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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  March 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the investigation into the shooting of those officers. >> president obama took to twitter denouncing violence against police, marcy gonzales is live in ferguson with more on the violence. >> quiet right now here outside of ferguson police headquarters police are not saying if they have a description of the gunman but are following several leads. just blocks from the police department where two officers were shot last night today police surrounded this home. >> they brought out two men and a woman and child. >> questioning several people as they try to track down the gunman, the shots were fired around midnight last night. at the end of protest, sparked after the ferguson police chief tom jackson's retirement. setting widespread racism within the city and department.
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police say the demonstration was winding down when the shots were fired. one officer shot through the shoulder and the other shot in the cheek the bullet still lodged behind his ear. we are lucky by god's grace we didn't lose two officers last night. both are expected to recover while people wonder if this city will be able to do the same. >> this really disgusting and cowardly attack might have been intended to unravel any sense of progress that exists but i hope that that does not in fact happen. >> starting this evening, ferguson police are no longer in charge of security that responsibility is now handed over to county and state officer s s s. >> thank you there is motherre on
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the shooting of the ferguson police officers at 6:30 on world news with david muir off "action news" at 6:00. firefighters are still on the scene of a gentlemen's club on south delsy drive in vineland firefighters say there was thick smoke coming out of the business when they arrived. officials at the emergency administration fema are reviewing sandy claims it could review more than 144,000 claims and this is how some insurance companies assessed the damage. nora muchanic is live at ortely beach, ocean county one the shore towns hit the hardest by the storms. >> this is welcome news from
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thousands of sandy victims that feel like they got a raw deal from fema, now they get a second chance when their claims were not paid. >> i am cautiously optimistic. >> doug is living out a rented home and battling with his insure company and fema, he was insured for a quarter million dollars he was paid roughly $92,000 not enough to pay his claim in silverton. the only way they reviewed claims was that people were being lied to. >> you can't make what we went through for the last two and a half years go away but we can see that before all is said and done, maybe we'll be made whole to a certain degree. >> the leader of a group called
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stop fema now is saying it's hard to have faith in an agency that strung you along all along. >> we are looking to get paid in full in a timely period, we can't wait another two and a half years to sort this out lets get us paid and back in our homes now. >> tom sheerer got his flood insurance money but is still fighting with his company. his building ineaside received $170,000 in damage and he has been paid roughly $27,000. >> it's like running through beirut, whenever we get close to a settlement they change defense attorneys. >> robert mendez led the charge in getting fema to review the claims fema will develop a review process and will notify
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homeowners by mail that they can reopen their cases. >> thank you nora. >> students that were among those hurt today when a bus carrying a college bowling team crashed in southern indiana and this is the scene on i-65, officials say that 16 members of india tech's bowling team was on board as well as coaches, it's still not clear how many people were hurt or what could cause the crash. >> the boston marathon bombing trial turned its focus today on the days after the attacks. among the witnesses the man that was allegedly carjacked by the terrorists. the witnesses testified they later picked up brother dzhokhar tsarnaev and they saw moments after the carjacking victim escaped. prosecutors say that the video shows the brothers running back
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to the car and speeding off. we are learning more today about another embarrassment for the secret service after two senior agents were put on desk duty because of an alleged drunk driving incident. one is a member of president obama's personal detail. they were driving a vehicle last week after allegedly drinking at a party for another agent that was retiring. they allegedly drove the car through security tape that had been set up outside of the perimeter of the white house. >> the most important part is that you have two secret service agents probably armed in a government car and some state of inneeb region.ebriation.
