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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  February 19, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> this is happening to this thursday february 19. a delaware valley couple who vanished without a trace ten years ago today hear what police are doing to put an end to the mystery. >> there's a manhunt for a man who stabbed two members of nickie ma judge's road crew at a philadelphia bar. >> accuweather is tracking what could be record breakerring lows today. >> david murphy told you it was coming let's hear more, karen
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rogers will help you with the morning commute. >> reporter: the temperatures are not only on their way down, but we have windchills that will be severe. it may become at that warning across the region overnight tonight and tomorrow morning the at times you'll have windchills 15 to 25 degrees below zero. it could get that bad over the next day or day and a half. we'll have clouds wrapping in and flurries. 16 degrees is the current temperature. 14 in wilmington. 13 in allentown. 15 in millville. with a wind beginning to kick up, feels like 1 in allentown and 2 in millville. they say we'll see worse windchills overnight tonight and into tomorrow. storm tracker 6 live app probably down to 13 by 8:00 a.m.
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later 18 degrees. we'll sit on that until 3:00 p.m. >> reporter: looking at the roads looking good on the schuylkill expressway under 30th street. web traffic heading toward the vine. no overnight construction and no problems on the schuylkill expressway. we continue to have closure from monday's fire in west philadelphia. 52nd and locust. that's affecting the route 52 buses. the flyers play tonight at 7 p.m. you'll see extra congestion in south philadelphia. cheltenham avenue we have icy conditions north 21 is it the street. expect slick spots. gloucester city, the ramp to 6 # 6 northbound is open. anything that looks wet is frozen solid. a water main break in
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lawrenceville on the ramp from business route 1 to lake drive. matt and tam. >> thank you karen. a fight and stabbing outside of a local bar left one member of niki minaj's tour dead and one in critical condition. eva pilgrim is live with the latest on the investigation and reaction to the death from the music world. good morning eva. >> reporter: good morning, tam yeah the search is on this morning for whoever stabbed two members of the niki minaj's tour crew killing one of them. the two were in town resouth jerseying for the up coming to your. devon picket is dead and the other is fighting for his life. the two were hanging out at the shea bar and grill in east mount airy section when the bar closed at 2:30. the men got into a fight on the
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sidewalk, someone pulled out a knife and stabbed them multiple times. singer niki minaj sent her condolences. rihanna posted her thoughts online. police is asking for your help torched the personle. >> we know people know who they are and we need them to contact homicide and give us the name. >> reporter: there are surveillance cameras in and around the bar, if you know anything about what happened call philadelphia police, we're live at police headquarters. eva pilgrim channel 6 "action news." >> happening today several police agencies and the fbi will hold a news conference to talk about a missing persons case that turns 10-year-old today.
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joanne i imbo and her boyfriend have been missing since 2005. there's a 50,000-dollar reward being offered in the case. opening statements are opened in the murder trial of the black madam. she is accused of performing a deadly cosmetic surgery in 2011. a woman died after she received illegal silicone injections in her but the to to -- buttocks. she pleaded not guilty. a former middle school teacher is heading to prison for raping a child. the man was a 7th and 8th grade science teacher. at a sentencing he argue that
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he, not the young girl was the victim. philadelphia will start tore cause antioverdose drug narcan. it can we vierve someone -- revive someone who overdosed on drugs if administerrerred in time -- administered in time. an autopsy will be conducted on a man killed outside a meat plant yesterday morning. a co-worker stabbed danny vasquez in the parking lot. the suspect's name has not been released because he has not been formally charged. colleagues believe an on going argument motivated the killing. 36-year-old ran dove sanders waived his preliminary hearing. he confessed to killing kim
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jones back on january 1. surveil ascertains video shows him following her and shooting her. investigators say jones was going to turn in sanders for allegedly stealing $40,000 from the child advocacy agency where they both worked. officials are looking to help residents of an apartment complex that has not had any heat in weeks. tenants say management are not taking action and looking for a warm place to say. county leads say they will step in to make sure it happens. they have cited the apartments complex for violations in the past. a building encased in ice will have to be torn down. city srps ordered it's dangerous and ordered the demolition. water from fire hoses froze during the fire fight at the
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locust medical center on monday morning. the process is underway to find contractors to perform the demolition. >> south philadelphia got a taste of hollywood as they filmed scenes at a popular restaurant. crowds gathered at 1th and -- 13th and dickenson. the movie is set to be released later year. >> yo adegree -- adrian. attention girl scout cookie fans, your tag alone and samoa orders may take longer than
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expected. we'll tell you why. >> reporter: we have windchills around zero staying throughout the afternoon. i'll be back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast including colder numbers tonight and that weekend precip.
