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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  February 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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eet corner look poured like an ice sculpture. it is monday afternoon, i'm shirleen allicott. >> i'm brian taff. the story is that blast of winter weather we're dealing with today. not only are the temperatures down right frigid but we're tracking a storm coming our way tonight that could bring us our biggest snowfall of the season. >> uh-huh. >> we've got team coverage and we'll show you more thon fire and check on conditions around the region coming up but we'll start with adam joseph and melissa magee with the call from accuweather right now. adam a few records falling today. >> yeah, not the records you want to break around here because it was brutally cold and dangerously cold with the wind chills this morning. trenton and wilmington, these were tied record lows, one in trenton, two in wilmington. we broke the record in atlantic city at the airport of 2 degrees. reading we broke the record. a degree below zero for the air temperature and in do you have dover 4 degrees. philadelphia we missed the record by 1 degrees, the morning low was 3 degrees but it still was a chill we haven't felt in 10 years for
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philadelphia. the old record was set back in 1888 and it was the coldest start to philadelphia's morning since january 24th of 2005 and we're actually going to get lower than that three before the weekends. take a look at the morning wind chills this morning. to the north and west, anywhere between 19 and 22 degrees below zero this morning. it felt like 16 below in philadelphia, 15 below in millville so no one escaped that real dangerous area. mount pocono 35 degrees below zero this morning. the chill is still out there. i mean temperatures right now are in the teens. we look at double scan live raid today. lope is approaching nashville and bringing a mess totten 10 valley and deep south with sleet and freezing rain but the northern end of this is all snow. it will stay all snow and as the low races to our south we're going to get scraped by the northern fringe of this low so more on timing and just how much we're expecting where you live we bring in meteorologist melissa magee. >> yeah, adam we'll go over it
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with future tracker 6 and you can see the storm system and moisture moves in overnight tonight and into tuesday, so by 10:30 tonight future tracker showing that you snowfall really for the city and areas south and east. as i advance this, as we get into 6 o'clock in the morning on tuesday we still have the moisture overhead unfortunately for the commute tomorrow morning but if you look closely at the shades of purple and the shades of lavender here the heaviest looks to fall across south jersey and down through delaware. that's where we have the winter storm warning in effect. it's really for those locations south of philadelphia so for south jersey, right through delaware all although the exception of i-95 and wilmington in that winter storm warning. also where we have a winter weather advisory. the exception will be lehigh county northampton counties and up through the poconos. the winter storm and advisory goes into effect later on this evening right through noon as we are talking about some accumulating snowfall here. so the storm time line and what we are expecting between 8:00 p.m. and 11 o'clock tonight the snow will arrive from the southwest to
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northeast direction. 1 o'clock in the morning during the overnight hours while you are sleeping and unfortunately just in time for the commute tomorrow morning that's when the heaviest snow will fall. 9:00 a.m. to noon it looks like the snow will start to taper off from a west-east direction. as far as what we are talking about as far as accumulation, the models are in pretty good agreement. the gfs talking about close to 4-inches close to 3.2 with the rpm and 6-inches for the n we're calling for a good 3 to 6 inches in general across the region. the heaviest looks to fall south of the city. coming up meteorologist adam joseph is back and he's going to have the very latest on the expected snowfall map and what we can expect for the rest of this chilly week with the accuweather forecast, line. >> melissa thank you. the snow will be a problem tonight and tomorrow morning but for much of the day today it was the bitter cold and it was certainly true for firefighters who had their hands full when burning -- a burning building quickly turned into a literal ice cube. john rawlins live now at that
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scene, incredible scene in west philadelphia. john, these conditions did not make that job an easy one today. >> reporter: quite the contrary. it was miserable out here. at these sort of temperatures water becomes a solid very, very quickly. this was a really stubborn fire. how stubborn? take a look right here. spotted a few minutes ago hot spots here and they're continuing to pour water on it. this fire was discovered more than 11 hours ago. before sun up flames burst through the roof. for more than i wasn't hour they lit up the west philadelphia sky. >> i see spark and flames. they were all over the place. >> reporter: the brutal cold a problem for firefighter who's had to direct tons of water onto the large multi story building. among concerns, exhaustion, slipping and falling and the weight of the water when it freezes in place. >> the water will freeze almost instantly. then that adds weight to the actual building so we have to
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be careful about the collapse. >> reporter: it can collapse. >> collapse of the building. >> reporter: the building did not collapse but it an surrounding items from firemen's ladders to electrical arms to neighbor's cars were encased in ice. firefighters had to use axes to hammer ice built up on fire trucks. throughout the day people stopped by to look and take a picture of 249 south 52nd street which had come to resemble a kind of ad hoc ice palace. >> i said to myself, well, i guess i can't get to alaska, so i'll just come on down here on 52nd street and try to fantasize about being, you know in some far off glacier. >> reporter: for the record, it was actually warm internome alaska today. again a is it you stubborn fire after almost 12 hours they're still pouring water on certain hot spots at this point. it's very well contained but they've seen smoke come out of