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now eagles news, demarco murray arrived in town and there are reports that he verbally agreed to a multiyear contract. jaime apody joins us outside of nova care complex with the latest. >> reporter: hey there rick, maury has reportedly agreed to a five year, $42 million deal with $21 million guaranteed. nothing is official until he signs it the eagles will be adding last year's leading rusher plus linebacker keiko alonso and save $5 million in exchange for lesean mccoy. this is murray arriving in philadelphia, at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon he made his way to the nova care complex and is meeting with chip kelly as we speak, kelly canceled a scheduled trip to watch mariota
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work out. he did express his interest in coming to philadelphia. bradford has been calling and texting murray trying to recruit him as well. he rushed for over 1800 yards and 13 touch downs over 400 carries, one reason that the cowboys may not be willing to go as high and may be seen as an overasset. the following year only three of them were able to rush for 1,000 yards and their touch downs were down a combine 58%. here is the thing the eagles made official moments ago the signing of running back ryan matthews to a three year deal, they landed the charger, if it's matthew and murray that is a way to keep murray fresh. live in south philadelphia channel 6 "action news." >> thank you jaime. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report
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autumn marisa in the traffic center tonight with the low down on the slow down. >> hi there it's slow on the schuylkill expressway, the good news is a bigger delay a half hour ago, our delay from 50 minutes to 40 minutes right now people are trying to get home quickly to enjoy the sunshine, these are the eastbound lanes and westbound be careful of sun glare, we don't want to be complaining about that. over at the big picture we see speeds in the 20s and teens lower on the blue route taking you about 25 minutes to go from the schuylkill expressway down to 95 right now in those southbound lanes of the blue route, moving along and showing you a few incidents this is vineland, new jersey, the fire at delsy drive this is 47 at walnut road, use orchard road to get around this. and we a downed traffic light in
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berlin new jersey. >> thank you. still ahead on "action news" at 5:00, a huge event in the world of professional soccer and it's coming to philadelphia, we have the exciting details. next. >> after a sunny and seasonable thursday we are tracking changes in time for the weekend. we are talking about a soaking rain in the accuweather forecast. >> and this reminder when you see breaking news or severe weather we want you to join the action, email your videos and photos to or use #6abcaction on social media, it's how you can be part of our team here.
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a community in delaware is rolling out one of the most aggressive an eye heroin campaigns in the country, officials in newcastle unveiled a trap today, it shows interactive ads on their website, families can find information on heroin arrests and places for help. and there is an interactive game that shows the dangers of heroin. and the king of prussia mall
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turned into a runway show for a good cause today. it was held at neiman marcus benefiting help us it helps to pay expenses for loving families looking to adopt children. it raised $100,000 to help families with adoption. >> very nice. a developing story an american health care worker is being flown back to the u.s. to be treated for ebola. ali gorman is here with more now. >> an american health care worker who was volunteering in sierra leone tested positive for ebola and patient will be flown back to the united states and treated at the institutes of health we don't know many details about the worker, it will be the second patient treated at nih and they have a special unit for people with
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infectious diseases like ebola. and in other news today good news in the fight against cancer, the cdc says that two out of every three americans diagnosed with evasive cancer survived five years or longer, they looked at various cancer including prostate and breast and lung cancer there is still a lot of work to be done, but researchers believe that early detection and better research is helping people to survive. promising news but more work to be done on the cancer front. there say major announcement and excitement today for local soccer fans. the 2016 concacaf gold cup will be held in philadelphia just another big event that puts our
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region in the spotlight. >> soccer fans will be watching philadelphia for the gold cup. >> the final and the third and fourth place will be in philadelphia. >> this is just the latest major event to choose philadelphia as their host city, and the democrats just hosted philadelphia to host the democratic convention. >> many people across the country and around the world are recognizing our abltd as a city to host large scale events and host them well. getting the final weekend festivities -- the third fourth place game will be at ppl park on july 25th and the final game at lincoln financial field on july 26th this is big for small businesses. >> having something like this in the city means you'll have more people obviously and it will be good for the soccer business as
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well as the smaller local businesses like fast food, bakery and other businesses that have gained national and international notoriety out there. >> the soccer game means money in the packet of many workers that depend on the stadium. >> this means part-time jobs and you know when the games come and we have a lot of people from the city come down here and are employed down there. it's great for the city an infusion, a boost there. >> the winner of the gold cup goes on to play in the fifa confederation cup.