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>> happenings today philly single-game tickets go on sale for the 2015 season. sales start at 8:30. citizens bank park opens at 7:00 a.m. him we'll have fan treats like free breakfast for people who come out and visit the story. >> we're ready looking forward to warmer days. >> do you know what cole hamels said? >> he wants out. he is respectful of the tbls phillies but he is sorry to leave us. >> reporter: we had snow showers last night, most of you didn't notice it. it's just a coating. there's the ben franklin bridge, i suppose you could land a plane on i-95 but it's not a good idea. anyway, the roads are in good
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shape. 16 degrees the winds out of the west/northwest at 16 miles per hour. that's giving windchills that are not pleasant. it below zero in terms of your windchill in allentown reading and lancaster and millville. and it feels like 1 degree in philadelphia. zero in wilmington so everybody needs to bundle up, obviously. looks like we'll get sunshine early and some of the clouds will wrangle through the region and we'll wind up with partly sunny skies later on. temperatures are not going very far today. 14 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 16 by 11:00 a.m. 2 pmple. 18 degrees that's the high we'll sit on that for a couple of hours and back to 16 by 5:00 p.m. it will be blustery and windy out there with winds gusting over 30 miles per hour. keep in mind it will feel worse especially when the wind is really kicking in. windchills near zero and maybe below zero through the afternoon hours, that's the story you've got the area of low pressure
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with winds wrapping around it. looks like the gusts will go up to 35 miles per hour. the temperatures will be 20 to 30 degrees below average if that wasn't bad enough look at this mass of cold air that's coming in tonight and early tomorrow we'll break records tomorrow morning. we'll have some severe windchills across the region on friday morning, as well. it will feel like it's 15 degrees to 20 degrees below in the central portion of the region and worth for points north. there's a windchill advisory across the region. 18 degrees is the high. very cold. we could see flurries every now and then when clouds build in later. overnight tonight we dip to 1. if we hit that it will tie the existing record for this overnight and it will be the coldest we've been around here in 21 years. frigid then on friday, high of 15. overnight we're still in the
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single digits, so it's today tonight, tomorrow and even into tomorrow night and early saturday morning we're especially uncomfortable. saturday in the evening for the most part you get snow mixing in that will start to change overto rain as we go into the nighttime period, 35 is the high there. sunday we expect periods of rain and no frozen precipitation. you'll get back up to 46 degrees, not a total washout. we're back in the 30s on monday tuesday and wednesday and rounds of snow on wednesday. >> new on "action news," chicago police are searching for two men who stole a doggy day care van at gunpoint and drove off with 6 dogs inside. police say the van was left running as two gunman approached brushed off another man as they tried to stop them and drove off
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with the van. a police raid in vermont led to an unusual rescue operation it happened outside an apartment buildings in burlington yesterday morning. this man tried to jump out of a second-story window and tried to get his pants stuck on a piece of the buildings. the fire department used a ladder to tree him from his perch. the 25-year-old man was not the target of the raid. let's talk about winter and starting point thing will summer. a new fair else wheel and -- fair i say wheel and ferri wheel and zip line. cumin has test posed
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positive for peanuts. futures have pointed to a lower open. i have a good girl scout cookie source, that's matt o'donnell's daughter. the cookie maker is behind producing the thin mint. only a few customers has been affected. you will get your cookies. >> i get the thin mints and short bread cookies. more stories you didn't see last night. prosecutors are presenting smoking gum evidence in the aaron hernandez trial. a man invented a way to not plow snow on the street. details when "action news" continues.
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>> time to check the traffic and looking quiet out there and looking good, you want to watch for slick areas you have snow showers from yesterday. this is cottman no overnight construction and no problems between center city and bucks county. we have icy conditions in norristown, look for it an airy
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and swede street. another situation in elkins park at north 21 street. a couple of areas that have icy conditions. prepare to see slick spots? areas. we're looking at a water main break in lawrenceville, mercer county. they had to shut down the ramp from business route 1 to lake drive. icy conditions with the water main break. 295 southbound we have construction going on in both ways one lane until 5:00. not too much longer, matt and tam. four contractors suffered minor injuries in an explosion in southern california refinery yesterday. the exxon refinery says because of the accident, prices will go
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up. a piece of gum is at the center of the aaron hernandez murder trial. it could link him to the murder scene in massachusetts. a detective testified how officers found a shell casing and blue bubble gum that they used to link hernandez to the killing of oden lloyd. prosecutors say he bought blue bubble gum shortly before the murder. president obama continues his summit on violent extremist saying that muslim have to fight misconceptions. >> we must never accept the premise that they put forward because it is a lie. nor should we grant the
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terrorists the religious legitimacy they seek. >> the white house summit is bringing together, community leaders and law enforcement and religious leaders and politicians to share the way they approach the threat of terrorism in their own communities. >> the california university that is on high alert after two people died. a so-called super bug is suspected and many others may have been exposed. >> another center star is being shown as she is and her fans are loving it even more.
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officials are blaming heavy snow for a partial rooch -- roof collapse in massachusetts. a woman reported a loud cracking noise before the collapse. why are you wasting your time file. david goldberg said it with a toilet paper stands and magazine rack. he posted a picture of himself plowing snow while sitting on the comead on tuesday. >> a man known as vanilla ice has been arrested for a break in.
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he was suspected of breaking into a foreclosed home and stealing property. he has been hosting an home improvement show on tv. he was renovating the home when the burglary occurred. four photos from a 2013 ad campaign hit the internet showing beyounce looking less than perfect. it shows her without any photo shopping. it reveals a less than flawless complex including lines and emblem iran -- blemishes. a rep for has no comment. share your shouts and add the ash tag tgit and 6abc.
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there's a manhunt underfor a prisoner out west. >> hundreds turn out to debate the closing of proposed charter schools in philadelphia. we'll have the latest on what happened when "action news" comes right back. [prof. burke] it's easy to buy insurance and forget about it. but the more you learn about your coverage, the more gaps you might find. like how you thought you were covered for this. [boy] check it out,mom! [prof. burke]when you're really only covered for this. or how you figured you were covered for this. when you're actually paying for this.
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>> hey everyone, it is 5:00 a.m. on this thursday, february 19. here's what's happening. >> wicked winds and tumbling winds and arctic air has invaded the area. >> we have more on the bar fight that left one of niki minaj's crew members dead. >> another day where it's going to be unpleasant outside times five. let's go to david and karen with weather and traffic. >> reporter: we're calling that windchill advisory that's been posted today and in through friday morni


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