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tv   Nightline  ABC  February 17, 2015 12:37am-1:08am EST

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form -- like could we take that to work? would that be all right? >> absolutely, absolutely. >> jimmy: how can people get in on this auction? >> so we're on ebay. and you have to just look it up under "alt travel project" and find the items available. >> jimmy: i'm glad somebody's doing something. i'm certainly not. >> trudy, i genuinely feel like los angeles is the media capital of the planet. and some of this stuff and stories we tell here affect the rest of the planet. and i had an experience where there was a group in romania who decided to go car-free on fridays. and because of that teachers and adults that were participating in the project met on the bus. and eventually they got married. and they have children now. and so there's some really wonderful stories that happen out of a project like this. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. i hope they don't get divorced. >> yeah yes. >> jimmy: it's very good to see you. stana katic, everybody! [ cheers and applause ]
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watch "castle" monday nights at 10:00 here on abc. when we return, music from aloe blaccstreet. >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by at&t. mobilizing your world.
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>> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by at&t. mobilizing your world. jimmy: i'd like to thank benedict cumberbatch, stana katic, chris the bachelor, and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. "nightline" is next but first, it is mashup monday. tonight we join aloe blacc with blacstreet in holy mashtrimony -- this is aloe blaccstreet! ♪
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this is "nightline." >> tonight, crash course. this is what it looks like when nine tons of steel smash into a wall. every day, millions of children ride school buss that are not equipped with seat belts. is there a better way to keep them safe? exorcism exposed. some in this corner of india believe their ills can be cured with supernatural powers. thousands of women have come to the guru who claims he can vanquish their demonic possessions for a fee. tonight we're finding out what that really looks like and if it costs more than meets the eye. and natural beauty. it wasn't a beach making waves in this bikini shot. supermodel cindy crawford featured as never before in an unretouched photo going viral
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online. not for the reasons you night think. but first the "nightline 5." ♪ i kiss her and she kissed me ♪ ♪ like the fellow once said ain't that a kick in the head ♪ >> welcome to the most social car we've ever designed. the all-new nissan morano. nissan. innovation that excites. >> number one in 60 seconds.
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we will now take you to a place where the supernatural is serious business. women here come to so-called gurus for help vanquishing evil spirits. but they pay for it and not just with money. now others are risking their own lives to help by fighting against superstition. here's abc's gloria riviera. >> reporter: the screaming starts at dusk.
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[ screaming ] >> reporter: it sounds like someone's begging for mercy. this is central india, the temple of guru maharaj. a place where the dead and the living come together. [ screaming ] >> reporter: they're here for an exorcism. this woman is believed by her husband to be possessed by demons. she's not alone. locals say thousands of women have been brought here over the years by their husbands or families where a reclusive guru claims to drive off demons and restore sanity. for a price. we're on a journey across india to find this guru and witness a rare mass exorcism at his temple. along the way, we see just how early the idea of demonic possession takes root.
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these students are being taught in school that exorcisms are just a show. >> this teacher is intent on teaching these kids black magic doesn't exist. but it's so ingrained in their culture. all these kids say, yes, of course we believe. >> reporter: to get rid of ghosts rural india has traditionally relied on gurus claiming to have supernatural powers. but we're here with this man, d.b.ruwat. he says it's all a sham. >> it's an attempt to keep people subjugated for years in the name of religion. >> reporter: most often, he says, it is women who are wronged. >> these kind of things are used against women. a woman can be easily declared a witch. >> reporter: being a rationalist, as they're known, exposing black magic, is dangerous work in india. just last year a rationalist pushing for an anti-superstition law was shot dead on his morning
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walk. >> it is dangerous. it is dangerous because you're challenging the state. >> reporter: when we finally arrived at the temple it does feel otherworldly. this is where we meet krishna she's lived at the temple for a year. her husband tells us her ghost abuses her and won't let her have a son. >> she starts strangling herself, hurting herself. can she tell us what she feels like? >> reporter: she gets aggressive, he says. she can't speak. when the ghost takes hold, her eyes go wild her body trembles she claims she's not herself. grabbing her hair the guru begins questioning her. where have you come from? are you going to leave this body or not? tell me, are you going to leave this body or not? yes, i will leave the body, b baba, i will leave the body.