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facebook is dealing with a class action lawsuit over online purchases made by kids, a district court judge ruled this weeks that the lawsuit can go forward, it claims that facebook refuses to refund parents whose children use their credit card and debit card information to buy facebook currency. and the revenue was up for than expected the company is
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planning a billion dollar stock buy back, expected in the fourth quarter, dollar general will open 700 knew stores this year. some budding entrepreneurs got a boost in north philadelphia dozens of high school students were on hand to hear from jeff brown brown is the president and ceo of a company that operates 11 shop-rite supermarkets around the city, he spoke to students about entrepreneurial thinking and they got a chance to talk to other business leader to discuss their goals and receive one-on-one mentoring. young actor students showed off their skills 17 monologs were expected for performance and they work with acting professionals for a month to prepare for this show. the festival unruns through march 41st.
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adam joseph is here with another lovely day. >> temperatures dropped off yesterday but with the sunshine temperatures were average for this time of year. today 51 degrees, so far in philadelphia 51 in millville and 54 in wildwood but to the north and west temperatures were stuck in the lower and middle 40s, even trenton right now coming in at 47 degrees, part of it is who has a bare ground and who has a snow covered ground. as we look at the snow depth in
5:25 pm
northern and southern new england, we see between 1 and 3 feet of snow on the ground and the poconos seeing a half foot to a foot of snow presently on the slopes at least natural snow and in the far northern western suburbs northeastern lancaster, the lehigh valley we are seeing 1 to 2 inches of snow pack and you can see it pretty much evaporate and melted here in the last week, a week ago we had the 8 plus inches of snow on the ground for many of us. as we look live at north western chester county this is honey brook, you can see the brown ground at this point and there are patches of snow here, if it's protected from the sun you still have some of these areas with some snow on the ground and overall we have a good amount of melting going on in the last week and most of it is wiped away by the upcoming weekend, double scan live radar we have
5:26 pm
an area of moisture gathering down to the south and low pressure near the gulf coast states and low pressure near the great lakes and they come together to bring a soaking rain this weekend but tomorrow a lot of sun for the first half of the day it's not until 11:00 11:30 tomorrow night we see our first rain drops and it quickly takes over and engulfs the whole region on saturday morning with rounds of heavy rain for the first part of your saturday. as we get into the afternoon, the steadiest rain moves out and we have on and off showers into saturday afternoon so it's a really damp and dreary day. from start to finish for your weekend for tonight a lot of stars upstairs as we drop to below freezing and many areas are dropping into the middle 20s for lows and your five-day at 5:00 forecast sun to clouds tomorrow and 52 and it's a rainy but mild saturday in
5:27 pm
philadelphia, of 58 degrees, a half inch to inch of rain likely on saturday sunday there is improvement. there could be a few pops of sun and could be a few pop-up showers as the atmosphere is unsettled at 54 degrees, by monday we completely wipe away a chance of rain, and st. patrick's day a front comes through with a scattered shower and above normal at 54 degrees, next week temperatures take a bit of a dip and we'll show it to you in the next half hour. >> i like a dip. >> much more ahead in the next half hour of "action news" at 5:00, the pro anti-racial chances continues to grow tonight and two university chapters are under scrutiny residents of one city can now be in the know, we'll explain how. people are using their talents
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"action news" continues. hello again here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. it is another blow to the u.s. secret service two senior secret service agents are under fire for riding a vehicle through the white house drunk. and two school buses and a delivery truck collided in east falls this afternoon and develop ofs unveil a plan for an ultra
5:31 pm
luxury high rise. now the details, the u.s. secret service is once again in the spotlight for alleged misdeeds by agents. this just steps from the white house, two agents are accused of driving a car into a security barrier after a night of drinking. now they are both on desk duty. >> reporter: good afternoon one of the agents involved was a member of president obama's personal security detail. another set back for an agency that was suppose to be shaping up after a series of embarrassing missteps this time two senior secret service agents are reassigned after drunk driving in a car and crashing into a security barrier. they alleged in a night of drinking at another member's retirement party and then drove