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there so they did pour water on it. no one was injured in this fire. this building is operated apparently by a doctor who had a office on the first floor. we spoke with him today. he has said he's not seen the building or not gotten into the building at this point but he did say that there was an office on the first floor. as for the second and third floor did he not want to talk about that. as for a cause of the fire that will be up to the fire marshall's office and that will be sometime before they can get into this particular building. live in west philadelphia, john rawlins, channel6 "action news." back to you, brian. >> just an astonishing video. thank you. street corners not the only things turning to ice out there today. chopper 6 hd flew over the schuylkill expressway river this morning. check it out. partially frozen huge ice chunks floating downstream. in fact even the waterfall right near boathouse row looked solid in some places. >> people who didn't have to work because of the president's day holiday but others who braved the cold had
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to come prepared. sarah bloomquist is live now in spring garden where people lined up for concert tickets this afternoon and sarah i hope you bundled up. >> reporter: i am, shirleen. you can see the line of concertgoers behind me. they are i can say just somewhat bundled up. you see some brought some blankets but these are young people excited to see a concert so the cold doesn't seem to be bothering them much. the rest of us are really feeling it. it is very cold, unbearable to be outdoors for very long today. just imagine working at a car wash when temperatures are so bitter cold that that's exactly the job these guys have to do at the spring garden wash and lube. the only way they can get through it is to bundle up and try to keep the water from freezing up. >> basically we can't control the freezing but we try to use a lot of warm water and a lot of warm towels out here and just try to do the best we can. >> reporter: everywhere you look people put on so many layers today, all you can
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really see are their eyes. >> i just got just one piece with a face mask, some boots and a hood. >> it is ridiculously cold and i can't believe those kids are out there waiting in line for a concert so -- >> reporter: she's talking about these mostly young ladies waiting in line outside the union transfer concert venue to see an up and coming group called bad sons tonight. they knew the conditions out here would be bad brutal in fact but they believe it's worth it to see their favorite band. >> um, yeah, i think so, yeah. i just started listening to them. they're pretty good so i think it's worth it. >> they said it was worth it. that was sarah bloomquist reporting. we have much more still ahead throughout the night as we continue to track the snow coming our way and the bitter cold we're dealing with. vernon odom rode along with
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aaa crews today as they helped people dealing with car trouble because of the cold. walter perez is in the lehigh valley talking to people who were stuck working outside in this weather and nora muchanic will show as you man who decided to build an ice rink in his own backyard. tomorrow wake up with "action news." matt, tam, david and karen will be on the air a half hour earlier than usual to bring you the latest on a forecast and a live look at conditions on the roads. that's tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. be sure to download the 6abc storm tracker app as we deal with the about the at a cold and the snow you can see live radar the hourly forecasts and more. it's available any time on your mobile device. >> still can't believe all those kids lined up for that concert. >> i know. >> better be the best concert they ever go to. >> they said it was worth it. >> time for the traffic report. >> let's go to matt pelman in the traffic center and see how conditions are affecting the roads. >> that is dedication there for sure. good afternoon to you, brian and shirleen. much as we don't want to be
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outside running in this cold weather, many of our vehicles don't want to run today either. it's too cold out there, people. we have a broken down vehicle here on the schuylkill expressway westbound side right by 676 the vine street expressway taking out the left lane. you see the police officer here as well as penndot. hopefully getting ready to tow away this broken down vehicle soon. but for now left lane blocked and that means you're barely moving coming west of there through this point at the vine. otherwise we're thanking our presidents today for lighter than normal traffic volume on the roads but still there are a few slow spots like the normal westbound delay there on the schuylkill by city avenue, 9 miles per hour. 95 northbound some slowing with speeds in the 30's but not the teens like we would normally see. we're watching a crash in lower providence, sunny side avenue at apple dale road. another broken down vehicle in the heart of norristown along harding boulevard at markley street. a crass along ridge pike at chemical road. not a good day for this. a water main break in towamencin shutting down valley forge road between
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sumneytown pike and allentown road. use broad street instead. center at a saying across-the-board you could see 20 minute delays on all regional rails. that's really not good news on day like today. you don't want to be standing outside on those platforms. we'll check it again brian and shirleen in the next half hour. >> okay, thank you matt. still ahead, it may be the largest bank heist in history. the thief who managed to take a billion dollars and why the crime isn't over just yet. >> plus, from a new round of airstrikes to an attack at a free speech rally there's a lot today in the fight against terrorism. >> the woman who collapsed before she could finish a marathon and then found a way to cross the line anyway. >> ♪♪
