saturday night live" celebrates 40 years of laughs. eddy murphy's return and the lip lock that everybody is talking about.
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good morning on this president's day. i'm ryan steve. >> i'm mara schiavocampo. we begin with the latest winter storm setting its sights on the northeast. a new round of snow and ice as millions bundle up against the coldest air of the season. >> the system is moving from the south already glazing over the roads this morning in oklahoma city little rock and memphis. this new system is creeping into a frigid northeast dipping into single digits and subzero temperatures. so cold this foundation in manhattan has frozen solid. >> this is what it looks like underneath the brooklyn bridge. ice covering much of the east river. we'll get to that in a moment. in new england the cleanup job with no end in sight. and overnight in boston it was the ems needing rescued. this ambulance getting stuck in the snow. people living nearby tried to
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use shoveling to help but took 90 minutes to get it out with an excavator and using these machines to clear snow in boston. the region's transit system will offer limited service following a system-wide shutdown over the weekend. >> thousands of people have lost power with that new storm on the move this morning. >> accuweathers stephanie olmo is here to show us what's in store. good morning. >> good morning. well we do begin the work week with a winter storm right now impacting the southeast region bringing in snow across the midatlantic states. there are winter storm warnings and watches across this area. further south we're dealing with rain. while the wet weather interacts that's producing corridor. please exercise caution. also if you are traveling on i-20. power outages likely throughout this area.
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two to four inches expected in nashville. also much of kentucky picking up 6 to 12 inches by the time it's all said and done. this system is tracking north and east and produce another round of snow across the northeast region. ryan and mara back to you. >> thanks so much stephanie. now to breaking news overnight. egypt has struck isis targets in libya following the execution of 21 egyptians. abc news is not showing that graphic execution video posted by isis. egypt says the strikes were quote, to avenge the blood shed and seek retribution from the killers. >> den mark a nation shaken by terror attacks. two men arrested accused of helping the man behind the deadly shooting that started during a panel discussion on free speech. take a listen.
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>> in that gun fire a filmmaker killed and several officers injured. the organizer of the event says it could have been much worse. >> if they haven't shot back he could have shot his way through and i don't know something worse could have happened. >> the 22-year-old suspect shot dead by police. they said he had a long criminal record. >> a cease-fire is hanging on this morning in ukraine. but the ukrainian government and russian back levels are accusing each other of violating the deal after shelling and mortar fire killed two people overnight. if the truce holds for the next several hours both sides set to pull tanks and weapons away from the frontlines. an american from georgia is in intensive care this morning after he was tossed around and gored during a bull fighting festival in northwestern spain. doctors spent three hours to
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repair damage to his thigh and back thusles. two other men were injured during the annual bull running event. >> in washington the bucket impasse could lead to the shutdown of the homeland security department by the end of the month. house speaker john boehner says he's prepared to allow funding for the agency to last. a bill would cover the department through september 30th but calls for overturning president obama's turn to move the deportations but stands no chance of passing in the senate. and the deadline for health care coverage has passed. federal officials say more than 10 million people enrolled under the affordable care act the health had lots of last minute traffic despite a computer glitch that delayed some applications. >> still ahead, the new
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regulations for drones on the way. >> and a creepy crawly and ready to sting surprise for a passenger on a plane. >> plus rescue at sea. a daring mission to save a father and son sailing in the middle of a blizzard.
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\sseg2 the u.s. auto industry is suffering the effects of a labor dispute at the west coast ports. honda is slowing production at plants in indiana, ohio and canada because parts are stuck on ships that haven't been unloaded. president obama has sent the labor secretary to the west coast to help get labor talks
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moving again. >> the faa is out with its proposed regulations for commercial drone flights. those flights would have to be during daylight hours and could only fly up to 500 feet high. after passing a written test, operatedon operateors would have to keep the drones away from airports and eyesight. it could take up to three years for the rules to be finalized. >> international hearings pulled off one of the biggest banking breaches ever. up to $1 billion stolen of 30 countries including the u.s. the hackers look for months in the banking systems and program atms to dispense money or transfer funds. >> the clock is ticking on great president's day deals. the best deal you'll find are on clothing. we have love that. especially winter apparel with some sale prices even lower than on black friday.