5:32 pm
through before careen into the barricade. the secret service apparently looked the other way they were not given a sobriety test on orderers from a senior supervisor. and sent them home. >> did someone drive them home, which i am hoping is the case, we just don't know that. >> this follows a series of failures, last fall a man with a knife jumped the fence and made it deep into the white house before being apprehended. >> i am disappointed as a citizen and taxpayer i feel betrayed by it. they asked the homeland security inspector general to investigate. it's up to us to correct it. >> president obama says is he disappointed by the allegations and still have confidence in
5:33 pm
secret service director joe clancy. >> military officials say that a rescue mission has returned to recovery. after a black hawk helicopter crashed off the coast of florida, they found the site where the chopper went down, and now they are hoping to recover the flight recorder to find what went wrong they thought they heard something in the distance it was like two thumps and it was like books falling off the shelves something like that. >> recovery efforts are hampered by heavy rains and rough waters the army will lead the investigation and 7 marines and 4 soldiers were on board at the time and all are presumed dead. world news with david muir will have more on the helicopter crash. the university of oklahoma football team staged a silent
5:34 pm
protest against a racist fraternity chant caught on camera. it's the latest protest against the former sigma alpha epsilon chapter. the players stood for several minutes silently and then left the field. the spokesperson said that they are investigating in louisiana and texas after allegations of racism there as well. the cuban government launched the free wifi service. the wifi hot spot is located at a cultural center in havana and comes from the artist's personal internet bill, he did not say how much it is costing but they estimate $900 a month and they opened up the hot spot to connect cuba with the rest of the world. the collision with two school buses and a fedex bus
5:35 pm
tied up east falls. it happened at school house lane and gypsy lane, it appears that if the fedex truck rear ended a philadelphia bus and then a philadelphia school bus rear ended the bus medics were sent to the scene to check out injuries. pennsylvania approved the rules for beer delivered to their homes, they obtained what they call a transporter for hire license, can deliver up to two six-packs, the orders must be placed before 2:00 a.m. and paid for before the beer is delivered. the drivers must be 21 years old and must check the i.d.'s of those accepting it. a new luxury building is going up in philadelphia and the historic view comes with a steep price tag this is 500 walnut, sitting at 5th and walnut streets a stone's throw
5:36 pm
from independenceance hall andcaters to high rollers in the area. john rawlins live now at the site with more. >> reporter: hi rick, the work site doesn't look like much now but in two years it will be home to some of philadelphia's 1%ers and they will have a multimillion dollars view of this historic site across the street. >> 500 walnut expected to be a 26 story tower with a commanding view of the kradsle of liberty. the symbolic groundbreaking was held at the jewish history museum. >> we are raising it's bar again ultra luxury the buzz. floor to ceiling glass fireplaces and billiard room and lap pool and state of the art garage system. $3 million to $17 million. prompting the mayor to joke, he
5:37 pm
told the developer his goal was to one day live in one of his buildings and he said i can help you with that. i said, tom the discount would have to be so deep that both of us would get locked up by the fbi. >> so who will live here and take on the view from the tree top terrace? locals? >> it does not attract an international buyer we are not new york or miami our buyers are moving in primarily from the suburbs from philadelphia. two-thirds of our buyers are coming in from the suburbs and even ultra luxury buyers get a three year tax abatement. >> there is transfer taxes and sales taxes and income taxes and franchise tax -- >> well, despite all of those taxes, the developer says there is significant interest in half of the 38 units here including some money down, it's $17
5:38 pm