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police in copenhagen say omar he will hussein was a 22-year-old danish born citizen way history of violence and gang activity. they say he first gunned down a danish film director and wounded three police officers before attacking a synagogue killing a jewish security guard and wounding two more police officers. hours later police gunned him down on the street and today this video here another barbaric one from isis showing the beheadings of 21 egyptian christians captured in libya. overnight egypt responded with airstrikes against isis locations in libya at training camps and also command posts but back to denmark this afternoon flags there flying at half-staff as the nation grapples with this weekend's deadly attacks. brian. >> all right alicia thank you very much. hackers have stolen a billion dollars in one of the largest bank heists in
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history. hackers installed spy software on bank computers. then they learned how to mimic the work that bank employees do and transferred money into bank accounts specifically created for the crime. the breach affected more than 100 banks with the hackers taking between two and a half and 10 million from each bank. the attacks are still on going. >> news to help you dream of warmer weather today. ocean city, new jersey, has a new boardwalk. workers replaced the boards between fifth and 12th streets. this is the second phase of a five year plan to renovate the boardwalk. the project involves removing and replacing all of the pilings and the decking on the entire stretch of boardwalk. so just look and -- >> dream. >> dream. >> of nicer things to come. >> dream a little dream 'cause it's been the talk of the town. >> it has been. >> the cold temperature. >> yeah. >> it is time now for the accuweather forecast. >> that is if your lips unfreeze long enough to speak. adam joseph live with the
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details. >> ain't that the truth. fresh new boards will be covered by at least a half a foot of snow down the shore by tonight and tomorrow morning. as we look at double scan live here behind me you can see the mass amount of winter storm warnings, winter weather advisories, even we have freezing rain advisories from nashville all the way moving into the midatlantic so this is that midatlantic special and you can see some of that snow building richmond washington down to charleston west virginia slowly making its way to the north and east. as we look at the numbers around the region it's still bitterly cold. 16 in philadelphia, 17 for the lehigh valley as well as trenton. at the shore only 16 degrees. winds right now generally between five and 10 miles per hour out of the westerly direction. it is much less harsh than yesterday and this morning but we still have those wind chills very low. one in reading, six in philadelphia and it feels like 4 degrees right now in millville. future tracker 6 by 10:30 tonight, so if you're out over the next few hours no worries
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about snow falling. it's not until later on this evening you see a little bit of snow showers breaking out west and south of allentown and especially through southern new jersey and all of delaware. by that hour. it's not until after midnight that we start to really ramp the snow up at 2:30 in the morning you could see it on the line near reading trenton all points to the south. maybe still waiting for the steadier snow in the lehigh valley but that pushes to the north by 5:30 in the morning and you can see the darker colors on future tracker indicates the heavier snow bands especially down towards the shore and then by 11 o'clock tomorrow morning everything starts to wrap out and pull out and even sunshine returning by tomorrow afternoon. how much snow to expect? this right here is the line between the white and the pink that is your 3-inch line, the 6-inch line will be between these two pink and purple colors. so about 1 to 3 inches in any and around allentown northern parts of bucks and montgomery county. trenton philadelphia wilmington on that 3 to 6-inch area. philadelphia probably four or
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five and in far southern areas of atlantic city down to cape may and dover that's the jackpot for this storm with six to 9-inches of snow and it's going to be that very light fluffy snow that easily can be removed if you have maybe one of those leaf blowers, perfect tool for this. as we look at the forecast when tonight snow develops heavy late. temperatures in the teens. tomorrow morning's rush hour we're calling it the red light rush hour. expected delays tomorrow morning, heavy snow especially south and east of philadelphia with several inches on the ground. your four day at 4:00 even though the morning starts off a little on the treacherous side, the afternoon's looking pretty good with some sunshine returning with a temperature of 30 degrees. another arctic front arrives on wednesday with a snow shower. not a big deal wednesday 32. but then another arctic attack come thursday and friday, 19 both days for highs with sun and clouds and by friday morning in philadelphia we're predicting 1 degree below zero in the suburbs, so if you thought this morning was cold,
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even colder air if you could believe it coming in at the end of the week, guys. >> you know what if it's going to be this cold it might as well snow. >> i agree with you. i concur. >> thank you adam. >> all right. >> this bitter cold has at least one advantage and it's one baseball fans will appreciate. individual tickets for the wilmington blue rocks home opener went on sale this morning for the rock bottom price of just four cents equal today's temperature. each year the team sets ticket prices according to the mercury reading on president's day morning and despite the cold people lined up to get their seats. >> so i'm a little surprised with the weather. we thought with the fact that it was so cold that more people might just buy tickets online or over the telephone but we're quite surprised and so it's a nice welcome to see all these people in line this morning. >> and you can still get in on that deal. again, four cents a ticket by heading to the blue rocks web site or by calling their box office. >> a new convenience may have you rethinking the security of your keys. here's consumer reporter nydia
