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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 20, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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on this friday night, two breaking stories. the major weekend storm. 100 million americans, 25 states. moving from denver to atlanta to the northeast. and the american sniper trial. witnesses saying the accused killer knew exactly what he was doing. >> and the kidnapped victim how they got to her. and the warning to hospitals across the country. and robin roberts with neil patrick harris tonight. the big reveal about magic. and hugh jackman is here with advice for the host.
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good evening, as we come on the air this friday night, several developing stories. we begin with the giant weekend storm that will affect tens of millions. more than 70 records broken today. in tennessee alone, 18 people have died. in the northeast, they're using drones to check on roofs. and a coast guard cutter breaking through the ice trying to get to a stranded ship. and horrific driving in kansas city. we begin with tom llamas on the cold already tonight. tom? >> reporter: because of the record snowfall and dangerously low temperatures, here where boats are frozen to the dock the ice here rock-solid.
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an arctic blast shattering records in at least 70 cities from florida to michigan. >> i've never seen it like this. last year was bad, but this year's definitely a lot worse. >> reporter: on lake erie, a cargo ship stuck miles from shore, food airlifted to the icebreakers trying to reach it a similar problem here in boston. you can see ehow much ice is in the water. navigational buoys frozen over with ice now sinking. many saying this is the worst they've ever seen it. in somerville, massachusetts, the city using drones to patrol the roofs of city buildings. trying toe prevent this. the roof collapsing, horses killed. 100 reports of vulnerable or collapsed buildings just this month. thursday night we were on the front lines of dangerous ice removal in northern massachusetts. thick ice rolling off the roof in boulders.
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>> if you don't take the snow off, it's going to keep feeding the icicles. >> reporter: george vasiliades is getting 180 calls a day. as the snow melts, the below zero temperatures turning it back to ice. and tonight, with more bad weather on the way, the mayor sending out inspectors letting people know it's time to move the snow. >> tom, thank you. urgent warnings at this hour telling drivers not to take the storm lightly. and 911 calls of frost quakes. matt gutman is in nashville. >> reporter: a new ice storm blowing in. >> the potential is there for the roads to be the most treacherous that they have been. >> reporter: tonight the cold's toll rising to 18 in tennessee alone, most of them on the roads spawning wrecks across the country's midsection, including these buses in arkansas, no injuries there.
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beleaguered road crews gearing up in nashville. >> they're getting little to no sleep. >> reporter: creating these frozen fountains in the south. but it's also creating a much more startling phenomenon. >> you heard an explosion? >> yes, something went boom! >> reporter: 911 operators inundated with calls. ice or frost quakes occur when water seeps into the ground. it freezes and then expands, cracking the earth and sometimes shaking it. tonight, what folks here hope is one last bout with icy misery. matt gutman abc news nashville. >> let's get right to rob marciano. you have the line where it's going to be most treacherous this weekend. >> well, icing is going to be a
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huge issue. nashville in the bull's-yeye there. we push the snow north and east. icy across parts of d.c. to new york and boston. all snow to start. but on sunday a big warm-up. but not for long. another cold coming in so maybe more flash freeze for monday morning. and breaking developments from the "american sniper" trial. the defense resting its case. and the injury will have to decide who they believe, as doctors talk about the accused killer. seen here in iraq. the video from the back of the police cruiser. was he aware of what he was doing or not? ryan owens has the story.
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>> reporter: a battle of the doctors. prosecutors resting their case after calling two experts, saying routh was not insane when he killed the "american sniper" chris kyle and chad littlefield. he did know what he was doing was wrong and he did it anyway. testifies dr. randall price, who spent a year and a half reviewing the case and more than ten hours interviewing routh. he says the fact the marine veteran led police on this high speed chase is clear evidence he knew he'd committed a crime. and when routh was in the back of this police cruiser saying he might be insane. \he was setting the stage for a defense of, "it's not my fault." price tells the jury. he says routh was a heavy drinker and marijuana smoker who was drunk and high when he shot the two men at this texas gun range. thursday, the defense closed its case with a different doctor, a psychiatrist who says routh has schizophrenia and was so
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paranoid he thought they were "pig assassins" sent to execute him as part of "pigs taking over the earth." prosecutors say routh made up the pig story after watching too much tv in jail. they say he's a fan of "seinfeld" and the pig hunting reality show "boss hog." the judge is hoping to have closing arguments monday morning. but tonight, he warned the jury there's an ice storm heading this way. so mother nature may have an objection. next to the deadly infection at ucla medical center. nearly 180 patients exposed. and the warning for hospitals across the country. cecilia vega has the story.