million penthouse that has two floors and 9,000 square feet however is still available. if you are interested. live in center city john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> philadelphia city council wants to change the way trains carry crude oil across the country they passed an oil train resolution, that required crude oil tank cars meet the highest safety standards they want the rail companies to upgrade and replace their cars, two trains carry oil into philly every singing day and the two cars that are used are not dedesigned to carry the oil. they escaped disaster ever when they carried the oil over the schuylkill river and the police chief is hanging up his badge he is retiring effective april 1st he took over in 2010, it's
5:39 pm
city says he has been on the force for 30 years. all right with that, lets check back in with autumn marisa and see how the commute home is shaping up on a thursday night. she is in for matt pellman. >> it's slow out there, we have volume all over the place and we'll start on it's schuylkill expressway, the eastbound lanes are slow, and it's taking you 40 minutes on the vine, and we have sun glare out there too to take into consideration. you can see speeds 21 miles per hour on the schuylkill and 27 miles per hour on the blue route, they are slow in the southbound lanes from villanova to springfield, and slow from 202 in through king of prussia in the eastbound lanes as well as 95 you can see 19 miles per hour right there. we have accident in bensalem, knights road and street road and moving along 295, this is cotman avenue through the construction in the southbound lanes you can see slow going 29 minutes from
5:40 pm
woodhaven to the vine. taking you a half hour to go through the commute. moving along showing you the mass transit on time with no reported delays and if you are heading to the concert tonight the concert starts at 7:30, we have twro trains leaving fern rock. >> thank you autumn. still to come on "action news" this evening, cowboys free agent demarco murray is in philadelphia tonight is he joining it's eagles ducis rogers has more on that in sports. and how folks stay in the know thanks to a newly launched notification system. >> temperatures dropped since yesterday and after a peak wind gust in philadelphia, the winds are starting to ease and setting up for a cold night. all right adam, a philadelphia organization is giving artist the tools to create their own masterpieces but to beautify local neighborhoods.
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philadelphia already has the largest public art program in the nation, but the city has found a way to expand it even furnish, and it's a big plus for the artists and the community
5:44 pm
it's called the time exchange for every hour they spent working on their own projects they are given an hour of volunteer service back to the community, most of it focuses on lancaster avenue and the program provides a monthly stipend and supplies. it's great for an artist like betty lee who grew up in philadelphia. >> it gave me the rare opportunity to do workshops and other kinds of activities within the neighborhood where i grew up. >> we need to always be inventive and collaborative and figure out ways we can mind the wonderful potential of art and this time exchange shows us how
5:45 pm
to do that. >> it's all part of the mural arts program, hundreds of artists apply be own a handful takes part. it's quite an honor. eagles still making headlines tonight, reports that demarco murray may be joining it's team. the former dallas running back is in town. >> he is a very good one yes he is indeed in town, demarco murray is here and we are told an agreement has been reached a nice replacement for lesean mccoy if not an upgrade. jaime apody is live from nova care with more. >> nothing like replacing the 2013 leading rusher in the nfl with last year's leading rusher. it's reported that demarco murray agreed to a $37 million deal with $21 million
5:46 pm
guaranteed. here is his plane arriving at 3:00 this afternoon and he made his way to the complex here where he is meeting with head coach chip kelly and the rest of the staff and taking a physical as we speak. kelly canceled a speech to watch him work out in oregon to be here. the running back great friends with quarterback sam bradford and he expressed his desire to come to philadelphia. murray rushes for 1800 yards and 13 touch downs on almost 400 carries. the eagles have signed running back ryan matthews to a three year deal, reportedly worth $11.5 million, $5 million guaranteed. he rushed for 1255 yards but he has trouble staying healthy, he
5:47 pm
missed 25 games, he never had doubts coming here even with murray as their featured back, he says he and murray along with darren sproles will be the one-two punch. >> you know three good backs you got demarco, you got the mvp and the leading rusher spoels that can do everything and anything. it's going to be fun and i can't wait to get to working with these guys. >> we are waiting to see if demarco maury is introduced thank you jaime fran done friday is name the coach. year and villanova opens big east play, a few fan as long the way, josh hart would be okay and so would his stroke he scored