4:21 pm
han with a preview of a special report tonight at 11:00. >> reporter: many of us aren't that careful with our keys. we lose them our kids take them we even hand them to strangers like valets and auto mechanics but a new app might motivate you to hold onto your keys at least a little advertisement we put it to the test. >> you need to be proactive and you better do it sooner than later. it's not going away. >> reporter: is this a great shortcut for our busy lives or could it lead to something sinister? we're unlocking this new technology tonight only on channel6 "action news" at 11:00ly. >> plans are under way for a new state of the art autism treatment center in philadelphia. "action news" was at this breakfast meeting of jayden's voice in center city. the national autism nonprofit announced plans and specifications for a brand new green facility that will offer clinical and holistic supportive services for people with autism and their families. >> a gas explosion forced residents out into the frigid temperatures overnight in philadelphia and now investigators are searching for the cause.
4:22 pm
"action news" anchor rick williams live in the news room with details he's gathering as we speak on thisser to. hi rickism that's right. the explosion was strong enough to blow out the windows of many homes but fortunately no one was hurt. amazing story here. take a look at the scene. happened just before 2:00 a.m. this morning on the 100 block of benefit street in the chestnut hill section of philadelphia. the walls buckled in the explosion but fortunately there was no fire. coming up tonight at 5:00 we're live live on the scene with how many people were left homeless because of the explosion and how investigators are continuing to work to determine the cause. that story and much more when we see you in just a little bit on "action news" at 5:00 until then back to the studio brian and shirleen. >> thank you. your 4 o'clock today an inspiring story about a woman who refused to quit. >> the runner who collapsed short of the finish line but found a way to cross it anyway. >> and what is this pregnant woman doing dancing to thriller zombie moves andall
4:23 pm
she is way past her due date and she's turning to the king of pop to inspire the little one to get a move on. omg or lol you tell us. big talkers is coming up. we want to remind you to go to facebook and like the 6abc facebook page. that will give you access to all the top stories we're following, weather updates breaking news and the best and most viral videos like the one i'm about to show you. you can also communicate with members of the "action news" team. we'll be right back
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>> it was a memorable finish for a marathon this weekend in texas but not because of who won. hyvon ngetich was leading for most of the austin marathon but just before the finish her body gave out. rather than get help, she crawled across the line. she still managed to finish in third place in the women's race. >> remarkable. the president of widener university is leaving that school and is bound for warmer weather. the school announce dad that james harris will resign his post at the end of july to become president of the
4:27 pm
university of san diego. harris served as president to widener since 2002. the board of trustees says it will launch a nationwide search for his replacement. >> and still ahead cindy crawford like you've never seen her before. the photo that has many women celebrating. >> plus, from twizzler to popcorn we compare the best and worst snacks in a movie theater edition of diet detours. >> ♪♪
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>> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph alicia vitarelli shirleen allicott and brian taff. >> hello again. 4:30 and "action news" continues with a stunning order from an overseas court. why a woman is now facing jail time if she does not write to the man who tried to kill her. >> plus, saving with 6abc is saving your family from boredom this winter from crafts that don't require sewing to treats that don't require baking, we have dozens of diy ideas to break that cabin fever. >> later, she's dancing her way into the delivery room. you won't want to miss why this expectant mom turned to michael jackson to induce labor. >> we begin with breaking news out of delaware right now. new castle county police are investigating a shooting inside the rose hill community center. police say just after 3:00 p.m., someone ran inside, shot a person then ran off. >> now police are not releasing details just yet on the victim including their condition. we do know there were
4:30 pm
teenagers and younger children inside the building. police tell us they were not hurt. we'll bring you an update on this breaking situation of course as soon as we learn more information. >> turning now to the icy grip old man winter has on the entire tri-state area. >> solid grip from east falls to the jersey shore to the lehigh valley, the record breaking chill had people bundled up and waterways freezing up today and if that wasn't bad enough, today's freeze will be followed by tomorrow's flakes. we get to adam joseph for the latest on both of these weather situations, adam. >> not only flakes tonight and tomorrow morning but even more arctic air for the end of the week so no end in sight. right now still feels like 6 degrees in philadelphia but at least the negative numbers in binghamton and pittsburgh are to our north and west. right now 11 degrees in washington so the cold air is in place all the way down into the virginias and parts of the carolinas where right now we also are seeing snow breaking out on double scan live radar.