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it's over quickly. and krishna appears to return to normal. for the faithful, they come for the exorcism. the next day the reclusive gu rye fine rue finally agrees to see us. >> we have to go. we must be very fast five minutes only. >> reporter: the guru observes us from the shadows. >> how can you tell that they're truly cured of the ghost? >> reporter: he tells us the temple has the power to cast the evil spirits away. he takes no credit and no responsibility responsibility. >> will these people die without your help, without the help of the temple? >> reporter: he says it is the temple and the original guru his ancestor who heals, not him. he's merely a caretaker. >> have you seen women who haven't been able to have a son, have you seen them come back with baby sons? >> reporter: it may take 15 years, he says, but yes. before we can ask more our meeting is interrupted.
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a group of rationalists is here to confront the guru. >> you sense trouble here? >> of course. >> reporter: we were promised exorcisms but the unexpected guests have changed the program. in minutes the temple is shut down. closed for the night. >> yeah, but that's not fair. that's not fair. >> reporter: after the rationalists leave, the temple staff invited us back the next night. >> you can come here tomorrow and witness miracles. >> reporter: we try once more. arrival after sunset. this time we're the only outsiders. the men and women separate. the chanting begins. fire passed. women ready to submit. this woman feels the pull. but pressed the insider does not
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respond. suddenly something appears to take hold of krishna again and she lunges forward towards the altar. her ghost apparently still there. the night we were at the temple we were told were cain. freelance journalists provided us with this video taken week after we visited. one after the other women approach the altar. they are belittled, shouted at, and more even beaten. >> people who watch see that it is a cult like beating another woman. the problem is that is a woman who is beaten up. >> and worse. >> it's public humiliation. >> reporter: the night we were there it as frantic, desperate scene. as krishna reawakens she tells us her family wants her to stay until she is certain her evil
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good evening and thank you for joining us. you're about to find out what it looks like when a school bus crashes. video that will make any parent cringe along with the knowledge most of those buses don't have seat belts. regulators say they're safe. but could they be safer? there's abc's paula faris. >> reporter: accidents like these unfold in just a fraction of a second. >> everybody all right? >> reporter: but the images of mangled buses and shell-shocked students linger long after school bus crash sites have been cleared. which is why we're here to watch
1:01 am
nine tons of steel smash to a standstill. with high-speed cameras, this team of engineers is able to freeze time, to analyze in remarkable detail what happens when a school bus crashes. to the vehicle and its precious passengers who more often than not aren't wearing seat belts. >> we can do better when it comes to safety. that's how we learn is actually crashing buses and evaluating studying the films. but we're going to find that we can do better than what is offered today. >> reporter: the results of this crash test in a moment. but first, the debate. because for years, parents and safety advocates have questioned why most school buses are not equipped with seat belts. it might seem like an obvious question. but, according to government officials, it's not that simple. >> this is where it's always challenging. because you're taking a system that's already safe. and then you're saying make it safer. but what you don't want to do is have any unintended consequences. >> reporter: nearly 24 million
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students commute on school buses every day. every year a few thousand are injured. and an average of five are killed in crashes. >> 911, where's your emergency? >> yes, a school bus just ran into the underpass at emerson and english avenue. >> reporter: but when tragedy strikes, like on this morning in indianapolis -- >> was there any kids on the bus? >> yeah. yes. >> i believe my daughter would still be here if she had on a seat belt. >> reporter: her 5-year-old daughter dynasty was on her way to school. >> it's like fresh. every day. >> reporter: when her bus slammed head-on into a bridge. >> i didn't think that senting her with her daddy to get on a bus she'd never come back. >> reporter: michael watkins was on the same bus that morning. >> any time she get on the bus she had candy. she always shared with everybody. >> reporter: but he doesn't remember the accident. he fell asleep on the way to
1:03 am