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furniture can be a great buy. retailers need to make room for new collection so you can see as much as 50% off on some items. great news. and plenty of those who went shopping went to the theater to i see "fifty shades of grey." the film adaptation was setting valentines and president's day records and brought in nearly 82 million bucks. "kingsman: the secret service" was a distant second with $36 million and "the spongebob movie: sponge out of water" was third. well while plenty of people going to the theater over the weekend, one california family had a valentine's day they'll never forget. it's not just because they spent it kayaking. look on the back sitting behind dad, that's a sea lyon pup which the family says jumped on board and sat there and everyone onboard stayed calm. it seems like everyone enjoyed it. he's hitching a ride.
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the right snack ♪ [ female announcer ] fiber one. wow, i've been claritin clear for 10 days! when your allergies start, doctors recommend taking one non-drowsy claritin every day during your allergy season for continuous relief. 18 days! 12 days! 24 days of continuous relief. live claritin clear. every day. cleveland is one of many cities shivering in the bitter cold this morning. temperatures plunging into negative territory over the weekend making it feel like 30 below zero. doctors reporting a spike in er visits including several cases of frostbite. >> a look at the morning road conditions. slick streets from new england into the great states. oklahoma city to memphis and the carolina carolina's. snow covered roads around
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nashville and central kentucky. >> weather related airport delays possible in memphis washington atlanta and dallas. keep an eye on those. >> a las vegas woman shot during a road rage incident has died. >> tammy meyers was on her way home from giving her daughter a driving lesson when she had a collision with another car. the two drivers exchanged heated words and the other driver followed meyers home and shot her. her family is stunned by the shooting and furious. >> you're really disgusted for taking my mother's life. she didn't deserve it. >> my son is only 1 year and 2 months and now i got to deal with my son. >> terry meyers was a mother of four and a nurse. police say the search for the gunman is top priority. >> coast guard crews break near hurricane forced winds to rescue a father and son whose sail boat
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become disabled south of than tact. the men were hoisted to safety and taken to shore to be checked out. they had set sail from rhode island headed to australia. and along delayed preliminary hearing for two wisconsin girls charged with stabbing a classmate. the 12-year-old and 13-year-old attacked their friend to please a fictional online character called slender man. the girls have been found competent to stand trial. now a judge has to decide whether there's enough evidence to warrant a trial for attempted homicide. >> airline officials are trying to figure out how a scorpion got on their flights. a woman onboard was stung before take-off. she managed to stop and got her revenge before it did anymore damage and crew members made sure it didn't bring any friends along searching the plane. the question is where did it come from? >> you can certainly travel with
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an exotic pet properly caged in the cargo department. this was an unwanted guest. >> unwanted guest is right. the flight was delayed for about an hour while the woman checked out by medics. she decided not to reboard that plane and took another flight. might be wise. >> a new study indicates today's teens aren't getting enough sleep. they're supposed to be getting nine to ten hour as night but the study finds teens are getting less sleep as they get older and many not getting seven hours. maybe that's why your teen is cranky. also teens in recent years reported less sleep than those who participated in the study during the 1990s. >> they didn't have instagram. duchess kate is out with a message about mental health issues. kate calls for early action to treat kids struggling with mental health issues. chef says kids who suffer from the issues are at risk for greater problems later in life.
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kate spoke for her husband, the future king. >> both william and i have seen people struggling to cope with impacts ofby leavement, domestic violence. family breakdown and more. >> kate also said the stigma around mental health means many of the children don't get the help they need. her message is part of britain's first ever children's mental health week. >> turning to sports. a mixed bag starting with news about this coming sunday's day day tonia's 500. >> qualifying for the daytona 500. the first part took place on sunday in florida. just the front road determined and the front road of those two fellows. jimmy johnson on the left and jeff gordon on the right. jeff gordon is on the poll. the race next sunday in daytona
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as jeff gordon gets his second career poll. the nba all-star game played in new york city last night. russell westbrook was your all-star game mvp. poured in 41 points just one shy of the all-star game record. it's his head of the backboard there. there he is with the all-star game mvp trophy. louise swarez with the number one top play. place and go kick. gorgeous with velocity. part of a 5-0. barcelona wins. big monday. couple of basketball games. number two team in the land virginia home against pittsburgh and kansas/west virginia. double-header on espn. >> good stuff coming up. here's all the evidence you need that guys on the pga tour are better golfers than you and i.