4:31 pm
most of the heavy snow is still way to the west in west virginia is that correct, sir western virginia in the appalachian mountains and eventually that's going the migrate to the north but the storm, at least the core of the storm is going to stay toward the south, so anywhere where you see this pink, just south of philadelphia and southern new jersey, delaware and especially for north carolina and virginia, that is where the winter storm warnings are in play and that is where they're expecting the heaviest amounts of snow. in fact, as we look at this particular forecast model, you can see up to a foot of snow where we have that purple and that is between washington and raleigh, so that is where they're going to get hammered by a major winter storm. we get clipped by it and we get our biggest snow of the season so far but you have to remember in philadelphia, the most snow we've seen in one storm has been under 2-inches so that's easily attainable. as we look at atlantic city this one particular area that's going to get the most snow in our region in southern new jersey. the forecast there is for six
4:32 pm
to 9-inches and you can see the forecast models in all good agreement from the gfs near 6-inches to the euro at six points eight and the rpm at five and a half inches of snow. what about the northern areas? we'll get some, not this much. we'll talk about the break down. just how cold it's going to get shirleen at the end of the week in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you adam. as we know when temperatures drop, pipes often burst. that was the case at an apartment complex in old new castle delaware this morning. it happened on ninth street just after 7:00 this morning. residents and firefighters had to carefully navigate a sheet of ice to get in and out of the building. 12 families were evacuated while crews cleaned up and the pipe was repaired. the extreme cold is also taking a toll on car batteries. aaa responded to more than 800 calls this morning alone. for more on how you can protect your vehicle we turn to "action news" reporter vernon odom. he's live in clifton heights.
4:33 pm
vern. >> reporter: those service calls for dead batteries have nearly doubled since those early numbers you gave from this morning and many more are expected as we remain under siege by mother nature's cold air assault. >> (starting car). >> reporter: in south philadelphia this morning aaa fires up a car battery that went south on the vehicle's owner because of low temperatures. this was one of nearly 900 battery calls aaa midatlantic received by 11 o'clock. by 3:30 this afternoon it was up to 1500 calls. the auto service experts knew the high demand would be there today. it's the weather and the age of the batteries. >> it didn't start. you know it wouldn't start. all that grinding like, you know, the battery. >> the age of the battery is big factor. batteries only tend to last three to five years today. they're not like a battery back in the day back in time like say before me, i would say okay that last about 10 to 15 years.
4:34 pm
>> reporter: aaa expects battery related calls to spike again tomorrow as people return to work and school after this long frigid weekend. >> probably get a hundred feet out of our fleet location only that are going to be out there trying to service members. >> reporter: we turned to dave farmer one of aaa's service text for key car care tips as we soldier on in this brutally cold february. here are the four major areas to examine. >> batteries tires, wiper blades. >> reporter: and. >> washer fluid. >> reporter: the charge on the battery is always key but so,, too air pressure on the tires always important. >> you want to check the air pressure in the tire. it will affect your driving. it can affect your driving if the air pressure in the tires are too low. >> reporter: and those are just some of the top 10. it will pay to start your car up right away tonight if you haven't started it over this long holiday weekend, which is
4:35 pm
just now winding up and you return to school or to work tomorrow. live in clifton hikes delaware -- heights vernon odom channel6 "action news." >> when a code blue is in that effect it means you also have to bring inside your pets or else face fines. philadelphia animal control and care says they've been taking nonstop calls about animals being left outdoors. they say it is incredibly dangerous for pets and they must be brought inside or provided adequate shelter outside so long as it's got warm bedding. "action news" was there this afternoon as an animal control officer issued a citation to one pet owner. now, as we deal with these brutally cold temperatures and the snow coming, stick with be sure to check the current temperature and follow the hourly forecast and of course keep your eyes on storm tracker 6 radar as the snow comes our way. in addition the aings news morning team on once again early in the morning to help you get out the doors. join matt, tam david and karen beginning at 4:00 a.m.