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>> reporter: as an 18-year-old victim of a superbug outbreak at this los angeles hospital fights for his life -- ucla's ronald regan medical center says patients were exposed during a common medical procedure using an endoscope. >> there were two endoscopes that were used that had cre infection embedded in them. >> reporter: the potentially deadly superbug known as cre is so powerful it is resistant to antibiotics. superbugs are most commonly spread in hospitals by contaminated equipment. but even simple physical contact, such as a nurse changing a bandage on a patient, can spread the infection. since 2001, this superbug has made its way into all but three states. ucla now says it followed manufacturer sterilization guidelines. >> the goal is to hold them
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accountable. >> and cecilia, just arriving here. now, the fda warning for the country. >> there's so much on the line. 23,000 deaths every year 60 just from cre alone. the company that makes the scopes telling us it's working to address the concerns. >> thank you. another breaking headline tonight. this one involves the showdown over immigration. we reported on a texas judge blocking president obama's executive order that would have allowed undocumented immigrants to stay here. let's go to jonathan karl. the president planning to take action right away? >> right. they're planning to use every
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legal tool it can to get this back on-track. they plan to go to court to try to get an emergency order to allow work permits and other protections for the undocumented immigrants. i've got to tell you, senior administration officials say this will be an uphill battle. >> thanks. around the world to an urgent search for three missing schoolgirls, believed to have packed up and headed to join isis. the three friends, now believed to be in turkey and on their way. brian ross on the straight-"a" students, and authorities warning that american girls are being lured, too. ross >> reporter: the three school girls being urgently sought tonight left london on
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tuesday. seen in this airport surveillance photo, with duffel bags in hand as if they were off on a holiday break. instead, says scotland yard, they headed off to join the world's most brutal terror group in syria. >> we're concerned that these three girls, if they were to get into syria, would be in grave danger. >> reporter: all three, ages 15 and 16, were straight "a" students at an elite co-ed academy in east london. the two young women identified by name by scotland yard, shamima begum and kadiz sultana were friends with yet another girl from the same school who went to join isis in december. >> we believe they're extremely vulnerable, we're appealing to them directly. >> reporter: but it is the appeal from isis propaganda that for now seems to have the stronger pull, with hundreds of young women from europe and the u.s. answering the terror group's call, which taps into a mix of emotions. >> feelings of alienation, feelings of inequality. adventure in some cases, romance. >> reporter: in the u.s., 19-year-old shannon conley of denver, now serving a four-year
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prison sentence, fell in love over the internet with an isis fighter. british authorities and the distraught parents tonight are using social media to try to reach the three british girls, still believed to be in turkey and not yet across the border into syria. and isis lands. >> top students as you report. thank you. now to an abc news exclusive, for the first time the surveillance images of a daring rescue. pierre thomas has the story. >> reporter: you're watching never-before-seen video of teenage kidnapping victim hannah anderson and her dramatic rescue by fbi agents in idaho. watch the infrared images again as two agents rush in, grabbing hannah by the hand, all caught on surveillance camera secretly recording from a plane thousands of feet above. the desperate search began in this inferno a thousand miles away where the fbi believes
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once-trusted family friend james dimaggio killed hannah's mother christina and 8-year-old brother, ethan. >> i'm begging you to let my daughter go. you've taken everything else. >> reporter: the search for hannah culminating in august 2013 in this video exclusively obtained by abc news. unaware he's being watched, dimaggio relaxes, taking off his shirt, later washing in the lake. and there's something else. hannah is waving, possibly signaling the plane. she keeps waving while dimaggio has his back turned. the fbi hostage rescue team believes he's armed. these exclusive photos from the campsite show a rifle, handgun, machete and handcuffs. >> there's no turning back. >> reporter: it was getting dark. the hostage recovery team is in position and they move in confronting dimaggio and grabbing hannah. >> we hear "shots fired" and we heard one down hard and "jackpot." so we knew hannah was okay.