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>> certainly better than you and me. check this out. he carefully got himself into position and then amazingingly he hit the ball back into the fair way and saved par. he had the lead with six strokes back. if you think jim fyruk had a rough day, how about the oscar mayer mobile. >> there it is on the side of the road near harrisburg pennsylvania. got smashed into a pole. the wiener mobile is going to need repairs including a new windshield and butcher. no one was injured and the company has several others. >> did you say fix the front of the wiener? >> up next in "the pulse." a look at the best moments from "snl's" 40th anniversary show. >> step aside. a digital deodorant in the google pipeline.
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time to check "the pulse." beginning with "saturday night live's" 40th anniversary special. >> a look back at some of the classics. >> it featured some familiar faces including a very brief appearance by eddy murphy. the first time former cast member was on the show since he hosted it in 1984. there for 37 seconds. >> that puzzled a lot of people. maybe there's a back story. former cast member jimmy fallon and justin timer lake broke into a history of "snl" republic.
4:23 am
>> we are. >> we are. >> we are. >> we are two wild and crazy guys with the samurai. >> i live in a van down by the river. >> they sounded like the beastie boys the whole way through. >> and justin timberlake had another song on "snl" that was my favorite. i can't say the name on tv. something in a box. >> yeah. well the song was a shout-out to former cast members and catch phrases. >> jerry seinfeld also showed up. he took questions from the celebrity-filled audience and a funny exchange with his friend seinfeld co-createor larry davis. >> was i really a writer on "saturday night live." >> yes. you wrote here for one season. >> look how big we are today. >> we had like the biggest show of all time. >> unbelievable. >> unbelievable. >> like two people the same
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person talking to each other. i love that. but the moment everyone is talking about bradley cooper lip-locked 93-year-old betty white and getting it on for longer than anyone wanted to see. >> you go betty. >> yeah. we can stop seeing this now. >> lots of women would love to trade places with her. >> an untouched photo of cindy crawford has gone viral. no shame in her game. >> some people are critical. but keep in mind cindy crawford will turn 49 years old this friday and in a interview she said what's most important is being comfortable in one's own skin no matter their age and i say amen to that. >> google getting attention with word of a device designed to freshen you up when it senses bo. when it senses the odor it's going to send out a fragrance
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we have new information on what may have caused this blast. speaking of cold, temperatures have dipped overnight and windchills are well below zero. accuweather is tracking get this a new threat of snow. it will be following as thousands of people are getting ready to she had back to work tomorrow. find out when the snow will start to fall in your neighborhood, all that and more
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just ahead on "action news." donvan. >> reporter: why put a seal inside a cage and on to a fedex flight? what's the point? we will give our answer in part in pictures. baby bear baby elephant baby giraffe. baby ryanhino. the public loves these little guys. the thing is mating in captivity does not come naturally to a lot of species. >> we have 600 we're working with and some trying to match. >> she did say match. there's a science to matching zoo animals. databases kept on thousands of animals. life history, who is related to whom. >> we find animals who are least related to each other to avoid inbreeding. >> this is important with
4:29 am
endangered species because there are few mates for the mating. which brings us back to the fedex flight. here's commander at home in the seattle aquarium deemed ready to breed with a female named ursula. she lives in boston on a plane and now off the plane in boston water. baby seal to come. maybe. we'll have to get back to you. john donvan abc news washington. >> and we reported on the "fifty shades of grey." maybe she should show that to the zoo animals. >> either that or teach them smooth talking. >> you can teach them a thing or two. >> stay with us for "good morning america" and have yourgs a fantastic monday and president's day.
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>> we're following breaking news on this monday february 16. dramatic details of an overnight house explosion that forced a dozen people outside into the arctic air. >> another storm is barrelling through you would ice and snow snow -- for new england. >> accuweather is tracking record-low temperatures tonight. schools are


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