4:36 pm
for the latest on the snow as well as any school delays or cancellations. >> it appears a 66-year-old woman found dead near her ocean county home this weekend froze to death. lakewood police say a neighbor found olivia benito face down partially covered in snow just after 7:00 yesterday morning. benito and that neighbor had attended a benefit together the night before. prosecutors say benito who had several drinks left to walk back to her townhome which was two doors away around midnight. pleasable she may -- police believe she may have fallen. >> turning to another edition diet detour. registered nurse ali gorman is adding up the calories in some of our favorite concessions at the movies. >> ♪♪ >> it's definitely okay to indulge at the movies every
4:37 pm
once in awhile registered dietitian emily reuben warns theater snacks can really detour your diet if you're a regular movie goer. >> could be an extra 1500 calories just in that evening. >> first up, popcorn. a movie favorite. how many calories can be in a large bag. >> anywhere from nine town 1100 calories. >> and calories aren't the only diet buster the popcorn packs. >> 40 to 50 grams of fat. >> treat your itself a small bag and save nearly 500 calories. next up, carb load snacks. >> pretzel bites with cheese versus nachos with cheese. >> if we're going choose the better option go with the pretzels. >> but skip the whiz. pretzels already pack nearly 400 calories without. >> opt for mustard no calories. >> emily says nachos are a diet trap. >> 600 calories and close to 50 grams of fat. >> steering the nachos into our next diet detour.
4:38 pm
classics like hot dogs and pizza have already joined movie theater menus. emily says with around 300 calories and protein the hot dog is the better choice. >> the pizza has about 500 calories. >> she says the plane pie is also load with 15 grams of fat. >> this one is my kind of snack chocolate. >> but chocolate lovers beware. most candy at the movies are jumbo servings. emily says the best chocolate choice is a box of snow caps or even junior mints. >> those are these two packages here are less than 400 calories, anywhere from 10 to 15 grams of fat. >> m and m's is our next diet detour. >> that bag there is 600 calories and 36 grams of fat. >> in the mood for a sweet and fruit tea snack. emily says don't pick the twizzlers. >> they're made from high fructose corn syrup. one twizzler is 40 calories. >> with nearly 400 calories. a box of swedish fish with
4:39 pm
real sugar and 300 calories is the better pick. ali gorman channel6 "action news." >> those are literally all my favorite can deals. you can still have your favorite treats at the theater. emily says share them. if you're adding a regular soda to your order you'll be adding up not just money but 400 calories. emily's best advice, don't go to the theater when you're hungry. >> as the nation celebrates the birth of george washington some pint sized patriots got to take a trip back in time. today at the visitors center at valley forge national park, the man of the hour, george washington along with lady washington brought visitors to an important page in history. this was the kickoff to the center's new touring option. today also included a cake cutting like no other with the aid of the blade of washington's sword. >> serious cake cutting device. >> i'm a little scared but no one got hurt. still ahead, a stunning order from an overseas court. why a mother is facing jail
4:40 pm
time if she refuses to write to the man who nearly killed her. >> plus, if you're in cabin fever on a budget. cheap easy way to keep your family entertained indoors when you're stuck inside this winter. >> forget hot sauce or caster. >> reporter: one mom turned to the king pop to try to help mother nature along. why she is trying to dance her way into the delivery room. >> you've got to see this video. it's just great. >> meteorologist adam joseph back with the full accuweather forecast. the late he have on the snow coming tonight when "action news" at 4:00 continues on a monday afternoon a
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4:43 pm
others were fighting and at least one person was robbed. two teenagers were arrested. >> some thieves in the uk probably did not bank on this. moments after they drove their car through the front window of that jewelry store in coventry last month they found out the hard way the floors had just been polished. as a result they all slipped and slid their way through that bunk geld crime. the security device poured thick smoke into the store that further complicated their slippery ordeal. they were forced to leave with a small part of the hall they no doubt hoped to get away with. >> ♪♪ >> here at the big board with the big talker. this domestic violence victim he'll hissing big outrage. the pictures you're about to see are graphic. this is 29-year-old natalie all man and this how her exfiancee left her brutally beaten throat slashed but in her town in england the judge ruled she must stay in contact
4:44 pm