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>> reporter: dimaggio was killed. hannah plans to become a detective. and a judge is determining whether two 12-year-old girls should be convicted. the interrogation tapes, released. it's a snowy night in wisconsin, where this entire community was stunned all over again. hearing from two girls in their own voices about how they allegedly lured their friend into the woods and stabbed her. listen. >> she was my only friend for a
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long time. >> why would you hurt your only friend? >> it was necessary. >> reporter: and we also hear from the other 12-year-old. >> i said i'm scared i was told i was told if i didn't do something, my family would be in danger. >> reporter: who or what were they scarred of? slenderman a fictional character on the internet. >> have you ever met him? >> not exactly. >> tell me about him. >> he watches you. >> reporter: her mother knowing payton crawled out of the woods. stunned. police say morgan said it was weird i didn't feel remorse. >> yeah. >> reporter: this was a girl that had been in your home many many times. that line it was weird that i
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didn't feel remorse. >> i thought she really cared about her as a person and they were good friends. >> reporter: later tonight, out of the woods, the interrogation tapes on "20/20" at 10:00 p.m. eastern, right here. in the meantime still much more to come. the new headline about the nascar star and his ex-wife just coming in. and road rage mystery. new details. and robin roberts with neil patrick harris. the big reveal about magic, and hugh jackman is here with advice. (announcer) ask your doctor about linzess-- a once-daily capsule for adults with ibs with constipation
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kendis gibson tonight. >> reporter: finally, some clarity about what allegedly happened the night mom of four tammy meyers was killed in front of her home. 19-year-old erich nowsch facing felony charges. tonight, las vegas police saying there were two shooting scenes, not one. the just-released police report showing that after an aggressive driving encounter with two men in a sedan, tammy meyers dropped off her daughter whom she'd been teaching to drive in this parking lot, and her son brandon jumped into the car with her, armed with a gun. they spot the sedan, at which point brandon says the passenger in the vehicle opens fire. they drive home, the sedan follows. according to the report, brandon gets out. there's a gunfight, with mom staying in the car. but then -- >> she comes out of the car, and that's when the dude sees my mom and just, whack. right into her head. >> reporter: meyers dies two days later. police spend a week searching for a suspect. this is the meyers live. this pink house over there -- that's eric nowsch's home. the suspect taken into custody yesterday after a tense standoff.
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to the "index" tonight, outrage over another glitch to the obama care website. 800,000 receiving bad forms. and kurt busch out of the daytona 500. judges ruling he committed domestic violence on his girlfriend. when we come back neil
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contenders. so much talk about the actors but this year's host revealing there could be magic. a challenge to the ellen selfie. and hugh jackman with some advice. robin roberts. >> reporter: only two days till one of the biggest television events of the year. but host neil patrick harris has had it on his mind since he got the call four months and five days ago. how long have you been out here rehearsing? weeks? >> yeah, the better part of the month of february. >> reporter: he knows who's gone before him. billy crystal, ellen degeneres, hugh jackman. >> look at us. >> reporter: and about ellen's selfie seen around the world last year? >> oh, yeah! >> i'm going to try and do something better, i think. >> reporter: but neil reveals more than trying to beat the selfie challenge. number one -- timing is everything. >> you don't want to just tell a bunch of jokes at the wrong time. they won't be well received. >> reporter: what you may not know about neil patrick harris is that he loves magic. so, number two -- expect the
6:58 pm
unexpected. there's got to be some magical moments. >> yeah. we have a bunch of magic stuff planned. >> reporter: number three -- get those names right. >> the one and only adele dazeem. >> reporter: benedict cumberbatch. >> you said it wrong. there's a "t" at the end of his first name. >> reporter: please. >> benedict cumberbatch. >> reporter: one last piece of advice from former host hugh jackman, who sent us this video message to his friend. >> reporter: from steve martin, first 45 minutes are the best audience you'll ever have in your life, and from 45 minutes on the room is filling up with losers. so just hurry up and get to the end. that's all i have for you, man. have a great great night. you'll be awesome. >> h
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a high-school spanish teacher from louisville, kentucky... a stay-at-home mom from arnold, missouri... and our returning champion a library associate from washington, d.c...


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