school. >> i woke up. then i just heard a lot of silence and screaming. then i felt somebody touching me and it hurt. >> reporter: his leg, his femur, broken. >> do you think he would have suffered the extent of those injuries had he been wearing a seat belt? >> all i know is he wasn't in one and he ended up with a broken femur, two surgeries, a wheelchair walker therapy. >> reporter: u.s. regulations only require seat belts on school buses under 10,000 pounds. and only six states require all school buses to be equipped with seat belts. a big difference from many click it or ticket laws across the nation that require us to belt up in cars. >> when you get in your mom's car, what's the first thing you do? >> put on my seat belt. >> but you don't have to wear a seat belt on a school bus. does it make sense to you? >> no. if you wear a seat belt in the car, you've not to wear it on the bus too. but there's not one on the bus. >> reporter: that's because school buses have been specifically designed to protect children without the use of seat
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belts. >> we're talking about engineering concepts and physics concepts. >> reporter: the national transportation safety board, ntsb, does not make policy. but chris polland is part of their team that investigates school bus crashes and makes safety investigations. >> we're talking about the science of the school bus and i don't think that's well portrayed to the average mom and dad. a school bus that works extremely well. large, heavy vehicle. bright colors. lights. we have compartmentization which protects occupants in the most frequent crash which is frontal crashes. >> reporter: compartmentization refers to high-back seats that are like a protective envelope absorbing energy during a crash. these design features are one of the reasons federal regulations do not require seat belts on larger school buses. >> the vehicle itself has been designed for safety. yet when you look inside we think, lap and shoulder belts can add and reduce injuries and fatalities.
1:05 am
>> reporter: one of the leading school bus seat belt providers invited abc for a look how they think they can improve school buses. larry gray is the ceo and top engineer. >> we're kind of getting a preview of the point of view from the cameras that are on board. >> inside the bus, yes. these will be high-speed videos about 1,000 frames per second. we have dummies that have a lot of instrumentation in them. >> dummies are not so dumb they're going to be telling us a lot. >> they're going to be telling us a lot. >> reporter: on the bus dummies in various positions. only four are belted. >> we have 20 different cameras rigged up. this bus is going to crash into that wall at 30 miles an hour. i'm a little nervous. >> three, two, one. oh my gosh. let's see the extent of the damage. this kid that was leaning over, look at what he did to the seat. he bent the seat in half. >> when the occupant hit the back it does absorbs energy.
1:06 am
>> reporter: the seat back doing what it's designed to do. >> but when they're out of their compartment or not properly faced they're going to come out of the compartment. >> reporter: usen an industry measurement called injury criteria, emmy says the crash test dummies without restraint fare much worse than the ones belted in. >> hap and shoulder belts reduce injuries by 50%. not just front but all forms of accidents. >> 50%? >> that's the statistics. if you're in a side imtact and you're restrained, that's going to be better than being unrestrained. >> reporter: and emmy says this is especially apparent in more uncommon accidents hike side imtactim impacts and rollovers. >> this is dramatic. they're thrown throughout the vehicle and they hit hard surfaces or the roof of the vehicle. seat belts save lives. >> reporter: we wanted to see what ntsa the government agency responsible for school bus safety regulations, had to say about this new data. for years their position spelled out plainly on their website has been school buses are one of the
1:07 am
safest forms of without seat belts sbelts. and have raised concerns higher costs of buss with seat belts could result in fewer buses and more students commuting in passenger cars where they are 20 times more likely to die in an accident. but when i went to see them suddenly, a different story. >> do you believe school buses would be safer with safety belts? >> our job is to help save lives and prevent injuries. and our kids are precious. every single day they go to and from school we want them to be safe. we know seat belt save lives. >> if seat belts save lives, why isn't there a federal mandate? >> everything's on the table for us to look at. >> reporter: just weeks into his new role as ntsa's top dog, mark rosekind is now promising a full review. >> is this about saving face for your agency? >> i'm a new guy, fresh eyes. does that mean we may change things? we may. we're going to look fo


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