with him and send him letters and pictures of their children or she will go to jail. she was ordered to send her ex three letters a year updating him on their twin sons even though she miraculously survived this brutal attack that happened in front of the children. he's behind bars but she's also been ordered to seay the letters she's writing to the boys or she will be in contempt of court. now, this picture has been tearing up twitter. a leaked shot of super model and mom cindy crawford from a marie claire photo shoot. as you can see it's untouched. the magazine calling it raw real and gorgeous. now, women all over the globe have been calling it empowering. but this weekend crawford's husband randy gerber posted a pic of his own on instagram his wife pool side in a bikini saying she got flowers and i got her. his picture certainly looks different from the unretouched one from marie claire many people on twitter a little confused. either way, saying no matter which one captures the real cindy imperfections certainly
4:45 pm
don't lessen our beauty. and finally we asked you omg or lol, there are a lot of old wives tails about how to induce labor. here's a new one. dance your way into the delivery room, not just any dance, this woman is 40 weeks pregnant past her due date and she's hoping michael jackson's thriller will get that baby moving and grooving out. >> ♪♪ >> she's got moves. that's bonnie from gainsville florida. the video has close to 400,000 views on youtube. she poster it wednesday. as of yesterday still no baby. but of course we were watching we're on patrol. >> kudos to her. >> the fact in she has the energy to move like that carrying all that. >> when she turns around you barely know she's pregnant. >> i hope it works. >> alicia thank you. we hope it does, too. let's get another check of the roads. >> matt pelman in the traffic center with an update for us. >> a few less people were
4:46 pm
laboring at their jobs today and that makes the afternoon commute a little bit less of a thriller than what we would normally see but here on the schuylkill expressway we still have some heavy volume in both directions by the conshohocken curve and an earlier crash here on the eastbound side approaching the curve is pretty much completely gone. just one vehicle left over on the side. the westbound travel times a little worse. almost a half hour from the vine out to the blue route. westbound at the vine that broken down vehicle that we showed you last half hour is now cleared out of the way. over on 95 you're looking at speeds in the 30's this afternoon. so that's in the teens and 20's that we see most afternoons. still though a little bit of slowing and we're watching a crash in pottstown at k and manatawny by the ice house. also still have that water main break in towamencin blocking off valley forge road between sumneytown pike and allentown road there by the blue dog pub. maybe use broad street instead and i mentioned last half hour septa promising you the possibility of a 20 minute delay on the regional rails today. the reason for that is when the weather gets this cold,
4:47 pm
the switches freeze. switches, of course, control the direction of track and allow trains to bypass other trains. so, if the switch freeze and the switch doesn't happen then, it's not a good thing so the trains have to go a little slower to make sure that switch has occurred. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> very good matt. thanks very much. meteorologist adam joseph back with that exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast coming up next. >> ♪♪
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
>> ♪♪ >> all right, meteorologist adam joseph tracking the arrival that of snow tonight and bottom line, we're going to get at least a couple of few inches here. >> yes, an upside down storm. the farther south you are, the more snow you'll see. farther north and west the less you'll see where typically it's reversed. this go around southern new jersey you'll hit the jackpot. double scan live radar all is dry and it's going to remain dry for the next few hours as
4:50 pm
the clouds are in play and any of that white or grayish color you see in southern areas snow trying to build in the upper atmosphere but because the atmosphere is so super dry and cold right now, it is going to take some time to moisten that column from where the snow begins to fall and develops at 5,000 feet up to the surface. 16 right now in philadelphia, 13 in reading, 15 in wilmington, 15 in millville. so, every flake will stick because of just how cold it has been. in fact, we still feel only 6 degrees in philadelphia, feels like one in reading three in wilmington, zero in the poconos and lancaster and at the shore it feels like 5 degrees. as we take a look at the radar, again here's just that very light snow breaking out washington to richmond. you got to get to the brighter white colors in west virginia near charleston, also beckly and huntington west virginia and roanoke seeing moderate snow at the present time and as the snow arrives around that 8:00 to 11 o'clock period from south to north those temperatures are extremely cold, in the teens so this is
4:51 pm
going to be a very dry fluffy snow as it falls and accumulates. 5:30 in the morning we see the brighter purples on here, that is where you have the heavier snow in the southern areas lighter snow to the north and west early in the morning still only in the teens and in the afternoon tomorrow temperatures will only get into the lower 20's and even at 11 o'clock the snow as it's pulling away from trenton and just cloudy to the west it will still be on the very cold side. again, those northern areas of montgomery bucks county lehigh valley berks county, about 1 to 3 inches of snow. a good three to six through much of our viewing area with the exception of those far southern zones. wherever you see this transition that is your 3-inch line norristown exton that is where you see more likely three. the farther south you are bridgeton middletown and hammonton this is the 6-inch line here and as you get south of that line that's where you could possibly get up to 9-inches towards cape may wildwood dover and milford. again this storm light fluffy snow because of those