5:48 pm
11 straight points at one point and nova hit 17 three's and cats up 3 at the break and villanova wins by 35 and the cats get providence tomorrow. >> if we would have missed the shots earlier it would have been a different game, when you get shooters to get going like that you have a chance and i'm pleased with that. i'll take the 17 three's. la salle and umass in the tourney, foul trouble throughout and he is able to draw one here and la salle goes up by 7 and price leads all, he is all 810 for a reason and they meet davidson tomorrow and the phillies defeat the tigers 6-5. >> thank you ducis. residents in cherry hill, new jersey can be in the know when disaster strikes, they launched a code red emergency
5:49 pm
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accuweather word, we had another nice day going here. temperatures are nice for this time of year. changes coming for the upcoming weekend, i am just the messenger it will show a brilliant blue sky and not a cloud to be found temperatures in the low 60s yesterday topped off today at 52 degrees that is 1 degree still above normal but the wind made us feel a lot cooler this afternoon the low this morning 42 and 9 degrees above the normal low of 43 46 in reading, more snow pack in the north keeping temperatures down and 53 in wildwood and beach haven 50 degrees. high pressure is in control and the high is settling in overnight tonight and that will relax the wind and give us a clear sky and allow our temperatures to drop into the mid-20s for many of us eventually that high will lose the punch and push off the coast
5:53 pm
and the moisture down to the south is gathering in the gulf of mexico and will become a potent low as it arrives friday night in the day on saturday. the high prussias off the coast much like today and we'll watch one piece of energy to the north and low pressure to the south and both of them collide here and the rain turns steady and heavy through the night into saturday with periods of rain looking at a half inch to inch, a decent soaking out there the heaviest of the rain, if you have to go out and do errands or have outdoor plans the heaviest is the morning is more showery in the afternoon despite it's not raining the whole time but it will still be rather damp, a lot of stars tonight, 21 in the suburbs and 30 in center city, and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 52 sun in the morning tomorrow and afternoon cloud cover and saturday rainy and mild at 58
5:54 pm
degrees, and in fact the 58 for center city will be much warmer than the northwestern suburbs which basically stay in the 40s for highs and in fact by sunday the pop-up shower around at 54 degrees, it's going to be much better than saturday and at least we'll try to grab a few peeks of sun and we improve the forecast on sunday and sun and clouds at 56 degrees, and on st. patrick's day a cold front pushes through and a shower possible and 54 and that drops temperatures cool for march here sun and clouds and 49 and we recover quickly on thursday at 53 degrees, not the best of weekends, we salvage most of sunday. >> getting ready for broad street running all the time. we'll be right back with more news.
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5:57 pm
right now jim gardner and the "action news" news team standing by for these stories at 6:00. two children were left home alone we'll tell you how they were alerted to the situation. and commissioner ramsey reacts to a review of their payout. those stories coming up. now for the entire "action news" team, have a great night.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. thursday night the eagles strike yet another deal with a big name free agent and fire burns through a business in gloucester county this afternoon. but the big story tonight is the arrest of a woman in upper darby that allegedly left her young children home alone it could have ened tragically because the home the children were home alone in had the oven on. and it was sending out carbon monoxide gas. "action news" reporter sara bloomquist is live at upper darby police what are the
6:00 pm
details here? >> reporter: jim, it was a good thing when neighbors called 911 after their carbon monoxide detector went off in their home and the house next door, police and firefighters found a 7-year-old girl and her 5-year-old brother home alone late at night in what police call dangerous and deplorable conditions. an orange sticker on the door of the home signals that the home is declared unfit for human habitation the woman that lives here christina wright is charged with endangering the welfare of her children. police and firefighters were called to the home next door when the monitor went off and they went to check the ajace -- the oven was on as a source of heat. they found


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