4:52 pm
temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees. your snow ratios, 20 to one meaning you can get 20-inches of snow to 1 inch of liquid. we're not going get an inch of liquid out of this. we'll see less than a half inch but it's going to be very easy to shovel but very bad for making snow men because it has no water content in the snow for the most part. snow develops tonight bitter. it turns heavy after some midnight 10 to 14 for the overnight low. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, morning snow tomorrow. morning rush will be slow, snowy but it will quickly end after the rush in the morning sunshine, returning to 30. a couple snow showers on wednesday with another arctic front of 32 and that plummets temperatures here thursday and friday brutally cold, 19 for a high both days. friday morning, one in philadelphia below zero in the suburbs. and then we get a nice recovery here over the weekend, maybe a light mix of snow or rain sunday, at 40 degrees which will feel summer-like and then brisk and chilly monday at 34. you know it's been bad when you say 40 is summer-like.
4:53 pm
>> and you can't wait. >> exactly. >> thank you adam. saving with 6abc is coming up next.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
>> ♪♪ >> whether your kids are stuck inside on a snow day or cooped outpatient a super chilly one like today we all know they can get cabin fever. an events plan err and owner of oh so fabulous in new jersey came up with fun crafty ideas that are easy inexpensive and mess free. >> we found a couple of cool crafts that are mom friendly like i don't sew. i'm not a crafter. >> first forage the bottom of your coat closet. >> these are cute and these are gloves that don't have a pair. they're gloves without a friend. >> and the kids can turn them into little stuffed friends using a few craft store supplies. >> the cushy stuff inside of
4:56 pm
stuffed animals or pillows. they make this fun double sided fabric tape. >> perfect. get googlely eyes fuzzies or whatever your little one fans sees. >> cute craft. >> this next craft is basically free courtesy of old man winter. >> it's snow paint. all it is is warm water just mix it first and food coloring. >> grab some spray and squirt bottles from the travel section and let your little artist loose. >> could you imagine. it's just like a wonderland of a canvas. >> you could also take the fun indoors for the little ones. >> you don't want them to go outside fill the bathtub up with snow. let them go in there in their boots and do this. >> final al snow inspired treat with some powdered doughnuts and skewers. >> you just literally put the little doughnut guys on, three of them on to make mr. snow man and then i got these eyes from, you know, the baking section. >> attach them with a dab of
4:57 pm
frosting done. >> no bake. >> no bake. >> no sew, no bake, no mess that's what we're about on snow days. >> and totally delicious. more ideas on >> no mess. >> no mess. >> thanks very much. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 today. for shirleen allicott alicia vitarelli adam joseph, i'm brian taff. shirleen and i along with ducis rodgers back on "action news" on pll at 10:00. >> "action news" at 5:00 is up next.
4:58 pm
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody meteorologist cecily tynan rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪♪ >> monday night and the big story on "action news" is breaking news out of new castle delaware. police are on the scene investigating a shooting inside of the rose hill community center. >> it happened around 3 o'clock this afternoon. we're told the center was filled with children at the time. "action news" reporter dann cuellar live on the scene with more. dann what have you found out. >> reporter: new castle county police remain on the scene here rick and monica as they have been for the last couple hours. they were responding around 3 o'clock this afternoon to a report of a shooting of someone in the basement. initial reports are that
5:00 pm
someone ran into the rose hill community center ran down into the basement, shot the person and then fled on foot. the place was on lockdown where there were several hundred preteens, teens and even young children in this very large community center doing different activities. but as far as we know, police say there has been no other injuries no one else shot in this location. now, there was a parent who was waiting to talk to their child. here's what he told us earlier this afternoon. >> stop by come get me. there's been a shooting in the training center and please come get me. i tried to go in but i was stopped at the door. they said they had everything locked down and i attempted several times. but the officers wouldn't let me in. >> reporter: since that interview with that parent, parents are being allowed to retrieve their children. in the last half hour we've seen parents coming bringing their children out of the


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